Emmanuel TV: TB Joshua is “Jesus of this generation”

A few months ago we revealed that Emmanuel TV declared TB Joshua to be the “messiah of our times“, now they’re back with a man naming him “Jesus of this generation” during a service on the 5th January. What makes it even more interesting is that earlier in the service, a man was corrected by the Emmanuel TV presenter for claiming that the anointed water would cure you, the presenter said there was no power in the anointed water, but it was the power of Jesus working through the water (which, as we’ve pointed out before, makes the anointed water pointless). This clearly shows that the presenters are ready to correct certain mistakes, so why do they repeatedly leave the messianic claims uncontested? Both clips are included in the video below:

After posting the “messiah of our times” video, we were amazed that most of the TB Joshua followers actually supported the claim. This is most likely why people are not corrected for blasphemies like this, because SCOAN supports them too.

Thanks to “General” for sending in the video.

The Gospel according to Temitope: Is TB Joshua adding to the Bible?

Recently, we have heard some genuinely amazing statements from TB Joshua supporters. In an exchange in the comments section of this post , regular commenter Ian asked another regular commenter Soe a simple question:

Are you saying that the bible is still being written?

Soe, a committed disciple of TB Joshua, responded with a direct and astonishing answer:


May I ask, who told you that the writing of the bible has stopped?

And who is the person who continued to add to the bible? Why, TB Joshua, of course. Soe continued:

Don’t be surprised, your great grand children will quote the words of TB Joshua in the same way you quote those of apostle Paul today…

I assure you, that the value of TB Joshua today (however great you think it is now) is nothing compared to what it will be in generations to come, – But this time, the generations yet unborn won’t just have texts and writings, but also video clips of high digital quality. (The major reason for the heavy recording and archiving of the happenings in Scoan).

Soe believes that through TB Joshua, a third testament of scripture is in production, but this one will be released on DVD. This view is far outside the bounds of anything that can be described as Christianity. It supports our belief that SCOAN is a cult which has more in common with Scientology or the Family International than any Christian church. Continue reading

Comments on Emma’s story

Emma’s story has clearly struck a nerve with TB Joshua supporters. There have been a number of comments that we didn’t publish because of how unpleasant or threatening they were. “How dare you criticise a man of God?”, “The wrath of God will be coming upon you”, etc…

It’s interesting to remember that when Jesus was being arrested, one of his disciples attacked the soldiers with a sword, but Jesus rebuked the disciple and healed the injured soldier. When Jesus was on the cross he said “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”. Jesus was being murdered, yet he chose to utter words of forgiveness towards his murderers.

Even if Emma’s allegations were made up*, the kind of words coming in the comments are not Christlike, and totally devoid of grace, totally in contrast to how Jesus responded to far more serious offenses.

Any comments that we deem too personal or threatening we will delete. Feel free to ask questions or express doubts, but please do so in a Christlike and gracious way. You also may like to read the points on the “How to defend TB Joshua” post for some ideas on making your comments sound credible.

It’s important for readers to remember that TB Joshua is a man like any other, fallible and capable of corruption and sin. No one except for Emma, TB Joshua and God can say with absolute certainty whether or not these allegations are true. If this is a young woman who really has lost a third of her life to a cult and been sexually abused by a controlling cult leader, you need to be very careful how you respond to her.

* If we had any doubts about the allegations we wouldn’t have published them, but no – we can’t provide you with video evidence as one twitter user asked!