Questions SCOAN must answer about the attack on their building

Regardless of your position on TB Joshua and SCOAN, you probably agree with us that the families who lost loved ones in the building collapse deserve the truth about what happened. The coroner has ruled that the building collapsed due to inadequate foundations, SCOAN strongly dispute this and have offered up evidence they believe points to sabotage, or some kind of terrorist attack – some serious claims! They have offered three lines of evidence (primarily though social media):

  1. Footage of a plane “hovering”, almost an hour before the building came down.
  2. CCTV footage that appeared to show the building come down symmetrically “like a controlled explosion”.
  3. The testimony of “experts” claiming that the foundations and supporting columns were sound.

Although it seems to only be SCOAN supporters who take these theories seriously, SCOAN has a lot of supporters, and they’re rather vocal. In this article we look at the three lines of evidence and ask some probing questions that we believe SCOAN should answer if it expects the general public to take them seriously.

Questions about the plane

Proof that it was 50 minutes between the last flyover of an aircraft and the building collapse

Proof that it was 50 minutes between the last flyover of an aircraft and the building collapse

The plane is the weakest piece of evidence. SCOAN seem to be suggesting that a plane seen on their CCTV system could have caused the collapse through some unspecified chemical or sonic attack. Here are some questions we would like to hear answers to:

  1. How did a sonic or chemical attack from an aircraft only demolish one building and leave the adjacent ones intact? Surely any technology if this nature wouldn’t be this directional when deployed from the air?
  2. If the building was attacked from the air, how does that explain it appearing to come down symmetrically?
  3. If it was chemical, what chemical was used? What traces were found of it on the site? How could the chemical be potent enough to destroy a building, but without causing any loss of life outside of the building?
  4. What does the airplane have to do with controlled demolition? These appear to be mutually exclusive theories.

Unless SCOAN can answer some of these questions and give some more details to explain why the appearance of a plane an hour before the collapse had anything to do with it, we think it is a complete red herring that can be rejected out of hand. So we will put aside this line of evidence and move on to the next.

Questions about the controlled demolition

Some examples of genuine building implosions.

Some examples of genuine building implosions.

By “controlled demolition”, what SCOAN are referring to is known as a “building implosion”, you can read more about this highly complex and technical demolition technique here. Normally a building implosion requires perfectly timed charges to be detonated in strategic locations across multiple floors. At the very least, to execute this kind of plan successfully, the perpetrators would need to have structural knowledge of the building to know where the key load bearing columns were. Then they would need access to the building to drill into these columns and plant the charges. If SCOAN want this line of evidence to be taken seriously, here are some questions they need to answer:

  1. How did terrorists gain access to structural data on the building in order to plan a controlled demolition?
  2. How did they get large quantities of explosives and other paraphernalia onto the site without being stopped by the armed security guards or caught on CCTV?
  3. How did they manage to drill into multiple points on the building to rig the explosives without being noticed or caught on CCTV?
  4. If the collapse was caused by explosives, why were there no reports of loud bangs? Why were all the injuries consistent with crushing, not burns and explosions?
  5. Were any traces of explosives or associated paraphernalia found on the site? Please give details.
  6. Who do you think was responsible for the attack? Why has nobody claimed responsibility? Why would a terror group go to the bother of executing a highly sophisticated attack, but neglect to claim responsibility?
  7. If you really do believe that your site was compromised to the extent that terrorists were able to prepare and execute this controlled demolition, what measures have you taken to ensure it won’t happen again? Have you had bomb disposal experts check the whole site? Why were you allowing large public gatherings to take place just days later? Either this was highly irresponsible, or you don’t believe your own stories.

Ironically, if we are to take the controlled demolition theory seriously (which we don’t) it actually ends up implicating SCOAN far more than the structural failure option. Executing a plan like this would have required such high level access for lengthy periods of time, doing indiscreet things like drilling into columns and laying wires that it is inconceivable that the building could have been demolished this way without it being an inside job. If SCOAN want this line of evidence to be pursued, they should be ready for all SCOAN staff and contractors to be treated as suspects. Structural failure would be criminal negligence, controlled demolition would be mass murder.

