More reports of violence at TB Joshua’s church

Since publishing Nosa Osaghae’s horrific account of the violence he suffered at TB Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations, we have been inundated with feedback, including several other reports of violence at this so called church. We present them here without commentary.

One visitor to SCOAN reports:

Saturday night people line up from 10pm to attend church as day visitors. The “police” occupying the post at the entry to the church parade the line with their long batons, not to keep order but to seek a victim to beat up, an act that is repeated every Saturday night. The unfortunate victim is beaten up to an extent that he can not go to church because of his blood stained clothes. Everybody sees and nobody talks!! After lunch, I was in the service, hidden at the back of the church by the usshers because I was a “problem” to the disciples because I speak out about their dishonesty, I decided to leave and at the one entrance found the usshers punching the people trying to get in. The police also threatening the people with their batons. I will not be told that TB Joshua does not know about it, in fact, I believe he allows it. This I personally experienced and think it is disgusting!

An ex disciple reports:

I saw two examples of violence by the guards when I was there.

The first was when one of them pulled over a truck driver along that road going down the length of the church. It used to be gravel back then, and he was driving too fast so that it was making a lot of dust that was blowing into the building. When he was pulled over and got out, I saw them talking (I was watching from the upstairs visitor’s kitchen), and then arguing, and then the guard shoved the driver, and made him do the ‘duck walk’. If you can imagine squatting down and having to walk like that with your legs bent, walking like a duck. It gets very difficult. The driver was made to walk like that with the guard slowly walking behind him. Eventually the driver broke down and cried. He was let go after that.

The other occasion was at a youth event. One of the youth leaders had been the victim of a “sucker punch” – where the assailant had punched him out of the blue and then made off. Fortunately he was caught. When we, the youth disciples, got to the guard room – the one at the back as you cross from the car park to the newlands – we saw the assailant on his knees in the middle of the room. Two or three guards were around him waiting for I think it was the police. They were shouting at him in Yoruba, I think asking him what he did that for. One of them then took a long wire and whip him right across the face. He was standing behind the kneeling boy – who looked around 16 – and the boy was looking defiantly up at him, and he took it right on the face. I am not exaggerating, he did not even blink. At that point, one of the disciples (one of them currently running whats left of the UK branch), told us to all leave (there were two of three others as well).

Another ex-disciple reports (note this is about TB Joshua, not the security guards):

I saw TB Joshua slap disciples, both men and women incredibly hard in the face. I saw him whip disciples until they bleed and urinate on the floor. He’d make disciples walk around naked to disgrace them, and numerous times he would make disciples kneel for three days as a punishment.

Another visitor to SCOAN reported:

On one of my visits as a guest at scoan, I personally heard a man screaming on the top of his voice, with blood chilling screams. It sounded as if a car drove over him. I was in the dining room at that moment and left everything running towards the sound, to go and help the person. I was physically stopped in my tracks by a disciple, standing in front of me.
I asked; “What is going on”? The disciples assured me that it is one of the congregation’s naughty children that tbj is disciplining? I thought by myself; “Wow, it sounded more than the are killing the person”. I was very, very disturbed by that throughout my visit that week.

Another time that I visited – tbj gave us an interview in his office. The 2 minutes ones. His disciples made the mistake of letting me go and sit again on a chair just out of the office, after the interview. Tbj thought that I left. TB Joshua started shouting like a basilisk, to one of his disciple. I could not believe my ears, as he was just so sweet, honey dripped of his lips. Our eyes met and he felt very uncomfortable.
I also had the privilege to meet one of his security guards, who left him after 8 years. He said to me; “That he personally took a person’s ear of, by hitting him, because tbj wanted that person disciplined!

70 thoughts on “More reports of violence at TB Joshua’s church

  1. Yes, i know Tb Joshua is a sadist. I am very happy with this stories, it confirms what i already know. He loves to create a situation to do you harm or to see you suffer. I will do my research to see what can be done on the level of law and court. He is a sick-minded man. Just a crazy player with the souls of others. I guess we can call it; devilisch. amen

  2. What is this? This sounds like children story tales. Are these “tb watch. Men mature in their thinking at all? Why can’t they use their time for reasonable things? Ok we don hear, so what?

