TB Joshua predicted the Egypt plane crash (of course!)

Yesterday Jesse said in the comments “will we see a copied and pasted as well edited prophecy of the Russian Metrojet crash ? Time will tell. Again not been able to prevent it even though they prayed as a whole church God did not hear nor did do anything about it and with TB Joshua at the helm behind the scenes spraying wildly and frenzied with morning water, carrying prayer wristband around them. Nothing, nix, nada, niente.”

Just as predicted, TB Joshua’s plane crash fetish has got the better of him again. He seems completely unable to let a plane crash pass without claiming he predicted it.

What’s worse this time is it’s so blatantly wrong, even before looking at what they’ve edited out. In the prophecy fulfillment video below he predicts a plane crash in a neighbouring country to Ukraine/Russia. Yes, this plane was a Russian plane, but it crashed in Egypt! The prophecy was clearly talking about the region the crash would happen, not the region the plane would come from because it warned airlines not to fly over that region.

We could just leave it at this, but we thought we’d check the original to see what had been edited out. Sure enough, a whole section is contained in the original that was snipped out of the one just released. The section edited out says:
“When I woke up this morning I thought it had happened already, but thank God it hadn’t. It will be very, very imminent, it will happen any time.”

These words were spoken in August 2014, 14 months before the crash! Does that sound imminent to you? Clearly it didn’t work for SCOAN, because they edited it out.

Let’s review what we have – location: wrong, time: wrong, any details that could have identified the plane and prevented it from happening? No. Please followers of TB Joshua, help us out – how does this prophecy help the grieving families? How does it glorify God? In what way could it have prevented it from happening? It’s interesting how both ISIS and TB Joshua are attempting to capitalise on this tragedy, with ISIS claiming they did it and TB Joshua claiming he predicted it.

To those who are grieving the loss of their loved ones, please ignore this false prophet, he does not represent Christianity. We are so sorry for your loss.

Edited prophecy

Original prophecy