A statement from Willem Ouweneel on TB Joshua

foto-willem-j-ouweneelWillem Ouweneel is a Dutch biologist, philosopher and theologian and a well know figure in Dutch evangelical circles. In 2002 he visited SCOAN and wrote some positive articles about the experience, strongly endorsing TB Joshua and his ministry. He is probably the best known and most credible evangelical theologian to ever publicly endorse TB Joshua. Even 10 years later, SCOAN regularly put out articles on their numerous blogs using quotes from these articles to promote the ministry. Since Ouweneel had not written anything about TB Joshua for over 10 years, we thought we would get in contact to find out where he currently stands on the issue. He gave us the following statement to publish:

I do not endorse TBJ anymore, because:

  1. I have had no contact with SCOAN for more than ten years
  2. His irresponsible building activities, which cost more than 160 dear lives I believe  (Editors note: 116 deaths, but many more seriously injured)
  3. Very serious rumors about sexual harassment of collaborators.


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  1. This is major! I welcome Willem Ouweneel’s statement, however I do take note of his reasons for not endorsing TBJ anymore. It boils down this: take away sexual harassment rumors & the building collapse, his position would be unclear; meaning doctrinally/biblically he doesn’t see anything wrong with TBJ’s ministry, which is worrying. He said it himself in his endorsement:

    I am satisfied as to the integrity of T.B. Joshua’s ministry. I have no doubt about that. I asked him some difficult questions just to find out for myself about his personal honesty, and I have been satisfied as to that. Also I believe him to be thoroughly sound on all the basic doctrines of Christianity.

    Nonetheless I think it’s great he considers TBJ’s building activities irresponsible and also he is not dismissive of the many sexual harassment rumors, unlike some who get seduced into sympathizing with him [TBJ].

    • Yes, I agree with you. I am rather disappointed at Ouweneel’s responses, they’re everything else but doctrine, which is sad, especially for someone who has being an Evangelist for many years. tb joshua’s doctrine is so thoroughly unbiblical, though he ocassionally sprinkles a few biblical truths here and there.
      Furthermore, being an Evangelist doesn’t make you anymore equipped in Spiritual discernment, in fact i have noted that many Evangelists in America today have very poor discernment. Take for instance the recent incidence of Ravi Zacharias calling joyce meyer a true teacher, and Tony Evans with Ravi going to the apostate together conference of 2016. That’s just very very poor discernment or neglect of it.

      I exhort that we should all stick to the bible as our final authority, popular or famous evangelist are not themselves spared from deception,neither are they most equipped for Spiritual discernment, we have to study God’s word faithfully and grow in our own personal fellowship with our LORD, and He will grant us discernment

      • Agreed bro.
        The key element is this sprinkling of few biblical truths here & there. This is what hooks unsuspecting christians. Like they say; you don’t give a rat 100% poison, you mix it with good food so that he won’t realise he is being killed. The devil discovered this trick first. Mix truth with heresies & lies and “authenticate” with [false] miracles & the people will likely say…amen.

    • WARNING !!!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The scam on websites and Facebook called “tbjoshuawatch” was setup to destroy The Holy Scoan Church, Nigeria and the loving ministry of the holy Prophet TB Joshua. This fake websites dont allow any comments to be made that dont agree with their own satanic views on the holy work done by the Scoan church, Nigeria.

      The scam websites called “tbjoshuawatch” continuously and visously twist every good thing reported about the Scoan church.
      Recently they reacted viciously to verifiable evidence based reports that Dutch theologian Professor Willem Ouweneel and his daughter stayed stayed at the Scoan Church, Nigeria. The professor also said that he and his daughter was healed and much more.

  2. I just think/wish WO, shouldn’t have believed rumours, you wrote about what you saw, (witness) I think since he is your friend in the Lord, why did you not contact him about # 3. If you believe this, it means you believe every single rumour from long back before 2002, ok, PRAY FOR HIM.

  3. Wow. I’m glad he’s not supporting him anymore but I was kind of anticipating that a theologian would have some other problems with TBJ.

      • May be he had never interrogated TB Joshua’s doctrine thoroughly. Moral failure could be excused as well as negligence but the doctrine is inexcusable

      • Agreed @Vooke, doctrine is a major issue.

        Have you read his full statement of endorsement?

        I think he made unhealthy concessions in his earlier assessment, saying we mustn’t pick on certain things in his videos, but we must understand them in the “African context”. He also seemed to suggest that if you haven’t been there [SCOAN] it’s unfair for you to criticize TBJ based on his videos.

