Repost: Boko Haram prophecy: How did TB Joshua get it so wrong?

Following the state of emergency declared in Nigeria by President Goodluck Jonathan due to continued violence from Boko Haram, we revisit a post originally published a year ago examining TB Joshua’s tragically incorrect prophecy regarding terrorist group Boko Haram. More than a year on from the date TB Joshua claimed everyone would have forgotten about Boko Haram, the situation is getting worse and worse.

TB Joshua boasts of his gift of predicting football results and the death of politicians and popstars. But when he made a prediction about one of the most pressing and crucial issues facing Nigeria today, he got it completely wrong.

At the end of 2011, TB Joshua confidently proclaimed that bombing and terrorism would no longer be a problem for Nigeria in 2012. This was in reference to the terror campaign of Boko Haram, the northern Nigerian terrorist group.

“The burning and bombing that is happening, by January, February, March, everybody will forget about this.” -TB Joshua, Dec 2011.

This is one prophecy that we wish TB Joshua had got right. But unfortunately he couldn’t have been more mistaken. Since then, Boko Haram have only escalated their campaign of terror, and the death toll has been devastating.

-Boko Haram carry out what was one of their worst actions yet, killing 256 in a string of attacks.

-Boko Haram attack a prison in Kogi, freeing 119 prisoners, including seven of its own members.

-Boko Haram kill seven in a North Eastern Market
-Boko Haram launch an attack on the border with cameroon, killing Cameroonian soldiers.

-Boko Haram carry out an easter bomb attack on churches.
-Boko Haram attack the offices of a newspaper.

-Boko Haram attack university students.
-Boko Haram release statement promising they will escalate their campaign and ’devour’ president Goodluck Jonathan.

When TB Joshua’s prophecies coincide with reality, his followers claim that this is proof of his divine gift. SCOAN release cleverly edited videos bragging about their accuracy. However, they keep very quiet when his prophecies turn out to be completely wrong. This is just one example of this.

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  1. Shame on you, T B Joshua ! False prophet and great deception of Nigeria and Africa, we will continue to expose you until you make your confession to the whole world that you are a false prophet and a liar and a deceiver. Repent now, and ask the Lord Jesus for forgiveness and salvation, otherwise the Lord will hammer your head and break it to pieces !

    • why focus on TB Joshua instead of preaching the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ.3+3+3=1
      he died, buried and resurrected for your salvation. Please fellow Christians lets not fight each other we must win souls to the living Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. from Aden- Matsulu South Africa

    • Some people out there still believe that anything from Africa is black even the diamond is black not to mention a Prophet. What about other religions, are they true from God?

  2. TBJ’s supporters, please come out to defend your fake prophet on this fake prophecy about Boko Haram. Is it getting better or worse ? Tell TBJ to stop prophesying lies and deceiving the people and giving them false hopes. Tell him to give us more results of football matches, or better still, lotto results !

  3. you all can continue writing/accusing and condemning A prophet. but one thing is clear. you are certainly being used by the devil himself. no God fearing christian will engage in your actions cos it doesn’t make anyone become bornagain, or teach God’s children the way to the kingdom. it never talks about Jesus christ and His teachings and the way to abstain from sin. all you do is condemn! not just condemning but condemning just one man of God like He is the only one on earth. what should we call this? selfishness, wickedness,unfaithfulness in the highest order. the truth remains. no matter what you say about T.B. Joshua, He remains God’s sent to this generation and you can never bring Him down, no matter how hard you try. accept your faith and get better things doing for yourselves instead of talking about a particular person on the net when there are thousands upon thousands in Nigeria and the world at large. condemning just one prophet wouln’t help God’s people. forget about these! preach the word and change lives. instead of sitting on the computer all day looking for the wrongs of a particular person. which is better to say without provoking the Almighty; A true prophet is false, or a false prophet is true?

    • @ Doi,

      Even this video proves that the choir of TB Joshua is just copycatting the real true worship that takes place throughout the world for you to see. The Presence of God was as thick as honey. Everything is just tainted by self grandeur in SCOAN. When will you wake up ? When ?

      The real deal up there, Doi. Right there.

    • @ Doi

      You have atually managed to say nothing in so many words. Politicians do this all the time. Students in school do this when they don’t have an answer to the question at hand. Your whole comment doesn’t even begin to even slightly tackle the issue at hand. Please try again Doi and this time try to address the article.

      Which one is a lie here Doi? The article or the prophecy?

