Did TB Joshua predict Steve Jobs’ death?

TB Joshua is up to his usual tricks, releasing a video claiming that he predicted the death of a famous person, this time former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Of course, all he actually predicted (on an unspecified date that could have been months or even years ago) was that a famous American will die after having a serious ailment. Excuse us if we are not impressed. These were his words (broken English left uncorrected):

The giant nation should pray for one of its hero.
He has been wrestling for some time.
It’s left to him and his family and God.
But the vision I have three days ago
A hero in the United States
That when he pass on, people crying, shouting
‘this is not the right time for such a hero to go’

Pray for the protection for this hero… we pray to see whether it is changeable. We are still praying for God to protect this hero. He is wrestling, wrestling. There is an ailment that will take his life. This is affliction. Prayer.

As we have mentioned before, these vague prophecies are win-win for TB Joshua. If happens, it proves his prophetic powers, but if it doesn’t it was because his followers prayed against it happening. This post explores in more detail what is so problematic about TB Joshua’s so-called prophecies.

Of course, the main purpose of this soothsaying is to allow TB Joshua to jump on the bandwagon of a popular news story. Does it glorify God? Does it support and encourage?  No. It is a cheap and blatant attempt to glorify TB Joshua. Let’s hope that most people have the wisdom to see through it.