EXCLUSIVE: TB Joshua is in Latin America on the run from the law

TB Joshua at leisure after his crusade

TB Joshua at leisure after his crusade

It has hardly gone unnoticed that TB Joshua has not appeared in public since his Mexico crusade. Prayer line services have been cancelled, church “evangelists” have been left with the task of preaching and ministering, and his birthday was inexplicably moved from Lagos to South Africa, without the birthday boy in attendance.

The inquest into the deadly building collapse at SCOAN will deliver its verdict on the 8th July. As you will recall, TB Joshua has been totally uncooperative with the inquest, refusing multiple times to show up as a witness. The evidence that has been released to the public so far does not go in SCOAN’s favour, and with a new government in place less sympathetic to TB Joshua’s cause, he could be facing very serious consequences.

Previously we speculated that he may have retired to South Africa to escape the law, but that didn’t quite make sense to us. South Africa has an extradition treaty with Nigeria, a far more robust legal system, and will be taking the verdict of the inquest very seriously, because the majority of the victims were South Africans. So we kept digging, and what we found out was shocking. TB Joshua never returned from Mexico!

We have been following several threads of evidence that have suggested this, but now have confirmation from a trusted inside source that TB Joshua is, quote “still in Mexico, hiding from the law”. Mexico offers 6 month tourist visas, more than enough to see what the inquest verdict is and plan his next move.

Don’t believe us? Let SCOAN prove us wrong. However, don’t let them fob you off with any of the following responses:

  • Video message from TB Joshua in his “office” or somewhere that can’t be verified as SCOAN HQ in Lagos.
  • Hoards of commenters sent by SCOAN to claim that they’ve seen him in Lagos, and we’re making all this up.
  • Undated pictures of him in Lagos or on prayer mountain presented as if they are current.
  • Social media post denying the claims, but without any evidence.

If you were planning on spending your hard earned money to visit Lagos in the hope of seeing TB Joshua, cancel your plans now, he won’t be there!

SCOAN Athens closure – John Smith’s open letter

I am writing this for three main reasons. The first is to receive redemption for being part of SCOAN for more than six years.  Second because I owe it to myself and to all those who for 8 good years invested their dreams their efforts their hopes on a castle built on the sand. And third to inform and prevent innocent people who are genuinely  seeking the face of God, to be trapped in the web of this dangerous cult organization. Everything about SCOAN is a fake image, a package which they know how to promote very well.

I worked in SCOAN Athens for almost 6 years in many departments and was living in the church almost daily.  Back then at the start of the church everyone was so excited and happy. We invested time effort love work thinking we had found Jesus or at least a prophet with such a deep and close relationship with Jesus that could show us the way. Little did we know the hell path had we put ourselves on.  To make the long story short, I am writing this post as an open question to TB Joshua, and since he will not be able to give me an answer, I can already call him a liar (something that does not qualify him for a man of God).

You all heard the audio evidence with the lies TB Joshua sent Harry to say when closing the Athens Branch. It was very difficult for TB Joshua to admit that fornication was going under his own house and he was completely unaware. Him who so many times has said on Emmanuel TV “if I can see what is going on in Indonesia how much more I can see about you who are here”. Well Temitope obviously you can’t see a thing. Secondly of course TB Joshua did not want to have any connection with a branch in which sexual crimes have been committed and there were threats that the police will be involved. So TB Joshua decided to disown his branch and much more his own spiritual son. What a cowardly reaction, sorry Temitope you lack the Lion of Judah inside you, and even more the fatherly figure, something that again does not qualify you as a man of God. At this point I must stress out that all members were ready to forgive the pastor as Christians, but what we wanted was a clear true confession and the name of the girls to be restored from hookers to sexually abused victims. Then TB Joshua could have said to us “My son sinned I will take him back to Lagos, I will call for prayer, fasting and repentance”. This would have caused peace. But peace can’t be where the spirit of God is not. Instead of the truth stated with boldness TB Joshua chose the path of shadows and lies. That day as I was hearing Harry saying what TB Joshua had told him to say my eyes opened. This can’t be I said. It is not all about Jesus in here it is all about TB Joshua.

If Harry’s statements were true, that SCOAN Athens was never TB  Joshua’s branch, that Andreas the Pastor of the church never finished his discipleship, that he was arrogant, proud and disrespectful, that he left on his own, that he came to Athens and illegally opened the branch. If that was true of course every reasonable person would have thought that TB Joshua must had been furious with Andreas. Well this is not what happened. Actually TB Joshua was very happy with his new branch so much that he sent his own wife for vacation here in Greece and she even preached at the church of the disobedient, arrogant, disrespectful disciple of her husband and they danced and worshipped together. Liar TB Joshua. Let those who love the truth rejoice and those who sustain lies be ashamed.

Andreas was one of the most loved pastors of TB Joshua and the Athens Branch the pride of SCOAN since we were operating exactly as Lagos. Andreas came to Athens as an anointed junior prophet from TB Joshua himself. And again since SCOAN Athens was never your church why in this live phone call you are calling us your people why are you thanking us for our support and why do you answer the phone to your disobedient disrespectful and arrogant disciple?