      • mr general i do not see any issue here. no one can sit on the net publishing what a prophet proclaim without the full knowlege of the efforts that have been put in place, or the agreement made between the prophet and those who the prophecy concern. its definately not everything that can be said in the open. it is better not to speak than you addressing an issue you have little or no knowlege about.
        now you encourage these authors to take the position of God on earth. instead rebucking this evil and satanic act. and have them preach the word to save lives.

      • Hi Doi, I hope you are well

        Which one is a lie here? The article or the prophecy?

        There is a very interesting comment below by SERENDIPITY
        He/she said: “I am a strong supporter of TB joshua but he indeed got this one wrong…”

        This is indefensible, just like the the champions league prophecy.
        But go on give us the explanation since we “have little or no knowlege about” the issue.

        “now you encourage these authors to take the position of God on earth. instead rebucking this evil and satanic act. and have them preach the word to save lives.”

        What is the “word to save lives”? is it the theology that TBJ is the reigning messiah? Or TBJ is the second coming of christ?
        If you can read all the comments in this site you’ll be amazed at the huge attention given to the scriptures (Acts 17:11) and more importantly to JESUS as THE MESSIAH. You on other hand encourage WTBJ (the most heretic site) to publish blasphemous articles worshipping TBJ, the most deceptive & evil theology that can’t be supported Biblically. So your statement lacks credibility whatsoever & I’m not even slightly moved.

    • My brother tell them,why i’m not worried is that it is not upto what christ our savior saw when he was on earth. So i think the best thing is silent which is the best answer to fools like them. God bless you!



    • Do you want the false prophets to continue deceiving and fleecing the Lord’s people ? Are you on the Lord’s side or are you for Satan ? All we’re trying to do is to warn the Lord’s people about the false prophet, TBJ. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and must be exposed, but you have a choice, whether to believe him or not.

      • Mr Terrific, if you are wrong according TB Joshua I warn you, you will end up in hell for your false accusations and hatred because slanderers wil not inherit Heaven.

      • @ Candle Holder,

        All contenders for the Faith will inherit the Kingdom of God, because all will be saved by Faith.

        Mr. T is a contender for the Faith and he is accepted in the Beloved and God no longer loves Jesus more than He loves us.


  5. @ All,

    Has everyone noticed when you expose false and deceptive matter, they get mad and angry and all if a sudden they don’t want to hear it anymore ?

    So much of their own consciousness willingly to be seared with a hit iron. Not willing they were deceived after all. Is II Thessalonians 2 really proving it’s true content here for all to see ? We thank God for revealing to us bit by bit the facts put in front for everyone to see.

    Remember this guys,

    Jeremiah 23:29-40
    Is not my word like as a fire? saith the Lord; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces? 30 Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, saith the Lord, that steal my words every one from his neighbour. 31 Behold, I am against the prophets, saith the Lord, that use their tongues, and say, He saith. 32 Behold, I am against them that prophesy false dreams, saith the Lord, and do tell them, and cause my people to err by their lies, and by their lightness; yet I sent them not, nor commanded them:therefore they shall not profit this people at all, saith the Lord.
    33 And when this people, or the prophet, or a priest, shall ask thee, saying, What is the burden of the Lord? thou shalt then say unto them, What burden? I will even forsake you, saith the Lord. 34 And as for the prophet, and the priest, and the people, that shall say, The burden of the Lord, I will even punish that man and his house. 35 Thus shall ye say every one to his neighbour, and every one to his brother, What hath the Lord answered? and, What hath the Lord spoken? 36 And the burden of the Lord shall ye mention no more:for every man’s word shall be his burden; for ye have perverted the words of the living God, of the Lord of hosts our God. 37 Thus shalt thou say to the prophet, What hath the Lord answered thee? and, What hath the Lord spoken? 38 But since ye say, The burden of the Lord; therefore thus saith the Lord; Because ye say this word, The burden of the Lord, and I have sent unto you, saying, Ye shall not say, The burden of the Lord; 39 Therefore, behold, I, even I, will utterly forget you, and I will forsake you, and the city that I gave you and your fathers, and cast you out of my presence:40 And I will bring an everlasting reproach upon you, and a perpetual shame, which shall not be forgotten.

  6. I am a strong supporter of TB joshua but he indeed got this one wrong( or at least appeared so ) . For one who is almost always perfectly accurate ; this is an exception rather than the rule and would appear a human error !
    What is unclear is why this is being over celebrated by TB Joshua Watch; which depicts a more sinister motive !!

