TB Joshua bribe recording – FULL TRANSCRIPT

We’re not sure who to credit this transcript to, since it is duplicated across many sites on the internet. It seems fairly accurate.

TB Joshua – I want to thank you very much for your patience and for your time. In fact if i finish talking to you now, you will see,just pass through over 2 thousand people I’m attending to. They are from all over the world .No single Nigerian. I’m attending to them.

So I asked them to give you a copy of the cassette. There is 750 thousand which at least, it will be 50 thousand each for fuel. To buy fuel for your car.

(Speaks to his staff). I think you have it there, so you hand over to them. Then the cassette,they need one,one cassette.

Journalist – But man of God, we were expecting that  you would come up with an official statement .

TB Joshua – I have said it, you know i’ve talked to you(Is your camera recording..you know it’s not nessecary. It’s a private issue )

Journalist – The one in the church was not audible enough. We need something substantial for us to air

TB Joshua – Ok but you know we have to leave the security people to do their job. I don’t want to interfere, I don’t want a situation where i will become a hindrance. Because the country ambassador of America,the UK,they have sent me a letter and i greet them. South Africa Ambassador are here,Ghana Ambassador, they are here. They want to see their people. It is a very complicated issue.

Unknown Journalist – Sir say something, A sympathy comment

TB Joshua– No no no,it is too early now .Lets finish the whole thing. Have you been there?

All chorus -Yes

Unknown Journalist – So sir are we expecting you to call us back

TB Joshua – By the grace of God and i will be very happy if you can help me correct some of the things that is inside the papers

Journalist – We commiserate with you the church, what we expect is if you can’t give us a later day maybe you can give us an official statement outside the official one. You know when there is no information outside, people will continue to give rumors

TB Joshua– Which official statement do you want me to give

Journalist – We know investigation is ongoing. At the moment we know some lives have been lost, some people are in the hospital .

TB Joshua – why cant you talk of those who have been rescued You should have started from life first

Journalist -eh eh like so commiserate with them

So some people have been rescued, some people unfortunately have gone.

TB Joshua – I want to assure you that alot of people got rescued there. Many of them are even at the prayer now. Some people that are in the hospital are recovering

Journalist – SO can we say you are wishing them quick recovery and you are sympathizing with them ?

TB Joshua – Can’t you hear what I said in the church,I talk of the hero and Martyr. I talk like a man of God. I can’t talk of death inside the church. You know people will begin to say oh I salute the martyr

Journalists – Thank you sir,God bless sir .yes sir..


Just like you said…journalist chatter. as he greets them

SICK: False prophet TB Joshua claims to have predicted MH17 disaster

Before the world has stopped reeling at the horror of 295 innocent people being senselessly killed while flying over Ukraine, Nigeria’s most popular false prophet hurriedly puts out a video claiming that he predicted it. The video doesn’t spend a second offering condolences or prayers for the victims of this atrocity, it just proudly brags that their “prophet” knew it was going to happen all along.

The main theme of TB Joshua’s prophecy was that Russia should protect their airspace, and make sure security is tight because he sees an attack coming. How this relates to the MH17 tragedy is beyond us, this attack happened over Ukraine airspace, not Russian, and it was not an attack on Russia it was an attack BY Russia on a Malaysian airlines plane (ok, it’s a little more complicated than that, but the weapon used is almost certainly of Russian origin). It would appear the person linking this event to the prophecy spent little time considering how much the facts fitted.

For once there is very little significant edited out of the final prophecy (see unedited versions below), but the prophecy was so vague it would have been of no use whatsoever. All we have here is another sickening example of human tragedy being senselessly exploited to promote a false prophets ministry.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of MH17, may God grant you peace and healing as you come to terms with this tragedy. As Christians we want to loudly and clearly state that TB Joshua does not speak for us, and we’re ashamed and embarrassed that he behaves like this in the name of our Lord and Saviour.

Prophecy video (original, unedited clips below):

Original, unedited (part 1)

Original, unedited (part 2)

Fake deliverance at SCOAN

A reader recently made us aware of a video of the ex-Pastor of SCOAN Athens being delivered over a year ago from a “spirit of lust and anger that caused him to be disgraced”. This is the same man who is now the subject of allegations of sexual abuse from 4 young women, and was recently described by Wise Man Harry as a “rude, disobedient, disrespectful and full of anger man”.

