TB Joshua exposed in #panamapapers


Certificate of incumbency for TB Joshua’s shell company

A few days ago, the Premium Times Nigeria released an exclusive report linking TB Joshua and his wife to a shell company in British Virgin Islands, through papers leaked from the Mossack Fonseca law company (know as the Panama Papers). We held off writing about this for a few days because the initial article displayed no evidence (except for a few company details that could easily have been made up), and we couldn’t find TB Joshua’s name mentioned in the parts of the leak made public (for example, here and here).

However, upon further investigation we are now confident that the claims are true. The newspaper has released the documents (see right) they were basing the allegation on, and we have discovered that one of the team from the ICIJ (the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists who are coordinating the leaked data) is Musikilu Mojeed, the Managing Editor of Premium Times. This explains how the paper got hold of documents that are yet to be made public, and also makes it inconceivable that they would use forgeries. For those who still doubt it, you can wait and see because the ICIJ have said that they will “release the full list of companies and people in the Panama Paper files in early May”.


TB Joshua denies the allegations

After the initial article, but before the papers were released, TB Joshua released an emphatic and unambiguous denial that he owned any business anywhere. He finished the Facebook update with a photo of the journalist responsible for the article, Nicholas Ibekwe (who you may remember from TB Joshua’s bribery scandal) who he accused of “representing a gang” and being responsible for a number of threats against his ministry and person. This post (and photo) has been shared over 500 times by TB Joshua’s followers, which genuinely represents a threat to Ibekwe.

Clearly TB Joshua did not want his followers to know about this shell company, or else he could have made up some kind of justification for its existence instead of complete denial. A former SCOAN insider we spoke to while writing this article was not surprised that he would have excessive funds to stash away, they told us “he mingles with governors, presidents and other high flying, sometimes dubious characters, so he has his fingers in different pots. He owned an array of cars when I was there. He had several top notch Landrovers, 2 Hummers (different colours which he had specially made) and loads of other stuff. His Italian suits which he wears maybe twice, are all imported at considerable costs“. A further recent addition to his assets is the $60 million dollar private jet he purchased last year. How does a “man of God” accumulate the kind of money to live like this? The Panama Papers might not reveal any specific details, but they certainly suggest the existence of secret, off the books business deals.

As with the building collapse court case, TB Joshua looks like he wants to handle this via social media rather than the courts. If these allegations are genuinely false and the documents are forgeries, he should take Premium Times to court and let the authorities examine the evidence. We don’t expect to see that soon though, because there seems to be ample evidence that the claims are true.

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  1. why are you Jealous of TB Joshua. as per my divine inspiration he is not a robber or cheater i have read different coments from you. You are jealous about TB Joshua you want his name.to be destroyed. pity on you. You don’t have courage and Power to go above him as he is a man of God. yOU ARE A lADY OF negative Force. First look in the Mirror see your face. i can see there is a negative force on your face. Have you done anything Good for others. i had read from you that he had done this and that. if he had done that you are responsible for the same. First ask for forgiveness because you are a lier. why can;t you fame your name in doing good. why are you becoming famouse in the world in spoiling other people’s name. GOD BLESS YOU.

  2. Excellent piece @tbjoshuawatch,
    The company was incorporated in 2006. I don’t think TB Joshua personally is brilliant enough to conceive his own shell company, somebody must have advised him. We need to look at the year of incorporation or thereabouts for events that may have provoked this course of action.

    Was he arrested or something?

      • @tbjoshuawatch,
        EmmanuelTV is launched the same year the shell company was opened? Interesting.

        I’d be more interested on whether the company remained active,filing returns and all that. I’ve read that the companies cost thousands of dollars to maintain with the Firm. So one needs a serious motive for keeping a shell company alive.

      • @vooke
        Exactly. The existence of this company raises more questions than it answers, but there must be some serious reason for this company existing. I emailed ICIJ about these documents and they confirmed that early May all the Panama data will be added to https://offshoreleaks.icij.org which has some nice visualisations of who’s traded with who and other info like that.

  3. @tbjoshuawatch better find something reasonable to print, we are tired and no longer interested of your fake stories. This is blackmail.

