Bisola Johnson’s story part 2: life after SCOAN

Read part 1 of Bisola Johnson’s story here.

Starting life all over was a battle that only God could help anyone win after I have lost contacts of close friends, school mates, family, my father died while I was in the synagogue, my mother had aged, all I had left to survive in life was God. My resume and educational documents had staled (14years out of circulation). This is the point TB Joshua always stands on to wait for ex-disciples to come back to him asides enchantments. TB Joshua believes that when you become frustrated outside of SCOAN, you will return back to beg him to return. At this, he had warned all the members of his congregation that none of them should help any of his ex-disciple because he wants them to suffer. Six months after I left SCOAN, Annalise van Rensburg, the wife of Late Kobus; (this was before Prophet Kobus died, the first time they came to SCOAN, I coordinated them) sent me an invitation to come to South Africa, suddenly, she warned me not to come because TB Joshua had appeared to her and warned her in a dream not to have me with them.

Living became difficult, while struggling with daily challenges of how to overcome the hunger and getting a decent Job; TB Joshua positioned himself spiritually against me through enchantments. Anytime I sleep, I see him in my dreams giving me injections, something to drink, having sex with me (this is highly demonic) I started getting sick, bedwetting and seeing myself in the cemetery, also hearing his audible voice. What usually happen is that anyone TB Joshua decides to target for termination or tormenting, he will print the persons picture and bury them under the sand inside his mountain where they call old site for certain days, afterwards, he will bring the picture out for some spiritual rituals. It depends on what he intended for such person, it could be death, madness, confusion, hatred, poverty, etcetera. TB Joshua will hold a machete (cutlass) in his left hand and the target picture on his right hand and invoke curses and evil pronouncement on such as he cut the pictures in pieces. I started praying and claiming God’s promises.

What I saw in the synagogue is beyond what anyone can just say in a pass, I am talking about wickedness, organised crime, deceit of the highest level, manipulations, killings, taking over peoples properties under false pretence , voodoo , sexual recklessness, stage managed miracles, testimonies and prophesies based on first hand information by informant disciples etcetera. I can give glaring evidence everyone can relate to…. For such an organization to deceive the Whole World AGAIN that I came back to them is absurd and unfortunate. This bring to my mind what the whole city of Samaria suffered in the evil hand of Simon the sorcerer (Acts 8:9-12), I say it is so unfortunate because many will believe such lie. I still maintain my words and stand on what I said earlier and I am available to say more to expose the dark world of Joshua.

Note: I was not sent out of the synagogue, I was in charge of many departments, I started been the first visitors coordinator aside Media Head. Many visitors from SA, Asia, UK, USA will remember my face at the mentioned of Bisola. My deliverance started one day like I woke up from spiritual slumber, I realized where I was in the synagogue was satanic stronghold and I took conscious effort in planning my leaving synagogue which like Pharaoh would not let go easily. (That is another story)

Many sexually brutalized girls I know  are afraid to confront TB Joshua. There’s this three young underaged girls of the same parents, [names removed for privacy of the victims] that TB Joshua disvirgined; their brother took the case to court but nothing has been done to bring succour to this family (Note from editor: for those not believing this shocking story, you can read about the attempted court case here). This is one out of many. There are many disciples that are willing to leave synagogue, but the thought of how to adjust and starts a new life is still keeping many there. I agree with King David who said, I will rather be a doorkeeper in the house of God that to eat in the palace of wickedness.

After I exposed TB Joshua, I was hounded like an animal by his marksmen, I lived like a fugitive in the land of my Nativity, TB Joshua seems to be above the law as many journalist, government officials patronises him and are under his bewitchment. Some pressmen are on his payroll. But in the course of my unsettled mind and circumstances, I held unto He who Rules in the affairs of men. I discovered that ‘All Power is in the hand of God’.

Joshua has made move on my life both spiritually and physically but Mercy said No.
One time in my dream, I saw TB Joshua coming to strangulate me, while holding and twisting my neck, I saw a Cross as in the Biblical account, Jesus Christ was on the Cross and suddenly, His side opened, blood gushed out; as the blood landed, it separated TB Joshua’ head from his body. Since then, I don’t suffer his oppression anymore Rev.12:11

I later met many ex disciples on the street, all they could tell me was that God preserved my life because they said after I had left synagogue, TB Joshua told them in the disciples meeting that I was dead because he was sure of the evil he did.

I am Alive in Christ and No evil can befall me according to Col. 1:13,  I said all I said with consciousness that one day I will give account of my words before God, There’s nothing I will gain to lie on TB Joshua but we came out to save souls so that others may learn and not fall into the same pit and not be ensnared by Satan through TB Joshua.

TB Joshua is just but a man who unfortunately sold his soul to Satan, I wish and pray he would reconsider his stand and Repent and give his life to the Author of Life, Jesus Christ. 
Today, nothing I do gives me Joy but I find passion, Joy and Peace going around testifying to the goodness of God who in His infinite Mercy granted me a second chance to live the life He purposed for me, and warning people of the ‘Danger of endtimes’. Christians must ‘Beware’ TB Joshua is not the only one at this evil, they are many. Daniel said, they that know their God shall be strong; how many know their God today? When troubles of life rages, people run helter skelter rather than having Peace in God who is the only help Ps.121:2, Jer.33:3, Because I did not know Him before that was the reason I ran into ERROR. Many people I know in the SCOAN have died mysteriously but Mercy preserved me and others. I am not afraid of TB Joshua, I overcame him by the Blood of Jesus Christ and my testimony. 
God bless

Bisola Johnson breaks her silence – part 1

Bisola Johnson is a name many people familiar with SCOAN will know. She is the brave women from “Deception of the age”, who told her story about being sexually abused by TB Joshua at SCOAN. We have covered this video and SCOAN’s response in previous articles. In SCOAN’s rebuttal video, they claimed she was an unreliable source because she suffered from migraines (seriously!), and was unstable because she allegedly left SCOAN twice and returned, begging to be allowed back. Here she tells her side of the story. Come back tomorrow for her account of “Life after SCOAN”.

My name is Bisola Theresa Johnson, by the grace of God I am now an Evangelist; I am now on a borrowed life. God delivered from the bondage of occultist manipulation of TB Joshua.

