John Zavlaris video from Joshua Debunker

The Joshua Debunker channel on youtube has done an excellent job putting together a video of TB Joshua’s statement regarding John Zavlaris alongside Emmanuel TV footage that tells a different story. The question remains – why has TB Joshua lied about John Zavlaris’ connection with SCOAN?

When will TB Joshua apologise for his MH370 lie?

TB Joshua "reveals the location" of the missing jet

TB Joshua “reveals the location” of the missing jet

TB Joshua’s MH370 prophecy must be his most disastrous one yet. We are now a month from this prediction and no plane has been found. No debris has been found. An intermittent signal has been discovered, possibly from the black box, but nothing has been confirmed.

Let’s look at some of the specific things we know he got wrong:

  1. The plane would crash metres after takeoff
  2. The plane would crash due to an obvious issue
  3. The plane would be carrying almost 200 passengers (it carried 240)
  4. The plane would be found “moments from now” (9th March)
  5. The plane would be found “moments from now” (15th March)
  6. The mystery being solved a week after the 15th of March

There are a few other things he said such as the “strange people on board” and the plane being found “between Indonesia and the Indian ocean” that seem unlikely but are yet to be ruled out. However, so much of this is completely and utterly wrong, it can’t be excused. Even SCOAN are keeping quiet about this prophecy now.

TB Joshua claims God shows him things in the future as clear as watching Emmanuel TV. We can see now that either he is lying to you and making all this up, or God doesn’t have a clue what is going on. Either TB Joshua is deceiving you, or God is deceiving TB Joshua. Pick your side.

If TB Joshua has an ounce of integrity left, he’ll be issuing a full public apology and admitting he made a mistake. We hope this event will teach him a lesson and put a stop to this sick exploitation of human tragedy.

REPOST: TB Joshua and deliverance. Is it biblical?

A response on twitter to one of TB Joshua’s deliverance videos (not recommended viewing)

Britain has Jeremy Kyle, America has Jerry Springer, Nigeria has TB Joshua. What do these three have in common? They are widely broadcast men who have many troubled people come to them for “deliverance” of some sort which is broadcast to an international audience. These troubled people inevitably embarrass themselves on TV, much to the delight of the audience who are not sure whether to be amused or disgusted, but like the proverbial car wreck can’t keep their eyes off the undignified way the people on screen are behaving. Finally, all these shows have a “saviour”. A man who is there to solve the problems these troubled people have, and the only person who comes out the other side looking good. In short, these men come out the only real winners.

Deliverance is biblical, Jesus is recorded delivering many people from demons. However, the way Jesus delivered people restored their dignity, it didn’t rob them of any shreds of it they had left. For example, a well known exorcism is the naked man whose demons are cast out and enter the pigs. In this incident (Mark 5:1-20) a crowd gathers and are amazed (in fact, so amazed the bible says they were afraid), but they’re not amazed at the spectacle of the deliverance, they’re amazed that this man is now sitting fully clothed and in his right mind – the crowd witnessed the change in the man, but were not permitted to see the deliverance itself.

Another spectacular deliverance recorded in scripture is the demon possessed boy in Mark 9:14-29. It says that “When the spirit saw Jesus, it immediately threw the boy into a convulsion. He fell to the ground and rolled around, foaming at the mouth.” Sounds rather like an episode of Emmanuel TV so far, until Jesus notices a crowd running to the scene, so quickly and instantly rebukes the demon and sets the boy free. Again, Jesus is careful not to make a spectacle of this poor boy’s condition.

