Another deadly stampede at SCOAN

SCOAN auditorium during busier times

Back in 2013, 4 people lost their lives at an anointed water service at SCOAN in Ghana. In 2014 around 116 people died when SCOAN’s illegal building collapsed on them. Now reports are coming out that 3 are dead after a stampede at SCOAN in Lagos. The incident happened before their annual healing and deliverance service, a stampede took place while visitors rushed to get through the door. As expected, SCOAN are denying anything has happened, a reporter quotes their spokesperson as saying “Nothing happened on the church premises yesterday. Nobody died. Nobody. Thank you.” however, the local police public relations office confirmed the incident.

These three incidents should serve as a warning to the public – SCOAN is not a safe place to visit, their crowd control is woefully insufficient and they completely ignore government regulations regarding building safety. SCOAN may try and present themselves as a place of healing, but events like these show the reality is tragically different.

Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones in this latest SCOAN disaster, and just before Christmas too. It’s likely that they spent a significant amount of their life’s savings to get to SCOAN in desperate search of a healing. Instead they have returned in a coffin. We call on the local authorities to fully investigate this incident, to enforce appropriate controls on SCOAN and to complete the building collapse trial. The SCOAN death toll must be brought to an end.

TB Joshua as you’ve never seen him before!!

OK, this post is just a bit of fun playing with Microsoft’s Project Murphy. It’s also a reminder that TB Joshua is not some kind of infallible holy man of God, he is a false prophet who like the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18, can completely legitimately be mocked. Enjoy, and post some more in the comments if you like! Instructions are here.

TB Joshua claims his prayers saved 1000+ people from being killed in Nice

84 people were killed in Nice, when a truck driver rammed into the parade.

84 people were killed in Nice, when a truck driver rammed into the parade.

In a clip posted on youtube from the 17th of July SCOAN service, TB Joshua claims that he was praying constantly for France in the days leading up to the Nice truck attack. He spends about 5 minutes bragging about how God had shown him exactly what was going to happen, but he was not permitted to name the country (because God lets him in to secrets, but not mere mortals like his congregation of course), not once does he express any sympathy for those who lost their lives in the horrific attack, because it’s not really about them – it’s about him, and his incredible ability to see the future. That’s what is important isn’t it? At around 1:40 in the video, he says the following:

What I saw would have happened if not for prayer, would have killed at least 1500 people. The bomb in the vehicle would have killed a thousand people and everybody.

There’s only one problem with this statement. There was no bomb on the truck. How do you reconcile his bold statements claiming he saw all of this happening days before, with the fact he doesn’t even know exactly what happened after the event has taken place? The very thing he claims his prayers averted never even existed in the first place.

As horrific as the Nice attacks were, it still wasn’t as deadly as the collapse of his building. That’s the only deadly event he should be focusing on now, ensuring the investigation into it can be completed unhindered and the families can receive answers.

A statement from Willem Ouweneel on TB Joshua

foto-willem-j-ouweneelWillem Ouweneel is a Dutch biologist, philosopher and theologian and a well know figure in Dutch evangelical circles. In 2002 he visited SCOAN and wrote some positive articles about the experience, strongly endorsing TB Joshua and his ministry. He is probably the best known and most credible evangelical theologian to ever publicly endorse TB Joshua. Even 10 years later, SCOAN regularly put out articles on their numerous blogs using quotes from these articles to promote the ministry. Since Ouweneel had not written anything about TB Joshua for over 10 years, we thought we would get in contact to find out where he currently stands on the issue. He gave us the following statement to publish:

I do not endorse TBJ anymore, because:

  1. I have had no contact with SCOAN for more than ten years
  2. His irresponsible building activities, which cost more than 160 dear lives I believe  (Editors note: 116 deaths, but many more seriously injured)
  3. Very serious rumors about sexual harassment of collaborators.


