What’s going on?

Today was meant to see the continuation of the case against SCOAN trustees and the building engineers. There are now hundreds of very similar articles flooding social media claiming that the case against SCOAN and the contractors has been halted because the coroner’s report was at fault. However, there are a number of strange things about this article – we’re not sure what to make of it. For example:
  1. All the articles can be traced back to one published late last night authored by Ihechukwu Njoku. Njoku is well known to be a SCOAN PR “journalist”, he writes almost exclusively on TB Joshua, and has authored several posts on pro TB Joshua Blogs such as Watched TB Joshua.
  2. The source of the information in this article is said to be a “report leaked onto the internet”, but no link is given and no leaked report can be found.
  3. The entire article is commentary, without any direct quotes from this mysterious report.
  4. No major news organisations have published anything about the case today. Other trial days have been covered by publications such as the BBC and Newsweek. If this report were true, it would be the biggest news related to the case since the coroner’s report was released.
So far, we’re not sure what to believe. It could be true, but until we see some more credible sources, we’re not banking on it. Whatever the case is, we’ll keep praying for justice.

9 thoughts on “What’s going on?

  1. @ TBJW, et all

    I wrote a few days ago to this so called Journalist you mention there Ihechukwu Njoku on his Gmail account address that was put out there with another article. And I wrote in there what TB Joshua has done in the last years as proof regarding his “prophecies” etc etc and the things that he did from that and how he has obstructed all this with what he has done in the last two years since the building collapse.

    Apparently this could have struck a nerve somewhere. It made me very angry that this Judge which I can’t find any picture of then only one on the internet how he looks like. You can see my thoughts in your former post of your blogpost what I am thinking about it. Because there is a small discussion going out with his picture and him holding something like a writing book in his hands with a red Toga on. I am not sure if this picture is taken after he has allegedly spoken out that “verdict” that is claimed online. You shall have to google this yourself to find this discussion when you find him on this name who has so called spoken out about this.

    I have not had any time to go deeper into it because of other things were today distracting me that needed my attention.

    There were also some other developments taking place last night but there is nothing I can go in discussion about that now.

    It is regarding what is written, it is likely to have TB Joshua off the line so he can nicely go to Peru with consortium and his private plane of which you and I will never have a selfie with him inside of it. Not that I want to, nor you, but it only shows what is “so called” more important under the guise of “If God says go, nobody can say no”.

    But here is the thing, most people can go anyways as long you put things into place to do so and have the people around to get you there. Especially when you have loads of money to make people do that for you. And when it succeeds you can always pass it off as God allowed you to do this and or commanded you to do so.

    And when it is in case of worldly things, they can then say in their religious drivel to brainwash you that it is Satan that does all these Oscars, Boko Haram, Kidnapping, Hostel collapse and the like, etc. etc.

  2. @tbjoshuawatch,
    I also note hours after the article appeared there is nothing on their Facebook page so far. Although they never post on the ongoing case, I’d have expected some chant of victory at the very least

    • @vooke
      I have no doubt SCOAN are behind the article, whether it’s a true leak or false to create confusion, I don’t know. I have seen some articles saying the next hearing was scheduled for today, so let’s see.

  3. I found this. There’s an article associated with it.

    Facebook gives the date for the post as March 4, 2016 at 6:45 am

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