News updates

The inquest is continuing into the collapse of the SCOAN building that killed 116 people. Here are the most recent developments:

  • Town planner and consultant to SCOAN Bisi Adedire confirmed that the church did not have a permit for the building extension, and they knew it: “I told the church they have contravened the law in a way by building without approval but they said they could regularise it”. He went on to say that having approval does not guarantee the quality of the building, and the collapse of the guesthouse cannot be blamed on the church’s failure to follow protocol (source: Yahoo). Despite this claim from Adedire, the same article goes on to state that “Preliminary investigations revealed structural defects caused the collapse, and officials have said other buildings at the SCOAN compound were also sloppily built”.

  • The High Court in Ikeja will consider TB Joshua’s latest attempt to put a stop to the inquest tomorrow (22nd December). The fact that SCOAN is so insistent that this inquest ceases is surely the most damning evidence against them. Pray that the authorities will remain strong in the face of this opposition and insist on the full, due legal process being completed.

  • A British-Nigerian property developer who was a visitor to SCOAN on the day of the tragedy has been giving evidence on their behalf. He notes that the first responders were unprepared, ill-equipped and were more concerned about speaking to the press than rescuing people. Apparently, of the 132 people rescued, 125 were rescued by church workers (source). It should be recalled that the emergency responders tell a very different story about being blocked and attached by church workers for the first 3 days before the intervention of Lagos State governor. Regardless of who’s story is closer to the truth, even if the unlikely figure of 125/132 people being rescued by the church is true – don’t forget that 116 out of the 116 people who died, died because the SCOAN church building collapsed on them.

Being the Christmas season now, we don’t expect to be writing any new posts until the new year, but if there are any developments we will post them to our Facebook page. In the mean time, we recommend you check out Joshua Debunker’s youtube channel, we don’t know who is behind this, but they are putting in a lot of work producing videos that expose TB Joshua. Also, a reader sent us a link to an excellent, thorough, well researched and biblically grounded video they had put together about TB Joshua. If you are not sure what to make of TB Joshua, we recommend you take the time to watch this presentation.

Merry Christmas to all our readers, our thoughts and prayers are with those who, thanks to SCOAN are facing this season in the absence of their loved ones.