About this Website

The purpose of this website is to critically examine the ministry of Nigerian mega-pastor TB Joshua and attempt to separate truth from lies. TB Joshua is a Nigerian church leader famous for his supposed healing powers. For the last ten years, many ex-followers have accused him of systematic sexual abuse and cult-like psychological manipulation. Despite this, he continues to have an lucrative international ministry and millions of supporters.

This site will compile and review existing articles and media concerning TB Joshua, providing context where necessary. It will also present first-hand accounts of people who have been involved in the church in the past.

33 thoughts on “About

  1. TB Joshua is the man of god who has been sent to heal and save the earth and always the devil will try to destory him l say lets keep the light of god strong and support tb joshua he is the man of god. amen

  2. Anyways, your initiative is very good! This pastor is a big liar, he uses black magic in order to gain such popularity. I never seen in the Bible where it’s common to sell some blue water in order to cure someone. Then, he is affiliated with many worldly celebrities when Jesus ask us to hate the world and his deeds (Jn 7:7), and many others. Be blessed in the name of Jesus

  3. but wat about dr.owour- the kenyan prophet i have heard rumours of simuar behevior with him….does anyone be able to confirm the rumours about him….

  4. Whether speaking for God and His servant or against, all humans on the judgment day shall give account of every idle words spoken or written for by our words we are discharged or acquitted. If you must speak make sure is by the Holyspirit.

  5. Thank God for this satanic website because it has made millions of people to know more about tb joshua. Despite their crititism of tb joshua, millions of people are getting delivered daily just by touching the screen of emmanuel tv in Jesus name. What a wonderfull experience. When Jesus was on earth, peolpe like tb joshua watch guys said he was using the power of belzebul but today, Jesus is our lord and saviour.

  6. Blasphemy is to accuse people of such decadent things: the libel against Michael Jackson is just one of millions of hideous example of this accursed people to defame innocent and beloved personalities. Such vipers are able to slip drugs in someone’s water just to make them sin some way or another or even assassinate innocent. May you repent and turn to God for redemption.

  7. if tb joshua bold enough to show his face and you say he isn’t of god, then whoever behind this site show your face, shut this down and put something up that is truly about God and not trying to expose someone else. Yes my name is showing and my face, who you is.

    • AMEN to these words! TB Joshua is shaking the Kingdom of darkness and Hell and we will continue to do it HUNDRED FOLD MORE AND MORE for the Glory of the Lord Jesus, you demons tramble, BECAUSE MORE AND MORE TB JOSHUAS ARE RAISED UP BY THE LORD! The Destruction is coming upon you from the Mighty Hand of the Lord, you wicked people who BLASPHEME and cover up yourself as Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing – THAT’S WHO YOU ARE, WOLFS. WE CAN SEE YOU. BUT WILL GIVE VENGENCE TO HIM!

    • Why doesn’t TBJ face the people about the collapsed guest house? He’s skulking behind his stupid followers, no doubt doling out some of his sick fortune, to evade prosecution for bad building practices (another Nigerian special).

  8. First of all, those that are saying negative things about the man of God do not have a personal relationship with the Lord. If they do, God will reveal to them if T.B.Joshua is a cult member or not.second of all, the Bible has clearly stated that we should not judge one another. Thirdly, If you feel T.B.Joshua is not a true man of God then stop associating with his ministry. It’s a personal choice.

    • Your theology is as interesting as your logic. Is everyone who has a personal relationship with the Lord positive about TBJ? Does everyone who says negative things have no relationship with the Lord? Such statements are not honouring to the brain God gave you to think with.
      You say we should not judge but the gospels clearly tell us to discern, to weigh and to not believer everyone who says “Lord, Lord” or who does miracles in his name. Should I believe you or the gospels?
      Finally you say if he is not a true man of God then stop associating with his ministry. Maybe if you had friends die who thought they were healed by TBJ (and who were abandoned by SCOAN as soon as it became clear that they weren’t getting better) you might think differently. Or if you had known young people go out in passion and come back broken you might feel it was more than a personal choice.

      • What was the initial objective of this website? Was it to lead people to Jesus Christ of Nazareth? Whosoever is managing this website is well versed in the scriptures, he or she is not leading visitors of this website to Jesus Christ but to disbelief in what Jesus Christ Himself did and promised those who believed in Him would do; John 14:12-14;Mark 16:15-18.