Jesus’ deliverances are shown in scripture to be quick, direct (“He [Jesus] drove out the spirits with a word” Matthew 8:16) and they restore soundness of mind and dignity to the individual. TB Joshua’s make a mockery of the person, and in at least one high profile case, they make no difference at all (as reported by Giles here, and here). In another case, ex disciple Graham reported that another highly publicised healing/deliverance that happened privately was reenacted on camera so it could be broadcast (the boy with the blocked throat). Can anyone imagine Jesus engaging in this kind of deception? (Note from the editor: We now have indisputable indisputable proof that Emmanuel TV engages in deceptive video editing)

If someone has a gift of deliverance, then of course he should be using it, but use it in the way modelled by Jesus, not in a way that is self serving and turns sick individuals into mini internet sensations after being delivered in an undignified way, or having a youtube video put out about their addiction to sniffing faeces, eating foam matresses, bedwetting or drinking kerosene (all genuine Emmanuel TV deliverances, easily confirmed via google, but we won’t dignify them with links).

A common reaction to this kind of argument is the pragmatic one: “His deliverance’s work don’t they?”. If you go only by what you see on Emmanuel TV, then of course you’ll believe that. The true fruit won’t be evident for days, weeks, months or even years after the supposed deliverance – and it won’t be seen on camera.

Emmanuel TV: TB Joshua is “Jesus of this generation”

A few months ago we revealed that Emmanuel TV declared TB Joshua to be the “messiah of our times“, now they’re back with a man naming him “Jesus of this generation” during a service on the 5th January. What makes it even more interesting is that earlier in the service, a man was corrected by the Emmanuel TV presenter for claiming that the anointed water would cure you, the presenter said there was no power in the anointed water, but it was the power of Jesus working through the water (which, as we’ve pointed out before, makes the anointed water pointless). This clearly shows that the presenters are ready to correct certain mistakes, so why do they repeatedly leave the messianic claims uncontested? Both clips are included in the video below:

After posting the “messiah of our times” video, we were amazed that most of the TB Joshua followers actually supported the claim. This is most likely why people are not corrected for blasphemies like this, because SCOAN supports them too.

Thanks to “General” for sending in the video.

TB Joshua, the messiah of our time – responses

Sometimes on TB Joshua Watch, the comments are more illuminating than the actual post. Never more so than in our last one where we exposed a video of a lady claiming 3 times on Emmanuel TV that TB Joshua is the “messiah of our time” without rebuke. If you had asked us to predict the kind of comments this post would receive, we might have guessed people would claim it was just a misguided comment made in the heat of the moment, or perhaps question whether it was Emmanuel TV’s responsibility to vet every statement made in a testimony. What we weren’t prepared for was the majority of TB Joshua followers actually supporting the lady. Here are some samples:

I love my jesus and his choosen one tb joshua

[it] was the holy spirit in that lady who cofessed that tb joshua is the messiah of our time.

tb joshua confess with his own mouth that he is the messiah and acknowledge that the same spirit rose jesus from the dead dwells in him


T.B Joshua is the comforter christ was talking about read your bible very well (Note from the Editor: If you read your bible very well, you’d know that this comforter is named as the Holy Spirit (John 14:26))


TB Joshua is the Messiah have u forgotten the 2000 years occurrence, Moses, Elijah, Jesus and T.B Joshua are Messiah…

In 2 Peter it says “But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies” (2 Peter 2a). This is precisely what we appear to be witnessing here. TB Joshua isn’t publicly claiming to be the messiah of our time (as far as we know), but the way his ministry presents him evidently leads many to this conclusion, even the majority of his supporters if the sample set of our commenters is taken seriously. This lady was not the first person to call TB Joshua a messiah, and by leaving these claims unchallenged, it would appear SCOAN are secretly bringing in destructive heresies.

In the passage below we see what a real man of God does in similar circumstances:

When the crowd saw what Paul had done, they shouted in the Lycaonian language, “The gods have come down to us in human form!” Barnabas they called Zeus, and Paul they called Hermes because he was the chief speaker. The priest of Zeus, whose temple was just outside the city, brought bulls and wreaths to the city gates because he and the crowd wanted to offer sacrifices to them.

