TB Joshua trial off to a “shaky start”

The collapse building that killed 116 people

The collapse building that killed 116 people

Yesterday the trial of SCOAN trustees and the building engineers finally made a start, and you’ve got to hand it to SCOAN – they’ve bought top of the range lawyers. Finally a use for all the money TB Joshua has snaffled away in offshore accounts. No sooner had the first witness taken to the stand, and SCOAN lawyers objected due to the fact they had not been provided with the witnesses statement in advance. Justice Lateef Lawal-Akapo upheld the argument, insisted all witness statements should be served to them, and adjourned the matter until June the 1st.

Come on Lagos State Prosecutor – you’re dealing with one of the most powerful men in your country, who has enlisted some of the smartest lawyers, there’s no room for the smallest mistake or oversight!

More details here: http://allafrica.com/stories/201605240249.html

27 thoughts on “TB Joshua trial off to a “shaky start”

  1. God of my father,Tbj is still saying something…all his haters will soon eat the humble pie…if u hate Tb Joshua u hate the world and you hate yourself…
    Our God is not a small boys …watch the space

      • I hate his dastardly cowardliness of not coming out that he is guilty as is of what he did by deciding to be disobedient to God with this illegal hostel and knew about they had no building permits.

        Anyways, check how John Mellor behaves. He goes all over the world without being scared for the media.

    • Lol, think so hunh? Not a chance in hell. Daniel 10:21. He ignored me as was punished and will continue to be punished until there is NOTHING left…Enjoy your profit

  2. One huge may be uniquely African problem is that grounds for losing a case are poor preparation of prosecution cases even in the presence of overwhelming evidence and /or dismissal of cases on technical grounds.
    The speciality of so called top notch lawyers in Africa is specifically to find areas for these tkos (technical knockouts). So you can understand it is fertile ground for corruption rather than any legal prowess. Another tko plot is to have many lawyers go thru with fine comb prosecution evidence with objective of raising points of objections to delay cases ad infinitum while culprit’s life goes on as normal. Such that at times the culprit dies from natural causes before conclusion of their cases or judges find holes they can benefit from to request kickback to terminate cases. We know their tricks and tomfoolery.

    Pray God that no matter what shenanigans, the victims will obtain justice in the end no matter what.

    • @Joe K
      Excellent comment, that’s exactly what is going on. The sad thing is, it seems the prosecutors are making it too easy for them at the moment.

      • This is how they do it, buy shoddy prosecution and then make mince meat of their case

  3. Stupid red tape !

    Again proof that TB Joshua let other people take out the hot chestnuts out of fire for his personal disobedience to God of building a illegal hostel and without building permit so he can parade his lie team in the front of the church every week that have another week stretched out.

    Which Prophet in the Bible did anything like that ? Putting others out before for their personal choices they did ?

    Was it Hosea ? Or Malachi ? Perhaps Jehu ? How about Joel ? I keep scouring the Bible daily about such actions !!! How about John the Baptist ? Maybe Jonah ? I checked out Amos, nothing. Did not find anything like that. Elisha ? Please tell me ! I was looking at Enoch as well. Someone tell me about Hulda ? What did she do ? Did anyone mention Lucius of Cyrene ? I checked Nahum….. Can someone ask me what Samuel did ? Come on….. it has to be Zephaniah right ? For goodness sake it was definitely Hanani, right, no…. was it Haggai then ? Ok let me toss up Habbakuk in the mix. Hey come on….. Ezekiel then ? Elijah ????? Let’s chuck in Gad..oh man… Jeremiah then !!!!! Wow, so many prophets that came to my mind. So much of a hero’s they were to face anything and everything without any defense from anyone.

    But one thing I found out close up. Not one of them was letting others take the blame for themselves. Not even Eli. They stood before Jezebel and those that rip them apart between the Temple, they trusted God to deal with it and He did, Jacob even was dragged all over Egypt after he ridiculed as a dreamer, did he ask for defenders ? And even Jesus, Who was beaten, His beard ripped out, 40 times minus 1 whacked upon His back, and one Prophet had to lay down for 390 days on his side for the sin of the people as well the other side too.

    But noooo TB Joshua has no sin except he loves to built illegally and without building permit and set an array of human lawyers in front of it all when it goes all wrong. What a prophet is that ? Wow, impressive, NOT ! Relying on the arm of flesh and mortals to escape Justice. Where is his God then ?

