TB Joshua’s pathetic “Brexit” prophecy (Updated)

tbjeuroDear oh dear… As Britain still reels from the surprise Brexit result, ultra-narcissist prophet TB Joshua can’t bear to miss the chance to ride the wave. The day the result was announced, SCOAN released a video entitled “Prophet TB Joshua Speaks on the EU”. While they didn’t directly claim he predicted Brexit, many African news websites are publishing identical press releases claiming that he did, usually a sign that SCOAN (or one of their bankrolled journalists) is behind it. Here is a full transcript of the “prophecy” which cuts out half way through the word “back”:

“And Euro, we pray for this European community because I saw euro which hold them together will be affected and many country will want to go back.”

First of all, for those readers that may not know – Britain may be held to the EU by a lot of things, but the euro is not one of them. This “prophecy” appears to be talking about countries wanting to go back to their own currency, the UK never left in the first place. Secondly, this is actually the second time he’s wheeled out this vague prediction, the first time was in March 2015 in response to the plummeting value of the Euro (in this video release it included an extra bit at the beginning that made it abundantly clear he was talking about currencies failing, not countries leaving the EU). Finally, in response to those who say “well he predicted something, and it happened!” this “prophecy” was given on the 25th December 2011, just a couple of months after Forbes had claimed that “The European debt crisis is the most urgent crisis facing the global economy” and it was looking likely that Greece would leave the Eurozone. So not so much prophecy, more like regurgitating the news and exploiting the fact that many of his followers don’t keep up with world affairs. 

If he was a prophet of the status he assumes, situations like this give him great opportunities to prove it. Brexit is an unprecidented move, and was largely unexpected. Even after the result of the referendum it’s not 100% certain that the UK will leave, they have to appoint a new Prime Minister first. If God is really chatting to you about these events TB Joshua, and showing you future events “as clearly as if I am watching Emmanuel TV” as you have claimed before, why not bring some clarity to this confusing and unsettling situation? Why not bring the wisdom of God? Why not show an example of where you have accurately predicted something unexpected? This video is nothing short of pathetic, but at least it has given us a good laugh.


Thanks to General who found the original, here’s a side by side comparison.

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    • you are really foolish, and should be ashamed of yourself to believe in such a pathetic, insane, absurdly ridiculous false prophet. tb joshua is so wretchedly wicked and full of pride that even an unbeliever can know that he is scam

    • He is not the EU is an Anti Christ union and is not of God . God didnt want Britain ( a Christian nation ) to join it in the 70s thank God she has repented

  1. Thanks for these elaborate details on TB Joshua. I have always known he is something else but those that will be deceived will not reason. A man of God is expected to obey constituted authority with regards to building and construction. He woefully failed this test.

  2. As I have said many times before, T B Joshua is just an ordinary false prophet riding high on the biblical ignorance and illiteracy of many people. Those who still cling to this false prophet and his false prophecies have been given over to delusion by the Lord Himself:”………….because they received not the love of the truth……….and for this cause, God shall send them a strong delusion, that they should believe a lie…………that they all might be damned….” 2 Thess 2:10-12.
    O ye that are still caught up in this buffoonery called SCOAN, come out from among them and be ye separate, says the the Lord. 2 Cor 6:17

    • And who are you serving definately not God coz a child of God does not use such kind of language.indeed the devil is using you but yoi think you are serving God. I PITY YOU

      • @ Mia,

        You forgot about Boko Haram, MH370, Ebola and his infrared lasergun that brought down his hostel.


        That in YOUR FACE ! While you false private prophet claimed it will be over by the end of 2012-2013.

        But no matter the evidence to you. You still are a fanatic freak of his useless predictions. What now ? Is he going to lead the European Union now or the UK ?

        That’s what Biblical prophets DID ! He is only in for getting my and other people’s money to make his name great on the back of Jesus’ His Name !

        Just to quote Bush for you:

        “There’s an old saying in Tennessee—I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, ‘Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.'” – Nashville, Tennessee; September 17, 2002

        And he clearly is talking about YOU!

        This false “making TB Joshua lying stuff and claims” more important than your own intelligence and relationship with God needs to go in the garbage bin from now on.

        We don’t need any predictions from him anymore. Let him keep busy with distributing rice bags for those who have no food in his country. For the rest he can just shut up for all I care. But that is for him the greed light to churn even more of these useless predictions out.

        Then on top of it all, nearly everybody in the so called charismatic prophetic establishment has said this since the last 40 years already. So what age was he then ? 12 ?

        www. express.co.uk/news/world/630385/Blind-mystic-Baba-Vanga-predicts-end-EU-2016-Brussels-UK-referendum-Brexit

        Cut and paste in for you. The woman died in 1996 !!!!! TB Joshua just threw it out there. He did not see anything at all. He stole it from another person and claims the fame to it.

        Then there is Dr. Bob Thiel who wrote extensively about this since 2001 and onwards until now.

        Then we have:

        www .thetrumpet.com/article/1398.24.72.0/europe/european-union/britain-to-leave-eu-next-year?preview

        Cut and paste in your browser.

        It’s LONG time known. It was only a matter of when ?

        Ronald Weinland wrote about it long time ago in 2008.

        None of them are reliable predictors but rather guessers and liars and some put in prison and already have died.

        Good luck in your reveling, but there was nothing new at all.

        And what is the so called “prophet” going to offer for those that are now in turmoil ? As usually nothing, than sitting upon his hands and riding the wave of consternation and confusion. And you are rejoicing in the pain of others as usual as your false private prophet always does. As long as the money comes to him for it he is happy and you are happy so there is another day of existence for you and him.

    • It just beats logic how a man with such wealth and influence can fail to construct such massive structures according to plan. It would not cost him a lot to do things right. But the question he would ask himself is “what self gratification would I get if I spent that extra money to get things done right? Would I put this on TV and brag about it like I do when I give hand outs to some people?”.

      For a man who lives on lies, he believes he is smarter than all. I wouldn’t be surprised if he fired his lawyers in this case after it becomes clear that they are going to lose the case. He will say he would have won the case if he represented himself.

      • Exactly Wakayima,

        This is not TB Joshua’s vision as this picture shows. Because that is not what he is doing clearly.

        It’s him in the middle of a Mega church or Stadium and making fun out of people and tell us funny prediction stories and let people roll over the floor remote controlled in so called interrogated deliverances.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahaha
    As I have said before and still holds.. You guys are a bunch of jokers and losers.. Think about it for a second that if you are saying that TBJ makes only near predictions not prophecies but yet still not even the smartest brains of our time nor the fastest computers makes, qualifies him as a false prophet.. Lets even say, Forbes published problems with EU and TBJ came out and said what he said, don’t you think it must take some super brains or some super natural power beyond your comprehension for a person to predict TBJ prophecy. If it was soo simple why did you not predict it since who and your followers are soo smart to smart check him all and everytime after the fact.
    My people remember ” the devil also works in mysterious ways to destroy the works and people of God” .

    • @ Sprout J,

      Which devil are you on about ? A Tasmanian devil, sand devil or a Texan bush devil ?

      Always blame it on the Devil. While he did it himself by instructing an illegal hostel and without building permit. Why blame the Devil ? Why not pray “Lead me not in temptation to build an illegal hostel without building permit so I can put more people inside of it to rip off their monies ” ? Right ?

