No show from TB Joshua and case adjourned until Dec 11th

Today resulted in yet another delay to the case against SCOAN and their engineers. TB Joshua (the “chief mourner“) disrespected the dead again by not even bothering to show up, though he did send representatives. There was a no-show from the engineers too, apparently two of the defendants gave invalid addresses so they couldn’t be served. The judge was apparently furious at the absent defendents.

The judge adjourned the case to the 11th December in order to have all defendants present. Check out Nicholas Ibekwe’s twitter account for first hand reports from today’s proceedings.

Charges to be brought against TB Joshua today

TB Joshua, the rest of the SCOAN trustees and the engineers responsible for constructing SCOAN’s stricken building are to have charges brought against them in court today. You can read more about it here:

Let’s pray for courage and integrity for those in authority, pray that the proceedings will be peaceful, that justice will be served, and a message will go out loud and clear that nobody in Nigeria is above the law, no matter how rich and powerful they are. Also, remember the other victims of TB Joshua in your prayers – the many disciples and church workers who live in captivity on the SCOAN compound, abused, worked like slaves and with no freedom of movement. Pray that the outcome of today’s proceedings might help facilitate their safe deliverance from SCOAN to be reunited with friends and family and begin rebuilding their lives.

From the comments: What is love?

speech-bubbles-303206_960_720Occasionally we get a particularly insightful or helpful comment and we like to feature it as a post because many of our readers only read the articles and don’t follow the comments. The following post comes from a comment from D Haile, and is a powerful reflection on what it really means to “Love one another” and what the true motive behind TB Joshua Watch might be. If you are a supporter of TB Joshua, we encourage you to read this slowly and prayerfully so you can understand why we do what we do. We love you.

What is love?

If I see my little boy about to run into the road, because as a little one he cannot see or recognise the dangers, and I yell and scream and grab his arm to stop him from being injured or killed, is that not love? Am I not loving my son by saving him from pain and death?

If I see my grandfather about to drink from a bottle that says “poison” clearly on the outside, but his vision is poor so he can’t see it, am I not loving him shouting at him to stop and by hitting the bottle out of his hands? Is that not love?

If we figuratively shout at you all because we see the danger that you do not, of following a charlatan, a false prophet, a wolf masquerading in sheep’s clothing, is that not love?

Did Jesus not love the money changers and traders in the Temple when he whipped them out of there? Was that not love, love for them (to stop them from sinning) and love for the people they were conning?

Love is not fairy-tales, love is Truth.
Love is not “live and let live” or being ‘nice’, love is action.
Love is not feeling, love is doing.
Love is not keeping quiet for fear of offending, love is shouting the Truth from the rooftops.

The day we stop warning you and all your loved ones and friends of the danger that you are in following TB Joshua, that is the day we stop loving you, stop showing love, stop obeying the Lord Jesus when He COMMANDED us to “love one another”.

TB Joshua Watch, and Just Wonder and Mr Terrific and Bisola Johnson and all the other commenters on this blog are wasting hours of our time coming here to respond to comments like yours, not because we hate you or TB Joshua, but because we love you and we would like to see you saved from the pit that you don’t know you are in.

I know you will read this comment and think it all lies – how can we love all of you when we ‘attack’ your prophet? – but TB Joshua is not really our worry. He knows who he is and what he is and what he is doing. He is not a stupid man. He is a very clever man doing very clever things. Our worry, our concern, is YOU. All of you who follow him.

You cannot see what he is doing because you are deceived. And you don’t know you are deceived because you are deceived. You will read this with anger in your heart (“How dare she suggest I am deceived? No one has deceived me. T B Joshua is a Man of God and I love him as my papa”). But if you can, just for a second, stop and think.

When was the last time you spoke to the Lord Jesus yourself, on your own, without following a prayer led by T B Joshua or following a prayer guide or similar that he has written?

When did you last ask Jesus to reveal his Truth to you?

When was the last time you asked questions about what you are being taught?

When was the last time you read the Bible for yourself, without being directed to certain verses by TB Joshua, Emmanuel TV or one of the Wise Men (are they still around?)?

When was the last time you read more than a chapter of the Bible at one time, to understand better the context and co-text of the verses you know?

