EXCLUSIVE: Civil proceedings initiated against SCOAN

A group of bereaved relatives have engaged the services of a lawyer in Nigeria who is about to initiate a civil case against SCOAN for the criminal negligence that led to the death of their loved ones.

Stay tuned for more information that will be released in the coming days, including some major news coverage.

If you too lost loved ones in the SCOAN building collapse, you can join this initiative. Please email tbjoshuawatch@hotmail.co.uk and we will pass on your details to the concerned person.

The disintegration of SCOAN continues – now the wisemen are gone (UPDATED)

Where have the wisemen gone?

Where have the wisemen gone?

All but one of the SCOAN international branches have closed, healing services are cancelled indefinitely, allegations of criminal negligence are flying around, TB Joshua has been nowhere to be seen for more than 3 months (thought to be lying low in Mexico), Sunday service attendance has plummeted and now the latest development: the wisemen are gone. Wiseman Harry is now permenantly back in Greece heading up the unannounced SCOAN Thesselonica, the other wisemen have not been seen at SCOAN for weeks* and now their presence has been scrubbed from the website (see above). In the same way an international branch will be dropped quietly as if it never existed in the first place, or a loyal overseas evangelist will be suddenly disowned, now it would appear the same has happened to the much lauded spiritual “sons” of TB Joshua.

Our friend Joshua Debunker on youtube saw this coming a while back, if you’re looking for a new prophet now TB Joshua is off the scene, Debunker is your man!

 *UPDATE: Some readers have pointed out that one or two wisemen have been seen in the background on Emmanuel TV more recently than we thought, so it appears some of them remain at SCOAN, but very much in supporting roles. Let’s not forget, SCOAN once claimed that the wisemen were five four men who had received Divine anointing, used by God to prophesy, heal and deliver people. What happened to that “anointing”?

TB Joshua’s MH370 prophecy…. again!

boeing_777_9m-mro_mh370After the massive embarrassment of TB Joshua’s multiple incorrect MH370 prophecies, you would think SCOAN would keep quiet and try and forget the whole episode, but think again. After a swift cut in the edit room to remove the pesky “by the end of this week it will all be over, we won’t be talking about it anymore” part, they’ve repackaged the prophecy to claim this was fulfilled. Let’s revisit the multiple incorrect elements of his most disastrous prophecy ever. Here is a timeline of actual events alongside TB Joshua’s “predictions”, followed by an analysis of what he has actually contributed.

28th July, 2013 – TB Joshua predicts a plane carrying nearly 200 people will crash in “Asia” metres from the runway. It will be due to an obvious fault that could have been solved if the crew weren’t so impatient.

8th March, 2014 – Malaysian Airways flight MH370 disappears from the radar over the South China sea. Immediately an international rescue mission takes place, searching for a wreckage in the sea around the area contact was lost.

8th March, 2014 – TB Joshua releases an edited version of the 2013 prophecy, omitting the part where he claimed it would crash metres from the runway due to an obvious fault.

9th March, 2014TB Joshua Watch call for TB Joshua to reveal the location of the plane, since he claims so confidently that God had shown him this disaster happening 8 months ago.

9th March, 2014 – Approximately 8 hours after the TB Joshua Watch post, the TB Joshua Ministries official Facebook page reveal the location of the plane……. In the ocean! Particles will begin to appear on the surface any moment now, he claims.

TB Joshua "reveals the location" of the missing jet

TB Joshua “reveals the location” of the missing jet

14th March, 2014 – After several days of speculation that the plane may have flown on for hours, suggesting an element of foul play, the search switches to the Indian Ocean after unspecified “new information”. Although yet to be officially announced, the press are widely reporting that the flight had been hijacked.

The day before TB Joshua implies an element of foul play, the media were reporting it.

The day before TB Joshua implies an element of foul play, the media were reporting it.

15th March, 2014TB Joshua brags that he’s the only minister who’s been talking about this for the last year (even though what he mentioned a year ago was very different). He advises the rescuers to start searching between Indonesia and the Indian Ocean (the search moved to this area at least 24 hours prior to his “recommendation”). He says there are some strange people in the plane, who are not meant to be inside. There was a battle on the air, the plane turned back. The pilot confronted a situation he could not handle. The whole thing is coming to an end, they will discover the plane any moment from now. This coming week, we will not be talking about it again.

