Repost: Boko Haram prophecy: How did TB Joshua get it so wrong?

Following the state of emergency declared in Nigeria by President Goodluck Jonathan due to continued violence from Boko Haram, we revisit a post originally published a year ago examining TB Joshua’s tragically incorrect prophecy regarding terrorist group Boko Haram. More than a year on from the date TB Joshua claimed everyone would have forgotten about Boko Haram, the situation is getting worse and worse.

TB Joshua boasts of his gift of predicting football results and the death of politicians and popstars. But when he made a prediction about one of the most pressing and crucial issues facing Nigeria today, he got it completely wrong.

At the end of 2011, TB Joshua confidently proclaimed that bombing and terrorism would no longer be a problem for Nigeria in 2012. This was in reference to the terror campaign of Boko Haram, the northern Nigerian terrorist group.

“The burning and bombing that is happening, by January, February, March, everybody will forget about this.” -TB Joshua, Dec 2011.

This is one prophecy that we wish TB Joshua had got right. But unfortunately he couldn’t have been more mistaken. Since then, Boko Haram have only escalated their campaign of terror, and the death toll has been devastating.

-Boko Haram carry out what was one of their worst actions yet, killing 256 in a string of attacks.

-Boko Haram attack a prison in Kogi, freeing 119 prisoners, including seven of its own members.

-Boko Haram kill seven in a North Eastern Market
-Boko Haram launch an attack on the border with cameroon, killing Cameroonian soldiers.

-Boko Haram carry out an easter bomb attack on churches.
-Boko Haram attack the offices of a newspaper.

-Boko Haram attack university students.
-Boko Haram release statement promising they will escalate their campaign and ’devour’ president Goodluck Jonathan.

When TB Joshua’s prophecies coincide with reality, his followers claim that this is proof of his divine gift. SCOAN release cleverly edited videos bragging about their accuracy. However, they keep very quiet when his prophecies turn out to be completely wrong. This is just one example of this.