    • Many brave international theologians that are real truth seekers, listen to the the war against Prophet TB Joshua
      and then they do what what weaker persons cant do, they then act ! They act out of their love for truth !

      Persons that love truth use their money and time to inquire into something to see if it is true or false. It costs a lot of money and lots of days to get to the Scoan just to find out if the miracles and deliverances are real or fake.
      Below is a few independent persons that came examine TB Joshua before coming to a conclusion ;

      1) PROMINENT DUTCH THEOLOGIAN PROFESSOR WILLEM J. OUWENEEL ABOUT PROPHET T.B. JOSHUA AND THE SCOAN, LAGOS, NIGERIA. Professor Ouweneel holds doctorates in biology (Utrecht), philosophy (Amsterdam) and theology (Bloemfontein, RSA).

      2) Renowned global evangelist, P.S. Upthegrove’s who had successfully pastored AA Allen’s church as a minister.

      3) Group from New Zealand:
      Among our group there were three senior pastors, two evangelists and two men leading major Christian work in New Zealand. Between us we had 180 years of ministry.
      Our conclusion was that this is truly a work of God.

      4) The Religious Monitoring Group have investigated Joshua and the Synagogue, Church of All Nations and have concluded that he is a man of God.

      5) God only reveals His top secrets to those He loves. He revealed the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to Prophet Isaiah. In the same vein, Jesus Christ revealed who Prophet TB Joshua is to His beloved servant, late Prophet (Dr.) Akin Adewole, shepherd of the Celestial Church of Christ, Opopo Igbala Parish, Ikola Road, Ipaja, Lagos sometime in 1995.

      • @Science Watch
        1) If you don’t believe our statement above, it is easy to find his email online, contact him yourself.
        2) PS Upthegrove being a “renowned global evangelist” is a myth invented by SCOAN, he is virtually unknown outside of SCOAN circles, and his only claim to fame is his link to AA Allen.
        3) This is from over a decade ago before there was much known about TB Joshua, they were given the VIP treatment, shown a massively sanitised view of SCOAN and encouraged to write about their experience. I doubt any of them still endorse TB Joshua today.
        4) We have received very similar text from similar names as “The religious monitoring group” as comments several times in the past. They have no links to their website or anything to establish their credentials, we presume they are written by SCOAN insiders.
        5) Yeah, this is the same guy who “prophecied” the coming of Sun Myung Moon, great endorsement for TB Joshua!

      • Ouweneel is a very great integre man, and he heals, delivers and operates in the power of the Holy Spirit. He is at home with the top-secrets of God. His reply is very kind, because he knows much more then he exposes.

      • lol, its funny that you’re digging your own pit in this conversation; you’re listing an elaborate list of who’s who among false teachers.
        AA Allen was a false teacher/healer like tb joshua, Allen lived in perpetual sin, and was arrested on DUI, he died an unrepentant drunkard. So it is for all the people you’ve listed, they are all false teachers. This just goes to clearly solidify the truth that tb joshua and all his intimate friends are agents of the devil, out to deceive ignorant people who never open their Bibles

    • Dear M,

      Your comments show clearly your hatred for The Holy Scoan Church. You jealously say that you are disappointed because the world renowned theologian professor Willem Ouweneel had no problems with the miracles at The Holy Scoan Churh, Nigeria. Have you not read what the Professor had to say about his own healing and his daughters healing at the Scoan ?

      Professor Willem Ouweneel came to examine the Scoan more than once and stayed there for two weeks.
      He and his team left healed and with a new respect for the true works of God seen at the Scoan.

      BEWARE !!!!!!!! DONT BE FOOLED BY FOOLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ouweneel has said it all! Just understand what he says in Bibly way. Irresponsibility is no empty word, and the root of sexual haressement has a clear bibly consequense too. The cases of sexual abuse are no roamers, it are facts, and Ouweneel has treated and counseled at least 3 young women who discipled in Scoan. How much more evidence is needed to conclude that a preacher needs to do more then repentance? He just needs to lay-down his position and go home. , and find a job in laundery-buzziness.

    • Dear Jamie,

      It is very disappointing to see how easily so called “educated” people can be fooled by the lies they read. Proper education was meant to make the student strong enough to independently verify truth.

      It is very easy to see through the many lies about the Scoan church and their incredibly hard-working Prophet.
      The verifiable truth from the mouth of world renown Professor Willem Ouweneel can not be changed because satanists that own the scam website called ” tbjoshuawatch” want to destroy the blessed church called Scoan.