I came across the article on TB Joshua Watch about SCOAN’s video ‘beware of blasphemers’. I am now a truly born again Christian and I have been giving (continuous) my time to the studying of God’s word; the first question that came to my mind was, can a human being  be blasphemed? (One of the erroneous demonic doctrine of TB Joshua) I am not surprise in the least, in the synagogue, when you offend TB Joshua; such person has offended ‘holy spirit’ this causes people to be afraid to dare TB Joshua.

I am also shocked beyond word to read this news that I went back to the synagogue to beg or confessed that I was given money to lie about Fatai Temitope Balogun aka TB Joshua. This is lie from the pit of Hell and for this singular reason, the World must see what TB Joshua represents.

The video shown was first was the very confession I was made to do openly when I got to the synagogue, you could see a much younger Bisola to the Deception of ages. I was told I had to bring this confession if I wanted God to intervene in the matter affecting my family. This confession was coordinated by Brother Ore, one of the male disciples Fatai (TB Joshua) sent to me. Ore helped me to construct and arranged the confession according to the pattern of synagogue, he said the confession must draw the attention of the synagogue audience. After the confession, rather than solve the issue that brought us there, I was tied down in the synagogue as TB Joshua said God want to use me. He wrote a strange language in a piece of paper and asked me to put it under my pillow anytime I go to bed; since then I have been dreaming about him and hear his voice audibly. It has been discovered in Fatai’s prayer mountain where all the disciples pictures are buried under the sand, some are nailed on the tree and so on, therefore, one will become a spiritual slave except God intervene because TB Joshua is a Soul trader.

The second video was when I left the synagogue over a issue of sending invitation letter to a group led by Pastor Labuschagne who came with some sick people that TB Joshua could not heal. When they arrived at the airport, Mr.Jimoh called TB Joshua over the condition of some people and TB Joshua slapped me and threatened further punishment. I became scared and I volunteered to be sent home, this was my 7th year in the synagogue. The pronouncement of going home sent TB Joshua berserk, no one confronts him with such threat and get away with it. When I bear my mind, TB Joshua used his finger to draw a line on the floor and said if I have two heads I should crossed the line,  because I was still fumming over the situation on ground, I dared him and left. It took me over 3 days roaming on the street of Lagos, without knowing particular place I needed to go ( now I know that it was a spell TB Joshua cast on me). I eventually returned to the synagogue but because TB Joshua is double faced and will want people to believe a lie, he told me privately that people will query his sincerity if he just took me back just like that because many others don’t like me because they knew that he (TB Joshua) has a soft spot for me. All I need to do was just to go out publicly and tell people that I used to have migraine attack, which caused my walking out on him; and because I was under bewitchment and I thought he was truly representing God, I decided to humble myself and give my very best in serving God again. (Personally, I have also been used to do that to other people, in Fatai’s (TB Joshua) words he would say, ‘make you sure you drill him/her and let him/her say before camera, humble her, ridicule and disgrace him/her. )

Brethren, after I left the house of bondage, manipulation, brainwashing and satanist on the 6th of February, 2008; I have been living a profitable life of a Child of God, restructuring my life through God’s word and guidance and volunteering in the things of the Kingdom of God and what can be of benefits to humanity.

Anel’s story – visiting SCOAN

Anel got in contact with us after the building collapse to tell her experience of visiting SCOAN 10 years ago. Her story is not a particularly dramatic one, but it mirrors the experience most people have when first exposed to SCOAN. People are intrigued, impressed (at certain things), but also deeply troubled about other things. We want to encourage people to follow those concerns, if something doesn’t sit right with you, that could be God’s spirit prompting you to stay away. Don’t listen to SCOAN telling you to “doubt your doubt” or calling their critics “blasphemers”, these are all tactics to prevent you from properly discerning what you have seen. Over to Anel.

scoanI want to categorically state that this is my account of my own experience and impressions. I was there only once, for about an hour, and it was was from curiosity. However brief my visit was, I found great comfort in the testimonies – now I finally can define my experience in exact words, namely: I once observed distressingly cult-like behaviour.

The various posts and testimonies on your site answered many questions that I’ve subconsciously carried for 10 years after witnessing one of TB Joshua’s ‘healing’ services. For so long I had a deep sense of unrest and vague apprehension whenever someone mentioned TBJ, but could not state why. Thank you for taking the time to set out and make public this information. I now have peace that my impression to stay away was not wrong, and I am deeply grateful to the Lord for keeping me from any involvement with SCOAN.

I am fortunate not to have friends or relatives caught in SCOAN but it is a blessing to have this well thought through resource available. My impressions of a man making the Gospel about himself are confirmed and settled now – THANK you! May Jesus draw all hearts and minds to Himself: He alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life. John 14:6.

I am an Afrikaans-speaking 34-year-old South African woman who worked in Lagos for a total of about 7 months (3 separate stints) in 2004/2005. I was 24/25 at the time, and it was an office job on behalf of the company’s Cape Town head office.

As TB Joshua is a well known name in South Africa I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. So one Sunday towards the end of 2004 I went to visit SCOAN, accompanied by my company’s Nigerian driver and an SA acquaintance also living in Lagos. We got a bit lost on the way, so were rather late for the service. Being ignorant about any SCOAN rules or practices, we just pitched up like one would for any church service. I choose to see the Lord’s hand of protection here by not letting me see the service from the start. I cannot speak for the other two who went with me.
[Sidebar: I should add that this was not my first or only visit to a local church; I had previously gone with two lady colleagues to their respective Lagos churches and each time I was genuinely welcomed and warmly embraced.]

I don’t recall any security guards or gates at SCOAN; we just parked and walked into the building without attracting attention. (There did seem to be some construction on the property, so I could simply have missed or forgotten the gates.) As we were late we thought we could slip into a quieter side wing and watch the service on one of the screens. But the wing turned out to be the area where the healings and deliverances were to be filmed… So much for staying out of sight 🙂

We did not experience much of a service, as soon after we got there a camera crew arrived in the wing. There were maybe 40 people with paper signs like the ones in TBJ’s videos. Sometimes the afflicted person held his/her own sign, sometimes a helper stood behind the person and held the sign. I clearly remember being concerned with the nature of the ‘ailments’ – quite a few had ‘moving object’ written on their signs. Also, there seemed to be a lot of helpers, perhaps 25, but no-one engaged us or tried to explain the procedures. It felt like everyone except us got the script to the procedings. I eventually asked a European helper about the moving objects, and she said these are common – the afflicted person had a mysterious pain that appeared at intervals in different limbs or body parts. Many other ‘ailments’ left the impression that the people didn’t care about Jesus or a personal relationship with the Lord… they just wanted an inconvenience removed so they could go back to living for themselves – or why would a man ask for a larger member? Matt. 3:8. (I strongly stress that this was my impression, as I did not speak to any of the afflicted.) Many of the ailments related to sexual problems, fertility, or HIV. This seemed to me like private and potentially humiliating matters being paraded for the sake of a show.
(Not that sins should be covered of course. But what struck me was the lack of compassion or dignity.)

