TB Joshua: 1963 – 2021

It seems the news is confirmed: TB Joshua is dead.

TB Joshua

We can only imagine the scenes at SCOAN at the moment. The disarray and emotional turmoil that his disciples and congregation will be going through. Our thoughts are with them.

We started writing this blog in 2011, with the intent of bringing attention to the abusive and manipulative side of SCOAN. We had personal experience of the devastating impact of his deceitful and toxic healing ministry. We’d seen how disciples’ messianic devotion to TB Joshua had destroyed families. We’d heard too many credible accounts of sexual abuse, as well as violence and psychological manipulation, to remain silent. We wanted to warn prospective visitors and disciples that there was more to SCOAN than the apparent signs and wonders shown on Emmanuel TV.

We are concerned that if the news of his death turns out to be genuine, the true nature of his ministry will be obscured by uncritical tributes. The article below, though out of date, still gives a good overview of why TB Joshua’s ministry is so controversial. 

14 thoughts on “TB Joshua: 1963 – 2021

  1. This blog inspired me to start exposing a charlatan in Kenya by the name David Edward Owuor, a man who claims to be immortal having being killed by God (like Moses). This was back in 2014.

    I stumbled upon it over the MH370 saga where TB Joshua shamelessly attempted to milk the tragedy to advance his legend.

    Have you noticed something about the death announcement?
    They already are trying to conjure a premonition ur of thin air. They claim he said something during Saturday June 5,2021 meeting yet watching the entire meeting he was never there.

    This is what the post says:

    “….PROPHET TB JOSHUA – JUNE 12th 1963 to JUNE 5th 2021

    “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.” – Amos 3:7

    On Saturday 5th June 2021, Prophet TB Joshua spoke during the Emmanuel TV Partners Meeting: “Time for everything – time to come here for prayer and time to return home after the service.”

    God has taken His servant Prophet TB Joshua home – as it should be by divine will. His last moments on earth were spent in the service of God. This is what he was born for, lived for and died for…”

    Was there a better time to share his last words than on this post announcing his death?

    Check out a link to the Saturday livestream on his Facebook page. This is a pure lie.


    Seldom do charlatans and false prophets repent. They die in their sins. As such, it is pointless preying for them to change. Focus should be on their victims, their adherents.

  2. At last, the false prophet is dead, and now his captives will be set free! Watch how this kingdom of Satan comes crashing down to pieces!!

  3. Hi @tbjoshuawatch. this is soe. Owner of watchtbjoshua. Thank you for all your work so far. Your blog was a life saver for many, but only God knows how to reward your work and I regret all i did against your blog and others in defense of SCOAN and TB Joshua. Please forgive me, i didn’t know better then. I don’t know if you would be kind enough to help me publish an email i sent to TB Joshua’s email: info@scoan.org cc info@emmanuel.tv about his coming death, warning him to repent. I feel its expedient because those he has deceived are still on their way to hell unless they repent of his evil doctrines, practices and fetishes. Hopefully some will be recovered from his deception through this. Thank you and looking forward to your reply. Stay blessed!

    • Hi Soe, nice to hear from you – and thank you for your apology, you were never anything but sincere in your support of TB Joshua and that same sincerity is evident in your apology. Many people have gone down that same route, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re welcome to post the email you sent into these comments, it would be interesting to read. TBJW

    • @Soe, I remember you! You even wrote an erroneous article against me on your website, just because I exposed that false prophet constantly! I don’t blame you at all, my brother. ignorance can make people do crazy things!! Anyway, the false prophet is gone, though belatedly, and I pray his captives will find freedom!!

    • @Stanley Egbobawaye, you don’t even know me, and you don’t even know my name, yet you wrote garbage about me on your website because of this worthless, deceased false prophet, T B Joshua. You’d do well to retract your story and render an apology! And we’d love to hear your own story about your deliverance from deception.

    • Hi @Stanley Egbobawaye

      This is simple: the same energy you used to advocate for worship of TB Joshua should be the same energy to use if you are seriously concerned about warning those that are still trapped in TBJ’s deception. All hands should be on deck; we should be firing from all cylinders for the Lord’s work.

      I hopped over to https://watchtbjoshua.wordpress.com/ and I found a notice that the site is private. A good place to start would be to make your site public so that your information can be accessible to many. Secondly, publish all information you deem expedient and then you can come here in the comments & link back to your publication. By doing this you would also eliminate any doubts that you might be a catfish trying to set up @tbjoshuawatch to publish fake news.

      • @General,
        I can’t agree with you more! I don’t even watch that website, but why should it be private? Has it not been public all these years? And now instead of going public, he makes it private? Something fishy here! What’s there to hide? I’m still waiting for his apology and retraction, and unless he does that, he’s just as fake as the fake dead prophet!

    • @Stanley, you need to make a clean confession and I’m still waiting for your apology and retraction of the erroneous article you wrote about me on your blog, when you don’t even know my name, all because of a worthless prophet who would rot in hell with his master, Satan!!

      • Michael Lathbridge is the false prophet’s dog, who has sold his conscience to Satan, and he would perish like his master unless he repents and exposes all the lies, and deception at the Synagogue of Satan!!

  4. Thank you for reactivating this blog. I have directed many people here. Now that the charlatan has expired, we need more work, prayer and fasting to do for the people left behind to wake up to reality.

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