    • @jezco2003,
      And here you are busy trolling. If you had any iota of reason,you’d be busy wondering why TB Joshua is lying

  4. Did you notice a fairly new petrol station that open right next to the scoan head office in Lagos.

    Is that not a shell garage?

    • @ Just Wonder,

      No Shell is Yellow with Red.

      Green is BP, which is British Petroleum.

      Apparently there is some information of a company in United Kingdom related to that. I don’t wanna say any more than that. Please do your own research. “But it’s (all) there !” Quoting someone who is familiar with that expression. Thank you. Mind you, they have always been lying. When caught out, they go in denial instead of owning up to it. A trait rife in deception and a characteristic of somebody infested with a Jezebel demon aka super manipulator to get everything there way even is somebody has to die for it.

    • so what? does that destroy his miracles, signs and wonders. does that kill the dead he raised to life? shame on u

  5. If these allegations are genuinely false and the documents are forgeries, he should take Premium Times to court

    T.B. Joshua would be perfectly capable of taking on the newspaper in a libel suit. Look at how many supporters he has in the country; he had an amicus brief the other day.

    • Amicus Brief…….Amicus Curiae

      Literally, friend of the court. A person with strong interest in or views on the subject matter of an action, but not a party to the action, may petition the court for permission to file a brief, ostensibly on behalf of a party but actually to suggest a rationale consistent with its own views. Such amicus curiae briefs are commonly filed in appeals concerning matters of a broad public interest; e.g., civil rights cases. They may be filed by private persons or the government. In appeals to the U.S. courts of appeals, an amicus brief may be filed only if accompanied by written consent of all parties, or by leave of court granted on motion or at the request of the court, except that consent or leave shall not be required when the brief is presented by the Country or an officer or agency thereof.

      Why all the appeals ? Why weary the Judges with available loopholes ? I spoke to a banking lawyer this weekend and asked him about such details. I only could come that far, until they did not wanted to speak any other information about it.

      It means there are loopholes and they are being exploited by SCOAN to keep them in the saddle.

      In the meantime 116 vicims are turning around 10,000 rpm inside their grave because of not be able to be in peace because SCOAN wants to destroy everybody. The entrance should come with a sign. “Do not enter, Health hazard ! entering here means possible or likely death by suddenly collapsing of illegal buildings without building permits” The other sign should say, Blame others for your own problems and choices, including and/or not in exception Boko Haram, Lockheed Martin’s C130’s, Infrared Laserguns and personal lies from TB Joshua.

      • You’re right. They should have just gone to court earlier and it would free up his lawyers to challenge people they want to say are libeling him. (They probably aren’t)

        Would a banking lawyer be knowledgeable about crime?

      • The guy who tried to appeal on his behalf and get the trial thing called off until worker’s day.
        It might not be, maybe my terminology is messed up.

  6. jobless idiots. Keep Joblessing your selfs, why SENIOR PROPHET TB JOSHUA KEEPS GROWING EVERYDAY. morons!!! I LOVE SCOAN, I LOVE TB JOSHUA.

  7. Tbj is there flexing his money,living his dreams and fulfilling his mission in life. hungry people are here without vision and aim lookin for stories to bring him down. what’s is bad about having shell company.is it nor human beings that open companies. is it animals or ghost? very funny indeed. what about dangote,bill gate and others. why don’t thou crucify them too. bush people.

    • If a person is positive you want to take him down you agents of Satan if you think tbj is evil then what good of you do we know. You have never had a blog to tell even a little history of your own late father but always TBj has done this or that, don’t you have things to do, God is judge don’t think your his assistant, no man is perfect even if tbj may have committed sin or something and run to his God for forgiveness you think he doesn’t deserve the forgiveness, we always make mistakes and God is always merciful to us that is why he keeps tbj always the leading and not you who don’t even appreciate your own life and envy othets w

      • hej, I am a Blogger and not a judge – I am reporting & Blogging – not after my gusto – I am not an Agent of satan – i am a child of God …TB Joshua knows it is better to clear the whole Thing instead of hiding ….

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