    • @florence:

      Sorry, I don’t know about you, but reading the full detailed stories of all the disciples from which the excerpts of the above narrations came from, I can classify the above accounts as nothing less than the workings of a wicked person.

      My bible tells me:

      And then shall the Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. (2 Thess 2:8-11)

      Imagine causing a disciple such as sweet Wiseman Racine to walk about naked in the midst of other disciples in order to disgrace him for some mistake that he made, or is it beating one of those little sweet faced church helpers that no one notices. This is serious.

  3. I will say it again and again that our spiritual eyes have opened. With all your write ups nothing can change our belief concerning the good things profet tb joshua is doing for the people of all races. You were able to convince us then, but not now. You are just wasting your time. Satan is v ery happy that he still has people like you he could manipulate

    • O people of God you are warned by the Watchman!

      I do not dispute one bit that the prophecies, deliverances and healing that goes on at SCOAN is real, but the question is, is God behind it?

      However, just because TB Joshua heals and casts out devils and prophecies does not mean God is with him. The healings could be real, the casting out of devils could be real, the deliverances also could be real, but is God a part of it?

      If you are one that studies your bible you will know that the power to cast out demons is NOT INHERENT in the person doing the casting out, but comes from the strong believe in the authority and power in the Name Jesus Christ alone. This is different from the sons of Sceva who never really knew Jesus Christ or the actual power the Name (weapon) they were using had; thus, the demons they wanted to exorcise overcame them in Acts 19:13-17.

      In other words, one could be loaded with demons and can still be able to cast out devils in another person in the Name of Jesus Christ provided he/she knows the essence of the power in the Name and does it in clear ignorance of the presence of the demons within his/herself.

      An analogy: the Name of Jesus Christ is like a machine gun outside of the person, a weak person who is carrying a machine gun can do a lot of damage as well as a strong person carrying the same machine provided he knows how to use it. That is, carrying a machine gun in your hand does not mean that your whole body is now a bullet firing machine gun, the only dangerous item in you is that gun and when you let it go, you are as powerless as the next individual. The Holy Name of our Lord Jesus Christ is like the weapon of a machine gun in our hands.

      As a result, people can prophesy, heal and cast out demons with the Name of Jesus Christ but do not really have Jesus Christ with them, that is, the true nature of Jesus Christ within them, and Jesus Christ himself will not even know them.

      A solid confirmation of this can be seen from the Word of the LORD Jesus Christ himself to us in Matthew 7:22-23,”Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not *prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have *cast out devils? And in thy name done many *wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity.

      Our LORD Jesus Christ never condones violence or degradation tactics against anyone especially those who come begging for his help. Jesus Christ is the epitome of compassion and kindness. Anyone practicing violence on the dear people that come searching to know our Lord Jesus Christ, or to get help from him for their problems is not working in the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, this is could be an agent of Satan masquarading as an angel of light with great signs and lying wonders (2 Thessalonians 2: 8-11)!

      • You are talking about studying the BIBLE ,can satan cast out satan ?you are writing long stories ,i’ll help you, everyone can buy a bible, but not everyone can buy the HOLY BIBLE.
        We need deliverance .

  4. The kind of fabricated stories you people at tbj watch write make it sound like you don’t have anything in between your ears. What are you trying to do; scare people off from visiting the scoan? Do you think people are stupid? Don’t you know how many thousands of people visit the scoan from all over the world each week? If any of the bogus stories you wrote were even remotely true there would be thousands of people to testify of it and it would be worldwide news. I keep telling you the best thing for you people to do is to apply Acts 5:38-39 to your lives. All of you are just small flies trying to box with a big God.

    • joe, yes, i believe that thoose thousands of people are stupid and blind. Yes, you are right.

  5. Fools can remain in denial, but this blog is a warning shout to those that have ears to hear. I am grateful for it.

  6. You people are very evil, why cant yu focus to report the good things TBJ and his Church do according to what we see on Emmanuel Tv? You just want to destroy his name? No, publish the good and the bad, be fair to the man of God. yours in Christ JESUS, Morris S. Malukutu. Lusaka. Zambia.

    • Because if “the bad” includes the kind of things you’re reading above, “the good” pales in comparison. If you’re concerned about balance, have you written to Emmanuel T.V. to request that they cover some of the bad (e.g.failed healings, false prophecies) as well as the (selectively edited) “good”.