TB Joshua’s pathetic “Brexit” prophecy (Updated)

tbjeuroDear oh dear… As Britain still reels from the surprise Brexit result, ultra-narcissist prophet TB Joshua can’t bear to miss the chance to ride the wave. The day the result was announced, SCOAN released a video entitled “Prophet TB Joshua Speaks on the EU”. While they didn’t directly claim he predicted Brexit, many African news websites are publishing identical press releases claiming that he did, usually a sign that SCOAN (or one of their bankrolled journalists) is behind it. Here is a full transcript of the “prophecy” which cuts out half way through the word “back”:

“And Euro, we pray for this European community because I saw euro which hold them together will be affected and many country will want to go back.”

First of all, for those readers that may not know – Britain may be held to the EU by a lot of things, but the euro is not one of them. This “prophecy” appears to be talking about countries wanting to go back to their own currency, the UK never left in the first place. Secondly, this is actually the second time he’s wheeled out this vague prediction, the first time was in March 2015 in response to the plummeting value of the Euro (in this video release it included an extra bit at the beginning that made it abundantly clear he was talking about currencies failing, not countries leaving the EU). Finally, in response to those who say “well he predicted something, and it happened!” this “prophecy” was given on the 25th December 2011, just a couple of months after Forbes had claimed that “The European debt crisis is the most urgent crisis facing the global economy” and it was looking likely that Greece would leave the Eurozone. So not so much prophecy, more like regurgitating the news and exploiting the fact that many of his followers don’t keep up with world affairs. 

If he was a prophet of the status he assumes, situations like this give him great opportunities to prove it. Brexit is an unprecidented move, and was largely unexpected. Even after the result of the referendum it’s not 100% certain that the UK will leave, they have to appoint a new Prime Minister first. If God is really chatting to you about these events TB Joshua, and showing you future events “as clearly as if I am watching Emmanuel TV” as you have claimed before, why not bring some clarity to this confusing and unsettling situation? Why not bring the wisdom of God? Why not show an example of where you have accurately predicted something unexpected? This video is nothing short of pathetic, but at least it has given us a good laugh.


Thanks to General who found the original, here’s a side by side comparison.

Has Hungry Generation been dumped by TB Joshua?

Hungry Generation is a youth ministry in the US which although never an official SCOAN branch, has done a lot to promote his ministry including organising trips to SCOAN and most tragically of all, sending some of their members over to be disciples. Recently it has come to our attention that all the pages on their site about TB Joshua have been removed. They used to have a page all about TB Joshua, calling him “the mighty of God” someone that “God has raised in the last days for the blessings of the nations”. If you go to the same page now, you’ll find it’s been deleted.

Prophet TB Joshua page deleted

Prophet TB Joshua page deleted

Hungry Generation used to advertise trips to SCOAN on their website, that page too has now been deleted.

No more trips to SCOAN from Hungry Generation

No more trips to SCOAN from Hungry Generation

The only remaining link to TB Joshua that we can see is the advert for their weekly “anointed water” prayer lines, although we’ve heard from a reliable source that they’re no longer receiving any anointed water from TB Joshua, but instead fill up the old bottles with tap water.

We believe that the split has been initiated from TB Joshua rather than from Hungry Generation, possibly as a result of them inviting “fallen wiseman” John Chi over for a conference, but we have reached out to Hungry Generation for comment, but not received any reply. Either way, it’s less exposure for TB Joshua in the USA which can only be a good thing.

TB Joshua caught trying to cover up the adultery of his “spiritual son”

Walter Magaya is a popular Zimbawean “prophet” who has several allegations of infidelity against him, one case resulting in the mysterious death of the woman in question. It shouldn’t surprise us then that this is a “spiritual son” of TB Joshua. TB Joshua is of course able to empathise with Magaya’s situation, having multiple allegations of sexual misconduct himself, and yes, some unexplained deaths amongst his followers.

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Panama papers are made public – TB Joshua’s lie revealed

After Premium Times revealed TB Joshua’s offshore shell company named in the Panama papers, TB Joshua immediately issued this emphatic denial (read the entire statement here):


Yesterday, the ICIJ (the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists who are coordinating the leaked data) released the full list of names and companies leaked in the Panama papers. Guess what name comes up?

