TB Joshua, the “chief mourner” is missing from remembrance service

Ex wiseman Racine reading out TB Joshua's address

Ex wiseman Racine reading out TB Joshua’s address

Today marks the one year anniversary of the tragic disaster at SCOAN that claimed 116 lives. One of the many excuses TB Joshua gave for not fulfilling his civic duty of appearing in court when summoned was that he was the “chief mourner” and was too busy tending to the needs to the families. As the “chief mourner” you would think he would be eager to be present for the one year remembrance service wouldn’t you? Not only was he not present, he didn’t even personally deliver his address, it was read out by ex-wiseman Racine. You can listen to the address in this video or read it on facebook. Wiseman Racine claims that TB Joshua would have loved to have been there in person, but due to security concerns he could not be. This seems an unlikely excuse, but even if this was the case, couldn’t he have done a live video/phone linkup like he used to do when he had international branches? Or at the very least he could have pre-recorded himself personally delivering the message instead of getting a minion to read it out. Of course we know the real reason he wasn’t there, in person or on camera is that he’s not even on the African continent right now, but he doesn’t want anyone to know.

Shortly after the building collapse he announced that he would be visiting South Africa every week in memory of the “martyrs”, and that this instruction was a “revelation from God” (7:10 and 9:04 in this video). Since this statement TB Joshua has not visited South Africa once (at least not in the capacity he described), not even for the one year remembrance service. Why was he disobedient to God’s command? Why did he lie to the victims families?

Meanwhile Kirsten Nematandani, SCOAN’s spokesman in South Africa (with his own shady past) has insisted that “The truth will come out one day, that’s what the man of God has said. Government will go deep into the matter because surely there are answers that are left hanging. Time shall tell.” (source). We’ve got news for you Kirsten, the truth came out back in July, everyone outside of SCOAN supporters know exactly what caused the collapse, the only answer left hanging is when the government are going to take action.

Here we have lie upon lie, coverup upon coverup. To those in SCOAN who know the deception that’s going on and are being used as pawns in this game, when are you going to wake up and remember the 9th commandment – do not bear false witness? Whatever you think you’ve seen or think you’re involved with, don’t let that distort and erode your God given moral compass. Lies come from the father of all lies, so as those who claim to follow “the way, the truth and the life”, it is your responsibility to be instruments of truth, exposing lies and deception.

The disintegration of SCOAN continues – now the wisemen are gone (UPDATED)

Where have the wisemen gone?

Where have the wisemen gone?

All but one of the SCOAN international branches have closed, healing services are cancelled indefinitely, allegations of criminal negligence are flying around, TB Joshua has been nowhere to be seen for more than 3 months (thought to be lying low in Mexico), Sunday service attendance has plummeted and now the latest development: the wisemen are gone. Wiseman Harry is now permenantly back in Greece heading up the unannounced SCOAN Thesselonica, the other wisemen have not been seen at SCOAN for weeks* and now their presence has been scrubbed from the website (see above). In the same way an international branch will be dropped quietly as if it never existed in the first place, or a loyal overseas evangelist will be suddenly disowned, now it would appear the same has happened to the much lauded spiritual “sons” of TB Joshua.

Our friend Joshua Debunker on youtube saw this coming a while back, if you’re looking for a new prophet now TB Joshua is off the scene, Debunker is your man!

 *UPDATE: Some readers have pointed out that one or two wisemen have been seen in the background on Emmanuel TV more recently than we thought, so it appears some of them remain at SCOAN, but very much in supporting roles. Let’s not forget, SCOAN once claimed that the wisemen were five four men who had received Divine anointing, used by God to prophesy, heal and deliver people. What happened to that “anointing”?