At no time was there any repentance or even acknowledgement of individual sinfulness, e.g. of any possible immorality that lead to a positive HIV status. Of course the repentance could have happened before the prayer in private, but why have private repentance and then public ‘curing’?

The onlookers (not sure if volunteers or staff) seemed to be expecting or even encouraging (touching them or approaching with sand buckets) those prayed for to have a physical reaction to the prayer. It was noisy and confusing, so my impression of encouraging retching could very well be wrong. Vomiting or spitting seemed to be widely accepted ‘proof’ of a demon leaving a person. But I saw no personal, individual attention or follow-up from Joshua (from the little I know about spiritual warfare, Matt. 12:43-45 is important). Appearing not to care about the deliveree, just concerned to get to the next one as quickly as possible. After the ‘healing’ people were sometimes whisked away by helpers. But not every time. At times there were loud shouts from the onlookers, not sure if these were confirmations of the prayer or praises to God for the healing, or random outbursts as the ‘prophet’ might have expected some feedback. I saw no loving support by fellow Christians after a person had been ‘healed’. I put healed in brackets as I remain unconvinced that true healing took place that day.

There were also a few helpers with sand buckets to cover the spit/vomit, and others right behind them with hand brushes and dust pans to sweep up the soiled sand. The ease with which they did this, and the many stains on the floor, made me think this is quite common in TB Joshua’s healing prayers.
Falling down was apparently another popular expectation after a prayer. One African lady was standing while Joshua prayed for her deliverance (I cannot remember of what), with Joshua’s hand resting on her head. Lightly at first, but then I clearly saw him push down hard on her head, and she dropped onto her knees. From her posture and face she seemed conflicted – eyes open, still kneeling but looking around as if unsure what to do next. She did not seem to be convinced of her healing at all.

We left the church after about an hour, without ever entering the main church hall. No-one knew who we were, we were not with any group, and no-one stopped us when we left.

I was emotionally and spiritually unsettled and confused, and had no idea what to make of what I had witnessed. What I knew for sure was that I had no peace about that experience, and I wanted no further contact with TB Joshua’s ministry.

One word to sum up my experience? Show. From his body’s positioning and direction, Joshua looked like he constantly performed for the camera. He always seemed to be very aware of where the camera was. He would at times look up exactly into the lens, or turn around if his back was to the camera. Mind you, the camera man seemed to be wonderfully well trained and in tune with Joshua. He looked about 20, with almost acrobatic skills in following Joshua around while jumping over or sidestepping cables and people.

I am not saying TB Joshua does not have an anointing, gift, or calling. However from what I’ve seen with my own eyes the blessing has apparently turned into a huge and well orchestrated media/publicity stunt that’s all about the ‘prophet’.

SCOAN Athens closure – John Smith’s open letter

I am writing this for three main reasons. The first is to receive redemption for being part of SCOAN for more than six years.  Second because I owe it to myself and to all those who for 8 good years invested their dreams their efforts their hopes on a castle built on the sand. And third to inform and prevent innocent people who are genuinely  seeking the face of God, to be trapped in the web of this dangerous cult organization. Everything about SCOAN is a fake image, a package which they know how to promote very well.

I worked in SCOAN Athens for almost 6 years in many departments and was living in the church almost daily.  Back then at the start of the church everyone was so excited and happy. We invested time effort love work thinking we had found Jesus or at least a prophet with such a deep and close relationship with Jesus that could show us the way. Little did we know the hell path had we put ourselves on.  To make the long story short, I am writing this post as an open question to TB Joshua, and since he will not be able to give me an answer, I can already call him a liar (something that does not qualify him for a man of God).

You all heard the audio evidence with the lies TB Joshua sent Harry to say when closing the Athens Branch. It was very difficult for TB Joshua to admit that fornication was going under his own house and he was completely unaware. Him who so many times has said on Emmanuel TV “if I can see what is going on in Indonesia how much more I can see about you who are here”. Well Temitope obviously you can’t see a thing. Secondly of course TB Joshua did not want to have any connection with a branch in which sexual crimes have been committed and there were threats that the police will be involved. So TB Joshua decided to disown his branch and much more his own spiritual son. What a cowardly reaction, sorry Temitope you lack the Lion of Judah inside you, and even more the fatherly figure, something that again does not qualify you as a man of God. At this point I must stress out that all members were ready to forgive the pastor as Christians, but what we wanted was a clear true confession and the name of the girls to be restored from hookers to sexually abused victims. Then TB Joshua could have said to us “My son sinned I will take him back to Lagos, I will call for prayer, fasting and repentance”. This would have caused peace. But peace can’t be where the spirit of God is not. Instead of the truth stated with boldness TB Joshua chose the path of shadows and lies. That day as I was hearing Harry saying what TB Joshua had told him to say my eyes opened. This can’t be I said. It is not all about Jesus in here it is all about TB Joshua.

If Harry’s statements were true, that SCOAN Athens was never TB  Joshua’s branch, that Andreas the Pastor of the church never finished his discipleship, that he was arrogant, proud and disrespectful, that he left on his own, that he came to Athens and illegally opened the branch. If that was true of course every reasonable person would have thought that TB Joshua must had been furious with Andreas. Well this is not what happened. Actually TB Joshua was very happy with his new branch so much that he sent his own wife for vacation here in Greece and she even preached at the church of the disobedient, arrogant, disrespectful disciple of her husband and they danced and worshipped together. Liar TB Joshua. Let those who love the truth rejoice and those who sustain lies be ashamed.

Andreas was one of the most loved pastors of TB Joshua and the Athens Branch the pride of SCOAN since we were operating exactly as Lagos. Andreas came to Athens as an anointed junior prophet from TB Joshua himself. And again since SCOAN Athens was never your church why in this live phone call you are calling us your people why are you thanking us for our support and why do you answer the phone to your disobedient disrespectful and arrogant disciple?

Please tell me and then I might give you some more evidence why you are a fraud TB Joshua?

