TB Joshua claims his prayers saved 1000+ people from being killed in Nice

84 people were killed in Nice, when a truck driver rammed into the parade.

84 people were killed in Nice, when a truck driver rammed into the parade.

In a clip posted on youtube from the 17th of July SCOAN service, TB Joshua claims that he was praying constantly for France in the days leading up to the Nice truck attack. He spends about 5 minutes bragging about how God had shown him exactly what was going to happen, but he was not permitted to name the country (because God lets him in to secrets, but not mere mortals like his congregation of course), not once does he express any sympathy for those who lost their lives in the horrific attack, because it’s not really about them – it’s about him, and his incredible ability to see the future. That’s what is important isn’t it? At around 1:40 in the video, he says the following:

What I saw would have happened if not for prayer, would have killed at least 1500 people. The bomb in the vehicle would have killed a thousand people and everybody.

There’s only one problem with this statement. There was no bomb on the truck. How do you reconcile his bold statements claiming he saw all of this happening days before, with the fact he doesn’t even know exactly what happened after the event has taken place? The very thing he claims his prayers averted never even existed in the first place.

As horrific as the Nice attacks were, it still wasn’t as deadly as the collapse of his building. That’s the only deadly event he should be focusing on now, ensuring the investigation into it can be completed unhindered and the families can receive answers.

60 thoughts on “TB Joshua claims his prayers saved 1000+ people from being killed in Nice

  1. T B Joshua is just an ordinary conman, an ordinary false prophet! Only those who are biblically ignorant think he is a “man of God.” Even anyone with a little common sense can see through his lies and deceit. Shame on you, T B Joshua, may the Lord open the eyes of these blind people and deliver them out of your hands.

  2. I personally do not understand why any one with just common sense would believe that this man has anything to do with God and Jesus Christ. His deception, fakery, and occult practice is so obvious that one would think by now he would not be having more than 20 members in his Church. Why can’t people understand that he is an agent of devil? The crashing of his building under his nose killing 116 innocent souls is more than enough to convince his followers that TB Joshua is a dangerous man who is out to distort and nullify the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The crashing of his satanic building which he used to extort money from his gullible followers was not just an accident but a sign from almighty God to show that He God, does not know TB Joshua. By now one would think that he should bury himself in shame but yet he is still running his mouth all over the places. I recently stumbled into documentation of an account of a pastor in Uganda who have had an encounter with those connected to TB Joshua. Please take your time and patience to read through the revelation. Here is the link. http://www.soulwinners.com.au/underwater_men_17.html
    One must be patient to read through this horrible information about TB Joshua and his deadly plan to cause havoc in the gospel of Christ. Be well informed and be warned!!!!!

    • I highly exhort that we stick to the Bible as final authority, very solemnly, humbly and prayerfully. We don’t need the testimony of another man to tell us that tb joshua is a foolish charlatan. Also, most of the people on the link you gave have very twisted theologies themselves and are most likely not believers. We don’t need the testimony of another false teacher to tell us that a false teacher is false. If you’re a Christian, study the bible, humbly believe and obey God’s word, and use it to test the spirit of those who preach the gospel (1John 4:1). God’s word is sufficient for exhortation and Spiritual discernment

  3. Keep on watching Emmanuel TV! At least you are watching the SCOAN services and as you watch you are slowly mentally deteriorating and soon you will be admitted at mental hospital. Just keep on using different names yet we know who you are. Calling yourselves evangelist it’s even exposing you more because no real Evamgelist can use such language. Keep watching Emmanuel TV.

    • Billions of people watching ETV could have already been sent to mental hospitals, why are you still there, not in the hospital, you also watch it, don’t you? don’t deny because I will ask you how come you know every thing about ETV? Keep watching ETV Mia, I am watching this side, if watching this channel is sin, you are also a sinner, watch your finger pointing at people

  4. I compare those who believe in TBj’s Prophesies to the children who believe in tooth Santa Christmas and the tooth ferries. They are yet to grow up, or perhaps they will never out grow it

    • It is not everyone that says to me, ‘My Lord, my Lord”, who enters the Kingdom of Heaven, but whoever does the will of my Father who is in Heaven. Many will say to me in that day, ‘My Lord, my Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, and in your name have cast out demons, and have done many mighty works in your name?’ And then I will confess to them, ‘I have never known you, remove yourselves far from me, you workers of evil.’

