Official: Building did not have permit

Yesterday under cross examination, the contractor responsible for the stricken guest house revealed a crucial piece of information:

The building did not have a permit from the government and Lagos State Building Control Agency were not consulted before the building was constructed. In other words, the buildin g was illegal. Remember, this is a direct contradiction to what the SCOAN representative said on Channels TV.

The contractor is naturally quick to assure the court that the building couldn’t possibly have collapsed due to structural defect, but thankfully stops short of supporting SCOAN’s ridiculous conspiracy theories. Now that it is official that the building was not approved, unless it can be proven that the collapse was caused by some other party (unlikely) the culpability is getting closer and closer to TB Joshua’s doorstep.

TB Joshua court case – no more lies, spin or corruption

scoancollapseFinally the Nigerian government are loosing patience with SCOAN, they have fined SCOAN N25,000 (a paltry $125 – pocket change for this multimillionaire prophet), but more significantly they have accused the church of “wasting the time of the court and tax payers money”. As Nosa helpfully explained:

In a layman’s terminology the court is ordering the scoan lawyers to simply comply with the rules of filing suits and to STOP trying to play on the court’s intelligence by filing suits upon suits while it is still in hearing the present suit in a bid to prolong and delay the process…

This is a legal technique employed by lawyers when they aim to frustrate a case by dragging it in court for as long as possible especially in land dispute matters that can be in the court for up to 10 years before a verdict is finally given…a big problem with the judiciary that really needs reforming…

In other words the high court judge has shown SCOAN / lawyers a RED CARD for filing another process relative to the issue on ground while she is still hearing the case..

Whenever a judge fines you for that…instead of maybe reprimanding you for it…your case is as good as buried in that court…except you have a water tight case, you have very little chance of a favorable verdict from that court…

Right from the start SCOAN have been trying to control the narrative of this building collapse, they’ve attacked and bribed journalists, they’ve released several contradictory conspiracy videos on YouTube and they’ve been consistently uncooperative as the court tries to work out what happened. In other words, their survival instinct has kicked in, because they know that a few simple facts becoming public knowledge could destroy their ministry. For example:
  • Did the guest house extension (or original structure) have planning permission?
  • At the time of the collapse, was the building complete? Had it been inspected and certified by the relevant authorities?
  • Did the guest house have “Occupiers Liability Insurance”, compulsory for all public buildings?
  • Is it true that the guest house was sealed off and closed by authorities before it collapsed, but the church ignored this and continued using it?
  • When structural engineers examined the foundations of the collapsed building, what did they find? Were the foundations really sufficient for adding 4 extra floors?

Once these questions are answered, the picture of what happened on the 12th September 2014 will become a lot clearer, there will be far less room for SCOAN to insert their own invisible ray gun conspiracy theories. At this point, things could get very bad for SCOAN. Back to Nosa:

So long as it cannot be proven that the building collapsed as a result of a sabotage or terrorist attack it cannot be admissible as evidence in court because it is an unfounded claim that any one can make.

So long as the evidence supports the facts that the building was an illegal structure without proper state approval or permit and without proper hotel license or permit as well as the original building plan which was supposed to be a two story building was then illegally raised to six stories; the court ruling will have no other option but to indict scoan and its prophet and that without remedy.

So long as scoan and its prophet are both indicted by the coroner inquest as being the primary factor behind the building collapse that killed 116 victims which was indeed very avoidable if they had conducted themselves in a law abiding manner: by seeking state approval and following the appropriate building specifications required to raise a two story building to six floors such as demolishing the existing structure and resetting its foundation and pillars / columns to support the weight of the new building…as well as obtaining a proper hotel operator license for the said building …and also waiting for the building to be fully constructed,completed and certified before allowing their international guests to be lodging there…then this incident (not accident) would never had occurred in the first place…

So long as the paying guests were all invited by scoan who processed their travel documents and collected their package fees from them…then by law scoan is absolutely liable for their safe and suitable lodging and accommodation as paying guests…which by any international standard and stretch of imagination cannot and must not be an “uncompleted building” that is still under construction for that matter…

Remember, 116 people died in this tragedy. Their families are owed a full explanation of what happened. Anyone not cooperating fully with the process are insulting the bereaved families. What these families want is the truth, pray that the ground is now clear for the truth to be revealed.

