Must read post: Are TB Joshua’s miracles real?

WALKING_DEAD_RETURNED_TO_LIFE_____Emmanuel_TV_-_YouTubeNigerian blogger Peter Adeosun has just published an excellent article examining one famous “healing video” put out by Emmanuel TV “Walking Dead Returned to Life”, a video we never got round to watching until now. Adeosun points out that the video is actually a composite of 3 videos, video 1 is inside video 2 which is in turn inside video 3.

It’s a video of the full congregation in the church auditorium watching another video on a big screen. The video they’re watching is the recording of a miracle healing session that took place sometime ago. And in the video they’re watching, TB Joshua is talking to a very small group of people (40? 50?) in another venue, a smaller room. The people probably came for healing too. And he himself is talking to this small group of people, running commentaries on the healing of a man afflicted with a skin disease, the healing he did sometime ago.

This kind of complexity makes it difficult to follow along and piece together the timeline, in other words, you are totally at the mercy of their narrative, and it is a perfect way to bury what might otherwise be obvious deception. What honest reason could they have for telling the story in such a convoluted way?

If that’s not suspicious enough, Adeosun goes on to allege (with good evidence) that the man before and after is not in fact the same man. In his article he shows a side by side comparison of the before man’s face and side of head with the after man’s face and side of head, comparing some of the facial features. It is indeed very hard to believe it is the same person. Click the link to go to Adeosun’s site and let us know what you think?

These are the kind of videos that help feed the myth of TB Joshua, slowly people are coming to realise that, much like his edited prophecy videos, there are a lot of tricks at play in these healing videos. Follow the links below for more information.

49 thoughts on “Must read post: Are TB Joshua’s miracles real?

  1. Peter you are a full. You are infact a useless man empty head to think that Prophets T B Joshua is fake. You are making a fool of yourself to the whole world because many accept those who are jeoulous and full of Andy think like you. As you are wrong this the Prophet of God T B Joshua is in Korea and Gid is surely using mightily. Watch and be blessed. You just wanted to spoil his crusade. Envy is your weakness. Poverty is your middle name.

      • Please this site is the work of the devil. No God fearing person will spend his time instead of preaching, dragging others down and if TBJ is fake, it is God’s job to expose him, not you… I have been to the church and received my healing myself so don’t tell me about fakeness of miracles. May God forgive the creators of this site

  2. Peter you are a fool. You are infact a useless man empty head to think that Prophets T B Joshua is fake. You are making a fool of yourself to the whole world because many accept those who are jeoulous and full of envy think like you. As you were busy writtingyour lies Prophet of God T B Joshua is in Korea and God is surely using him mightily. Watch and be blessed. You just wanted to spoil his crusade. Envy is your weakness. Poverty is your middle name.

    • Mia, you’re beginning to visit this site quite frequently. If you don’t agree with the biblical evidence we put here why do you keep coming? Why don’t you ignore us and just go and never come back? We’re all hoping that maybe this may be some early beginning of your eyes struggling to get opened.
      You are so enslaved by demonic deception at scoan so much so that you don’t even think biblically? Well, we don’t really expect you to think biblically since you’re not a Christian, but at least think logically. Just a take a moment and be sincere with yourself, and examine everything about tb joshua’s church and ask yourself some reasonable, logical questions. Unless you do that, you will remain a slave to scoan

      • And Elijah, if TBJ is fake, why are you following his every move?, tell me one apostle in the bible that did this thing you’re doing. Elijah in kings exposed the prophet of baal. So if TBJ is fake, expose him once and for all instead of following his moves. Why haven’t you gone there and prayed for God to expose him, you are wasting your time

  3. My mother has been tricked by TB Joshua’s videos and I feel hopeless because she doesn’t believe me when I try to show her proof that he is a fraud. She says that the way she feels when watching the edited videos is more important than facts or how I feel.

    • Sorry to hear this C Gutierrez. It’s a story we head time and time again, people check their brains in at the door because of how he “makes them feel”. So sad. Praying for your mother.

      • Quite unfortunate.
        It is quite difficult shedding confidence in q man you have invested so much emotions,time and money in especially when you believe they are somewhat supermen.

        You have so much to lose that it scares you.

        I know not everyone has the mental fortitude to critique TB Joshua but what saddens me is the highly intelligent and educated who as you say ‘check out their brains at the door’ when it comes to TB Joshua.