  5. In all fairness, @justwonder I believe this site is not about islamophobia but only about telling the truth and unmasking the charlatan, his mission and his deception. That’s a kick below the belt. Focus on the prize and not get sidetracked by other myriad things that happen in this revolving earth lest we lose it. That’s my two cents.

    • @Fatima I personally think you are now wrong to call Jesse an African demon.I think we all know that the true meaning of this site is to correct one another with one pure interest to bring back God’s Glory not to insults.I love you Fatima!! God bless

    • I will not ask for Jes -zero if it was me. That guy make a loud noise by just his comments. For sure I know tbjw is a devil’s agent in short he is called watch-Lakosi but for Jesse he is a fool who does not have a stand. Both God and the devil do not recognise him. The same kind of people who turn to a straying ghost after they die because will be rejected by both heaven and hell.

  6. I dearly understand the passion of defending what you believe in,and I understand the frustration-cum-annoyance it carries.so lets try not to allow our hearts to drive us,yes I know many people who are here were personally given revelations with God about Tb Joshua that He’s just an Agent the domain of darkness.but then lets ask the very same God to give us words to communicate out what we know about this modern false prophet.on another note,I’ve been doing analysis of those who claim that Tb Joshua is a true man of God,most of them they don’t want to engage biblically as to support their convictions,instead they throw tantrums.so TJWatch lets not be intimidated by such a barbaric behavior.Loads of love for TBJ WATCH.

  7. I gues they fell short of faith again, at Scoan, while they prayed for Nice. So God could only do half a work. TB Joshua please; do something of value with your time,, your rubbisch is becoming boring. And no, why should Tb Joshua have heart for victums? He once told me, that if you had seen enough misery, you would become as iron too it. His goal is, to have as much as gain out of the troubles of humans. One magical touch of master TB Joshua, and your life will sure never be the same again. He is not even able to understand the Bible. It is a life-long question for his confused mind; ”what did Jezus realy say””?

  8. TB Joshua is not even receiving visions from demons. Trust me demons are smart enough to know there was no bomb in the truck. This is all a figment of his imagination.

    • @vooke absolutely. I’ve not seen anything that had conclusively led me to believe he has genuine “powers” of any sort. Clever manipulator and deceiver, sure – but powers? Nah…

      • If the nations of South Korea, who does not even speak English can organise a crusade for Prophet TB joshua and also bring along their sick people then those people have seen seen something extra ordinary from the Man, which you are denying. ask South Korea why they are faking miracles and what is their rewards in their country.

  9. Think about a young man whose upbringing is traced from lashes of poverty.having no access to get an opportunity to go and further something academically.He’s from a community-cum-nation regarded as the number 1 world scammers.In the early phase of his life is WRONGLY introduced into the the spirit world by gods.after having an access to the world of the spirits,this man learn the skill,I mean the art of MANIPULATING the entire world regardless of your state,rich,poor,educated or not educated through HYPNOTISM of gods.this man started this as a hobby while He was still young,poor and unknown.but then,this art cause marvel to many,He amended it by using some poor bible ideas to label this as something from God.Christians and non-Christians marvelled to this so called young man of God,on another note He got recognition,money,power.this young man now He’s bold,confidence show up.Wow!! Even head of states seems to believe this man,for they visit him now and then.on the other hand,the body of Christ is confused,divided,angry for the strange anointing is going rampart inside the beautiful church of Christ.this man seems as if He doesn’t care much about the eternal condemnation of his soul,for he decided to sell it the minute he took a decision to run his business.In the process many innocent souls were ruthlessly sold to devil though its very hidden to them.He’s arrogant,selfish,cunningly doing anything to advance his purpose in life.the man goes…goes on…goes on…mysteriously His name appears at Forbes.wow!!! He’s super rich.do you think such a soul can repent??

    • Yolanda, well said! No, such a man does not repent, they believe they can do no wrong, they see the wrongs only in others. , even when there is no wrong (no bomb). TB Joshua is experts in; ”seeing” what we dont see, and he calls it ”profhetic vision””, while we call it; indoctrination and the sad thing is, he wants the attention, even when what he is ”seeing” is just blurry-rubbisch. Witch-craft-mentality,. A real profhetic voice, will do exploits and be very carefull in how to speack forth.

