Massive fallout as a result of TB Joshua’s failed election prophecy

tbjThe day TB Joshua has always wished for has finally come, the international press are paying attention to his prophecies! The BBC, CNN, Newsweek and various major African publications have all reported on the deleted prophecy, and bizarrely SCOAN have now reposted it. According to SCOAN’s social media team it was  “mistakenly removed and has been reposted as such is not our policy” (BBC). Clearly the attention from the BBC has called them to account, because it’s not the first time they have deleted discredited content.For some reason this prophecy failure seems to have been far more damaging than the numerous other ones that have been equally incorrect. We think the difference with this one is it was a simple binary option and he got it wrong, leaving very little room for justification (not that it stops the more hardcore fans from trying!). That, coupled with the fact it was an incredibly high profile news story makes for a very embarrassing situation. This is certainly hugely damaging to his credibility as a “prophet” and its quite rightly making many people question whether he is a prophet at all.

The thing that most clearly shows his complete lack of ability to see the future is that the actual outcome was largely unexpected. If Clinton had won, TB Joshua would have paraded another fulfillment video, we’d have said something along the lines of “well duh, that’s what the pollsters predicted too” and everyone would have gone on their merry way. If he had predicted a Trump victory, against the prediction of the polls – it would have been a lot harder to defend our position. Every time his “prophetic” insight is put to test in a complex or live situation (MH370 and the Chibok girls comes to mind) he fails spectacularly. The only prophecies of his that are “fulfilled” are the generic, catchall prophecies “there will be an attack in a French country” which with a little editing, always find a fulfillment. Thank God people are starting to see through this con man.

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  1. It is his gods, the news agencies and opinion polls he uses to make his “prophesies” that let him down. What do you think his prophesy would have been if the polls were all giving Trump the win?

    Like I said earlier, he better stick to what he has always done: wait for the event to take place and then edit videos and come up with a prophesy. After all your believers will always take what ever you throw at them. I believe it is a lesson you have learnt.

  2. I was wondering what this maneuvering snake- TB Joshua- is going to pull now again –

    So they put it back, with a lame excuse – mmmm . . . Wonder if they think this will help his image?

  3. Afterall the god of men doesn’t need anyone’s help to rock his own boat… Let’s just give him a little bit more time for him to expose himself even more… 🙂

  4. You Are Hereby Invited to A “Crow Banquet” to which we propose to Invite Newspaper Editorial Writers, Political Reporters And Editors, along With Pollsters, Radio Commentators And Columnists and of course our prophets such as TBJ… Main Course Will Consist Of Breast Of Tough Old Crow En Glace…

    A variation from: –

    After incumbent Harry Truman defeated Thomas Dewey in the 1948 United States presidential election despite many media predictions of a Dewey victory, the Washington Post sent a telegram to the victor:😆

  5. God gave tbj enough rope to hang himself. By this false ‘prophecy’ he cannot bribe anyone or do witchcraft against anyone to get out of it. He caused his own downfall himself. You flew too high, my little bird. To high with your lies! Now Ichabod . . .

  6. This guy is so delusional, and all those who follow him are so strongly deceived, it is almost unthinkable. he is worse than a false prophet, and so absurdly, bizarely deceived, we could easily be

  7. CONGRATULATIONS for God Almighty has vindicated you!

    Thank you for not giving up on exposing this false prophet and sticking by your guns in the face of all the backlash you have been receiving since you have been exposing him.

    God has simply told the world who TB Joshua really is (He does NOT know him!) and has vindicated this website and all the pastors that have been warning people that TB Joshua IS NOT OF GOD JEHOVAH, and that his healing and prophesying is NOT of the Holy Spirit of the Living God Almighty ELSHADAI, the Lion of Judah, but by some other false “Jesus”. Jesus Christ has simply told him, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness (false doctrine).” Matthew 7:22-23

    O God our Father, we pray for the people managing this website, their supporters, currently and the in past that has been cursed, or indirectly or directly attacked by TB Joshua and his supporters; we render their ritualistic activities, decrees, utterances, blood sacrifices, incantations, evil prayers, fastings and enchantments impotent, we ask that you release and set them free now and forever from every bondage or chain Satan and this his agent TB Joshua, has used to attack their health, finances, marriages, relationships, careers, etc. by the Blood of Jesus Christ and fire of the Holy Ghost in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

    • Thanks for the encouragement Naire. What is incredible to us is that it’s take so long, when there are countless other examples of false prophecies. It must just be how high profile this one is.

