“Tortured” at SCOAN: Nosa Osaghae’s story

Nosa Osaghae

Nosa Osaghae

Occasionally at TB Joshua Watch we receive testimonies from people to go on our site, but we don’t put them up. We strive to only publish testimonies that we can verify, because we do not want to be responsible for spreading untruths.

A few weeks ago we received a testimony from a man called Nosa Osaghae (pictured). He said that he had been beaten and tortured by security guards within the walls of SCOAN.  It was one of the most shocking testimonies we have received so far, and we were initially hesitant to publish it. However, two things gave us the confidence to go ahead. Firstly Nosa insisted that we use his real name and feature his picture (everyone who has used their real name so far has been ruthlessly slandered on SCOAN blogs). Secondly, we were able to verify key parts of his story by speaking to disciples who were present in SCOAN at the time.

Read his account below, then the same story from a former disciple who was there at the time.

They were beating me with their fists, boots and batons as well as persistently shocking my bare and exposed body they had stripped for that purpose as well as my exposed head with special black hand-held electric shockers that looked like police batons; which sent live electric current coursing through every fiber and nerve cell of my body, which felt like thousands of voltage that paralyzed my body and cause my body to be convulsing, with nerve wracking spasms; while I would be feeling my brain begin to fry right under my scalp as they ‘rubbed’ these electric rods all over my head; with their church ministers and members both male and female, blacks and whites, standing by to watch the Hammer House of Horror show as I was being tortured; and not a single one of them had the Godly and Christian conscience to tell them to stop torturing a human being like themselves right inside their so called ‘House of God’; while the church official or inquisitor who was interrogating me with a camera man standing beside him and videotaping the entire torture scene for their viewing delight and entertainment; had a microphone in one hand and a big Bible in his other hand, with the obvious and evident consent, approval and blessing of their so called leader a.k.a Man in the Synagogue who purportedly calls himself a prophet of God! All this was happening right there, inside the church premises to my ghastly surprise and unbelievable amazement!

Apparently, the offence I committed against this Antichrist Church and Synagogue of Satan was that: I traveled over a thousand kilometers all the way from the capital city called Abuja to that church in the city of Lagos which is its international headquarters, to deliver a prophetic message from the Lord to a particular member of the church; who was indeed a foreigner and apparently a senior minister in the church. What was the message? The Lord said I should go and tell them to leave SCOAN and join another ministry into which He was calling them! That was all!

The funny thing was that the same disciple even confirmed it to me, by telling me that they had been receiving dreams, visions and revelations of exactly what had I come to tell them. For me that was ample proof that this message was from the Lord, which I had always known; as I too had confirmed it myself before embarking on such a long journey to meet such a mystery person; whom as at then I did not know who they were by face. Only that the Lord showed a vision of exactly what clothes they would be wearing when I get there, and when I finally saw this person amongst the crowd of people milling about in the church premises, they were wearing exactly the same combination and color of clothes I had seen in that night vision!

So I eventually went up to them and delivered my message, which they confirmed: soon after which all hell broke loose! (Mark 13:9…for they shall deliver you up to the councils; and in the synagogues [antichrist church] ye shall be beaten [tortured]…) & (Rev 2:9…I [Jesus Christ] know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews [Christians], and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan…).

The account above has been edited to obscure the identity of the disciple mentioned. In Nosa’s original account the disciple is clearly identified and their spouse has been able to give us their side of the story (they have since left SCOAN and have had contact with TB Joshua Watch). This is their account of the same event:

[Disciples name] was walking the church compound and a guy came and told them to get in his car and that he would take them to another church. At that time we were full on disciples and did the normal thing that happens in those type of circumstances – tell some of the Nigerian disciples. Apparently he was tasered…. it sounded pretty terrible -it was him and another person. One of those crazy memories that had been suppressed.

The reality is that there is an incredible amount of brutality by the security at SCOAN, the majority of which is never seen by “white” disciples. Its just one of those things, that recalling now it is so entirely opposite to God’s grace, but at the time, because it was at the direction of the “Man of God” seemed to be just? People need to remember that SCOAN operates in a very old testament style, disciples see TB Joshua as more of a Moses figure than a pastor – this isn’t to justify it at all, just to give a glimpse into how you can be aware of things like that happening and yet stay there.

Nosa continues:

Can you ever imagine the Church of Christ in Jerusalem in the days of the apostles ever doing such a dreadful and evil act, that even some decent and responsible states or governments would never ever dare to do against their own citizens, let alone for a so called church to be doing it right inside the church building? The Bible says:…by their fruits [evil acts] ye shall know them…Matt 7:20!

No, we can’t. This is not the act of a Christian church, and it is appalling that you should have been treated in such a way. We commend you for taking the bold step of speaking out as you have.

Before responding to this post, consider this: You may disagree with Nosa’s approach. You may dispute that he had even heard from God. That is between him, God and the subject of the prophecy. But what could possibly justify the torture, beating and mistreatment he suffered at SCOAN?

199 thoughts on ““Tortured” at SCOAN: Nosa Osaghae’s story

  1. Is this story true,I doubt the man of God can’t do such a thing.

    Kind regards


    • i keep saying it that this TBJW thing are professional idlers, that cannot profit from any honest vocation.we are only helping them in there biz by responding to them.

  2. @lungowe
    This are people that the devil is using to fight the kingdom of God.All they say are jus fabricated lies.
    They went just to look for a poor man they can give money to help them to come with such a lie.But noone can believe this,except tb joshua haters only.

    • Kiki. just move on. I have enough of you fool. I know exactly where Nosa is talking about. This TB Joshua has to be stopped, and I am gone take my stand in it. Tb Joshua is a devils-son, and a disgusting misleader . Yes sure, I hate T B Joshua, even each day a bit more. Just try me Kiki, just try me, and I will make dross of you too.

      • Pastor Mupfeka. I sound like a devil? You mean; when some-one is indignant about another violent case in scoan, you call it devilisch? You mean, when I have enough of all the abusings, mis-treatments, accussings, violence, dis-humanizing activities in a gospel-church, if I shout my heart out, for what is going on there, if I have to listen to the endless arguments, discussions, jusifications and excuses and deniings, about the develisch wys they treat innocent people at scoan, you call ME the devil? See? Thats the crazyness of christianity today. They turn right to wrong, and wrong to right. Make discernement dear Mupfeka, between righteous anger and devilisch actions. You only have to watch scoan a while and you will soon find out the difference. You are a pastor and you dont have any responsibility towards your task, to stand up for Gods true word? Yes, I understand by now, that africans pastors are full of deceit, cowardness and empty chatterings. amen

      • @ Jamie,

        I understand when you hate somebody, but we must hate the sin they do, not the person. Even if they do it on purpose. Sometimes I feel I want to smack somebody on the mouth too, but it does not mean I should do it. I can think about it, but doing it is the sin. I have said it, then they say you are a devil, but we just have to ignore them, because they want to see you doing the same thing they do if you becoming angry. They don’t look at the fact that you have feelings. They just say you are a devil or have a devil, not thinking the fact they have insulted you, by hoping they can give that insult a foothold on you and say, see, see, I knew it, I have got you now, you are a devil. So they can point the finger at you. Laugh at you, humiliate you. But if they have nothing on you, they try something else,mot make you fall. Look at your weaknesses and start poking you where there is a hole in your armour and they find it funny. Because they want you to fall and walk over you. Also say, see, see, I have got you now. Only to justify their own sayings, actions, deception. To put you to shame.

        That is the way SCOAN works, get you on video, confessing you shame, then dangle it in front of you, so they can continue their own wicked ways. They will continue when nobody says something, take your whole hand instead of a finger. Thinking they are better, greater more awesome, by using deceiving tricks and fake deliverances and make you look as a fool.

      • @jamie
        why dont you leave the africans pastors alone and concentrate on your european holy pastors then?what are you looking for in africa you foolish pharisee ?Why are you after africa if you have such a holy pastors in europe.Your hatred and envy ,are the only thing that guides your heart.
        Shu!you snake ,keep rolling over your tail,and split all your poisons,but it will never reach tb joshua!

      • TB Joshua is a real servant of the Most High. Whatever he is doing, it is what God tells him to do. He who fights against him is fighting against God. He is undestroyable. No lies built TB Joshua, no lies shall destroy TB Joshua. Nasa has been bought or volunteered to destroy the man of God. I want to advice Nasa to repent before it is too late.

    • @ Kiki,

      I don’t hate anyone of SCOAN, but what I have said is true. There is no point or use in lying for me. Nobody has said sorry about it to me and my family and friends. Then you telling me we are proud. Secondly read my other posts on Watch TB Joshua where I personally testify what has happened. Nobody cares that what say there is true. They go in plain denial. What must I be before anyone believes me ? A king, an emperor, a president,

      What I said there is no lie, it is the truth and facts in those people’s lives as well mine. When will there be admitting it that it is so ?

      • Jesse, I do hate the violent actions of TB Joshua! And let no-one, realy no-one say I should be wrong to do it! God hates sin. And if any-one can watch the dis-humanizing humiliation of Gods people, without pain for them, then this whole web-site becomes no more then a justicfication for the own personal stories. and the own self-justifications. The gards, the disciples are no victums, they have become the pertrators. Its like the Nazies in the 2 world-war.

