When will TB Joshua admit he was wrong about MH370?

flightmh370Today marks 2 years since Malaysian airlines flight MH370 disappeared. Back in 2014, just a few days after it dropped off the radar, TB Joshua said this “There is a big controversy going on in the world regarding the Malaysian plane. I am the only minister if not only me that God used to speak about this issue. But the whole thing is coming to an end. Coming to an end in the sense that they will discover the plane, they will discover the particles, they will discover, everything will end, any moment from now. From this coming week we will no longer talk about it again. Rather the families concerned will know their fate.”

Two years on, a flaperon belonging to the plane has been found, but still the question of what happened to it remains a complete mystery. So much for “this coming week we will no longer talk about it again“. If this isn’t proof enough that he’s a false prophet, I don’t know what is.

Isn’t it time you came clear about your mistake and apologised to the families Mr Joshua?

TB Joshua "reveals the location" of the missing jet

Screenshot from TB Joshua’s official Facebook page from March 2014. No trace of the plane was found for over a year.

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  1. …”But the prophet who speaks a word presumptuously in My Name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or which he speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet shall die.

    You may say in your heart, ‘How will we know the word which the LORD has not spoken?’ “When a prophet speaks in the Name of the LORD, if the thing does not come about or come true, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him” – Deuteronomy 18:22.

    “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world” – 1 John 4:1.


  2. #MH370 was an epic fail. But deluded sheeple are forever making excuses for their gods’ failure

  3. Sir, two years is anytime from now; and yes, wreckage has been found floating in many places and research points back to the area which TBJ said the plane went down. Besides, we all know their fate, don’t we? They all perished!Read these for a starter and skeptic: – BBC News – Missing Malaysia plane MH370: What we know http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-26503141 22 hours ago … French officials have confirmed that the section of wing found in July did come from … The missing Malaysian Airlines plane, flight MH370, had 239 people …. Teams searching for wreckage of the plane have used specialist … – Wreckage found in Thailand unlikely to come from missing … – Reuters http://www.reuters.com/article/us-thailand-wreckage-idUSKCN0V10SG 24 Jan 2016 … A piece of suspected plane wreckage found off the east coast of southern Thailand on Saturday was unlikely to belong to Malaysia Airlines … – MH370: Likely piece of doomed plane found – CNN.com http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/02/us/mh370-possible-debris-found/ 6 days ago … A piece of wreckage from a Boeing 777 — likely MH370 — was found over the weekend … File photo: The missing Malaysia Airlines 777 airliner, … – Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Wreckage discovered washed up … http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/malaysia-airlines-flight-mh370-plane-wreckage-discovered-washed-thai-beach-might-belong-1539730 23 Jan 2016 … A piece of plane wreckage has been found on a beach in southern Thailand, sparking speculation that it belongs to the missing Malaysia … – Wreckage found off Thailand coast is not from missing MH370 plane … http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/26/wreckage-found-thailand-coast-not-missing-mh370 26 Jan 2016 … The metal was not part of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. … A piece of suspected plane wreckage found off the coast of southern … – MH370: Man reports ‘plane wreckage containing human remains … http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/mh370-man-reports-plane-wreckage-6619245 12 Oct 2015 … Missing: A Malaysia Airlines plane like this one vanished 19 months ago … The site says they found human bones and skeletal remains in the … – MH370: Wreckage found on Thai beach ‘unlikely to be from missing … http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/mh370-wreckage-found-on-thai-beach-unlikely-to-be-from-missing-malaysia-airlines-plane/news-story/887b35d86e6234ef2b9583342f2f2a8e MH370: Wreckage found on Thai beach ‘unlikely’ to be from missing Malaysia Airlines plane. January 26, 20161:06am. Video; Image … – Plane wreckage found on Reunion Island IS Malaysia Airlines… http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/594937/Malaysia-Airlines-MH370-barnacle-plane-wreckage 3 Aug 2015 … MUSSEL-LIKE shellfish growing on the aircraft wing which washed-up on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion PROVES it is part of missing … – ‘Plane wreckage’ found in Thailand fuels talk of missing Malaysian jet http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/asia/76195342/plane-wreckage-found-in-thailand-fuels-talk-of-missing-malaysian-jet 24 Jan 2016 … A piece of suspected plane wreckage found off the coast of southern Thailand has prompted speculation it may belong to Malaysia Airlines … – Flight MH370 Update: Malaysia Airlines Missing Plane Wreckage … http://www.ibtimes.com/flight-mh370-update-malaysia-airlines-missing-plane-wreckage-will-be-found-southern-2209084 2 Dec 2015 … Flight MH370 Update: Malaysia Airlines Missing Plane Wreckage Will Be Found In Southern Indian Ocean Area, Australia Confirms. By Jackie ..  THE LEGACY OF AMBAZONIA  (UN Trust Territory of British Cameroons): The Parliamentary Opposition, …forged for itself a new role noteworthy for its dignity; and the government,..never attempted to withdraw…the legal recognition that was its due. Thanks to this…West Cameroon has won for itself the prestige of being the one place in West Africa (if not all of Africa) where democracy, in the British style, has lasted longest in its genuine form.  –Prof. Bernard Nsukika Fonlon, The Task of Today, p. 9

