Panama papers are made public – TB Joshua’s lie revealed

After Premium Times revealed TB Joshua’s offshore shell company named in the Panama papers, TB Joshua immediately issued this emphatic denial (read the entire statement here):


Yesterday, the ICIJ (the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists who are coordinating the leaked data) released the full list of names and companies leaked in the Panama papers. Guess what name comes up?

TB Joshua's shell company listed on the ICIJ panama papers database

TB Joshua’s shell company listed on the ICIJ panama papers database

This is exactly as Premium Times reported. Other information that they did not disclose is that this shell company was only active for a little over a year, it was incorporated in June 2006, struck off in October 2007 and inactivated in November 2007. From what we gather from the data, it has not been active since November 2007, the company is listed as “Defaulted”.

What does this tell us?

First, it tells us that TB Joshua is a liar, his statement clearly and unambiguously denied having anything to do with a shell company, this leaked data shows very clearly that for 16 months he did have an offshore shell company. It also shows us that he’s shown an interest in hiding his fortune offshore in the past, which likely means he has other shell companies that are not included in this leak. After all, Forbes valued him at around $15 million, but he was able to purchase a 60 million dollar jet.

Most importantly, this revelation shows us that TB Joshua is an incredibly rich man who does not need a cent of your money. If you have every donated anything to Emmanuel TV or SCOAN you are a victim of a fraudster and thief. If you had considered donating, find somewhere else to send your money. Sure, he makes very public donations from time to time (in direct violation of Matthew 6), but he has enough left over to purchase and operate a private jet, wear different imported designer clothes every week, travel in a fleet of luxury cars and give his children the best international education money can buy – all thanks to desperate people giving the last of their savings falsely hoping for healing or deliverance. This is criminal and predatory behaviour that no follower of Christ should be supporting.



Just in case you are still holding on to hope that the leaks are fake, let’s help you dispel the myth. This link goes directly to the site of the organisation coordinating the release of the Mossack Fonseca leak. The leak has been confirmed as genuine from every major news organisation in the world, nobody is questioning its authenticity. This leak contains information about a shell company with the full names (and passport numbers) of TB Joshua and his wife, incorporated in 2006. Since this information was never meant to be made public, you can’t suggest that someone made it up in order to discredit him because there was no way they would expect the public to ever see it. The data is real, there is no doubt about that – the question is, why did he lie about it? What is he hiding?

Date set for SCOAN trial

The Cameroon Concorde website has a good overview of the court proceedings from last Tuesday. Apparently the lawyers representing SCOAN and the contractors made one more attempt at stalling the proceedings, but Justice Lawal-Akapo overruled them and ordered that the charges be read in court, noting that criminal trials are to be heard expeditiously. The charges have been read to the defendants (SCOAN trustees and the two engineers), these charges are “failure to obtain building approval contrary to Section 75 of the Urban and Regional Planning Law of Lagos State 2010 and involuntary manslaughter causing death contrary to Section 222 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2011“. All defendants have pleaded not guilty.

The two engineers are now being held in Kirikiri prison pending trial which will start on May 19th.

BREAKING: Engineers in custody, SCOAN trustees arraigned

Finally it appears the court are doubling down on their effort to follow through on the recommendations of the coroner to charge the SCOAN trustees and engineers with criminal negligence (and possibly culpable manslaughter). The Nigerian press are reporting that the engineers are now in custody awaiting trial, and the SCOAN trustees have been arraigned.

Now the engineers are in custody, they will now have nothing to gain from keeping quiet about any arrangement they may have had that could implicate SCOAN. Liability between the contractor and SCOAN lies in the communication between the two over the development. Poor documentation of the same will work against the contractor more than SCOAN in my opinion because they are the more knowledgeable of the two. As such, you can bet if the prosecutors focus on the contractors, TB Joshua will never rest easy until the case is concluded because the contractors’ first line of defense will be to shift as much liability as possible to SCOAN (these issues are explored in more depth here).

Let’s see what happens, and hopefully everyone can agree that the bereaved families deserve justice and closure, and this court case is the best way of that being achieved. God knows the truth, let’s pray that it finally comes out.

TB Joshua exposed in #panamapapers


Certificate of incumbency for TB Joshua’s shell company

A few days ago, the Premium Times Nigeria released an exclusive report linking TB Joshua and his wife to a shell company in British Virgin Islands, through papers leaked from the Mossack Fonseca law company (know as the Panama Papers). We held off writing about this for a few days because the initial article displayed no evidence (except for a few company details that could easily have been made up), and we couldn’t find TB Joshua’s name mentioned in the parts of the leak made public (for example, here and here).

However, upon further investigation we are now confident that the claims are true. The newspaper has released the documents (see right) they were basing the allegation on, and we have discovered that one of the team from the ICIJ (the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists who are coordinating the leaked data) is Musikilu Mojeed, the Managing Editor of Premium Times. This explains how the paper got hold of documents that are yet to be made public, and also makes it inconceivable that they would use forgeries. For those who still doubt it, you can wait and see because the ICIJ have said that they will “release the full list of companies and people in the Panama Paper files in early May”.


