TB Joshua caught trying to cover up the adultery of his “spiritual son”

Walter Magaya is a popular Zimbawean “prophet” who has several allegations of infidelity against him, one case resulting in the mysterious death of the woman in question. It shouldn’t surprise us then that this is a “spiritual son” of TB Joshua. TB Joshua is of course able to empathise with Magaya’s situation, having multiple allegations of sexual misconduct himself, and yes, some unexplained deaths amongst his followers.

When an alleged ex-lover started making a fuss and going public about their affair, Magaya enlisted the help of his “spiritual father” to call the woman and invite her on an all expenses paid trip to visit him in Nigeria to try and neutralise the situation. You might think this is nothing but tabloid gossip, but luckily the woman was forward thinking enough to record the call, and sure enough – it’s the unmistakable voice of TB Joshua on the other end of the line.

62 thoughts on “TB Joshua caught trying to cover up the adultery of his “spiritual son”

  1. Sorry don’t talk or writer what you don’t know,
    You agent of devil’s stop spreading what you don’t know ,leave the might man of God and his spiritual son ,our father Prophet W MAGAYA

    • @ Simba,

      Matthew 23:9 And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

      So yes, we do know what we are talking about. Please buy yourself a proper Bible and start reading for a change.

      • To the Prophets, Pastors, Preachers, Dads, etc.we call them fathers, this does not mean they are GOD, no, it’s just love combined with respect. I think you also call your dad a father. A Catholic Priest is called Father, isn’t it? But when he prays he says ‘our Father who art in heaven….’

      • Oh you are promoting Catholicism now ? As if that is validating it ? Which human inventions is validating any commandments of God ?

        As the Bible says, they rather worship the creation instead of the Creator. As long as the money flows to them. Why not try if you can do it all without money. Because after all it comes from those that actually really work and pay taxes.

        Let’s see what these false private prophets do.Take the money shuffle it elsewhere of their choice. You know a 15 year old can do that. Pick a cause and give money. Pick a person you want, give money. Pick those that protect you, give money. You call this working ? How is this working ? Please explain ? On top of it they use the media to blow their trumpet. That’s what the world does. Anyone can do this as long if they give you money. I can do that. My next door neighbour can do it. Charities do it. Countries do it. After they have sucked out their own share and those that work for them. You call this working ?

        That is reason why they do it. Better money from someone else than cough up your own. Because then you are quickly pooped out if that is the case. But no one can handle those facts. No wonder you defend it. Because you can leech off from it and have gain. Disgusting you ! And TB Joshua laughs the hardest. Since every week they conjure up another con artist. Look how he tries to intimidate this girl in the video. Come here, so I can bribe you even more or whatever they have in mind with their lying disgusting staff that was equally responsible for the collapsed illegal hostel without building permit. Side skating they are really good in.

        We see the Chameleon in action. But that until you slap him, he turns all black, really black.

    • Ping back:

      Where is the promised MH370 that would be found by the end of 15th of March 2014 ? By your false private prophet ? You tell me why they are STILL SEARCHING FOR IT !


      It’s ok for your false private prophet to tell us lame prophecies on hindsight but not having him accountable for his rubbish stories he hangs up every Sunday which no-one can do anything with than his crazy, cursing, annoying, irritating frenzy followers of him and his entourage of church parades and claims. While there is no evidence of any healing at all. Especially when you trace this stage 4 cancer victim with NO EVIDENCE on any record in this New York Hospital he was parading this man two weeks ago.

      While he can’t heal a black head on someone’s nose, he tells you that 4 stage cancer was healed from his sidekick from New York. You take everything for granted without even checking it for yourself of those records.

  2. Crooks cover up crooks and they are in it together because the smell of money is their limelight.

    I can’t wait one of them to cross my path one day somewhere in public.

  3. Except when a woman produces someone like TB Joshua then you end up with 116 + 4 dead by his commands, executions, resistance when a illegal hostel collapses without building permit (plus tells you that God killed them) and uses all YOUR GIVEN MONEY to SCOAN to make a name for himself with Jesus’ Name attached to his business venture in a Swamp called Prayer Mountain to receive the rich for 4000 dollars a week with a private butler and makes it so you pray towards his house as the center of attention.

    • TB Joshua no matter what you do with other people’s money that is not yours, the staines of your hands will never fade until you die of what you did ! By your own choices. How dare you to blame the Devil for your own actions !!!! How dare you to rebuke anyone or through anyone that comes here to tell us what we don’t know. We know what you did. You allowed to built an illegal hostel without building permit with your own disobedience to God. NO matter how much sacrifices you make, that is not your money by buying Ambulances while you knew, to buy Motor bikes for the Police, To bribe Journalists and ask them what they will write now. And by your commands of “Go get it which resulted in 4 dead and one broken leg in the Ghana branch” without you seeing it.

      And that Boko Haram will be a thing of the past as you lied to us. And that the Chibok girls would be released immediately by your own spinning up story IF you were a man of god. Or the finding of the the MH370 or even to know the crash of the EgyptAir what was written on the side of the plane 2 years ago. And you have to guts to claim this as your own prediction.

