TB Joshua as you’ve never seen him before!!

OK, this post is just a bit of fun playing with Microsoft’s Project Murphy. It’s also a reminder that TB Joshua is not some kind of infallible holy man of God, he is a false prophet who like the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18, can completely legitimately be mocked. Enjoy, and post some more in the comments if you like! Instructions are here.

71 thoughts on “TB Joshua as you’ve never seen him before!!

  1. This look funny!! Yet carries a weight significance of Tb Joshua’s chammeleon personality.It provokes my spirit to share some deeper than deep revelation I once had years back about Tb Joshua.whether I was in the body or in the spirit I don’t know.But then in 2011 I was in a trance like condition,and the lord took me out to lagos straight to SCOAN MAIN AUDITORIUM. Yes! Ofcourse it was on Sunday.It was as if its that time when the congregation has been worshipping God with praise and worship waiting for a Pastor to come in and deliver a message of the day.Then in a vision,I saw Tb Joshua approaching the entrance of his church,about to enter inside.The expectations and the intensity of the congregants was so high and hyped people waiting for him.As he was coming inside the fully packed auditorium I noticed something strange from him.He was wearing a CAP,and this kind of cap was to cover his head including his face.I wondered how could the whole congregation be so happy to welcome such a man.Then deep down in my spirit I heard a still voice saying “He’s hiding his true identity” it was God’s voice speaking to me.from then till today I’ve received many much more revelations from God about him.all in all,I know and every true Christian know from Cape to Cairo.from Washington DC to new york.from Spain to Barcelona. From Manchester to leicester.from New jersey to Atlanta.from lubumbashi to lusaka.from Sydney to Tokyo that Tb Joshua is not from God.

    • Please stick to the word of God, talking about your personal experiences or dreams and visions is neither instructive nor edifying, in fact it may even lead to unnecessary distractions from the authority of scripture. Even go as far as saying that, if you came to the believe that TB Joshua is false simply because of your dreams, then that’s unbiblical and unchristlike, a true Christian is not led by his dreams, a true Christian is led by the authority of the word of GOD, the Bible. Trusting in your dreams will open yourself to many more demonic and deceptive spirits.
      Therefore my friend, lets keep our conversations here strictly biblical, so that those who come may receive the word that will edify them and make them elevate the word of GOD as the authority in their spiritual walk with CHRIST. Lack of biblical submission is even the reason why most of the scoanites are lost and deceived; tb joshua is a charlatan who spends endless hours talking about his dreams, visions and prophecies, while degrading the word of GOD.

      We want to use the bible, the pure word of GOD to show to people that tb joshua is an agent of the devil


      • Elija, His Word is spirit and life. So dont reject spiritual experiences, as revelation, vision and dreams and warnings. If you only stick to the Word, it is dry religion. His Word without spirit has no effect nor use anyhow. Christians are very suspsious about spiritual experiences, but for the people guided by the Holy Spirit they are very real. You will now by Spirit-discernement if a experience is of God.

      • !”And afterwards I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your Daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, you young men shall see visions”-Joel2:28 AMPLIFIED. That’s the pure word for you PROFESSOR Ellijah.Let me repeat the context for my previous post. I saw Tb Joshua wearing a cap in a trance like vision period!

    • Word is Spirit and life doesn’t mean you define your experiences based on your experiences. Every experience is defined by the word of GOD, the Bible; you both are dangerously taking this passage out of context. I am not disputing that GOD speaks to us through dreams or visions, but it is never the primary way, and even when it happens, we are never to depend on it above the Bible itself.

      I repeat again, if the only reason you think tb joshua is a false teacher is because of your dream, then you’re dangerously deceived and you don’t know the word of God, perhaps you may not even bee a true Christian to begin with.
      Even the devil and demons can speak to people in dreams and visions, the devil can decieve in this manner. That’s why false teachers hold on too much to dreams and visions;


      So Yolanda, i am not saying this to reject your dreams or as if to insult you or anything, I am simply saying that you sharing your dreams with us will not edify us, let alone anybody here who is an unbeliever trusting in tb joshua.
      I am saying that it is more edifying for you to share with us the word of GOD, and use it to show why tb joshua is a false teacher.

