TB Joshua’s 2011 Boko Haram prophecy revisited

This week, Boko Haram burned alive 80 men, women and children. Does anyone remember what TB Joshua had to say about the crisis back in the 2011 Candlelit service? Watch the video below to find out.

This is one prophecy that we wish TB Joshua had got right. But unfortunately he couldn’t have been more mistaken. Since then, Boko Haram have only escalated their campaign of terror, and the death toll has been devastating. The horrific events of this week is just the latest example.

When TB Joshua’s prophecies coincide with reality, his followers claim that this is proof of his divine gift. SCOAN release cleverly edited videos bragging about their accuracy. However, they keep very quiet when his prophecies turn out to be completely wrong.

Why don’t we leave it all to God?

Over the 5 years we’ve run TB Joshua Watch, we’ve had a lot of responses from pro-TB Joshua readers. One of the most common objections we get is “don’t fight God’s battles, leave it to him – if TB Joshua isn’t of God, God is perfectly capable of taking care of him”. The more biblically literate critics would often cite the story of Gamaliel, the pharisee who saved the apostles lives in Acts 5 by famously warning the council “keep away from these men and let them alone, for if this plan or this undertaking is of man, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them. You might even be found opposing God!”.

What should we make of this advice of Gamaliel? It was good that he gave this advice at the time he gave it, it saved the apostles lives which in turn resulted in continued growth and strengthening of the church. But taking this account and making it a universal principle is misguided. Do you really think this one account completely neuters the churches ability to call out false teaching? Can anyone claim they have heard from God with total impunity, because we have to “leave it to God in case we be found opposing God”? Should we assume that any religious movement that doesn’t quickly fail is “of God”? Of course not! If this were the case, it would nullify many teachings of Jesus (who warned frequently that we should be on the look out against false prophets), it would mean Paul was mistaken to call out false prophets by name (2 Timothy 2:15-18) and it would mean Jesus was wrong to commend the church of Ephesus for testing those who called themselves “apostles” and finding them false (Rev 2:2).

More to the point – if you tell us we should “leave it all for God”, we hope you’re consistent enough to say the same to TB Joshua. After all, he’s well known for diagnosing people as having “demons” and “casting them out”. Why can’t he leave it to God? Does God need him to fight his battles?

God delights when we serve him, even though he doesn’t need it. Does he need us to preach the gospel? Does he need us to pray for the sick? Does he need us to give to the needy? Does our righteous living make him any more “God-like”? The answer to all these questions is of course an emphatic NO! But we all recognise these as important elements of the Christian life. So too is warning people about “deceitful workers disguised as apostles of Christ” (2 Cor 11:13).

By all means disagree with our conclusions regarding TB Joshua, but don’t lazily object to it because you think it should be left to God. Nobody really believes this, and even the people who use this objection are quite happy for others to “do God’s work”, as long as they agree with them.

News roundup

A few recent news items of note:

University of Kansas Associate Professor Ebenezer Obadare wrote an excellent article called “The dangerous lies of TB Joshua” detailing five ways TB Joshua is deliberately obscuring the truth about the building collapse. The article is well worth a read.

The latest on the building collapse court case is that SCOAN have yet again take legal action against the coroner, in an attempt to put a stop to their criminal prosecution. This shows that they have no interest in justice for the victims, they just want the court case stopped.

On the subject of illegally constructed buildings, it seems the collapsed one is not the only one causing grief to others. A recent news article claims that nearby residents are having to abandon their houses because of flooding caused when SCOAN construction work destroyed drainage canals causing flooding.

Is this TB Joshua’s worst prophecy ever?

Not surprisingly, TB Joshua is exploiting the horrific terrorist attack in Jakarta by claiming that he predicted it. Watch the video SCOAN have released to see the most vague prophecy imaginable (we’re deliberately not linking, but it’s easily found on the SCOAN Youtube channel). In the words of one youtube commenter:

Something is going to happen this Thursday or Friday. Don’t know what it is. But it could either happen in one of the 59 countries in Europe or perhaps in one of the 42 Asian countries. Honestly how stupid could the people at Emmanuel TV be to post this.

