Has Hungry Generation been dumped by TB Joshua?

Hungry Generation is a youth ministry in the US which although never an official SCOAN branch, has done a lot to promote his ministry including organising trips to SCOAN and most tragically of all, sending some of their members over to be disciples. Recently it has come to our attention that all the pages on their site about TB Joshua have been removed. They used to have a page all about TB Joshua, calling him “the mighty of God” someone that “God has raised in the last days for the blessings of the nations”. If you go to the same page now, you’ll find it’s been deleted.

Prophet TB Joshua page deleted

Prophet TB Joshua page deleted

Hungry Generation used to advertise trips to SCOAN on their website, that page too has now been deleted.

No more trips to SCOAN from Hungry Generation

No more trips to SCOAN from Hungry Generation

The only remaining link to TB Joshua that we can see is the advert for their weekly “anointed water” prayer lines, although we’ve heard from a reliable source that they’re no longer receiving any anointed water from TB Joshua, but instead fill up the old bottles with tap water.

We believe that the split has been initiated from TB Joshua rather than from Hungry Generation, possibly as a result of them inviting “fallen wiseman” John Chi over for a conference, but we have reached out to Hungry Generation for comment, but not received any reply. Either way, it’s less exposure for TB Joshua in the USA which can only be a good thing.

85 thoughts on “Has Hungry Generation been dumped by TB Joshua?

  1. @tbjoshuawatch,
    When I scanned the site last year, it appeared like all they did was milk TB Joshua’s name. Not sure but I think their packages for SCOAN visits included a premium.

    But they also appeared to have had TB Joshua’s nod. Maybe with declining visitors to SCOAN they suffered declining revenues and opted to ‘diversify’. Or, being based in the US they were threatened with a suit for promoting a dangerous charlatan.

    • @vooke

      Or, being based in the US they were threatened with a suit for promoting a dangerous charlatan.

      That’s not something I had considered, but interesting thought. The reason I don’t think it was initiated by them is that one of the pastors is still posting TB Joshua links to his facebook page. I think they diversified with JOhn Chi, TB Joshua threw his rattles out the pram and cut ties. Could be your suggestion too though.

      • I have contacted them several times by Email. As well called them. On all occasions no reply or when called it tells me that my phonenumber was banbed. Even when I called first time. Further you get a tututututututu tone.

        I have given up on calling them. I also looked up the place on Google Earth and you can see there the building and size of building.

        They were and are doing the same funny deliverances as in SCOAN with the “anointing water”. Nothing spectecular there either.

  2. Sending tour groups to SCOAN was a big money spinner for churches in South Africa too. The ‘church’ I used to go to had a sideline called SA2Lagos.

    • @kegyelem
      John chi has never repented of his involvement with TB Joshua, and still refers to him as his mentor. So no, we wouldn’t recommend anyone having anything to do with him.

      • Why? Why wouldn’t you recommend anyone going to meetings where John Chi prays for people?

      • Who really are you to recommend people to someone as a true or fake man of God? Can you imagine your foolish pride? “John chi has never repented of his involvement with TB Joshua, and still refers to him as his mentor. So no, we wouldn’t recommend anyone having anything to do with him.So no, we wouldn’t recommend anyone having anything to do with him.” Who exactly are you? I sent you an email to verify one of your posts, you never responded till today. You better get a life and stop deceiving yourself.

    • I am sure you know very well that through the ministry, prayer of John Chi –> the LORD JESUS healed, delivered, blessed many-many-many-many-many-many people. Anywhere where John Chi ministering to people. Do you know, dont you?

      • They want John Chi to start speaking evil of Prophet T.B.Joshua. They are disappointed because he did not follow their satanic ways.

  3. TB Joshua’s Twitter:

    Love from the heart.

    But in his case this applies:

    Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

  4. But why are you always telling us bad things about Tbj n Scoan?…Is there nothing good that you can tell us abt?…Are you the davils massengeres?…
    let me tell you one thing…”you gona fail”

    • @Tefo
      That’s like saying “why are you always telling us bad things about that child molester? Is there nothing good you can tell us?”. There comes a point where there is so much bad, anything good is irrelevant.

      • I am very sorry i f you were a victim of child molestation! 😦 I really mean it. I am really sorry! 😦

        Thanks GOD, He can remove your pain, He can deliver you and you will be NOT tormented anymore in your soul, in your mind because of that wickedness.

        I would say to you, I would recommend from my heart that go to SCOAN, and be delivered, or go to SCOAN Thessalonica and be delivered. Be delivered and be healed.

        It is possible with GOD!

      • @Kegyelem
        I am not a victim of child molestation, you missed my point there – but thanks for the empathy, I really mean that, most followers of TB JOshua are completely lacking in empathy. As for going to SCOAN for deliverance, is that what you would suggest for the 15 year old molested by the ex-pastor of SCOAN Athens? Should she go to SCOAN Theselonika for deliverance? Or the 13 year old molested by TB Joshua (story not yet public, but it may be in the not too distant future), should she return to the place of her abuse to be delivered from the effects of the abuse? My point wasn’t regarding child molestation specifically, my point was that with some things, they are so clearly evil that any good things the person or organisation does is completely irrelevant. I’m pleased if someone gets to eat because SCOAN donated them rice, but that doesn’t change my opinion of SCOAN one bit.