But when the apostles Barnabas and Paul heard of this, they tore their clothes and rushed out into the crowd, shouting: “Friends, why are you doing this? We too are only human, like you. We are bringing you good news, telling you to turn from these worthless things to the living God, who made the heavens and the earth and the sea and everything in them. (Acts 14:11-15)

TB Joshua named “messiah of our time” on Emmanuel TV

A reader recently sent us an extremely disturbing video. The video was from Emmanuel TV, and showed a woman testifying to her recent deliverance thanks to the Anointed Water. In the clip below she calls TB Joshua the “messiah of our time” 3 times, and the interviewer makes no attempt to correct this.

TB Joshua is responsible for what is broadcast on his TV channel, the fact that a statement like this has been made not once, not twice, but three times without being challenged should be a serious concern to all supporters of Emmanuel TV, SCOAN or TB Joshua. By broadcasting it they are supporting it. If they don’t support the statement, then we should expect a full and frank retraction.

As we have covered before, this view is not uncommon. There are websites online with pages of articles claiming that he is a messiah, and plenty of SCOAN media gives this message implicitly.

TB Joshua exploits the Philippine tragedy for his own gain

No matter what your views are on TB Joshua, there are hundreds of thousands of people suffering and mourning due to Typhoon Haiyan. Please consider giving a donation through a reputable charity such as the Red Cross or Tear Fund

Over 10,000 people are thought to have died when Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. Many more have lost their homes and possessions. Shockingly, but not surprisingly (knowing his track record), TB Joshua sees this as an opportunity to increase his notoriety by releasing a video claiming that he predicted it.

Incredibly, even though we have twice before exposed SCOAN’s deceptive editing tricks, yet again they edit out certain details from the prophecy. For example, in the original prophecy (recorded on June 24th 2012), TB Joshua claimed the country name would start with “IN”. He also claimed the disaster would be imminent, even implying that it might happen within the next week. This was almost 17 months prior to the event actually happening. What’s more, in January 2013, he released heavily edited footage from the same prophecy to claim that he’d predicted a major flood in Indonesia (got the “IN” right there!).

In this hastily and shoddily edited video (sorry), we present to you footage from the Philippines prophecy, and the Indonesia prophecy. We don’t have footage of the original, unedited prophecy, so who knows what else has been edited out.

Well done TB Joshua…

In our last post we exposed TB Joshua’s latest cut and paste prophecy where he claimed he predicted a bombing in America on a Monday, when in reality this vague prophecy was the result of three different, even vaguer prophecies which had been edited together to give us the impression it was more accurate than it was.

Some readers may have thought our analysis was petty and nitpicking, but to do so would miss the motivation behind what we do. We’re not writing to mock a self-proclaimed prophet who’s “prophecies” really don’t stand up to scrutiny. No, we’re writing because we’re angry. We’re angry that someone representing Christianity is using a tragedy for self promotion. We’re angry that what he claims was a prophecy was useless for anything except giving him bragging rights.

Regular commenter and previous contributor Giles put it best:

Well done TBJ .
8 people are dead. about 170 in hospital, many with amputations. They will spend the next few years with major psychological issues, and wont be able to think of anything else at night. Some wont be able to smell or handle raw meat. Others wont be able to stay calm after a balloon bursts.

And YOU have everyone clapping their hands- at YOU- because of your useless prophecies which help no one but yourself. You have everyone saying “well done Man of God!” “TB Joshua has pulled it off again!”

They’re right. TB Joshua has pulled it off again.

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The Boston bombing, and another cut and paste prophecy from TB Joshua

Yesterday, in the wake of the Boston bombing news, we posted the following on twitter:

An accurate prophetic word from TB Joshua Watch(!)

An accurate prophetic word from TB Joshua Watch(!)

Just a few hours later this video was released. Turns out our prophetic ability is better than we imagined.

Sadly this is just more evidence that TB Joshua will shamelessly exploit a tragic situation for his own gain. Sadder still, he has an army of devotees who will lap up everything he says, gushing on their social media profiles about what a “true man of God” he is, without considering the substance of what he has actually said.

