Update on TB Joshua criminal trial

To follow up on our last post, it turns out we were right to be suspicious. The post we referred to was nothing but more lies propagated by SCOAN (how can they live with themselves?). The real news is that SCOAN’s umpteenth application to halt proceedings has been rejected and the court will reconvene on the 22nd March. But yes, you guessed it – they have another application to challenge the competence of the charges filed, so the whole unbearable cycle starts again. Currently it seems like SCOAN are just playing with the courts like a kitten with a ball of wool. How much longer will this be allowed to continue?

22 thoughts on “Update on TB Joshua criminal trial

  1. Vexatious litigants is the term for those who engage in all frivolities to stall court proceedings

  2. Well you know that a little girl needs to be paraded in SCOAN to fix his tattered reputation as actors are wheeled in to fool everybody who are so charmed by it all.

    Then say Ohhh, glory to gawd, Praise the lawd, TB Joshua is a real man of God, etc. etc.

    How many appeals and fresh applications can one do ?

    Theoretically, a person that is summoned to Court gets only ONE appeal, just like everyone else, but it doesn’t work that way in practice. First, the appeals go all the way up, at least to the State Court in a State case (which virtually all of them are). That means that two Appellate Courts hear the initial appeal, and usually every other appeal. Second, subsequent appeals through Habeas Corpus are virtually automatic and then first in state court, then in federal court. The first round of Habeas Corpus appeals generally asserts that the lawyer for the defendant was incompetent. These appeals (state and federal) usually go all the way up. After that, there are usually additional Habeas Corpus petitions on various grounds.

    For beginners, start here for famous people to go to court. Milk the cow, Milk the cow, Milk the cow. Fat Cat, Fat Cat, Fat Cat. Take the money, Take the money, live large, buy more books to stall everything so the applicant can keep walking around to find more loopholes in the Law. Because in true fact the bad persons are destined for death row by hanging in Nigeria when convicted in a case like this. For 116 life time sentences put out. Then here is SCOAN, the Staff, TB Joshua (talk both sides of his mouth) and followers, yeah, “leave it up to God”, but that is NOT what they are doing. Because “leaving it up to God” is to step back with the system of this world and let God do the miraculous. So what we see here is here is the false private prophet “leaving it up to God” while fighting, resisting, diverting, jumping, wriggling, using all what is to his disposal from the Natural world and not of the spiritual world. What a “prophet” of this time !!!! Without the world’s system we all can see he is totally inept and helpless.

    But if anyone else does this who is insignificant then they are done quickly, fast and straight forward and come to a fast and quick sentence.

  3. And another thing. They all the while knew if it is true that the Coroners report was wrong in the wrong jurisdiction area, they never said this in the first place. Dragging on for 1.5 years they only came with it in the last months.

    A coroner is an independent judicial office holder, appointed by a local council OF that area. Coroners usually have a legal background but will also be familiar with medical terminology. Coroners investigate deaths that have been reported to them if it appears that: the death was violent or unnatural.

    SO how come it is all of sudden a Coroner from the “wrong” area ? Does that even make sense to work on a case from 12th of September 2014 till 8th July 2015 ? 8 months ? While they said the Coroner was so to speak biased ? Why would Oyetade Komolafe take on the case if he was in the wrong area as they claim ?

    Diverting, Deceiving, Hindering, Lying, Dithering and more. And nobody has any remorse of what is happening ? If there was a very important political person in the deaths this never would have dragged on that long but this would have gone straight to the point and Justice.

    And on top of it they call themselves men of God ? Representatives of God ? Judges that do oaths before God on the Bible to speak the truth and nothing but the truth ?

    If I look into it, it is because of the last court case that came from South Africa, it is they are stalling it because many would have gone on the same track and do this. How cowardly from Nigeria’s judicial system and defend grown ups instead of children who were robbed of their parents by illegal application. A life is worth nothing today, unless you are a big shot with horrible bad trailings and have the money to bribe people. Which gives the impression of bad people can do things and pay money to get out of their predicament whenever they see fit. Why did they put Bernie Maddoff then in prison for ?

      • @ TBJW,

        Yes, I know, but it is still strange they can keep dancing around the bush so much and that they make their own country look like a banana republic with their ways.

        I can only see it because of this:


        So any income from their tourist prophet is likely the reason why they do this. But on the other hand you can see that it no longer can be sustained with their bad choices they continue to do.

        Proverbs 26:27 Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.

        They simply don’t know to repent of their ways and applications. No fear of God at all. And their private prophets are leading them even further in the ground.