      • Will you make a promise to write a post before you shutdown “watch” to agree and confirm TB Joshua a true prophet should you find out he was right about these before inaguration.

      • @Patrick
        You don’t seem to get it. Even before this prophecy fail we had caught him out countless times. This is just one in many. If he said “Trump will win the electoral college, Clinton the popular vote, but the electoral college will end up voting for Clinton against the election outcome” and all of that happened (which is the only possible way Clinton will end up as president, and it won’t happen), we would at least concede that he had some impressive insight, but a prophet of God? Nah, that ship sailed years ago.

  8. Thank you Naire, after reading your mail and prayer – It fell right into my heart.It touched me. I personally appreciate it. God bless you too.

  9. Prophet TB Joshua said he saw a “new US president” is Donald Trump a new US President or is just a “US president elect”?. As for myself I supported Trump to win but I never disagree with TB Joshua on Prophecy but on these one I will rather wait until 20th January 2o17.

    • Keep waiting and praying that your “prophet” is right. January is not far after all. This is what happens when people start worshiping mere mortals, instead of God.

  10. …”Prophet TB Joshua said he saw a “new US president”…you do not have to be a prophet to know this!!!
    Anyone other than Obama is a new president? Duhhhhh.

  11. by the way i long knew tbjoshua was a false prophet.apart from a dream i had after askn God in prayer,havnt u all noticed that pyramid in “WE ARE A TEAM” skilfully done and the triple6 signs he makes while healing and preaching especially on the hand that holds the exactly does that synagogue win souls for Christ when there is no call for those who want to take Jesus as their personal saviour?no baptism?

  12. Wow, wow again and honestly too many ideals about God are wrongly presented, especially by SCOAN! Not to impose how they must ritualize their worship and Bible learning services, I think nowadays churches is more about “human standard of living” than the “seeking God’s kingdom” part. The churches, not just SCOAN, are more concerned on what their “water, bracelets, handkerchiefs, etc” have caused in the lives of their followers, to better them than the word of God itself. Testimonies take the order of such TV channels. Not saying testimonials are wrong but you possibly wouldn’t spend 100 words and use just 5 to glorify God while 95 repeatedly calls either water, bracelet, sticker etc. We see this in most, why not all the churches on air… Too many wrong doctrines, wrong prayer styles… Examine how Jesus taught us to pray… Today it’s about our health, career, finances, businesses, setback etc… I don’t hear “your kingdom come” part… Well, that was a pattern to pray and because God must heal you first before u testify him and all, your/our desires come first. Well, it mustn’t surprise anyone the way things are going cuz Jesus prophesied and ask that we be watchful – which is what I see here. “those of you who think it’s touching and harming an anointed of God, well, we all have to blame God why he also ask that we be careful… And BTW if you touch who is not anointed, you don’t have to worry. God makes no mistakes and he speaks in very clear terms. Listen to Elijah, Jeremiah, John… They spoke what God spoke. Whether you support a false prophet in the guise of not wanting to attract God’s wrath, I suggest you ask God not to misslead the so called prophet for his wrath’s sake. Too many things to say about all of this but we’ll go as guided. God is not a man to make mistakes.

    I’ve been following tbjw and SCOAN and other MOG channels (MOG = men of…) I see just a gospel of abundance and worldly possession…. Deny it but watch and listen. Where is God in their lips? Is it in their miracles? Well, they can back up with biblical quotes but one is clear, if u don’t have God in ur heart, everything u do in his name, he will tell u in the end “I know u not!”.
    Thank you.

  13. He is a real man of God sent to salvage Human Beings..dont attack what u dont know,because of what others are saying..T.B Joshua is a 7 manifestation of the 7 spirit of God!!

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