    • @JusticeMbuh
      He didn’t just say “any time from now”, he said “by the end of this week”. Is two years later the same as a week? Besides, we don’t know their fate. Yes, it’s clear now that they are dead but was it due to a mechanical failure? A bomb? A terrorist attack? Pilot suicide? These kind of things really matter to the bereaved families. In fact, some families are still refusing to give up hope that their relatives might still be alive somewhere. That might seem crazy to you or me, but it reflects how little is actually known – it isn’t bringing any closure. At the time TB Joshua was bragging that the authorities should contact him and he’d tell them where to find the plane, well with his fortune (he was already in the process of acquiring a private jet) why couldn’t he have flown himself there? If he was able to trace the wreckage when all the world’s experts failed, imagine how much attention it would get his ministry.

      • @tbjoshuawatch,
        Not just attention to himself, but he would have turned many pagans to Christ by solving a riddle that no witch,Buddhist nor Muslim could solve. Think Joseph interpreting what magicians and wise men could not, or Daniel and Nebchadnezzer’s dream!

        All the while this prick is demanding to be begged to go and point out the location. I really wonder what is the IQ of SCOANITES

    • Do you have to be a prophet to figure out that the plane crashed some where in the see, and that fragments of it will eventually be found? I believe some people need prophets to tell them that the sun will come out tomorrow.

  4. The millions of accurate prophesies that T B Joshua has given.Is that the Malaysia airlines you are worried about.That goes to confirm that you are an agent of the devil.

    • @Richmond Okuta,
      Could you kindly share with us ONE out of the ‘millions’ that was accurate?
      How often should a ‘prophet’ get it wrong before they are tagged as false?
      Since he claimed the failed prophecies were also from ‘God’, which God is this who gets it WRONG?

      • He was also wrong about Boko Haram multiple times. One time he said it would end in early 2012 and another time he said the girls would be brought back “immediately” (close to May 3rd, 2014). Look it up in the searchbar.

        It would be really impressive and good for everyone if he had been correct.

  5. Remember!! Daniel was sent for by both Nebchad. and his son to come and interpret the dream and the meaning of the writing on the wall resp. Daniel did not just go there on his own accord so if TBJ was asking them to consult with him, he was and is NOT wrong nor out of line..

    • @Jay,
      TB Joshua SPECIFICALLY claimed that the reason he never pinpointed its exact crash site was that they had not requested him to do it, and not that God had bid him not to point it out. And what is the point of being shown information that you are not prepared to share?

      Please open your eyes and receive sense in Jesus name!

  6. The level of logic from scoan supporters are to cry for. . . . Let us keep on praying for his devotees, because a cult does not work on natural, logic brain power, but the spiritual manipulation and control of the brain by the cult leader and his demonic spirits. They are spiritually controlled by the devil and his agents -The church leaders – The Pharisees….

  7. The sheepie will always remain hypotinize by their so called man of god even when he quotes the scripture and added his own verse,

  8. You didn’t mention that he said the part of the plane they would find would be the hand and indeed the part that was found was part of the wing.

  9. I am inclined to extract from your article of March 8, 2016 that you really never gave yourself the opportunity to process the core message in the prophecy regarding the fate of flight MH370. The core of the entire prophecy refers to the fact that the “aircraft is in the ocean” and that the searchers will “discover the particles of the plane”. The Prophecy also mentioned that the families of the victims will know their fate. The aircraft disappeared from the radar on March 8, 2014; search began officially on March 17, 2014; exactly a week later, the Malaysian government concluded that the final location determined by the satellite communication was far from any possible landing sites, and thus stated categorically that flight MH370 is in the southern Indian Ocean. This validated the prophecy Prophet TB Joshua gave, in the sense that the families of the victims learned the fate of their loved ones as well as what happened to flight MH370. Up to date, marine debris have been found and forensically reported as particles of the plane wreckage.

    • @Peter
      The part of the wreckage found was found 18 months after it vanished, not exactly “by the end of the week”. The families did no know the fate of their loved ones either, still now they don’t. Most have probably conceded that they are dead, but the question of how has to be answered before they can get closure.