Further confirmation of sexual abuse at SCOAN Athens: Sandra’s story

After posting Kate’s story of being sexually abused by TB Joshua’s pastor in Athens, “Sandra” got in contact with her story. Sandra previously served at SCOAN Athens as the right hand of the pastor.

Sandra’s Story

As an ex-member of SCOAN and of the Athens Branch, I want to confirm that everything Kate has said is true. I was Andreas right hand and worked extremely closely with him until I discovered the shocking things that these girls were going through. 2 of the abused girls came to me for help, despite the fact that it wasn’t permitted to share your secrets with anybody but Andreas and his wife. The girls were in a terrible state, contemplating suicide and completely overpowered by the terrible actions of this man. I was devastated by the way he justified his abuse to the girls.

Andreas told them that it was a blessing to have sexual contact with him, using verses from Songs of Solomon to justify himself, that he was doing these things to protect them from having relationships with other boys and that as their mentor, he had a right over their bodies. One thing which Kate forgot to mention is that he once told her “I am going to find you a nice boy to marry in the church, and then we can continue our relationship. You will keep the balance in your marriage as I am keeping it in mine”.

When I confronted him about it, he begged me for forgiveness and would then continue these dirty actions in secret until he was exposed again. Eventually I found out about a third and fourth girl who were being abused at the same time.

When we exposed these matters, Andreas fled back to Nigeria. He said that TB Joshua would handle the situation. When Kate went to Lagos with a letter signed by 8 of us, we expected TB Joshua to condemn the actions of Andreas and help us. Instead we were totally devastated. Tb Joshua gave an answer that was chilling. (It is all written in Kate’s article). Following our hundreds of emails to him, begging him for help, he called me one evening. He said the following to me:

‘I don’t want to lose you. I know you. I want you to stay by Andreas’ side now that he is coming back. As a wise man, you know like Harry. And you will be by my side too when I come to Greece’.

It was shocking that TB Joshua was ready to send Andreas back as a ‘wise man’ after everything he had done. He showed no consideration towards the pain we were going through. I was in a terrible state with a huge weight on my shoulders, and TB Joshua didn’t help me. We had to take matters into our own hands and go and tell his wife. Our purpose was to console her, to be there for her but she chose not to believe us. We were banned from attending meetings and called liars and betrayers.

The fruit of this ministry is lies. Andreas lived his life based on lies. He lied to his wife, he lied to the congregation and he lied to his workers. He would humiliate workers in meetings and expose them for being sexually impure, but then bring girls back to his office and sexually abuse them.

My question is: How did Andreas manage to do everything he did and have a clear conscience? It’s interesting to note that the systematic way Andreas abused girls is exactly the same way Bisola Johnson describes Tb Joshua abusing her. There does indeed appear to be a culture of sexual abuse at the SCOAN.

Evidence of a culture of sexual abuse at TB Joshua’s church (part 2)

Below we feature the second part of a testimony from a young lady we’ll refer to as Kate who claims to have been sexually abused by the Pastor entrusted by TB Joshua to lead SCOAN Athens. As well as revealing horrifying details about life at SCOAN Athens, the story also shows a pattern of sexual abuse and coverup throughout SCOAN, coming from TB Joshua himself. Before writing off this story as false, readers should be aware that statistics show false rape claims are incredibly rare (between 2% and 8%). Considering the fact there are numerous women who allege TB Joshua or the Athens pastor have sexually abused them, the probability of them all being false is almost inconceivable. If you take the side of the alleged victim rather than the alleged perpetrator, statistically speaking you are far more likely to be on the right side.

Part 1 of Kate’s story can be read here.

Kate’s story part 2

As young people in the church, we were discouraged from having time to think. Andreas’ wife once said to me ‘As young people, your mind is always busy with negative, evil thoughts, with temptations. You need to work, work, work for God so that you don’t have time to think. Your work for God is your relationship with God’. This is another damaging teaching from the SCOAN. It is how much you ‘’work’’ for God that determines your standing before God. And by work they mean editing videos of TB Joshua or working for Emmanuel TV.

By November 2013, I was losing my mind.I gradually discovered that I was not the only girl being abused. This was going on with three other young women at the time. I confided in an older woman in the church called Sandra* and we went to confront Andeas. When we went to his office he said that I had a problem, that I needed prayer because I had seduced him. When Sandra* left, he told me that it was an evil spirit in me that had made me tell her. I told him that he had never been a true pastor for me and that he had totally destroyed my spiritual life.

When the matter became known amongst a small group of us, Andreas panicked and admitted that he had he begged TB Joshua to call him back to Nigeria. Before he left, he said to me ‘you are incapable of living without me. You can never remove what you have in your heart for me.” I then asked him ‘How do you think God sees our relationship?’ He looked at me as if I’d said something weird and said ‘God? He sees it as wrong. But as long as He is first in our hearts, God doesn’t pay attention to this kind of thing. And anyway, you cannot remove what you have in your heart for me.’

One of the main ways SCOAN have tried to cover up this issue was by preaching ‘forgiveness’. Andreas made sure that every sermon after this confrontation was about how if we don’t forgive, God would never forgive us. And by forgive he meant never speak about it, never tell anyone, suffer in silence.

Andreas’ wife appeared to know nothing, and when he left for Nigeria, most members of the branch was still under the impression that he was a wonderful, exemplary pastor. Once he was gone, I knew the situation couldn’t go on with this level of hypocrisy, so I booked a flight and went to Lagos to report him to TB Joshua. In my mind I was so sure that as a man of God, he would have the answer and everything would be alright. I was very mistaken.

After asking to see TB Joshua for 2 days, I was finally let into his office. I brought with me a letter signed by 8 people in Athens. In the letter we begged TB Joshua to take action, to condemn what Andreas had done and to confirm that he would never allow him to return to Athens.TB Joshua said the following shocking sentence:

‘What happened to you happened in the house of God, which means God is aware. If it had happened out in the world, it would be very bad, but because it happened in the house of God, it’s ok’.

Surely sexual abuse is terrible wherever it takes place, ESPECIALLY in the house of God?

He then looked at me very sternly and warned me ‘not to discuss it with anyone’. He said I should tell the people in Athens that the past is over and they should not think about it anymore, that he didn’t even need to read the letter. We should all move on.

This was TB Joshua’s first attempt to cover up the issue. Nothing changed after that. Andreas continued to be a disciple, his wife continued to run the branch without the knowledge of anything and we were all supposed to continue just as we were before. I now realize his incapability to deal with my own situation is because he was incapable of dealing with his own unresolved situations.