    • Morris Malukutu. Yes, your response is one of the common reactions towards people who have become victum of the evil caused by the other., and want to be heared in their story. Its as a soldier returning from the most deathly war, traumatized and in terrible condition, and then the family asks him; Was it a beautifull country? Please tell us something good about jour journey. Your problem Morris is, you make us evil, while the evil is done by TB Joshua . We are just naming the facts. And there is no law, no chrisitan law, who has ever forbidden to bring the dark too the light and too deal with it in justice. I know we have too love our enemy. TB Joshua is a great challange for my love-life. I guess tb Joshua needs to learn a lot too about loving your enemy, and loving your neighbor as your-self. Somehow he lost his right discernement about this great core of the BiBly-facts. Do you believe it will help him out of his confused state of mind, when we see the good of him? “oh, it does not matter you betreated and harmed that man, you are such a good father for your childeren”. See? Poluted christian ignorance.

    • Hello Morris
      It is interesting that you mention “The good things TBJ and his church do according to what we see on Emmanuel TV” I am guessing that Emmanuel TV does not broadcast the violence that people have experienced.

  7. U layer – be careful for what u are laying, ur consequence is very bad. At the end of the day u pay big prise. Donot spend ur time, no body paying attention to what u are writing. HE IS THE MAN OF GOD.

  8. You been tolking abt tb joshua for how long now ? Cant you see that the more you tolk about him the mre the world want to go to scoan . We who love tb joshua we jst rejoice the blessing while you are so beatter in you life. You are waisting you time we cant be foolend by you anylonger

    • No, we can’t really see that actually. Several of his overseas branches are now closed or virtually closed, and there are hardly any non-african churches sending people over to SCOAN these days. Unless you only look at the Emmanuel T.V.version of events you’ll see it’s quite clear that his influence is dwindling and his days are numbered.

  9. Children of God, It just dawn on me that this site is not for me and you. I will definitely unsubscribe after this message. It leads one to sin against God. The site is against the servant of God, profet tb joshua, formed by groups that are grieved as a result of their beeing expelled from the ministry (SCOAN) because of their dubious character. The site is full of anger, hatred, spitefulness, revage, malice and many devices satan uses to possess people. All these devices are gate way to sin. And who is the author of sin? The devil. Secondly, the site does not consist of people that are matured in mind. They concort lies that are not coherant, and stories that sound like child-like fairy tales. Their spoken words are very raw. They use bad languages. Sometimes they talk as mentally derailed persons. I am not surprised if this happens, because the bible says “touch not my anointed and do my profet no harm” They have gone beyond their boundaries to speak ills of the anointed man of God. These tbj watch guys are harden criminals who are ready to do any thing- to kill steal and destroy. They are not ready to put their past behind them and move on with their lives, till they meet their water-loo. They want to avenge their beeing shown the way out of SCOAN, but can you “tb watch” stand against God? You must know that the hand of God is in SCOAN. With all you do and say the ministry is sky-rocketing. On the other hand, you tbj watch guys have no peace, have sleepless nights because you are digging and trying to put together lies that you’ll put in your blog. If you guys should go and check yourselves now, you will discover you have high blood pressure. Repent now before it is too late. Once more children of God this is a satanic site. God bless you. May God preserve our man of God and the profet of this generation in Jesus Name, amen

    • florence; tb joshua is the criminal, just read the facts. And if he is a real God-man then be sure this site would not exists. Its strange that even with the facts right before your eyes, you defend the God-man and not the people who became victum by the same man. Its strange to accuse us for having a dubious character, while all the events are about the dubious character of Tb joshua. Just work a while with him , and you will discover . He may be smart, but he is not intelligent, infact he is hardly aware of the misery he causes on others, . Because he blind for his own sin and habbits. How will you justify the facts of mis-using the women and girls in the most humiliating and disgusting way? You believe they made it up? You better be aware that there could be something seriously wrong in your adored God-man. If i am not matured enough for your standard, then I am sorry, . There is no satan on this site.

      • @ Jamie,
        Point of correction ! T B Joshua is not God-man, but just an ordinary man like anyone else. Only Jesus Christ is the God-man ! TBJ is born in sin and is a wretched sinner like any common criminal.