Questions about the “expert” testimony

The “expert” testimony SCOAN have presented is a 13 minute video with 4 supposed “experts” standing over a small, exposed section of foundation. Not only is this video a completely inadequate way to address a hugely complex topic, the experts they have chosen are neither experts nor impartial. For example, the most lengthy “expert” testimony was Dr Stephen Asheri Ntoga, resplendent in an Emmanuel TV t-shirt (there goes any hope of impartiality). He claims to be the “Dean of the Faculty of Engineering in Tanzania”, but no University is mentioned! This title is completely meaningless if it’s not attached to a University. Furthermore, this Doctor has absolutely no online presence apart from this video, or references to the video. No published articles or papers, no news articles, no LinkedIn profile, no faculty staff page, nothing! The three other “experts” fair no better, none have any expertise that can be verified. Here are some questions SCOAN should answer:

  1. Why did the video only concentrate on a very small exposed part of the foundation? How do we know you weren’t just showing the part that was intact?
  2. If you are convinced that your structure was sound, why didn’t you pay for a nationally recognised impartial expert to produce a full, comprehensive report and make it public? If this report countered the findings of the coroner’s witnesses, you might have a point – but a few quotes on video from 4 “experts” with questionable credentials looking at a tiny exposed part of the foundations tells us nothing.

To conclude, the plane theory is nothing short of crazy, the controlled demolition theory is far fetched (but if it’s to be believed actually implicates SCOAN) and the expert testimonies are woefully inadequate, little more than soundbites from people on the street.

If there was any credibility at all to these claims, surely TB Joshua would have turned up in court to present the evidence? Since he refused (4 times) to do this, SCOAN should do the victims families a favour and either shut up about their so called evidence, or do it properly and provide something substantial and believable.

32 thoughts on “Questions SCOAN must answer about the attack on their building

  1. TBJW, on the grounds of reason and pure logic, you have covered me completely!
    Of course, you will have those hell/damnation responses but really if anyone is REALLY out there for the truth, they are already making their way.
    When God is speaking let the wise listen, indeed at least for once.
    The evidence on multiple levels concerning SCOAN is simply compelling.
    The Truth cannot be hidden.

    • Please allow the deluded and the deceived supporters of T B Joshua to continue in their delusion. Because they reject the truth, “God will send them a strong delusion that they may believe the lies the false prophet tells them.” 2 Thessalonians 2:11.

  2. 12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness. – 2 Thessalonians 2:12

  3. I spoke to someone who survived the collapse. There were no explosives. That’s why they had to come up with the ludicrous theory of some sort of super sonic weapon. If explosive were used, there would be clear evidence. I also spoke to someone who lost their daughter in the collapse. She died of suffocation. I had to excuse myself and go to my room and weep after I heard the story from her father.

  4. What I want to know is- why did they let people stay in the building while it was being renovated? Don’t they have to pass some sort of safety inspections first?

  5. @TBJW
    Excellent piece! 😉

    These are like the classic Job 38-41 kind of questions.
    The kind of questions not designed to be answered, but to expose the folly of some line of thought.

  6. People invested in Scoan. They invested their faith, their believe, their time, their money, their hope, their love. They watched miracles, healings, transformations, and believed the source; God , for it. God does send a delusion. Scoan is finished. It takes some time for the most believers, to get the point. About some time, they will return to their normal lives again, and find God there waiting for them. Scoan is over.

  7. To TB Joshua,

    This might be your last call for repentance. Just stand still for a moment and think. Maybe your Nigerian ways of scheming and deceiving are not acceptable for the God and Father of the Bible. Maybe you might be wrong in thinking it is the devil. Maybe, just maybe it might be Jesus who is angry with you? Think. You know how many Christian you stole from, destroyed and killed, hurt, spiritually and physically. How many families you split up. Is it worth it to fight the truth, tooth and nail, just like Gaddafi, just to protect your own name and ministry. What about seeing yourself in the mirror of God’s Word and turn from your evil ways. Restore what you have destroyed. Send the disciples home and ask forgiveness from everyone etc. and save yourself from hell fires.