      Be careful, this Holy man has kindly warned that : ” Those ministers of God who go about condemning me rather than preaching the Gospel they are sent to preach, are doing themselves a great harm. The more they condemn me, the lesser their anointing become. Go round the country today and see what is happening. Those men of God who used to perform great signs and wonder have lost their anointing because of their blasphemies.”
      T. B. Joshua

  5. And as i have said before; TB Joshua can do with his powers , what he wants. It is a shamefull thing, that the women who are mis-handled and sexual abused by him, are not taken serious enough, and no-one to turn to for help, because the Christian Body wants not to know about this kind of events. They offer no remedy or recovery either And because the stories are bizar and about spiritual powers, hardly no-one is able to believe the women or to help them. Nevertheless, the consequenses of the haressements are tremendous harming and traumatizing. As i said; TB Joshua can do with his powers what he wants. And this is just a litle exposure of how ”what he wants”, looks in reality . The game he plays with the women, is hell-in-duplo.


      Professor Willem Ouweneel has never contacted or never will deal with scam sites like “tbjoshuawatch,”

      The Professor and his daughter, deeply respect the Holy Prophet TB Joshua after spending two weeks at Scoan Church. He and his daughter received healing and a mind-boggling experience of God’s work because of Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.

      Why dont you contact/ email the professor directly ? No you wont, because you will be disappointed when you find out how much love and respect the Professor has for this Holy Prophet.

      • @science watch, you just spoke about “independently verifying the truth”, instead of making bold claims about our article being false, why not “independently verify” and contact Willem yourself to ask. Surely you should at least do him the courtesy of warning him that people are “lying” about him online? His email address is easy to find on his website, that’s exactly how we got in contact. Come back with the answer.

  6. M:, A theologian should have something else to do with TB Joshua, then a collapsed building or sexual assaults? You think it is not enough to place questions on tb Joshua? How much dead, drama and trauma, do you need to reject and resist what Scoan is doing? People burried alife, and women mis-treated as worser then animals, and it is not enough yet? Ouweneel did not talked about; twisted doctrine, miserable profhesies, mis-use of the disciples potenties and destiny, money-mis-use, bribes, fake-deliverances, and the torment done to sick people who not get healed. A God-man with power, not in line with God and compromising almost all responsibilities needed for service to God, is a crazy danger, without any common sense and right mind.

  7. All of you who made negative and insulting comments about Prophey T B Joshua are nothing less than satanists in the kingdom of darkness in a mission to distroy. Its a pity that you are always working so hard to find anything from anybody that can discredit Prophet TB Joshua. What about those whom you paid to lie against him in the past and later came to apologise like Bisola and so called Pastor.

    The theologian you are talking about has no place in the things of the spirit and so his comments are of no value to us. Upthegroove is a Servant of God and his comments about TBJ are of value. So tell the theologian to save his meaningless hearsay comments to himself. T B JOSHUA WATCH GROUP, represented here by Jamie vooke and General you are trying so hard to destroy TBJoshua as usualyou have but you are failing. Everytime you see God lifting him up you get so jealous, and start insulting Prophet. Don’t you have parents? If you do please direct these insults to them.

    Pls you know all these are lies. Start investigating your parents because you might realise they need help to be delivered from sexually abusing people. Go insult your parents and leave Prophet alone. He is someone’s parent and Prophet.

    • @ all,

      Not even to think about it the polluted transfer of his own spiritual problems to the world with his encounter. The “power” that manifests through him is not clean and is what I have observed from it from Kundalini source and a mixture of others and occult.

      His so called “revelationary” manifestations are also rooted in to the Kundalini and occult. There are numerous psychics who read people with astounding accuracy as well divination as he does wirh Christian symantics. Such manifested also when Joseph was mentioning it in the Bible and also in Simon the sorcerer as well the girl with divination powers who was running after Paul.

      These powers are exploited by TB Joshua to deceive and are part of the familiar spirits and are the same sort of spirits that manifest in mestings AFTER he does call out to them when he first “implants” them. The same you see with John Chi. You see the “implantation” and then the “manifestation “. , Not sure if anyone under stands it. But do observe in slow motion and rewind and see I am trying to say. One of my own experiences where after being exposed to it I fell in a deep depressive notion at that time which I never had experienced before. This came through him and gave me the feeling that I had disappointed the Holy Spirit I was baptised with. It also resulted I was extremely I’ll for almost 6 weeks after that experience with a horrible cough that did not wanted to go away. It left permanently when I left SCOAN and the branches visits.

      He certainly is not my parent or prophet. And if he has you Mia under his control as being his slave then know you will never ever be able to stand upon your own two feet and be dependent upon hy sly moves and deception to keep you in his control. There is no such thing in the Kingdom of God that a mortal human should wield such power over another. You are now clearly a victim of being in a cult. How sad and how horrible this is. When he dies what are you going to do with your non existing autocratic life. It shows how far you have fallen already.