    • You are illusion ed if you believe TBJ makes any “prophesies. What he does is mere wild guesses which any one can make, if not better. Take these prophesies about plane crashes ,floods , earth quakes, etc. Who would not predict that before the end of this year (July to December), at least one of them will occur? Does that require special skills? You would qualify to be labelled a moron if you did not know that and waited for your TBJ to tell you.

      Your TBJ throws out wild guesses and waits for any event to happen and then his men go to work to produce videos of his predictions, cut and paste style. If he were a true prophet we would already know the next event he has predicted, and when and where it will take place. People would take precautions to avoid the calamities. But alas, he waits for events to take place and he rejoices in people misery. When others are in pain and suffering, it is time for him to take the glory and make money. He is worse than a murderer, because if he knew these events would take place, why does he wait until after the event to talk about it. Why doesn’t he worn people about it so that lives are saved?

  4. @tbjoshuawatch

    In the original clip he said:

    At 1:58:37
    And Euro, we pray for this European community because I saw euro which hold them together will be affected and many country will want to go back to their national currency.

    According to the original clip this so-called prophecy was suppose to happen in 2012.
    At 1:53:03 he says “…now, this is…this coming year

  5. You should look carefully at the words that TB Joshua said. Just because he mentioned the Euro doesn’t mean that the phrase ‘go back’ was referring to their own currency. The fact that the prophecy was published before doesn’t mean that it is not relevant today. The Euro is still being affected. You said the situation is confusing and unsetting, but me I feel that what the prophet said is clear for anyone who wants to accept the truth.

    • ‘Go back to their national currency’ means abandoning the Euro. And you @John don’t need a degree or diploma in anything to comprehend this.

      Why are you defending the indefensible?

  6. @tbjoshuawatch,
    Is it safe to conclude that the charlatan spends more time poring through news more than seeking the face of the Lord?

    Outside Greece, Netherlands,France and I think Italy have all had referendum of some sort with regards to exiting EU long before the ‘prophecy’

    Besides, these countries REVERSED themselves and they voted ‘right’. Britain has 24 months during which to work out modalities of #Brexit, and they may reverse themselves.

    EU breaking has attracted a horde of false prophets just as California sinking. The reason is clear; there exists uncertainty about both, and the events are quite spectacular and popular.

    #Brexit has been a topic for over 1 year. There was enough time for TB Joshua to mention it right in the build up to the referendum. He could have won some points had he predicted the outcome of the vote. But he held his peace till afterwards.

    He is just an unintelligent hindsight ‘genius’, or his sheeple are really stupid or deluded for not seeing it

    • You are pathetic very naive bunch of people who depend on current affairs to analyse Prophetic words by TBJ. He said we shud pray for the European nations. Euro is a common currency of the EU and definately if you know economics u can easily forsee the impact of the Brexit on the Euro. Please take heart becoz you are just depending on what is written by anlyst because you being so ignorant cannot even analyse the effect of this Brexit on all the EU members economy. ie the effect on the goods, money and labour markets. Oh oh sorry I know I am talking foreign language to you!! Pls ask me to explain if you are lost!! So shut up and stop embarrasing yourselves.

      If they had come to seek God’s direction indeed God would have given them the best solution.

      • @ Mia,

        Oh yeah, of course all the leaders of the EU and UK should now come over to Lagos to ask for direction of this arch liar and deceiver right to get some input from a charlatan ?

        While he can’t even sort out his own country problems or chaos of poverty, disease and other calamities, he wants to sort out somebody else’s with his story telling narrative.


        So whenever he is done there, then let him meddle with another people’s country.

        Shall I tell you what he will say ? Well, uh, uh, you people should come together and work together to get through all this and help each other and make new laws and new directives and make it work and other stories that ANYONE can say or explain. Trying to make himself important and do prayer for good measure and send off with flower petals. Stating the obvious which is already known by everyone and the rest of the world.

        I am not interested of what the Devil’s next move is to destroy everything before hand because of interest in mortal man instead of praying out to Jesus and God instead. Because he never offers any solution to any problem than giving brown envelopes with money, other handouts and a parade in his church to let his followers go Ooooh, Ahhhh, Eeehhh, and do a clap, clap, clap rehearsal after first he has raided everybody else’s wallet and purse who visits Lagos from the West from their hard worked monies. That is why I left. This evil charismatic manipulation from deceivers and liars as he is. But life has just got on without him in taking responsibilities for your actions and get on with it. And we moved on we did, 7 years onwards already !!!! We don’t need any of his chicanery to lead our lives onwards. We know where God is, right here and then and the rest is already history.

        Aka, shifting money from one side to another but then inside a building with fake stories and Nollywood actors to fool you.

        Then trying to “heal” someone with chicken pox, water pox as “proof” he is a God’s chosen healer. All these things will sort out it selves without someone intervening at all. This is happening to millions of people everyday.

        We did not see it heal instantly on the spot. The pox were still there when she came out of the car. How long you think they can keep fooling us with staged trickery eh ?

      • @ Mia,

        Let me write it out again for you:

        The bottom line: It’s time for people to wake up and stop being stupid! Stop being manipulated and giving your money to the power hungry religious leader who owns over 15 million dollars of assets and multiple multi-million-dollar homes in South Africa and elsewhere for example. TB Joshua and his entourage are a fake as well his followers. If he was so genuinely concerned about doing good and Godly deeds, he would be raising $65 million from his private jet to truly make a difference in the lives of so many. Instead, he’ll be enjoying a better than first-class experience because he has to keep his poo and pee up for 10 hours and can’t go to toilet like everyone else does while he jets around the world in style laughing at the farce he created and make a show out of it. I have no words for it, but I will tell him when I face him eyeball to eyeball when I get the chance. And I will tell him that he needs to check out his wife who definitely should marry another person than him. She would be much happier than with all the hassle and heartache she has to go through with him. And his daughter should sue him for using her for defend the irresponsible actions he did with the illegal guest house without building permit.

      • Exactly Mia. One does not need a “prophet” to analyse economic issues. The effects of Brexit are very clear even to the uneducated. It is when you are a blind follower of some conman that you think he is the only one with the answer to every thing, even though your conman gets the info from the news feeds.

    • @ Mia,

      Go on tell us what did you all get out of it ? How does it propel your own life forward, if you don’t get up, eat your breakfast, go to work and do many other things that is needed to be alive and kicking ? How does this endless useless predictions help you as an individual to carry on your life what you can’t do without him ?

      You can’t likely come up with one thing. Or does he has to come over to get you out of bed, do your breakfast, carry you to work, sit on the train, bus or plane, motorbike, do your work, come home, eat, drink, wash yourself, sleep again ? Which of it you want him to hold you by your hand for that that you actually can do by your own and must do ? How many hospitals are full of those people who are depended those who care for them ? Why not make specific crusades to hospitals in Nigeria and empty them to save the government money to spend elsewhere ?