I returned to Athens and we up telling his wife the whole truth. She refused to believe us, we were banned from the church and called liars, prostitutes and betrayers of the ministry. SCOAN members all over Greece were split between believing us and not believing us. Most people called us blasphemers. When seen on the street we would be given dirty looks by church members. This was going on for a month and TB Joshua was doing nothing about it, despite our hundreds of emails asking for help. One evening, we were shocked by a phone call from TB Joshua himself. He said the following ‘I want you to be by Andreas’ side when he returns to Athens, you know, as a wise man like Harry’. We felt defeated. How could Andreas be sent as a wise man after all this? He tried telling us that he would send Andreas as a wise man in order to silence us with the fear that he would return as a holy man of God. When he saw that this tactic didn’t work, he sent Wise Man Harry to claim that TB Joshua never knew him in the first place. This showed terrible judgment and confusion on the part of TB Joshua.

After I told my parents the truth, they wrote an email to TB Joshua threatening to sue the ministry and Andreas if action was not taken and we were not justified. They demanded that a representative of the branch who can speak Greek be sent to sort the situation out. Hundreds of emails had been sent by SCOAN Athens members but TB Joshua had done nothing about it. The moment he was threatened however, he responded. 2 days later Wise Man Harry was sent to Athens. We were hopeful because we thought we would finally be vindicated- but no such thing.

Wise Man Harry stood on stage at about 12pm on Sunday June 1st 2014. He delivered a sermon of lies to the congregation. TB Joshua totally disassociated himself with the branch and denied having any connection with Andreas. There was no mention whatsoever of sexual abuse or the names of any girls. Wise man Harry was told by TB Joshua to say that it was Andreas’ arrogance and anger that led him to open the branch without the permission of TB Joshua. It’s interesting how for 8 years, SCOAN claim that they had no control over the Athens branch and that it was opened by Andreas on his own. If that is truly the case, then why are there videos all over youtube saying ‘TB Joshua has sent the anointed water to the Athens Branch? Why is there a whole DVD of wise man Harry holding a service at the Athens Branch? Why did they have the control to close it 8 years later? Why were the tithes of the branch sent to Nigeria and used for TB Joshua’s expenses? Why were most of the church members Emmanuel TV partners? Why did TB Joshua call us from time to time during a Sunday service in Athens and ‘greet his people’ over loudspeaker? And why up until June 1st was there a section on the SCOAN website called ‘Branches’ which included Athens with the address and phone number?

Harry’s message brought tension and confusion throughout the congregation. When people stood up and protested to what he was saying he said ‘do not blaspheme the name of Jesus Christ’, after he had just told lie upon lie to cover the reputation of the ministry. You can listen to the full audio recording and read the transcription in the other article. Shortly after this, a riot broke out amongst SCOAN followers and armed riot police had to come and break it up. By the next day, the Athens Branch was closed down and outraged members gathered outside to ask for their money and possessions back, having made huge financial investments in the church over the last eight years.

Unfortunately this is just the way SCOAN deal with their issues. TB Joshua will pay any price for the sake of his reputation. He did not care for the broken hearted. He totally betrayed his faithful followers. He will stop at nothing to protect the name of the church while people suffer. It is a dangerous organisation. I want to mention that I was a young person who had given my heart entirely to this ministry. I waited patiently for TB Joshua to be the man of God he claims to be but I was devastated and my life was turned upside down by the level of deception and hypocrisy.

This ministry is very good at putting on a very attractive performance but unfortunately that’s all it is. At the end of the day the life and soul of this church is about the worship of TB Joshua alone. The moment you start to think for yourself is when you become a threat to them.

I know that SCOAN will respond to this article with it’s usual attacks. There are disciples in the ministry who are specifically dedicated to this activity. This is the reason they film your confession when you first join the church. They hold you hostage with the knowledge that your intimate confessions could be made public at anytime in the future. I am sure they will do the same with me but it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

It’s hard to believe these serious allegations when you have dedicated your heart and soul to the ministry. I know I once read TB Joshua Watch and refused to believe a word of it. SCOAN will always say that people speaking against the ministry are of the devil. It’s not true. We are all people who have had a terrible experience and want to warn others. It does not benefit me in any way to share my experience with you. If anything, it’s incredibly risky and difficult. But if this can help someone then it’s worth it.

Evidence of a culture of sexual abuse at TB Joshua’s church (part 1)

Below we feature a testimony from a young lady we’ll refer to as Kate who claims to have been sexually abused by the Pastor entrusted by TB Joshua to lead SCOAN Athens. As well as revealing horrifying details about life at SCOAN Athens, the story also shows a pattern of sexual abuse and coverup throughout SCOAN, coming from TB Joshua himself. Before writing off this story as false, readers should be aware that statistics show false rape claims are incredibly rare (between 2% and 8%). Considering the fact there are numerous women who allege TB Joshua or the Athens pastor have sexually abused them, the probability of them all being false is almost inconceivable. If you take the side of the alleged victim rather than the alleged perpetrator, statistically speaking you are far more likely to be on the right side.

Kate’s story part 1

I’m writing this article because I want to share my experience of SCOAN. I am yet another person who has seen the truth behind this organization and it’s necessary that I put my story out there. I know that SCOAN are going to respond by humiliating me as they always do to ex members (via the Watch TB Joshua Blog) but if I can share this story and help even one person see the truth about this church, it’s worth it.

As you have most likely heard, on June 1st 2014, the Greek branch was shut down. Wise man Harry paid a visit and told the members of the congregation that it was never a branch in the first place. It was opened without the permission of TB Joshua by the disciple Andreas and his wife. To our astonishment, he said that if one were to look at the legal documents, TB Joshua’s name would not be found anywhere. Andreas opened the branch on his own accord, with a lot of anger and disrespect towards TB Joshua. In fact, he said, TB Joshua does not have any branches anywhere in the world. You can listen to a live recording of this attached in another article.

This was very confusing for the members of the Athens Branch, myself included. I had been an active member of both the London Branch and the Athens Branch for over three years and now their existence was being denied. TB Joshua was completely disassociating himself from the events that led to the closure of the branch. I am now going to explain what those exact events were.

