No show from TB Joshua and case adjourned until Dec 11th

Today resulted in yet another delay to the case against SCOAN and their engineers. TB Joshua (the “chief mourner“) disrespected the dead again by not even bothering to show up, though he did send representatives. There was a no-show from the engineers too, apparently two of the defendants gave invalid addresses so they couldn’t be served. The judge was apparently furious at the absent defendents.

The judge adjourned the case to the 11th December in order to have all defendants present. Check out Nicholas Ibekwe’s twitter account for first hand reports from today’s proceedings.

Charges to be brought against TB Joshua today

TB Joshua, the rest of the SCOAN trustees and the engineers responsible for constructing SCOAN’s stricken building are to have charges brought against them in court today. You can read more about it here:

Let’s pray for courage and integrity for those in authority, pray that the proceedings will be peaceful, that justice will be served, and a message will go out loud and clear that nobody in Nigeria is above the law, no matter how rich and powerful they are. Also, remember the other victims of TB Joshua in your prayers – the many disciples and church workers who live in captivity on the SCOAN compound, abused, worked like slaves and with no freedom of movement. Pray that the outcome of today’s proceedings might help facilitate their safe deliverance from SCOAN to be reunited with friends and family and begin rebuilding their lives.

EXCLUSIVE: TB Joshua is in Latin America on the run from the law

TB Joshua at leisure after his crusade

TB Joshua at leisure after his crusade

It has hardly gone unnoticed that TB Joshua has not appeared in public since his Mexico crusade. Prayer line services have been cancelled, church “evangelists” have been left with the task of preaching and ministering, and his birthday was inexplicably moved from Lagos to South Africa, without the birthday boy in attendance.

The inquest into the deadly building collapse at SCOAN will deliver its verdict on the 8th July. As you will recall, TB Joshua has been totally uncooperative with the inquest, refusing multiple times to show up as a witness. The evidence that has been released to the public so far does not go in SCOAN’s favour, and with a new government in place less sympathetic to TB Joshua’s cause, he could be facing very serious consequences.

Previously we speculated that he may have retired to South Africa to escape the law, but that didn’t quite make sense to us. South Africa has an extradition treaty with Nigeria, a far more robust legal system, and will be taking the verdict of the inquest very seriously, because the majority of the victims were South Africans. So we kept digging, and what we found out was shocking. TB Joshua never returned from Mexico!

We have been following several threads of evidence that have suggested this, but now have confirmation from a trusted inside source that TB Joshua is, quote “still in Mexico, hiding from the law”. Mexico offers 6 month tourist visas, more than enough to see what the inquest verdict is and plan his next move.

Don’t believe us? Let SCOAN prove us wrong. However, don’t let them fob you off with any of the following responses:

  • Video message from TB Joshua in his “office” or somewhere that can’t be verified as SCOAN HQ in Lagos.
  • Hoards of commenters sent by SCOAN to claim that they’ve seen him in Lagos, and we’re making all this up.
  • Undated pictures of him in Lagos or on prayer mountain presented as if they are current.
  • Social media post denying the claims, but without any evidence.

If you were planning on spending your hard earned money to visit Lagos in the hope of seeing TB Joshua, cancel your plans now, he won’t be there!