      Is it the lame stories of his Nolly wood actors, “man of gosh, man of gosh, please help me, I can’t walk, I can’t eat, I can’t sit, while they do eat, do walk, do sit ??? ”

      But when I came, he can’t do all of sudden anything ! Then telling rubbish prophecies over my wife that embarrassed her in front of his church and Emmanuel TV ? Because it was not true at all. Is that it ? Why can’t I go and insult his wife or daughters before the church of what a liar he is about my wife ?

      I am not falling for stories such as “What matters is what God says, not what people say”. You can always claim “God” is saying something and make it very weighty and then pretend and present it you are His mouthpiece but when face to face there is nothing going on when it is requested from him.

      And afterwards you are being treated by his followers as a piece of junk in rather go home instead of talking how important his false lying predictions/works are !!!!! If you rather be like that, why is it that artificially the weight is increased on purpose psychologically of the matters at hand of really, really, really important while they are absolutely not ! Then it becomes just a matter of opinion after all when push comes to shove for all there is to it.

      • @jesse you are a frustrated and bitter person. If you really have a life you would not be spitting venom like you are currently doing. Why was your wife there if you knew Prophet was a liar? Were you forced to visit? No. You came because your life was a mess due to your way ward life I believe. People who are self respecting dont undermine others like you and your group. If you are not a mental case you are an unemployed forgotten person who is struggling to find the purpose for his life. I pity your children becoz having a parent like you is not good at all is embarradding. If Prophet TBJ is using people’s money what is your issue. Sorry Jesse the money is not coming to you! Shame!

        Jesse get a life and stop crying over other people’s things. And pls desist from using insulting words against Prophet’s family because he never forced you to come to his church. I repeat DO NOT INSULT PROPHET OR HIS FAMILY!!!!

        Just one more thing, you should do yourself a favor and stop watching Emmanuel Tv becoz I have realized that the more you watch it the more you become a mental case. Just advising!!! Prophet TBJ is God sent and noone even your ranting will take that gift from him.

      • I am spitting venom because at that time I was hoodwinked by the introduction of his followers that he was the answer to everything. (Big hollow laugh) Except when it comes to my own issues, a TB Joshua is just a piece of work that is created for his own enrichment and his name in neon lights all over the world without actually doing anything. To me it is expediently he should resign of his appalling actions he has done over the last 2 years.

        Everybody can sit with a lame duck at the fair and have the children pass by to have something going on. But here is the thing. When you remove all the money from TB Joshua. Where will he be then ? Nowhere to be seen or even noticed. When those around him choose to do the bidding of false deliverance’s and other stupid crap on display it is the ignorance of people who fall for this trickery and chicanery.

        Yes, I hope one day I will be in position to insult his wife and daughter too in front of him of the nonsense he has hung up over the years to others and about my wife. Because he is nothing in my book and never will be. I have lost all respect of and to him because of his irresponsibility of admitting he disobeyed God about the “Go get it” stampede in Ghana as well the illegal hostel without building permit. Then you can do all the good deeds in the world’s sight. But it means nothing, absolutely nothing. Simply because it has nothing to do with God at all. It was all for show and no return and living the good life on it from other people’s hardships they have had.

        What is it worth then to be showing off ? With what ? With building your own air castle for the world to see and think you can be proud of it. Nothing to do with bitterness or frustration. It has to do with being a true individual and sincerity and having eyes too deep into and see your core of your own soul exposed without shame. Can he do the same ? No he can’t, he has 116 dead people and destruction as so called man of god on his soul carved for life and made them martyrs to be walking away from his personal actions. You call that honour and being worthy ! Far from it ! Don’t you worry me watching Emmanuel TV, I keep myself to looking at clips where he makes an ass of himself when there is a so called prediction released by his brainwashed TV editing team.

        Unfortunately God’s gifts are irrevocable. But tell me can you prove to me that his so called gift is from God ? Where did he receive it ? Please show me Time, Date and Place. For so far I know he got it his mother’s womb in a interview while his mother was a Muslim. How funny ! It surely IS NOT funny ! Thank you ! Please go play with the stone that so called fell next to his crib through the roof.

      • @jesse
        Too much anger from you, so the hatred from Man of God was that he once prophecied to your wife smthing yourself you didnt know and you say is all lie.. u are embarrassing. so bitter that you even failed to understand even Jesus said there were many widows in israel but Elijah was send to only one, and were many lepers in israel and only Naaman the Syrian came and was healed. who are you to tell TB Joshua to heal people at the hospital and make the poor rich. Has he ever declare that he is the messiah? we know you are a partner from the darkness of tbjw. (we only comment here to make it clear to the souls you want to capture to the devil).

        Infact did TB Joshua said Euro the currency or Euro community? you will never get to understand anything spoken in the spirit of God because you are of the devil.

      • There is only righteous anger going on here. Are you saying my wife has been lying to me for all those years or before ? I know you are saying this to drive a wedge between my wife and I and it certain is demonic inspired from your side. Our wedding situation was so complicated and involved three countries and none of them had any information that she was married or married again before. So try again. And if you go through that kind of process I just have to make another hollow laugh at your face regarding this. You and your false private prophet ARE A JOKE ! He did not know anything to pin upon us something whatsoever. It was one of those tricks that he does to literally all married people at SCOAN to used the trick of surprise and de-stable you, if only. And because certain Africans are a cultural bunch of nobodies, they believe the weight of some charlatan that takes them for ride with such words. Am I clear ? Apparently not !

        Just to remind you again what it is like to be a false private prophet.

        It is over 800 days since Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared. <~~~ 800 days !

        I hope you realize that your false private prophet said it would be found by the end of 15th of March 2014. And when many found out he was actually a false prophet he quickly had to find another way to get out of it and let it slip he actually agreed with his staff to build toegether an illegal hostel without a building permit. And when it collapsed he was nowhere to be seen, he was partying and relaxing playing with a ball in a Mexico resort with his staff after a so called “crusade” excuse.

        Very appropriate is it not ? Certainly Jesus ways and work was the source of all that if I have to believe you and them. Are you KIDDING ME ! Go away from me.

  7. And I say again; “What has all this got to do with God’s Kingdom?

    Is it saving, healing or delivering anyone?

    Is it calling people to repentance from their sins?

    How does this ‘prophet’s’ prophecies compare with the Prophets of the Bible?”

    Compare tbj with John the Baptist – the biggest prophet Jesus said.

    “Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet whoever is least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than he” – Matthew 11:11.

    “The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” -John 1:29

  8. Behold, there is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, the biggest ‘false prophet’ ever born amongst women – TB Joshua –

    • Well, that means that it won’t change I am a true servant of God as well. Period. What are you going to do about it ? Throw your broken record writing on here again ? You piece of work that you are ! What are you going to do about it ? Come and face me and will sort you out who is a real prophet.

      • Why don’t you type your name here and your address and your phone number, I can go from there.

    • @Mia,
      Equally shouting yourself hoarse that he is a Man of God won’t make him thus. He has the blood of 116 deluded souls on his hands let alone an infinite amount of lies spread in the name of Jesus Christ. He is a serial blasphemer.