      I can’t wait you cross my path one day. I really am. I will show you all your lies you told about the illegal hostel of which people jump of your balcony because they are so infatuated with you. You are worse than Donald Trumps policies for the world. You are a danger to life and limb whenever they come to your place in your Swamp where you stage your fake deliverance, healing and parades. You could not heal a pimple from somebodies nose. You are a scam artist and we know, you know, but you have no shame. And if you had a sincere wife that brought forth your daughter Serah, she should know better if she would look into it of what you did. I hope she one day drags you before the Court herself to testify about your own lies you have produced. But instead she gives your pounded yam with beans and lives from your trick stand up.

      • To the Prophets, Pastors, Preachers, Dads, etc.we call them fathers, this does not mean they are GOD, no, it’s just love combined with respect. I think you also call your dad a father. A Catholic Priest is called Father, isn’t it? But when he prays he says ‘our Father who art in heaven….’

      • Jessee you are a bitter person trying hard to destroy Prophet TBJoshua. I believe right now you know you dont have a life because soon you will not be writting these thinfs any more. Yoyr days of doing this are numbered. I pity you. What is he covering here. Reconciliation and peace is what Propget does all the time and its his duty to do this if need be. Stop insulting Prophet becoz I believe you and your group have a father and mother whom you can insult since you have the talent. Why dont you post something about who your father is sleeping with.

      • Oh yeah, these people are bitter too. As long as this evil man is walking around. It’s ok to build illegal hostels without building permits as a prophet. What are you thinking ?


        You clearly are part of that evil that is expanding there for the sake of self and not of Justice. Your false private prophet can do anything in his own name and you are too stupid to even understand it that it is wrong.

        When will it come through your big steel plate covered skull that taking money, building illegal hostels without building permit that results in hundreds dead that that is very bad thing to do. That Nigeria is allowing it, is just beyond me. But then we can see how Buhari comes along to the UK begging if they can release their illegal money from their secret investments. So nothing is surprising there is it now ?

        And you tell me I am bitter. What I can’t stand your stand on the sidelines about it. It surely was not your own ignorant family was it now ? And you likely would be even more stupid to just accept a shop around free in Lagos for it and a day out in a hotel for your own husband or wife being destroyed because of illegality. It shows how stupid you are and how dumb your faculties operate too.

        Why telling me off, did I do anything ? Did I allow them to die on my watch ? Did I go quickly abroad and hide in my private plane ? Or do I call concubines on the phone to bribe them in my compound ? Eh ? What’s WRONG WITH YOU !!!!!! How am I bitter ? What’s it to me ? You are really and idiot ! For God sake open your pasted eyes for once and get real ! I wished God willing you could cross my path and then I will show it you myself if you are too dumb to even understand it to the public with your stupid ignorance. What you mean I am bitter ? You don’t even know what that word means. Why don’t you kick that piece of work on his backside and explain that I am not doing what he does in the name of God,but that he is a serious criminal and needs to be prosecuted for his personal choices and the staff of SCOAN included. But what they do is making money speak for their deeds ! Which God is that ? How is God delivering or doing what ? Go fool some piece of junk in Nigeria that has only interest in peddling themselves forward without other peoples money that is not theirs.

      • Jesse first of all you are still a bitter person. You are full of insults. It just shows how uncivilised and raw you are. T B Joshua is not your problem. Your problem is your meaningles life that has no purpose and background. There is surely something wrong with your reasoning. I believe your inability to figure out a vision for your life is the root cause of your personality. If you can insult a person who does not owe you a dime it just shows that surely your up bringing is questionable and you are bitter and pathetic. You need to be born again , like I mean, literally, and maybe your character and attitude would be different on rebirth. And by the way go back to school and improve on your grammer. Its horrible. Seriously speaking, you must check yourself into the psychiatric hospital nearby before you commit suicide. Coz you are a psychopath. Prophet TB Joshua does not take money from anyone incuding you after all you dont sound like you have any. You know what, in the Arena of Liberty, ie SCOAN, we dont stress, we relax. So relax and stop being so bitter!!!

      • Mia,

        Are you done now ?

        When did you do the last check up with your own shrink ?

        While I am enjoying my freedom and going wherever I want, you are trying to pin something that does not apply or is useful.

        Explain why would I in my right mind commit suicide for ? So much for you profiling yourself what your own thought processes are of the murderous kind. But then again the apple does not fall far from the tree does it now ?

        While I am looking over a beautiful lake on a summers day with the birds calling out to each other of happiness anticipating a big icecream as to look forward to. You are thinking of my alleged suicide attempts contemplations. BwaHahahaha.

        Then telling me how the Devil influences me of what actually his own words are, you just are writing to me here. On top of that you are the master spiritual discerner of all time. Hilarious. A comedy is nothing compared to it.

  4. It is written:

    …”And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven”….Matthew 23:9

    • And you should be made a SPIRITUAL eunuch. Because you have no insight in it in the first place.

  5. Go, go, go… TBJoshuaWatch . . .

    Keep on going to expsoe that divining python snake of Rome in Nigerian.

    Kill it with the Truth.

    • This woman is the one you gave money to to kie against Prophet and we all know. Stop lying to the world!!! I am still waiting for a post about your father’s dirty deeds because you are talented at doing that.

      • What did my father do ? Ha ! My father was ten times more gentleman and a hero than what I have seen this mug doing. You are not even funny. My father would never built illegally and without building permit and he feared the Lord to even want to dare to disobey Him on one commandment. He cited every single day Psalm 91 and 23 from his head out loud.