      • Look, for some reason NONE OF YOU ANSWERED my question: DO YOU LOVE T.B. JOSHUA?

        Time to ANSWER my question.

        You came with serious accusations.

        Suppose..if Jesse, your fellow/acquaintance has molested a child, I or everybody should accuse you or Jesse for the accomplished very wicked act? Hmm? Tell me, I should accuse you?
        Very common in politics (not only there) to accuse the opponent parties with serious lies.
        VERY COMMON, TYPICAL evil act to accuse the other with the VERY THING that the ACCUSER has done or doing!
        Very common – sadly, that some people can made up stories which are NEVER HAPPENED and tell as if those stories, cases actually happened. They can lie so easily and so convincingly that people whom does not know the truth will believe it!

        (I know such people in my own life – they say lies, even accused me with lies. And I actually kinda sorry for them, because this is serious. I fear God, so kinda freaky to see people with this kind of mentality, cause the judgment of God will surely come, or this is already the judgment of God that they sin and cannot stop it, cannot repent from it… You know, NO LIAR will enter into the Kingdom of God! So this is serious. very serious.)

        So because you accuse T.B. Joshua for example – NOW with child molestation, my thought is that MAYBE YOU people here may done such a wicked thing… OR you just a victim of some persons whom used by the devil. Victim in a sense that you believe the untrue story.
        WHY DO YOU PEOPLE HATE T. B. Joshua? Why?

      • And I am glad that you are pleased that T.B. Joshua greatly helps those who are in need in food, education, etc. THESE ARE GOOD THINGS, GOOD FRUITS.

        And JESUS CHRIST SAID: you will know them by their fruit; every good tree bears good fruit; A BAD TREE CANNOT BEAR GOOD(!) fruit. /Matt. 7/

        A BAD tree CANNOT BEAR GOOD fruit.

        Think about this…

      • You need “deliverance” from child molesting pain ? So SCOAN “deliverance” is an all in and all included fix then ? Wow, poor rest of the world who never will see TB Joshua be any means possible. Nobody is good enough to make it right than him. Oh my Goodness ! That’s disturbing conviction. A very disturbing conviction.

      • I think you are misunderstanding me.

        Can your force someone to love some one that carries on a devious path and hide behind financial reward for those that are his personal choices to peddle his personal so called “good deeds” agenda ?

        It is not about the individual, it’s a tool to progress their devious personal name emphasis with God’s Name attached to it and hide behind it as a means to justify illegal buildings without building permits. That’s very clear, but not seen by any Judge as valid reason to punish someone but a financial greed means to carry on bease someones knows how to exploit it in your face. THere is a clear signal there but ignored and covered up.

        You can’t justify good deeds to cover up disobedience to God and allow people to die on your watch by deliberately ignoring it. That’s exactly what is happening there.

        Good deeds do not make wrong deeds right. That’s a human justification in their own convictions. And this it is written that all the world should be silenced because they are guilty before God. I hope you accept that. But this does not mean to speak out about covering things up as the SCOAN does with the use of diverting the course of Justice and expensive lawyers.

        They call this love ? That’s not love, that’s evil.

        That’s what Keglyem is trying to do.

      • Why bring me in the picture, if I have molested a child ? Are you trying to pin something upon me ? If there would be a child molester, it is likely yourself.

        TB Joshua has plenty upon his own sleep, let me remind you for starters that if he is a prophet of god, then allowing to build illegal hostels and wihtout building permit, is not a thing that God is telling him to do. But you as a follower find this minor because you have filtered and set yourself up as your own judge that is right to do so.

        AS a result 116 people died. I don’t know what amount of number should die before you before you accept that it is criminal. The same counts for the latest Hajj. Thousands died. It’s equally disgusting and appalling because of the fanaticism it’s driving it’s people.

        And if you say something about it, they call you racist. Racist about what ? Next time put your own family in front ok and see how you like it and how enjoyable it is. But then the world is too small for you. It has to be blasted into the Multiverses and it’s dimensions of how wrong it all is. Or…. just covered up FOR MONEY!

        The more money goes around with these people the more evil they become to make you stand aside and trample over you or even do everything to extinguish from you do they can carry on with their destructive behaviour of which I have no part of, yet draw me into it.

      • Why do you care ? Did TB Joshua loves his victims which he has caused by just leaving them in the collapsed illegal without building permit ? Oh wait, there is nothing to love there anymore besides they are answering everything with money. You call that love ? I call that disturbing. Without money, what is he going to give ? A question like that would be impossible to give a reasonable answer while money is the only thing that makes him tick. And you know that I know that without money there is nothing of love left in TB Joshua or his staff and his followers. They are empty vessels with nothing than slapping you on the head, punching you in the chest, stepping on your toes and shout at your so called “demons” you have and cough and pee upon the church floor. Where do I read that when Jesus did His deliverance on others ? The only thing you see is rolling, screaming and foaming on the mouth. What is there to love ? Oh just chuck another stack of money on it that will make it all better.

