Another bomb in Abuja, another edited prophecy

On Thursday the 1st May, Boko Haram struck again with a devastating car bomb in Nigeria’s capital, killing 19 people. This comes only 2 weeks after the previous Abuja attack. Rather than providing spiritual and moral support to the victims, TB Joshua exploited the first bombing to promote his prophetic “gift” and tout his blasphemous anointed water. With the second one, with astonishing insensitivity, TB Joshua again claims to have predicted it. In a video released shortly after the bombing, “Wiseman” Racine brings a message from the “man of God”. The message was: “Thursday, people should be in an attitude of prayer for the nation that whatever was going to happen, God would avert it”. Thanks to revel2123 on youtube, we have the original, unedited clip, in it he says (bold highlights denotes what was edited out): “this coming Thursday and Friday, people should be in an attitude of prayer for the nation that whatever was going to happen on Friday, God would avert it”

This prophecy was dated the 20th April, which means the Friday this unspecified event was to take place was the 25th April. The event they now claim he was talking about happened on Thursday the 1st May.

This prophecy was a failure not only because he got the week and day of week wrong (not to mention the fact he didn’t even specify what would happen), it was a failure because it didn’t cause anything to be averted. The crazy thing is, nothing of note happened in Nigeria on the 25th April, so after that he could have claimed his prophetic word was a success, God averted the disaster thanks to his call to prayer. But this shows he’s not interested in averting disasters, all he’s interested in is his (fast eroding) reputation as an international fortune teller.

Original, unedited clip.