BREAKING: Engineers in custody, SCOAN trustees arraigned

Finally it appears the court are doubling down on their effort to follow through on the recommendations of the coroner to charge the SCOAN trustees and engineers with criminal negligence (and possibly culpable manslaughter). The Nigerian press are reporting that the engineers are now in custody awaiting trial, and the SCOAN trustees have been arraigned.

Now the engineers are in custody, they will now have nothing to gain from keeping quiet about any arrangement they may have had that could implicate SCOAN. Liability between the contractor and SCOAN lies in the communication between the two over the development. Poor documentation of the same will work against the contractor more than SCOAN in my opinion because they are the more knowledgeable of the two. As such, you can bet if the prosecutors focus on the contractors, TB Joshua will never rest easy until the case is concluded because the contractors’ first line of defense will be to shift as much liability as possible to SCOAN (these issues are explored in more depth here).

Let’s see what happens, and hopefully everyone can agree that the bereaved families deserve justice and closure, and this court case is the best way of that being achieved. God knows the truth, let’s pray that it finally comes out.

23 thoughts on “BREAKING: Engineers in custody, SCOAN trustees arraigned

  1. Your article sounds already too jubilant as if longing to see TBJ go down the drain with his Ministry, God’s Ministry. That not scientific at all! Given that there are too many unasked and unanswered questions, followers and supporters of TBJ like myself have hope and faith that as we are watching the situation, and so too is God, the verdict that shall reign shall be His, Almighty’s, not that of man!
    May God Almighty protect and promote TBJ Ministry against barrages of attacks from scammers and children of lucifer!

    • @Dr Justice
      First and foremost we want to see this trial to complete without obstruction so the victims can get the closure and justice they deserve. Do you disagree with this wish?

      • @Justice M. Mbuh (PhD) do you disagree with the wish that the families of the victims should find closure and justice? When families of the slaughtered victims seek closure and justice does that make them sons of lucifer as you put it?

      • The majority of the families involved are pro TB Joshua and would be unhappy to see him or his ministry go down. That’s why many of them have not sued him or said anything negative about him in the public space. You keep talking about justice for the families but I can assure you, the families want TB Joshua to be left alone. And the’ve never blamed him for that incident

    • In this case culpability falls upon many people and organisations amongst which SCOAN is included. The City Council of Lagos are also to blame as well as contractors and sub contractors . in reality every one involved in constructing the collapsed structure will have a share of the blame to swallow.

  2. Thank God for the CCTV that recorded how the building was brought down to dust.structural collapse is quite different from mechanical man will plan to purposely collapse a building he have spent so much on.the victims are already dead.death comes to everyone in different forms just like others in the whole world.Men would rather prefer someone to take the blame.there are cases of building collapse,earthquake death,tornado destructions,floodings,accidents, of various kind. the earth is just a temporary place,nobody can live forever.whether the case is judged from now till infinity, doesn’t make any difference. ranting about who is getting justice and what not doesn’t validate the fact that you and I won’t die someday. I remember what Jesus said to the criminal when he was crucified, ‘ today you will be with me in paradise’.

    • @doris
      The CCTV footage was actually cited in the coroner’s report as further evidence that the structure failed. I quote “…the building failed as a result of the ground columns yielding due to excessive weight on the 750mm by 300mm columns and the 10 x Y20mm bars as measured on the site and evident by the vertical collapse of the building captured by the CCTV of the Synagogue Church

  3. “Touch Not my anointed and do my Prophets no harm…” Why are you witch-hunting God’s own…? Let Thy Will be done… It’s well and it shall be well indeed… in His holy name
    Amen, Amen, Amen!

    • @sidney,
      Shouldn’t you be telling that to TB Joshua, he touched God’s children, mercilessly buried them under the rubble

    • and remember this : Harm not my people. Who harmed the occupants of the collapsed building?

  4. Hopefully tbj will now- very soon -drop his devotees, so that they can be set free form his cult and so that they can go home to discover who and what he really is!!!!!

  5. Thank god,at last.. Our prayers have been answered,lets wait and hear what the contractor will tell us,

  6. i hope that the court will apply the Principle of Vicarious Liability without fear or favour. The main liability lies with the developer (TB Joshua)

  7. What people should now be deliberating on is : ‘What possible defence(s) does SCOAN and TB Joshua have in Law in relation to this case ?’

    • @John Karman
      I think the question now is not are they guilty, but to what extent were they responsible. At the very least it is clear that they did not get permission to build or a fitness for habitation certificate. It is possible that will be as far as their responsibility will go, and they might get a fine. However, I think the continual attempts to sabatage this case points to much more significant involvement. I expect the contractors will be able to shift a lot of blame to SCOAN, but a lot will depend on how well records have been kept. As for TB Joshua himself, I suspect that whatever happens he’ll be able to appoint a scapegoat, unless there are records (e.g. emails) specifically implicating him.

  8. tbj watch you really wish this case could tilt towards and hit scoan and tb joshua,but keep wishing because the court will do its best job and cant wait to see your disappointment

  9. Fake prophecy of tbj again- interesting view point from Ghana web-

    Six hundred (600) foreign visitors cancelled their impending trips into the country following the prophecy by Nigerian Prophet, Temitope Balogun Joshua of an impending terrorist attack on the country.

    “THE PROPHECY IS USELESS, IT DOESN’T HELP IN ANY WAY -it doesn’t help us in any way, in fact, the only thing these things do is that it causes unnecessary panic. Why, doesn’t God reveal good things or our people only see negative things?” he queried.

  10. leave the prophet of God alone, you are wasting your time fighting God, when you fight Tb Joshua you are fighting God, imagine fighting the one who created you, it is useless you are fighting wrong battles, the bombing of the building at scoan is spiritual war,leave God do his job. l love you prophet Tb Joshua and I will support you till my last breath and your God is my God, GOODMORNING

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