        The love that TB Joshua shows is material nothing else. That somebody never has punched him in the teeth is just a mystery with his funny stories about how he bought out his victims with a bag of rice or a brown envelope with dollars.

        What would TB Joshua be without money ? I am sure he would be a nobody like every other poor person in the world would be. Nobody would know him, much less loved.

        Tell me what is there to love ? When you can get a hand out ? Or your school fees been paid from other people’s money who work hard, or you get a new car, a bike, a business deal and give it to him so he can attach his name on it and his followers doing the same and blear is all over the world ? I think that is pretty poor in love. What do you give a person that has one day to live ? Money ? What do you give a woman that has her genitals mutilated ? Money ? What do you give someone who has a building collapsed upon them ? Money ? Funny stories ? Jibber Jabber ? What do you give to them ? And how do you love someone who takes money from another and play big shot out of it ? Love ? What kind of love ? Which sort of love ? Love is a chemical thing in the brain, just for your information. Love is a word and it is so to speak depended on your actions. But what I see love = giving money to someone. No wonder Gautama Buddha left his palace place. No wonder Jesus rather wanted to be born in a not welcome place in Bethlehem, No wonder that Sadhu Sundar Singh was not interested in any fame, No wonder that Mahatma Ghandi walked around in a nappy all over India, So was Anthony The Great, Saint Paul A.D. 228–A.D. 343, Julian Of Norwich, Baal Shem Tov.

        Proverbs 22:1 A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.

        Ecclesiastes 7:1 A good name is better than a good ointment, And the day of one’s death is better than the day of one’s birth.

        Colossians 2:8 See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.

        Someone who believes that “a good name is better than riches” would prefer to have

        a. no money and a bad name

        b. a lot of money and a bad reputation

        c. a good reputation and no money

        You fill it in. But as you can see it is true what the Bible teaches:

        There is nothing to it, when you give away somebody else’s money what you have not generated yourself. But you will never understand that. So there is nothing to love there.

      • Ok, so YOU DO NOT LOVE T.B. Joshua.

        Why cant you just answer to my question shortly…?


        Now you answered.

        JESUS CHRIST did not say that we should love our neighbor IF they fit in OUR requirement, or we should love our enemies IF they like someone we can love…
        That is why I shall love you people here anyway….

        And if I do not love someone…. I HAVE TO REPENT.

        And this is the same with you. YOU have to repent if you do not love someone, your enemy, or whosoever.

        And LOVE is NOT a chemical thing in the brain…please…. GOD IS LOVE, and HE IS NOT a CHEMICAL THING….

        Lord have mercy….!

      • @Kegyelem
        I think people are avoiding your questions is because you’re clearly just trying to catch us out, it’s not a sincere question. Helping someone to recognise their sins and calling them to repent (which we would dearly love TB Joshua to do) is actually one of the most loving things that can be done. Love isn’t always appreciated by the recipient, or even seen as love at the time. To enable and encouraging someone in their sins (as SCOAN supporters do to TB Joshua) may be what he would prefer, but it’s certainly not loving.

      • So NOW you ACCUSES ME(!) 😀 —> that I am the reason that you are not willing to answer straight and in honesty!!! 😀

        IF you are a sincere, God fearing people with a sincere good intention, you would answer STRAIGHT and IN HONESTY. Because WHY NOT??!

        BUT it is CLEAR you TRY to hide, to sneak out, and accusing me(!!!!) of your behavior… 😀

        Look, if there would be nothing to “CATCH about you, you WOULD answer. 🙂
        But as you just admitted there is something to CATCH YOU about….

        Thank you for admitting. 😀

        You know the devil always makes mistakes.. 🙂

        And for your information: you are ALREADY CAUGHT… 🙂

        ETERNITY is quiet LONG….
        What do you think, WHERE YOU WILL SPEND….?

        You said right, “helping someone to recognize their sins and calling them to repent is actually one of the most loving things that can be done. Love isn’t always appreciated by the recipient, or even seen as love at the time.” – SO YOU SAY —> the thousands of false accusations all the time (what you are doing), hateful speech and campaign (what you are doing) is comes from LOVE towards Prophet T.B. Joshua…?

      • I already pointed out some of them today. Read again my posts.

        And as it is clear you are not a person with a sincere good intention and honesty…. which are MANY in this world…

        Do you know where will you spend ETERNITY…?
        Do you…?


        The Bible tells that there are people whom KNOWS that they surely going to perish, and they waiting that in terror…

        I dont know if that is you.

        Let me ask you: WHERE would you like to spend ETERNITY?

        WHOM do you FOLLOW NOW?

        Dont you want to be a DISCIPLE of JESUS CHRIST…? Hmmm?

    • Who are you ? Are you God ? Same story as your false private prophet, to nobody accountable than to God in their deranged and disturbed minds.