        He was praised by his elders from the church about his knowledge of the Lord and His Word and were stunned by it and he fought in the WWII to great admiration of the Government and his neighbourhood. He was awarded with accolades and golden V pins of Veteran and letters of the Government as a hero. He was even called up to appear before his Queen to receive honours in War Time but he declined. He said it was his honour and duty. How dare you to call on my father to smear him of what he did.

        He screwed off the wheels from the tanks and cars so the enemy would not advance. Blew their canons up with Molotov Cocktails and handgranates. He hid the Allies under his house with my mother helping them to survive and be fed. They wrote beautiful poems in her Poetry Album for remembrance. The bullets of the planes and bombs flew him around his ears and hit his helmet while being in the fields to stand for world freedom and if it had gone through his helmet none of us would have been born.

        Because God wanted us to be here to speak up about this scam church, this fake church after visiting. It was His ultimate plan for glory and for a time such as this.They smuggled things to make a world war falling apart in the end. I am super proud upon my father and my mother. They stood for real things. Which World War did your false private prophet stand in ? Some imaginary make up story spiritual war of what most of it is just hilarious to watch and to adhere to ? You want to compare this to what my father did ???? You gotta be kidding me. Please go away will you now and don’t return with your mug stories that don’t count.

        There was no deliverance drama needed in their eyes and they raised up proudly three kids of which I am one of them. I revel in my parents. They were great and awesome and they brought forth three sons who did not wanted any of this foolishness your mug is displaying everyday in his compound. Nor this was needed in our churches. We had great meetings, come togetherness in each other’s houses in where the Pastor would visit them individually all of them and spend time with and ate with them, prayed with them, do funerals, visited them inside the hospitals when they were sick and anointed them with oil. Invited them at his home and counseled them when necessary. No drama needed like your mug. No parading in church either for showing off. Because everyone was revered as equal and happy together. No craziness was needed to draw attention to self. And it was cool.

        So please look at your own father for reference compared to mine. I am sure he could not even meet one inch of the courage my father had. Shame on you, mug.

        What bitterness could I have when I have a father that was such a hero. Who fought for liberation of the world. Bah ! Please go away. Don’t you ever mention my father again in dishonour or want to smear his name. Pathetic little stink bug that you are.

  6. This should be clear enough to everyone that tb joshua is an agent of the devil, anybody who still remains lost in this cultic circle doesn’t need tbjoshua watch, they need they gospel, they’re not saved

    If you still think that tb joshua is a true Christian, you are not saved


    “I do not receive honor from men.
    But I know you, that you do not have the love of God in you.
    I have come in My Father’s name, and you do not receive Me;
    if another comes in his own name, him you will receive.
    How can you believe, who receive honor from one another, and do not seek the honor that comes from the only God?” (John 5:41-44)

    One evidence that you have the love of GOD is that you seek not the honor of men

    Pride, honor-seeking arrogance and self-exaltation is a perfect evidence of an unregenerate soul

    Even the great men of faith like the Apostles, who were used mightily by GOD, had direct revelation from the LORD and performed wonderful miracles,
    were also the most humble men who ever lived;

    The Apostles loved our Lord so much they earnestly hated any attempt of men to give them honor (Acts 14:14-15; Acts 10:25-26)

    Today we have millions of goats and wolves in sheep clothing who profess to know the Lord but run after fame, popularity and worldly honor;

    They forcefully and pridefully give themselves titles such as “Apostle”, “Prophet”, “Senior prophet”, etc, what foolishness

    What despicable wretchedness!
    All this with pretense that they want to serve our Lord

    They prove in their perpetually wicked deeds who they truly are, agents of the devil


    • And what has he done that majes him a devil. What?????. By calling this woman???? Come on .. you even qoute the bible as if you are teaching us anything from the quotes. Elijah you are lost yourself. Why should Prophet not assist bring peace where the need arise!! You seem to be one of those who enjoy seeing conflicts amongst pple. This is what Men of God should be able to do period!!!!

      • He does not assist to create peace. He does this to make a drama out of it in front of his church parade. Where he bribes the persons involved to make it look like it’s his so called expertise. Which man of God calls women privately and by being smug ? Which one ? Now he is caught out about his efforts to hook her in and you have another stupid dumb lame story to make it look as if it is something special. And her she should not have been involved with this Magaya in the first place.

        We know exactly what he was trying to do. And that is clear in the clip. Only you are too dumb to even understand it. You are one of dumbest persons I have come across on this blog. You have no feelings at all for what others go through. Absolutely none. How selfish of you when others lose their partners and want to trade it for some attention and money from this mug that has to appear everyday online somewhere.

      • If there was anything regarding calling her, he should have asked his wife to call her. That’s how the dice rolls. But not in your eyes. Everything this maniac does is holy. You are an idiot. What other words can I have for you.

      • Mr. Mia,
        if and when you receive Christ and GOD opens your heart to know the Lord and be Saved; and when you realize that scoan is a demonic cult, please come and give your testimony here; so we may rejoice with you.

        As much as it hurts and griefs us to see many lost souls like you deceived by false teachers; we have an even greater Joy to witness them be converted and come to knowledge of the truth

      • Please shut up ! If there is one evil you need to look inside SCOAN you can find scores of them who do not want to be taking responsibility of their actions they did.

      • Let me make it clear. No matter how much good you do when your hands were choosing to sign to do make an illegal building and without building permit and defy God about it in what He had not commanded. None of your actions count then in my personal view until you admit your were wrong publicly and step away of your failure to do it.