The Athens Branch was in fact a fully functioning official branch of SCOAN. Wise man Harry had been given instructions by TB Joshua to lie. I was amongst the youth that worked full time in the church and was very close to Andreas (who had been running the branch for eight years). I was also one of the 11 girls who had been sexually and emotionally abused and manipulated by Andreas. The previous article referring to the closure of the branch states it was only 4 girls, however now we have discovered that at least eleven girls in the youth have been harassed sexually by Andreas. Before it began, he spent months creating a close relationship of trust with me and gave himself the place of a mentor in my life. He used the title ‘man of God’ to force people into doing what they didn’t want to do.

Looking back on it now, it’s as if his tactics were learnt from TB Joshua. After listening to Bisola Johnson on Deception of the Age documentary describe the ways that TB Joshua sexually abused her, I was shocked to find that it is exactly the same as my own and other girls’ experience. In fact, one of the first things Andreas told me was that TB Joshua slept with a girl and she left the ministry for something that was actually a blessing to her. He said ‘any contact you have with an anointed man of God is a blessing’. He also once told me ‘sex is not bad, it’s the love of sex that is bad’. He actually used the Bible to justify his actions and read from Songs of Solomon.

And while this was going on, I wasn’t the only girl. A few years prior to this, [———details removed due to ongoing investigation———].

He would very frequently have girls in his office for hours. While my own abuse was taking place, I had no idea other girls were undergoing the same terrible situation. It was sick how he could do what he was doing with young women right before service, and then come out and preach to the congregation about holiness and putting God first. Bisola Johnson describes that TB Joshua would abuse her before service and then come out and preach as well. It’s as if it was a tactic that Andreas picked up from TB Joshua. Anytime his wife was around he would be cold and distant with us, ignoring us. The moment she left he would become a different person. His ways were manipulative. With me he would often be very warm and welcoming or extremely cruel and condescending- never in between. We all spent a lot of time wondering what we had done wrong. Before workers’ meetings took place, he would prepare untrue accusations and make one worker to publicly falsely accuse another. A disciple later told me that this is a common practice used in SCOAN to test people’s characters and faith. Nobody in the church trusted each other. We were all afraid of being reported- another characteristic of SCOAN. Andreas would also discourage me from having a close relationship with any of the other girls and say that he was the only one that should know my secrets. I now realise that this was a tactic to avoid us talking to each other about the things he was doing.

I have heard the stories of three different women who will remain anonymous that have been sexually abused by TB Joshua. Like Andreas, he also used strange excuses to justify his actions. In some instances, he has said that having sexual relations with him will purify a woman. As someone who has been through it myself by his disciple Andreas, I know that you do not wake up one morning and make something up like that. To go from being someone that has given their life to the church to turning against the church, something must have happened. SCOAN call it ‘blasphemy’ and that you are demon possessed if you speak against the ministry. This is a way of keeping the members brainwashed and in fear. In fact, a few members of the ministry who I told my story to, although they believed me, have now shut me out of their lives. They are so afraid of turning against a ‘man of God’ that they would rather live a lie than face reality. This is one of the key characteristics of cults.

I asked Andreas to stop this sick relationship twice and he would always start it again. It’s as if he was convinced it was the right thing to do. When I eventually took this issue to Nigeria, TB Joshua’s inability to deal with the situation made me realize that it was because he couldn’t deal with his own urges and lack of control. I will move on to this later.

Read part 2 of Kate’s story here

What happened to Harry?

When the sexual abuse scandal at SCOAN Athens became too difficult to contain, TB Joshua sent his henchman “Wiseman” Harry to shut down the branch and claim (falsely) that it was never an official SCOAN branch and it was started without authority. TB Joshua Watch has managed to obtain an audio recording (Greek with English interpretation) and transcription (English) of his final speech, and the chaos that ensued resulting in the police being called to break up what had virtually become a riot. Below we present the audio recording of his speech, the transcription, and a video of the aftermath. After that we have some personal reflections on the transformation of Harry from “gentle, good natured boy, with genuine love for Christ” to deceitful henchman of a false prophet.

Emmanuel. You all know very well that I am Greek. I am from Macedonia and the purpose I came to Greece was to meet my mother who is sick. From the moment I came to Greece, I keep hearing things about brother Andreas. Andreas did this, Andreas did that, since Friday. So since I came to Greece, I decided to speak to you. I don’t want to leave Greece unless I settle this matter. First of all, I want you to know that I am not here to judge Andreas. Judgment belongs to God. If I start judging him now, then soon I will  be in the same problem, because the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 10:12 that he who thinks he stands well on his feet, it is better for him to watch out so he doesn’t fall down. So I am not here to judge him. I would like to tell you some things about my life. In 2010, when I received the anointing of God and became a wise man by God’s grace, I came to Greece for a revival. Many of you were present. After the revival, everyone expected me to come back to Greece to open a new church. My father in Christ Prophet TB Joshua provided the biggest and most beautiful place in Macedonia so I could start my ministry. For four years since that day, we have been paying the rent of that room without using it. Do you know why? Because I have not finished my training yet. I am not the only one who has received the anointing from the Prophet, we are 4 as those who watch Emmanuel TV know.

The reason I didn’t open the church in 2010 is because with the weaknesses I had then, I would not be able to stand against the temptations which were coming for me. So I decided to run back to my mentor Prophet Tb Joshua to receive more training. Let me tell you some things about Andreas. When Andreas left Nigeria in 2005 and came to Greece, he left that place with anger and disrespect for the Prophet, with rudeness because he didn’t want to finish his training under Prophet Tb Joshua. The same training we wise men received. We all thought that when he came to Greece he would find a job and continue his life as before. But when Andreas came to Greece, he started gathering people for home fellowship. Since then, that fellowship grew and became what it is today. Many of those that attended that fellowship didn’t go because of Andreas. They didn’t go to see him. They went there because they had love for Jesus Christ and love for the man of God Prophet TB Joshua. Many of you here today, before you became members of this fellowship, you had visited Lagos, Nigeria and seen the wonders and miracles that God is performing through his servant prophet tb Joshua. When you returned from Nigeria to Greece, because of your love for Christ and Prophet TB Joshua, you started gathering around Andreas. Let me tell you what happened in 2010. I remember it was Autumn, October. It happened straight after the revival here in Greece. In Lagos, Nigeria, Prophet TB Joshua had said on a live broadcast ‘Mr. Andreas needs to come back to Lagos for training’. Who remembers these words? I remember it very well because I was present when it happened. He said Mr. Andreas needs to come to Lagos for training. From that moment, Andreas had to leave here and go back to Nigeria for training. This was the will of God for his life. But Andreas chose to remain here and become a pastor. But a pastor without full training.