  3. There is no justification for the mis-treatment of Nosa. No single justification. Its a senseless, useless and violent act of controle, humiliations for egoistic reasons, and just a new strong and clear evidence that scoan is on the wrong track. Nosa, my compliments for coming-out with your story. You are very right to do so. You are in Gods hands. He will heal your wounds. Thank you for sharing your story, and by your guts, this hell-hound-church will collapse one day or the other. You are great and I pray for you.

    • @jamie

      Go with your brother from darkeness Nosa to the police if your fabricated lie is true.
      Yours lies are jokes only,How come in about 29 years of tb joshua’s ministry ,this is the first lie that come out with beatings.
      Why you did not post Nosa’s fotos with the marks of his wounds if what you are saying is true?
      You rubbish daughter of darkness ,you are just childish people.
      Tell your demons in you to help you fabricate a less suspect lies because this one is just a joke.Go and tell it to the kids to make them laugh.

      Hahaha your hatred will make you mad you foolish people.
      Who can believe this?i dont think even a 10 years old can believe this.
      keep make more jokes,you have no more place to hide your hatred towards tb joshua
      You have tried to cover your selfs before as good people but now your hidden personaitly is putting you to shame!
      You thougt ,let us fabricate a more chocking lies may be it will work,but your demons lied to you to put you to shame.
      Your growing hatred will keep exposing you foolish child of devil!
      Be careful,the devil your father is the one who tells people to go in houses during nights to steal and he is the one who wakes the master of the house to catch them,this means it is your father devil who gave you tricks to fabricate this suspect lie because he wants to put you to shame.hahaha Ashame on you foolish childish pharisees!

      • Kiki,how Dare you judge an event u ddnt witness you were not there,ask your Hypocritical Ungodly Brothers and Sisters to show you the Video Clip where NOSA was beaten up or u don feel good coz u were nt there 2 beat him up bt it sounds like u were there the way u sound so defensive,you call your self a Christian ohh I forgot your a brainwashed hypnotized SCOAN SlAVE no wonder your so naïve, you lack knowledge of how a wise righteous Man should contain himself and his words your reading ur Bible up side down really??your truly Demonic ally infested your comment proves that,it doesn’t matter if the scam(the synagogue)has bn running for 29years but it will take 1 second to uncover the skeletons in the closet only the almighty has the last laugh.

    • Jamieeee! where were you when Bishop Oyedepo slapped a woman he thought was a witch? If it were TBJ you guys would have feasted on it. idle minds.

      • Actually, I believe that was mentioned. And for sure there are youtube videos discussing that shameful incident. However, take a look at the title of this blog. It’s specific for a reason.

        But Oyedepo can be found in discussions of Africa’s wicked false prophets, for sure. He is not being ignored.

  4. Dear mister nosa,I’m just going to comment by using this man’s(nosa) statement.Are u a pastor Or just a beleiving xtian because its evident that the purpose u were beaten(,that’s if it ever happened) is not porperly stated and convincing enough. Besides,is it the person u delivered your message to that reported to the security or u were just pounced upon like that.Brethrens let’s not deprive of ourselves the true essence of christianity by liStening to unbeneficial statements that won’t multivate our spiritual life…..every one who have visited SCOAN can attest to it that its a nonviolenta,welcoming and unbiased ministy with th disciples not prisoners constrained but people taught not to ony be the change but lead the change.

    • prinx, just spare me your flowering stories. Scoan is as violent as can be, and there is no heart, nor spirituality to find in it. Dont be mis-leaded by outer-looks. Just watch the to much ego-trip of Tb Joshua, and just use your Spirit to discern. The Holy spirit will give you the exact knowledge of the man T B Joshua. Its a creep.

      • @jamie
        do you have a heart youself you snake ?you said you hate tb joshua and followers,is this a heart fro God or from the devil.
        shu,shu,shu snake,go find your father lucifer,stop hiding behind tb joshua.Go split your poisons in hell where you belong!

      • I’m amazed when you talk about the holyspirit this way.I just want to ask you a simple question so that I can know where you belong…ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN.

    • @ prinx,

      People are not constrained ? Are you for real ?

      Don’t you know that when you come there they take your passport in so you can’t leave ? They won’t give it back until you are going to leave there on the last day.

      Including the true story of Becky Kiser 26 May 2009 – (American ‘Held Prisoner’ at Controversial African ‘Miracle’ Church, by Andy Butcher– Charisma News Service, May 17, 2002)

      All lies right huh Kiki. Proof is constantly being given but straight they go in denial. Amazing ?

      • @jesse
        are we talking about Controversial african miracle church here?will tb joshua at the day of judgement go to answer what happened at this church or what happened at his church?so this is a childish thought.
        You want to tell me in uk ,we will never find evil people?should i put their sins on you then because you live in the same area like them?jesse let me deal with your defender jamie,if she thinks she is greater than you

      • @ Kiki,

        I can testify that they take your passport and you are not getting is back until you leave. So I know what I am talking about and you call this childish ? Is that all you can say. One moment you say this, the next you say that and none of it sticks on me. Why say it ? Of course this is in your eyes not true. I have several visa in my passports for Nigeria as proof, yet still you call it childish. When will you grow up then to believe me and accept my evidence.

        Just for your information, I do address other pastors as well concerning their ways of work about their scheming and deception, so now you know. Why do I have to tell you that ? You have nothing on me, absolutely nothing. You have been trying and trying, but found nothing. Why not admit that you are too proud to believe me of my true testimonies and be a big person now that you can. It’s no shame. What is a shame if you keep denying it against all odds and run after the same endless repetitive post like TB Joshua is a real man of God, until you have been involved long enough, it is acceptable you don’t know what really is going on. Or you are afraid to bite the hand that is feeding you or your gain is better than to be honest and pay honor to what is fact and true. Go on, man up and admit it is not what it is as displayed and projected. I guess you can live with sweeping things under carpet that are not right. If there is true repentance then we can sweep it under carpet with love, until then we will continue to expose charlatans who project themselves better than they really are. There must be a balance. Also you know deep down that what say is true. You doubt my sincerity and my own honor concerning what God is about. When will be the day you will confess and prove that you honor facts and truth. When ?

  5. T B Joshua has graduated from being a false prophet, a false Christ and an antiChrist and now torments the Lord’s people with impunity ! This is appalling and shows that TBJ is on his way to stop every dissent to his synagogue of Satan by whatever means. He does not realize that his days are numbered and that judgment is already upon his head, and will come swiftly, in a moment….!
    Those who think TBJ cannot commit these atrocities don’t know the real TBJ. They are deceived by his appearance and false humility and don’t realize that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who appears as a minister of righteousness but is full of darkness and evil.

    • The way you people talks amaze me,it makes me wonder and question the authenticity of your posts.Look,brother are you a even a christaian? I don’t think so because the way you guys call a man of God satan,antichrist n all is very discouraging.Well it won’t amaze me because Jesus himself was called belzeebub(king of demons) but watch the way you talk,so that you won’t still use your mouth to confess to the world on Emmanuel TV that you were once an accuser of the ministry

  6. Jamie , Any one can make up a story . That Nosa has put his face to the story doesn’t make it more authentic! As a matter of fact , TBJ encourages people to stay in their originating churchs as the church is one body ! If Nosa was beaten inside the church , who were the other witnesses ? Y haven’t they told the story b4 this blog (anything scoan is international big news!) ? Better still, y r there no audio or video corroboration ?At least , Nosa is having his 15 mins of fame !

    • Serendipy, I know this story of Nosa is a real story, The Spirit confirmed me. And about “making-up-stories” , then I have to bring your attention to the one and only master-story-teller; TB Joshua! To his stolen profhesies, his fabricated chatterings, his empty idle talks, his lies and deceivements, his dirty games, and his endless, realy endless tricks and sadistical behaviours. Not to name his ugly and rotten way to deal with girls and women. A sick and paranoia mind, and he becomes worser each day. And no-body seems to be able to do something about it! A profhet with powers as TB Joshua has, and he act as a crazy tiran, is a dangerous, deeply dangerous man!

      • @jamie
        This is true. you have a spirit and your spirit is from the devil, that is why it has confirmed to you.
        At ones you have show where you belong from the pit of hell.
        And no-body seems to be able to destroy tb joshua because the One who is in him,is Greater than the one who is in you jamie!snake and daughter of the devil himself!

      • let me start by saying, i hurt me so much when people lack information and can not use their common sense which is given to everybody, security is a main issue at all times , given the situation in nigeria and coordination is vital for the safety of everybody coming to the SCOAN, since you talk about a stampede in ghana , this guy act in a manner that endanger they security of and the safety of the public if at all he was beaten, its the police not SCOAN , that tells you the gravity of the SCOAN and its impact , why only him was tortured that day if at all he had ever been there, pray for God to broaden you knowledge and way of thinking, i wonder how you guys know how to post this bullshit , hahahahaha, T.B Joshua is here to stay and the SCOAN is not going to collapse as they think, ask yourself this question, is TB Joshua growing or going downhill , we thank you guys for making this advertisement for us for free

      • Whoah, Chico, so you believe it’s totally possible he was tortured at the hands of TBJ’s lackeys, and you’re OK with it?