Who do you truly love more – the Lord Jesus (who died on the Cross for your sins, rose on the third day and ascended into Heaven and is now sat at the right hand of the Father) or TB Joshua (a man made in the likeness of God (as we all are) but not God)? If you remember Jesus said “If you love me you will obey my commands”. Well, whose commands do you obey more – Jesus or TB Joshua’s?

This last question will tell you all you really need to know about your relationship with God. If ANYONE sits above Jesus in your heart, you have a real problem, my friend. You need to decide who is more important to you – Jesus your Saviour or TB Joshua, your prophet. Be careful how you choose. And not choosing is also a choice – a choice not for Jesus but for something or someone else.

John Zavlaris comments on TB Joshua

Before starting this post we would like to state that we do not in any way endorse John Zavlaris’ ministry. He has never apologised for or acknowledged his role in the TB Joshua deception, and we have received reports of abusive behaviour in his ministry too (though not sexually abusive). With that in mind, we are grateful to JustBloggingTruth who sent in the following interesting comment from John Zavlaris clearly aimed at TB Joshua.

“Sometime ago I heard a minister of the Gospel say “the miracles that you see in my ministry prove my Apostolic call” and all of a sudden we saw that the churches he founded in the past, in a mysterious way they started to close down and the ministers that God gave him started to disappear with out being able to control the situation. My advice to this minister is that he cannot say “I am a problem solver”. For me you have unfinished business with God that needs to be taken care of and your proud heart needs to be humbled to stop the curse upon your ministry. The Bible contradicts you when you project the miracle before the love of God. “If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become sounding brass, or a clanging cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing” I Corinthians 13: 1-2 Remember the harvest is ready but the laborers are few.”

The following is commentary from JustBloggingTruth:

Last year i moved from one state to another, and i now live a few hours drive from New Jersey. I had called Zavlaris ministries sometime last year to ask them if they had the new anointing water, but was told by a lady on the phone that, TB Joshua had called Zavlaris months ago and told him that he did not need to use the anointing water anymore and should just use his hands to pray for people. And the lady who is a worker there said Zavlaris did not use anointing water to pray for people anymore.and evidently you can find zavlaris videos from last year where he was praying for people without anointing water, before TB Joshua came out with his lies.
So for all Americans who have followed both ministries, it was a revealing moment for us when TB Joshua denied him. i find it interesting, because Zavlaris never actually responded to TB Joshua’s lies and attacks against him. and i must make a note as someone who has been following both TB Joshua and Zavlaris from the USA, i really believe TB Joshua discredited himself when he attacked Zavlaris, and i know that Americans did not buy his lies.
Just a quick note for those who did not know this about Zavlaris past. Zavlaris had his own church as a minister of the gospel before he even heard about TB Joshua. He was living with his now late wife when he decided to leave his church and become a disciple of TB Joshua. Yes, John Zavlaris was a disciple of TB Joshua for a number of years. (this was on his no longer available deleted blog, during his anointing water trips around the world.) And i believe a quick phone call to zalvaris’ ministries will also confirm this. I know this is going to be shocking for many because of TB Joshua’s lies. So TB Joshua did not actually establish Zavlaries as a minister of the Gospel, but the Lord Jesus did. And it is an insult for TB Joshua to deny his former disciple of many years. TB Joshua’s jealousy must have been stirred by Zavlaris’ rising growth and popularity in the USA. Americans were saving big dollars when they could go to Zavlaris instead of TB Joshua. i personally know that the number of Americans visiting Scoan have plummeted from hundredths to below 50 from the last visit.

Horrifying: TB Joshua’s fans rejoice at #ParisAttacks

When TB Joshua’s facebook page announced that he predicted the Paris attacks, some of the comments that followed were horrifying. These people don’t seem to even register that many have died, all it is to them is a win for their “man of God”. Charlie-Dizo Sadiz (and 279 people who “like” his comment) is “glad to witness it come to pass


Akporowho claims that TB Joshua said he will live to see all the prophecy God sent him be fulfilled. Wait a minute, I thought the purpose of these prophecies was to avert them from happening! When considered in this light, his “prophecies” become curses.