TB Joshua denies the allegations

After the initial article, but before the papers were released, TB Joshua released an emphatic and unambiguous denial that he owned any business anywhere. He finished the Facebook update with a photo of the journalist responsible for the article, Nicholas Ibekwe (who you may remember from TB Joshua’s bribery scandal) who he accused of “representing a gang” and being responsible for a number of threats against his ministry and person. This post (and photo) has been shared over 500 times by TB Joshua’s followers, which genuinely represents a threat to Ibekwe.

Clearly TB Joshua did not want his followers to know about this shell company, or else he could have made up some kind of justification for its existence instead of complete denial. A former SCOAN insider we spoke to while writing this article was not surprised that he would have excessive funds to stash away, they told us “he mingles with governors, presidents and other high flying, sometimes dubious characters, so he has his fingers in different pots. He owned an array of cars when I was there. He had several top notch Landrovers, 2 Hummers (different colours which he had specially made) and loads of other stuff. His Italian suits which he wears maybe twice, are all imported at considerable costs“. A further recent addition to his assets is the $60 million dollar private jet he purchased last year. How does a “man of God” accumulate the kind of money to live like this? The Panama Papers might not reveal any specific details, but they certainly suggest the existence of secret, off the books business deals.

As with the building collapse court case, TB Joshua looks like he wants to handle this via social media rather than the courts. If these allegations are genuinely false and the documents are forgeries, he should take Premium Times to court and let the authorities examine the evidence. We don’t expect to see that soon though, because there seems to be ample evidence that the claims are true.

Another Lagos building collapse puts TB Joshua back in the spotlight

10q18nLast week a building collapsed in an upmarket area in Lagos, killing 31 people. Within two days, the managing director of the residential estate and his contractor were arrested and brought before a magistrate (source). Furthermore, Governor Ambode had ordered all Directors of Lekki Worldwide Estate Limited to submit themselves to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni, within the next twenty four hours or face immediate arrest (source).

This, of course is in stark contrast to the way Lagos State Government have dealt with the far deadlier collapse at SCOAN. Neither the contractor or the managing director general overseer have been arrested, despite constantly ignoring court demands.

This blatant injustice has not gone unnoticed, hundreds of Nigerians have been expressing their displeasure and taking to social media to call for TB Joshua’s arrest. Broadcaster “Daddy Freeze” has been leading the campaign, he wrote the following:

I have no qualms seeing a young man who committed a crime pay for that crime. Life is sad, before Richard came along, you could not dream of buying a house in LEKKI for 20million naira, his dream was to make choice housing affordable and available. Somewhere down the line mistakes were made and lives were lost! And yes I agree…… Someone must pay!

Now my questions;
Why is he in handcuffs and remanded in prison when that ‘prophet’ whose building collapsed and killed more people than Ebola, Lassa fever and this alleged ‘LEKKI gardens’ put together is walking free??? Why is that prophet not in handcuffs too??? It was even alleged, that he didn’t show up in court the last time the courts sat. Is this true??? If it is true, then why is Richard ‘remanded’ in prison while Mr prophet ‘comes from home’???

Is there a special court for ‘prophets’ or do we have special ‘laws’ for them???

Is our government afraid of prophets???

Are the people who lost their lives in the Church less valuable than the people who lost their lives in the LEKKI Gardens saga?

My humble advice: Richard should be released to go home and attend hearings from home like the ‘prophet’. Or the ‘prophet’ should be picked up, handcuffed and locked in the same cell with Richard while he attends trial!

Or does the change we voted for include turning Nigeria into the African version of George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’, where “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others?”

I might not know law and justice, but I definitely know injustice!

I appeal to everyone to lend their voice to this and ensure we have ‘JUSTICE FOR ALL’
Please retweet this hashtag untill we are heard! #Justice4All

This could be a turning point in the whole legal process, what a shame it took the unnecessary deaths of more people before any fuss was made.

When will TB Joshua admit he was wrong about MH370?

flightmh370Today marks 2 years since Malaysian airlines flight MH370 disappeared. Back in 2014, just a few days after it dropped off the radar, TB Joshua said this “There is a big controversy going on in the world regarding the Malaysian plane. I am the only minister if not only me that God used to speak about this issue. But the whole thing is coming to an end. Coming to an end in the sense that they will discover the plane, they will discover the particles, they will discover, everything will end, any moment from now. From this coming week we will no longer talk about it again. Rather the families concerned will know their fate.”

Two years on, a flaperon belonging to the plane has been found, but still the question of what happened to it remains a complete mystery. So much for “this coming week we will no longer talk about it again“. If this isn’t proof enough that he’s a false prophet, I don’t know what is.

Isn’t it time you came clear about your mistake and apologised to the families Mr Joshua?

TB Joshua "reveals the location" of the missing jet

Screenshot from TB Joshua’s official Facebook page from March 2014. No trace of the plane was found for over a year.

Update on TB Joshua criminal trial

To follow up on our last post, it turns out we were right to be suspicious. The post we referred to was nothing but more lies propagated by SCOAN (how can they live with themselves?). The real news is that SCOAN’s umpteenth application to halt proceedings has been rejected and the court will reconvene on the 22nd March. But yes, you guessed it – they have another application to challenge the competence of the charges filed, so the whole unbearable cycle starts again. Currently it seems like SCOAN are just playing with the courts like a kitten with a ball of wool. How much longer will this be allowed to continue?