  5. Kegyelem,

    The question is; “Does TB Joshua loves us?”

    He has stolen our loved ones for his ministry and feels nothing about it?

    He has caused division between family and friend, where there were no problems.

    Moreover- at his decisions – more that 100 people died and are permanently separated from their loved ones etc. etc.

    Does TB Joshua loves anyone except himself and his ministry?

      • TB Joshua is not Jesus. Far from it. Jesus never was involved in illegal hostels without building permits. Jesus did it the official way. What His Father asked from Him. Not going around which Lawyer he could find to keep Him out of the Roman hands or our of Kayafas’s reach, or not been put before Pontus Pilate. Jesus showed how it was done. Be being meek an obedient and doing His Father’s will, not saving his own skin by using money and funny stories to keep out of destiny’s hand. That’s for false private prophets who wriggle and roll left right and center to keep themselves in the saddle.

    • T.B. Joshua has stolen your loved ones…?? Come on… Please… Don be silly… I dont know whom are your loved ones, but I am sure they can leave the SCOAN –> ANYTIME THEY WANT.
      If they would travel to the other side of the Earth for a job at a certain company (and enjoy that), would you accuse that company as well….? Would you?

      • And where are they going then ? They have no clue what it is like to work for a company now is it and how to built up their lives, it’s better to take money from another who works hard and distribute it among each other. (I remember the leaflet stuffed in our hands, Title “You must give, until it hurts a little” then take the story of the Widow with the two mites and work a psychological pressure upon you to give your last penny and promise great wealth coming to you,. Much easier, after hanging up a funny story and weird application of it. But if you give it to them, they make illegal hostels, buildings and without building permits from it. No what is that then ? Why would they come back in society while you can live easily from somebody who distributes my money or that of someone else in their own circle ? The dogs of war never negotiate, the dogs of war never capitulate, the dogs of war will live so you must give as it goes. We can see it everyday. By the scams of what they do and siphon it off from you with smooth silly stories. Birds of a feather.

      • You see…. you know very well that anybody can leave SCOAN anytime they want.
        But “your problem” is that what they going to do with themselves after leaving…
        1. …why are you making an unrealistic theoretical problem from something
        2. …and set its as if it is a real and serious problem for someone (X.Y.)
        3. …and accuse someone else (T.B. Joshua or anybody) that X.Y. MAYBE may/can not do anything with him/herself if he/she leaves the SCOAN…?

        Leaving the SCOAN and working somewhere else is NOT a ‘problem’ to GOD, please…., and NOT a problem to people whom has the Favor of God, and not even a problem to people whom willing to work.

        Do you have a job? Are you working?

      • Yes, I would accuse ENRON and the people who ran it very much so. Or what about what Bernie Maddof did ? Why is it that when it comes to criminal acts the stupid illeterate are all sitting in prison and are being taken for a ride, while the elite is running around and make big mouths that their crimes are negligible ? Like Hilliary Clinton ? Or even Bill Clinton, why is it that they can lie and cheat, but we can’t ? Or whoever you see today ? Those that have the big money and the status are untouchable and not prosecuted for what they do. They do bigger crimes than others and have the FBI, the CIA, the Scotland Yard bent over it for years and decades and it is takes 30-40 years before it is revisited but then they are 70-80-90 years old. What is the point ? While we can’t do nothing. Or if we do something, then we are exiled for years and looked upon with contempt and ostracized for the rest of our lives. And we are declared insane and stupid but what they do is true madness and evil and use money and fame to keep sitting in the saddle ? While we can’t open our mouths, or write a matter in which it is ignored, day in, day out, and waffled off by the elite and the self righteous.

      • @Kegyelem
        If they travelled to the other side of the earth for a job at a certain company, and that company confiscated their passports, severely limited and monitored their communication with the outside world, and accommodated them in a compound surrounded by armed guards (as much to keep people in as to keep people out), then don’t you think you’d accuse the company of the same thing?

      • Well, it is the BEST thing SCOAN may do with the passports. To KEEP in a SAFE place until a person travel back home.
        They do this for avoid greater problems. Thank God!
        I am very glad that not I had to carry my passport up and down and watch over it all the time.

        Just imagine if some people losing their passport and can not leave in time, and somehow must get some identification document or new passport so they can leave Nigeria (who needs such a mess?), and the airplane ticket must be changed as well, they must stay in SCOAN much longer time (the other coming visitors will have no place to stay), and at home everything will messed up as well, cause they cannot continue their work in time, etc, etc, etc.

        Imagine you have visitors for 1 week from other countries and they lost their passport somehow…
        Do you want or would you like to deal with such problem? This would be a great problem for you and for your visitors as well. So if you are wise, you would make sure that those passports are in a safe place.

        So THANK GOD for the wisdom, that SCOAN keep the passports in a safe place!

        If you have visitors you are partially responsible for their safety. You have to do your best to keep them safe.
        So thank GOD for the armed guards as well!