Two things should be observed here:

1) SCOAN are allowing “demon possessed” people to lead their branches

At the time of the deliverance, SCOAN Athens was still a fully functioning official branch. The man being delivered from demons was the pastor authorised by TB Joshua to lead this branch of his ministry. There are videos online of nearly all the foreign SCOAN leaders and disciples being dramatically delivered from demons, which leads you to wonder why they were ever chosen to lead within SCOAN? Who wants to be part of a church who’s leaders are crawling with demons? As it happens, the people who we know who have dedicated their lives to SCOAN were exemplary Christians, the fact they sacrificed successful careers, education and many other things to pursue full time ministry at SCOAN is testament to their desire to serve God with everything they had. These were exactly the kind of people you would be happy to see in church leadership…. nothing like the crazed, staring, demon-manifesting people we see after years of service to SCOAN. If this is what SCOAN does to you, keep as far away as possible.

2) Deliverance at SCOAN does not work

Or at least it didn’t seem to work in the case of the ex-Athens pastor, and this is far from the only deliverance fail we are aware of. Many years ago TB Joshua conducted a crusade in Australia. There was a well broadcast deliverance of a woman during this crusade, culminating in TB Joshua proclaiming her free, and even bizarrely claiming that her deliverance resulted in 5000 other people being set free. Giles was a disciple at the time, he says that “she later came to Lagos, and I was surprised to see her no different. She had come for more deliverance, and she was behaving the same way. Obviously she was not delivered in Australia.” There are also the well publicised cases of Nigerian celebrities such as Tonto Dike and Jim Iyke who TB Joshua has famously delivered, but without resulting in any visible change in lifestyle.

This is more evidence that you can’t trust anything you see on Emmanuel TV.

I wonder why today’s men in religion like publicizing deliverances and even bringing shame on those being delivered. Is this the way and will of God? Is it a way of attracting people for business or what? I would rather watch someone preach the word on TV and the rest should be done off TV or off screen. We need the word of truth on TVs more than deliverances and miracles. In fact Satan is more scared of the truth than miracles/deliverances. The truth liberates and the pure word of God is like fire.

 – goyethereforeblog


Jeremiah’s story: The shocking truth behind SCOAN Athen’s closure

A member of SCOAN Athens has got in contact with us to tell the shocking inside story of the closure of the SCOAN branch. You will read in his story that SCOAN are now denying that Athens was ever an official branch. This is a blatant lie, as proven by the screengrab from Emmanuel TV below, and the screengrab of the SCOAN website in our previous post.
Proof that SCOAN Athens was once an official SCOAN branch

Proof that SCOAN Athens was once an official SCOAN branch

My name is “Jeremiah” and I have been a member and worker from the beginning at SCOAN ATHENS BRANCH. As some of you may have heard this church exists no more. It closed down on June 1st 2014 after wise man Harry announced that it NEVER was a SCOAN branch as it had never received official approval. Yes, Harry came to Athens to close down a church that actually, was stated to never had belonged to SCOAN. Being present myself, what we were told was that this man-the pastor- was a “rude, disobedient, disrespectful and full of anger man” who left SCOAN LAGOS as he and his wife were undergoing discipleship. According to Harry, this man opened the church on his own together with some other people with whom he had been sharing his teachings.

Can you imagine the shock for all of us who had belonged to and had invested in this church for all these years? Now, whether this church was or not an official SCOAN branch, let the fact be known that until last Wednesday it was under the category of “branches” on their official website, not to mention the numerous healings and deliverances with the anointing water broadcast on Emmanuel TV, where the church was clearly stated both audibly and subtitled as the SCOAN ATHENS BRANCH, speak for themselves.

One may ask rightfully, then why did all this happen? Well….the truth of the matter is this: for the last couple of months allegations had been made against the pastor, who actually had left in January to go to SCOAN LAGOS, for “training” as we were told. During that period, his wife had taken over when the above allegations came to light. No more, no less, four female members/workers of the church accused the pastor of sexual abuse for the past three years. When this first broke out, the church was divided into two: those who believed the girls and those who didn’t. I, myself, was among those who didn’t. And never would have, if God Almighty had not orchestrated things in such a way that everything was exposed. You see, the leadership of the church and we who were for the pastor began to accuse these girls as liars, traitors and destroyers, and this led to extensive emails to LAGOS from those who were against, the girls themselves and their families, in which horrific details of emotional, religious and physical manipulation were mentioned. Finally, under the pressure of it all, the man was sent back to confess his sins. And indeed, being notified personally of his return we, who were closest to him were told the truth. A workers’ meeting followed in which he confessed in front of the workers and victims, of his sins. And I state here “he confessed” NOT repented. The full truth and the magnitude of this abomination had not been yet revealed, and until this day has not been yet, as more and more elements of this obscurity have been coming into light.