        Forget about his twisted theology. Real and ample evidence of unintelligent deception still petrifies them.

        I think only the Lord can deliver the blind. Paul with all his intelligence and education was so wrong that it took Jesus personally appearing before him to change him.

        I pray that those visiting the blog can focus on the purpose of the blog; weaning believers off a man who never tires of proving himself a fraud

      • Edit,
        I meant they are so mesmerized by TB Joshua that real and ample objective evidence of deception escapes them.

        I think I understand Paul’s exasperation in Galatians where he wondered who bewitched them.

    • TBJ’s miracles are real wherether you believe or not, Jesus Christ healed and said, ‘sin no more’ to some people, not to everybody. TBJ asks healing from God asking through Jesus, and he says, ‘follow Jesus’. Some do and get a permanent healing, some sin, thinking TBJ does not see them, of course he does not, but God sees everything and he doesn’t like it, what happens next….. and you say he is fake, how come a Prophet can be fake to only 3 or 5 people but be real to trillions ????

    • @emy,
      You know that is a tired,overused and meaningless cliché,right?

      Jesus blasted the Pharisees and Sadducees. You think He did it because they bore fruit?

  4. To have a clue about the time line – check the backgrounds and devotees present.
    Those blue curtains in the background was there about 10 years ago and the flag waving only started about 3 years ago.
    So it is an old story again, pulled out of the archives and doctored.
    This is their custom – to edit everything to suit them.

    I was there once – when a heavy pregnant woman stood in the prayer line – he was busy praying on the far end of the prayer line and she was on the other end. Far from him.
    She suddenly went into labour and he rushed of to ‘pray’ for her.
    She gave birth in the prayer line and afterwards they edited the video in such a way that it looked as if she gave birth while he was praying for her.
    As if babies just fall out at birth – there is no labour pains or process.
    It was laughable to me.
    Clever trickster is not the word here.

    Here it is –

    SHOCKING: Baby Born INSTANTLY In Church!!!

      • These Jesse people know how to twist words and good at technology, they put somebody’s face on another one’s picture, we don’t know how you are making money by dragging TBJ’s name on the mud, but the day will come when you will be sorry for yourself. But you are so cruel I don’t think you can regret or feel pity for yourself either.

      • No matter what, an article claimed today of what he said are two big massive fat lies.

        No. 1 Lie: Responding to allegations that he was born a Moslem, he insisted: “I was born a Christian, my parents were Christians.

        How can you be born a Christian ? You are born a heathen and in sin. And his mum was a 100 % Muslim. His father was a believer i.e. sort of “christian”.


        No. 2 Lie : He claims he was born after 14 months.

        There are videos on Emmanuel TV where he said in one video he was born after 15 months and in another video he was born after 21 months. And it came out of his own mouth spoken in his microphone.

        This man is a narcissistic psycho serial liar. He does not even know how long he was in his mother’s womb, nor does anyone in his family and there is an article about Channel 4 where he claims he was born again in his mothers womb. Oh my, my. Can it ever stop ? It’s just sad, if not pathetic to get around like this.

        Another quote: “if it wasn’t from God, he said: “Right now I am talking to you, there are over 400 foreigners from 10 different countries here. Are these people being deceived, destroyed or killed (as my detractors alleged)?”

        So said Mohammad and 1.6 billion followers later we see it is totally possible as in TB Joshua case. It’s impossible says the false private prophet to us and his followers believe it immediately. How stupid.

        So said Hare Krishna and 560 million Vaishnavas worldwide later it shows the same as TB Joshua claims as occultism and false religion is the core of it.

        So said Buddha and 535 million people later it was so as TB Joshua claims about himself that it cannot be occultism and false religion.

        So said the founders who founded Hinduism out of Brahminism and 1 Billion people later TB Joshua claims you can’t be deceived by the occult and a false god. Nooooo, totally impossible. Really ?

        And I can go on and on. Moonies, Mormonism, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah witnesses, Ba’Hai and so forth there is even a religion called after the footballer Maradonna, who has the title of the “Hand of God”. And even Atheists are now 14% of the world population and it is growing and growing. And here we have TB Joshua telling you all it’s impossible if it was not out of God but from Satan.

        Yeah Folks, y’all heard it here first hand and are we to believe these awful pathetic lies from him ? Well, good luck to you all but I am out. Why can’t this man not stop lying and deceiving unless he is Satan himself.