  10. well all i can say,time will tell.we will soon know who tells the thing you must know noting last forever.may the peace of God be unto all of us in Jesus name.amen

  11. One thing is certain whether we want to excuse him or not, a person who loves to see people humiliated and made to suffer without empathy or remorse is a psychopath and a sadist, and should be stopped, period.

    What is going on behind the scenes at this “church” called SCOAN is a serious case of human rights violation and should be investigated, or another Jonestown of Guyana will see itself upon us.

    The most scary part is that this man is not accountable to anyone but himself, he can do and un-do and say God/the Holy Spirit told him to do, and no one will question him.

    This is what he did in the case of the Ghana anointing water tragedy, I know for sure God did not send him on that errand to distribute “anointing water” in Ghana at that point in time that spilled the blood of 4 Ghanaians unnecessarily in a stampede – this is the work of another power that loves to drink blood and we all know who :(. O God Almighty, Father King of heaven, come with your vengeance (psalm 94:1) and hear the cries of the blood of your innocent children like you heard the cry of Abel your servant and do your strange work (Isaiah 28:21), in Jesus Christ Name.

    The ex-disciples who came forward to testify of these violence and physical abuse on the inside are not lying, if you have read their stories and are truthful to yourself, you will discern that these accounts are true. I feel for the innocent souls serving in that church including the Wisemen, who are working with all their hearts and sacrificing their lives thinking that they are working for God.

    • What happened to Wiseman John Chi. I gathered he left. Can u guys tell me the state of things with him?


    Artilcle 5 – NO TORTURE:

    “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

  13. And what about tbj’s psychopathic and a sadistic, sexual and emotional abuse of his disciples and female disciples?

    But, TB Joshua, your games will just last so long and then God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ will stop you. We are still awaiting God’s verdict on you, pending the court case that we have opened up against you in the Heavenly Court, with Jesus Christ as our Advocate.

    • Emotional abuse can be classified under article 5 above of the Human Rights Violation Law.

      Unfortunately there is not much that could be done concerning the sexual cases as one can construe from the reports and ex-disciples’ testimonies that most of them were consensual intercourse (agreement between two adults), and in some cases money was exchanged, as is the case of the lady Bisola Johnson, even though TBJ exerted great spiritual power over the women to allow little room for refusal to his advances.

      If any of the ex-disciples had a case of rape, that is, forced sexual advances and mishandling, then it violates Articles 1 and 5 of the Human Rights Violations Law.

      • Yes, thats the most tricky part of the game, TB joshua knows exactly what he is doing and how far he can go.. There is oftend said in scoan, that no-one is forced to be there. While the whole concept is set-up by him and others have no choise. Only when they are awakened enough to see it through,.

    • Sure, the judgment on TBJ has already been pronounced. It is only a matter of time when we shall see the wages of all his calamities and the end of the Synagogue of Satan,aka,SCOAN.

  14. Brothers and Sisters, l’m surprised that people still have time to write nonsense like this on your site. I visited Scoan in June 2012 and spent 6days on that Church premises as a visitor from the united states,although l’m a Nigerian,all my experience was very positive. This is one place in nigeria, where l can confidently say, that Love is shown by everyone and to everyone. Nigerians stop cutting each other down – that’s why the country remains in the dark! sorry, l may not have the time to read or respond again, because l’m a very busy man right here in Texas. Peace!!

    • Counterfeit love at SCOAN ! You need to have discernment to see through their fake love.

    • Just because you did not see these awful things that happen there does not mean they don’t happen.
      The ushers are very very rude and mean.
      They shout at people and treat them like dirt.
      People simply endure cause most are not local who have spent loads of money to go there.
      I have heard loads of personally accounts of people who have been.
      These stories are not made up.

      • You are right. The ushers are very very rude but that may just be as a result of stress from handling such a great crowd. I handle crowd too and it can sometime be frustrating and before you know it you will start shouting. So I will not really blame them.

  15. ………..”Yes, thats the most tricky part of the game, TB joshua knows exactly what he is doing and how far he can go. There is oftend said in scoan, that no-one is forced to be there”………….


    That is what angers me the most.

    His sly trick to build his ministry through his harem, but his day of reckoning is coming!