That’s right – he predicted “something” would happen next Thursday (the one just gone), either in Europe or Asia. He actually expanded the target further by saying “Thursday through Friday”, and in the original mentioned Saturday too, but that was snipped out (watch original here). As we’ve said many times before, these prophecy fulfillment videos are in fact self defeating. If his prophecies were useful for preventing disasters, then these disasters would never materialise, the fact that they do is a failure, not a success. Further more, the events are rarely even as he predicted, so they fail on both fronts – inaccurate and useless.

Happy Birthday to us! TB Joshua Watch is 5 years old

5 facts about TB Joshua Watch

  1. We are 5 years old
  2. We have nearly 300 posts
  3. There are over 20,000 comments
  4. More than 2 million people have visited the site.
  5. More than 1000 people receive our posts by email, 4000+ follow us on twitter and 4000+ “like” us on facebook.

In other words, the truth about SCOAN is slowly, but surely getting out. We hear from a lot of people who have found support through the site, some have found themselves shunned after leaving SCOAN others have lost family members to the ministry (cult). TB Joshua Watch shows them that they are not alone in their concerns or suffering. Others have found our site while investigating TB Joshua and have avoided the pain and loss that comes from devoting yourself to SCOAN by having the truth revealed about the ministry. Still more ex-disciples have told us their stories, releived to have a listening and sympathetic ear that they know will believe them. The testimonies you read on this site are only a selection of the ones we receive, some of the most shocking we’re not at liberty to publish.

To commemorate 5 years of TB Joshua Watch, here are the 5 most popular posts of all time:

5. TB Joshua’s evolving MH370 prophecy
The mysterious loss of MH370 was one of the biggest news stories of 2014, so no surprise that TB Joshua claimed to have prophecied it. This was one of the most revealing prophecies he’s ever made because he claimed he had predicted it right after the plane was lost, but as we all know – was no help at all in finding it. If you needed any more evidence that his prophecies are nonsense, I don’t know what to offer.
4. Must read article: TB Joshua, the man who tricked God?
Number 4 was a surprise one, but it’s always good to read well written critiques of TB Joshua from other sources – and the article linked to here was one of the best.
3. The damaging teaching about spiritual husbands and wives
Spiritual spouses is an unfortunate teaching that seems to have more grounds in traditional African spiritualism than Christianity. Not that heretical theology is ever a concern to TB Joshua and SCOAN. This article linked to quotes from Zambian pastor Conrad Mwebe’s excellent debunking of this damaging heresy.
. How to get your hands on TB Joshua’s anointed water
TB Joshua’s latest lucky charm is a prayer card, but his anointed water has been hugely popular over the years, despite being blasphemously called “The blood of Jesus” and “For the salvation of your soul”. This article looked at how the anointed water was distributed and whether or not it was free as SCOAN claimed. The information is now very out of date.
1. The tricks behind TB Joshua’s prophecies REVEALED!
At number 1, with over 110,000 views (and 500,000 views of the video) is our first article revealing the deceptive video editing that polishes up otherwise false prophecies. Since then there have been numerous other examples, but this post still gets thousands of hits a month.

End of year updates (Wisemen demoted/US cult/Court case)

This is likely to be the last post of 2015, TB Joshua Watch will soon be taking a break until at least the new year. This may mean some comments get stuck in moderation during this time, please bear with us. This post is a brief news roundup of recent developments.

Wisemen are now “evangelists”

We revealed a while back that the wisemen at SCOAN were no more. Several people misunderstood what we were saying and accused us of lying because some of the “wisemen” were still around. The point we were making was that the office of wiseman is gone, not necessarily that the people had left SCOAN. Further acknowledgement of this can be seen today from SCOAN when Racine was introduced as “Evangelist Racine” rather than “Wiseman Racine”. Those who know their SCOAN titles understand this is a significant demotion. SCOAN once claimed that the wisemen were five four men who had received Divine anointing, used by God to prophesy, heal and deliver people. What happened to that “anointing”?


Court case

There has been yet another delay on the court case, this time seemingly the fault of the Lagos state government’s counsel, who said they had not finished serving all defendants (source). Remember the families in prayer who are now facing a second Christmas without their loved ones.