      • @Jesse I know the God that I serve and Prophet TB Joshua is a prophet of God. If you choose not to like him keep that to yourselves and stop insulting him. He owes you nothing. You want to SCOAN at your own will and you were not happy because of the prophecy he have your wife. Why are you using that against him. If the prophecy was embarassing as you said that was the voice of God. Why are you now on a mission to destry him. If you felt sick etc and later became ok after leaving SCOAN why are you still after him. Move on and leave him alone.

        You even wanted to take the London branch from him. We know who you are. You and your wife. Your continuous articles about T BJ are just causing you more harm. You are going mental because of all your insults. You don’t see that but we know that you are a mental case and you need help.

        You have gone back to your old life of drinking alcohol and wayward behaviour. You are destroying yourself and your childrens’ future. You need help.

      • @ Mia,

        You say you know the God you serve ? Apparently you have no insight into that. What is the standard that you measure yourself by ? Your own ? Oh dear.

        I will not stop exposing him as he is. He absolutely proved overtime to me what he really is like. And his actions of the last 2 years are volume expressing.

        No man of God would ever run towards Lawyers to represent him. He would stand himself into the dock and let God do the talking trough him.

        That is what my Bible teaches me, but not your Bible, so you don’t know God at all. We know that Paul was standing before the Magistrates, as well Jesus. Did you see any representative of the Law defending Jesus, Paul, Peter, John, John the Baptist, or any other major and minor prophet in the Bible ?

        I could tell you a lot more, but this setting is not permitting me this to do so.

        Your way of how you express yourself shows which god you run after. Which the god of money and the god of self fame. The god that TB Joshua puts in front of his cart to peddle himself forward.

        Far from being the men of God you think he is. It appalls me that you keep searching or even follow as such. If it was a true man of God, I would be standing on the forefront. I thought it was, until there was such a unrest inside of me and I wondered why this kept cropping up again and again. I prayed for years about it to see whether I was not misled into it. But the moment I left this environment the more I recognized that God Himself had taken me out. When you don’t feel that the Holy Spirit is allowing you any longer to be part of such, He takes care of a totally different route in your life. There are some amazing things unfolding me in the next couple of weeks in where I know that God has lead me to this and will guide me to the right place for that. Some amazing things have been unfolding already lately and it has nothing to do with your false private prophet and his cahoots but God Himself moving in and out for that purpose and His plan.

        That you are so drawn by all this stampede and silliness is absolutely beyond me. I find nothing spiritual about it since most of it is just a put on by those who attend. Did you see how he dealt with the man who had so called a cancer hip ? Man, if I was in his place I would have take my crutches and hit on his head with them. What a scandal it was. There was no evidence of anything he had such. He had just crutches. There was this girl also at this last crusade who started from being a cat clawing and meeoowing turning into a dog/wolf howling that even TB Joshua himself had to stop it real quickly and mumble before himself that he so called is a law abiding citizen to cut this ridiculous display himself. Oh my, my, what was he pulling there ? Illegal buildings, without building permits, telling lie after lie in so many situations. Does not want to come up when he is addressed to come to Court and then telling you he is a law abiding citizen ???? !!!!! Absolutely crazy and appalling. And you believe it hook, line and sinker that he is such a great person. I can’t believe you are so blind to it. It’s so thick on top of it that an illiterate law observer knows immediately that he just pulled a quicky on that one and used money to get away with it. After all it’s just a business. Why is he not going to all the slums of the world and make them rich and heal them and change the place so they can move up the ladder instead of living on a dollar a day. There a plenty in Nigeria. I wonder if had some prediction about this Japanese guy that claimed he was stopping WWIII by stabbing people in care home. Instead he is in Korea doing things that I find weird. So to speak all the healings are happening there, but when you come yourself, nothing is happening. Absolutely nothing.

        But enjoy being drawn into it, I am out and stay out. The world absolutely needs more clowns to make a laugh.

    • If we’re satanists, what are you doing here? It is people like you who give us the continuous burden to want to expose this foolish charlatan more and more. We don’t believe you will ever change by yourself; only GOD can open your heart and draw you to salvation. However, we will imagine that, at least with the natural, thinking mind that God has given you, even as an unbeliever you should be able to identify tb joshua as absurdly deceptive, false teacher

  8. Waistin your time criticisin a friend of GOD ,y takin GODs role? Do not judge. Who do follow you and do what you are doing to GODs sent .. PROPHET TB JOSHUA,AFRIEND OF GOD. ONCE AGAIN STOP SENDING YOUR CRITICS TO ME,I LOVE HIM ( PROPHET TB JOSHUA ) your critics wont yield nothing to me stop sending me your smell messages

  9. @Jesse please look for a job and be part of a productive society. Loittering around crafting lies about Prophet T BJ is waste of time. Sooner or later you will be eating from rubbish bins Leif you not yet started. Surely that would be a blow to your children’s future. Get a life.