    What a scumbag ! Scumbag you are TBJ ! Fake prophet. You are nothing more than an imposter with trickery David Copperfield copy. While the Son of God went through Hell without any help from anyone and asked His Father to let this cup pass by in Gethsemaneh, He willingly was hammered on the Cross of Golgotha and nearly beaten to death before crucifixion and stabbed in the side with a spear by a Roman to check if He was truly dead.

    YOU SCUMBAG TB JOSHUA AND YET YOU RUN AROUND STILL with that what you try to run away from of what you did with your personal staff of SCOAN the years before 14th of September 2014. You all willingly and deliberately disobeyed God and bypassed Him with your own decisions and play games with the Law establishment to defend yourself as if you are such a great person in your own eyes and your followers. Please again, point out which true first Order Prophet did anything of that ?

    You call that God defending or delivering you ?

    For nearly 2 years you do this now. It shows no God is on your side than your own god you rely upon which is called “Filthy Lucre” Titus 1:10 For many are rebellious and full of empty talk and deception, especially those of the circumcision, 11 who must be silenced. For the sake of DISHONOURABLE gain, they undermine entire households and teach things they should not. 12 As one of their own prophets has said, “Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons.”… !

    If you had not a penny to scratch your bottom with, how and with what would you defend yourself ? No one wants to see it, but that is what you are. An empty shell with money. Not even Elisha took money from Naaman who came with bucket loads. And you scumbagged it in your sermon while you were out or mission that money means nothing. Yet you accept it every single day to keep yourself out of prison of what you did. What God ?

    Anyone can see He is just a fear monkey shivering and too scared to sit in the dock to testify of what he claimed he said in the past about what happened to the Hostel and you know you are guilty before God and man.

    And you want my respect ?

    • What they should do with you and all your followers is place you on a far out 5000 mile surround with water uninhabited dessert island with screens on the edge inwards so you can see yourself and play the video day and night of the collapse of the Hostel and all the people dragged out of it 24/7 and you and your followers laughing next door to it zoomed in and the blood that was spilled that day with the text under it: “I was disobedient to God and did my own will and this was the result of it, but I don’t want to turn up responsible for it” ILLEGAL and without BUILDING PERMIT. Plus they should install a 100 meter huge electric fence with razor blade barbwire around it so none of you will ever escape from there with a 10 million rats as your personal company. So you can murder yourself out there in your own personal cult when you are ready and leave us alone forever. Perhaps they should bring you all some Kool Aid to drink when you are tired of each other because that’s how disgusting you are. No worse is a coward and villain like yourself that let others turn up for his own actions. How can you even sleep and face the world everyday and dare to stick Jesus Name upon your deliberate choices Who was innocent upon all what you did ? You allowed with your actions your own brothers and sisters to die under your care ! That is what the Judge in Nigeria should read out to you if he was a real Judge.

      • AND I KNOW YOU ARE THE GREATEST COWARD ON EARTH BECAUSE OF THAT ! HOW DARE YOU TO PIN JESUS CHRIST UPON YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS TO HIDE BEHIND IT ? You allowed 116 people to die ! Plus 4 and a broken leg because of what you said ! And those that came and you sent home since the inception of that place there ! Does anything ever come through to you ?

        How dare you to ask for my respect ? Or anyone of your deluded cursing followers ! You should curse yourself of what you did !

  4. …2 The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers take counsel together against the LORD and against His Anointed, saying, 3″Let us tear their fetters apart and cast away their cords from us!” 4 HE WHO SITS IN THE HEAVENS LAUGHS. THE LORD SCOFFS AT THEM . . . Psalm 2

    12The wicked plots against the righteous and gnashes at him with his teeth. 13THE LORD LAUGHS AT HIM, FOR HE SEES HIS DAY IS COMING. 14The wicked have drawn the sword and bent their bow to cast down the afflicted and the needy, To slay those who are upright in conduct.…Psalm 37

  5. And where is TB Joshua with his scam predictions now ?


    Oh wait, 700 people lost does not count in his book or his personal god he only is able to speak to and nobody else. Only plane crashes, shootings, fire in buildings, like as in his own church and the existence of illegal building without building permits go bypassed the revelation of God in his mind but declared on his mic so he can have new sound system installed in feeling pity for them. The guy I was living together with in one of the dorms was fed up about it all at some point. He deliberately started to wear designer suits so he could have an excuse not being involved in this lie and crawl under the desk to connect wires.