  4. Then here is another story for Nigeria which shows what they are really like and capable of.

    They recently struck OFF over 23,000 “Ghost Workers” from the pay list. How on earth can you have so many non existing “workers” on your pay list in which they said that it saved them 11.5 million dollars. So where did that money then go to if there are no “workers” doing a job ?

    Funny that TB Joshua is not capable of “prophesying” all of that, while this was going on for years and years.

    Source: http://money.cnn.com/2016/02/29/news/economy/nigeria-ghost-workers/

    Then still telling us they are not corrupt and all nice and dandy…..and God does not see the error of their way.

  5. Unfortunately, Nigeria allows a criminal like Joshua and his likes to go on without been checkmate. If he can be playing games with the law of the land, with no emphathy for the bereaved, one will be forced to ask if Joshua has a soul.

  6. Hell – low TB Joshua and mason/demonic accomplices:

    “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God” – Romans 13:1.

    “But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death” – Revelation 21:8.

    • Concerned Nigerians are watching with close interest. There’s no how one demonic entity, no matter his network connectivity can hold a whole nation into ransom. Time will tell on Joshua, he is a criminal, and he must be treated as one. In my new Book, “Deception of the Age Unmasked” I elaborate on typical way of building constructions in the synagogue. I pray people know the Truth.

      • Gd morning to u all brethens. Im paul I want to specially thank bisola from d step she took. My sister i no many will say u r blasphemy n all dat but dont be afraid on anything .God is with u n will never leave . We r in deed at d end tine n way is going on in d body of christ wit men of God is so pathetic. Im just asking how d day of judgemnt is going to be my sister. I was once a scoan disciple n only those who have once work in scoan dat can get u bisola d rest r loss but no dat u r a legend to us. Keep on revealing these evil things hiding behind d scene. Since i have been in christ i never knew of such horrible things in my life till i knew scoan n i hav never discover a church dat lies is a normal thing like ther.manipulation of high rang n i was just asking myself is it still God we r serving or is it d church of corinthians on earth. Why such evil things behind d scene. Im crying for d people of God . I can now understand why d bible talk about d judgemnt starting in d house. U talk about john chi in one of yr cmment to give his life to christ in fact is d same scoan system he build in cameroon n many cameroonian r seriously anoid about him n i can assure dat he will be definately be sue to court soon according to all d lies n manipulation n sexual abuses of girls. But i pray God should raise d men of God who fear d lord with power so dat he can save many sow perrish. Now is a normal thing for pastor to go out wit women n impregnate them n give them money to abort it. What an abominable generation.wer r we going for God’s sake. Dat spirit has spread all over d world now for fame n popularity. trememdous miracle n powerful testimonies but wat is behing d scene in contrary to righteousness. let God help us my sister n brother.

      • Thks my sister bisola u r a child of God dat fear d lord. For u to stand n expose all this things it show dat u have d seed of righteousness . I saw yr comment on d advice u gave to john chi is d same things of d scoan system he is doing . Sleeping with women r d order of d day lies telling ,manipulation . Is disgusting all these things. Dat spirit has spread now n many pastor r into it for power sleeping with women specially virgin N u will see powerfull miracles n testimonies n im just asking myself where is d church going. Lord have mercy
        Cheer up we r behind u praying for u.nothing will happen to u we no d system to. God bless u my sister.

      • this my be a serious rituals from d kingdom of darkness. How would unbeleivers follow our jesus. Sleeping with women spevially virgin to collect their stars or destiny to be manipulated. Plse someone help me i have never know these one oooo plse some one help me. Im crying every day to God for his mercy in d body of christ before d rapture of d church.

      • Thank you Paul for your kind word but we are all in this race together, to open the mind of people to the Truth. Please do not make the mistake to equal likes of Synagogue to The true church. Tbjoshua has determine his path except h

      • Except Joshua repent and turn to Christ, he is of the evil, his works are of devil no matter how much he coated it. The church of Satan has its contents.

  7. Joshua has been involved in all manner of evil: ranging from rape, ritual killings, voodoo, aiding and abetting corrupt government officials. Joshua is a pathological liar. He uses diabolical means to support drugs cartel and receiving regular income through that. Synagogue is a church of satan. We are not afraid of Joshua, he is going down like Rev. King. Mene mene tekel has been pronounced on him, it is just a matter of time. Pls keep the naive who are still trapped in his lies to be released in your prayers. There’s nothing hidden that shall not be made manifest.

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