Let’s condense the prophecy into a few bullet points:

  1. Pray and fast for America on Monday
  2. There will be flames
  3. Something will be roaming around, wandering in a city in the United States (the Lord will subdue)
  4. American Homeland security should be tight, tight, tight.
  5. There will be bombings
  6. Homeland security is very important
  7. Large gatherings should be avoided or well secured
  8. There will be massacres

When you look at all those bullet points together, it’s not hard to see why people are impressed. The event in question did happen on a Monday, it was a bomb and it happened in a large gathering of people. Of course there is no date on TB Joshua’s video, so we don’t know how many Mondays have passed before this “prophecy” eventually became fulfilled, but credit where credit is due – a fair few facts were predicted.

That’s impressive.

Or at least it would be, if he said all these points at the same time.

But he didn’t.

This video is an edit of 3 different prophecies. The points above can be split up as follows:

Prophecy 1

  1. Pray and fast for America on Monday
  2. There will be flames

Prophecy 2

  1. Something will be roaming around, wandering in a city in the United States (the Lord will subdue)
  2. American Homeland security should be tight, tight, tight.

Prophecy 3

  1. There will be bombings
  2. Homeland security is very important
  3. Large gatherings should be avoided or well secured
  4. There will be massacres

Now we see that the two most accurate elements of this prophecy (a bombing happening on a Monday) were told in two totally separate prophecies. A bombing was predicted, but not on any particular day of the week. Given today’s tense political climate a bombing in America is sadly inevitable. A bombing happening in a large gathering of people is just stating the obvious. It was flames and “something roaming around” (no idea how that fits in!) that was predicted on a Monday. Predicting flames and a day of a week is vague enough that it will fit with many events.

We’ve shown previously how TB Joshua edits out inaccuracies from his prophecies to make them seem more accurate than they really were. Here we see how he stitches together three different vague prophecies given at different times, that together seem reasonably accurate, but taken apart (as they were originally given) are so vague they could mean anything.

Update: We have been criticised for omitting to mention that the third prophecy was supposedly related to the first and second prophecy, therefore they were not all separate as we implied. This is certainly the impression you are meant to get from the was the prophecy video is edited together, but really this just further emphasises the deception. In the third prophecy he says “you remember I said last week to pray for America”, then mentions three other occasions he’s said the same thing. They want to to believe that he is referring to the previous prophecy where he predicted flames on a Monday. This clearly isn’t really the case, because if it were the voice over would have said something like “on the following Sunday service he said…” rather than “…on another Sunday service he said…” and they would have given dates. If this link were established he would have at least predicted a bombing in America on a Monday – not much help to anyone, but something at least. Without this link established, all we’re left with is useless, vague titbits which need editing together before they begin to resemble anything like reality.

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TB Joshua’s US Election dilemma

How the polls looked around the time of TB Joshua’s first prediction

Back in May, TB Joshua faced a huge dilemma.  The US elections were fast approaching, but polls were showing it to be a very close race. This was going to be the biggest news story of the year though, so he HAD to predict something. He couldn’t possibly miss this opportunity to show off his prophetic prowess to the world.

What is he to do? If he guesses one outcome over the other he might get it wrong, then he will have no video to release. It will be too high profile an event to do a video editing hatchet job like he’s often done before. In this case, whatever he says – people will remember and hold him to it.

It’s just too close a call. How can he possibly get out of this one?

Unless…. Yes. That might work. It may be too close an election to guess the outcome, but one thing is certain – it will be a very close election! The polls have made that quite clear.

So that’s what he did. He predicted the “battle would be very, very close” *.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, for your own amazement amusement – here is Mr Joshua’s incredible prediction:

* He may have waffled on about a few other issues as well, but the only prediction related to the outcome of the election was that it will be a close battle.

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