      Thank God you are on this wonderful site because surely scales will fall off your eyes, and you will turn from worthless idols and amulets from SCOAN and serve the Living God


    • @Just Wonder
      The best sense I can make out of that is that the SCOAN lawyers are objecting to a CD containing the CCTV footage (given to them by TB Joshua) being admitted into evidence because it’s not a certified true copy? Seems like another attempt to needlessly stall the process, or is there something about the video that they now don’t want to be analysed? The court could save themselves a lot of time by just going to the Emmanuel TV youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6DwUoqzaeI

      • And stream instead of watching from a DVD player

        But technically, If the prosecutors did not obtain the original clips, SCOAN may argue they were tampered, and unreliable. The beauty of this is that it is irrelevant; the weight of evidence against SCOAN is not in a video clip

      • Yes I do agree. Clearly they don’t trust God to save TB, so they have resort to all tricks in legal practice. May the Lord grant the judges wisdom to dismiss their nonsense

      • @ TBJW,

        I find it incredible appalling and disturbing that someone like him who tells us about all those so called “miracles” at his compound of SCOAN taking place and their personal claims, that he needs a battalion of lawyers and people to “storm” the Court to keep him doing what he is doing !!!!!

        On the one hand he pertinently does not want to be interrogated or come forward to the Court and does this at all costs by hindering and perverting the course of Justice and on the other hand he uses the same Law from those Courts and from Nigeria to defend himself and his entourage that hides behind him.

        How is this even possible or even agreeable by anyone who sees this ? How is this leading by example to any other serial murderer, liar, deceiver and other criminal for such a country as Nigeria that they actually can do the same and stay out of reach from being judged.

        Anyone can immediately see if they are honest. God is absolutely not involved into that than keeping it up artificially by totally human means and stretch it in all directions with the paper mill/red tape and loop holes that is available to them and to exploit. What a waste of finances and being frivolous.

        There is absolutely no such example to find in the Bible anywhere of what this false private prophet does over the last 2 years and certainly not any Biblical Prophet that did that. When Daniel was thrown in the Lion den, nobody was hindering or stopping Nebuchadnezzar to do so.

        When Saddrach, Messach and Abednego were thrown in the oven, nobody was turning up as defender of them than God alone in the form of a fourth person was with them into the fire to show the true Power of God to all people who watched it.

        And his followers claim “God with them” ???? How despicable and atrocious is this ? How much evidence do you need to see of what is already out there that he is just a horrible charlatan and a fake. It is totally a human endeavour and spiel. No God involved whatsoever than by human means.

  9. For people’s sake (European community(union) might get affected by British Exit and many countries(not britain)will want to return to their currencies) so wait maybe the prophecy point at the root of the return of many countries to their currencies if British Exit so at least British must not be allowed to go. that is the purpose of the prophecy.

    So you think opening tbjoshuawatch with nullify him a prophet, look there is only few of you maybe is just only one of you operation under different name accounts to support himself: Vooke, Jesse, just wonder, general, tbjoshuawatch all disguise for what? to hide your horns. you cant come out because you are leaving hidding in the dark and your identity, show yourself! you will NEVER because you cant be on the light,

    • and that stickers you placed on the mouth of that catoon in my profile name if it means i should shut up from exposing you,the answer is “forget it” you will remain four of you while SCOAN is filling to capacity from different people every week

      • You are hopelessly petty. Why don’t you create an account on WordPress and put your mugshot there?

        TB Joshua is not vindicated by hordes of his sheeple trooping to SCOAN any more than Hajj vindicates Mohammed

      • @Patrick
        …about the sticker thing…you are a indeed paranoid fellow. Don’t you think if @tbjoshuawatch wanted to silence you they would simply not publish your posts?? Start thinking rationally bro!!

      • @General! You killed it.
        These SCOANITES ever playing victim and whining about censorship yet the freedoms the enjoy on this blog are SCOAN’s freedoms magnified 1000 times.

      • It will be different if you use a different computer and slightly different username, I think.

      • Your picture may be different if you use a different computer and slightly different username, I think.

        It’s not a cookie thing, it might be tied to the email address you provided.

    • It’s always hilarious to watch TB Joshua’s supporters desperately grapple about to try and defend him after we’ve exposed another lie. And by the way, editing parts out of prophecies to change the meaning is just that, lying.

      • Why can’t you admit it, you are LYING, there is NO edit, you can’t claim you don’t know the deference between EDIT and CUT from a clip if you really wanted the whole sunday service to have been re-broadcasted? like am saying Britain is not countries if i stand to be corrected, also Britain is moving back to its currency at it has been using pounds since, so countries might be those Iceland, scotland etc of which this prophecy can be seen complete should britain’s intention be not avoided.

      • @Just Wonder

        for once you get sense out of the prophecy,

        just humbly admit there is NO edit, you can’t claim you don’t know the deference between EDIT and CUT from a clip. just watch for those small countries how there will be affected should Britain sign out, there will want to go back to their currencies then we will complete the clip. only if britain bow out. prophecy is for warning NOT to make tbjoshuawatch running.

    • Patrick Warona Keeme
      You must be very naive to imagine that might is right. Muslims, over 1 billion swear Mohammed is a prophet. Can billions be wrong? Likewise, no amount of SCOANITE sheeple would vindictate TB Joshua.

      Next, the very fact that TB Joshua edited out the significant bit that in no way fit with #Brexit is clear to its intentions to all but the utterly deluded like yourself.

      “And Euro, we pray for this European community because I saw euro which hold them together will be affected and many country will want to go back.”

      Speaking of countries reverting to their currencies when Greece was on the verge of exiting EU is like prophesying of lightning during a thunderstorm

      Finally, your name or identity is IRRELEVANT the your or my point. I may be a pagan or even a satanist for all I care but the question is, is there truth in what I’m saying?

      • You are as lost as tbjw, Euro which hold them together- to a kid he know is union not currency, and Greece is just one country now how many countries are crying for a fall due to BREXIT, read and understand, listen to prophecy and understand

      • Patrick Warona Keeme,
        Watch the ORIGINAL unedited clip, paste the entire transcript here else you are just trolling. Whil@tbjoshuawatch has invested their time and resources in exorcising ignorance, it really is down. Individual.

      • @ All,

        They don’t want to watch the unedited version because they were fed the edited one and believe it is the true one. Just as those atrocious lawyers want to see the “so called original footage from the copy” of the CD/DVD.

        The funny thing is SCOAN is allowed to do so unbridled week in week out and use the African media to feed us those despicable lies, but when they edit it and feed these lies to the whole world it’s just ok and condoned, but if the copy of the original DVD is put forward they tell the world it is an edited copy and they have to see it.

        To me it looks like they are sitting together to use this to stretch this another week, month on every Court sitting. Now how devilish and evil that is ? Now you can see what ill begotten money greed does to people. Stretch it and drag heels when it comes out for them, rush it and push it through when it is to their advantage. They rather want to be dishonest and despicable and let others suffer under their ways than dealing with the matters. They are all incompetent clearly right from the start and that is nothing new under the sun. It’s ancient old and incredible evil to the rest of the world. The self RULING HUMANS ! Never in time so many people have suffered and are destroyed as today. Millions die and suffer because of their personal choices of which they track back every day. It’s the evidence of WWIII already in motion, driven to a crescendo as in the dogs of war….