        In what possible way was him relaying a personal message to one individual reducing safety at SCOAN? What utter nonsense. And yet you use it to justify vile torture. He committed NO crime. It is not a crime to speak to someone. It is not a crime to give them a message one believes is from God. They may believe it or not, but it is not a crime. Certainly not one deserving such horrific abuse.

        Normal people can usually manage to deal with security breaches without brutal torture. Even if a person has to be restrained and physically removed, beatings are unnecessary, vicious, and absolutely 100% disobedient to the Word of God with regards to how we should treat each other.

        If you represent the attitude of TBJ followers, you are a scary cult indeed. You all say “Judge not! Why do you hate TBJ?” and yet you sit here in judgement of a man who committed no crime, and justify his torture at the hands of your master. It is absoltuely disgusting.

      • @ M.,

        In SCOAN it is a crime to talk to someone. Punishment will be. Looked at from swivel eyed angles, ignored, cornered by many, betrayed to TB Joshua to be closer to him, they will attack your property, they will shout at you, they will walk by with high speed steam locomotive steps with out saying anything to you, they will mock you in the group, they will be on some sort of mission that will be highly secret, they will never admit they were wrong themselves, they will never accept you ever again with dignity, they will never trust you again, they will shun you,, they will lie to you, they will constantly tell you the same thing that they are right and you are miserably wrong.

        WHO WANTS TO BE WITH THEM ! As I said before, I have sat, ministered and spoken with murderers, thieves, drug users, mentally ill, prostitutes, failures, homeless, fighters, trouble makers, Hindus, Muslims, Sikh, Scientology, Zoroastrians, Kabbalah, Buddhist,,but none are so proud and sit on a high horse as those who are in SCOAN. After all they claim that only Jesus with them and no-one else. That last is the most preposterous attitude you can find in SCOAN. While there are thousands of true missionaries, ministers, pastors, shepherds, prophets, only SCOAN sticks out as the Church. Only to fall foul in this Scripture that Jesus says all by Himself and we are still being seen as liars.

        John 10:14-17
        I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. 15 As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father:and I lay down my life for the sheep. 16 And other SHEEP I have, which are not of this fold:them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd. 17 Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again.

        The arrogance they have is beyond description and explanation. Then even have the guts to call us devils, while they are serving a II Thessalonians 2 person. How contradictory as well contrary of what all our lives is about and above all with evidence we do none of the atrocities of what he does.

    • @serendipty

      Good work serendipty,100% true.i salute your wisdom.
      You know this people like jamie,their heart is full of hatred,that is why they are no more able to reason very well before posting their lies.
      The demons in them have taken control of their brain, that is why you can see how much their fabricate lies are getting worse in suspicion.
      The devil lied to them, this is just jokes to make people laugh.

      • @ Kiki,

        Yes, yes, yes Kiki, we are all retarded, stupid and ignorant while you all ride on the high spiritual waves of superior IQ and EQ as well the coattails of TB Joshua’s frantic and frenzied endeavour to lure another group into their own incarceration of deception and trickery.

      • @jesse
        thank you false prophet you have discoverd you are retarded.this means everything you are talking about scoan is just delusional because your brain is disturbed somewhere as you claim you had a vision from God and you have a calling to prophesy.We understand where your disorder come from..thank u for clearance

    • @ Chico,

      What rubbish this is you claim ! Is it not SCOAN and its inhabitants that they are having Emmanuel with them as well operating the ahem the infamous Arena of Libertyyyyyy !

      Ladies and Gentlemen on the left corner we see bantam weight Nosa with a mission to tell a message he felt that God saying and obedience went to SCOAN to tell a man of what he felt he had to say.

      On the right corner Ladiesssss and Gentlemennnn, we see the security team SCOAN with red inflamed battons and rusty nails and some adjustable extendable caveman clubs, readddyyy to pounce and smite with Holy Spirit ferocity to raise a standard when the imaginary infested demon devil possessed Nosey Nosa enters to give him a serious uppercuts as well humongous beating that the teeth of him will play the Nigerian anthem in the back of his throat.

      Are we readyyyy to rumble, yes, Ladies and Gentlemennnn and false prophets as well Wuzzmen, lets start the Rumble in the Junglllleee !

      Hallelujahhhh ! Amennn ! Wheeeeeeehhhhhhh !

      Then still telling us, yes, we are liars, we are liars, we are liars, by our hate ye shall know we are liars. On the lyrics of yes, they will know us as Christians, etc etc, ad nauseum and ad hominem as well Zzzzzzzz, going to bed now.

  7. I am suprised by this Nosu guy,he says he received a message from God to deliver a message and he was shown the clothes of the Pastor he was going to deliver the message to but his (God)missed the beatings.His god didn’t tell him about the beatings and I believe if you are a servant of God and something bad happens to you,you would run and tell sinners everywhere what befell you.As you have given scriptures to say they will deliver you to snagogues and to the (scoan),intresting.If you have verses to warn you then why are you Bitter.I am a Zimbabwean and not in any way connected to TB Joshua.If you believe God sent you,go and get beaten brother.You are not the first one,all to the Glory of God

    • Pastor Mupfeka. I once came to scoan with a sended message from God,. I was too in-experienced to understand what the consequenses of releasing the message would be. I became insulted, humiliated, “tested” in the most row and harming ways, they fighted me, try to breack me, and harmed me. With words, with games, with tricks, with the anoiting. I am still recovering . Thank you for your message, to warn us, that releasing a message of God, can lead to our down-fall. No church is teaching about it.

      • @jamie
        why do you say too they beat you to make your lie more scary like the one of this poor man you paid?
        you,daughter of devil himself ,go find your brothers demons in hell and play with them because your playing tricks and lies do not work,you are wasting time in the earth,but you will find a good work in hell that suit your destruction desires.

    • @pastor mupfeka

      This is not the work of this poor man.but it is the work of the devil using his sons and daughter like jamie full of hatred,that is why they come out with such fabricate lies but the devil lied to them,their fabricated lie is too questionable than their previous ones.

  8. why didnt he report to the police?? This story might be true but the way its presented, it leaves a lot of questions in my mind..

    • That’s a fair question – however, the article above only contains a small portion of Nosa’s lengthy testimony. Later in his account he says “Then they tried to frame a charge of attempted kidnap on me while I was later locked up for four days in the nearby police station at Ikotun area command, which of course was so ridiculous that even a judge would have scolded any public prosecutor who would be insane enough to charge such a case to court. ”

      I think that answers your question.

    • @ Jontin,

      It is likely because of this Scripture.

      1 Corinthians 6:1-8
      Chapter 6
      1 Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unjust, and not before the saints? 2 Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters? 3 Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life? 4 If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church. 5 I speak to your shame. Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you? no, not one that shall be able to judge between his brethren? 6 But brother goeth to law with brother, and that before the unbelievers.
      7 Now therefore there is utterly a fault among you, because ye go to law one with another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded? 8 Nay, ye do wrong, and defraud, and that your brethren.

      That is very likely why to prove to the Inhabitants of SCOAN that they are too immature to be able to deal with any matter that is outside the death grip on all things of the dictator and master trickster TB Joshua and insane deceived wacko followers of him.

  9. I saw two examples of violence by the guards when I was there.

    The first was when one of them pulled over a truck driver along that road going down the length of the church. It used to be gravel back then, and he was driving too fast so that it was making a lot of dust that was blowing into the building. When he was pulled over and got out, I saw them talking (I was watching from the upstairs visitor’s kitchen), and then arguing, and then the guard shoved the driver, and made him do the ‘duck walk’. If you can imagine squatting down and having to walk like that with your legs bent, walking like a duck. It gets very difficult. The driver was made to walk like that with the guard slowly walking behind him. Eventually the driver broke down and cried. He was let go after that.

    The other occasion was at a youth event. One of the youth leaders had been the victim of a “sucker punch” – where the assailant had punched him out of the blue and then made off. Fortunately he was caught. When we, the youth disciples, got to the guard room – the one at the back as you cross from the car park to the newlands – we saw the assailant on his knees in the middle of the room. Two or three guards were around him waiting for I think it was the police. They were shouting at him in Yoruba, I think asking him what he did that for. One of them then took a long wire and whip him right across the face. He was standing behind the kneeling boy – who looked around 16 – and the boy was looking defiantly up at him, and he took it right on the face. I am not exaggerating, he did not even blink. At that point, one of the disciples (one of them currently running whats left of the UK branch), told us to all leave (there were two of three others as well).

  10. You left your church to destroy ones hard work, is the white man the only white man in the world God wants in that your church? Nosa your council against TBJ cannot stand because God is with him. Sorry the more you fight him the more he grow strong, due to your fighting against the innocent man God has anointed, the world is coming to his church including you. Mind you no one can do this except God is with him, ( Jesus went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed by the devil for God was with him.) put TB Joshua there as went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil. I am not surprise, the people that attacked Jesus are from Churches too. This man of God has a special anointing which you cannot stop, for God is with him. God is not an author of confusion and cannot not tell you to pull down one who have come to serve him and set his family free. STOP FIGHTING TB JOSHUA GOD IS WITH HIM. ONE WITH GOD IS MAJORITY, THE MORE YOU FIGHT HIM THE MORE HE GROW.