  16. I know of some one personally who was suffeing from AIDS and went to Scoan.
    This happend on Thursday when she went to get registered for prayer line on Sunday.
    She was verbally abused by the ushers infront of everyone.They ridiculed her for having AIDS, and went to the extent of saying” you got Aids in Malawi, now you are finished and you have come here to get healed” ,other people have been chased like dogs out of the church premises.
    A lady who also went with her son was
    dragged out of the church as she was kicking and’s a big disgrace, why sort of a church is that!
    The list goes on.

  17. This is another topic, but I think you should consider taking about the so called anointing stickers with tb joshua’s pictures that given out at scoan.
    There is something not right about that at all.
    Poeple have those sticker all over their chase away the devil.
    How can a picture of a mere man do that.
    On Saturday I met a cousin who was telling someone about the sticker.
    She has so much faith in the sticker.
    It almost made me sick!
    She said that alot of people her included have received break throughs cause of the sticker.
    Why I say something is not right is the fact that TBJ has put him self on the same level as Jesus.
    People have forgotten about Jesus and are now worshipping him.
    A freinds mother has a sticker in each and every room in her house.
    She finds it hard to get up from her chair in front of the tv which is only on Emmanuel tv.
    It’s sad!

    • Yip, those charms of TB Joshua? Water, wristbands, stickers, photos and more photos and more photos of him and himself?

      We burnt everything of his in our possession and only now are we getting big time breakthroughs in our family.

      We have taken our focus of tbj and put it back on Jesus and his Word and Him alone!
      And are plowing those rotten Nigerian mannerisms out of our beings, so that we can mature into the statuur of our Master Jesus Christ of Nazareth of the Bible.

      • Don’t blame Nigeria. For years I explained to myself the questions that I had by saying that it was to do with a different culture. Every culture has its own mannerisms. What is rotten about SCOAN is not because it is Nigerian but because of TB Joshua. You are completely right in saying the way out is to have faith in Jesus.

      • Good thing you burnt all those demonic stuff relating to TBJ. The first thing to do after coming out of his cult is burn his pictures and anything connected with him. I had a truckload of magazines, newspapers, pictures, stickers and calendars of TBJ and what a big bonfire it made when I poured petrol and lit a match over them ! Good riddance to you, TBJ ! The best is yet to come !

  18. @ All,

    Been travelling to 4 countries. Covered a few thousand miles in many villages and cities. Soon back full time, haha.

  19. All these are lies ooooooo,i hav bin to this church and there is nothing of these sorts that happen there oo,so Tb watch,u can go this far jst to tarnish the image of the Man of God…and people dont ever conclude wen u av nt gone to see things for yourself..this site was created by a man who claims he is a pastor,but divorced his wife nd sleeps wit members of his church…mind you, you cannot please TB Joshua to displease Jesus christ, neither can you please Jesus christ to displease TB Joshua..Love is the greatest.

    • this site was created by a man who claims he is a pastor,but divorced his wife nd sleeps wit members of his church…

      This site was created by a man, and that’s where the truth of this statement ends. It’s hilarious that you make this false claim whilst accusing us of lying!

    • ROTFL…

      @ Doris,

      LOL…just imagine yourself => “this site was created by a man who claims he is a pastor,but divorced his wife nd sleeps wit members of his church.”

      What! Which church? You sound desperate.

      And imagine you adding the name of Jesus Christ into your twaddle too. That is how the so called profit making businesses and groups that call themselves “churches” these days use the Name “Jesus Christ” like football, playing it whenever it suits them. Doris, sorry, I guess your fortune teller is wrong again this time!


      This Doris sounds like one of those that have been dispatched for SCOAN damage control efforts, check her IP Address and find out where she is writing from.

    • “you cannot please TB Joshua to displease Jesus christ, neither can you please Jesus christ to displease TB Joshua”

      They are one and the same, in your mind? TB Joshua is the sinless son of God and everything that pleases him is exactly what pleases Jesus?

      It pleases TB Joshua for people to make worshipful videos for his 50th birthday, and for his charitable giving to be publicly broadcast far and wide via Emmanuel TV.

      Tell me, does Scripture say those things please Jesus?

  20. Brethren,

    As we have heard from the former disciples that came out of the fortress of SCOAN, coming out does not only have to take all their strong will and physical strength, it also imparts their emotions as they try to break free of the years of mind control and mental abuse. These poor individuals who sought for Jehovah our Lord Jesus Christ in the wrong places have to undergo tremendous spiritual and psychological cleansing before they can be totally free and live a normal life.