      So there’s no need for you to get angry or call me “professor” as if I am bashing down personal experiences;
      rather i want to make sure that we all EXALT THE WORD OF GOD

    • You are from God as TBJ is, but if you are telling the truth you visited his church, satan showed you some demonic face as he always do in our dreams, if you prayed and asked God to release you from satan, that appearance could have vanished and you could have enjoyed every single moment with others in SCOAN. God loves you, he created you, satan did not create anybody, your time of deliverance will come, when, only God knows

  2. THhis is blog is worth nothing. you went beyond good reason and taste. It speaks who you are. It defines. Finally you reavel yourself. How mature you all are. At the last day you will give an account. Shame on you.

    • “…Don’t stop children from coming to me! Children like these are part of the Kingdom” Luke18:16

  3. Yes, we reap what we sow. TB Joshua loves to make a joke of others pain and sufferings, so he must be not surprised that he will be joked. TB Joshua once stated;” that it first has to be fake, before it will become genuine”” , so maybe , in time, TB will become genuine too.

  4. You have tried your best to discredit the man of God, you have failed and God continues to use his humble servant mightly. Miracles, signs, deliverances and wonders continue to take place every day at the SCOAN. I am very sure you have watched the crusade in Korea. I am surprised that you didn’t post false or edited prophecies this time. With this non sense you have posted now every one can see that you have tried your best on a spiritual level with your master the devil to get the man of God down, and you have realized your failure. May God forgive you.

    • You blind and deceived, putting your trust in a charlatan. When you truly get converted in Christ and your eyes are opened to see that scoan is a synagogue of satan, come here and share your testimony with us.

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  7. Since you are now admitting to have failed. TB Joshua has a old prophecy confirmations trending since begging of August and you failed to find anything wrong and resorted to making fun out of him. Now listen TB Joshua will not curse you to be eaten by bears like Elisha did to kids who were mocking his bald head.
    1.The Lord will bless you, you shall not suffer and nothing shall attack you on the face of this earth and you will live long like Cain.
    2. You are the tasteless salt that had lost it flavour

  8. TBJW,

    Spot on, TB Joshua as Jesus. These pictures will circle the globe and bring a true message across in a simple way.

  9. and Jamie – it took 10 plagues of judgments from God, before Pharaoh- let God’s people go!

    Watch TB Joshua . . .

  10. Exactly –

    Elijah says:
    August 16, 2016 at 3:24 am

    TB Joshua is a full blown cult wizard.

    Just, such a pity, that his followers are under his tight mind control grip.

    SO SAD . . .

    TB Joshua:

  11. These are the ones TB Joshua zooms in on –

    Who is vulnerable to joining a cult?

    Everyone is vulnerable.
    Rich, poor, educated, non-educated, old, young, previously religious, atheistic, etc.
    General Profile of cult member (some or all of the following):
    Disenchanted with conventional religious establishments.
    Intellectually confused over religious and/or philosophical issues.
    Sometimes disenchanted with society as a whole.
    Has a need for encouragement and support.
    Emotionally needful.
    Needs a sense of purpose.
    Financially needy.

    These are the ones TB Joshua zooms in on –

  12. Scoan has nothing to do with the Kingdom-gospel. The Holy Spirit revealed to me years ago, ”that the Kingdom has no deliverances as tb Joshua does””. God does not treat His people as tress. Only sick confused minds, believe in their own grandiosity, they are not even able to see their own foolischness and downfall. Scoan is passed tense.

  13. We are a new creation in Christ. Dead to sin. We dont deliver the old man or reform the flesch. We dont live by sin-consiousness (the law), but by Christ-consiousness. (NT-Grace-covenant). We live in freedom. Scoan is legalism; abusing faith and ignoring Grace. , it is just a religious system and organisation. Hard, qrual, mean, mis-using and controling people, slavery, and false doctrine. It is FAR from the Gospel of Truth in Christ Jezus.