        Dogs of war and men of hate
        With no cause, we don’t discriminate
        Discovery is to be disowned
        Our currency <~~~ is flesh and bone
        Hell opened up and put on sale
        Gather ’round and haggle
        For hard cash, we will lie and deceive <~~~~
        Even our masters don’t know the web we weave <~~~~
        One world, it’s a battleground
        One world, and we will smash it down
        One world … One world
        Invisible transfers, long distance calls,
        Hollow laughter in marble halls
        Steps have been taken, a silent uproar
        Has unleashed the dogs of war
        You can’t stop what has begun
        Signed, sealed, they deliver oblivion
        We all have a dark side, to say the least
        And dealing in death is the nature of the beast <~~~~
        One world, it’s a battleground
        One world, and we will smash it down
        One world … One world
        The dogs of war won’t negotiate <~~~~
        The dogs of war don’t capitulate, <~~~~
        They will take and you will (must) give, <~~~~
        And you must die so that they may live <~~~~
        You can knock at any door,
        But wherever you go, you know they’ve been there before
        Well winners can lose and things can get strained
        But whatever you change, you know the dogs remain.
        One world, it’s a battleground
        One world, and we will smash it down
        One world … One world

        That is what is called prophetic since 1985.

      • If you want to see the true prophecy before what TB Joshua said ?

        Watch the footage of the European Union of 28 June 2016 and then see this:

        TB Joshua knows nothing or is saying what he has to say by those that are going to do what they are going to do, which they call “god”.

        You all are being deceived right before your eyes.

  10. I keep on being amazed at the lack of knowledge of the Word of God these days!

    “And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay” – Daniel 2:43

  11. 34″You continued looking until a stone was cut out without hands, and it struck the statue on its feet of iron and clay and crushed them” – Daniel 2:34

    • @Just Wonder

      for once you get sense out of the prophecy,

      just humbly admit there is NO edit, you can’t claim you don’t know the deference between EDIT and CUT from a clip. just watch for those small countries how there will be affected should Britain sign out, there will want to go back to their currencies then we will complete the clip. only if britain bow out. prophecy is for warning NOT to make tbjoshuawatch running.

      • Patrick are you even reading other people’s posts ?

        Or what has been written in so many books monthly coming out about Europe/Europa ? Years and decades ago. There is nothing new. TB Joshua has not prophesied anything that was already known in the 80’s 90’s and after the year 2000 onwards. Anyone who is interested into this it has been repeated, regurgitated and posted again in books, teachings and extensively on the intenet. The established so called ‘prophetic movement’ has written about it until it came out of our nose, ears and wherever.

        TB Joshua said nothing special. It was all known over in the Christian establishment that this would be happening. We got these teachings and knowledge all the way back in the 80’s and likely others even way before that. And as you can see even music legends knew it already who are not even Christian. And it was depicted in Animal Farm. What news is there ? And some of it are even just self fulfilling prophecies set out even by cartoons.

        You do a search on YouTube and you will see these self fulfilling prophecy cartoons are there in the 30’s,40’s’50’s.

      • Patrick here is an example:

        This is exactly what we see happening what is said by politicians and the new politicians who are coming into place. They choose words to reprogram you psychologically and mentally of what you must hear and deep down want to hear through the news and what is being done. Even if it is a total lie. Maneuvering people into place to wield power over you. With words such as fear, scare tactics, credit crunch, financial crisis, drop, battering, choppy waters to manipulate you.

        And lying they did in the last few weeks all over the world to put things into place and the changes that will take place in the near future even at great costs. The glass is half full, the glass is half empty. Same thing but difference words. One is more so called positive than the other. All politicians do this. And all church pastors do this too to make their following big and their wallets full.

        The people on the forefront, maneuvered inside are being told to say such words and people are totally being brainwashed by it and you can see it especially in political elections and world affairs taking place now to manipulate you in their corner so they wield power over you.

        And they make it to an incantation, tautology and for example the phenomenon of memory distortion, and it’s basically a brain glitch where the interplay of repetition and assumption makes us form our beliefs around whatever opinion is the most familiar to us and acceptable.

        They use words to sweep you over to one or the other side. Repeating your opinion and suggestions makes people Believe It, No Matter How Stupid It Is ! With distressing consequences and realities who are being swept under the carpet with careful chosen words, calm, recovery, lifted up, jump and the like. Again to manipulate you to get you on their side.

        And TB Joshua rides on that kind of consternation and chaos with predictions and no solution to it and making people fall in awe about it and it leads them nowhere at all.

    • @ Just Wonder,

      It will last for now, because it will first return to a 10 Super nation Union.

      Read it here:

      Then I stood on the sand of the sea. And I saw a Beast (Satan’s Antichrist)
      rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, <~~~
      and on his horns ten crowns, <~~~ (other prophecies tell us
      these represent nations in Europe) and on his heads a blasphemous name . . .
      The dragon (Satan) gave him his power, his throne, and great authority. Revelation 13:1-2

      The ten horns are ten kings who shall arise from (out of) this kingdom (the Roman Empire).
      And another shall rise after them; he (the Antichrist) shall be different from the first ones,
      and shall subdue three kings…. <~~~~

      The end begins. Daniel 7:24

  12. @jesse

    now you are talking and no longer disputing the so called EDIT that this tbjoshuawatch is always talking about and i watched over and over all the alleged unedited Versus “edited” on all this website but found nothing except to find tbjw’s own version of level of understanding. I still dont know whether is a mistake or intention to mislead some uninformed kinds of people.


    stop playing ignorant no one even in this prophecy talked about Brexit at all, and stop saying prophecies were EDITED you are only fooling yourself

    • @jesse

      who is that frustrated fellow like yourself whom you want me to watch on (negative labels…) the guy cannot even make his house in order, a looser like that…, why because he is white?

      • Patrick, the man is talking about YOU !

        Whenever TB Joshua opens his mouth and claims he has some self fulfilling predictions, he first skims off before hand the CNN, Fox News, RT news, CCTV news, Sky News, BBC and French 24 then compiles a list of likely hood “coming to pass” situations in the future just as they do in the Stock Exchange, Dow Jones, S&P and the NASDAQ, ECB, BOE, etc. with shifting money from one shareholder to another and then just blabber it in the church and make a frenzy out of it. Now go back to bed. I am tired of your and his useless self fulfilling predictions promotions of this man.

    • Sorry Patrick, they are edited and reissued on different occasions of world events of something that happens.

      You are turning it around. Which is not nice of you. You want to see in it what you want to see in it and fill in the gaps for yourself while it is not there at all. There is no use in any of TB Joshua’s predictions. It does not change anything for the better, whether he says it or not. It happens anyways.

      Prophecy is given for to alter and change the destiny of a critical or personal situation for a person with interaction of the person or these persons. It does not do this at all. All you do is looking at it and sitting upon your hands. So useless. Knowing just information ahead of time is divination not prophecy and it’s purpose to make a situation changed or redirected that is in the plan of God, not the world.

      • im not so stupid to sit and watch a frustrastrated, shy looking man who locked himself in a room and take advantage of webcam because he can’t have even one single audiance to distribute his stupid mind to the fools,

      • Patrick don’t be obtuse
        (a) He saw the Euro affected
        (b) He saw many countries (in EU) going back to their currency
        (c) All this was to unravel this coming year or 2012

        Five years later, we have #Brexit. How is any of his ‘prophetic’ words relevant? And only the utterly moronic would miss the fact that he not-so-cleverly omitted a single word CURRENCY. Was it for brevity sake? How long does it take to pronounce the word ‘currency’?