What we have seen so far is very illuminating. You can see clearly two deceptive techniques TB Joshua employs in order to make people think he’s a true prophet:

  1. Make things as ambiguous as possible. For example, the “strange people on board” and the pilot “confronting a situation he could not handle”. This seems like it implies highjacking, but also could be twisted (especially with a little editing) to fit the more likely hypothesis of pilot suicide. If he really knew what happened why not say “it was hijacked” or “it was pilot suicide”?
  2. Reveal details after they become public knowledge. He said it was in the ocean when it was only the ocean being searched, and since the ocean covers 70% of the earth’s surface, that doesn’t exactly help locate it. He suggested they search between Indonesia and the Indian Ocean a few days after the search had switched its focus to there. He implies foul play, after the press have widely reported it.

If he had told them to search between Indonesia and the Indian Ocean while they were still focusing on the south China sea, that would have been impressive.

If he had revealed that the plane had been deliberately diverted when they still thought it had suffered a catastrophic failure, that would have been impressive.

The overall message of the recent prediction video is that if the authorities had listened to him at the time, it would have been over a lot sooner. He says they should have looked on the internet to see his credentials, then they would see that he could be believed. The problem is, if they looked beyond Emmanuel TV they would find that:

Why would any government listen to this joke of a prophet? This is a man with $15 million in the bank who leases a private jet, if he really knew where the missing jet was he would have flown out and proven it. Then his fame would be renown, he truly would be recognised globally as a “prophet of our time”. He didn’t do that for the same reason he didn’t make any attempt to heal and resurrect the victims of his building collapse. He makes a lot of noise about being a prophet and healer, but take him out of the controlled, sanitised environment of his carefully choreographed meetings and he can’t do a thing.

The ultimate pro-TB Joshua comment

One of our regular readers compiled every textbook pro-TB Joshua statement ever into one glorious comment. We know it’s getting difficult for TB Joshua fans to keep defending him these days, so here’s a little present for you: Next time you see something critical of TB Joshua online, no need to waste time thinking up a reasoned and biblical response, just copy and paste this into the reply box!

How dare you suggest the ‘Man of God’ is anywhere other than SCOAN? My aunt’s cousin’s friend’s hairdresser’s husband said he thinks he saw him there last week – that’s a FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This blog is of the devil. I am sure you are those psychos who tried to take over the London branch of SCOAN. Everyone on Watch TB Joshua Blog says you are so it is definitely true. And you are also racists. I don’t actually know why but everyone says it so it must be true.

You have no job, you just sit around criticising the ‘Man of God’ all day, and he just laughs at you. Or he doesn’t even care about you. I forget which I’m supposed to say. He certainly doesn’t care about you. But he loves everybody because he doesn’t sin like you pagans and because God so loved us that He sent senior prophet TB Joshua for us.

Don’t you know he prophesied that that Malaysian plane that disappeared last year would be found soon? Well, I saw today they found the wing, right where the Prophet said it would be – IN THE SEA! So, you see, he is the prophet of our times and you are devils who are sent by your father the DEVIL to try to bring our Papa down, but you will not succeed because his god is with him. I mean God with a capital G. Excuse my, erm, typo. And don’t tell me that more than one year is not ‘soon’. You don’t know your Bible: A thousand years is as a day and a day as a thousand years, so time is immaterial to God, so there.

You are devilish. That ultra-high tech lazer from the hovering plane took down the guesthouse or it was a controlled demolition (I forget which theory we believe this week) and you know it because it was probably you. Or the Nigerian government. Or Boko Haram. No, wait, the CIA. Someone, anyway, because TB Joshua is true and just and no way did he authorise a shoddy building to be built to house the martyrs in. That coroner and all those engineering experts know nothing, they are of the devil too, sent to try to destroy our beloved prophet, BUT YOU WILL NEVER SUCCEED, DEVILS.

You are all blasphemers – you speak against our Papa as if her were a man who sins. Do you not know he is the Messiah of our time? If you speak against the prophet, you speak against God, you blasphemers.

I should have used more exclamation marks and CAPS LOCK in this post, or you will not UNDERSTAND JUST HOW RIGHTEOUSLY ANGRY I REALLY AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I call down sickness and suffering and all types of pain on you devils, God hates you because you dare to question His prophet. It is my Christian duty to tell you this.