Why did you let him? – members shout.

Please let me finish. I believe you will receive your answer. The prophet had said Andreas must leave here, go back to Nigeria to receive training. Andreas chose on his own to disobey the prophet and be a pastor without necessary training.

This is hilarious- person in crowd shouts

Some people gathered that day and signed that they wanted to open a church but the prophet repeatedly said I have no branch anywhere all around the world. How many people have heard this? He has NO branch anywhere in all the world. Not in Greece, not in the UK , not in South Africa. What you call a church here is not a church , it is a fellowship. When people gathered and signed that they want to have a church, the prophet had NOTHING to do with this. The prophet didn’t sign and agree with this. If you look at the papers, you will never find the prophet’s name anywhere.

Who was sending the money?- person in crowd shouts.

I believe you are not ready to hear what I have to say. If you continue this way, I will stop my speech. Should I continue?


If you look on the papers, you will not see TB Joshua’s name anywhere. The Prophet is not managing the place, he is not a priest here, he is not the cashier here. You heard me well. The Prophet is not a cashier, not a priest neither the boss here. Neither the president that created this fellowship. If you look at the sign at the discreet title of the fellowship, you will find the name of the fellowship here. I do not call it church because it is not a church, it is a fellowship. If you look at the name it says “Church of All nations- Hearing Ministry”

Have you seen the word “Synagogue” on the sign? I am asking you. Have you seen the name “Synagogue” on the church here? What you see is Church of All Nations- Hearing Ministry. I told you, the Prophet has no branch anywhere in the world.

Since you are asking for us to come here to settle the matter, we are here with the decision that this fellowship must close. Immediately after today’s service, the moment I leave, this fellowship must close. (Wise man Harry gets angry with translator). You keep saying church, it is a fellowship. It is not a church. Prophet has said that we don’t have a single branch around the world, which is why this fellowship must shut down. For those of you that want to continue to be a member of SCOAN must go home and watch Emmanuel TV as the whole world does. You can’t get together and say “let us open a church in the name of the Prophet” This fellowship is closing. This is how things are in Macedonia, they just gather watch Emmanuel TV. Distance is not a barrier. Wherever you are, through Emmanuel TV by faith you can receive from God. So we have come to the end of this service. I would like the see the people who signed at the beginning of this fellowship because this fellowship must be erased from the papers because it has not happened with the approval of the prophet.

I will be praying for you and you be praying for me. I believe very soon, when by God’s grace we finish the training, the four wise men that the prophet is personally training, he will send us all around the world to open branches of the SCOAN. I believe as a Greek that I am, the Prophet will send me to Greece to open a branch of SCOAN.

(Members protest)

But if you continue to blaspheme the name of God and speak against Jesus Christ, this will not help the prophet to send anyone to Greece. He will send me to another country where people appreciate the wise men. Thank you. God with you.

Crowd member: Shame on you! You should be ashamed! This is a cheap political speech! You tramp!

At this point chaos broke out. This is what happened in SCOAN Athens on 1st June 2014 before the police showed up.

Personal Reflections from people familiar with the event

From “John Smith” ex SCOAN Athens member:

“When Harry came to Athens to close the branch after the scandal was revealed, among the many lies joshua had told him to tell us to protect his name, he also said that Andreas the former Athens pastor, was not sent by joshua to open a branch, that he did it on its own!!! That he was a disobedient disespectfull arrogant and that he never finished his training in scoan. Of course theres no need for me to point out that all these are funny lies. Funny enough to the extent that harry himself before he became a disciple of joshua was living at the same house for six months in the scoan athens building with that disobedient disrespectful and arrogant pastor , and where studying and meditating the Word together.!!!! Funny enough it was this disobedient disrespectful and arrogant pastor who mediated and called joshua to sent him Harry as a disciple!!!!! and funny enough joshua listened to him and accepted Harry as a disciple!!! YES joshua accepted Harry as a disciple out of the recommendations of a disobedient disrespectful and arrogant person who had never finished his training left on his own went to Athens and opened an illegal branch in his name!!!! Can you imagine the extent to which they want to undermine our intelligence. The truth is that joshua had the perfect relations with Andreas until the end when the scandal unfolded and joshua through him away as he does with anyone see Zavlaris… yes the great false prophet was completely ignorant of the fornication taking place in his own branch!!! of course scoanites will say ” you can not blame joshua, he sees only what God shows him”, Oh you foolish scoanites isn’t you mentor that teaches you that CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME. But what actually shocked me that day is what Harry said about himself as the opposite example of Andreas. He said ” In 2010 when i came and made the crusade in Athens, after that everybody expected me to come back to Macedonia and open the Branch, but I realized that with the weakness I had back then I would not succeed in my mission thus I decided to go back to my mentor joshua to complete my training” implying that this is what Andreas never did. I was shocked!!! Then I realised that no one can ever be free from that charlatan. Do you imagine my friends what this delusional criminal joshua is teaching his people. After receiving the ultimate promise of GOD HIS SPIRIT Harry was in need to return to joshua for training…..!!!!! BLASPHEMY BLASPHEMY BLASPHEMY meaning the Spirit of God was completely unable to help Harry let alone Harry help others, thus joshua was needed I wish anyone could realise my sorrow. I really love Harry, I pray that he wakes up now that he is in Greece, he is a good boy good heart and always dreamed to serve God. I dont know why God allowed him to be trapped mentally and emotionally in that dangerous sect, under that cunning and sick person joshua. Lets pray his eyes will open soon. God has a plan”

From “Jeremiah” ex-SCOAN Athens member:

“Harry arrived at SCOAN Athens approximately the time I did, in the beginning of 2006. It was the pastor that inspired him to go to Lagos and their relationship was like Paul and Timothy…..but of course SCOAN discourages any kind of intimate relationship due to the divide and conquer policy for authoritative purposes on Joshua’s behalf. Those who were once the closest of friends became enemies and envy had paved its path. And beyond their respective personalities, I am more than convinced, that this was the work of the well hidden yet undeniable heresy taught at SCOAN, first and foremost, concerning the Holy Spirit. But I won’t get into that now….I have spoken extensively in previous posts. Now, Harry was a gentle, good natured boy, with genuine love for Christ and a heart ready to serve God. He was simple, humble and accessible. What I witnessed however on the 1st of June 2014, was a completely different story: the same arrogance, the same authoritative mannerism, the same lying spirit was displayed as in the SCOAN Athens pastor. AS IN SCOAN, PERIOD.”