TB Joshua's shell company listed on the ICIJ panama papers database

TB Joshua’s shell company listed on the ICIJ panama papers database

This is exactly as Premium Times reported. Other information that they did not disclose is that this shell company was only active for a little over a year, it was incorporated in June 2006, struck off in October 2007 and inactivated in November 2007. From what we gather from the data, it has not been active since November 2007, the company is listed as “Defaulted”.

What does this tell us?

First, it tells us that TB Joshua is a liar, his statement clearly and unambiguously denied having anything to do with a shell company, this leaked data shows very clearly that for 16 months he did have an offshore shell company. It also shows us that he’s shown an interest in hiding his fortune offshore in the past, which likely means he has other shell companies that are not included in this leak. After all, Forbes valued him at around $15 million, but he was able to purchase a 60 million dollar jet.

Most importantly, this revelation shows us that TB Joshua is an incredibly rich man who does not need a cent of your money. If you have every donated anything to Emmanuel TV or SCOAN you are a victim of a fraudster and thief. If you had considered donating, find somewhere else to send your money. Sure, he makes very public donations from time to time (in direct violation of Matthew 6), but he has enough left over to purchase and operate a private jet, wear different imported designer clothes every week, travel in a fleet of luxury cars and give his children the best international education money can buy – all thanks to desperate people giving the last of their savings falsely hoping for healing or deliverance. This is criminal and predatory behaviour that no follower of Christ should be supporting.



Just in case you are still holding on to hope that the leaks are fake, let’s help you dispel the myth. This link goes directly to the site of the organisation coordinating the release of the Mossack Fonseca leak. The leak has been confirmed as genuine from every major news organisation in the world, nobody is questioning its authenticity. This leak contains information about a shell company with the full names (and passport numbers) of TB Joshua and his wife, incorporated in 2006. Since this information was never meant to be made public, you can’t suggest that someone made it up in order to discredit him because there was no way they would expect the public to ever see it. The data is real, there is no doubt about that – the question is, why did he lie about it? What is he hiding?

Date set for SCOAN trial

The Cameroon Concorde website has a good overview of the court proceedings from last Tuesday. Apparently the lawyers representing SCOAN and the contractors made one more attempt at stalling the proceedings, but Justice Lawal-Akapo overruled them and ordered that the charges be read in court, noting that criminal trials are to be heard expeditiously. The charges have been read to the defendants (SCOAN trustees and the two engineers), these charges are “failure to obtain building approval contrary to Section 75 of the Urban and Regional Planning Law of Lagos State 2010 and involuntary manslaughter causing death contrary to Section 222 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2011“. All defendants have pleaded not guilty.

The two engineers are now being held in Kirikiri prison pending trial which will start on May 19th.

BREAKING: Engineers in custody, SCOAN trustees arraigned

Finally it appears the court are doubling down on their effort to follow through on the recommendations of the coroner to charge the SCOAN trustees and engineers with criminal negligence (and possibly culpable manslaughter). The Nigerian press are reporting that the engineers are now in custody awaiting trial, and the SCOAN trustees have been arraigned.

Now the engineers are in custody, they will now have nothing to gain from keeping quiet about any arrangement they may have had that could implicate SCOAN. Liability between the contractor and SCOAN lies in the communication between the two over the development. Poor documentation of the same will work against the contractor more than SCOAN in my opinion because they are the more knowledgeable of the two. As such, you can bet if the prosecutors focus on the contractors, TB Joshua will never rest easy until the case is concluded because the contractors’ first line of defense will be to shift as much liability as possible to SCOAN (these issues are explored in more depth here).

Let’s see what happens, and hopefully everyone can agree that the bereaved families deserve justice and closure, and this court case is the best way of that being achieved. God knows the truth, let’s pray that it finally comes out.