TB Joshua’s India Bridge Prophecy (yes, there was an edit)

Twenty four people died in a tragic bridge collapse in India a few days ago, but for SCOAN supporters there is reason for celebration:

25 people dead, but cause for celebration at SCOAN

25 people dead, but cause for celebration at SCOAN

Yes, you guessed it: TB Joshua is claiming he predicted it. The undated clip released on the Emmanuel TV channel shows TB Joshua predicting a bridge in India that is “very close to a river” collapsing on a Thursday or Friday. He tells people to put this prophecy on the internet so people will be warned. The collapse happened on a Friday, and as the video pointed out, the bridge was near the Hooghly river. However, we know by now there is nearly always something edited out of these prophecies, so let’s take a look at the original, unedited version:

Notice a significant difference – the bridge he spoke of here was not just “near a river” it is crossing a river! The bridge that collapsed was half a kilometer away from a river. This essential detail was conveniently edited out when they claimed he predicted the Kolkata collapse.

What are people meant to do with something like this? Not only was this deceptive (as always), it was also useless. If people had taken this prophecy seriously they would have avoided all bridges over rivers in India on Thursdays or Fridays, but the bridge that collapsed was not a bridge over a river! Should they have avoided all bridges in India until hearing the prophecy was fulfilled? I can already hear SCOAN supporters moving the goalposts and saying “well a bridge collapsed in India didn’t it?” – yes, it did – but the prophecy was given over 4 years ago, and India is sadly quite well known for structural collapses. Again, not a prophecy – a probability.

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  1. TB Joshua has become an embarrassment to nigeria. I cannot understand why people still listen to this con-artist and could not see the sign from God that he is an agent of satan. What more could prove that this charlatan is a dangerous false prophet than him not able to see the collapse of his own building that killed 116 people? He is very quick to put out edited videos purporting to have predicted the Indian bridge that killed 24 and the belgian terrorist attack that killed 30 people but right in his compound he could not predict the collapse of his building under which 116 innocent people were killed. The Indian and Belgium, put together still do not add up to the number of those that perished in his own house.

  2. @tbjoshuawatch,
    The prophecy is FOUR years?
    I told @General that I strongly feel that going forward, the charlatan will steer clear of specifying the date they prophesied. If he dates some and not the others, suspicion will be aroused

  3. The bridge DOES cross a river! Your argument cannot stand because the Vivekananda bridge that collapsed in India crosses over the Hooghly River. T.B. Joshua never specified that the exact location of the collapse was to take place directly over the river crossing as you are trying to insinuate. The location of the collapse happened close to the river and T.B. Joshua mentioned that the bridge is both close to a river and crossing a river, which it is. Your own statements do not hold up against the same kind of scrutiny you apply to T.B. Joshua’s. Case closed.

  4. I have since told a TB Joshua fanatic to stop talking to me about his prophet and religion in general because we do not agree.He wants to instruct me and that’s where we clash.He always defends his so called man of God even after I I had proven to to him about prophecies that did not come to pass.I used to watch Emmanuel TV.I wished to travel to Nigeria one day.Ever since I became a subscriber of this blog,I have seen the folly of TB Joshua.I was not aware that they edit their prophecies.Then he is a false prophet.I am no longer interested in his ministry anymore.
    I wish to thank you for exposing this fallacy.

    • @James
      Thanks for the encouraging words, the evidence against TB Joshua is so damning, but so many people refuse to allow themselves to see it. They’d prefer to remain deceived than to admit that they are.

    • U r an embarrassment number one coz u listen, u watch, u judge, u criticize, u twist his words etc. etc. What I am against is the hahaha of Babogi Gakele, families have lost their loved ones, they are grieving, please imagine if it was you. Back to you hater or judge who is always after PROPHET TBJ, I think people are laughing at you, you will end nowhere, do you make a lot of money out of your critiques? are you Jehovah or Jesus? I pray for you to become a Christian and ask Jehovah to forgive you. Did Job see everything that was going to happen to him? How did Peter, Paul and others die? Did they know? I don’t like your business if you are making money out of your hatret, your day will come

  5. TB Joshua is a psychopath with zero empathy for the victims of tragedies he milks to the max to make his own name.

    I hope and pray that when tragedy strikes home,his own house, he will similarly release a fulfillment video, and his deranged fans will celebrate with the same zeal and indifference

  6. To James Khomo:
    April 3, 2016 at 7:05 am

    I praise God for you.

    My participation on this blog, is that people’s eyes will be opened to the truth and be set free from deception.

    Remain blessed in Jesus Name.

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  8. First, I am not a TB Joshua fan nor church member, but truth is what I stand 4. U may hav some facts in d alteration on d video, which makes his intent questionable. Yet, we would agree dat some prophecies may not come 2 pass like d exact words by which dey were delivered. But what is paramount should be if d prophecy came 2 pass or not. In order 2 convince us dat his prophecies are mere probabilities, u may have 2 find more proofs. Could his prophecies of a party (APC) emerging 2 swallow up a mega party (PDP) be a probability? Or dat there would be a shake up in d military in 2015 another probability? In as much as I am an ardent believer in scrutiny… Proof beyond reasonable doubt should be submitted b4 running down an acclaimed prophet.

    • @Objective Kel
      Don’t forget he gives several prophecies every week and has been doing so for over a decade. As the saying goes, a stopped clock is still right twice a day – it doesn’t mean it’s working though. There are so many edited prophecies, or ones so vague that given enough time are bound to come true that the occasional one that seems slightly on the money is meaningless. Anyone who spews out as many supposed prophecies as TB Joshua will have one or two hits over the years.

  9. Prophecy is meant to be jugded whether it come to pass or not, now when it came to pass and people start reviewing the confirmation cips why cant you just paste the original clips then and avoid scrutiny if you have the original video

  10. Haba! I am advising all those who said TBJ is a fake that, they should seek for forgiveness from God. No wonder they were following the path of their forefathers who did not belief in Christ Himself. so u can see if they did not believe in Christ, how will they believe in a Prophet? Father, forgive and open their eyes!

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