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    14 If my people, who are called by My Name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways – then will I hear from heave, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

    Stop pretending that you are someone that you are not. Stop trying your fake and false ways in sympathizing with the deceased families, when you feel nothing for them! Just to save face. People outside Nigeria are not stupid. Your Nigerian way will NOT work outside Nigeria. Wake up. Stop trying your fake and false ‘prophecies’, even if it will cost you your life.

    And you know, we do understand all your sign languages you send to your kind around the world. The undercover messages you give to the muslims in your services, their muslim songs you slip in at christ-mass times. We hear your voodoo messages through your talking drum and hypnotic songs, your Jesuit signals to Rome.
    Your Babylonian united religions in your church. You are outstanding in fooling all religions to get them together. I must say! But think, what about your soul? In the end this will not help you.

    Repent and turn away from the New World Religion.

  8. this is the same building i stayed in a few months before it came down. it had female and male dorms, and a huge dinning room on the first/ground floor. I didn’t even know it was still under construction. i guess i wasn’t paying that much attention, since multiple buildings looked like they were halfway done or incomplete.

  9. its very scary to imagine how many more people would have died, if the building would have collapsed early morning or during the night, while people were asleep. those dorms are jam packed with people. there was about 100 people at a time in our room which was partly partitioned in two. they squeezed bunk beds together, and made use of every square inch.
    when wise man harry addressed the victims family, he said the building came down during lunch time. I guess those who escaped chose to skip lunch.

  10. Again the Word of God says; “Get out of her my people.”

    1 And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power and the earth was lightened with his glory.
    2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice saying; “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen and is become the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
    3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.

    4 And I heard another voice from heaven saying;
    “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

    5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.
    6 Reward her even as she rewarded you and double unto her double according to her works, in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.
    7 How much she hath glorified herself and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her, for she said in her heart; “I sit a queen and am no widow and shall see no sorrow.”
    8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death and mourning and famine and she shall be utterly burned with fire for strong is the Lord God who judge her – Revelation 18:1-4

    Watch out, you might be next:

  11. Thank you TB Joshua Watch for your endeavour to uncover and expose the truth on this matter for the whole world to see. As a person who lost my brother in that tragedy and who longs for the whole truth, I can only encourage you and be grateful. Please post the entire Coroner report on your site if you get it. We as families need every piece of information we may find.

    Thank you very much and kind regards

  12. Did he say: “I have offered and sacrificed these Christians on time. Look. Take note Rome?”

  13. Well, this is an excellent piece! How some hardcore TBJ fanatics will still ignore the pertinent questions is beyond comprehension. Thanks Admin for your persistence in exposing this very questionable ministry. I believe some of this man’s followers will see the light of Christ and His truth after reading this. Amen.

  14. In the Kingdom of God , honour is a law. Dis-honour has consequenses. When there is loss, failor or un-expected misery, you can traise it to a act of dis-honour. I believe that TB Joshua for a long time dis-honoured Gods people. , by bad treatments, mis-use, manipulation, controle, and neglecting responsibilities. , ; dis-honouring God. .

  15. 6 Flee out of the midst of Babylon and deliver every man his soul. Be not cut off in her iniquities, for this is the time of the Lord’s vengeance – He will render unto her a recompence.

    7 Babylon hath been a golden cup in the Lord’s hand, that made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad – Jeremiah 51:6-7.

  16. Looks like the biggest qualification for SCOANITEs is thawing your brains before enlisting.

    Where is this charlatan?

    • The charlatan is hiding in Mexico.Hola hola. First time ever heard a prophet fleeing legal matters like this.

      The new trick of SCOAN is to play/upload old videos of TBJ which were recorded long time ago at unspecified dates. This is the new trick for Emmanuel tv to get their viewers distracted on tbjs old videos and not wondering about his current state which would bring embarrasment and shame to SCOAN church evangelists, “wise men”.

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