SCOAN’s latest application to stall case to be heard tomorrow

Quick update to remind you that the court will hear SCOAN’s latest application to shut down the criminal proceedings against them tomorrow. We hope and pray that once these applications have been rejected the path will be clear for the full case to be heard and justice to be done. With the Lekki gardens controversy in very recent memory, people will be watching the outcome with interest.

13 thoughts on “SCOAN’s latest application to stall case to be heard tomorrow

  1. The news is that TB Joshua’s prophecies are a lie.

    His words “Only a few disturbed individuals” and “by the end of 2012 and 2013 will be the end of Boko Haram”

    And…. “if I am not a man (prophet) of God, the Chibok girls will be released immediately.”

    And….”you” people bombed my church…”. Which people ?

    And….”the plane that hovered over the hostel is the cause of it”

    And….”by the end of the week of by 15th March 2014 the plane will be found and we will not be talking about it anymore and the people will know what their end it” Did anyone bring forward any dead body by that time ? Where is it ? So they still don’t know what their fate is !!!

    Watch the roads that lead straight down to Mossel Bay from Aeroplane graveyard, Lanseria Airport near Johannesburg.

    GPS coordinates: S 25° 56′ 22.9, E 27° 55′ 32.1

  2. What do you mean?

    “Watch the roads that lead straight down to Mossel Bay from Aeroplane graveyard, Lanseria Airport near Johannesburg.”

    GPS coordinates: S 25° 56′ 22.9, E 27° 55′ 32.1

    • The GPS coordinates are from Lanseria Airport and the plane cemetery.

      The new piece of debris found in Mossel Bay in South Africa is from an engine inlet. It’s a very famous beach, many people go there. Nobody found anything for 2 years ???? Really ?

      I believe that there are pieces ripped off from planes in bone yards where planes are sitting and taken to a place where they drop it, so somebody “finds” it. We are 2-3 months away when the search will be called off about the MH370 unless there is new evidence coming up.

      The other piece that showed up in Mozambique was taken to South Africa and the Lotter guy conveniently “forgot” about it. How can you ? If he can decide that it could be from the MH370 then why wait to come out ?

      He came out when the case was dropped from TB Joshua regarding the Chief Magistrate Coroner. Coincidentally.

      Maybe somebody should interrogate him if is he is a idolizer of TB Joshua and see what comes out of that. Why would you be so keen to transfer a piece of plane junk in your “suitcase” and bring it home ? And his parents pretend they did not want him to take it.

  3. This is off-topic, but by now most people are aware of the dastardly and cowardly attacks in Brussels. While the rest of the world mourns, there are usually two organisations that choose to take the reverse direction: 1. Some terror group will claim responsibility for the attacks. 2. SCOAN will claim their ‘prophet’ had prior knowledge (‘prophesied’) of the attack.
    Hey, suffice to say I’m not among those people who’ll be caught up in a stampede for ‘anointed’ water when word goes around town that some ‘prophet’ is distributing the same water ( which they label ‘the blood of Jesus!)

  4. The ORIGINAL clip

    We thank God for faithful SCOANITES who independently upload sermons hoping to propagate his message further. They help in debunking this charlatan

  5. @tbjoshuawatch,
    Yea, you are right. It turns out I’m also a ‘prophet!’ I ‘prophesied’ that SCOAN would put out a video claiming their leader ‘prophesied’ the Brussels attack. That ISIS and SCOAN are seeking to gain fame from this tragedy speaks volumes about their likeness.

  6. God has fought many battles for you. He has won this one already. He is a greatest advocate. Let us continue praising victory Ama.

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