        Your false private prophet has no feelings whatsoever than his own venture to keep afloat or what he started to do. Everything is tainted if you don’t admit your wrongdoing. But you idiots keep praising anything he does what is actually done with money. What does he have to bring in by his own ? Playing church and doing drama to draw attention to self. That is what Elijah is pointing out. Whenever Jesus did something He walked away from the drama scene and hit Himself because it was not about Him at that time but to Glory in His Father. You instead are going around like a clinging cymbal praising an illegal building approver and disobedience to God about it.

        Why don’t you look up the word TAINTED. Because that is what it is. Cover up and a sham parade. The outward trying to look great and the inward full of stains. You find this commendable ? Well I don’t. I deplore it. And on top you all blame the Devil for your own decisions. You gotta be kidding me.

        How is this a church where you teach something like that ? When you do something you own up and you say I did it, not try to tell stupid stories oh, they are after me. After you what ? If they were after you they would have bombed the whole thing flat. Joker ! You are a joker TBJ.

      • Why should we say amen to evil partners ? Look at your false private prophet, who blames everybody else than himself and in false prophecies.



        And HE SAID that Boko Haram would be a thing of the past by the end of 2012, 2013 and the whatever.

        And he is still keeping up his appearances. So why is not going in the Sambesi Forest with his stupid morning water and his bible in the other and wipe out Boko Haram ? Junk prophet. Only looking for attention to himself and his parades in the church.

        I can’t wait to face him one day when he crosses my path and will show him just as a dog who left his poo behind on purpose to annoy me and put his nose in it in reminding him that I will keep pointing out until he admits he has done this illegal hostel and without building permit and his willing disobedience to God. And as God can speak through a donkey I will remind him of that and you.

        But instead he blames everything else and makes up lame stories. What kind of junk prophet is that ?

    • Elijah you read my mind. I am waiting patiently for you and your group for God to open up your spiritual eyes and ears so you can know that TBJoshua is a servant of God and may come and repent. I will be waiting for you because in the Arena of Liberty SCOAN we take no offences.

    • Tb Joshua you are a joker !

      And I quote to you:

      “Faith healer was first victim — and her funeral infected hundreds

      The first casualty of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone was a faith healer on the Guinea border. Finda Nyume lived in a three-room shack in Kpondu when the deadly virus took root in the neighbouring country.

      The remote village is a short river crossing from Guinea, where Ebola was first detected. It meant scores of sufferers sought out Ms Nyume for help and in 2014 she became its first victim to die in Sierra Leone.

      When Ms Nyume was buried hundreds came to her funeral and carried out traditional burial rites which involve close contact with the body. The World Health Organisation suggests her funeral led directly to 360 cases of Ebola.

      James F Keppa, 45, is the community health worker in Kpondu — a village of 365 where 22 people died, 10 of them men and 12 of them women.

      He said: “The house where Finda lived has been under lock and key since the outbreak. People were afraid to go near it.”

      In the two years and one week since Ms Nyume died the community has struggled to get back on its feet amid unimaginable poverty.

      Mr Keppa said: “The biggest challenge was to get across to people that if they felt sick they had to report it straight away. People were scared.

      “I was alone as a health worker but I never tested positive.”

      By June 2014 Ebola had spread to the city of Kenema and to the Kailahun district to the east.

      The devastation was on a scale many aid workers had not seen before. Government hospitals became overrun and foreign aid workers were deployed — including British medics Will Pooley and Pauline Cafferkey, who both tested positive for Ebola and recovered.”

      Junk status prophet. Always blaming the Devil for your whack stories you hang up we should believe from Africa in the Western World. Why were you not there demonstrating it as you said you would do ? I know you are Junk Prophet and you know you are one too because what you prove between your 4 walls is staged and YOU KNOW IT ! I KNOW IT ! YOUR STAFF KNOWS IT ! When we came you had nothing on us. You quickly send us home because we could not stay until we were healed. You knew we saw through your trick and scam display. I am still seeing the stage 4 cancer patient next to me in a complete shock and depression feeling no difference when you went with your shake shake hand resulting in nothing as well that man with blood disease and the man with intestine lesions who wanted to call the police on you how your staff was treating and manipulating him. He should have ! Right there and then.

      • Jessee you surprise me big time. You go to length to praise your father we dont know and trash other peoples father. You people are so so disrespectful and I mean disrespectful. You cry foul because i mentioned ypur father. I am still saying it that what ever insult you are hailing at Prophet TB Joshua can they be passed over to your father too? You claim your father was a true christian blah blah… does this mean he was pleasing in Gods eyes? You dont know so shut up. The prayers he taught you never yielded any friut of the Spirit but of hatred bitterness and insults. I see why. Your anger and fighting might be coming from the many lives lost when your father was fighting during the war!! No wonder you are so angry. Jessee you need deliverance. I am not sure you are telling the trueth about your father becoz you are not exhibiting that at all. You work so hard to fight and judge people whilst portraying that pretentious holly side. You dont have a life at all. Leave Prophet TB joshua alone and stop insulting him. I leave you for God.

      • @ Mia,

        Yes, he was and when God took him in a supernatural way with proof that was impossible to create in a millions years on such and such date and time. It was God saying to me, do not worry, I have this in total control and your life too and here is My answer upon that and I knew there and then it was well.