        And yess, visitors, workers from other countries should not go out anytime they want —> to ensure their safety! Of course!
        Imagine visitors, workers go out whenever they want and wander in Lagos who knows where…and get robbed, or lost or beaten or whatsoever…

        Please, ……start to think reasonably….

        And IF their communication with the outside world is REALLY limited or monitored, I can understand that also.
        1. Very very very important that what kind of person works in such a place.

        IMAGINE that you have workers, whom have to deal with your visitors as well, and at all…somehow you need to TRY to filter out the people. So you would do what you can.

        In any workplace you are limited to communicate with the outside world – because you have to focus on your job, you have to spend your time on your work.

        Please,…start to think much more reasonably…, please.

      • They take your passports so they can copy it and get personal information for themselves to use into their church.

        Send it to the home offices/organisations to pose like the individual in person and other matters in where they have people sitting who are PRO SCOAN and give then their information to use in church.

        And I have proof from one of the SCOAN branch goers who worked for SCOAN.

        That is how they gain personal information about you. Illegally. But in a stealth way.

        When you have an individuals passport number you have access to almost anything and copies of them.

        Because there is no way that God is telling one individual all their details in fron of the world.

        TB Joshua can have a built in implant on which they talk to his ear about an individual because technology has advanced that much.

        And because of this I don’t trust SCOAN and TB Joshua as far as I can throw them. I am sure that that are the things they do. That is why I want him to be outside SCOAN individually produce the same result which he refuses to do so with his stupid white lime story.

        He is the biggest scam the world has produced in this age. And I am standing for it. But they will do anything to stop me for it and likely want to kill me for it too when given chance. Money is at stake. They kill for a lot less than that.

      • I have travelled all over the world. When people get robbed or beaten it is because they are not vigilant and are ignorant. I gave been to places where it is so dark spiritually but walked through it because I do not challenge but make friends and ask for their hardship and pain. But there are always people who on purpose keep testing you because they want to wold control over you and manipulate you for their enjoyment.

        They love it when they can get you been played in their hands.

        When they are in the majority.
        When they have means to do so to you.
        Use all means on you to destroy you.
        Hide behind their religious lies.
        Use you because of friends who think the same.
        Isolate you.
        Cause depression upon you by limiting you to defend yourself.
        Attack you from multiple sides with psychological warfare so you cave in.
        Deceive you to have the upper hand and blame the devil for it to their convenience.
        Lie, cheat, pee you off all the time, make sure you play in their hands so they can sue you.
        Exploit the lands law for their advantage.
        Call you upon your words when they pressurize you to catch you.
        Annoy you.
        Go in and say things that they want you to say and more.
        Only for self to Lord over you.
        Drive you out of your home because they have financial greed and are just evil.
        Destroy you properpty and ignore you on purpose.
        Say one thing and say the opposite next time.
        Say that they are doing this but doing the opposite.
        Use the words of one party and tell lies to you and the other does the same and then sit together and scheme how they can make your life miserable.
        Put microphones, phones in pocket to hear what you are saying.
        Call you and tell you, you have said something that is unfavourable for them and punishing you for it because they can threaten you with their low personal self esteem and too much money willing to go the long way to destroy you.

        All things you see in SCOAN and in my neighbourhood. With the soLe purpose to actually destory you and dance upon your grave when they are done with you. While their own houses are in disarray and with lots of psychological and psychiatric problems hidung behind religion.

      • No they don’t have the freedom to leave SCOAN, some of them have to flee in fear of their lives and they always have to ask permission for it from him. What a lie you are putting up here. They don’t leave because they are brainwashed that the world out there is evil and that they should stay being brainwashed by them psychologically and by intimidation and call evil curses upon them if they would leave. And because of fear they stay.

      • Another thing I can confirm and concur to TB Joshua Watch that they limited your communication with the outside world.

        In the past we wanted to Email to send some out to some of our loved one’s and we went to one of their offices upstairs and one person was reluctant to give us access to a computer in there. When the Emails could not be sent, they started to extort us for money in dollars if we wanted to do send them.

        Why do like that ? Wherever we stay anywhere in the world we can access Wifi to talk to the outside world to our loved one’s not in SCOAN. They are too scared you are sending off something that is secret to them to others for evidence. If you have nothing to hide, then why behave like that ?

        Everything is controlled and a hallmark for a cult and even if you want to use the Email as a disciple you had to ask TB Joshua specifically for personal agreement on a form/paper you had filled in.

        Then telling you, no, it’s not controlled, but it is and again this is cult behaviour.

        But you always will deny it because it is to your advantage to gain from this organization to stay in place as it is with so called good deeds. I would say, let the FBI, CIA or any other Authority do a raid on their compound and search through everything and you will see a whole lot more will come out of what the outside world does not know about them how organized they are as a cult.

        But then again, they will fight it off with lawyers and other bribed police officers, the cowards. No church or synagogue was run in the Bible like that. But today it is alright to refuse insight in their false lying practices and video editing and money laundering for their own benefit.

    • Nowhere that I worked for in any company they were limiting me to send Emails. That’s just insane. Nor my wife. She can even access the intranet from her work from home.