    • Mia. are you illiterated? Born blind? You are not able to discern right form wrong? Ask your beloved profhet, to help you out. People as you , are meaningless. There is a God, who invites you to come to Him.

      • Soon you will because you are not a child of God. No child of God utter awuful words like you people. Your father Satan is however happy bcuz you are doing his job very well

    • @ Mia,

      What makes you think I don’t have a job ? How do you think I pay for the internet ? Every time you make me laugh out loud in thinking I am just a scrounger. I travel the world. Where do you think I am paying that from huh ?

  10. I just did some research about this Mr. Willem Ouweneel online. It turns out that his very own daughter was healed of infertility after visiting TB Joshua. That means while he might be able to change his opinion about TB Joshua he can never change the fact that he is now a grandfather because of what God used him to do.

    • That is just such a joke. You know you can go to Shamans, or even to Jamaica to the Obeaman/woman, Voodoo practitioners and those down under in Australia and New Zealand Aborigines and get exactly the same result. Do some more research will you now. I can’t be doing all your home work is it ?

      • What are you saying? Was it a joke when God opened the wombs of Sarah and Hannah in Bible?

      • Jesse you are a looser and as I said before go check yourself into a rehab coz you are not normal

      • Michael, Mia,

        Many people go to Shamans, Obea women/men Aborigines to do the same. You have no idea.

  11. Willem Ouweneel’s arguments do not really stand as a theologian. He obviously hurriedly jotted them down without giving proper thought.

    Firstly, the fact that he has had no contact with SCOAN in ten years – does that have any relevance as to whether T.B. Joshua is a man of God or not? Was he expecting SCOAN to be contacting him or a regular basis or what? Is that a reason not to endorse him? I believe if he had ever written to SCOAN himself during that period and requested to visit again, he would have been obliged. Why would The SCOAN not want to invite him back? So, I don’t see that as an objective reason not to endorse him. Perhaps he is nursing some personal offence because he was expecting SCOAN to keep calling him – this has made him not to be able to judge objectively.

    Secondly. the fact that his building collapsed – is that a reason not to endorse him as a man of God? Job’s house collapsed on his children – was that a reason to doubt his integrity? Even if has been proven that perhaps he did not get the right building permits or that his staff were not proficient enough, is that a reason alone not to endorse him?

    Thirdly, there are rumours about every pastor, [or almost every pastor] who is making a difference. The Bible even states it that you will experience persecution, false accusations, etc. as a believer, a child of God. So, the fact that there are rumours of such further proves the authenticity of a minister of God unless of course proven guilty. The question is, has T.B. Joshua ever been convicted of such a crime or been found guilty? Out of the hundreds of evangelists that have stayed with him over the years, many of whom have moved on, what percentage have complained of such allegations? And those that do complain, if they are so convinced, why do they not pursue their case? Perhaps they have some sort of ulterior motive and their main aim is only to paint his name black.

    Anyway, all I know is that the above three reasons cannot really be taken as a stand by a prominent theologian, especially one of the calibre of Willem Ouweneel. In the absence of a proper statement from the horses mouth, so to speak. I objectively and independently would rather tend to believe his endorsements of T.B. Joshua which are comprehensive and reflective and which represent his status as a credible author and theologian.

    • John,

      I can’t believe you are comparing Job, a true RIGHTEOUS MAN of the face of the earth with a serial liar and conman, that uses and extracts money with tricks from others to keep sitting in the saddle and rule a business ! Bah, you disgust me ! How dare you to compare as such.