        This website does not attack T.B. Joshua neither his ministry nor the miracles and prophecies done by T.B. Joshua; but this is an attack to the integrity of Jesus Christ of Nazareth; for this website denies that what Jesus Christ promised cannot be true neither come to pass (what I mean is that this website denies that those who believe in Jesus Christ cannot, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, cure what science concludes uncurable and this website denies the truthfullness of the Bible and what Jesus Christ of Nazareth did, ‘Matthew 8:16; John 14:12-14’). Our spiritual eyes are open and the Holy Spirity is at work even though we know that the spirit of the god of this world is at work too. This website denies the power of the gospel as demonstrated by Jesus Christ and His disciples (Matthew 10:7-8; 11:4-5); therefore, how can the owner or manager of this same website say that they are helping Christians to be alert!!! I have some questions to ask: Does T.B.Joshua lead people to the devil or to Jesus Christ? Are the miracles done in T.B.Joshua’s name of Jesus Christ’s name? Does T.B.Joshua mention that he is the healer or Jesus Christ is?

        All of those who say that they have something to acuse against T.B.Joshua either true or false, time will tell. We or the generations to come behind us shall come to know the truth behind all these. Because even if the Holy Spirit can speak through some people either for or against, there can be comments saying that fanaticism or hatred is being brought to the scene (Matthew 10:26).

  9. Hi beloved it is good too contribute criticizem better too correct & build up on right way your criticizem bezde on on sombody say even that sombody right or say bezde on hapning we don’t know the motive even 95/100 pastures they’re not called by god jellse stronger than death most of them they Ned. Deliverance. Without true investigating too comment any body rong mostly the fruit spike than words so. Even yesterday failed today resin thank god. Left him up on right reass

  10. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now
    each time a comment is added I get several emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that
    service? Bless you!

  11. The person that came up with this web site has nothing better to do. You are not God, let God fight for himself. TB Joshua is a really man of God and I thank God for his life. I am based in USA and we thank God for what He is using TB Joshua to do. People called Jesus, Peter, Paul and many other faithful worshippers names. I am so happy that we have people like TB Joshua in my life time. Don’t HATE, BE HAPPY.

  12. TB Joshua is shaking the Kingdom of darkness and Hell and we will continue to do it HUNDRED FOLD MORE AND MORE for the Glory of the Lord Jesus, you demons tramble, BECAUSE MORE AND MORE TB JOSHUAS ARE RAISED UP BY THE LORD! The Destruction is coming upon you from the Mighty Hand of the Lord, you wicked people who BLASPHEME and cover up yourself as Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing – THAT’S WHO YOU ARE, WOLFS. WE CAN SEE YOU. BUT WILL GIVE VENGENCE TO HIM!

  13. My Husband had an affair for 10 years and had no conscience about it. The marriage was essentially over, the kids were suffering and our lives were destroyed. As a last ditch effort I arranged for him to visit TB Joshua’s church in Nigeria where he received prayer and deliverance. After the prayer line where all they did was lay hands on him, he had a vision of the mistress with lots of hissing snakes coming out of her body. When he returned he ended the affair and was broken by the damage it had done. We were on the verge of divorce but our marriage was restored. To this day he cannot forgive himself for what he did. Thanks to the man of God Prophet TB Joshua and the Wisemen for their service to the Lord in ministering deliverance. More power to them in the Name of Jesus Christ.

  14. Remember Jesus said, not everyone who calls me Lord Lord shall enter the Kingdom of God. Many will say am I not the one who cast out demons in your name and heal many in your name. Jesus will tell them depart from me you workers of iniquity I knew you not. What does the Bible say about the blood of Jesus? Do we need water or anointed to receive salvation. Many who are miracles fans like what they see even if it is not from God but fail to read the scripture and see whether it is biblical or not. No wonder the bible says the god of this world has blinded their eyes they cannot see the truth. Many even more power than TB Joshua were doing great signs and wonders, but when the time came, they were exposed. Whether TB Joshua is a man of God or not I believe time will tell. The bible says there is time for every thing. My adviser to all is that don’t put your trust on water, man or man of God, prophet, bishop etc put your trust in God only because he is the only one that can save us. You can receive all the deliverance but if you don’t have Christ, it makes no sense. Your marriage can be moving on well as a result of laying of hands or prayers but if you don’t have Christ it makes no difference. Only Christ can make the difference in our lives not the pastor, nor the prophet. I will continue to emphasize on my biblical view on what I see that is being practiced by the contemporary church. The problem I have with most of the pastors and prophets we have today is the misinterpretation of the bible. They look for one item and build a doctrine on it. What was descriptive is now prescriptive, what God used once for a particular purpose is now a model for practices. Please go back to the scriptures read carefully along the lines and allow the Holy Spirit to help interpret it for you. Don’t be so excited with prophecies and miracles you see today, take note that even the devil can do them.

