Fake claims of healing HIV at SCOAN

This is what counts as "evidence" of HIV healing at SCOAN

This is what counts as “evidence” of HIV healing at SCOAN

In our last post, we made the bold claim that nobody has ever been healed of HIV at SCOAN or by TB Joshua. Since then, several cases have been brought to our attention where people proclaimed healed of HIV by TB Joshua, clearly weren’t.

One reader told us of 4 soldiers from Volta Barracks, Ghana who went to SCOAN and received their “healing” for HIV. Sadly all 4 remain HIV positive.

A HIV positive reader from the UK told us that of all the people from the UK who have visited SCOAN for healing from HIV, not a single one has been cured – he and his wife are living testimony to this. Apparently SCOAN London are no longer organising trips to Lagos because of the embarrassment caused by so many non-healings.

An African reader once organised groups to visit SCOAN, including several HIV positive people who came without their infected partners. He wondered how they would avoid being infected again if they continued sexual relations with their partners. Apparently none of them had an answer, and nor did they want to go for tests to validate their claim of being healed.

Out of all the correspondence we received about the article, only a single person claimed to have been healed of HIV by TB Joshua, but when we asked whether he had actually taken a test to verify this we received no reply.

An ex-disciple sheds more light on the situation. He says:

I’ve been to TBJ’s crusades, many more don’t get healed than do.

How many people have been prayed for healing from HIV during the last 16 years at SCOAN? I’d estimate at least 15,000. How many of those people have returned with negative test results, perhaps 200, maybe a few more. What about the rest? Even those 200 are a bit dubious considering how rife corruption is in Nigeria.

How many people have been healed from HIV from outside Nigeria? ZERO. None. Nada. Is the Nigeria strain of HIV easier to heal than others……..

No confirmed cases of HIV being healed outside of Nigeria? Why only Nigeria?

An investigative journalist named Jacques Pauw wrote about TB Joshua a few years ago. He tells of the fate of several people “healed” by TB Joshua:

“Wium Basson died within days of returning to South Africa. Maxie Claasen, suffering from brain, liver and breast cancer but declared healed by TB Joshua, also died shortly after returning home…

John Rindel went for an AIDS test at a private clinic in Johannesberg. He called me minutes after he had recieved the results. “I’m still HIV positive,” he said. “I’m sure it’s a mistake. They make mistakes with these tests, you know?”

“I hope they did, John,” were the only words of consolation I could think of.

“I might go back to Lagos,” he said. “I want the prophet to pray for me again.”

John Rindel never made it back to Lagos. He died a few months later.”

All of the cases listed above are in addition to the 3 deaths reported by the BBC and Sky News.

What are we left with? Lots more evidence of non-healings, no more credible evidence of genuine healings and reports of several unnecessary deaths. This is an incredibly serious issue, there could be thousands of people now infected by HIV because of these fake claims of healing. If a pharmaceutical company claimed to be able to cure HIV, a serious amount of empirical evidence would have to be gathered before they were allowed to make the claims. TB Joshua, or any other pastor making similar claims should be held to the same standards. The power of God can withstand scrutiny.

WARNING: Nobody has ever been healed of HIV at SCOAN

Thousands of people flock to SCOAN with the misplaced hope that they will be healed

Thousands of people flock to SCOAN with the misplaced hope that they will be healed

Recently you may have read the exciting news that a 2.5 year old girl has been cured of HIV. What struck our attention when reading the articles was the fact that this girl is reported to be the second person in history to have been cured of HIV. Here is how some of the big news agencies are reporting it.

Researchers say the only other documented case of an HIV cure is that of Timothy Brown, known as the “Berlin patient.” In 2007, Brown, an HIV-positive American living in Germany, was battling both leukemia and HIV when he underwent a bone marrow transplant that cured not only his cancer but his HIV. CNN

Dr Persaud thinks her patient, a two-and-a-half-year-old girl whose identity is confidential, has joined Timothy Brown, a man known to many as the “Berlin patient”, as a human being who was once definitively infected with HIV and now no longer is. Economist

The only fully cured AIDS patient recognized worldwide is the so-called “Berlin patient,” American Timothy Brown. He is considered cured of HIV and leukemia five years after receiving bone marrow transplants from a rare donor naturally resistant to HIV. The marrow transplant was aimed at treating his leukemia. Discovery

In 2007, Timothy Ray Brown became the first person in the world believed to have recovered from HIV. BBC

What about all those supposedly healed of HIV at SCOAN? On their website currently they have 9 testimony videos of people claiming they were cured of HIV at SCOAN. Multiple identical news articles (usually proof that it is the work of SCOAN PR rather than genuine a journalistic piece) on African news sites state that “HUNDREDS of people from across Africa have said they were healed of HIV/AIDS after visiting Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua” (e.g. here, here and here).

Whatever the real number of people SCOAN claim have been healed, it is a lot more than what some of the biggest and most respected news agencies in the world are aware of.

What can we make of this discrepancy? Simple:

Nobody has ever been healed of HIV at SCOAN or by TB Joshua

How can we say this with such certainty? Consider the following:

  1. Proving that someone once had HIV and no longer does is a fairly simple process.
  2. “Hundreds” of people being healed of HIV is world-shaking, front page news.
  3. If people really were being healed at SCOAN they would have flown in world-renowned experts in the virus to validate their claims instead of showing dubious ‘before and after’ medical certificates (who knows whether they are genuine or if the doctor signing them was bribed?).

HIV is an epidemic in Africa. False healing only spreads it faster and more widely. This must be stopped. If SCOAN are to continue claiming people are healed of HIV, they should open their doors to any researcher who wants to come and investigate and validate their claims, in fact they should actively encourage it and publish the findings in full. The fact that they have not done this is strong evidence that the claims would not stand up to this kind of scrutiny. For this reason we have no choice but to assume it is all a lie.  It is too important an issue to sit on the fence.

If you are a supporter of SCOAN, you should encourage this call for transparent and independent research into their claims. If the claims are true, TB Joshua will become the most well known and celebrated minister on this planet, if the claims are not true – anyone involved in upholding them is contributing to the death and misery of many.