      SCOAN is a CULT ! That is why they do it. And they blame everything is a work from the Devil when it comes to exposing them of what they really are.

      They are a lying bunch of scoundrels. It’s the standard in this world. Lying ! Covering up and money laundering and spinning the truth.

      It’s even so, if some people would not lie in some companies they would go belly up, so dishonest they are in practice.

      Lying is the oldest sin in the world and has destroyed the entire world into a corrupt hell bent destiny. Today everybody makes there own law and are steering towards the lawless man. II Thessalonians 2.

      Under the cover of so called love TWISTED for their own benefit. And they believe their own lies for it to be established as truth. Another II Thessalonians 2 confirmation.

  6. TBJW,

    You said in all.

    Spot on!

    TB Joshua is a cult leader and he runs a cult.

    That is NO comparison with a job situation on the other side of the world?

  7. @Kegyelem

    This is actually one of the devil’s clever twists of Biblical principles to try and discourage & silence brave, vigilant children of God. It is called the temptation [see Matt 4:1-11].

    If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.
    If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee:and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.

    The formula hasn’t changed:
    “If thou lovest TB Joshua thy neighbor, as the scripture sayeth, then cease from the work of this site…”

    I thank the Holy Ghost that He is continually at work so that we are not ignorant to the devil’s devices. I don’t read anywhere in the scripture that we should embrace false prophets, in fact cold treatment is actually encouraged! We are told
    – not to receive them
    – don’t wish them well
    – let them be accursed

    2John 1:10 “If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:”
    2John 1:11 “For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.”
    Galatians 1:8 “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.”
    Galatians 1:9 “As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.”

    It is easy to understand why. The damage that false prophets like TB Joshua cause is huge & eternal and disturbingly, a lot of christians underestimate the seriousness of this. The value of one soul is great in Heaven [Luke 15:7]. Millions of precious souls are being led away from the True God to this unknown “god of TB Joshua”, and ultimately to eternal destruction.

    We know what love thy neighbor means. It is certainly not what you are implying.

    • I am sorry for you…. What future lies before you….

      And actually you do the same as your fellow here, accusing ME with the thing YOU DO… 🙂 TYPICAL!!!! TYPICAL!!!!!!!!! 😀

      So typical!

      I am sorry for you people…

      So you think you shall NOT LOVE for example T.B. Joshua?
      This is what you are saying?

  8. Guys,
    Stop feeding this troll @kegyelem.
    He is full of irritating and incoherent ignorance.

    Trips to SCOAN are just like those to Israel;very hefty margins for the tour companies I can guess. Difference is, there is actually some decent sites in Israel and zero spiritual pollution. And its far much safe and cheaper. SCOAN is exact opposite.

    May the images of the collapsed building and the case gnaw at his margins even more. Thats one way I’m convinced the deaths were not in vain

  9. @Kegyelem just my opinion;

    For me it to doesn’t count as a good that food was given to the poor. Actually it is very bad in this case. Let me explain.

    You only need to scratch the surface of such donations to realise the true motive for these ‘generous donations’.

    It’s part of the wider scheme, a facade aimed at playing to fanatics emotions and a powerful recruiting tool. To make tbj seem caring, ensure donors empathy is milked and give an impression of good use of donations. Panama papers tell a different tale.

    If tbj was pure about his intentions, was totally silent about the donations and allowed others to speak for him, not squeeze maximum footage of dire circumstances of the poor for his emmanuel tv from these donations; then maybe just maybe I would give benefit of doubt.

    But all charlatan pastors play this game, a very very effective ruse; looking at the number of people who fall for it.

    • Agreed with that !

      It’s exactly that to further their reach for SELF and not God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are imposters and lying apostles as Revelation is teaching.

    • @Joek Emmanuel TV airs every activity related to the ministry. Why would giving or doing humanitarian work be an exclusion? It’s meant for us to be encouraged to give more to thosr in need.

  10. @Kegyelem tell us something else you think is good about tbj but not his exploitation of the poor

    • How can you trust someone who does constantly wind you around his finger for making HIS own name known, not that of God.

      It was never about Paul, Peter or John, but with TB Joshua followers it’s all about their false private prophet and his con tricks he displays on his private channel of WHICH HE IS ON CONTROL not an I dependent organisation with raw footage. Now you know why they kicked it off like that.

      They edit, they screen, they broadcaat what they want you to see. And there are many copiers like that because of ill begotten gain and finances out of it. They will fleece you for it with intimidation and scaremongering and try to ruin you for life if you stand up for truth.

  11. https://www.zimeye.net/tsvangirai-travel-to-tb-joshua-church-in-nigeria/

    Another cover up for Magaya and his concubine.

    Get the right person up there in how to quench the scandals that are unfolding.

    Fake sickness and fake healing. There is nothing wrong with Tsvangirai. These people in Africa stoop at nothing to save face.

    It comes conveniently after I posted the video of how many African leaders have been duped from TB Joshua Debunker in a former post.

    It’s like clock work. Always stepping out to make their mistakes cover up for glory for SELF.

