TB Joshua, the messiah? Is it SCOAN behind these claims?

In the last post, we looked at some particularly disturbing ideas coming from the site “Watch TB Joshua” claiming that TB Joshua is the messiah. In this post, we will write about why we believe that these claims are not the views of an obsessed individual, but actually the exact message TB Joshua himself wants to project.

If you want people to believe you’re the Messiah, do you publicly tell everyone that? Or do you make continuous and subtle suggestions over many years until a decent number of people start making the claim on your behalf? TB Joshua has wisely taken the second option.

The claims of Soe on “Watch TB Joshua” are not uncommon, what is uncommon is how blatant they are. One of the comments highlights this fact as one follower of TB Joshua objects to the claims:

Please stop blaspheming. How can you equate TB Joshua to Jesus Christ. I do not believe you started this debate in good faith. You want to bring controversy around the name of the prophet. I watch his teachings everyday and not once has he implied that he more than a servant of our Lord and savor Jesus Christ.

Then in another comment says:

Let us make our Standard for Life the word of God. Only then will we interpret the bible accurately and stop speculating and insinuating mischevously about who Prophet TB Joshua. Allow the prophet to fulfill his mandate from God i.e. “Redeem and save our generation”

To which Soe (quite rightly) replies:

Isn’t such also the mandate given to the messiah?

Here we see that even someone who reacts negatively to the claim that TB Joshua is the messiah, actually believes the same, she just hasn’t put it in so many words before.

This is not surprising  because SCOAN publicity is littered with subtle (and not so subtle) messianic claims, for example – TB Joshua keeping a watchful eye over our planet.

A not so subtle rhetorical question on the front of (what we assume to be) SCOAN’s internal publication (click to enlarge):

Side View magazine

TB Joshua’s anointing water is “for the salvation of your soul”, something only a messiah can do.

Another way of receiving salvation (and blessing and prosperity) is to keep watching Emmanuel TV

Emmanuel TB’s official blog is called “Distance is not a barrier”. Isn’t that stating the obvious given that God is omnipotent? This slogan makes no sense unless we were talking about God in human flesh, i.e. a christ.

Numerous other hints could be mentioned, such as TB Joshua’s teaching that his words are infallible, naturally leading to the belief that they are equal to scripture, or the claim that TB Joshua is the Junior brother of Jesus (in other words, the son of God). However, the best evidence that this is the message SCOAN are subtly (and not so subtly) projecting is documented in the series of posts Soe has compiled starting here.

A message to SCOAN

It’s not unlike you to issue official press releases to address incorrect rumours. If you genuinely have no intention of giving the impression we’ve described above – you need to clearly and emphatically deny them. Distancing yourself from the blogs in question is not enough, you need to clearly state that TB Joshua is not a messiah* but a human being in as much need of God’s saving grace as any other, and that any claims to the contrary are blasphemy of the highest order.

We await your response, but until then we will be left with no other option than to assume that this is the impression you intend to give.

A message to supporters of TB Joshua, Emmanuel TV and SCOAN

You should pay careful attention to these developments. As you can see from this article, it does seem very clear that SCOAN are implying that TB Joshua is a messiah, even if they have never said it outright. You need to be pressing them for clear answers on this issue.

* Monty Python reference unintentional