      • Again…
        It is not everyone that says to me, ‘My Lord, my Lord”, who enters the Kingdom of Heaven, but whoever does the will of my Father who is in Heaven. 22Many will say to me in that day, ‘My Lord, my Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, and in your name have cast out demons, and have done many mighty works in your name?’ 23And then I will confess to them, ‘I have never known you, remove yourselves far from me, you workers of evil.’

  10. The whole circus of TB Joshua, is an insult to Gods righteous path. A deep insult, to a God who is Great and Good. Christianity is full of ”self-ordained pastors and profhets”, who pull themself out of the slumbs, and preach the Gospel. I believe there are real ones, called and touched by God., and there are counterfits, who make a living by the misery of others. There is world-wide a tremendous mis-use of the Power of God. Immaturity of the preachers and lack of understanding of the Holy Spirit, and ignorance about the consequenses of messing around with the Holynes of God.

  11. “He’s from a community-cum-nation regarded as the number 1 world scammers.”No! Yolanda.pls!! there are many Nigerians on these forum.

  12. @Nero: I said that not with any disrespect for Naija people as a whole as I personally and dearly admire Nigeria,without the few elects of God from Nigeria yolanda wouldn’t be this Yolanda she is today in the knowledge of God.but carefully looking to my previous context,my point is and will be the cunningness and tricks being used by TB Joshua for personal benefits and vanity.I’ve got loads of respect and love for people of Nigeria as a nation!!

    • Ask Jesus Christ the same question? He was asked by lawyers and priests the same question before.

    • dont use this article as a means to learn the bible, read it yourself all answers are there dont be ignorant!!

  13. tbjw…..after 5 solid years of criticising the MAN OF GOD ardently…u can’t even generatel traffic of even 8 different people commenting on your ridiculous posts…..smh. DONT HUNT WHAT YOU CANNOT KILL!!! God is gradually fading all u envy guys out while He is LIFTING UP PROPHET TB JOSHUA!!! KEEP WATCHING EMMANUEL TV!!! but pls do mot have myocardial infarction.

  14. Paul defended the truth .Peter fought tooth and nail for the Gospel and@Kafui is sweating for EMMANUEL TV SHOW.wow!!

  15. @yolande a.k.a Jesse

    is so funny that after we expose your trueself and stupidity on your baseless accusation and insult against the Man of God these is what you resort to, come under a different name:
    1. On the 17th July under article: TB Joshua failed to pprevent Nice attack I strongly expose your foolishness that I will not even respond to your foolish argument.
    2. On 24th July under article: are TB Joshua’s miracles real? you introduced yourself as YOLANDE from South Africa and the only respose you made as Yolande was only yourself Jesse, since your value under Jesse has expired and failed and we no longer respond to your stupidity comments.
    3. Now in this article alone, as Yolande you appeared when self defending Jesse who seemed to be quite and has since registered about 8 comments. i said before that all these 5 people who always attack and insult TB Joshua might also be tbjwatch as himself, no sound christian can do this.

  16. @Patrick warona keeme”…I Strongly expose your foolishness…” Thanks Patrick for exposing my foolishness.You deserve a standing ovation,hope Tb Joshua is your next clientele

  17. PRAYER FOR SCOANITES; In the name of our lord Jesus Christ Father I pray for a special grace.I speak an abundance of your grace to open every single man and woman who faithfully seek your will but but bound at scoan by the power of TB Joshua.You have showed us lord the wicked practice of that snake at scoan in a pretence of being your prophet but selling souls to devils. And by the very same power that opened our eyes you can open open TB Joshua followers too.I speak a release of your angels lord to visit each and every scoanites now in Jesus name.I break every chain,every stubbornness which is hindering your spirit word to fully operate on them.I speak the unveiling of truth to them,as you have said Jesus “If we know the truth,the truth will set us free” I speak freedom to scoanites tonight.Let the person of Jesus be Revealed to them.I speak forth the the spirit of revelation to fully operate on them lord.amen!

    • if a snake remove its scales to renew itself it does not turn to something else but remain the same snake

      • On another note and with all fairness.I’ve been condescending from day one down to your domain thrice a day@Patrick waroma keeme.last night I stooped to lift you up twice.tell me how many times should I strip off my dignity to deal with your uncultivated state of reasoning?

  18. Oh Lord Almighty…thank you for granting your Spiritual Words in Psalm 91 to come to pass in the life of your humble servant Prophet TB Joshua. Indeed you are Lord our God.Amen!