    Do not be duped about anything. It’s a political stunt again.

  12. And what about Ruth Labode ?

    Her words here are:

    “When questioned over TB Joshua’s credentials, why since he claims to POSSESS SUPER HUMAN knowledge, he failed to detect his own church building collapse that killed 116 people two years ago, \

    Labode was resolute labelling that disaster a small thing. <~~~~~

    “I am not shaken on small things,” she told ZimEye.”

    It’s a small thing for her, as long it is not happening to her own family and herself.

    What kind of evil woman this is !!!!!! One of the murderous kind because it is just a “small thing” that 116 people died and a whole building collapsed. You see here the evidence that people are just collateral damage, no more than that, unless they can move their person evil agenda forward at your cost.

    Everyone can read it what their true mind set is. But everyone who likes her, still votes for her to be in power. How awful ! I can’t be more clearer than that. It mind boggles me everyday.

    The more wicked and idiotic you are, the more they worship you as their role model and follow you. The more they look for another to blame for their personal actions or cover them up.

    The more I want to be in their face ! But they won’t allow me. Who will stand by me ?

  13. Luke 12:11 When you are brought before the synagogues, rulers, and authorities, do not worry about how to defend yourselves or what to say.

    Here is TB Joshua, who has hired dozens of Lawyers and Courts to defend his case to not tell in the dock of what he believes.

    Boko Haram did it. (They will be the a thing of the past by 2012, 2013 lying prophecies)
    Controlled Demoliton (Nobody has body burns of the victims according to the Coroners report)
    An infrared laser gun mounted in a Lockheed Martin CS130 gunship. (It’s nowhere to be seen)
    A hovering plane. (Which was 1000 yards away from the building in a 125 degree line)

    Such a man of god that does what the Bible says. Except when it is not convenient for him and his staff to come in.

    In the past they threw you before the lions, gladiators and the like.

    But no-one was able to use lawyers to get yourself out of it. You had to fight yourself out of it, by your own.

    How can you love a willing serial liar who does not repent from his/her actions but carries on thieving your money with sentimental stories and videos online to advance for his own glorification.

  14. https://www.naij.com/856750-former-first-lady-tb-joshua-others-honoured-abuja.html

    Human accolades for using other people’s money to attach your name to it and glorify yourself.

    What does it mean ?

    Counts the same for what my father did, it means nothing. He refused to get his personal medal for war bravery. Although they sent a golden V pin and other accolades for Veteran AFTER HIS DEATH as recognition for his stance in the WWII.

    It means nothing before God. It only means something for humans and their sick pathetic (birthday) parades every year.

    I have got tons of medals and other memorabilia for my sports endeavours in the past. They are in a shoe box. I really don’t care. It means nothing in the eyes of God than a rusty piece of metal and papers. Nothing. Only humans are impressed by such perishing glory.

    Anyways keep on thiefing people’s money TB Joshua to show off to the world with their hard work and breaking their backs for you while you take the limelight or your charlatan parlous trickery and scams. Disgusting man.

    • TB Joshua the money shuffler from one person to another and take the limelight for it all what’s not his money at all. Hardly to be rewarded for as a great and awesome thing is it now ? It shows what moves people and their inflated chests.

  15. Ping back:

    Ebola is eradicated by TB Joshua. Except 11,323 died instead.


    How can you love such a liar and claims ? Please explain yourself ? Preferably in court to justify your claims. And it was from the Devil by his words. So why send “anointed water” while you can cast it out as a demon ? No wonder Atheists call Christianity that Bronze Age religion.


    • @Jesse
      I tried to warn you nicely the other day, but your posting volume has got to reduce. Yesterday there were 23 comments in total, 17 of them were yours, few of your comments interacting with others. Our comments section is for dialogue and discussing the posts, not soapboxing. I don’t mind interesting links or off topic comments from time to time, but when it completely dominates the comments section, I have to do something about it. At the volume you currently like to post, I recommend you start your own blog or facebook page rather than hijacking ours. If it continues, your account will go into moderation. Thanks for understanding.

      • I second @tbjoshuawatch,
        @Jesse, starting a blog is terribly simple and costs as low as free on Google (blogger.com) or WordPress.com.

        It is torturous reading replies which are several times longer than the original post, contain disjointed thoughts and are oft times off-topic

      • @ TBJW,

        Here is my dialog with you right now.

        Why always fighting me ? It’s impossible from a human point of view to love a serial liar, deliberate disobedient person that defies God with disobedience, resists to testify in Court by the means of Lawyers to keep him out, a person that allows to build illegal hostels without building permits and then makes up diverse stories about it. Then stands in church lecturing me.

        I will have no chance to go there to lecture him himself because will no allow me and I will deliver him whenever I find him across my path. If you don’t repeat these things in their faces they will continue to destroy others and you and I are then responsible to let him. There is absolute no repentance in people like him and his staff. They will fight to the death to destroy others. On top of it you want to run me away from here. It does not add up. And there is no point in talking to Vooke, this person will do everything to destroy any dialog and then pass it off as disjointed or mental and the like which Vooke creates all by it selves with the way Vooke writes.