Effanga Otu seems to be doing a happy dance while people lie bleeding in the streets of Paris.
Screenshot_111615_021625_PM Esther quotes Proverbs 29:18, seemingly oblivious to the fact that people actually did perish, despite this vision.

To be clear, there were plenty of expressions of sympathy mixed in with all this, but these comments say such a lot about the mentality of those who devote themselves to this false prophet.

Sickening – Nigerian prophet attempts to “profit” from #ParisAttacks

Yes, right on cue, TB Joshua (the man who “cured Ebola“, released the Boko Haram girls, found MH370 and predicted the Sinai plane crash (but thinks Egypt borders with Ukraine)) releases a video bragging that he predicted the attack in Paris last Friday. The video claims that on “Sunday the 19th January 2013” (sorry SCOAN, the 19th of Jan was a Saturday, not a Sunday, but never mind) he said “there are some strange people, they have some strategic places inside France, they should pray against suicide bomber, or an attack of any kind”. This was just a couple of months after a large Islamic terror cell was discovered in France, and not long after the school shooting in Toulouse. It was well known back then that Islamic terrorism was a concern to the country. Since 2012, there have actually been 8 terror attacks in France, it hardly takes a “prophet” to predict “an attack of any kind” with no location (besides France), time or date.

At the beginning of the full original video, TB Joshua says something quite interesting. He says “The purpose of prophecy is to review the [intrics?] and strategies of satan, and stop it by coming together to pray”. Scripturally, prophecy has nothing at all to do with seeing into the satanic realm, it is a gift meant for encouragement, exhortation and comfort of the church (1 Corinthians 14:3-4 ). However, even if we judge his prophecies by his definition, they completely fail. Was this attack averted? By their own admittance, no! In fact we’ve seen before that he’s not in the least bit interested in averting these events, all he cares about getting a “prophecy fulfillment”. For example, back in 2014 he predicted a bomb blast in Abuja he said “this coming Thursday and Friday, people should be in an attitude of prayer for the nation that whatever was going to happen on Friday, God would avert it”. Nothing happened that Thursday or Friday, but a few weeks later a bomb did go off, so they edited out the link to “this Thursday and Friday” and released a prophecy fulfillment video. If we assume prophecy is what TB Joshua says it is, this prophecy could be heralded a success because nothing happened the day he said it was (prayer averted the disaster), but instead they have to release an (edited) video to claim it was fulfilled, but if it happened – the whole thing was a failure!

His supporters will say that if more people took him seriously, more people would pray against these attacks and they might not happen. You might have a point if his track record was any better, but think about his many failures.

If you use violence and death as a means to promote yourself – you’re no better than the terrorists (you just let them to do the dirty work). The only thing a Christian pastor should be doing in response is devoting themselves to prayer and peacemaking.

Bisola Johnson’s story part 2: life after SCOAN

Read part 1 of Bisola Johnson’s story here.

Starting life all over was a battle that only God could help anyone win after I have lost contacts of close friends, school mates, family, my father died while I was in the synagogue, my mother had aged, all I had left to survive in life was God. My resume and educational documents had staled (14years out of circulation). This is the point TB Joshua always stands on to wait for ex-disciples to come back to him asides enchantments. TB Joshua believes that when you become frustrated outside of SCOAN, you will return back to beg him to return. At this, he had warned all the members of his congregation that none of them should help any of his ex-disciple because he wants them to suffer. Six months after I left SCOAN, Annalise van Rensburg, the wife of Late Kobus; (this was before Prophet Kobus died, the first time they came to SCOAN, I coordinated them) sent me an invitation to come to South Africa, suddenly, she warned me not to come because TB Joshua had appeared to her and warned her in a dream not to have me with them.

Living became difficult, while struggling with daily challenges of how to overcome the hunger and getting a decent Job; TB Joshua positioned himself spiritually against me through enchantments. Anytime I sleep, I see him in my dreams giving me injections, something to drink, having sex with me (this is highly demonic) I started getting sick, bedwetting and seeing myself in the cemetery, also hearing his audible voice. What usually happen is that anyone TB Joshua decides to target for termination or tormenting, he will print the persons picture and bury them under the sand inside his mountain where they call old site for certain days, afterwards, he will bring the picture out for some spiritual rituals. It depends on what he intended for such person, it could be death, madness, confusion, hatred, poverty, etcetera. TB Joshua will hold a machete (cutlass) in his left hand and the target picture on his right hand and invoke curses and evil pronouncement on such as he cut the pictures in pieces. I started praying and claiming God’s promises.

