TB Joshua loves Boko Haram

TB Joshua is as happy as a kid in a candy store right now. As Boko Haram commits deplorable act after deplorable act as a way of drawing attention to their ideology, TB Joshua piggy backs on these deplorable acts in order to draw attention to himself (let’s face it, TB Joshua’s ideology is TB Joshua).

Look at the following list of shocking exploitation of this national tragedy.

  1. Setting up an obviously fake stunt* where a “Boko Haram member who has come to bomb SCOAN” gets delivered by TB Joshua.
  2. Exploiting the 14th April Abuja bombing by claiming he predicted it, editing out the part in the original video where he claims it will happen before the middle of December 2013.
  3. Marketing his blasphemous anointed water in the aftermath of the bombing (a man confidently reads from a script testifying how his car was blown up in the bomb killing all except him, his demeanor gives no hint that a few days before he was supposedly surrounded by dead and dismembered bodies).
  4. Exploiting the 1st May Abuja bombing, again releasing an edited video claiming he predicted it.
  5. Exploiting the appalling kidnapping of over 200 schoolgirls by repeating news commentary dressed up as prophecy.
  6. Raising the hopes of the schoolgirls parents by assuring them that “unless I’m not called by God, I place my career and my calling on the line, that this 200+ schoolchildren have to be released immediately.” on the 3rd May.
  7. Performing a second fake “Boko Haram member captured and delivered at SCOAN” stunt.

TB Joshua claims to be a powerful prophet who has predicted all kinds of international events. Why is it he can’t locate the school girls? Maybe the authorities wouldn’t have taken the advice of a Nigerian prophet seriously in the Malaysian airlines crisis, but in Nigeria everyone would sit up and listen if he revealed their location. TB Joshua claims his anointed water protects you from fire and bullets, casts out demons and diseases. Why can’t it deliver schoolgirls from captivity?

What we’ve seen with both the MH370 disaster and the Boko Haram crisis is that TB Joshua’s so called “prophetic ministry” is no help at all in a complex situation. If there is a simple and contained crisis like a shooting in America, he can easily deliver an edited prophecy claiming he predicted it. When a situation gets complex and when someone with genuine insight could actually be of real help, TB Joshua falls way off the mark.

One thing to remember here is TB Joshua’s own words “unless I’m not called by God, I place my career and my calling on the line, that this 200+ schoolchildren have to be released immediately.” This was said 10 days ago and counting. Everyday his credibility is fading.

Pray for these poor schoolgirls and their parents. It’s impossible to understand what they’re going through, but God knows. Trust that they will find comfort and the girls will know freedom. Pray that both Boko Haram and TB Joshua will repent of their evil schemes and find salvation through the cross of Jesus Christ.

* Before anyone points it out, we’re aware that TB Joshua has now claimed that the first Boko Haram member captured at SCOAN is now in police custody and has been confirmed as a genuine member, but please remember TB Joshua is the only source of this information, and he’s not exactly known for his honesty. The only semi-official response from the authorities dismissed the whole event as fake.