      Also, did you know the prophecy TB Joshua edited to claim that he’d predicted the whole incident originally said it would crash at the end of the runway due to a known issue? The whole MH370 saga has been a disaster from beginning to end for TB Joshua. Everything he has said has either been completely incorrect, or just passing on details that were already known (before he said it was in the ocean, the ocean was the only place they were looking).

    • @ Peter,

      If it is so pin pointed correct why is this man always sitting on his hand(s) and doing nothing about it. He thinks that a few prayers will change all the issues at hand and by hand. But the evidence and track record is and I quote “This is the last day I will speak on such and such microphone” next day the video and audio room burns down, whole church is in awe about he did nothing to do something about his burning inferno of his audio and video room, nor did the “prayers” they did about it stop it or prevent it. While practically it should have been, go inside the audio video room and unplug all the wall plugs and check out which one the culprit was or is.

      Next one, the so called MH370 which will crash shortly after from the runway because of something or a flat tire etc etc. And so far the flaperon as is, there nothing show to the public about the serial numbers that were inside. They are lying !!!! Period. It’s a planted flaperon from whatever it came from of an aeroplane cemetery. You will see that that is the case. Because we the public cannot check it. The world is full of lies, deceit and false lying people. That includes the lying deceiving false prophet TB Joshua that refuses to make phone calls to his staff when his so called illegal without building permit hostel is about to collapse or whatever. He ALWAYS sits upon his hands. As impractical Joe. Next prophecy is about France, where all the issues take place and again he does not do anything but says, go pray but does nothing about it. Everyone has to come to him, the arrogant crap predictor who has so called information but does not want to work it out. Sends out this bunch of jerks everytime to come online the annoy you because of his failure to fix things and does handouts from other peoples money. He is only interested in your ATM machine you access or bank transfer so he can hang out big shot what is not his and attach his name to it.

      Normal people can not or will not be allowed to do such things. They will be tortured, waterboarded, interrogated and put on the lie detector until they comply and say what they did.

      Under the cover of the consternation they continued to restore what was once prayer mountain with a corridor facing his house to pray. Pray to who ? Pray to him ? Why ? To make more of an idol of him as planned. So with other words it is a business to shuffle money to his own people and to so called other underprivileged as being a place for welfare to be handed out, but NOT from Nigeria, but from West and Asia as well Australasia. In where he whispers in their churches that is is not about the money or money and make stories and that it all is free. The transfer conveyor belt of well doing but not out of his OWN pockets but of yours !

  10. This will be super interesting if you want to put my theory to the test regarding breaking off a piece of a Boeing 777 anywhere. I am sure there are many other plane cemeteries.


    And why did the boy wait until now (when the courtcases was dumped on TB Joshua) to reveal the piece he transferred from Mozambique to South Africa ? He found it in December !!!!!! The whole world was looking for debris and that was clear since last years piece found on Reunion.

    It was the same time I was confronted by a Frenchman who asked me to look after his luggage when I was in Mauritius on a beach in June, July. Why was I there ? We had no plans to go to Mauritius for that year. I got a Email in my Email box a few days before that. The fact is. I could not find a suitable price at that time and all of sudden I did few days later which made the timing perfect. The flaperon was sent off to France. Right !!!!! Nobody has seen the serial numbers inside of that one.

    Please search for aeroplane cemeteries in the neighbourhood around in Africa !!!!! Just saying.

  11. I see nobody reacts upon my above post. I guess I have to do my own homework.


    Plenty of those exists in and around Africa and it is very easy to rip off a piece of a plane when nobody is looking or even at night time to break in and do it and defend TB Joshua with it with his rubbish prophecy that did nothing to prevent the issue. Because that is the whole story behind it.

    Why did Lotter not show up before with it ? When he found it in December 2015 ? Why keep it quiet until few weeks ago and come out with it suddenly ?

  12. Please Google:

    aircraft boneyard south africa, aircraft boneyard africa or aircraft boneyard mozambique

    Then check the pictures/images.

    Loads of places to rip off a piece of a cockpit, a wing, a tail, a wheel you name it and ship it to your destiny of choice. All you need to do is hide it in lead, no X-Ray will be able to see it. Or put it on a truck at night, then on a boat. No conspiracy intended. If you can ship illegal guns into a country or endangered species, why not a piece of aircraft ?

    • You all can see what is unfolding about what I said. All of sudden three pieces turn up in a few days. All convenient with numbers on it and logos. Jajajajajaja. And all look ripped off from something with their attached theories. And who is going to check all the Boeing 777’s in the boneyards ? Who ?

      When will they show us the numbers inside the flaperon they claimed are there ? Does anyone have pictures of that ? I can’t find them.

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