    • @ Serendipity,

      “What is unclear is why this is being over celebrated by TB Joshua Watch; which depicts a more sinister motive !!”

      I for myself want to prove you that he is human after all and not as you all think he is beyond that. Which is rampant over the internet and THAT is sinister motive.

      This website is just proving again and again that we are dealing with an impostor that fooled all of you by letting you think he is infallible.

      And if you paid attention to the other articles and those that are testifying here who have been in close proximity with him you would see many, many more questionable acts of him, but how clear does it have to be ? Why would you not accept people that are straight forward.

      There is absolutely no alternative motive here from me than testing, trying, investigating the alleged “men of God” claims. What is wrong with that ?

      We know from all this that there is rather an alternative motive from the side of SCOAN followers which want to hype, promote, advertise all things SCOAN. Just because there are things happening. But those things that are happening are deeply questionable of the real thing that is flowing out of the Holy Spirit.

      I myself have pointed out several things that can be proven by them to go outside to the market places, libraries, hospitals, public squares and demonstrate the alleged “miracles, prophecies, healing, deliverances” in public at random and on random people. Then we can say this is God doing something. We all know this is how Jesus operated, went from place to place and proved His validity He truly was the Son of God and the One and only Messiah that was prophesied throughout Scripture. And if you can’t see the difference, you never will, because that is the criteria I have set as proof. Not between 4 walls and the use of technology where everything can be orchestrated at will or by own desire to tweak, twist and make the outcome favourable for one that is behind such.

      Tell me how often was Jesus in any Synagogue ? Just do some study how much He travelled around in Israel and that just by walking only and the same for Paul and Barnabas and Peter. What do you see ? Not a in the wind fluttering white garment clothed Mr. TB Joshua as on videos who has now pulled the wool over your eyes by letting you believe he is the one that was to come.

      Why does he not want to be investigated where he got his powers from and how similar they are to Kundalini Powers and Reiki and even their explanation of their symbols, especially when you look at the last release of the “new anointing water”. When will there be a team allowed that he can demonstrate his alleged deliverances, miracles, healings, in front of a medical team and journalists and TV crews, in a building chosen by them with checking every sick, demon possesed, problem independently and by independent doctors and scientists.

      He never wants to, he clearly has something to hide what he cannot produce outside his safe ivory tower and other buildings that are organized meetings by SCOAN.

      I challenge that here, when will I get an answer and proof that he and wisemen is willing to do so. Until then I will brandish him a deceiver, charlatan, cheater and a fake. Just one thing. It is not so that I HAVE TO see miracles before I believe, but rather if it is real as you all claim then there would not be a problem there would there now ? I am sure Jesus would take the challenge if He were alive today. Why doesn’t he ?

      Don’t come with a Scripture as excuse like: Matthew 16:4 A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.

      I am not seeking for a sign. I am seeking the Truth, the Absolute Truth and evidence. Not as in a Thomas, but as me, the writer of this post, because I believe and are convinced we are being lied to. That’s all.

      If you of SCOAN going out on a limb to promote him for the sake of the coffers and that it is truly God, then this should not be a problem or issue. No sinister motive at all. Just to establish what is true and what not.

      • @Jesse
        May 16, 2013 4:56 pm
        U really are an interesting character ! U replied my article in paragraphs which will make my re-reply easier . In order not to make my re-reply too bulky , I will respond paragraph by paragraph according to your post without quoting you all over again !

        What is rampant all over the internet is not important,{ Even “mere” Doctors are held in great awe not to talk more of one who is today the most gifted man of God in the World(If there is any so gifted , it will be interesting to know but even the Bible says “a lamp cannot be hidden”)}; but what he says of himself and he has NEVER said he is not human !

        An Imposter? – I disagree . Infallible – he has indeed made reference to this
        but has also made reference to everyone(including himself) having a human and divine nature. Certainly , the Holy Spirit speaking through his divine nature is infallible and his human nature like the rest of us has it”s shortcomings . TBJoshua often alludes to his human weaknesses(it”s hard to get more humble than that!!)In any case ,as i said before ,this is more an exception.

        I leave the 3rd paragraph to the SCOAN followers you refer to, to respond .