From Just Wonder (who has family involved with SCOAN)

Look at how tbj changed Harry’s appearance alone. He looks like a proper cult leader. I know that Harry did not want to change his appearance, but tbj forced and threatened him, until he looks like this! Not to think how his spirit has changed and is caught in a trap! I will keep on praying for him and the rest of tbj’s boot licking devotees, to be saved, healed and delivered from that cult leader tbj. It is heart breaking to see in what they have changed into under that false prophet!

Breaking news: SCOAN Thesselonica is coming

SCOAN international branches have been dropping like flies in recent years. Once there was a branch in London, Capetown, Athens and Ghana – today, only Ghana remains. This is set to change at the end of this month when a new Greece branch opens: SCOAN Thesselonica. We’re not aware of any official word from SCOAN yet, but clearly the branch has the official nod from them because “Wise Man” Harry is featured at the inauguration.

Now is a good time to remind our readers what happened to the last SCOAN branch in Greece. You can read Jeremiah report of the scandal that brought down the church here. In the next couple of days we will bring a report of Wiseman Harry’s final visit to SCOAN Athens when he was sent by TB Joshua to shut down the church and falsely claim that it had never officially existed. Following that we will feature a testimony from one of the young ladies who claims to have been sexually abused by the SCOAN Pastor.

Nosa Osaghae responds to critics

Nosa Osaghae

Nosa Osaghae

Over a year ago, we published a shocking testimony from a man called Nosa Osaghae who claimed to have been tortured at TB Joshua’s SCOAN church. We only published it after confirming the story was true via some people who were present at the time. After publishing it, it was revealing that supporters of TB Joshua focused on trying to justify the abhorrent experience Nosa was put through rather than questioning whether it was true (its truth seemed to be taken for granted). That’s until a few weeks ago when some SCOAN supporters have started “exposing” Nosa’s story as false because they can’t find a mention of it in a book he published about his experience at SCOAN. Nosa responds in full below, but to summarise: the incident is not written about in the book because the book was published in 2005 and the torture incident happened at the end of 2006.

Over to Nosa:
The book Synagogue of Satan was printed and published in 2005 long after I had left the synagogue church in late 2003 (where I stayed for just about 3 weeks) and never came back there until that eventful day in 2006…

The fact of my leaving the church was based on my initial observation of their unscriptural practices which I clearly documented in the book with no intention of even mentioning the names of these “two churches” in the book namely “Synagogue Church & Christ Embassy” as at then; as my primary focus was not to point accusing fingers at them directly but to warn other potentially deceived Christians like myself of being lured into such churches because of the attraction of such false miracles, lying signs & wonders which had captivated my imagination as a new born babe-in-Christ who had repented from his worldly ways only a few months earlier in that same year in March 2003.

Now there are no fabrications, complexities or disparities if all these events are placed in their proper chronological order i.e

  1. I went the first time uninvited to synagogue church in November 2003 or thereabouts as a “visitor” and intending member and was unexpectedly invited by the prophet to “stay or live” with him in his church as a trainee minister or “disciple” as they call it
  2. I remained in the synagogue church as a disciple for approximately 3 weeks before the end of the year 2003, long enough for me to decide it was not a place for me to grow in spirit and in truth of the Gospel of Christ…which today has now proven to be the right decision
  3. I finally published the book “Synagogue of Satan” two years later in 2005 in print format after much spiritual battles against the so many life threatening spiritual attacks I received from the demons in that synagogue church as soon as I left the church…which made me resolve to write down my experiences there as a book and then publish the book so as to to help save others like me who were facing such challenges of faith…I know many people who contacted me after reading this book and were delivered from such bondage of fellowshipping in both synagogue & christ-embassy churches just by the knowledge of the truth contained in that book
  4. I went a second time to that synagogue church in November 2006 to deliver that message to that woman (much against my will as I had previously vowed never ever to step my foot in that place for good) simply because I was overwhelmingly persuaded and convinced that the message was from the Lord and that He wanted that woman out of that church by “all means” whom He confirmed was a “special vessel” to both myself and Brother Stanley who accompanied me to that church on that fateful Friday…so I obediently went there “again” after all these years to pass that message to her…I know for a fact that this same woman has since left the church according to the perfect will of God and I have never seen her or had any contact with her since that day till date neither do I intend to as I have only done that which the Lord commanded me and that’s that.
  5. The only reason all these synagogue fanatics are still making such wimpy noises is simply because I am still trying my best to obey the Lord’s commandment not “sue” this prophet and his synagogue church for human right abuses and torture against me and Brother Stanley my companion in the “sufferings of faith” that we endured while doing the Lord’s business…like other messengers of God endured in the Bible
  6. If this synagogue people dare to provoke me further on this matter, I will instruct my lawyer to immediately file a suit of “torture & human rights abuse” against this prophet and his church in this very month of November 2014; eight long years after that heinous crime was committed against me…so they will know better than to call me a “liar and fabricator” when their lying & fabricating “prophet” comes face to face with me in a law court. Let’s see how he will deny in the court of law that they did not indeed torture and abuse me that day at his behest and instructions while they were busy filming the entire “gory” show with their ubiquitous “ETV” cameras…
  7. Maybe they think that because I AM TRYING MY BEST TO OBEY THE VOICE OF THE LORD it means that I am lying…but i just might decide to sue the skin of this man’s back as an act done out of provocation…you don’t torture a man in a church and turn around to call him a liar…that’s insult on injury.

Please post this response of mine with this final warning to these synagogue posters who were not abused & tortured by their church like I was; that if they dare speak “evil” of the pain, misery, agony, torment and abuse I “suffered” at the hands of their prophet and church I vow before heaven and earth that I will make their prophet and his church “suffer” for what they they did to me legally, media-wise and otherwise regardless of the consequences whether good or bad for both of us.

A Christian may look outwardly as peaceful as a pool teeming with “Piranhas” until you mistakenly tread into the peaceful pool to provoke them…then you will know that no danger in the water compares to the ferocious attack of piranhas not even the great white sharks…

Perhaps this particular “new” provocation of theirs is exactly what has just broken the camel’s back and tipped the legal scale for me to go and seek a judicial re-dress in this matter regardless…

We’ll soon see ourselves in court!!!