      Have you looked around ? There are millions of Philanthropists. I have given several examples in diverse posts here. They worked for it. TB Joshua is blabbering, have some actors pop up in his crowd which he first implants and then let them manifest by his so called “prayers”. I have watched them so many times and if you say like others that we are agents of Satan, then we all would be delivered now. lol. So funny. Except we are not on TB Joshua’s payroll.hahaha. Then hold up his hand and go home with the collection plate to run his business empire and try to be great and famous with it. Has the media endorse him who are working for him to make more money. I am not against money but I am against how he uses it. And it is very far away of what Jesus did with it. Jesus manifested money out of nothing in a fish and sent Peter to fetch it. Or bread and even fish. Supernaturally. Walked on water. Fed again another crowd with small amount of bread and fish again. Walked along the path rubbing wheat grains and ate them with his followers, made high quality wine out of water, silenced storms, healed lepers instantly while walking to the priests to check their condition out, remotely healed by one word, delivered instantly a legion of demons of men, forgave sins, a master theologian on which Willem Oweneel was shod on, revealed the destiny of the Temple, cried over Jerusalem, was an incredible child above measure in knowledge, understanding and wisdom, died and was resurrected. All things that TB Joshua is mimicking as a grand actor and is an impostor of the real thing Who God is, by sending off people to unknown destiny and come back weeks later being healed likely by hospital medication and treatment under payment from him and more false healing and deliverance with half an hour interrogation which was nowhere to be seen in that form when Jesus did it. The demons spoke voluntarily, Jesus did not ask, Jesus was not asking Legion, Jesus was asking the NAME of the possessed man but the demons spoke instead. It’s impossible to put all these things in one person simply it just does not exist. Hence you see all their pride. And pride is not from God. Your pride as well. And who are you ? Nobody. Same for Mia and whoever defends this fraud. You are nobody. You all are nincompoops in the fad of TB Joshua payroll. Taraaa

      • You are all bitter and full of hatred for the true prophet of God period. But tell you what, you will never succeed in destroying Prophet T BJ. Instead you are destroying yourselves.

      • How do we destroy ourselves ? Don’t you see we go everywhere and do everything and laugh in the face of this charlatan every day. We go on for years and years. And decades pass and still we are going and moving. Oh Pullease stop with all your empty threats that go nowhere. Its only in your head.

  12. WILLEM J. OUWENEEL also granted an extensive interview in which he defends his position on T.B. Joshua, and challenges all those who criticize him based on hearsay alone. http://www.bruederbewegung.de/personen/interviews/ouweneel4.html He equally published a book, titled: ‘T.B. Joshua: The Biography, Theology and Ministry of Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua of Lagos, Nigeria’ in which he provides answers to critics based on a thorough analysis he made on the ministry of T.B. Joshua during frequent visits to The SCOAN. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15496082-t-b-joshua

    Professor Ouweneel holds doctorates in biology (Utrecht), philosophy (Amsterdam) and theology (Bloemfontein, RSA). He is a theology and philosophy professor at several colleges and theological faculties. He is the author of over 100 books. He lives in the Netherlands, where he was born.


    10 August 2002
    “I come from a Brethren background and not a charismatic background. So naturally I was a bit reluctant to go to Nigeria, but my daughter went there several times and she gave me the message that T.B. Joshua was interested in seeing me, although she had not told him anything about me. So I went there twice, once for five days in March 2002, and once for ten days in June 2002, and I hope to go there again in October 2002.

    I was very much impressed by what I saw, heard and experienced there. Not so much only in seeing the miracles that happened and the sermons that were given, but particularly the spiritual experience in my own soul when I was there. That is something that everyone who doesn’t go there in person will miss. You will not experience personally what it is to be at such a sacred place where I felt the Lord’s presence in a particular way and where He spoke to me on things that He had not spoken on to me previously in such a powerful way.

    Another thing that people will not experience if they don’t go there is what kind of person T.B. Joshua is in himself. I had the opportunity of several indepth conversations with him. People who don’t go there will also not notice the spiritual atmosphere of the meetings and the godly impact that he has on people who are there. I was there with a Dutch group and I spoke with the other guests who were there, all of whom were very touched. To me this was a tremendous experience.

    I may have my question marks on certain things that happened there because I don’t understand them; I am a European and not an African. I have question marks on certain things in his sermons. But having questions is very different from having major criticisms that would condemn the man and his ministry altogether. Besides, some of those questions have been answered in the meantime to my full satisfaction.

    I have seen many of the criticisms on websites and in newspapers and am very angry with some of the criticisms as they are totally unfair and just repeating the mistakes (or even lies) others have made. They are people who are not in a position to really judge, people who pick on certain sentences in sermons which they do not understand in the African context and in the context of the rest of his ministry. That is a very cheap way of criticizing. It reminds me very strongly on what the Pharisees did who judged the Lord Jesus from their own framework of thought and put him in the category of the devil (Matthew 12).

    I think we should be very careful, on the one hand not to be misled by satan. That is absolutely true. But on the other hand, when we see God working, to attribute that to satan is just as bad. There are many who have not been there, who did not have the spiritual experience of the place and who only in a rational, critical, theological way pick on certain things that they have seen on videos or read in the sermons, things they don’t see in their own proper context. That is very unfair to say the least and in some cases I really wonder whether the critics are not under demonic influences themselves, when I look at the harshness and unfairness with which they criticize.