  15. U people need to leave the man of God n His ministry alone. I think its nt God using you. Why have you chosen to critisice the work of God. Who made you judges in this matter. Jesus said judge not! pls look fr something else to do n kindly shut up this yr email box. If you see that tb joshua is missing it, u can do wht he’s doing the way u think it should be done.
    pls change your way and do the right thing. Stop fighting against the anointed coz all you are doing is chasing the wind.

  16. It is sad these days when you try to point out the deception of the enemy in the churches and among the body of Christ, to warn people to beware and guard themselves, you see well meaning Christians misquoting and misinterpreting the words of God in Matthew 7:1 to judge not. And as a result, choose to remain in bondage and “under the cover of darkness” of a deceived teacher, pastor, prophet or a teacher of the scripture by any other name, and even under their own sin. In other words, if we see adulteries going on among church members, or we know our choristers who are robbers by night and church attendees by day, or church businessmen who cheat and dupe innocent citizens in other to make the next profit, or pastors who visit spiritualists for heightened spiritual power and energy in the church, etc. we are to turn the other way and quote, Matthew 7:1, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” while basking in the filth of the atmosphere of the church. Is this the “Judge not” that the Lord means in his Word? Didn’t Apostle Paul himself judge when he reprimanded the Corinthian church about a member that was sleeping with his father’s wife (1 Corinthians 5:1)? Didn’t he judge when he called out this sexual immorality as sin, and advised the Corinthian church on the proper punishment for such a person (1 Corinthians 5:2)?

    The “spiritual” believer has been exhorted by the Word of God to “Judge All Things”. This is specifically told to us by the Apostle Paul himself again and again, when he said in 1 Corinthians 2:15 that, “He that is spiritual judgeth all things…” and the Lord Jesus told us in John 7:24 to, “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” In other words, the “spiritual” believer must use his sense of judgment to discern the things of the Spirit of God. In fact, God Himself honors the intelligent personality of the man He created in his own image and invites him to “judge” or “examine” of His own workings by His Spirit so as not to be deceived by the machinations of Satan.

    • Hi there, the Bible tells us that we shall know them by their fruit and we have seen what God is doing in the SCOAN using TB Joshua by restoring the Brocken Homes not only Healing People, so you what good thing do you have to show the world except criticizing others and quoting the Bible verses, Remember, even Satan used the Bible Verse to tempt Jesus.
      Be careful instead of creating a website of TBJoshuawatch you should create a website of Watch and Pray.
      Remain Blessed and Jesus Loves you .

  17. Believers, you are not to be a passive observer in the things of the Spirit and take all things as coming from God. It is really unfortunate that the “ordinary” or “regular” everyday Christian only knows the devil as the “evil one that tempts people”, “accuser of the brethren” etc., but they have no conception of the depths of his wickedness, and the wickedness of evil spirits especially in the body of Christ. They believe that the devil cannot call the Name of Jesus Christ or quote Scripture, whereas these evil powers do not mind one bit to call the Name of Jesus and quote the whole Bible if they can but deceive and lead astray even one soul, talkless of thousands in a church gathering and over a media network.

    Every believer must test all teachers today, for himself, by the Word of God, and their attitude to the atoning Cross of Christ, and other fundamental truths of the gospel, and not be misled into testing “teaching” by the character of the teacher or good works of the pastor. Good men can be deceived, and Satan actually needs good men to float his lies under the guise of truth because they can easily be believed by the masses, unlike bad men that everyone distrusts. Besides, like I mentioned somewhere else in this post, modern daylight witches, wiccan, occult practitioners, new agers, atheists also do good works and help the less privileged in the society, they feed the homeless, provide good drinking water to less fortunate in third world countries, they build hospitals, schools for the handicapped and the poor of the society, they build libraries, etc. good works in itself is not a mark of a righteous holy man of God.