    If anyone is not aware of true scams already now, then here is the evidence for you to check about it.

    A word of/from the wise is enough to distinguish your own gullibility or personal brainwashing. If only !

  6. since you ar 2buzzy tokng about this man,jessy and yo foolish commenters go and hung yoself or wht I knw z that yu ar jehvrs witnsses and so called sabbath keeper instead of keeping christ in yo heart you keep on tokng about dis man on and in until christ comes back an foget 2 preach his gospel he send u 2 do.shame on u coz not only false prophet but also false teachers and false prechers shal face the wrath of God almight.evryone shall face judgmnt acordng wht u have done if u were givng 2the power he wil judge 4tht,if u were preaching about pepo how they liv and judge them.and da worst thing z who ar we 2 judge only stupied and evil followers case can judge this man.4me ur fools may God huv mecy on you and let satan continue using u 2critise God’s savent because he z coming soon

    • Since your false private prophet idol knows everything as he claims, he still let over 1000 people drown in the Mediterranean. What a shaite false private prophet that is. Is Boko Haram already sorted ? Or the MH370 ? So why did he sit on his hands with the EgyptAir if he knew it all ? Why do people have to die if he knows all the news that is coming on ? Rubbish prophet. Why did he not go to Paris and flag the EgyptAir down ?


      When you have a responsible prophet to show me, then let me know ! Otherwise don’t bother.

      • Oh, I forgot about the Chibok girls THAT WILL BE RELEASED IMMEDIATELY ! if he is a man of god that is. His words not mine. So if that is the case he can pack in and go and go live in the Mongolian desert and ask if he can learn how to translate bibles there or what about North Korea ? One way ticket please.

  7. since you ar 2buzzy tokng about this man,jessy and yo foolish commenters go and hung yoself or wht I knw z that yu ar jehvrs witnsses and so called sabbath keeper instead of keeping christ in yo heart you keep on tokng about dis man on and until and foget 2 preach his gospel he send u 2 do.shame on u coz not only false prophets but also false teachers and false prechers shal face the wrath of God almight.evryone shall face judgmnt acordng wht u have done if u were givng 2the power he wil judge 4tht,if u were preaching about pepo how they liv and judge them.and da worst thing z who ar we 2 judge only stupied and evil followers can judge this man.4me ur fools may God huv mecy on you and let satan continue using u 2critise God’s savent because he z coming soon

    • There is a claim that Jesus is coming soon. Where did you get that information ? Did anyone tell you ? Nobody told you that. Liar ! You are just making it up.

      Mark 13:32 But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

      When you have evidence to show me of the burden of proof then come back and inform me.

    • Sydney….

      Here is a Private Camel for the false private prophet TB Joshua for the Mongolian Gobi desert bible translation department to go to.

  8. Here we can see that TB Joshua and the claim of spiritually arresting someone is a scam.


    He “can” arrest someone that he is cahoots with. I call for independent police investigations of the recent Ghanian claims of “spiritually” arresting someone and pay 1000 dollars for alleged escapee from prison.

    TB Joshua you are not only a liar but a scammer and deceiver. True people see right through your parades you do in front of your church where you hang up your false stories of God doing what you claim.

    You are in cahoots with the African scam brigade and we know it and you know it. So that is why this website exists to expose you.

    You can’t even arrest a rat in your own premises or elsewhere and you know it and I know it. There will be a day when you fall through the net and you will be exposed of your tricking lies.

    Your “leave it up to God” will no longer stick and will come back to haunt you. What you “have done in the past will come and visit you in the present”. I have seen it many times happening. And then there is no place to hide for you with your stained hands. I declare and decree a million fold voice against you as witness and declare and decree God as a Witness that I do not condone your lies and deception you did since 14th September 2014 which you have claimed. Which prophet in the Bible was using Lawyers to defend themselves ?

  9. ‘Justice Lateef Lawal-Akapo, however, told the counsel that he had other pending matters to attend to in court and had to adjourn the case.

    “By consent of all counsel, the trial is adjourned to 11:30am on June 20, 21 and 22 for continuation of trial,” the judge said.’

    Are we still expecting this trial to resume this week?

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