    • Chuks, yes TB Joshua grows as a chancer-parasite. until the moment that his powers will work against him. TB Joshua is NOT innocent, so dont fool us with lofty words about; “how great the God-man Tb Joshua is”, because he is not great,. He is in fact a shadow of what greatness should look like. A man who abuses and uses criminal tools to harm and humiliating innocent people, is NO man- of-God, its a Tiran, a mis-user of his God-ordained qualities. No mister Chuks, tb Joshua is not growing strnger, it just looks as if he does. He will make more great misstakes. And we have Godthank a God, who loves His people more, then a profhet who hardly can count to 10. God will interfere. TB Joshua is a warned man.

      • Hi, I guess you are yet struggling to mount your faith in God.Better pray for forgiveness before it is too late.

  11. What a bogus story. Obviously you people at TB Joshua Watch have run out of ideas. But I thank you because the lies you spread about TB Joshua on your website are one of the things that lead me to know that he is a true man of God. So, God bless you; all your hard work only strengthens the anointing of God’s true servant, Prophet TB Joshua.

    • @joe
      thank you joe.
      @Jamie how do you feel to hear this?your fabricated lie helped joe to know the true man of God.hahaha,is your hatred grown by 101% now when you hear this?your hatred will grow each day until you burst your small brain and your spirit will go to find your father devil in hell!you foolish daughter of devil!

      • Why do you have the need to wish such horrible things on people, Kiki? I believe one day we will stand before our God and while Jesus has paid the price we will still need to face the judgement and understand how our thoughtless actions have hurt others. What would Jesus do? While you may not agree with Jamie or believe Nosa, would Jesus have hoped that their brains would burst? We are all part of Gods wonderful creation and should treat each other as such.

      • @ Claire,

        That is how Kiki is. Kiki constantly wishes us harm. What makes that Kiki then ? A charismatic witchcraft practitioner. Nothing new there is it now ?

        Never learned how to apply practically

        Matthew 5:44
        But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

        I have to do that too, but Kiki tries in every way to get at you, even if you have done nothing. Trying to find the weak spots you might have and then relentlessly frothing about it in Kiki’s posts.

        Thinking then it is the same when we point out the big failures TB Joshua and friends do.

        I mean how many failures has TB Joshua on his name now ? People that are dead, not healed, broken bones, many hurt, trickery, false doctrine, fake deliverances, etc. etc.

        Then we come here to point that out and then Kiki is looking for things in us which are none of those that TB Joshua did with his discussions. So Kiki what foot do you have to stand on concerning me ? What are you accusing me off ? Things like “little fake pastor”, ” you are not as big in notoriety as TB Joshua”, ” using my money to buy healing”, ” I have not been to Lagos”, and many more petty things that do not even make sense. Go-on Kiki, what do you have on me ? Is it that I allowed people to die ? Didn’t get the United Kingdom off the ground, or the USA, or even Africa ? Did not get my friends healed, or rot in their own home ? What else ? How is that compared what you see here on TB Joshua Watch of what I wrote are they lies ? Or even on the other website, where there are stories that are absolutely bizarre. I have never encountered any ministry that is so fanatically promoted. I ask again and again. Did Jesus send out His disciples to do the same. Only once He sent His disciples to tell John the Baptist something who was in prison then, just to confirm about John’s preaching so he could rest the fact the Messiah had come. Then we read about all the Apostles after that. They moved all the time everywhere, didn’t sit all the time between four walls but did the preaching everywhere. You even see David Onwuor doing that. Outside in the wild. But if we hear TB Joshua he can’t be comfortable on the markets, on the fields, in the squares, why, because he can’t control his folk following him ? What authority does he have then ? Or are there not enough fakers available to make up a SCOAN show.

      • Yes indeed. And now Kiki, you are guilty of actually cursing someone, though you denied that your filthy language was cursing. What you just posted certainly is.

        Shame, shame, shame. Tell me again how you have learned love and compassion from TBJ? What kind of love is he teaching you?

      • @claire
        Thank you for your advise but go first and read what this jamie answerd me when i gave my first comment of this article.
        If you are new in this tb joshua haters blog ,i understand you,but first go and read all their comments here and other articles,you will find why i use this words on them unless you are one of them.
        Have you not read that jamie admitted she hates tb joshua
        Can you define the meaning of hatred then?If you hate someone,you wish him bad more than i have written like jamie does.HAtred is more evil than filthy words.

      • M
        prevouisly i wrot you dont have to love your fellow only.
        Then first ask jamie why she admitted of hatting tb joshua then?and jamie too used filthy words on me.Dont take side if you want to show you just.I know who you are,dont try to show your godlyness on me!

      • @jesse
        you ,you know you haven’t finish to reveal all your vision.Dont try to make us forget your vision of teaching wiseman harry and your calling of prophesying if tb joshua do it you can do it too.
        Dont take another direction with your tricks,first continue your work of prophesy you fake prophet.
        Why dont you open Matthew 18:15 and tell us what is written then if all you do is based on the bible?
        Do you love tb joshua fake prophet?why do always escape when this verses is facing you!
        you are crying after claire,that is how kiki is,you want to make your self innocent then,tell her to go and read what you wrote on your foolish article:are people encouraged to stop taking their medication.
        If finds what i have written are worse than what you wrote,i will accept your judgement.
        But if she is here to take side,i dont mind wether you cry out of her to help,i will deal with you all,fake prophet!
        Tell us who win between you and tb joshua then?

      • M
        I didn’t accept filthy are curses,but i took your advice as you want to show you are the master of english language,so thank you for teaching me.Then i want you to toshow me how you have learned your love and compession to tb joshua!

      • Kiki, I am an individual, I do not hate tbj, or you, and have never said or implied such.

        I will take sides. I stand for Biblical accuracy and obedience to Gods word. I will never bow before tbj as we see so often in his videos, and for as long as he allows that, I certainly stand against his behavior. Even the angels of God do not have the arrogance to accept peoples adulation like that.

        When TBJ corrects his theology and practice, and disbands the personality cult he has created, and when his followers cease their threats, insults, and curses against fellow believers, then we will be on the same side.

      • As far as Jamie goes she/he is responsible for their own words, as you are for yours.

        I urge anyone, regardless of opinion, to be cautios of the words they use. If the truth offends, it may offend. But if we stoop to calling each other names, and using curses and vile language, we sin against each other and bring shame to Christ our lord

      • @jesse
        I am not a witch but a witch is someone like you,who claims that God has shown them a vision but their vision are suddenly stopped.Because the one who gave them that vision was the master of witchcraft the devil himself.That is why,when God are not with them,they cant have anymore the power to continue with their vision and lying of beeing prophets of God.

      • M
        If you want to show me your me, you are a mature person guided by justice and love for all people without taking sides.Go straight and write to jamie and jesse ,what you are telling me too.And i will respect you .
        Otherwise your correction on me only is unfair.

      • M
        Please apply Matthew 18:15 on tb joshua and his church if you take right sides and stand for biblical accuracy and obediennce to Gods word..I hope you are not lying by claiming to love us and tb joshua as well.l
        Love is shown by acts,not in just talking.

      • Matthew 18 has been applied already, clearly multiple times, and clearly the man is incorrigible.

        Furthermore, HE makes himself and his falsehoods public, and for his own personal gain. In doing so, HE has removed the issue from the private arena and made it open to public comment.

        I have children to care for. I think I will pass on paying SCOAN a few hundred dollars to get in, and put myself at risk of physical torture, to tell TBJ something he’s already been told and stubbornly refuses to hear.

      • @ Kiki,

        Where did I claim I was a prophet ? Where did I claim I had a Vision. I had a dream, do have my dreams under control ? Can I dictate of what dream ?

        As a matter of fact I have sat opposite Mr Harry at the table in the dining room many years ago and I discussed some Greek with him, since he is a Greek right. So I deemed it the right moment in time to do so.

        And here you come along with your imaginary twisting my posts here about I am now a first order prophet and have visions. Do you see now how willy nilly you are ? All you do is just insulting my intelligence and think you are doing yourself and TB Joshua a favour.

        I can now also sit down here and giggle and laugh myself stiff and twirling around even so much that I have hold myself on the edges of my desk to protect myself not falling of my office chair of my snorting through my big nostrils of your silliness and gobbledygook you snarf out here in every post you write back to me thinking that you have something on me.

        Why can’t you admit that what I say is true. How hard is it now ? Kiki

  12. @jamie
    And you how much can you count you parasite snake!The doors of Heaven will not open for you because you knew to count more than tb joshua do,es.
    You rubbish pharisee,your arrogance and pride shows where you belongyou are a daughter of the devil himself.
    Your hidden color has put to you to shame!go on with your pride and arrogance ,they are the ones which bind your small eyes to see.ash you are distusting!

    • kiki; as I said before, when you have finished you proces of maturing, then we talk again, alright? Maybe you should read your bible more disciplined?