What I saw in the synagogue is beyond what anyone can just say in a pass, I am talking about wickedness, organised crime, deceit of the highest level, manipulations, killings, taking over peoples properties under false pretence , voodoo , sexual recklessness, stage managed miracles, testimonies and prophesies based on first hand information by informant disciples etcetera. I can give glaring evidence everyone can relate to…. For such an organization to deceive the Whole World AGAIN that I came back to them is absurd and unfortunate. This bring to my mind what the whole city of Samaria suffered in the evil hand of Simon the sorcerer (Acts 8:9-12), I say it is so unfortunate because many will believe such lie. I still maintain my words and stand on what I said earlier and I am available to say more to expose the dark world of Joshua.

Note: I was not sent out of the synagogue, I was in charge of many departments, I started been the first visitors coordinator aside Media Head. Many visitors from SA, Asia, UK, USA will remember my face at the mentioned of Bisola. My deliverance started one day like I woke up from spiritual slumber, I realized where I was in the synagogue was satanic stronghold and I took conscious effort in planning my leaving synagogue which like Pharaoh would not let go easily. (That is another story)

Many sexually brutalized girls I know  are afraid to confront TB Joshua. There’s this three young underaged girls of the same parents, [names removed for privacy of the victims] that TB Joshua disvirgined; their brother took the case to court but nothing has been done to bring succour to this family (Note from editor: for those not believing this shocking story, you can read about the attempted court case here). This is one out of many. There are many disciples that are willing to leave synagogue, but the thought of how to adjust and starts a new life is still keeping many there. I agree with King David who said, I will rather be a doorkeeper in the house of God that to eat in the palace of wickedness.

After I exposed TB Joshua, I was hounded like an animal by his marksmen, I lived like a fugitive in the land of my Nativity, TB Joshua seems to be above the law as many journalist, government officials patronises him and are under his bewitchment. Some pressmen are on his payroll. But in the course of my unsettled mind and circumstances, I held unto He who Rules in the affairs of men. I discovered that ‘All Power is in the hand of God’.

Joshua has made move on my life both spiritually and physically but Mercy said No.
One time in my dream, I saw TB Joshua coming to strangulate me, while holding and twisting my neck, I saw a Cross as in the Biblical account, Jesus Christ was on the Cross and suddenly, His side opened, blood gushed out; as the blood landed, it separated TB Joshua’ head from his body. Since then, I don’t suffer his oppression anymore Rev.12:11

I later met many ex disciples on the street, all they could tell me was that God preserved my life because they said after I had left synagogue, TB Joshua told them in the disciples meeting that I was dead because he was sure of the evil he did.

I am Alive in Christ and No evil can befall me according to Col. 1:13,  I said all I said with consciousness that one day I will give account of my words before God, There’s nothing I will gain to lie on TB Joshua but we came out to save souls so that others may learn and not fall into the same pit and not be ensnared by Satan through TB Joshua.

TB Joshua is just but a man who unfortunately sold his soul to Satan, I wish and pray he would reconsider his stand and Repent and give his life to the Author of Life, Jesus Christ. 
Today, nothing I do gives me Joy but I find passion, Joy and Peace going around testifying to the goodness of God who in His infinite Mercy granted me a second chance to live the life He purposed for me, and warning people of the ‘Danger of endtimes’. Christians must ‘Beware’ TB Joshua is not the only one at this evil, they are many. Daniel said, they that know their God shall be strong; how many know their God today? When troubles of life rages, people run helter skelter rather than having Peace in God who is the only help Ps.121:2, Jer.33:3, Because I did not know Him before that was the reason I ran into ERROR. Many people I know in the SCOAN have died mysteriously but Mercy preserved me and others. I am not afraid of TB Joshua, I overcame him by the Blood of Jesus Christ and my testimony. 
God bless