TB Joshua and John Zavlaris – the truth

According to a recent video from Emmanuel TV, there is a guy in the New York/New Jersey area called John Zavlaris who is falsely claiming to be affiliated with SCOAN. TB Joshua claims Zavlaris once came to SCOAN in Lagos for deliverance, TB Joshua prayed for him, a photo was taken of this moment, and was used as to claim that he was anointed by TB Joshua. This, TB Joshua claims, was not the case and he was never in any way affiliated with SCOAN. You can watch the entire statement here:

A source who was once part of John Zavlaris’ ministry strongly disputes this narrative. They claim to have frequently provided videos that were aired by Emmanuel TV of John Zavlaris’ anointed water crusades, and it was not uncommon for John to receive phone calls directly from TB Joshua. When visiting SCOAN in Lagos, Zavlaris would return with suitcases full of anointed water, not something a “nobody” would ever be allowed to do (normal people are limited to one bottle each to prevent scammers).

So what is the truth? Thanks to youtube, we have been able to find numerous videos broadcast on Emmanuel TV telling a very different story to TB Joshua.

For example in this video, John Zavlaris is broadcasting from Cincinnati in 2011, he says that “The man of God TB Joshua, general overseer of SCOAN and owner of Emmanuel TV gives me new anointed water to spray people…

In a video from Birmingham, Alabama Zavlaris again claims that TB Joshua had sent the anointed water to him to minister at this service, and he signs himself off as “John Zavlaris for Emmanuel TV”

From a video of an anointed water service in New York city, the Emmanuel TV voice over refers to John Zavlaris as a SCOAN evangelist saying “one of the Synagogue Church of All Nations evangelists has been sent to minister the anointed water in Jesus name”.

Remember, all the videos above (and there are more we could have shown) are from Emmanuel TV. This means the claims in them (John Zavlaris being sent by TB Joshua, being a SCOAN evangelist) are from SCOAN HQ, approved by the general overseer. John Zavlaris was clearly far more than a guy who got a photo taken while being prayed for by TB Joshua. For whatever reason, he became a threat to TB Joshua and was disowned and betrayed in a dishonest way. It should serve as a warning to all TB Joshua workers – you are only valuable to him as long as you are useful to him. He doesn’t care for you, he cares for what you can do for him. As we have seen through the many fake and edited prophecies and the complete disowning of SCOAN Athens (claiming it was never a branch, even though their website used to list them) – TB Joshua thinks nothing of telling barefaced lies.

As for John Zavlaris, we hope and pray this will shock you out of your deception. You cannot continue your ministry without public repentance and denunciation of the false ministry you have been supporting and drawing people towards, at great and tragic loss to yourself. You are responsible for many people being deceived by TB Joshua, but it’s not too late – you can now redeem this situation by using your influence to expose the rottenness and deception of SCOAN that you are fast becoming aware of.

TB Joshua on trial

TB Joshua is desperate to avoid the courtroom, even though he’s only being summoned (quite rightly) as a witness. He prefers to try and control the public’s opinion by putting out crazy conspiracy theories and videos of “experts” (wearing Emmanuel TV t-shirts) exclaiming how well built the building was. Since he is trying to offer his defense in the public arena, Nosa felt it was only right that he be cross examined in the same way. Over to Nosa:

Gentlemen & Ladies of the Grand Jury…

Please Hear…

What this “Plain-Thief” Prophet…er sorry…the “Plaintiff Prophet” that is accusing the government of terrorist bomb attack against his church building has to say in his “out of court” witness disposition or allegation during a media interview…that he is finding it so hard to come to the coroner court and say or testify for fear of his lies being exposed to implicate him under cross examination….


“This [SCOAN] is an international center and apart from abiding with local regulatory process and policies, we ensured that we adopted best international practices,” he insisted.


Are you implying that you did abide with “local regulatory processes, practices & policies” when it is officially on record as confirmed by the officials of the relevant government parastatals and even your own building consultant under oath that you DID NOT have the required building permit and insurance prior to and during the construction of the said building?

If you did have all the evidential documents in your possession all along even if the original copies are nowhere to be found knowing you would still be able to provide “Certified Duplicate” copies from the same government offices you obtained them which would have greatly helped to exonerate and absolve you from any implication why then for goodness sake have you declined and decidedly refused to come to court to tender these same evidences in court whether personally or via your defense counsels for 3 long and agonizing months since the inquest began as any right thinking, law abiding and reasonable person would have done and be advised to do by his defense counsels? WHY? WHY?? WHY??? Is it because you are a consummate…LYING LIAR???