      • @jamie
        ooh,that is strange you talk to me like this?are you not going to make me dross of me then?you thought i will be scared of your mouth full of poisons?the immature people are you,if you knew to read your bible ,you could know that God does not work in fighting argumentally.This is not God who told you to open this blog,but the devil.Go and lie to other people who dont know you.
        Is the bilbe you read told you to hate tb joshua then?oof,make your self a joke! if you want to make me dross of me,continue your nosense comment on me and i will show you how to dross someone!you foolish and fake christian,Go snake ,i will comeback to you if you call me again!

    • @ Kiki,

      Boy, am I glad you are not in charge who goes to heaven or not. I wonder now, if you were that what Revelation says about there were multitudes who worshipped the Lamb, Jesus Christ, the King of kings, The Lord of lords. I was really wondering if we would see only you and TB Joshua and Wuzzmen there and a few disciples.

      Boy, what a WASTE of the Blood of Jesus then on the cross and the total lie in the Scripture of John 3:16. For God so loved the world……

      Jamie, darling, never mind, Kiki is not in charge of the doors of Heaven so don’t let Kiki tell you otherwise lies, then straight after that tell us we are snakes and serpents as well devils. While still thinking in Kiki’s warped head that Kiki has done God a favour as well TB Joshua. Hillariousss ! Scathing, Dude ! Yo, Waikiki, you really are something, I tell ya. A rare breed of totally lost in translation and cant find the doorbell. Even now a bird that flies over my head now twitters it is true what I said, which is in the middle of the night at 1:42 am. We thank God for His creation as well His Voice that speaks through it.

      • @jesse
        a boy is someone who uses kundalina and witch craft power to see a vision teaching wise man harry himself,hahaha
        False prophet jesse ,are you the one who will shut the doors of heaven from tb joshua and followers not to enter?keep crying and looking for someone who will to save you on the days of your big challenges!”oh jamie darling,never mind,kiki is not in charge of the doors of Heaven so don’t let kiki….”hahaha keep crying we are used of your childish mind.hihihiyou fake prophet,how are yours vision today?hahaha

      • @jesse

        false prophet jesse ,why dont you give also your testimony seeing tb joshua beating his disciples with blood-shed all over as if they got hit by a car?hihihi,.
        Give out your testimony also,tbjoshua watch needs more fabricated lies to convince people of their fake rubbish article as real.

    • M
      can you make it clear who used Matthew 18:15 to correct tb joshua and his church and he refuses to hear please?when was that then?Another thing read the whole chapter it says when the one who sinned against you refuses to hear you,take with you other people to convince him.So you are still not following the bible.

      There is no public beatings we see in emmanuel tv in scoan,only tb joshua haters have seen them.So its public for you and your fellow only.
      You have children to care for?oh we understand but you should care also about the kingdom of God about thousands and thousands of people we see in scoan ,who will perish if you dont go there to save them as you are claiming they are in cult!!

      Dont worry i will pay for you all the money scoan will ask you to pay,i know you and jesse you care alot about your money than the kingdom of God.
      Oh they will beat you.hahaha i am not surpised that this claim is coming from tbjoshua haters as you will always have excuses to hide your guilty.
      In emmanuel tv we see thousands of people who go there ,if all of them are beaten,i dont understand why they keep going there and why they haven’t also contact tbjoshuawatch to give their testimonies how tb joshua beat them with blood-shed all over.hihihi.
      M.continue supporting this fake site, none of your excuses can convince as what you are doing here is the right thing from God!!!!!!!!!!

      • @kiki it is fairly well recognised that Matthew 18 is dealing with private sins between two people (“if your brother sins against you…“), not public sins (e.g. fake healing claims, exploiting tragedies by claiming you predicted them) (you can see a good explanation here). Therefore in most of what this site deals with, it is not relevant. However, I do happen to know that TB Joshua has been privately confronted regarding some of the claims of sexual abuse, and it did not end well. Also, I’m sure you are aware how difficult it is to get private time with TB Joshua, so he fairly well protects himself from the possibility of Matt 18 being applied.

  13. TB Joshua is a muslim, false bantu prophet in a jesuit dress. On one of my visits as a guest at scoan, I personally heard a man screaming on the top of his voice, with blood chilling screams. It sounded as if a car drove over him. I was in the dining room at that moment and left everything running towards the sound, to go and help the person. I was physically stopped in my tracks by a disciple, standing in front of me.
    I asked; “What is going on”? The disciples assured me that it is one of the congregation’s naughty children that tbj is disciplining? I thought by myself; “Wow, it sounded more than the are killing the person”. I was very, very disturbed by that throughout my visit that week.
    Another time that I visited – tbj gave us an interview in his office. The 2 minutes ones. His disciples made the mistake of letting me go and sit again on a chair just out of the office, after the interview. Tbj thought that I left. TB Joshua started shouting like a basilisk, to one of his disciple. I could not believe my ears, as he was just so sweet, honey dripped of his lips. Our eyes met and he felt very uncomfortable.
    I also had the privilege to meet one of his security guards, who left him after 8 years. He said to me; “That he personally took a person’s ear of, by hitting him, because tbj wanted that person disciplined!
    Needless to say, after that and other experiences there, I could never get an invitation back to scoan lagos again?!?!
    This is my personal experience there as a guest.

    • Just wonder, yes, this two-side-face is realy about TB joshua. He rebuked a drummer in his music-team this sunday, for having been in a cult in his youth. TB Joshua started firm in confronting the boy, but at the end of his talk he shouted almost hysterical. He could hardly controle him-self. I expereinced the “discipline-treatments”of the profhet. He causes tremendous pains in the body by his anoitings. This pains are almost un-beareble. They are to keep you low and to shut you up. Its qrualty pur sang. I learned to handle this sword-energies, and to remove them . Its the system of a man who loves to inflikt pain, to show his superiority. Its insanity and sadistical.

    • @jamie
      what have i said?dont you see that the devil is decieving you?hahaha these are the most jokes you have ever made.You can be ashame of yourselfs.How come all your scary stories you have never tell them by now.Are you just remembering them just now or you are just fabricating them by now?
      Ashame on you! I thank God who is revealing who you are to the world!keep making more fabricated lies because it will more put you to shame!
      shu!snake and daughter of devil!

      • kiki; I learned the typical african church-language by dealing with scoan. It was new to me, i never heard so many slanderous words as in the scoan-church. No, I dont believe the Europeans are more Holy, I just have the expereince that they are better organized as far as humanly crimes concerns. I can not go to a church here, to become delivered from raping, stealing and more bad. They will send me to the police-station. So you africans have realy a primor on delivering the dirt of humanity.

      • @jamie
        yeah as africans we can deliverc people like you full of hatred and poisons to destroy other people.Your europe words too are not worthy,i dont have to remind you all your chocking words you always deliver against someone who does not even reply you for all the judgements you have fabricate against him.
        One thing we can do,stay in your worthy european then,what are you looking for in africa,why dont you let God to jugde Africa if africa is the worse continent you have ever deal.
        Then what else?why dont you stay in you continent?this is simple to understand.

      • @ Kiki,

        It is clear that Africa and its false prophets are laid bare with their backside up by a humble website as this. Apparently TB Joshua Watch was starting with mosquito bites all over, but is now matured enough to rip the shreds off of a major trickster ministry where everybody is whoring after because of gain and elbowing themselves forward with the greatest lying show on earth. Why don’t you all crawl back under your rock and let TB Joshua watch with their thorough theological proves and real life evidence as well facts carry you all from here to Timbuktu with your silly arguments that try to even scratch the thick leathery elephants skin of us seasoned writers on how we expose abusers in church and deluded inhabitants of a one man band with no elders or no visible true biblical church structure spread out for all to see in I Corinthians 14. No that is not applicable for SCOAN, SCOAN does the highly elevated visibility secret single man dictator cult approach and everybody must abide to it OR ELSE !!! See my other posts in case you still have not grasped it what I mean by it.

      • @ Kiki,

        How come that every well known African pastor to deliver me. You name them, Adeboye, Ashimolowo, Oritsejafor, TB Joshua, Benson Idahosa, Nicholas Duncan Williams, etc. etc. all have laid hands on me, prayed for me and still you call me snake, devil, demon, satan and fake pastor, fake prophet, or whatever. These are ones that you all so worship as THE and HE men of God.

        What is it gonna be ? I am either the Devil incarnate or I am a true Child of God what I always was and am for over 25 years. What makes that you then ? I think you really need to distinguish between what reality is and what not and stop insulting people that are through and through genuine and stand for what they say. Your encounters here are unique with sincere and right to the point worshipper a of Jesus Christ alone yet still you find it doable that none of us is.

        When you jump on Jamie because she said something that might be misconstrued as means for viscous attack from above then I voluntary put myself forward here to defend someone who could be a bit weaker in written expression than you try frantically thrash with all your vile means your have. You are been warned by me right now.

        You or shape up with your Christian vocabulary down here and correct yourself with your expressions that are not applicable or suitable in your Christian life, then I would suggest to my fellow TB Josbua watchers to completely ignore you until you learn how to express your self without speaking harm over others with your acquired words as well the spiritual consequence that are connected to them.

        So Kiki, what will it be ? Shape up will ya ! So, Either put up or shut up. Agreed ? Do we have a deal ? Yes or no ?