        ” “miracles, prophecies, healing, deliverances” in public at random and on random people. Then we can say this is God doing something. We all know this is how Jesus operated, went from place to place and proved His validity’.” and “Not between 4 walls and the use of technology where everything can be orchestrated at will or by own desire to tweak, twist and make the outcome favourable for one that is behind such.” and also “Why does he not want to be investigated where he got his powers from “. Even Jesus, did not pick people at random! He went about preaching and ALL who were desirous took a step of FAITH, so much so that he could do no miracle in his hometown because of unbelief ! In a free for all entry, SCOAN Lagos and LIVE in front of thousands of congregants and millions worldwide, services; It is certainly banal , if not mischievous, for any one to speak of techno deceit OR being prevented from investigating or worse still,something to hide!

      • @ Serendipity,

        I took dozens of steps in sincerity and faith, only to be disappointed in SCOAN over and over again. In truth I took many steps before I joined SCOAN and many, many miraculous things were happening. I can sincerely write concerning SCOAN, I came home empty handed, spiritually, mentally as well physically. So yes I can say this with honest heart. So did many others who write here and witness of the same feat. Also I tried the claimed “anointed water” also to be disappointed of doing absolutely nothing for me, my wife, my family, my neighbours, friends, people I stood proxy for, people abroad and shops. They all are not sincere if I read your reply. Would you want to brand us and them liars ? How come that those who were involved have the same experience that it just does not happen or work yet anyone in SCOAN or is attached to SCOAN books so to speak “credible” results ? Even we were attached and joined into SCOAN, the years ticked by, the excuses were by the truckloads and the favourite one was, I am not God.

        Concerning the in dwelling of the Holy Spirit. I am baptised in water as well in the Holy Siprit, but that does not allow me to claim of what I say is infallible or even to presume this is so. In the bible there are several disciples Baptized in the Holy Spirit yet they were on several occasions opposed. TB Joshua is a mortal man pedestalized by his followers as a Demi-god and it is time he addresses that including the fake deliverances as well Idolizing of him by his followers and those who observe him.

        Further I have seen nothing that other Pastors, Prophets, Shepherds, Evangelists or Apostles are doing. Not everyone is so fanatically documenting like he does. If he did not have all that equipment, only people around Lagos would know him. It is clear that the medium of technology is vehemently used to promote the church and not for to proclaim the Gospel that Jesus came to save the people. The way that they do it is contrary Scripture as well the right doctrines, the focus is clearly wrong.

      • @Jesse
        May 18, 2013 9:39 pm
        It is unclear why your experience and some others have been the way it is . Only God knows and whom ever He may be willing to reveal to . It is also not unlikely , in your heart of hearts , you may have some idea . Nevertheless , the experience of a few can not invalidate the experience of many more !!! TB Joshua himself often remarks that deliverance etc only works for those who have made up their minds to follow Jesus !

        Baptized in the Holy Spirit or not , there is nothing wrong with opposition . I have already given examples of Biblical false messages given by True Prophets of God (1) 1st Kings 13 and (2) 2nd Chronicles 18 . By now you should be aware there is a good will , a permissible will and a perfect will of God !
        No matter how TB Joshua tries , He can only discourage NOT stop people from so idolizing . It is unlikely there is any other church Worldwide where “Thank you , Jesus” and “Glory be to Jesus” is mentioned as often , yet some will continue to idolize TBJ ! TBJ often openly strenuously deflects unnecessary adulation from himself/the wisemen or the SCOAN – repeating often , he is just a man and the SCOAN is not the only living church !! It is not for nothing God had Moses buried in a place unknown to any man ! As it was , human nature then ; so it is today !
        “Further I have seen nothing that other Pastors, Prophets, Shepherds, Evangelists or Apostles are doing. Not everyone is so fanatically documenting like he does. ” Really : I make bold to say NO OTHER ministry is doing what TBJ ministries is doing on the same scope or scale . I DARE you to prove otherwise ! Often , the main reason they are not documenting anything is bcos there is little or nothing to document . There is no shortage of inspirational speakers of the word of God but deliverers, healers, prophets -No, no !With many Christians worldwide dismissing these gifts as mere history or “power as of old”,TBJs documentation continues to show Jesus same yesterday, today and forever !!!

      • @ Serendipty,

        Have they also documented the 4 that died in Accra, Ghana, and the many injured, the broken leg one and the instant raising them from the dead, the injured instantly healed, the broken leg healed ?

        Would be easy peasy with such “powerful” claimed “anointed” water. Serendipity put your actions where your mouth is.