    Therefore, as we engage in the technicalities of dismantling this spiritual abuse fortress called SCOAN that go by the moniker “church”, we must increase our praying efforts to God Almighty in the Name of our LORD Jesus Christ to see that all those rescued from its stronghold i.e. the ex-disciples and ex-followers are free completely, spiritually and psychosomatically.

  21. It seem as if watch tbj blog are reading this one and trying to defend themself seriously! Ha, ha …………… Go for it Watch TB Joshua.

  22. More of tbj’s false gospel:

    ……………………….”Thus he (TB Joshua) is destined to finish what Jesus started – to cleanse and harvest the world thus leading the way to the eternal abode prepared for the chosen ones since the foundation of the world. And Just as the Divine ALL allowed that the Israelites pass through the red sea to baptize them into Moses who was their Messiah, and that men be baptized into Christ with water, he allowed today that his chosen be baptized into Joshua (who is given unto us these last days as a Messiah) through his anointed water. He who has a discerning mind, let him understand”………………

    2 Corinthians 11:4
    4 For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with him easily enough.
    13 For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 15 It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.

  23. Some more un biblcal teachings of tbjoshua on his blog:

    …………….”Whoever drinks of TB Joshua’s anointed water should not take it lightly because he spiritually drinks blood wherein is the life of Jesus who is called Christ and whoever sprays it upon himself is physically baptized with water for the remission of sins, therefore it has been rightly stated that the anointed water is for the salvation of our souls. He called it water and at the same instance called it blood and both are true. Yet, if one were to ask what the true form of the anointed water is, then it would be right to call it blood since the spiritual is greater than the physical. None who has ministered this anointed water in faith can be overpowered by the second death”……………………

    Only four times in the Bible is the term “Second Death” mentioned: Rev 2:11, Rev 20:6 & 14, and Rev. 21:8. We have been taught that this “Second Death” means permanent separation from God either by burning or some other form of annihilation, depending on your particular theology.

  24. The different gospel of tb joshua:
    ……….As THE BLOOD OF THE FIRSTBORNS OF EGYPT WAS SHED FOR THE LIBERATION OF THE ISRAELITES, so was the freedom of mankind purchased when the firstborn of the Living One bled profusely as he was fastened with nails to a tree……………..quoted from watch tbj.
    The Word of God by His Prophet:
    UNDER THE BLOOD of the LAMB -Further we read, “I will pass through the land of Egypt this night and will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am the LORD. And the blood of the lamb shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are and
    when I smite the land of Egypt. And this day shall be unto you for a memorial and ye shall keep it a feast to the LORD throughout your generations; ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance forever.”—Exod. 12:12-14
    THE BLOOD OF THE PASSOVER LAMB WAS A FORESHADOW OF THE LAMB OF GOD JESUS CHRIST(not ‘the living one’) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. My comment on this blasphemous writing on watch tbj;

    The word anti -christ in the Bible has two meanings;

    1. In the place of God/Jesus or
    2. against God/Jesus

    Now this statement below on watch tbj, is clearly a statement of how tbj is in the place of God or Jesus.

    ………………….”Today being a Sunday, Our Soul is waiting for you, O TB Joshua; Servant of the most High God, we know whom you are; The Holy One of God; nothing can substitute for that moment you appear on stage after the long wait. Many have questioned why you usually take so long to appear in the service, little do they ever consider that you wait upon God for even the smallest choices, that of what to wear, when to come out for the service, in the light of which you taught the song “Not Mine the choice in things both great and small”. We await your appearance in the coming hours, nothing can substitute for that moment you appear on the altar, and take a bow before the one who sent you. Rest assured HE is surely with you and has not left you alone because you always do what pleases Him. Let us rejoice at the coming of the blessed one, the one who reigns supreme of all the apostles and prophets as is clearly manifested through his works on earth. Shalom.