      • @ Kiki, on another note, Africans can’t deliver hoot. All they can deliver is empty pieces of paper with nothing on it as well banana’s from their peel.

        Jesus is the only Deliverer that exists. The rest is history. Get your facts right. How many corners of THE SCOAN building do I have to put your nose towards to before you concede ?

  14. @jesse
    Jesse, you seem to forget what you write in your blog posts, let me refresh your memory.

    You claim you sprayed everyone around you with anointed water and nothing happened.
    In a different post you claim to be this big pastor with trips scheduled to go minister to people, yet you could not even pray for yourself, neighbours etc. to be healed.
    That should clearly show you where the problem lies, capeesh! Rather point your finger at yourself

    “Believe me, I have had all these kinds of bottles in different flavours and it did do absolutely nothing on myself, my wife, my family, my neighbours, my friends, and those that I stood proxy for.”

    “I am a pastor and the world at large is my oyster and laid out at my feet, all I need to do is step forward and The Lord will take me where He wants me to be. Done this, Done that, Got the T- Shirt. I know that God is behind and in front of me and has supported me over 25 years now. He has brought me to places in the world that you only can dream about and this year by God grace He will bring me even more and further. Several doors have been opened for me in the next year. Which will bring me to countries I have never been before, all paid for already to minister and interact with the local inhabitants. Just like that. Now who is laughing now ? And who is the child that keeps laughing behind a computer screen now, hihihihahahahohohoho. If God was not with me He would not have done this. So it is better for you to keep your fluttering mouth shut and go in your corner and suck your thumb. Capice !”

    @MrTerrific Whilst you are delivering TB Joshua at the Ghana branch you can answer to the allegations against you as well? The wonderful thing is we will never see you there. Advice – get a proper job and stop promoting MLM scams on your facebook page. You thought nobody noticed before you changed to the new timeline. Advice – get a job – Waiting for a response?

    @tbjoshuawatch You old “scribbler” you, “stay at home mum”. Advice – get a job – Waiting for a response?

    Some more advice old “scribbler”

    1 Timothy 5:13
    Besides, they get into the habit of being idle and going about from house to house. And not only do they become idlers, but also busybodies who talk nonsense, saying things they ought not to.

  15. Nosa osaghae, how much did the tb watch pay you to tell such an unimaginabe lies that even a child can tell is a lie. The money you are paid will finish one day and you would be left with God to judge you. I can conclude that either you are being paid or you are from the kingdom of satan with your message. The people that employ you are ex-disciples from SCOAN, who because of their dubious activities were expelled from SCOAN and formed a group or website known as tb wach. These are grived individuals who wished they could be called back. These include person like amateh alia terific, emma,, jane etc. They pay people to come and testify to lies. Many people delivered come to testify how the demons used them to say all sort of lies against the man of God and the ministry. The demons also confess tthat profet tb joshua is a profet of the most High God. Demons know a real man of God. ( Acts 16 v16-17). Satan knows he has litle time to accomplish his mission so he uses people like nosa, amateh who formed tb watch and luke warm christians to concort unimaginable lies which sounds so stupid and folish. I know it is the handwork of amateh who is capable of doing anything to bring the ministry of tb joshua down. You have failed and you will never succeed, because the one that is in profet tb joshua is greater than the one that is in you.. We watch emmanuel tv and we see awesome miracles- healing, deliverance etc awesome testmonies from people all over the world. If his ministry is not of God, all these signs and wonders that is happening for almost 30 years would not happen The ministry is growing day by day. Emmanuel tv is the most watched tv all over the world, even those who wouldn’t watch it before are glued to it now and believed tb joshua is a real man of God and a profet of the most High God. Tb watch, you are wasting your time and enegy. Reserve your enegy to do better things such as winning souls for christ.

    • I am a winner of souls for Christ, and I Always warn them for the scoan-church. Thats a duty, to protect innocent souls for the ugly way of a God-man who confuses his ego-pretense for The spirit-revelations. I guess africans tolerate much more the wrongs of a God-man, then ever would be possible in europe. They even accept the most violent activities of a church-leader. They even blame a innocent visitor to be evil. Did not the Bible say; to welcome all visitors in a church as if they are Christ Him-self? Tb Joshua can learn a lot from this statement.

      • @jamie
        you are not welcomed in africa,stay in your european holy worthy church.We have had enough of you Betrayers and pharisees people!Why dont you leave alone tb joshua.?Who is after who then if your church are worthy and holy,what were you going to look after in africa?guilty???!!!!If your boyfriends have left you to go and work for God,it is not tb joshua’s fault,go and blame God who brought them there not tb joshua!

      • @ Kiki,

        We will not leave TB Joshua alone, until he openly repents of his sins and will be delivered as well change his ways of ministrations as God requires from every servant he has chosen. Until then we will judge him by his fruits, actions and and not by the “miracles” or “gimmicks” he displays and fabricated as well heretic doctrine rapes.

    • @jesse
      Why are you trying every means to make us forget your vision teaching wise man harry?
      Yes africa have false prophets but now we want to see true europeans prophet and it seems you are one of them.are you not?Tell us your vision please true european prophet jesse.Do you think i have time to read your foolish comments you post using kundalina nolly holly wood power as you did when you had that vision teaching wiseman harry?you want to use your witchcraft on me then?hahaha bye bye false prophet

  16. Why didn’t you post my comments, yes because their is no truth in nosa testimony. You tb watch just sit down and look for people whom you will pay to tell lies against the ministry. It is not Godly. We can’t be deceived by your lies again. You can tell your lies to the marine. God will judge you tb watch for your lies

  17. Amateh (terific) is behind all the bad happenings in SCOAN. Haba! What is this? Can’t u 4give and 4get? You are not a christian, but son of satan

    • Are you admitting that there is something mr terrific needs to forgive tbj? Hmmm. What might that be?

      • kiki, you are so funny! I have to laugh about your reactions all the time! I have right of being angry and I dont slapp, nor torture others. This is not the fist time of bringing-out beatings in scoan, this web-site is full of it. Use your sticky nose to read some of them.

      • I forgive Tb Joshua daily, and when I believe I finally have some rest, the next calamity is on board again. I am seeking for a form to get rid of the effects of his shocking activities at once and for all.

      • @jamie
        tb joshua forgive you too daily,and he is seeking a form in prayers to get rid of all demons that are using you to pour out all your poisons full of destructions.

  18. We all know that tb watch are thesame set of people that write all the comments. They use different names and email to make it look as if they are different people. Amateh alias terific is behind it. You are not fighting tb joshua, but God. You know what it is to fight God

    • @ Florence,

      Hmmm, Why is it that God does not tell me I am fighting Him ? Why is it argumentum ad ignorantiam over and over again. When will it stop the same silly expressions that do not stick in any way or form on anyone here than yourself ?

    • This is VERY, VERY TRUE ! I know Agomoh personally, and I can bet my life that he is speaking the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Shame on you, Temitope Balogun Joshua, your atrocities, manipulations, lies, deceit, hypocrisy, fornications and adulteries will be exposed and you won’t have anywhere to hide under the sun. Confess your sins, repent and ask my Lord Jesus to forgive you and save your wretched soul from burning in hell !

    • Not only do I know the narrator in this video, Agomoh, I also know Kayode, an ex-devotee, who held the title of Chief Reporter ( Liar) to TBJ. They were both faithful devotees to TBJ, and Kayode, who is now the founder of Awakener’s Chapel in Ghana, used to refer to TBJ as ” my master T B Joshua,” until the false prophet slept with his wife, Lola, and got her pregnant. At the time, I found it hard to believe TBJ could do such a thing, but it turned out it was all true…..
      The true men of God confess their sin and receive forgiveness, but TBJ is caught in his own trap of hypocrisy, lies and deceit and does not want his deluded supporters to know his true colours, but it is better for him to confess now and receive forgiveness rather burn in hell ! Shame on you, false prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua !

  19. @nosa.congrat for your courage.as for tbjoshua you may enjoy doing these evils in secret thinking that nobody is wacthing. Jesus is wacthing you. Repent and stop deiceving the lord people.

  20. @Florence,
    Welcome back ! I’ve already forgiven the false prophet, TBJ, and I don’t bear him any grudge, because things have turned out better for me and I give glory to God for turning my situation around for His glory. Romans 8:28. But it pains me that instead of confessing and repenting from his atrocities, TBJ keeps getting worse day after day, and is not satisfied to remain in his humble position as an ordinary false prophet, but has become so pompous and arrogant and now claims to be the “expected messiah,” because he knows that the sheeple would believe anything he says…..

    Whoever follows a false prophet and believes their lies is deceived and would be destroyed, unless they wake up from their slumber and start to examine everything in the light of the Bible, so that the goodness and mercy of the Lord shall follow them. Psalm 23:6. Or else, ” God will send them a strong delusion that they should believe a lie, that they all might be damned who believed not the truth but have pleasure in unrighteousness.” 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12.

  21. There is one prophet in Douala Cameroon known as Prophet Frank, he is a very young man. He acts the same like TB Joshua when he just started his ministry. The way he does healing using his hands to control people like TB Joshua. Infact just the same way TB Joshua started. My problem now is; has God given them the same anointing or the same power to heal? Or does their power come from the same source (if not from God)?

