Must watch documentary: Seeds of Sin

A reader recently sent us a link to a documentary by Kenyan investigative journalist Dennis Okari. In his own words:

What you are about to watch is not an attack on sincerely held beliefs of the decent church goer. It is an attempt to expose the systematic and manipulative exploitation of the vulnerable people who are desperately seeking spiritual answers to their problems, but greedy individuals are ruining their lives, all in the name of God.

You couldn’t write a much better mission statement for TB Joshua Watch.

Although the documentary focuses only on Kenya’s own false pastors, there is a huge relevance to anyone following TB Joshua. For example:

There is very little difference between these “pastors” and TB Joshua. The only major difference is that TB Joshua has something of a following outside of Nigeria. For those of you who consider TB Joshua something special, watch this documentary, you will see Kenya has many little TB Joshua’s. The documentary also showed how easy it is for a charismatic individual to gain a following of people who see them as a man/woman of God.

On the whole, the documentary made for depressing viewing. Is this really where Christianity is going in Africa? However, it was very encouraging to see the Kenyan authorities taking this kind of fraud seriously, some of these “pastors” served jail time for their deceptions. Let’s hope Nigerian authorities start taking it as seriously in their country.