        You have no clue.

        You better look for a Scripture that says it all but you refuse to look at it:

        It said: “For what profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul”. If I had won this or that respect of whatever I did and I might well have gone on to “gain the whole world” and then after that I just lost my own soul. In looking back then that would have been the real tragedy for myself.

        Mark 8:36

        You brag about another of what you can gain and siphon off off and of ill gained finances of ignorant people with no consciousness and do not care than being in love with their idol while you instead, you should go out and do something worthwhile yourself.

        Certainly you would not think about that do you now ?

        But you got to me about my father being not worthy the task he was called to do in a time of a serious World War in which he was drawn into without his personal choice. And they did not give him money to shuffle from A to B like your personal idol does. He stood with his physical life in a field where the bullets were coming from the planes and hit his helmet and bombs were dropped while he was running for something that he believed in that his country of a tyrant must be liberated from. He fought like a fierce lion and courage and so you can be free today. But I guess that is not enough for you. Instead you revel in a conman.

        That is our false private prophet that sits behind four walls/stadium and having an entourage backing him up if he is in danger or in the middle of a swamp surrounded by water shivering his timbers that someone would come up to him and tell him off in his face of his disobedience to God and his evil deeds and lies. Did I forget birthday parties ?

        Big difference.

      • So you jesse what do all these stories got to do with Prophet TB Joshua. Did he cause ebola or infected all these people? What about the prayers your father taught you? Why cant you prove that you are a better prayer worrior than him. By the way your father was a joker not TBJ. That is why I say you are abnormal and bitter person! Jesse. Get a life or go check yourself in a psychiatric hospital because the Servant of God TBJ is soldering on doing Gods work.

      • Yes, he is definitely soldering on. Which is fixing his broken reputation with money.

        Soldering = to join with Solder.
        Soldiering = serve as a soldier. (at the expense of others hard work and money)

        The only reason he is free because of money. Money is his god. Money is his motivation. Without it he is nothing like everyone else is. And stupid murderous people give it to him.

        Murderous people gave it to him to build an illegal hostel without building permit.

        No prophet of God took money as their reward. Show me any ?

        Murderous people made him have $$$ signs in his eyes. That’s the only way to soldier on in his book. Without it, he nothing, nobody, anything.

        Nothing mental about it. Nothing to go for in a mental hospital. But that is the best you can say. If it not lines up to your liking. Money will make you say it. Money will make you do it. Money will motivate you.

        But for 116 dead people no money can ever be enough. With the lies of your false private prophet that they are Martyrs. Which he caused by his choices and those that did the illegal job and that without building permit.

        And the command “go get it” which resulted in a stampede with 4 dead and 1 broken leg. But his answer is money. The rotten money, the filthy lucre and the core of his operations.

        Money is the cause of disagreement, Money is causing countries to divide in two, Money is the root of all evil and many have pierced themselves with grief about it.

        Money is the cause of running hotels to harbour people do display a show that is useless and full of lies. Money is the cause of rebuilding Prayer mountain and causes people to face TB Joshua’s house and worship him with their prayers. Money is the cause of all this. And on top of it he takes it without flinching his face of what he did and caused and pays people with it what is not his’.

        Nothing mental about that at all, but it is crazy that this is allowed and condoned. It is crazy that by his decisions he can go on and live in the limelight for that. It is crazy that he even dares to celebrate his birthday which he twists it is for the people. What people ? His crazy people like you everyday display of supporting a deliberate with his choice murderer with no shame or repentance. Hides behind God and the shed Blood of Jesus to crucify Jesus once more again on Golgotha because of his sins he refuses to admit in public. Instead he and you hide and cover up. How crazy is that ! Nothing to do with my mental state, that’s for sure. Again, everything he does now from onward is tainted. And everybody who supports that, is tainted too.

    • Jesse if you want to meet Prophet Face to face your father satan would not allow you ciz he knows you are his precious tool. In any case if it happens what wud you do? Nothing. I dont blame you for using such language against a person who did nothing to you. I blame your father for failing to teach you that respect for others and creating peace amongst people is a Godly vertue. You are very disrespectful and have no manners.

  7. The defense team previously objected to evidence being led by the prosecution’s first witness‚ because they did not have a copy of the witness statement.

    The court heard on Wednesday that the evidence had been given to the defense‚ but they needed more time to study it‚ according to This Day newspaper.

    Joshua refused to give evidence at an earlier coroner’s inquest‚ despite multiple court summonses. He claimed the collapse was caused by an aircraft above the building. But a coroner attributed the tragedy to the unauthorized addition of extra floors to the building. – TMG Digital



    • What is there to study ? It’s stretching it out with stupid stories. They can stare on it as long on it as they want, it will not rule out that God definitely did command them to build an illegal structure. Why not ask that in Court. Then they can wheel in TB Joshua and he tell it in the face of the Judge. Because he claims he hears from God. Then they should ask him, give us the evidence that God told you to build illegally and without building permit. And bring forth the evidence of the hoovering plane was the cause of it and who was in it. SINCE you always talk to “God” and get all the answers.

      But of course it will not take long to find out that he is just a serial liar by default and has his information from simple mortal resources instead and not of God.

  8. Leave the man of God alone. You won’t change anything to the grace of God upon his life. We have seen thousands of his good works: a lot souls saved, orphans and widows blessed, demon possessed delivered, …. Show us also your good works? May God have mercy on you.