  14. Almost the whole Body of Christ has devaluated the Message of Truth, to their church-standards. God does not lives in the church, He lives in us. Church is to teach people, and to Bless them. , to heal them and to set them free . TB Joshua delivers some, and not the most, and so he keeps controle over all the people who live in religious bondage because of Him. A Christians does not needs a pastor or profhet, to help them, they have the Holy Spirit, who will guide them. a church is to have fellowship by faith, to worshipp God. God is much greater then a tb joshua-formula. He is fooling innocent people, illiterated people and for-eigners, just because he believes he is superior in spiritual things. No, he is ravagious woolf. Messing around with peoples time, trust and rights in Christ. forget about love in scoan; they have no clue what loving your neighbor means, they only know how to robb. their neighbors of their potenties, skills and money and honour. And they care less, if you live or die. God does, He cares for your promised life.

  15. To africans i can only say; ” get out of scoan! “” , because everything wrong in the Flame of tb jJoshua, will become part of you. TB Joshua is not under Grace, and so he will attract many demonic attacs. The people will attrac many evil attacs. It islike a dog cheasing his own tail; tb Joshua delivers in others, what he caused by his own sin and wrong doctrine. A journey without end. TB Joshua is a wilderness-expert, he roams around in the desert for 35 year, while the Promised land is a 11 days-walk.

  16. At all and TBJ’s deceived followers,

    We all know that TB Joshua is a false lying 419 deceiving liar. Evidence is everyday everywhere to prove his lying abilities which he tries to cover up in his religious pious services. He has “superpowers” only for those that are filling his bank account to keep SCOAN running.

    Another evidence is released how he lied through his own teeth that the Chibok girls have not been released as he claimed they were. We know because of this that he is false lying deceiving 419 private prophet with inside information FROM HUMANS and not from God. He claimed in raising voice few years ago that they the Chibok girls would be released IMMEDIATELY after he declared it. Which did not happen. He never repented and kept up his lies for the world to see and his followers who have no shame to cover up his scam practices.

    Until now, he has kept up his lies and hide behind his scam empire he daily heads and openly leads on Sundays and keep broadcasting his false lying deceiving claims. Since we have seen through his scheming and lying and stripping off ignorant and foolish followers which I have seen all over Africa in the last couple of weeks and his pathetic stickers upon cars and buses. None of those scam stickers have released any of the Chibok girls ever. All what it is a surrogate pacifier for those that believe in his foolish idiotic stories.

    Now when I write this, he will be working overtime day and night 24/7 to disclaim my personal findings in Africa of the last couple of weeks. I have been observing and watching his lying deceiving and evil followers who were not aware that I was in their countries and watched them doing their lying and scheming work to extract money from ignorant deceived followers and others.

    I have never seen such evil in my life of the theft of money from white people and even his own. With that money he has been showing off to the world how he can steal from others and being the big shot. Without it he is nothing. He is a sitting lame duck and chicken without wings. It was not possible to confront his evil deeds. He needs human protection. Which is pathetic and hilarious to see. There are no powers that lying and stealing from others to run a business.

    I can’t imagine that his wicked schemes are being condoned in his own country and elsewhere in Africa. Again here is a another proof of his filthy lying and deception to the world. When will they arrest this deceiver and con man ?


    How can he hide behind mortal man while he claims nobody can touch him. Seriously TBJ, you are a pathetic little child that only knows how to hide everyday behind your bricks and stones, wood and some water and a private jet.

    Why did you not come out to face me ! You know you will have no chance to claim in front of me what you are capable off.

    Next time when I come to Africa, I will rip you all over the place because that is what you deserve. Go hide behind your pathetic bribed police men with guns and fences.

    You are nothing than filth. And you know it. When will you face me ? Coward ! I don’t fear you and your abuse of God’s Name before the world on Emmanuel TV. I will deliver you when you come out without your body guards. I was right there and then. But your paid filth that follows you wouldn’t not allow me. And they were all fidgeting with their fingers in fear when I exposed them of their lies and deception. I have lost all respect for you forever of what you did on 12th of September 2014. Your money and from those that give it to you stinks !