    I am satisfied as to the integrity of T.B. Joshua’s ministry. I have no doubt about that. I asked him some difficult questions just to find out for myself about his personal honesty, and I have been satisfied as to that. Also I believe him to be thoroughly sound on all the basic doctrines of Christianity. It is only when people consciously or unconsciously misread certain statements that misunderstandings and mean insinuations are born. But you can do that with anyone’s ministry, take sermons apart and condemn the preacher. That has been done with T.B. Joshua. But on the whole he is absolutely sound when it comes to all the major points of Christian doctrine.

    His ministry is unusual but if God is pleased in these last days to raise a man in such an outward place in Africa in the way he has done to T.B. Joshua, that is His absolute sovereignty. We should be very careful in our western context to judge that simply because it is different from what we are used to or what fits into our own paradigms and our own frameworks of thought. Rather we should be prepared to have God overthrow our own frameworks of thoughts in the light of Scripture, instead of us judging things because they do not fit out preconceived ideas.

    I have gone over many of his written sermons and I have heard some of his sermons. English is not his native language, just as it is not mine, and some of the formulations certainly could give rise to misunderstandings. I realize that, but when you learn to understand the whole of his ministry more, you also begin to understand those formulations that at first were strange and you understand much better what he actually was saying. Lots of things that are attributed to him are based on this type of superficial reading. So on the whole I am absolutely convinced his written and spoken ministry is sound if you allow for certain weak formulations that indeed may give rise to misunderstanding if they are taken out of context or if your survey is only of a superficial nature.

    I pray that God will further bless brother T.B. Joshua, and will open the eyes of his critics.”

    Willem J. Ouweneel

    It is surprising that now, Willem J. Ouweneel claims to no longer endorse T.B. Joshua because of the SCOAN building incident of September 2014. It seems unprofessional that a theologian would change his biblical view on a man of God just because of the unfortunate tragedy and the persecution that followed.

      • Spot on @tbjoshuawatch. They are hurt because much as they may pretend, they are desperate for validation from reliable men.

        Opinions can and do change. What he is saying now is what reflects his current view on TB Joshua. Think about Paul. For years he was fighting Christ, then he was busy dying daily for him.

        When did his opinion change? I would place that on the last time he visited SCOAN or wrote about TB Joshua. Over ten years apparently. Else he’d have visited more. Why endorse a ministry and then keep off for a decade?

      • Not really in SCOAN we don’t stress we relax. Just that you have always believed no one can respond to your demonic attacks on Prophet T BJ. This time true children of God are on your neck.

      • @Mia
        CC: @John

        A certain wise woman once said there are basically 2 methods to count sheep;
        Method 1. Count the heads
        Method 2. Count the legs & divide by 4.

        The second method is long & tedious & more likely to give errors.

        The way I see it is like this: @John used method 2 to essentially arrive at the same conclusion at which you would have probably used method 1. You @Mia are of the view that articles on this blog are a lie. In a convoluted way @John has essentially said the same thing about the statement in question.

        The seriousness of SCOAN building collapse may be taken for granted by SCOANites, who are all too happy to sympathize with their false prophet instead of the actual victims & their families; forget accountability, TBJ is above that. The rest of the world doesn’t think like this. There are sober minds out there who can see through TBJ’s nonsensical claims of “controlled demolition” & “infrasonic weapon”. It is not logical to imagine that just because Ouweneel thoroughly endorsed TBJ some 14 years ago, therefore it should be unbelievable & impossible for him to label TBJ as irresponsible about the building fiasco, and as a result cease to endorse him.

        The article doesn’t claim that Ouweneel changed his biblical view on TBJ. If you can read the comments you will see that most of us picked that up. Biblically it is unclear where he stands. What is clear is how he feels about the building collapse & the many sexual harassment rumors; he takes these seriously to the extent that he would cease to endorse TBJ. There is nothing unprofessional about this. It doesn’t make sense why @John thinks this is surprising.

        I know of 3 different views on TBJ; there are people who think;
        (a) he was & still is a man of God
        (b) he started off well but has recently fallen
        (c) he never was & still isn’t a man of God

        I subscribe to (c). A certain fellow called @JustBloggingTruth subscribes to (b). It is not impossible for Ouweneel to subscribe to (b). But even this is uncomfortable for SCOANites so they would rather have him perpetually subscribe to (a) and the only way is to rubbish the statement in question, a pattern we see from SCOANites over & over again on this blog.

