SCOAN attempts to blackmail TB Joshua Watch

Love keeps no record of wrongs… but SCOAN does.

Since TB Joshua Watch started publishing testimonies of ex-disciples and hosting open debate about TB Joshua’s ministry, we have received lots of threatening comments. However, last week the threat was stepped up a gear.

A comment was left on the blog that was truly disturbing. The commenter claimed that the person behind TB Joshua Watch is a certain female ex-disciple. This ex-disciple, claimed the commenter, had confessed all sorts of ‘nasty things’ while a disciple at SCOAN, which were kept on video in the SCOAN archive. The commenter said that SCOAN should publish this video to shame the ex-disciple and ‘stop her nonsense’. The commenter claimed to be Jerry, a ‘white woman from Pretoria’ but the comment came from a Lagos IP address. We have very good reason to believe the comment came from SCOAN itself. A few quotes:

The lady I am looking at confessed the life she was living. If she is the one that holds this site called TB Joshua Watch, I think she must have forgotten those nasty things. There is nothing she did not confess…. T.B. Joshua, go to your library on April 11, 2001 and bring out the confession of this lady and let people know the person she is… I know The SCOAN is good at keeping records. If her video is posted like that of Bisola, another girl in Nigeria who said all sorts of rubbish, she will be put to shame. It was when her video in the library of The SCOAN was posted that all of her nonsense stopped. I think this girl’s video should also be posted to stop her nonsense.”

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