  17. Fifa on Wednesday said a ban of no less than six years and a fine of CHF10.000 was being recommend for Nematandani’s alleged violation of the organisation’s code of ethics on general conduct,loyalty and duty of disclosure,cooperation and reporting. Kirsten Nematandani is the former south African football association,SAFA and a spoke person of Scoan in south Africa.During the collapse building of Tb Joshua is the man who was doing all the donation of money to the families who were the victims of Tb Joshua,He’s a close associate with Tb Joshua.On WednesdayThe whole body of FIFA has shown him a door to anything related to football for he’s alleged violation of code of ethics-They say Birds of a feather flock together.

  18. Nigeria has no clue about their own corrupted ways and nature, not in church and not in society. Babes in dipers,. without any sense of what is right or wrong. , or how to build their own nation, blaming who-ever for duping them. Enslaved mentality, not able to understand what freedom is. Churches take over the role of the governement, in even worser tiranny and in-effective, manipulative and meaningless services and efforts. Let them have their hard-hearted ways, maybe about 50 years, something of maturity and Gods way, will gloom on the horizon.

  19. Good post Yolanda. Scoan’s evils are being exposed one by one. Can you maybe post the Youtube disclosure here?

  20. SAD NEWS; Tb Joshua’s close associate,Kirsten Nematandani has lost his father yesterday.Kirsten Nematandani is the former President of South African football association and a spoke person of SCOAN in South Africa.We pass condolences to his family during this time of grief and mourning,to his Father may his soul RIP.

  21. TB Joshua has been to israel, and Greec. He is even honored by a Rabbi. Dont thoose people do research to whoem they invite and honor? ……I will send them the TB Joshua Watch, so they will be well informed about the ”background” of TB Joshua and his ”practizes””.

  22. Mrs Vera Baboun, is the mayor of Bethlehem. She is expert in research in equal rights for women. She has done a lot of works for the female gender in a patriarchal Israel. I am going to write her my story, if she does not listen, i will leave christianity forgood.

    • @Jamie

      Christianity is not about Mrs Vera Baboun, it’s all about Christ, the hope of glory (Col. 1:27). Even if she doesn’t listen to you, you need to be strong in the Lord (Eph 6:10) & don’t let it separate you from the Love of Christ.

      Remember this scripture:

      Rom 8:35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?
      Rom 8:36 As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.
      Rom 8:37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

    • You have never been a Christian jamie, Christians don’t have that combination of hatred, jealousy, abusive words, scolding, no respect etc. etc. you are double all this list jamie

      • I never met more scolding, accusing , abusive,scorning and miserable hatring people then christians and religious people! They discuss and argue ever truth, without ever living by it. They even pray to God to execute homosexuals. Scoan is the most worse anti-christ place on earth. I follow Jezus Christ. All by myself, because He called me. I love people, i love God, He loves me. I will protect the innocence of love, against the rules, narrow-mindedness and oppressions in christianity. Oh Yes!

  23. General:.how is it possible, that a man as TB Joshua with so many charges on his name , is honored in Israel? Go people in high positions always free-out? Is TB Joshua insane, or is he a fool. , or both? Is there something as justice in christianity? Or do we just use the Word as a justification to cover all sins, perversions and miserable mis-treatments? Christianity is about Jezus Christ and His people.. His followers.

    • @jamie
      I understand your frustration, but don’t forget how exaggerated and dishonest SCOAN propaganda is. Much of this was most likely staged for the cameras, the people involved probably didn’t know who he was or what the video was in aid of. It certainly doesn’t mean the endorse him.

  24. Today a “”christian” India-pastor proclaimed; ” that men dont have to listen to women, because in the passt Adam had listened to a woman, and since-then the world was in trouble. In America a famous evangalist, commanded his wife in the church; to sit-stand sit-stand, and she obeyed. The evangalist said; only when she (the wife) immidiatly obeyes my instruction, she is in real submission. Muslims rape women all over the world, stone them, abuse them, And so the only way to protect ourself as a woman is, to go to Jezus? What is going on in this world today? What is going on in the church of today? How sick has church to become before God will interfene? What are we as women; tress? ….