    • God should have mercy upon you, in supporting someone that was and is disobedient to God Himself. Way more worse that telling this con man off.

      Anybody can do this if you receive money and if you have an attitude of giving it away and take your share out of it.

      How hard is it to give away money that is not yours ?? Or buy food for another with somebody else’s money ? How difficult is that ?

      That are not good works. That are selfish works to make name for yourself. Far from what Jesus did.

      Jesus took few breads and fishes and MULTIPLIED IT OUT OF NOTHING ! That’s a miracle ! What does your FALSE PRIVATE PROPHET do, he takes the money from someone else and gives it away to someone else. That is shifting money from A to B. What miracle is that ? You call that a miracle ? That is not a miracle or anything to write home about. This human admiration must stop. It’s useless.

      Next thing. It’s Far from it ! Any person with a good personality or human effort can do that. I know many. Including unbelievers do it. Humanists do it. Atheists do it. What is there to brag about here for ?

      Again let me write it out again. Person one gives you money to Person two. You say what can I do with it. Well, give it to this or that or use it for so and so. What’s the big deal ? Is it his money ? Noooo, it is is not. YOU ARE AN IDIOT ! You don’t understand anything with your own head that that is NOT a miracle or something special at all. And he feels that he needs to be rewarded for his scumbag acts of deliverance folly. Not with me !

      If anyone gives me continuous money day in day out, I would be doing the same but it’s not a miracle or something special to even brag about. That’s what you are doing. You brag about nothing. Money shifting from A to B.

      If you can multiply it out of nothing in front of me, that’s a miracle. That’s special. Not with tricks as a magician but take one note of a currency and conjure 100 million out of it. But that you don’t see. So nothing to see here, move along as they say.

      • Jesse if you want to meet Prophet Face to face your father satan would not allow you ciz he knows you are his precious tool. In any case if it happens what wud you do? Nothing. I dont blame you for using such language against a person who did nothing to you. I blame your father for failing to teach you that respect for others and creating peace amongst people is a Godly vertue. You are very disrespectful and have no manners.
        Yes it is still a miracle to receive money or scholarship when you had lost all hope. The term distribution is scholarly and distribution is done by organisations according to layed out policies projects and programnes. Is there anything wromg in distributing that which you have accumulated? How many of the churches do such charity work? When TBJ does it why should it be questioned? You are indeed fighting yourself from all directions. Go check yourself in a mental hospital I beg you.

      • To you Mia,

        I have met TB Joshua several times. So your stupid lame story does not apply. If I knew what I knew now, the whole world would know me how I exposed TB Joshua where he was then. I just hope someone has the guts to stand with me from a high level in the world and support me to stop this lying charlatan.

        And how is Satan going to stop me ? I have a will of my own. There is no Devil, Demon, Satan that will stop me to go where I want to. It is human hindrance and obstruction that stops me because of majority and falsehood. But me and him toe to toe and eyeball to eyeball he has nothing on me than telling lies in my face. Which man of God disobeys His commandments by doing things illegal ?

        I am telling you again. There was no instruction, nor commandment from God to build an illegal hostel without building permit. That was a work of the flesh. It had nothing to do with God at all. And you know it, I know it, TB Joshua knows it and his staff knows it. But what they do in their desperation with the hand of flesh by order of the establishment of paid for lawyers they are holding off investigation that it was illegal. Without lawyers he would have been arrested and his staff as well those followers who were involved in the decision.

        What you don’t understand is and they do and because of that reason they went into the defense of using Lawyers.

        Did Paul stand in front anyone with Lawyers backing him up ?
        Did Jesus stand in front anyone with Lawyers backing Him up ?
        Did Stephen stand in front of anyone with Lawyers backing him up ?
        Did Peter stand in front of anyone with Lawyers backing him up ?
        John ?
        Zebedeus ?
        James ?
        Elijah ?
        Samson ?
        The early church fathers ?

        Please enlighten me ? Show me evidence from the Word of God ?

        Show me anywhere they had earthly help when it was concerning them ?

        David ?

        What did David say ?

        Psalm 121 King James Version (KJV)

        121:1 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
        2 My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.
        3 He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber.
        4 Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.
        5 The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand.
        6 The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.
        7 The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul.
        8 The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.

        But your false private prophet has done everything in his ability and reach to obstruct the course of Justice with the hand of flesh. And his latest story is, “Leave them up to God”. The only reason is because the Justice system in Nigeria is crap, is evil, is not out of God and does not represent God, it represents their Money god, it is there so fill their pockets to, to twist for the benefit of money, greed and selfish agenda and selfish righteousness they think is for their country. Look at the state of it. Boko Haram, Chibok girls, Poverty, Drought, 419 scams, Lies, Deceit, you name it. Everything and evil is there.

        When the Chief Magistrate Coroner did his job, no matter where he was sitting or situated, he did his job, whether he had jurisdiction or not. He did his job. And he was clear in his report and this Judge quashed it because he is a prick that sides TB Joshua and money not the Law as it should be. On top of it he has a smirk on his face about it. They wriggled and objected until they got the right person to fizzle it out with. It’s a disgrace.