        I am fed up about his lies. Someone need to come out and confront him in public with a group to call him out of his horrible lies and filth he keeps coming up with day after day.

        The only thing that keeps him out of prison is the filthy lucre that stupid, ignorant, dum bass people keep giving him because that is what they are, well, ahem in all short simply deceived and make him to their false messiah and false private prophet. Sorry, but it does not or ever will stick up me. Y’all are on your own.

        Did I forget anything else ?

        Take care that you will not be deceived by any, what ? uuuhhh man, II Thessalonians 2, Thank you !

      • Another absurd quote and claim.

        “His words, “My mother was pregnant in April 1962. After six months, the foetus did not seem to be moving. My mother was taken to a medical doctor and the baby kicked…. the child stopped kicking again. Seven, eight and nine months, there was no kicking.”

        All what he need is a kick up the backside real hard to stop his awful atrocious serial lying and exaggerating. I am so fed up about it, I mean someone needs to do something about it practically. Face him right inside his congregation and bring microphone themselves to shame him of his lying. How can anyone even swallow this day in day out ? Is it not absolutely disgusting.

      • That was my thought exactly?
        How humiliating that must have been to give birth like that?
        And then the baby just fell on the dirty floor?
        But they portray that as Christlike!
        And the whole copy and pasted video afterwards.
        Or is this the African way?
        The normal for Africa?

  5. TB Joshua is on his granidiosity-trip again, in todays service, showing himself as a long awaited Messiah. Understand very well that his mission is directed by a false self and false teachings. He promoted today again mind-controle, and a lot of other rubbisch. A christian knows no mind-controle. They abide in Him. I asked the Holy Spirit about His guidiance and right directions and He said;” You have to join Me only, in Frendship, dont lean on men””. The ego-trip of TB Joshua shows, that he is not in relationship with Christ at all in his heart. He may know how to channel powers, but they are controled and managed by a false self. Paul says ; ” not I, but Christ in me lives””. TB Joshua is only abou self-seeking-honour and misleading deceived teachings, that keep the people buzzy for a life-time and lead to nothing. To nothing. Turn to Christ, He is the Way, the Truth and the life. It is that simple. TB Joshua is a funny nolywood-clown, playing for God. Just laugh about it, and walk your own walk with Christ. TB Joshua is a pityfull fool, who can not discern what is of God and what is just the crazyness of the natural man. Dont be trapped by tb Joshua.

  6. It looks like the same man if you check out the pictures of the palms of his hands, lips and nose and form of his head, but his ears and eyes are different.

    It can be that the skin condition affected that?

    • Excellent sleuthing there @Just Wonder.
      So we have an over 10years old clip inside another one?

      It’s amazing that the one book that heightened my skepticism of the bulk of Pentecostal claims was Faith Healers by James Randi. This man is a magician and he could tell tricks were widely employed by faith healers. He busted Peter Popoff back in the 80s.

      This is not to mean that God does not heal nut rather the bulk of the healing claims are false and intentionally deceptive.

      Regardless of the motives, God is not glorified in ascribing falsehoods to Him. Furthermore, when the lies are exposed, His name is blasphemed

  7. Greetings! Greeting! Greet-ins!! Y’all saints of the most high God.first and foremost thank you for all what you’ve been doing. Do you know how many people you have set free from Mr TB Joshua hypnosis? Maybe you don’t know. Ok my name is Yolanda from south Africa,I love Jesus and everybody who sincerely call unto his name,and I hate Mr Tb Joshua.I speak God’ blessings on this site,I speak affirmation,spread the word of God with all boldness and strength TB Joshua watch and keep on exposing Mr sir Joshua. Thank you bye!

    • Yolanda you are a lieyer and a hater as well as a “Christian”, what kind of Christian are you who spread both the word of God and of satan at the same time (hatret) you say you hate Mr TB Joshua, at SCOAN they have Prophet TB Joshua, not mister. I would come to your church if you preach “do not judge, leave it to God, who are you to judge, wait until you are perfect Yolanda and then judge”

    • Hi Yolanda,

      The Bible teaches us that some people will keep believing the lies. II Thessalonians 2 so God Himself is allowing it all. But it still is worth to warn people about his awful serial lying.

      • Yes that’s true Jesse!! My heart is painful with all what is happening at SCOAN.I believe God is about to do something sooner than later.