You will come to SCOAN to beg forgiveness from our Master, I mean, senior prophet, one day: this is my prophecy to you.

Now, my fellow disciples of TB Joshua… I mean, disciples of Jesus, yes I’m supposed to say Jesus….you don’t need to bother writing to these devils all that we know to be true as I have done it all for you.

Oh, I nearly forgot:

The Devil is a Liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Touch not the Lord’s anointed and do His prophet no harm.

Did I forget anything?

Confusion mounts as TB Joshua’s absence reaches 3 months

“For God is not a God of confusion but of peace” 1 Cor 14:33a

TB Joshua

TB Joshua, the runaway prophet

TB Joshua has not appeared at SCOAN Lagos since the 3rd May and no explanation has been given by SCOAN. Sunday services are visibly depleted with no overflow congregation and little to no use of the balconies. Various news sources have reported the devastating effect his absence has had on the economy of the area around SCOAN HQ. Even pro-TB Joshua sources are showing signs of confusion. TB Joshua Fans UK and TB Joshua sponsored “reporters” Ihechukwu Njoku and Nosa Osazuwa have all published articles on the matter, acknowledging the drop in numbers but not showing any signs that they know the whereabouts of the runaway prophet.

Over a month ago we exclusively revealed that TB Joshua had not left Mexico after his crusade, remaining in Latin America to wait out the results of the court case, out of the reach of Nigerian authorities. Since then we’ve not seen any evidence that he’s returned, although we have not been able to confirm one way or another.

You could be forgiven for wondering why TB Joshua is still in hiding when it seems likely that he will only get a slap on the wrist and a $1250 fine. The problem he faces is that as an infallible man of God, the messiah of our time, Jesus of our generation and the one sent by God as a sign of his love for humankind, he can’t be seen to be making mistakes, let alone mistakes that led to the deaths of 116 people, accusations of criminal negligence and worldwide news coverage. That’s why SCOAN are so determined not to accept the coroners conclusion even if it does only come with a $1250 fine, paying that fine would be an admission of fault. That’s why SCOAN supporters are desperately grasping at straws trying to find alternative explanations for the building collapse to the litany of structural failings revealed in the coroner’s report. That’s why TB Joshua is unlikely to come out of hiding to face the music anytime soon. Messiah’s don’t make mistakes.

In the meantime, we’ve not heard anything credible or conclusive since the Mexico revelation, but various rumours abound. A keen viewer of Emmanuel TV noticed that some of his close confidants who were also missing since Mexico have recently returned to Lagos, does that mean he has too? Others have heard rumours that he is covertly setting up a new ministry and that SCOAN would be abandoned. Then there was the (slightly dubious) news article that claimed he was moving SCOAN HQ to Ondo in his home state, possibly leaving Lagos as a branch, or closing it altogether.

To TB Joshua’s disciples:

You have spent many of your best years sincerely believing that you were serving God under the mentor-ship of a great man of God, you have made uncountable sacrifices for the sake of this ministry. You have no doubt become so conditioned to the frequent lies, deception and misdirection employed by SCOAN that you hardly notice it. Hopefully this current haze of confusion about the future of SCOAN will awaken you to the fact that TB Joshua is not a pious man of God being persecuted, but a criminal escaping justice and refusing to take responsibility for his actions. There is no doubt about it, TB Joshua is going down. Whether he ends up being incarcerated remains to be seen, but his name is forever tarnished with the blood of 116 people who made huge sacrifices to visit him hoping for a miracle, but instead returned in coffins. The time to get out is now, SCOAN is crumbling, the longer you stay the more painful the exit will be. There are friends and family that long to see you, you will be welcomed with open arms. If money for air tickets is a problem, get in contact, there are people who can provide. If access to your passport is a problem, you only need to get to your nearest embassy for help.

Will SCOAN get away with a paltry $1250 fine?

A few eagle eyed journalists have spotted a subtle discrepancy between the recent announcement from Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and the recommendation of the coroner. The Coroner recommended that SCOAN and the contractor should be prosecuted for criminal negligence, the statement from the governor said that “the state government would prosecute the Synagogue Church of All Nations for neglecting to obtain building approval before commencing the building”. Journalist Nicholas Ibekwe (the same guy who exposed TB Joshua bribing journalists) explained what he expected this to mean:

Perhaps we’ll be seeing TB Joshua’s return from Mexico soon?