  26. Anti christ;
    ……………”Today being a Sunday, Our Soul is waiting for you, O TB Joshua; Servant of the most High God, we know whom you are; The Holy One of God; nothing can substitute for that moment you appear on stage after the long wait. Many have questioned why you usually take so long to appear in the service, little do they ever consider that you wait upon God for even the smallest choices, that of what to wear, when to come out for the service, in the light of which you taught the song “Not Mine the choice in things both great and small”. We await your appearance in the coming hours, nothing can substitute for that moment you appear on the altar, and take a bow before the one who sent you. Rest assured HE is surely with you and has not left you alone because you always do what pleases Him. Let us rejoice at the coming of the blessed one, the one who reigns supreme of all the apostles and prophets as is clearly manifested through his works on earth. Shalom”………………..

  27. He! He! Its so funny that a person who is dead spiritually is talking foolishness against God’s anointed. Taking the same scriptures to back up your sick and evil reasons to stand against God’s servants. You offend the Holyspirit by saying that a demon can cast out a demon. As I said you are spiritually sick and you need deliverence. You need help, you think you are doing God a favour but you are against Him. I have no time to take scriptures to make u see how you are lost. You use the word of God for your vile purposes but you dont understand its truth. You are the fake one here not T.b Joshua. You watch Him stand while you fail and you will fail like others who embark on the same mission as you are. You are not the last nor the first to do this. May the grace of God locate you.

  28. Christians, we must pray without ceasing for the body of Christ. Many of us say we are Christians but our relationship is very underdeveloped thus we cannot hear from God our selves.
    Throughout history there have seen many men of God: some stay faithful to the end other through either attack, dilusion or sin, fall away. The best we can do is draw close to God so that we can hear from God ourselves as to whether anyone, in particularly those we choose to feed us spiritually are still walking with God.
    I came out of a cult where the “pastor” was actually a spiritualist, it was discovered that he actually made animal sacrifices, then incantation that as flies flock to this corpse so let my “church” be full. His “church” was packed, branches opened and then after only 4/5 years most of them folded, but he is still around today. He also would take the virgin girls he could delude and have sex with them; forming an occultic covenant and their lives would be ruined, they would then see themselves in amongst the dead in their dreams. Unless powerful deliverance was ministered to them thier fate is very dark. Those who escaped, by God’s mercy take sometimes 10 – 15 years to recover.
    I believe that here there is genuinely the call of God but there are also concerns, thus I can only keep praying for them as this ministry in question has no doubt raised the faith of multitudes of people. God almighty is receiving much glory through this ministry.

  29. The ex-disciples of TB Joshua were satanist like him as they say.How often did you live under the sea?If he is satanist then who delivered you all the demons which were possessing you?We know all about what happens if someone leaves devil worshiping.It is not easy without proper deliverance.Mostly like those ex-disciples.Let us not be like Job’s friends who angered God by too much talking.Job’s friends thought they were defending God and they ended up in hot soup themselves.TB Joshua Watch you need to be carefully if you are saying you are defending God.I went to the SCOAN and it is just a church like any other church.You can go in the church and pray the whole night.It is not a church of God to people who are against TB Joshua for some reasons unknown to us.The problem we do not know if it is a bunch of satanists claiming to watch for the people of God.Ushers and anybody at the church can be rough because they are also humans like anybody else.They do not claim to be 100% as the bible tells us that there is nobody who has no sin.Sipiritual things are hard to understand .Only those with spiritual eyes can see.Yours language whether TB Joshua is of God or not is questionable.You need Jesus in your lives before it is too late.I watch Emmanuel TV everyday and it is a blessing in my life.I tell a lot of people to watch it and it has been a blessing them too.TB Joshua’s teachings are straight forward to those who are seeking God.He does not lie to people if they are doing wrong and his teachings have saved a lot of marriages.Mostly I do not wait for people to tell me what is of God and what is not of God.Only Him Jesus can tell us the truth.Even Jesus Himself people used to call him names.If there was media and computers in those days it was going to be another story.So it is not only you TB Joshua Watch who are lost even our ancestors.They used to criticizes the King of Glory Himself.

    • If he is satanist then who delivered you all the demons which were possessing you?

      This is the thing, few, if any disciples are “possessed” before going to SCOAN. In contrast, they’re usually some of the brightest, most promising individuals in their churches – completely sold out to God. Imagine our surprise when after a while at SCOAN we constantly see these people being delivered from their “demons”. Either these demons are being made up for TB Joshua to make himself look powerful, or these disciples became possessed by them as a result of being at SCOAN.

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