        So really there’s nothing new here. The only difference is that unlike @John, you @Mia seem to believe that the statement is genuine though, hence you belittle Ouweneel.

        Since you are lamenting “…the absence of a proper statement from the horses mouth…”,
        my only recommendation is that you take up the challenge from @tbjoshuawatch: “If you don’t believe the statement, his email address is easy to find online, ask him yourself!” If you think about, it quoting a statement from 14 years ago doesn’t really prove that the statement in question is fake. To some extent it only shows denialism. The only way for you to really prove your case is to take up @tbjoshuawatch’s challenge.

  13. At the time of the writing by Ouweneel, he did not had enough insights of what was going on in Scoan. He responds as a typical tolerant and non-rascistic western man. The power of God is every-where the same. The Netherlands has Power-ministeries at this moment, and they dont abuse, mis-use, dis-humanize, and mis-lead people. The preachers are humble, eager and normal in their behaviors,, and preach the true Gospel. . The Power-churches of africa are dictatorial, legalistic, oppressive and abusive and mostly rascistic, blaming every-one for their troubles and misery. Let africans take care of their own buzziness, and ideas of what a church of God should look like, and we as western will do the same. Just have a life, and you will have no time again for the nonsence of Scoan.

    • Finally @Jemie your true colors are showing. You are racists and I still repeat that you wanted to take over the London brach from TB Joshua. You turned blacks into slaves making them take care of your children clean your house your clothes etc. You were suppose to be pastoring the branch but you instead started changing the name of the church and the procedures because you believed a black person can not lead you. You are thieves you and your husband. Thieves thieves thieves!!!!!!!

  14. As Humans and spirit-beings created by God, ourselves and bona-fide citizens of the Universe, shall we look beyond TBJ and his exploits, good or bad, by stop casting the ‘first stones’; for alternative?

    • We are doing that already; looking at deliverance of the utterly deluded. That’s the alternative.

      You can sit there and bemoan deception while fantasizing of a deception-free world, or you can actually do something about it.

      For your information, all of us here are extremely busy living and serving God. But on top of that, we take time to expose works of darkness.

      I really wish you can ask TB Joshua for an alternative to dancing on the graves of victims of tragedies

    • @ Dan,

      What are you suggesting ? Accepting the fact that he allowed to built the hostel illegally and without building permit ? Which man of God or even prophet does this ? It only showed that he got away with is personal agenda and not God’s agenda. Because God does not add any sorrow to His blessings. You can find that scripture in the Bible. Who wants to walk around knowing you disobeyed God ? Because that is exactly what he did. Or it was his own agenda after all. Even up today. How many businesses are running without God ? IBM, Apple, Zurich Insurances, Boeing, Airbus, Hathaway ? You name it. When you know how to use money and have the right people in place. You can run a place up to a T as long the money comes in and how to use it.

  15. Who is Willem Ouweneel. is a white man the only true and reliable to give credit and give discredit. Does he hear from God or what? As for TB Joshua he is not the highest pastor to make money from his congregation and not the highest in nigeria either.

    • @Patrick Warona Weeme
      SCOAN put a huge emphasis on endorsements from “white”/western ministries. Ouweneel is one, CS Upthegrove is another, there is the New Zealand group that has been mentioned in this thread, you can find videos they’ve put out of Benny Hinn greeting SCOAN (not quite an endorsement). Can you think of any black pastors who’s endorsement SCOAN has published? I can’t. That’s a reflection on SCOAN, not on us. Make of it what you will.

      • @Patrick
        If you think that is the same as what we’re talking about, you’ve completely misunderstood the point. Look at how many articles on pro SCOAN reference mention Ouweneel, Bill Subritzky or CS Upthegrove, using their supposed “authority” as an endorsement for TB Joshua. Now find me a black pastor being used by them in the same way. I’m not talking about a black pastor giving a testimony like anyone else does.

  16. Patrick, Highest pastor? We live by the New Testaments-covenant, we are christians, they have no ”highest” pastor. You are talking about the rules of religion. They have highest pastors, or whatever they believe what highest means. I do hear from God, and God warned me for TB Joshua. TB Joshua nearly killed me. By his powers. ” to see if i was realy of God””. Do you want to know how he did it,? And what happened to me after it? About some time i will be on internet with a detailed exposure of my expereinces with ”powers” of God, in the hands of hell-haunts and legalistic yerks.

  17. Before editing –

    Before this disciple left scoan

    Benny Hinn interview Emmanuel.tv 20091115

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    After this disciple left scoan –

    Pastor Benny Hinn – Keep Watching Emmanuel TV – SCOAN

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