        No-one can do these things anywhere. But TB Joshua can do illegal things and without building permit and as a result 116 people died. Which you don’t understand whatsoever and pass off that I am mentally ill about it. (That’s the best thing you can come up with because you run out of sincerity)

        The injustice that is taking place is infuriating me and it so does God, but God will not infringe on someone’s will if they do otherwise. You have a choice, as Eve had in the garden of Eden and Adam to accept the offering of his wife. God DID not stop them there. You are responsible for your actions. No money in the world can fix this and that is exactly what he has been doing. He choose for it. But he hinders another with money to stop the right Justice regarding this case. They have looked for every loophole available in the existing Law. How is God involved into that ? To look for loopholes so you can get away for your personal actions ? You know it is wrong, but you choose to cover up and to hinder it. That is why everything is tainted now. Which you also don’t understand and likely never will.

      • Jessee show me where Propget gas taken money from people and enriched himself. Evidence pls bot assumptions. Oh you forgot to include the fact that it is money tgat makes you feel so jeolous towards TBJ. It was because of money that your father joined tge world war isnt it? That was what was puttjng bread on your table i believe. Killing innocent people in tge process of fighting so called enemies. So your father died a murderer Jesse of innocent people. No no no dont defend him by saying the civilians death was due to the war because even those who died at SCOAN was as a result of a collapsed building and the court is handling the matter.
        Its because of money that you are fighting propget TBJ jesse. So please leave propget alone and go get a life.

    • And about those so called deliverance. I don’t believe anything of this show he puts up about it. Whether behind the door or in public.

      There are millions of people who do their job day in day out and there are no demons that stop them in doing it. Those people that come for this nonsense on display doing it for a hand out from other people’s money that works hard for that. While they just shuffle it from point A to to point B.

      • Jessee you are still surprising me. You talk about Prophet TBJoshua collecting money and distributing it. All churches I know including the one your father attended recieve money from people to do many church activities. Is there anything wrong in doing that? No. The difference is TBJ gives a lot and people like you,haters, get angry because he is doing what is pleasing to God. You know What jesse, this is the secret to prosperity and spiritual upliftment. God will never allow Prophet TBJ to lack becoz many of His people would suffer. This I promise you just watch the space!

        And when this continue to happen please dont run mad just cry to God to give you the grace

      • @mia the difference is, TB Joshua has accumulated enough wealth through his ministry to spend 65 million on a private plane. That’s stealing from God.

  9. TBJoshua watch and why should’t he buy a jet if he can afford it. Have you even calculated how much he has also given out to the society? I bet not because that will give him credit something you hate with passion. Did you check how other pastors in other churches are spending on themselves? I bet not. Because TBJ is a bulldozzer to the k8ngdom of hell , people sent by that kingdom are trying hard to destroy him. However our God is not asleep. Watch the space.

    • TBJ the bulldozer of Hell.

      You got that right. By shuffling them in it more like it.

      Are you the overseer of Hell in who goes in or out ?

      So what do you want my father to do ? He was in the army because it was his time there and then. Do you want him to stand defenseless ? Get him and his mates killed ? You are even dumber that yoi profile. Why are they fighting Boko Haram ? Let them be,” leave them up to God” if we must stay in your false private prophets meme.

      You only not have lost your marbles but your sense of reason too. You really think it was a priviledge that you are now free because of people like him. Why did your own father not stand on the beach head of Normandy ? To flag both sides down and make peace ? As if they would let him ? Unbelievable ignoramus that you are. Why did Jesus not remove all the Romans eh ? So much for give “Ceasar’s what is Ceasar’s” reply from Jesus. Jesus knew how Romans 13 would be written out, unlike you. Please go back to sleep.

  10. Jesse and your group one thing I have realised about you is that you are racists. You dobt lije black people. Your past comnents attest to that. Tell me why are you now fighting on behalf of those who died at the collapse of the church building? What is in it for you. Just because a black Propget is leading the church you are disgusted isnt it? You destroyed SCOAN in th UK embezelled church finances and desided to resign as church pastors.

    You illtreated church members especially blacks who you used as slaves to clean your houses and take care of your children with no pay.you tge Tongues are behind this page because lije I said you are bitter. You wanted to take over the UK church and when tgat failed yoy raged war against TBJ. Thieives!!! You are thieives and I bet you have gone back to alcoholism, your old life style.

    Shame on you. Get a life!!!!

      • Lol 😀
        Clearly @Mia has a creative imagination. It takes some talent to make up stuff like this.

    • Yup, I drink Powerade, Protein drinks, Smoothies and Yakult and I love it.

      Where did I steal anything from the UK branch ? Please give me evidence. When you attend any branch of TB Joshua, you will get an envelope distributed at the door, during the meeting, or whenever it is time to do so.

      It’s not about race, it’s about what you do as a race, white, black, yellow, red. That is what counts. We all know as in the former examples what is what and who is who. It’s not about colour.

      People who died NEEDLESLY because of the choices and actions of this take your money and run with and attach your name on it and brag how much good deeds you do.

      What you don’t get that it is not part of Christian life to brag or show off what you do. I know why they do it in SCOAN. It’s profiling “Yo, its happening over here, come on over, hand over your money, sod off after a week, come back soon.” In that order.

      The bible shows what it is about:

      Proverbs 30:15 There is a kind of man whose teeth are like swords And his jaw teeth like knives, To devour the afflicted from the earth And the needy from among men. 15The leech has two daughters, “Give,” “Give.” There are three things that will not be satisfied, Four that will not say, “Enough”: 16Sheol, and the barren womb, Earth that is never satisfied with water, And fire that never says, “Enough.”…

      But here is the thing, I would not have a problem about giving and do something for someone else, but the theatrical craziness and drama that we have seen over the years, I am absolutely not interested into. I can go to the cinema for that, or the theater, or sit at my television set for that.