        He did it because unlike the unthinking you Patrick he knew Britain has never used Euro hence #Brexit, if at all, would not fulfil countries ‘going back to their currencies’, but ‘going back’ can be applied to #Brexit

        Once again, common sense is not common

  13. I dont think this topics is relevant and make no sense to a normal thinking person but just a wast of time, 80 comments from just 5 people or (5 headed beast with snake body), come-on, you are only convincing yourself the world is no- longer interested, for 5 years now you only remain with 5 supporters, this site is not growing at all. bye

    • Since it’s so irrelevant,Mehta on earth are you doing here? Meeting your daily quota of trolling?

  14. Patrick Warona Keeme;
    Do not misquote me, study your Bible and not TB Joshua.
    The Prophet Daniel saw this coming many, many years ago.
    Long before TB Joshua’s feeble try at it.

  15. To TB Joshua:

    This man was caught up into heaven and realised that to be ready for the Lord’s coming, you have to humble yourself and forget to build your own ministry and your own name!

    #2 Best Videos of Encounter with Jesus, Holy Spirit and Healing, Heaven & End Times (Sid Roth)
    Time 26:00- especially from 33:26 on-

    • It’s always a danger to use a false teacher to rebuke a false teacher. Sid Roth is not a Christian, he is another false teacher, a false spiritualist who is friends with other false teachers like Benny hin and the rest

      • Ya, Elijah,
        You are 100% correct, but not everyone S Roth interviews are like him. What this man says about humility and arrogance in today’s leaders are correct. They better start waking up.

  16. On a slightly different topic, EU has nothing to do with Antichrist. That’s just lazy,pop Christian fantasy invented not long ago.

    The problem with Christian ‘prophecy students/teachers’ is that they operate on hindsight; after the fact. When UN was conceived, they suddenly claimed it was IT. Later when EU was born, they were ecstatic.

    NOBODY imagined Russia would ever play any role in prophecy until Cold War after WWII. This is when she became a bear.

    China appeared nowhere until late 80s when she started rising spectacularly

    Lately Islam has been a thorn in the flesh for the US. The Teachers’ have suddenly discovered Islam is antichristian and Antichrist type.

    With the rise of LGBT movement, I’ve started hearing that Antichrist will be gay.

    Africa has a stellar record of regressing backward and has been a negligible force in the world. So you wont hear Africa nowhere in these expositions. Africa does not exist!

    Christians make terrible fiction writers.

    • Interesting point there @Vooke. There have been lot of candidates for that Antichrist position.

      I think the problem is that some people tend focus on few criterion & then think they have identified the beast. For example some people used to think Nelson Mandela was the Antichrist because he was admired by technically the ‘whole world’ and also his prison number 46664 (which actually meant he was prisoner number 466 in 1964). The argument was that the 4’s are just to hide the real number 666. But if you look at the bigger picture of prophecy he couldn’t be the Antichrist because of the many biblical criteria he didn’t fit.

      I think the thinking pattern in some people is the same. Anyone (organisation / individual) who will match at least one aspect of the beast will be hastily tagged as such.

      • @General,
        I’d tell any believer not to take these teachings too seriously.

        I always go to Wikipedia when clinical precision or accuracy is not important. Look at this entry on AntiChrist.

        The candidates;
        (a) Nero
        (b) Constantine/ Roman Empire
        (c) Papacy

        Now, all these have one thing in common; they pointed to existing realities in identifying Antichrist. Then after this came counter-reformation by Catholicism. To avoid identifying antiChristian with the papacy, they claimed it was either PAST (preterism) or futuristic ( Futirism)
        (d) Under preterism, several candidates such as Alexander the Greate, Antiochus Epiphanes were picked

        Looking at (c) closely, as Catholicism raw power waned, this idea became increasingly ridiculous. They had to get another candidate. Ellen White of SDAs imagined some unholy alliance between US and Catholicism which would torment Christians( Adventists). Note that during this time, SDAs experienced some mild oppression from the government. Of course this as well proved to be more and more ridiculous. You need to engage an SDA to see how conflicted they are between Ellen White writings and reality.

        In short, antichrist seems to be the prevailing oppressive force of the day for each generation. Right now we have Islam. Christians really suffer in proportion to the number of Muslims in any country. Some have speculated that it is Islam. But this is not exactly a popular view.

        In my opinion, Christians will keep on guessing(and they are entitled to this) but my problem is dogmatism that is usually shattered by reality overnight. They said it was the pope, then the pope died, they said it was the next pope, but the next one resigned. POTUS is another popular guess. It was Reagan, Bush snr, junior, Obama and now he is leaving. EU is presently unite shaken and I’m certain John Hagee is almost embarrassed.

        I have since learnt to treat these theories as just that and not solid scriptures.

        Another thing I’ve learnt is many smart fellas prey on this hunger for prophecy and proceed to package unremarkable but highly sensational stuff and sell it to gullible believers. So there is a monetary element involved. That’s why they never stop even when it’s obvious they are plain wrong. This is the only job they have; peddling trash. So when I hear antichrist, I just assess how anti-Christian the subject is. 99% of anything beyond this is wild conjecture.

        Personally, I can readily see the devastating effects of Darwin’s evolution theories on humanity. Now men can more ‘comfortably’ ignore the basic scriptural tenet of Creation, and after removing God, they can throw in anything. Forget about that nonsense called theistic evolution of Hugh Ross and Catholics. Sometimes I find this a bigger threat to Christianity than Islam.

        But if antichrist is going to literally demand worship, then humanity MUST be believing in supernatural, and humanism and secularism is just about the exact opposite of that. So even my personal views are not rock solid.

        There just is nothing such as a watertight eschatology. There is no clear line between symbolic and literal. One has to make tons of assumptions along the way while speculating these things hence my original point, don’t take them too seriously.

        Peter probably seeing this reminds us to focus on us and not the world out there

        2 Peter 3:11 (KJV)
        Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,

        2 Peter 3:14 (KJV)
        Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless.

    • Did he die ? And…. now they are covering up the death ? It’s not the first time this has happened. Another blood sacrifice ? Or a strange story in the making to make another parade again ? From May 7 2016 onward ?

      “Joshua Debunker” has proven it.

    • I don’t know the problem with my people in Ghana. Why are they still following this false prophet? The man doesn’t even know what happens in his own house, and how can he help you, my people? My people please forget about this Nigerian sakawa prophet, T B Joshua, and know that he is fake, fake, fake!

  17. @tbjw

    SAUDI ARABIA ATTACH PROPHECY IS OUT!!! any guess works or Edit there Mr watch!! or you are shutting down!!

    • @Patrick,
      I also came here out to disprove @tbjoshuawatch. I got hooked. No amount of tantrums and insults changed the fact that EVERYTHING they posted here contradicted the rosy image I had of TB Joshua. Ultimately common sense, discernment prevailed. I can’t possibly claim to serve Christ and celebrate this crook.

