Emmanuel TV: TB Joshua is “Jesus of this generation”

A few months ago we revealed that Emmanuel TV declared TB Joshua to be the “messiah of our times“, now they’re back with a man naming him “Jesus of this generation” during a service on the 5th January. What makes it even more interesting is that earlier in the service, a man was corrected by the Emmanuel TV presenter for claiming that the anointed water would cure you, the presenter said there was no power in the anointed water, but it was the power of Jesus working through the water (which, as we’ve pointed out before, makes the anointed water pointless). This clearly shows that the presenters are ready to correct certain mistakes, so why do they repeatedly leave the messianic claims uncontested? Both clips are included in the video below:

After posting the “messiah of our times” video, we were amazed that most of the TB Joshua followers actually supported the claim. This is most likely why people are not corrected for blasphemies like this, because SCOAN supports them too.

Thanks to “General” for sending in the video.