  8. Jesse,
    Go look on the Internet about babies being born after 9 months.
    There is only one baby who survived such a long pregnancy, but in Nigeria they multiply.
    My conclusion is that they have NO idea of time.
    NOTHING, tomorrow can be 3 days, 3 months, 3 years or forever from now.
    You are born anytime you wish or what about all the Nigerians 120 years old and older?
    It’s laughable, but they believe themselves.
    It is amazing actually, in this modern day and age.
    But maybe not so if you think Africa is only in the African Renaissance now.
    Ha, ha . . .

    • Hey Just Wonder,

      What you think about his other claim ?

      ‎”I attended 10 different secondary schools in one year – TB Joshua”

      It’s likely that no one believed in his serial lying that he had to go from school to school. I see sometimes children complain that nobody wants to play with them and usually it is because they behave weird and crazy and do everything to be in the limelight and are uncontrollable in their behaviour.

      Also like the thing he writes in a so called “heavenly” language but if you look at it close up it’s just shorthand what they use in the Courts to type and write.

      He keeps telling things to his followers who just swallow anything. They don’t check, they don’t question, they don’t investigate. All they do is Ohhhh, Ahhhhh, Eeehhh, man of gosh, man of gosh.

      Man, I am itching to confront his lying face and tell him right there and then of what he really is.

      • If you attended 10 secondary schools, it simply means you are illiterate.

        It is very clear.

    • @ Just Wonder,

      No he has nothing to do with Islam…… Really ? Let’s check it out, because he has and is.

      Lie after lie and nobody questions such. That crucified Christ on the background was located on Prayer mountain when you entered on a path on the left. The year 2007 it was still there. A Catholic display. The year 2009 only the cross was there and Jesus taken off. It must be because some people have been complaining about it that it was not right. How can you be a prophet if you don’t even know that it is Catholic such display. Who is fooling who ?

      He is running away from the Muslim stigma because now all these atrocities taking place all over with him so called predicting it, put him in the limelight that he knows more than he is bargaining for. Hence the run to put this stupid stories out again of African media outlets which he bribes with his filthy lucre that is not his’

      • Jesse,
        I never saw this painting, but you are right, This picture must have been on the old prayer mountain, because I recognised Jesus on the cross as being there. Thanks, I have learned a new thing now and what is that, that you must take your shoes of when you go there? Just like in Islam!

  9. Yes, Jesse and when you entered prayer mountain opposite his little house, there was written with white stones on the ground the word- Allah.
    One new year service they were singing a funny ‘christian’ song in scoan and all the christians there said to me Huh – what is that? I wondered myself? After that, I started to work for Muslims and as I went through their religious circles year by year, being exposed to Islam, I realised that it was actually a Muslim song he slipped in.
    I went back to look at the service again on the Internet and lo and behold, just after the song they showed 2 muslim women in the congregation with full Muslim attire on.!?

    • They came for deliverance you silly mug, with God, whether you are Muslim or Buddhism or Christian or someone like you, God loves you because he is your creator

  10. To me this picture of a chameleon portrays TB Joshua so beautifully.
    He is what you want him to be, looking back and forth to see who is after him a d spying on everyone and clinging to his ministry and his name and his disciple.

  11. Y do u waist ur tim talkin about afriend of GOD? I wil die following TB JOSHUA ,HE IS A FRIEND OF GOD. Stop sendin me ur critics against GODs sent.

    • You are right Kelvin, I don’t belong to SCOAN but I love this church, I love TBJ and his family and I love your words

    • @Carole (aka Science Watch)
      Nope, we just don’t tolerate multiple copies of the same post in reply to every other comment. Same reason you ended up banned from our facebook page.

  12. The scale man is completely a different person from the strange man they brought out to give testimony of his healing in the church. This is terrible, desperate and deceptive on the part of TB Joshua. Here are features of the scale man that conflict with the man on testimony stage. 1. The scale man is lighter in completion. 2. the scale man is younger in age. 3. The facial bone structure and the chest of the scale man is completely different from the man on stage. 4. the testimony of the scale man was that he was always cold and itchy while the testimony of the man on stage said his body used to be hot. He did not mention cold or itchy.

    • Use your senses, skin like that is itchy, and he did not have money for transport to come back very soon as you think, so by the time he came back for testimony, can he look like some years back? I never knew haters don’t think well, what they think is horrible things they can do or say

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