      Hang on, keep on trolling, scales will fall off your eyes in Jesus name

    • @patrick I haven’t seen the original, and don’t have time to look right now, but a vague prediction of an attack in Saudi when ISIS had explicitly threatened attacks in Saudi is hardly impressive. Look at the comments on YouTube for more evidence of how ridiculous non TB Joshua supporters consider it, and look at this link to understand the context in which the “prophecy” was made. Honestly, this just makes a mockery of Christianity http://www.ibtimes.com/isis-threatens-saudi-arabia-islamic-state-says-it-will-destroy-prisons-holding-2251341

    • Hahahahahahhahahahhahaha. A good one @ Patrick..
      This TBJ watch guys are losers fighting a no winning battle.. Who JAH BLESS NO MAN/EVIL CAN CURSE OR DESTROY .
      I can’t wait to hear what these jokers n losers will say abt this Prophecy too from the True man of God

      • Sprout and Patrick are probably one and the same but that notwithstanding, fact remains;

        Saudi Arabia suffered at least 5 suicide attacks in 2015, and TWO in January 2016 with the most current one being under 48hrs before he prophesied.

        What this tells you is it is far much easier predicting that once you are rained on you’ll get wet than predicting a terror attack in Saudi Arabia.

        Please stop blaspheming YHWH by associating such idiocy with Him. Fear God

  18. @tbjoshuawatch,
    Here is the original clip

    Funny it is the same clip with France ‘prophecy’ that was edited and fitted onto Brussels attack recall? 😄😄😄😄

    The other thing worth nothing is that it was released on 31st of January 2016, barely 48 hours after the suicide attack on Al Ahsa Mosque which claimed 4 lives

    Exactly how is this a prophecy?
    See all the major terror attacks on Saudi Arabia here;

    One is only left to conclude that even the brain dead would fail to see Saudi Arabia was a hot target

    • Worse still, did any prayers inside or even himself do anything against or stop it ? Absolutely nothing !

      Let me do a “prediction” right now. They (Isis) want to attack Airports in London. Now just let’s wait.

  19. TB Joshua or whatever his name is a false prophet, the EU is not a union started by or of God EVERYONE knows that . It was Hitlers plan . Britain joining it was not of Christ and God was not happy with the Nation for doing it.(Isaiah 30) We thank God that she has repented.

  20. @Vooke

    Just a side note:
    Remember we talked about this back in March, when you suspected that TBJ might steer clear of specifying dates on his prophecy clips? Did you notice that the last 3 prophecy clips they released have been dated? This is what I meant…that I think he will still continue to put out dated & undated prophecy clips.

    • Agreed @General
      Undated prophecies are two-edged. On he one hand he can even release one after the fact improving his accuracy, but on the other hand, this robs him the much craved legitimacy for if we don’t know when he said it, how do we know he said it in the past?

    • Please, let him stay in his cage ! I am not interested in his ever murderous aftermath predictions that do nothing for anyone. It’s so nice and quiet now.

  21. https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/7-traits-of-false-teachers

    Above is a very good biblical study on how to differentiate between true teachers and false teachers,
    I was amazed at how false prophet tb joshua perfectly fits all the characteristic of a false teacher, an agent of the devil

    Lets walk through some of the criteria and see how evident it is in tb joshua

    1) Different source: The true teacher completely submits to biblical authority for teaching God’s word, but the false teacher relies on his own intuition and fascinating stories to entice people. Thats exactly what tb joshua does, his ministry is so rigged with all types of unverified stories of deliverance and miracles, to appeal to people, so that they are enticed to come seeking for help. tb joshua and all their false teachers only use the bible as references, they never truly expound on scripture, they never truly preach God’s word and interpret it in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
    That’s why all the followers of SCOAN have cultic personalities, they are biblical illeterates and they put all their trust in tb joshua and his satanic, charismatic appeals

    2) Different Message (2Peter 2:1)
    Peter says it clearly, false teachers will SECRETLY INTRODUCE destructive heresies, even denying the Lord.
    The key point here is SECRETLY, because, most false teachers today are very eager to call on the name of Jesus, but in practice they live very demonic, antichristian lives.
    This is very evident in tb joshua’s Church, the name “JESUS” is so commonly used by tb joshua and you will think that he truly follows Christ, but this is simply lip service. Of course joshua as a false teacher wouldn’t openly deny christ, but if you listen to tb joshua’s message, you will most evidently be led away from Christ, since his messages are NEVER Christ-exalting, always arrogant, heretic, and demonic

    3) Different Position: The message of the false teacher will always leave the follower lost, biblically-illiterate and ungodly.
    Just look at all the people who follow SCOAN, they are all obviously unconverted people, they know nothing about Christ, but are all lost-spiritualists, seeking any form of spiritualism to soothe their carnal pursuits of worldly gain.
    Just think about the fact that many of these people travel thousands of miles to Nigeria just so that they can meet a man whom they believe will lead them to God, isn’t that absurd, foolish and unbiblical in and of itself?
    How insane is that, when the Bible clearly teaches us that Christ dwells in us and the HOLY SPIRIT teaches us, we don’t need anybody to lead us to the FATHER (1John 2:27)
    Our LORD said nobody will have to teach his neighbor anymore in the New Covenant in Christ, GOD will reveal Himself personally to whoever He redeems (Hebrews 8:11)
    So if you are among the people who travel long distances to go visit some spiritual guru somewhere you believe will deliver you from your problems, my friend you are not a Christian, you are still a lost, unbeliever, enslaved into demonic spiritualism

    4) Different Character:

    We all know the Spiritual fruit of a true Christian (Galatians 5:22; 2Peter 1:5)
    Apostle Peter gives us the common flaws of False teachers; they are often greedy, follow corrupt desires of the flesh, despise authority, they are flamboyant and arrogant, full of pride, with eyes full of adultery (2Peter 2:10-14)

    You can easily notice that most, if not all of these evil traits are evident in tb joshua’s. Let’s just talk about a few
    First, what is the most obvious thing you notice if you have ever followed the ministry of tb joshua? IT IS ALL ABOUT HIM
    Brethren, tb joshua’s ministry is really that, it is all about him, not Christ, as often as he may flippantly, irreverently pronounce the name of our lord, tb joshua is extremely full of pride, satanic pride, to the point where, all the affairs of this ministry point to him, its all about his story, his success, his display of faith or some form of power.

    That’s what we see when SCOAN is busy trying to prove to the world that tb jsohua can prophesy events, when they constantly come up with video tapes trying to prove to people that tb joshua saw an event in advance. What is even more demonic about this practices is that, they go as far as EDITING THESE VIDEO TAPES, thats exceedingly wicked. To have to edit a tape and alter it just so that you can prove to the world that you saw an event before it happens, thats the height of satanic pride.

    5) Different Appeal:
    The true teacher gives a message that appeals directly to the Word of GOD, the bible.
    The false teacher however appeals to the flesh, he always attempts to satisfy the fleshly desires of the listener
    Isn’t that exactly what tb joshua and SCOAN does, they give a message that appeals to their carnal, lost congregation.

