Is TB Joshua preparing a post election prophecy video?

The results of the Nigerian presidential election will be announced tomorrow. Lots of people on social media are wondering what “Nigeria’s prophet” has to say about it. Are we going to be presented with an edited, post-election prophecy video as many are skeptically expecting? Watch this space…

News in brief

Court case

TB Joshua has dodged court yet again, and is appealing his order to appear for the third time. As Zimeye put it, he is “causing delay on hundreds of grieving families who are waiting to obtain a judicial understanding of what truly went wrong when his giant building collapsed on their loved ones on the 12th September last year”.

The Judge has the authority to issue a bench warrant so he appears or is arrested, but so far has been reluctant to do so.

In related news, Yahoo news is reporting that 6 of the victims are still to be identified.

What’s happened to the “wise men”?

Joshua Debunker has released an interesting video, asking what has happened to TB Joshua’s “wise men”? Although they are still listed on the SCOAN website, the debunker has noticed that they are playing a far less prominent role in services, playing the same role as the other disciples rather than preaching and ministering. Is TB Joshua consolidating power as he sees his end coming?

French plane crash

Just to preempt SCOAN releasing an edited video claiming that TB Joshua predicted the tragic french plane crash, we remind you that his prophecy was clearly about Nigeria (it never happened):

TB Joshua’s latest false prophecy

SCOAN have just released a video claiming that the TB Joshua predicted the fall in value of the Euro.

A fairly underwhelming prophecies as it stands, but it gets worse. The prophecy was given on Christmas day 2011, as one of TB Joshua’s predictions for 2012. See it in its full context here (start around 6:10):

Was TB Joshua’s anointed water a curse on Sierra Leone?

In August 2014, TB Joshua claimed that the Ebola situation was over, and everyone could go back to how they used to live (shockingly dangerous advice). You can hear his words in our “Top 3 prophecies of 2014″ video. In the same month, he offered to send his anointed water to any of the affected countries, but only if a request came from the government. Incredibly, it appears that one country, Sierra Leone did request the anointed water.

How has that worked out for Sierra Leone? Tragically, very badly. First, let’s look at what happened to Ebola cases and deaths after the anointed water was delivered (according to WHO data).

EbolaSecondly, let’s look at how Sierra Leone compared to other affected countries. From the same WHO data we learn that:

  • Sierra Leone has the worst fatality rate amongst hospitalised cases
  • Sierra Leone is the worst for cases of unsafe burials
  • Sierra Leone has had significantly more new confirmed Ebola cases and deaths in 2015 than Liberia (where it has been almost completely eradicated) and Guinea (which has double the population of Sierra Leone).
  • Sierra Leone has had significantly more Ebola cases and deaths than any other country, almost double the next worst affected (Liberia).

What can we learn from this? One thing is certain – the anointed water did absolutely no good for Sierra Leone whatsoever. It is possible that it even contributed to the number of deaths. Telling people they can go back to the way they used to live, is the worst possible advice that can be given regarding Ebola. Ebola is relatively easy to contain if simple sanitary measures are taken. The fact that unsafe burials were a particular issue in Sierra Leone could suggest a preference towards more traditional medical care, hence the deadly idea of accepting “anointed” water.

Most anointed water testimonies are carefully choreographed and edited, we only see what SCOAN want us to see, and we only see the cases where they can spin it as a success. The gift of anointed water to Sierra Leone is a rare opportunity to measure its impact with real data. As you can see, the data show that at best the anointed water did nothing, at worst it caused unnecessary deaths.

Think about this before considering the anointed water as a solution to your problems.

1 year on – where is MH370 TB Joshua?

mp53c805b01 year ago today, Malaysian airlines flight MH370 disappeared. To date, it has not been found and nobody has any idea what happened to it. Immediately after the disappearance, SCOAN released an (edited) video claiming TB Joshua predicted it (in reality he predicted a crash at the end of a runway, but a bit of editing sorted that out). For a couple of weeks after, TB Joshua was chasing the news stories, dressing up new developments or speculation as “prophecies”.

On March 15th, 2014 he claimed that the missing airliner was just about to be found. You can listen to his words at the beginning of the video below:

BREAKING: SCOAN building collapsed due to inadequate foundation

In a recent post, we asked 5 important questions about the guesthouse collapse that the public needed answers to.

  • Did the guest house extension (or original structure) have planning permission?
  • At the time of the collapse, was the building complete? Had it been inspected and certified by the relevant authorities?
  • Did the guest house have “Occupiers Liability Insurance”, compulsory for all public buildings?
  • Is it true that the guest house was sealed off and closed by authorities before it collapsed, but the church ignored this and continued using it?
  • When structural engineers examined the foundations of the collapsed building, what did they find? Were the foundations really sufficient for adding 4 extra floors?

Since writing this, we have learnt that the building was not inspected and certified by the relevant authorities, and yesterday it was revealed at the inquest that the foundations were “grossly inadequate” for the load they had to bear.

A structural engineer who was among the team of structural and geo-technical engineers that conducted a Structural Integrity Test on the collapsed building said that:

Based on all the tests and the calculations, we discovered that from inception, the building failed because the base that was supposed to take the load was grossly inadequate.

The minimum base that will be required should have been 4.5 metres by 4.5 metres but what we had there was 2.2 metres by 2.2 metres.

“It was a wrong choice of foundation base; the foundation should have been continuous base and not a pad as was used in the construction.” (source)

This news is significant because it is the first report on the structural integrity of the building that has been conducted independently of SCOAN. This can be relied on far more than the so called experts hired by SCOAN to appear on Emmanuel TV. Now that this news has come out, it is interesting noting that the “expert” on Emmanuel TV spent nearly all the time talking about the steel columns, and hardly mentioned the foundations, which we now learn were the cause of the collapse.