South African lawyer speaks out in defence of TB Joshua

South African lawyer Bally Chuene has been speaking out in defense of TB Joshua, a reader wrote in with the following questions:

I just have a couple of questions I would like to ask on this video I saw tbjoshuafanclub posting everywhere, based on this original article by SABC.

I have googled Bally Chuene and was shocked at what I discovered. Chuene was a former lawyer to Nelson Mandela, who has been implicated in a R200,000 fraud scandal and is said to have used his money and influence to try to hush up the fact a child drowned at his property. How ironic is this? Unless people/journalists is conspiring against him as well?

The original article on SABC News is dated 29 September 2014 and note that SABC uploaded the youtube video posted above on the 28th of September. Bally Chuene states he visited Nigeria around a week ago according to the article and the youtube video. If you subtract seven days it means he must have been in Nigeria around the 20th or 21st of September at the earliest. The incident happened on the 12th of September?

So how does he know whether church members interfered with emergency workers? Was he there on that day? No of course not, so what rubbish is this? What authority does he have then and why should anyone even listen to him? In fact, he is a lawyer, not a rescue worker so what relevance does he have in this matter? He was not even on the ground that day when it happened and seems to me not even the rest of that particular week, so his argument is weak to say the very least. Why did no one question him to ask but how do you know these things if you were not even there?

Yes it is very possible that the rest is true that the church provided 11 ambulances etc. some days later when they realised they cannot get away anymore trying to convince people that only a couple of people were injured in the incident and that these injuries were not serious.

Those statements by the church is well documented and cannot be changed which is of course proof that they were trying to hide the 116 deaths that took place at the time. Proof of when these ambulances were summoned, the date, should not be hard to obtain.

So even this video leaves a lot of question marks and a lot of explaining to do.