  18. Moreover, the trouble of the church in these last days is from evil spirits and supernatural beings who are “hypocrites” who pretend to be what they are not, who give “teachings” which appear to make for greater holiness, by producing ascetic severity to the “flesh,” but who themselves are wicked, unclean and enjoy humiliating and seeing the human suffer. Where they deceive, they gain possession and adulation, while the deceived soul believes he or she is “special” or more “holy” and more “sanctified” and more “delivered” from the desires of the flesh and troubles, prompting him or her to look down on others with self-righteousness. On the other hand, these “hypocrites” or false teachers, pastors and prophets, defile the deceived one holding him or her in spiritual bondage and under the cover of false sanctity or an “extra heavenly knowledge” all the time hiding their schemes.

    In conclusion, all “thoughts” and “beliefs” should therefore be “tested”, “examined” and “judged” by the truth of God revealed in the Scripture, not merely by ‘texts” or portions of the Word, but by the principles of truth revealed in the whole Word of God. Since Satan will endorse and try to authenticate his teachings by “signs and wonders” “fire from heaven”, “power”, “healings”, “prophecies”, etc. Note and remember, we have been warned that prophecies and signs are no proof of the teaching or person being of God; nor is a good life full of good works to be the infallible test for the presence and approval of the Holy Spirit of God, for we are told that Satan’s ministers can also be “ministers of righteousness” (2 Corinthians 11:13-15).

    Everybody is looking for a quick fix for blessings, promotions, prophecies, healings, etc. Mind you, God is not a slot machine or a microwave oven.


    Kim Hess – Battleaxe of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Thou art my battle-axe and weapons of war: and with thee will I break in pieces the nations; and with thee will I destroy kingdoms. Jeremiah 51:20

  19. I am Dutch, 65, studied evangelical theology near Paris, have been a missionary for 35 years in many countries and am not easily fooled when it comes to discerning the spirits or false teachers/teachings….
    TB Joshuah I have seen is a true man of God and if the trip was not so expensive from Sweden where I presently live, I would go and meet him.
    I found that whenever someone does a real work for God wherever that is, there are always websites and blogs of pharisees trying to discredit them.
    It is the same in Amercia as in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.
    Jesus was accused of being demon possessed, a wine bibber and a blasphemer Who they wanted to stone..So TB is in good company there, if they persecuted the Master they will also persecute His disciples.
    Dutch Prof. Dr. Willem Ouweneel,, a well known theologian, biologian, philosopher and evangelical authority, author of over a 100 books, went to Nigeria to check TB Joshuah out .He was quite sceptical at first, but when his daughter went there and met TB Joshuah and he (without knowing her or her father) told her he wanted to meet her father finally reluctantly went and published a good report that indeed his ministry was credible, genuine and his teaching biblical as well as a book about TB’ Joshuah’s life.
    TB reminds me of another healing evangelist of the last century that was maligned by many,and who came from a similar background of poverty, William Branham.
    Like the first disciples both are simple and humble men, but who have been with Jesus. Many miracles were wrought under Brabham’s anointing as God used his gift of miracles and prophecy. I see the same mantle on TB Joshuah.
    TB Joshuah be blessed: another man of God has risen after 50 years, in the same stature.
    .We should rejoice about it. Many missed the ministry and coming of the Messiah or even opposed him vehemently,
    Let us not make the same mistake.

  20. Thanks to God to send a true prophet like tbjoshua We r so fortunate in Africa to have someone like him VIVA TBJOSHUA If u dnt believe in him why dnt u SHUT UP and be Spectator Beware of Gods wrath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. WOW, the whole website dedicated to bring down TB Joshua, well it is this website that led me to watch emmanuel TV to see why you are so much against him, what i saw was completely different to what you are telling people, i am now hooked and a dedicated SCOAN member, it is his teachings that has brought me closer to Jesus, my prayer life was almost zero before then but now i am a dedicated christian, honestly why would you go on and on about him, the more you try to turn pple against him the more people believe his teachings. Those who are with him are more than those against him..and watch the space God will continue to use him to do great things. Why dont yu create a website dedicated at teaching us the word of God. You have been writing bad things about him for years but he has never answered you, not even once. It is only those that have never seen Emmanuel TV or heard about him that can agree with yu, for us who know him we see right through you, your objectives and even your faces. Spiritually i have benefited more from his teachings/doctrines than i can ever benefit from your DESPERATE website.I was delivered from spirit of masturbation and chest problems through praying with him. So give up already!

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