    • That’s really clear is it not on 12th September 2014. It did not work at all despite the lying fake prophecy of CS Upthegrove. Because SCOAN are liars, deceivers and scammers. God knew that and still knows it, you will be hold accountable. Then use Lawyers to get away with it and bribe monies and drag heels and stall all procedings. You all are disgusting, Kafui.

    • Psalm 91’s words is wasted on false private lying deceiving who take other people’s money and show off and hinder the course of Jusrice by hiding behind lawyers instead of God’s Word. You all are a sham by taking recourse of the world’s system.

  19. Today its Sunday again!! Be warned not to visit SCOAN CHURCH.its a scam.thank you in advance y’all family for taking my Warning!

  20. Here is a very good article I came upon this morning, talking biblically about how to discern false teachers.


    It addresses so well, how some false teachers may initially appear to be true ministers in their early ministries, but then with time they deviate radically from the truth, so that it is clear who they really are, agents of darkness

    I love how the writer in the article puts it>>
    false teachers are false not only in their teachings, but also in their living

    I even go further to say that false teachers are first and foremost false in their living, before they become evidently false in their teachings

    That’s why we usually have a difficult time discern false teachers during their early ministries, because they can do a very good job of camouflaging their false teachings and pretending to hold on to fundamental biblical doctrines.

    It is much easier to profess good biblical doctrine with your mouth and pretend to hold on to good teachings, but if you’re truly a false teacher, no matter how much you teach good, biblically sound truths, your heart remains false, and your deeds will always be evidently evil

    But it is much harder to camouflage your character, Holiness cannot be faked successfully, so most of these false teachers already have evidence of being unregenerate from day 1 of their ministries, but the problem is, we don’t live with them, so we can’t easily tell

    That’s why we must rely on prayerful and dedicate study of scripture and the guidance of our LORD, to grant us Spiritual discernment to identify false teachers early before their deeds are made evident

    That’s actually why Jude warned us to be very vigilant in the last days, when he said many false teachers will enter our Churches silently, hiddenly (Jude 4)

    And Peter also emphasized that false teachers will introduce destructive heresies, SECRETLY, meaning in a very subtle manner that requires very good discernment to identify (2Peter 2:1)

    False teachers will be able to perform satanic miracles to deceive if possible, even the elect (Matthew 24;24)

    But glory be to our LORD who will never let us be deceived continually, GOD will gradually allow the falseness of false teachers to be exposed, gradually with time so that it may become more evident who they really are

    However, I think one of the most lacking discipline in our Churches today is Spiritual Discernment, there is too much lack of Spiritual discernment among believers,
    most Believers today are too gullible and tolerant of all types of teachings, and that’s primarily because they don’t study the Bible fervently and frequently

    Even worse, some believers don’t even like to practice Spiritual discernment, they just believe and trust in anyone they listen to, without taking the time to test the their spirit (1John 4:1)

    This is bad because this is what contributes to the propagation and intrusion of false teachers into our midst;
    it is because Spiritual discernment is lacking even among true ministers of the Church, who are quick to welcome and endorse false teachers, that these false teachers have easier access to our Churches

    If we were all as diligent as the faithful Bereans, who diligently tested the truthfulness of every teacher, including the great Apostle Paul, if we were all as faithful as the Bereans, our Churches would be more biblically sound, faithful to our LORD and protected from these destructive heresies

    That’s why Spiritual Discernment is so crucially important, not only for all Christians, but even more so for Pastors, Elders who are appointed by our LORD to lead and protect His sheep from wolves

    Thus, brethren, may we all always pray for growth in discernment and study GOD’S Word to remain equipped to defend this glorious gospel of our LORD


  21. This entire verse is warning from Jesus himself. Please pray before you read it…then read it and may yor spirit open up in- order for you to save yourself. I am not trying to judge or show a finger to anyone… (warning about that too) but hope that you yourself will be released and see the truth, for your own sake.

    Matthew 7:21

    It is not everyone that says to me, ‘My Lord, my Lord”, who enters the Kingdom of Heaven, but whoever does the will of my Father who is in Heaven. 22Many will say to me in that day, ‘My Lord, my Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, and in your name have cast out demons, and have done many mighty works in your name?’ 23And then I will confess to them, ‘I have never known you, remove yourselves far from me, you workers of evil.’

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