      Nobody is who is sitting in that church is actively involved into anything then being frenzied, goaded and kept stupid than only those that are appointed for it. Those that are involved into the dramatization, idiotry and silliness.

      Now let’s read the Bible properly of how it was done there and then. There was no drama, there was no line up of people who were throwing up, or interview with the Devil, or Demons, or Satan was the center of attention to keep people busy for hours.

      What we do see is people being involved of anyone that was available, looking for vessels to do God’s work. Not a formula from a someone who leads and copied elsewhere. Which is blowing, waving, spraying water, drinking loads of water, slapping, punching, stepping toe and dramatization of screaming and shouting and talking to people instead seeking God’s presence to receive and impartation of the Spirit without this craziness. And I know the drama is used to “validate the ministry”. But in reality you would see times when nothing was happening and there are times of Souvereign manifestation without anyone doing anything. But every meeting is a frenzy of some sorts. In talking to people and about people of so called set back, business, family issues being rebuked, shouting at it as if you can talk to a hemorrhoid to shrivel up, while if you take suppositories they go also away in due time. So is it with problems. The come and they go. And the believe of a superstitious African is that it must be a reason why this and why that.

      While the answer lies in just being sincere in your daily life and being committed to the cause to sort it out. When they come, they are not like that. They don’t even do anything, it’s when they become aware that no problem will be resolved unless you have a go at it. And with persistence these things come and go. That is how life works. You don’t sit on the sidelines, you jump in it.

      The promise of the Bible says clearly:

      1 Corinthians 10:13 There hath no temptation taken you but such as is COMMON to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted ABOVE that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

      But lazy ignorant and uneducated and misinformed people take everything for granted and think it is a un-scalable hurdle to overcome life’s problems and issues. It’s not. They are given to you, so you develop your character and stamina and understanding how to deal with life’s issues. But no one reads this before they go to church. They hear it there and then say, ooooooooh, eeeeeeeeh, aaaaaaaah, I learned something all of a sudden, while it was already there in the first place. But they did not know because they simply don’t read it and go desperate to someone who is exploiting them for their ignorance and takes your money and play nice weather from it and tells you what you want to hear.

      These who exploit you, know all these things because they have read, extracted and take you for a ride to make themselves big and your $$$ less in pocket and promise you big this and that. While people in the world do exactly the same. They do get better jobs, better salary, better car, better house.

      It’s just because they were not serious enough about it before that they do not receive what is already there for you pick up. And you can do that all by your own, but if you are lazy and don’t want to do
      anything for it, then it will not come to you.

      So they go to church, write it all down, read it elsewhere and when you ask them about it, they tell you some fabricated story they have made out of it themselves and complain and have to go back and get there for another handout.

      So you see refugees being paraded. Why do refugees go elsewhere ? Because there are countries where the currency is high up compared to where they are and go work there and take out the money and bring it to their own country and build up their sham factories in making things nobody actually needs and force it down your throat as compulsory. Cause you to buy a Diesel car for example and then peddle back they are polluters, first buy, extract the money out of you and then con you with another alternative or punishment you bought that filthy thing. And the same things are going in these new African churches under the story of God is doing a new thing. While God is not in selling mobile phones, touch payments, stock exchanges, Dow Jones indexes, and other foolishness, because it does not make everyone a millionaire only those who know who to exploit it.

      In church they tell you, 30, 60, 100 fold for you, but that would mean after 4-5 times you would be millionaire, but that does not happen at all. But it only works for false private prophets who have shell companies elsewhere and can make people crazy enough to buy them a private plane because in a normal plane people will check out their poo and pee in the toilet and sell it for a profit to another idiot who believes it does miracles. And because foolish people fall for it all the time, that is why these charlatans prosper. But if you don’t earn enough, you can sit in the back or half way in the middle. But if you are president of so and so country, you can sit on the big chair in front of church. I just hate that formula. And Jesus too. Because Jesus looks at Lazarus, not a the rich man. And

      James 2:1 My brothers, as you hold out your faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, do not show favoritism. 2 Suppose a man comes into your meeting wearing a gold ring and fine clothes, and a poor man in shabby clothes also comes in. 3 If you lavish attention on the man in fine clothes and say, “Here is a seat of honor,” but say to the poor man “You must stand,” or, “Sit at my feet,”…

      You see those parades in the church of SCOAN to get at your sentiment and emotion and you say to yourself, oh, but that is how it is supposed to be is it not, except you are not aware you are being taken for a ride and the true purpose is to extract all your money out of you and I mean all of it and after that you can go home. Bye Bye. C ya next time.

      If all who have given as it would be as they are being conned into, they all would be millionaires now, but they aren’t.

      And regarding taking over church, you can keep it. I am not interested.

      PS. I am married to a black person for 20 years and over of which TB Joshua told she was married and married again in whatever context that comes, physical, spiritual, or whatever, he still was wrong and was spinning a lie to sensationalize it on camera in later being bugged by his entourage to confirm his false private prophecy. But hey, as long your can play your racist fiddle story it seems it makes you happy. So enjoy your misguidance of my sincerity or being one.

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