If I continue writing, it will never end….so there will have to be a part 2 or even 3. For the time being all I wish to say is this: we have been deceived, manipulated, extremely hurt and disappointed….anger, pain, sadness and coming to terms with all that has been light and all that has been darkness, has been my portion for long….knowing that a place where God led you, restored you and saved you has now turned into an abomination, is not something one can easily perceive…having to maintain the balance between Love and Forgiveness and the Truth, is something you can accomplish ONLY by a steadfast look of faith on the Cross of Calvary. ON CHRIST ALONE. I have  forgiven this man, as I clearly can see now that he is disturbed and is in dire need of both mental and spiritual help, himself….however I cannot and will not ignore the fact that the truth must shine, as our God is Light and Righteousness…and even more so, because there are STILL people who are actually under the veil of deception, in denial of the truth, brothers and sisters of mine, whom God loves so much and painfully desires they be set free.


Our thoughts and prayers are with Jeremiah, all those left confused and demoralised by this branch closure and particularly the young ladies who have been abused by this pastor. We plead with the remnant of SCOAN Athens to ensure that criminal charges are brought against this pastor to protect any potential future victims. Anyone with further information can email tbjoshuawatch@hotmail.co.uk

TB Joshua loves Boko Haram

TB Joshua is as happy as a kid in a candy store right now. As Boko Haram commits deplorable act after deplorable act as a way of drawing attention to their ideology, TB Joshua piggy backs on these deplorable acts in order to draw attention to himself (let’s face it, TB Joshua’s ideology is TB Joshua).

Look at the following list of shocking exploitation of this national tragedy.

  1. Setting up an obviously fake stunt* where a “Boko Haram member who has come to bomb SCOAN” gets delivered by TB Joshua.
  2. Exploiting the 14th April Abuja bombing by claiming he predicted it, editing out the part in the original video where he claims it will happen before the middle of December 2013.
  3. Marketing his blasphemous anointed water in the aftermath of the bombing (a man confidently reads from a script testifying how his car was blown up in the bomb killing all except him, his demeanor gives no hint that a few days before he was supposedly surrounded by dead and dismembered bodies).
  4. Exploiting the 1st May Abuja bombing, again releasing an edited video claiming he predicted it.
  5. Exploiting the appalling kidnapping of over 200 schoolgirls by repeating news commentary dressed up as prophecy.
  6. Raising the hopes of the schoolgirls parents by assuring them that “unless I’m not called by God, I place my career and my calling on the line, that this 200+ schoolchildren have to be released immediately.” on the 3rd May.
  7. Performing a second fake “Boko Haram member captured and delivered at SCOAN” stunt.

TB Joshua claims to be a powerful prophet who has predicted all kinds of international events. Why is it he can’t locate the school girls? Maybe the authorities wouldn’t have taken the advice of a Nigerian prophet seriously in the Malaysian airlines crisis, but in Nigeria everyone would sit up and listen if he revealed their location. TB Joshua claims his anointed water protects you from fire and bullets, casts out demons and diseases. Why can’t it deliver schoolgirls from captivity?

What we’ve seen with both the MH370 disaster and the Boko Haram crisis is that TB Joshua’s so called “prophetic ministry” is no help at all in a complex situation. If there is a simple and contained crisis like a shooting in America, he can easily deliver an edited prophecy claiming he predicted it. When a situation gets complex and when someone with genuine insight could actually be of real help, TB Joshua falls way off the mark.

One thing to remember here is TB Joshua’s own words “unless I’m not called by God, I place my career and my calling on the line, that this 200+ schoolchildren have to be released immediately.” This was said 10 days ago and counting. Everyday his credibility is fading.

Pray for these poor schoolgirls and their parents. It’s impossible to understand what they’re going through, but God knows. Trust that they will find comfort and the girls will know freedom. Pray that both Boko Haram and TB Joshua will repent of their evil schemes and find salvation through the cross of Jesus Christ.

* Before anyone points it out, we’re aware that TB Joshua has now claimed that the first Boko Haram member captured at SCOAN is now in police custody and has been confirmed as a genuine member, but please remember TB Joshua is the only source of this information, and he’s not exactly known for his honesty. The only semi-official response from the authorities dismissed the whole event as fake.