  25. I am not frustrated, i am justified done with the whole dirty game of Scoan. And to many mis-conclusions about what religion is and what christianity is. The Gospel is no cultural ideology. it is a path to freedom. Somehow even the word freedom has become a empty formula. I gues my end-conclusion about tb Joshua is; he is just to stupide to understand what the effects of his actions are. He is a walking blind, dumb and mute self-absorbed clown. A tragedy.

  26. No, i am done with christianity. I love God, i will honor Him, but i stay out of church, out of the males-rules and their pityfull authority. I use my authority in Christ and if i have to, against men. I am setled and done with the abuse, mis-use, hypocricy , ”forgivenness-manipulations”, the wretched place of women in the church, and the mis-use of skripture. I came to church to learn about God, i did not came to be a doormat for the ambitions of the malehood. The women are redeemed, they are free. All the best.

  27. And the sad thing is, the men and women who become duped and mis-treated by TB Joshua, become seriously injured in their soul. no christian deserves it, to go to church, to become wounded by their miserable joke-formulas, and then they have to find God to heal them. It is compleetly insanity. If you are not sick yet, you will become it by church-live. I am done with it.

  28. We have a righteous judge, His name is God. May He do justice to all thoose people and women, who became fooled and mis-used by TB Joshua. why should any-one want to attent a church today? We carry Jezus in our heart.

  29. @Jamie; You burning with the love and passion of Jesus!! You remind me the first church who would out of LOVE even die defending the righteous course.But passionately as you are beautiful@Jamie,you need to apply some spiritual LAWS.how? Take a look- “Be still in the Lord;wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him;fret not yourself because of him who prospers in his way,because of the man who brings wicked devices to pass” Psalm37:7-AMP.warning!! Emotions have no intellect.

  30. No, i dont care about all the cliche-answers! If i dont receive a skriptual rebuke, they will try to shut-me-up because of emotions! I am done with religion, with church, with the goddamned mis-use and oppression of the malehood and more. I am starting a web-site for all the women in the world who suffer violence, oppression, sexual abuse, wicked treatments and have to be silent, and lick their own wounds, because no-one knows what to do with them. Jezus told us to reign, an so i will. I use my authority in Him, and if i have to, against men. I am done with it! ……..Today a african pastor on my facebook, said; women should be spancked for spending to much. What is wrong in the minds of men of today?

  31. The Holy Spirit told me some time ago; ” that christian women have no right to lean on men, they have to lean on Him, and they have to use their warrior-equippement,., and right standing in His authority””. Let no christian men ever again go against my will, because i will broom him out of my temple and situation,as a piece of shit. I am done with the religious mind-sets of men. I am redeemed, i am a free woman, and i am sure not born to serve fools. Thank you so much.

  32. This morning, a Pakistani young man, stood on my facebook. (Lahore). He was afraid and does not want me to share is news on facebook, because , as he said; facebook is controle by the Jihad. He told me, that in his church, a pastor was beaten-up and forbidden to preach, and a christian man was hanged on a cross by ropes and beaten to dead. They are treatened each day by Islam-law. He also warned for the immigrants in Europe, America, he said; they are no war-victums, they are Jihads on a mission. .

  33. U tb Joshua watch are very stupid pple…..i wonder if the was no tb Joshua existing hw u will make ur business ur mate r being pple in life u pple r jst there using a man of God to gain followers & subscribers even if Jesus Christ was in our present world u pple will b d 1st to do Jesus Christ watch…..u all are jst like d Pharisees ignorant pple ….on dat day wen u see dis man (tb Joshua ) ascending to heaven y don’t u question God urselfs.. Y…tb Joshua of all pple…..make Una no go find work dey there u useless ir life….tb Joshua watch….y Una no do Jesus Christ watch…dey write articles abt Jesus Christ miracles hw dey are all fake…..may God forgive u pple….i hope u read dis ooh

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