    • 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12. God has sent a strong delusion to these people and that’s why they’re in denial.

    • It is the spirit of Quigon( Chigon ) an ancient Chinese form of healing, and not the Holy Spirit.

    • There are many like him. They jsut don’t have the marketing team that he does.

      Anyone heard of Sign Fireman? Ran across a documentary of him the other day. I see zero differnce between him and TBJ except that he doesn’t have insane numbers of redundant videos on youtube. Oh, and people also call him “Daddy” and his church has experienced “explosive growth” and takes in a truckload of money. He has three luxury vehicles. By the standards of TBJ followers, y’all better consider whether maybe Sign Fireman deserves your loyalty, because he meets all your demands for wealth, “success”, and getting people to throw themselves on the floor and vomit.

    • 1) We don’t post lengthy comments composed of copied and pasted comments from other posts, especially when they bear no relevance to the topic in hand.

      2) I’ve been called lots of things in my life, but Angie is a new one! Who’s Angie? Thanks for the laugh anyway!

  22. I just cant stand it anymore. I dont get how after reading a testimony with a picture attached to it, and real names, people are still in denial. Only God can have enough patience for such idolatrous fools. Im too through. That being said, Father God Yahweh I am asking you, in Jesus’ name, to protect Nosa and his family.

    • elle, I am with you in prayer. Its a mystery to me, what the black christians do to each-other, and what for God-sake the white people have to do with it. The time of slavery and racism has passed long time ago.

    • @ Elle,

      They will, because on them Scripture of

      1 Timothy 4:1-3
      Chapter 4
      1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; 2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; 3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

      Is applicable. I have explained it with Jell-O under the drip of hot water which has created little cracks in the Jell-O that cause the water to go the same track.

      The same is with followers of SCOAN as well the disciples of TB Joshua they just can’t help themselves that they are such zombies, drones as well brain washed to say the same thing.

      It is a pity that their broken needle or their only known vinyl record of saying TB Joshua is a real man of God and what makes me more Yawn by the when I see them over and over again, such posts with absolute no content than this everlasting boring and trite drivel. But as long you have a SCOAN job, I guess that only counts or maybe they are so trashed up they have no intelligence left to do a secular job in the world. Who knows ?

  23. @ those who care to read the truth,

    When we were in Lagos, Ikotun Egbe, main building, one evening late we were sitting outside on a bench in front of the side entrance where the prayer lines are taking place, a main security person came up to us and spoke with us in urgent and insisting speech that it was noted that we were sitting there and that TB Joshua was noticed immediately about that we were there.

    We were urged, co-axed and with persistent gestures from the security that we returned immediately inside the main building, because TB Joshua had demanded that we return inside of the Cathedral. We were shocked and surprised that we were treated like that. Even when we arrived we were collected in both up and down travel times with ARMED GUARDS in front of our transport vans.

    So don’t tell me anything or lies of trying to wriggle yourself out of this true story that has taken place, because I am first hand witness of the harsh treatment that the security guards and that TB Joshua knows exactly what is taking place right there and then when something is happening.

    Take responsibility and admit your failure to represent yourself of the truth that has taken place and stop justifying the issues at hand as the reality that takes place inside and outside SCOAN wall. Stop wriggling and confess your sins of those who write their lying stories on Watch TB Joshua, the uncut truth….

    They keep lying there and even have guts to claim that my wife was married several times while she has married only once and that is with me.

    These lowlives and scum will stop at nothing to twist the truth and use it to their advantage for promoting this brewing hell hole and demon pit where they operate from. I feel it is time to inform the authorities of their persistent lies and filth the keep up dreaming to keep afloat their unholy venture. As God is my witness is my witness I will do so, enough is enough ! I am tired of their lies and scheming and the place they operate from. Anyone else who wants to do so, I would say do it now and bring down that frothing Goliath that keep us taunting by the stone of our Faith !

    • I have informed some christian authorities in his country about the repeated calamities in scoan. I dont expect much response, because I tried it before, and they want to avoid responsibility by saying; “if its against the skriptures, then leave the place”. No-one wants to burn their hands on scoan. It has Always been so in history,. We only have to wait for the next victums. The blind and mad victory of a ‘true’Man of God”.

  24. I Corinthians 5:11

    11 But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be he a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.

    13 But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.

  25. @ those who care to read the truth about Security SCOAN Actions.

    I knew personally a high scholar and friend in theology in Nigeria and is an established PHD and DD and has has written more than 12 theses and numerous books that are available on the market for everyone to buy.

    Before I went to Lagos, we spoke on several occasions about our trip to Lagos and that we would meet up somewhere in New Lands and that we would ask for him that he could have an interaction with TB Joshua and the church.

    As soon as we arrived at the side church entrance the security stopped us and blocked our way. We politely introduced this minister and requested if we could enter the building and make our way to TB Joshua’s office.

    Guess what happened, they all of a sudden went ballistic about that we could not do that and it was not allowed in any way or form. This over protectiveness shows how unreasonable the SCOAN security is. The same counts for Dorcas who was also hell bent to not let us see anything around TB Joshua’s office.

    It proves again and again that I am speaking the truth and that their sinister and evil practices are for all to see through my testimony that what I am saying is true. While they keep lying about how holy they are and better than anyone.

    Then on top accusing me of verbal diarrhoea !!!! I am so tired of their filth and lies they keep producing from that Watch TB Joshua site. They have no shame and no morals to stop at nothing to reproduce their agenda.

  26. @ALL,
    Check out this link about some of the doctrines of demons that the false prophet, TBJ, teaches and practices in his Synagogue of Satan, aka, SCOAN:


    There are many others which we have already explored on this blog, including his latest claim that he is the ” expected messiah.” Of course, TBJ is a false messiah, just like the Lord told us will happen, and prophecy must be fulfilled. Matthew 24:5,11,24; 2 Thess 2:9-11.

  27. My take on this matter, is if Mr. Nosa was battered the way he claimed he was, he would have been hospitalized and would have also had pictures taken for the media to publish. Why hasn’t he pressed charges?

    Again, When you carefully read his story, he swings from refering to a particular person who he went to deliver the message to, to refering to a group of people who he calls (them.) Was the message for one person or a group of people? You want to tell us that these people you claim received the same revelation as you did, watched while you were tortured and they had nothing to say about it? Are they prisoners?

    Again, security guards are not employed for their righteousness, they are security guards, posted to duty posts by professional security outfits end of story, they can sometimes be brutal on suspicion. In these days of bomb blasts at Churches, am surprise they let all kinds of people cross their gate. In my Church, you wont cross the gate without being frisked, even those of us they are familier with. Their is a Police Anti bomb squad present for each service, if you try any nonsence that bothers on the safety of others, they will blast you on the spot.

    • Again, When you carefully read his story, he swings from refering to a particular person who he went to deliver the message to, to refering to a group of people who he calls (them.) Was the message for one person or a group of people?

      Good point. As we said, we edited his account to obscure the identity of the disciple. In the original it had the appropriate male/female pronoun to refer to the individual disciple, we changed that to “them” so the gender of the disciple wasn’t revealed. Clumsy wording, but necessary since the (ex) disciple in question wouldn’t wish to be caught up in the inevitable controversy.

    • Yeah. English doesn’t really have a gender neutral pronoun so we’re left with the very awkward “them” if we don’t want to indicate gender in describing someone. Either that or she/he-him/her which is also awkward.

      That aside, it makes me really sad to see such defense of violence. You will be “blasted on the spot” for speaking to someone??? I can understand defending others against violent aggression like a gun or a bomb. I can understand that in certain countries physical violence against Christians in churches is a real threat. OK. Got that. Security is useful.

      But you all are defending violence for the “crime” of speaking to someone about something God has laid on a person’s heart regarding them. I am absolutely stunned and horrified. What you are defending is brutal recrimination against a *fellow believer* who committed no crime, made no threats, had no intention of causing a clammer, but simply had a conviction to speak a quiet word to someone who happened to be a member of SCOAN. And for that, you think it is entirely appropriate that they should be beaten and abused.

      Do you not see how irrational and crazy that is? Do you not see how clearly unBiblical that is? How disobedient fo Jesus, who you claim is your Lord? If you have to choose between Jesus’ commands, and between retaining all members at SCOAN even if it is by violent means, you are going to choose TBJ? Really?

  28. Hi guys pice & love from God understanding & discerning the age & time from holy spirit I wish you all I see the comment from mr nosa you know someone with unbelieve he training too make money by terrifying the ministry if he doesn’t get what he went can toke lie. mr nosa as he say if et happen why don’t left scar in his face did he have police report. ? Hospital? too me without all this caind of evidence too post in your site is rong wish you beast b b

  29. I have been reading your interesting comments. As much as I do not hate or dislike the Prophet Joshua, in fact I like the man for his charm; however, I will not deny the truth or stand when I know what is perfectly true is trampled on the ground or made to be taken as a lie. I believe what this Nosa man is saying because I witnessed one such incident when I visited the SCOAN earlier this year.