    What do most of the unconverted African people want to hear? They want to hear messages about what will bless them physically, wealth, health and prosperity, an thats what SCOA promises them. SCOAN promises that they can heal you of all your diseases, all you must do is come to their Church, and the masses follow. SCOAN promises they can deliver you of all your problems, and thats why people travel for miles to this place seeking for help.
    But the truth is, these people are obviously not Christians, they simply are seeking to pursue all the fleshly, carnal, demonic desires that enslave them, and they use the name of Christ simply as a means to that end.
    SCOAN say they can deliver you from poverty, as if poverty is a demonic problem, when in reality, this is a camouflage for people with carnal desires and worldly pursuits.

    If being poor is a demonic problem, then all the Apostles were cursed and even our LORD JESUS CHRIST Himself was cursed, since He lived a poor, humble life in this earth, even though He lacked nothing.
    The true Christian should have no concern about whether poor or rich, GOD promised that He will always provide sufficient enough for us to fulfill our ministry for His glory.

    6) Different fruit:
    What does the message produce as fruit in the lives of those who listen?

    Evidently, a true preacher, a true messenger of Christ will always preach, teach a message that will edify those who listen and nourish them spiritually to become true Disciples of CHRIST.
    True teachers always breed, true, Godly teachers, and false teachers always breed false teachers

    We have many examples of that in scripture, just like the great Apostles were Godly men who edified and raised up many other Godly, faithful disciples who followed in their foot step. Apostle Paul for example was instrumental in mentoring and teaching Timothy who also grew up to become a faithful disciple of Christ

    Now turn to SCOAN, what true teacher of the gospel has come out of this place? none, and it never will happen.
    SCOAN is a demonic cult, and it cannot yield any fruit int he followers; everyone who comes out of SCOAN will only be a false teacher.
    Anyone who is truly a Christian and who is involved in SCOAN, will immediately be removed and led by the HOLY SPIRIT away from such a satanic place, GOD Can never allow any of His elect to partake in a cult or be falsely deceived, nobody can natch a true Christian from the mighty hands of Almighty GOD (John 10:28-29)

    7) Different end (Dreadful, sad end)

    Finally, the Apostle Peter tells us that swift destruction and a horrible damnation is awaiting all these false teachers (2Peter 2:1-3)
    Thus brethren, when you see many of the false teachers and demonic agents in this world appearing to prosper in their evil deeds, don’t be too burdened, don’t be discouraged, remember that GOD WILL JUDGE THEM SEVERELY

    GOD cannot be mocked, they will receive their dreadful judgment in due time (Galatians 6:7)

      • Oh thats awesome, lol, I didn’t even see that. Yes, the secretly introduced heresy is the one of the great tactics of the devil and his legions. Just like the Bible warns us that the devil transforms himself together with his messengers as angels of light, meaning they take the appearance of true ministers but inside they are ravenous wolves (2Corinthians 11:14).
        Jude emphasizes this again in his writing when he says false teachers will creep into the Church unnoticed, secretly (Jude 1:4).
        That’s exactly what we’re seeing in many Churches today, false teachers creeping in and deceiving the masses

        Unfortunately very few of these people want to listen to the truth; to be honest, sometimes I find it very hard to continue to have compassion for people who blatantly reject God’s word; if you reject the bible and don’t want to listen to rebuke and correction, that is a blatant decree of your willingness to pursue your own selfish desires.
        But we have to remain compassionate.

        My prayer is that GOD continues to work in the hearts of all these lost people following after false teachers, and snatch away from these cults His chosen elect. I also pray that our LORD may judge these false teachers openly and severely, that the naive believer may be reawakened from their lack of discernment


    “A lorry has struck a crowd during Bastille Day celebrations in the southern French city of Nice, with reports of many dead.”

    30 Dead and 100 injured.


    And I can tell you now, that his team is in a frenzy cutting and pasting another lame rotten prediction together to fit the purpose in trying deceiving us all.

    But I pass, YOU HEAR ! You go and keep following this madman that brings you nowhere or prevents anything with his fake prayers and stories. And if you are waking up now, I hope you will drop this madman once and for all. And if you can’t, then for GOD SAKE listen to me NOW ! Drop this idiot !

    2 Years ago, I walked there myself at the same time period. It is such a lovely place and amazing to be there.

  23. To all @ TBJW and bloggers of TBJW;

    2 ‘Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write; These things saith he that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks;

    2 I know thy works and thy labour and thy patience and how thou canst not bear them which are evil and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles and are not and hast found them liars:

    3 And hast borne and hast patience and for my name’s sake hast laboured and hast not fainted.

    4 Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.

    5 Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen and repent and do the first works or else I will come unto thee quickly and will remove thy candlestick out of his place except thou repent.

    6 But this thou hast that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitanes which I also hate.

    7 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God’ -Revelation 2

  24. 9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet and to know that I have loved thee.

    10 Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

    11 Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.

    12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out and I will write upon him the Name of my God and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God and I will write upon him My new name.

    13 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches – Revelation 3


  25. On Sunday Man Of God Prophet TB Joshua announced everybody to pray on Thursday because there will be attack but some French people went on a party instead…

    • Patrick,

      There will/would be an attack because they told him they will do it for that Thursday.

    • So a whole country of 66 million inhabitants needs to stop breathing and not go out on that Thursday is that what you are saying ?

      You are a complete idiot !

      Have you though about that none of the prayers were answered ! None ! While it take the prayers of a righteous man that avalaith much.

      Again proof that none in SCOAN are righteous and are full of sins otherwise God in your own words would have changed the situation, which He didn’t.

      So here is the crystal clear evidence that this false private prophet TB Joshua had inside information not from God but elsewhere and it is clearly human in its source <~~~~and he is their mouthpiece to announce it on his TV channel.

      • He didn’t specify France, he just said all countries should be on alert. We’ll be putting up a post about this completely failed prophecy later today.

      • TBJW,

        Yes, I absolutely did see that, there was no specification of any country or nation at all. So 7.4 billion people need to stop breathing and stay inside on last Thursday right and listen to him right ? As if that is even possible. Just think about a 24 hour cycle going all over the world and has to stay still to prevent this. You can see what he is trying to do there. To take over the world and deceive. It appears right there that T.B Joshua’s prayers and covering of the Blood of Jesus didn’t work and was used as a cover up in it. He didn’t save a single life. Once again TB Joshua totally failed to achieve anything positive or diverted anything.

        As if God does not know the specifics and precise place and know how to prevent which absolutely did not happen even with their fasting and prayers. For that it only shows he has human information from somewhere and not from God and they tell him to use this platform of Emmanuel TV to deceive the rest of the world to draw attention to himself and the christian believers as Elijah is telling us in the above post. He is desperate for money and personal recognition.

        Rev. 19:19 Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to make war against the rider on the horse and his army. 20 But the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet <~~~ who had performed the miraculous signs on his behalf. With these signs he had deluded those who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped his image. The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur.

        The False Private Prophet’s arrival on the earth will look like a lamb with two horns. Lambs do not have horns, which are symbols of authority. Which he pretends he has. Lambs are meek and mild animals. Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount, “Watch out for false prophets <~~~. They come to like lambs but inwardly they are ferocious wolves”. People died as a result and were not prevented in dying. This is not the characteristics and personality of the spirit of Jesus going out and save the one that is lost and bring it back unharmed. Matthew 7:15. The False Private Prophet will come to Israel in sheep’s clothing, but God terms him a “Beast”. They are one and the same in source, application, operation and execution.

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