        Vooke did that to a blog about John Mellor too.

      • @Jesse
        Your commenting volume for the last 30 days is currently double the next most prolific commenter, and few of them are on topic or engaging anyone. That’s why we’re “fighting” you. Our comment section is the most important part of this site, we want to preserve the quality. As I said in my first comment to you, you need to watch your signal to noise ratio – recently there has been far more noise than signal. If you disagree with that assessment, you are welcome to take it to your own blog, but that’s not the kind of commenting we want here. Sorry.

      • @Jesse,
        You are spamming. What @tbjoshuawatch is wisely counseling you to do is to respect other visitors’ space. Please direct all your rage against TB Joshua onto your own blog because it is nauseating poring through paragraphs of your irrelevant monologues.

        If you think it your heavenly assignment to spam, then fog slit elsewhere on your blog and the LORD will give you audience.
        You did not have to wait to be told that your ramblings are terribly monotonous and boring.

      • @ TBJW,

        If you would have put it towards me as “You are posting a little much at the moment. slow down” or in such a way then it would arrive. But that is not what you are writing. And who is engaging with me ? I will not engage with Vooke again for obvious obnoxious reasons with Vooke in the past.

        This person is out to write something then trap you and then use it against you. Vooke can talk to Vooke self but not to me. I am not interested in Nick Burton’s type of engagements online as in the past dialog of whether a “sperm and an egg has blood and a soul.”

        Vooke’s trickery useless dialog gleaned elsewhere about “Objective and Subjective stories” invented by another person. Vooke took this by plagiarism and so can talk to Vooke self about “Objective and Subjective stories” of Vookes utmost interest. I for one am not interested in any dialog with Vooke. So I don’t engage with Vooke at all. Vooke can sit on the fence for all I care until Vooke falls off on either side. There is nothing that Vooke has on offer for me to engage in.

        And I do engage in other poster’s here, so speak the truth, not twist it that I don’t.

        I have no time to create a Blog.

      • @Jesse,
        If it is too hard for you to comprehend, @tbjoshuawatch is politely reminding you that this is a public forum and your style and ‘content’ is offensive to their sensibilities, and he won’t suffer you to persist. Your comments will be moderated and then dumped. It’s a terrible experience. I’ve been banned from a favorite forum. I know it. You will whine, throw tantrums, and all you’ll be seeing are posts and other comments.

        Please go slow on vain repetitious disjointed monologues. Remember you are not posting comments to yourself but to others

        Since you have no time to create your own blog, please ABIDE by the rules of this blog, and if you don’t like the rules, keep off.

  16. A Word from God just for you –

    Ugandan Pastor SHOCKED he would not enter Heaven unless…

    • Sorry I did not stipulate for whom this video is.

      This video is for you TB Joshua –

      Ugandan Pastor SHOCKED he would not enter Heaven unless…

  17. I’m wondering when TB Joshua will release a video on Orlando Pulse Nightclib shooting. The shock factor is too high to ignore; 50 dead, over 50 injured, lots of attention to the homophobic attack, the location (US). Come on TB Joshua, how do you resist this?

  18. Just waiting for a cut and pasted prediction of the shooting in the USA.

    And Oscars Pretorius sentencing prediction….errrm cut and pasted.

  19. I pray that God will grant me the grace to live, until I see Him take judgment on TB Joshua for what he did and is still doing in my family and all the other families.

    • ‘Just Wonder’ is there someone from your family working in the SCOAN? If so, how old is that person?

      • Or be more specific, who is that person from your family?

        And also, please, what you wrote is too foggy… Who is your family member?? What the Prophet doing in YOUR family…? Please, write clearly, if not I cannot take you seriously. Thank you.

  20. Kegyelem, how interested you are in Jesse and Just Wonder! Who are you? Your lanquage is manipulative, are you a scoan-disciple. ? Who is your family? How old are You? Are you male or female? Why do you love TB Joshua? Because the Bible says we should love our enemies? What is you connection with scoan? I love TB Joshua as my greatest enemy. I have reason for that. He messed-up almost my whole life. He is a faritale-preacher, a deceiver, a cheater, a narcist and a manipulator of the highest order. . corrupt, dis-honest, qrual and a sucker. Is there more you need to know?

  21. Jesse come home, we need you here. Dont let yourself be offended. I have so much to share, The power-churches are world-wide as dirty as can be. Jezus is coming soon.

    • Jamie,

      I have been to a John Mellor meeting in Delft with David Koerts. Which was quite good, we had a good time.

      Healing Service with John Mellor, Sunday 11:00
      Easter weekend in Delft: God’s miracles still exist

      Begins: March 27, 2016 – 11:00
      Speaker: John Mellor
      Location: Hermes Street 65 2624 BG Delft

      Living Water organized during the Easter weekend with two special services John Mellor. He is a man of faith and has an average weldige healing ministry. Come, is built up in your faith and experience the supernatural power of God. Do you know anyone who needs a miracle, take him along. Everyone is welcome !

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