    I applied online to visit the church but for some reason they rejected us (I am an African American) so I decided to go anyway on adventure to Africa just to see what the church was all about. We rented a hotel about 7 blocks from the church not anything to write home about but descent enough. We had to sit outside on the canopy because we came to the church late from our hotel rooms, not late per se but later than 80% people there b/cos I heard people start coming to the church as early as 12am.

    On that fateful day we just wanted to walk around the church to see the environs, I and my cousin, all of a sudden the crowd started running around, the Prophet TB Joshua was coming towards the canopy area towards us, you can see from his looks that he did not come to pray or minister to anyone since he looked casual with shorts and T-shirt surrounded by men carrying shovel like they were digging around for something. We stopped to see what was happening, it was on a Thursday, instantly we heard a cry like a loud howling of pain and people turned to see where the noise came from we saw the security guys seriously beating up this lady – she was a local, I will say in her late twenties.

    They were hitting her mercilessly and blood was spurting from her face, even with the Prophet around a few yards away, but he, the Prophet pretended like he did not see them.
    People like us that stood to watch the beatings were told to leave the area by some of the other security men that were supporting their boys. Later they pushed the lady into their car and drove her to the main street in front of the church and dumped her by the corner and put two of them to watch her that she does not come back into the corner street leading to the church building and entrance. I was in shock, I asked people what the girl did, no one really knew, but my cousin said she probably wanted to touch the prophet or break through to him.

    My question is do mere “security guards” have the right to beat up a citizen that bad without consequences even in a country with no accountability like Nigeria? It was terrible see that woman’s face, and I was disappointed that the Prophet saw and knew what his security guards were doing to her and chose to ignore it, what’s up with the love thing he is always preaching and talking about? At least he should have intervened and told the security guys to stop the ruthless beating and just chase her out of the area if she was being rowdy or whatever. Sad.

    • conny, thank you for your story. You have seen the other side of “the carming personality” of tb Joshua. . Its a shocking sad story you have seen, and its a good warning . Like the story of Nosa is a warning. Stay away from this church.

    • Connie,
      Thanks for sharing, but this TBJ is not a prophet but an ordinary conman and a false prophet who is riding high on the ignorance of people. I tell you he is the one who authorized the beating of this poor lady, but he pretends he did not even know anything about it. As a matter of fact, he loves it ! The way I see it, he wanted to silence and intimidate this lady. Perhaps the lady had something to expose about him ? Whatever it is, you have seen with your own eyes that this monster TBJ, is not the man deceived people think he is, but a messenger of Satan who would stop at nothing to project his name to ignorant people. We have seen and testify that TBJ is a liar, hypocrite, fornicator, adulterer, false prophet, false messiah and a false teacher who teaches many doctrines of demons to mislead the Lord’s people but, ” woe unto the pastors who destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture, says the Lord.” Jeremiah 23:1.

    • My question in this is, why does a professed servant of the Lord Jesus Christ force people to complete an application before they come to see him, like he some rare breed animal in a zoo? Why do you have to be screen to go to a house of prayer to pray?

      This is truly pathetic, this thing called church has been turned into a monster! The institution and the buildings and the mega men that run them. They are not servants to the people anymore but go about with armed body guards to guard them against the people they are supposed to be serving in case any break out and touch their dignified bodies with dirty hands.

      • SCOAN is not a house of prayer, but a synagogue of Satan and that’s why they behave the way they do. But alas, there are too many deluded people who would fall for this stupidity rather than study their Bibles for themselves.

    • Imagine having to complete an application, get yourself screened, and be approved or rejected before you could see Apostle Peter, John, Paul, etc. to get them to preach the kingdom of God and his righteousness to you.

      What happened to Jesus’ commandment to go “OUT” and teach all nations, Matt 28:19??? Not be holed up in a fortress like a zoo animal, and approve or reject who comes to see you.

      • This screening process is to enable tBJ to get your information so they can relay it back to you as a ” vision,” or ” prophecy,” or a ” word from the Lord,” when you get to Lagos !

  30. @ All,

    This is what they don’t want to post on the other website so I am trying it here and it is proof of them lying and protecting a false prophet and a liar.

    @ Doi,

    Half of my posts are not posted, so how could I defend myself. Hypocrites.

    What about the post when TB Joshua “prophesied” over my wife and Martin Ncube was alleging that my wife was a liar.


    So the prophecy was a lie. I gave extensive evidence with proof of a apostille stamp that YOU DON’T GET IF YOU WERE MARRIED BEFORE ON YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE ESPECIALLY WHEN IT IS THE ONLY ONE EXISTING THAT IS. Which is now in my marriage book.

    You are all defending a false prophet and a liar, admit it and get off my case I am a snake.

    The above sentence is for Watch TB Joshua not TBJW.

  31. @ @

    I have been on that website and you don’t post my posts there. So I posted it here. The proof is from the mouths’ horse and that is me and my wife, not from your lying false prophet that got it wrong.

    Admit you are wrong and that you follow a ministry called the Synagogue of All Liars.

    All I want to derail is Watch TB Joshua website with their desperate serial liars who defend a liar in prophe lying. Again I prove with evidence that it is not the Holy Spirit that spoke there.

  32. In my own point of view, I think Mr Nosa should be made to undergo servral medical test. Secoundly, he is the false prophet as he claimed in the passage above.He was just making all these noise just to win a quarrel. I have been to SCOAN for more than 4 times and i can confidently tell the whole world is obtainable. May God save his soul from condemnation.

  33. Besides, the corrupt Nigerian system has been bought over and silenced by the false prophet, TBJ, and now he wants to extend the same thing to Ghana, but we have stopped him and will continue to expose him in the Ghanaian media until he comes out with his public confessions ! Re-educating generations of people who have been deceived and brainwashed by false prophets, pastors, bishops and archbishops is a herculean task, but with the Lord on our side, we shall overcome !

  34. There’s no office in scriptures as “critics” you guys are just being used to destroy. With only few people who feel being wrong by scoan compared to millions being blessd all over the world you guys should find a better “ministry” to blessd rather than poke nosing into others. Do you think you are right? No. You ppl are just end time frustraters of grace, repent and find a better way to channel ur gifts rather than sitting, watching others instead of doing ur own ministry. Are U called by God to do what you are doing, even our Lord Jesus prophesis doom (Matt. 24) so what is ur underworld problem with scoan?

    • You have never heard about the ministry of the watchman, and no wonder because your own ” pastor,” Ben Eshun of Ghana, trained by TBJ, did not know anything about it either, until he visited this blog and was taught the ministry of the watchmen. Read Ezekiel 3:17-21; Jeremiah 6:17.
      Watchmen are not critics but are sent to warn the Lord’s people about false prophets and their false doctrines and call people to repentance. Tell TBJ to confess his atrocities and repent, and stop deceiving and fleecing the Lord’s people, instead of getting mad at us !

  35. On the other hand, even if its 10 years ago, I still believe the incident did happen.

    By the way, what’s up with the DISCIPLE thing? “Disciples” this and “disciples” that. I am sick and tired of the word when it is associated with SCOAN. What an audacity for a mere man to call his fellow servants in the vineyard of God, his “disciples” after Our Lord God Jesus Christ, like he is some god that should be reverence and worshipped.

    Jesus Christ himself even said that he that must be greatest in the kingdom of God must be the servant of all, why call your fellow servants, regardless of age in the work of God, your “disciples” and allow them to call you their “Master”, when the Lord Jesus himself said we should call no man Master here in earth, Matthew 23:10

  36. Come out of these death camps called churches with your cash called “tithes” people, these leeches are draining you dry! You are paying them for just memorizing a couple of bible passages a week and regurgitating it back to you. Read the bible yourself and learn. No need for an extra terrestrial man who claims to be closer to God than Jesus Christ himself to pray for you, it is all a lie. You can talk to God yourself and He will hear, don’t be lazy.

    • Thank you, beloved sister, for your wisdom and sound advice, but would the deceived and deluded people listen ?

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  38. To those that speak against T. B Joshua, I want to ask u 1 question, is it his teaching, his Love for Christ, his free aid to the needy, the confession of satanic and demonic agent or the instant manifestation in Glory of the Holy Spirit that made him names you call him?. Christ had suffer such and persecution from men that hate the truth, so whatever name, they call him is not new to sincere men of God. To me Sr. Prophet T. B. Joshua is in Lineage of the Saint.

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  40. I read this mans story…have been to scoan, what he wrote is untrue!!! Even your so called ex disciple story is bogus! Honestly…I witnessed TBJoshou taking time out to thank everybody for helping @ the SCOAN, reminding everybody to read the word of God and always put God first! Something many pastors would not do, all they care about is their fancy cars,houses, and bank accounts! They take their workers for granted! Not this man of God…he is humble,simple and down to earth, never speaks bad of anyone! As for the prayer bench he never said buy it @ scoan, he said he wud post instructions of how its made, ppl can make it themselves across the world, what is wrong with you ppl? Turning everything he says around? And he never discredited wise man John Chi…all he said was don’t tempt the devil to tempt you…don’t only pray for him but pray for us as well…they all need our prayers!

  41. Why can’t yu bring your on god on the scene to expose him if he is in darkness. “please if yu have got nothing to write pray for mess and divine favour from your ignorence.

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