“The SCOAN is increasingly becoming a pilgrimage site, he said, but explained that security challenges prompted the church to consider the ERECTION of the guest house. He further said that at a point the government of foreign nations were almost discouraging intending worshipers from coming to the SCOAN on account of Nigeria’s fragile security.

“Many foreign worshipers had been swindled when they lodged in hotels outside the church, and also issue of power and lack of social amenities in most hotels confronted our visitors so we MOVED TO ESTABLISH A CONDUCIVE ENVIRONMENT for them within the church. Of course we could not have done that without ensuring that safety is key as security and comfort were the major consideration for embarking on the project,” he explained.


So you mean that because of the PRESSURE to accommodate more PAYING GUESTS in your premises for more REVENUE & INCOME you decided to take SEVERE CUT SHORTS in constructing the building that collapsed that has eventually led to the death of the unfortunate 116+ victims???

Do you not see that here with your own “TONGUE IN CHEEK” you have inadvertently CONFESSED to the hole world the REAL REASON why you did not bother to do follow the due, proper, needful, lengthy and legal procedure before undertaking the building construction project because you wanted to QUICKLY & GREEDILY CASH IN on your thriving PILGRIMAGE BUSINESS as you claim, thereby DISREGARDING & UNDERMINING the safety and security of the lives your paying lodgers or guests in your so-called CONDUCIVE ENVIRONMENT that became their IN-CONDUCIVE COFFINS & GRAVE???

Why for heaven’s sake did you not allow your international guests to be staying and paying instead at the CONSIDERABLY much cheaper and safer hotels nearby under the strict chaperone, guidance and supervision of your designated and delegated local church workers to prevent and protect them from being SWINDLED by the “locals” lodging with them in those hotels as you claim???

Is not by far better for them to risk losing some of their CASH in such relatively safe and secure hotels than risk losing their LIVES as they have sadly done in your own dangerous, illegal and shoddy UNCOMPLETED BUILDING that is a lame excuse for a hostel or hotel of international standards and amenities as you claim???

Surely now with all your international trips and missions abroad having stayed in countless hotels all over the world as well as seen and experienced first hand the international standard of hotel accommodations obtainable overseas that there is nowhere in this 21st century civilized world that an UNCOMPLETED BUILDING like yours (even here in this country) will ever be licensed and permitted to function and operate as a hostel or hotel for accommodating international lodgers, guests, visitors or pilgrims (as you claim even though your church is not a legitimate Biblical or Christian holy site); hence you did not bother to seek to get the proper regulatory permits and licenses to operate your collapsed building as such from the appropriate and approved agencies because you KNEW all along that it will certainly not be APPROVED because of the as at then poor state & standard of your uncompleted building. so once again as you did in the construction of the building after meticulously weighing out your available options you deliberately and decidedly took a premeditated second very COSTLY & DEADLY SHORT CUT to accommodate lodgers in the building regardless of the consequences and implications both legally and otherwise and now it has BRUTALLY BACKFIRED???

We the Adhoc International LAY-JURY…

Put it to you that…

Based on your own conduct before, during and after the unfortunate incident including your own personal witness testimony under cross examination as well as the evidences so far tendered before the fact finding inquest of the Lagos State Coroner Court as to the ACTUAL & FACTUAL CAUSE(S) of the building collapse that led to death of 116+ local and international victims…





Boko Haram – “Just a few people who are disturbing themselves”

TB Joshua’s edited Charlie Hebdo prophecy

The formula never fails, a major disaster or attack happens and SCOAN release an edited video claiming TB Joshua predicted it. The horrific attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is no different. There are two details edited out from the original prophecy:

  1. In the edited version he predicts “Wednesday, Thursday”, in the original he predicts “Wednesday, Thursday, Friday”. Three out of the seven days of the week casts the net quite wide, particularly when no date is given.
  2. In the original version he says it will be near an airport or railway, but adds a caveat “these people, when they hear this [his prophecy], sometimes they change their strategy”. This detail is edited out of the final prophecy entirely. The attack was not near an airport, and not near a railway in any meaningful way (in fact Paris has many railways, so any attack in Paris could be claimed to be “near a Railway”), maybe Al-Qaeda are Emmanuel TV subscribers.

Taken in its entirety, the prophecy serves no purpose. The attack still happened, there was no useful location or date, it happened months after the original prophecy. It’s one of many prophecies that would be quietly swept under the rug if nothing vaguely similar happens, but gets trumpeted from the rooftops when something matching its vague details does happen.

See the original unedited prophecy below, thanks to our good friend and fellow TB Joshua Watcher Gary McGoff for posting.