Please tell me and then I might give you some more evidence why you are a fraud TB Joshua?

9 dead in Charleston shooting, you won’t believe what TB Joshua does.

The act of terrorism that left 9 dead last Thursday has showcased the best and worst of humanity. Churches all over the world are standing in solidarity with Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, messages of grace and forgiveness are being posted the the facebook page of the killer, thousands are sending their prayers and sympathies, and hard questions are being faced by politicians. Meanwhile TB Joshua forgoes even the simplest act of solidarity, and exploits the situation by claiming to have predicted it, with a vague 3 year old “prophecy” predicting more acts of violence in America. In SCOAN-land, tragedies are simply a vehicle to boost TB Joshua’s profile. His narcissism knows no bounds.

In the video it references TB Joshua’s prediction of the theatre shooting. Make sure you read our debunking of that false prophecy.


For God so loved the world that he gave us TB Joshua

Previously we’ve learnt from Emmanuel TV that TB Joshua is:

Now John 3:16 has been extended to also cover TB Joshua:

“God loved the world that he gave his begotten son, but God loved the world further, that he gave us the life of a prophet [TB Joshua]”

As with the previous blasphemous statements, this was broadcast on TB Joshua’s Emmanuel TV station, without any correction or rebuke.

Documentary on TB Joshua available online

Back in 2001 South African Journalist Jacques Pauw did a documentary on TB Joshua. We have featured quotes from Pauw in several articles, but until recently the full documentary was not available to watch online. The documentary particularly focuses on the fake resurrection video that SCOAN were widely circulating a number of years ago, but it also reveals a number of people who have died after being “healed” by TB Joshua. To this day, we have no evidence, verified by third party medical professionals of any genuine healings taking place at SCOAN.

Is TB Joshua planning to retire to South Africa to escape justice?

Straight after the horrific and deadly building collapse at SCOAN last year, rumours abounded that TB Joshua would flee Nigeria and retire to his private mansion in South Africa to escape the consequences of the disaster. Now it would appear this might actually be happening.

Early next month, the court will deliver their judgement on the inquest into the building collapse. It seems highly likely that the cause will be the inadequate foundations. This could have dire legal consequences for TB Joshua and SCOAN.

Since the “revival” in Mexico, TB Joshua has not appeared in public (probably the longest he’s ever been “off-air”), and he’s just announced that he’ll be celebrating his 52nd birthday at his private mansion in South Africa this Friday. Normally his birthday celebrations are lavish affairs at SCOAN HQ in Lagos, why the change this year?

According to an announcement on Facebook, the son of God is TB Joshua’s party planner this year:

“About my birthday, which will take place this coming Friday, this is how Jesus wants us to celebrate it : E.G. – West Africa will celebrate in Ghana. Southern Africa will celebrate in South Africa. Other African countries – the timetable will be released on Emmanuel TV where each country will celebrate the birthday. Mexico, Colombia, Korea, Singapore, Australia, Russia, UK, USA, France etc. – will celebrate in their own countries. “

The announcement goes on to apologise to those who have already bought tickets to Lagos for the celebration that happens each year.

MESSAGE_FROM_PROPHET_TB_JOSHUA__Greetings_to____-_TB_Joshua_MinistriesIs it just us or is the final line a little creepy? “Once again, I am in your prayers and your thoughts.”

The next couple of months could be very significant in SCOAN-land. Watch this space.

BREAKING: TB Joshua admits he’s not called by God

One year ago TB Joshua made the following claim regarding the Chibok girls kidnapped by Boko Haram:

Unless I am not called by God. I place my career and calling on the line. That these 200 plus school children kidnapped, they have to be released immediately, unharmed and unhurt. Then they can wait for God’s judgement.”

One year later, the schoolgirls are tragically still in captivity. They were not released immediately. One year of captivity will have inflicted untold harm and hurt on them. They are not unharmed and unhurt. We can now know TB Joshua’s words were 100% false, simply exploiting a highly emotional event for his own fame. At least this time he was honest enough to stake his career and calling on it.

TB Joshua, by your very words, you are not called by God – so stop pretending otherwise. The time has come for you to stop deceiving and abusing people, you’ve been exposed by your own words.


Thanks to one of our readers “General” for pointing out further statements on the SCOAN facebook page. In addition to the video above, on the 28th April 2014 TB Joshua said:

“The ones that are still under their custody – God said He will release them. This is the voice of God. God has spoken – these children must be released.”

“We are in a spiritual battle. God has promised all of them will come out free, without harm and hurt.”

““Almost half of these girls have escaped and are inside the bush. Our prayer is safety for these little ones. Let them come out! We can’t wait to see them! I was expecting “Breaking News” last Thursday that almost half of them escaped.”

“On Tuesday, be in an attitude of prayer. With God, all things are possible.”