US cult – The Gathering

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll have seen this article already. Christianity Today recently published an excellent expose of a cult known as the Gathering, founded by “How Great is our God” co-writer Ed Cash. There are so many parallels with SCOAN, including the sexual abuse allegations against the group’s leader Wayne Jolley. A few quotes are below, but we encourage you to read the whole article to education yourself on the dangers of spiritual abuse.

TB Joshua’s followers call him “Daddy”, Jolley’s followers call him “Pop”, and like SCOAN there’s the implicit message that there’s no salvation without a relationship with a “man of God” or “Prophet” :

“Jolley’s followers, who call him “Pop” (his wife, Linda, is “Mom”), are taught that only the prophet can really discern the will of God. Without a prophet’s help, they will be lost. The best way to get close to God, he tells them, is to get close to Mom and Pop.”

Likewise, everything that goes wrong in life is demonic, and can only be resolved by the help of a “man of God” – so you’d better stay on his good side!

““They are being controlled by a demon and all the while, singing, ‘O how I love Jesus,’” said Jolley in the sermon.

The only way to fight Jezebel is with the help of a man of God or prophet, who follows in Elijah’s footsteps, said Jolley. Such a person acts as a spiritual father to other Christians, discerning God’s will for their lives and telling them to be free of Jezebel”

And just like SCOAN’s recorded confessions, Jolley will think nothing to blackmailing people who speak out.

“One of the first questions that Jolley asks newcomers, Frank said, is “What is the worst thing you’ve ever done in your life?” He then uses their secrets as a kind of spiritual blackmail.”

Finally – of course the other side of these stories is the broken families who have been cut off from sons/daughters/parents etc.

“For the past eight years, the Gills have prayed that their children would leave Jolley. Every Christmas, Patricia decorates the house, in hopes that her daughters will come home.
“Maybe they’ll be home this year,” she said.”
“The Gills say they aren’t angry with their daughters. They believe their daughters want to honor God but have been deceived by Jolley. They hope that soon he will be exposed as a fraud.”

As Christmas approaches, there are many families that have been split up by TB Joshua who approach the season with a sense of grief, unable to fully experience the joy of the celebration not being with their loved ones or knowing how they are. Let’s pray that 2016 will bring an end to both these cults and a reuniting of broken families through the grace of the saviour we’re celebrating now.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all our readers. Regardless of whether you are here to “correct us” or to receive support and encouragement from others who have been hurt by SCOAN – we pray for God’s blessing on you for 2016.


Cameroonian General Tumenta allegedly dies at SCOAN seeking healing

26161444.295Here’s one celebrity visit to SCOAN you won’t be hearing about on official SCOAN channels.  Martin Tumenta Chou, Major General and Commander of the United Nations Multi-Dimensional Integrated Stabilization Unit in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) has died at the age of 61. It has been widely reported that he passed away at SCOAN while seeking healing.

There’s not much more we know about the situation, but you can read more in the links that follow. We’re not commenting at all on the rumours that he was killed, the links below are just evidence that his death happened at SCOAN. Our sympathies go out to his friends and family.


Many people who seek healing at SCOAN die soon after. An investigative journalist named Jacques Pauw produced a documentary on TB Joshua a few years ago . He tells of the fate of several people “healed” by TB Joshua:

“Wium Basson died within days of returning to South Africa. Maxie Claasen, suffering from brain, liver and breast cancer but declared healed by TB Joshua, also died shortly after returning home…

John Rindel went for an AIDS test at a private clinic in Johannesberg. He called me minutes after he had recieved the results. “I’m still HIV positive,” he said. “I’m sure it’s a mistake. They make mistakes with these tests, you know?”

“I hope they did, John,” were the only words of consolation I could think of.

“I might go back to Lagos,” he said. “I want the prophet to pray for me again.”

John Rindel never made it back to Lagos. He died a few months later.”

We’ve also told the story of Anna who died after being “healed” of breast cancer, and ex-disciple Giles lost his mother again after “healing” by TB Joshua. Even TB Joshua’s (former) evangelist John Zavlaris lost his wife after she was prayed for by TB Joshua. All of the cases listed above are in addition to the 3 deaths reported by the BBC and Sky News. Others such as Judith and Beth would have died if it wasn’t for last minute intervention by medical professionals. If you are considering visiting SCOAN for healing, we strongly advise you to not waste your life and your money.