        This unfortunately incident that the few have created headlines all over the world for everyone to see that SCOAN is a source of grief to families with their hyped up “anointed” “prufit” from Lagos that all of a sudden went berserker with useless bottled water that has cost lives if innocent families. Document that in detail and play it every day in front of your nose.

        No “anointed water” NO STAMPEDE ! 100% Guilty as charged !

        What is the point of compensating the families for their loss ? and why is he such a coward to show his face to the bereaved ? Do you want me to be have respect for him for such a pastor ? Be sincere, man, you are not serious are you now ? Get out of this disaster while you still can.

        How many people did Jesus loose ? Did He not pray to loose not any of them ? This was not the daily prayer of your master you serve ? Clearly not. Shepherd ? My foot ! Go study Psalm 23 and John 10 and know that is how it works. Proof that your idol was a human mortal after all with failures like anyone of us. Welcome to planet Earth.

      • pls n pls if u cannot understand the prophets message keep shut. Every prophetic word has condition attached to it. This particular one was that BH bloodshed will stop if the body of christ will unite in love n come togther n pray then God will avert it. Unfortunately, instead of unity, we are here criticizing ourselves. Still yet no one is profering solution to this problem. The fact is that two can’t walk together except there be agreement. Instead id hatred lets learn to exhibit the love of christ.

    • For your information, this is not the only false prophecy uttered by TBJ the 419 scammer. He has made hundreds of them and that makes him a false prophet hundreds of times. Remember, it takes only one false prophecy to make one a false prophet, just like it takes only one lie to make one a liar !

  7. The Holy Spirit Commands us to test the spirits.
    So if He – the Holy Spirit – is amongst the spirits, He, The Holy Spirit, is not afraid to be tested by men;


    “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world” – 1John4:1

    “Let two or three prophets speak and let the others pass judgment” – 1 Corinthians 14:29
    “Now the Berean-Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true” –Acts 17:1.

    Why are we not allowed to test what TB Joshua says or teaches.
    He is not untouchable, like he wants you and his disciples to believe.
    If you do not test TB Joshua, you are against the Bible!
    We are taking the time out of our busy schedules to warn you that tbj is deceiving you straight into hell.
    It is for the salvation, deliverance and healing of your own souls that we take the time to warn you.
    We have examined tbj’s prophecies and teachings in the light of God’s Word and found him a liar and master deceiver.
    Come out of his cult quickly.
    For your own good.

  8. Doi,
    …preach the word and change lives…

    Please go and read the word of God, that we have put on this blog to show the world the way back to God, before you make false accusations!

    Maybe you can even benefit from it yourself.

  9. Jesse,
    …Has everyone noticed when you expose false and deceptive matter, they get mad and angry and all if a sudden they don’t want to hear it anymore ?…

    Ya, I have even discussed it with others and we have come to the conclusion that the truth hurts so much that they cannot face it. The disillusionment in their super imposed “prophet” is too much. So the reaction is anger…. or denial. Remember he is an abusive cult leader and they are not even allowed to think anything negative about him.
    Or they will come out in boils……………


    …For one who is almost always perfectly accurate ; this is an exception rather than the rule and would appear a human error !…

    Please show me in the Bible, where the prophets of God were almost always perfectly accurate; or – ooooo…ohps – where they made a human error in there prophecies like TB Joshua did?

    Was it Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah, Samuel or John the Baptist etc. etc……………….

    It would be interesting to know!

    I never saw something like that in the Bible yet?

    • We all are still Bible students ! while I can not now quote specific chapters/verses , do know that in the book of Kings , in one narrative , an older prophet prophesied(which was a lie) to another prophet and misdirected the latter from the commandment of God resulting in the death of the latter and a Lion and an ass standing beside his carcass ! Also in Kings in the narrative concerning King Ahab , 400 prophets were moved by a spirit from God to lie to encourage the King of Judah go into a battle he would lose in order to fulfil God’s plan to end the reign of that King !

      • @ Serendipity,
        This is just a simple case of lying and false prophets and has nothing to do with the true prophets of God. God’s true prophets always spoke the truth !

      • God is not a man that He should lie. Numbers 23:19. Are you trying to call God a liar, Serendipity ? Remember, the only lying prophets are TBJ and his likes, not true men of God.

      • @ Serendipity,

        Lying spirits of God were for a specific purpose in the context of the bible. It was not that God sent hem, but ALLOWED them to operate because they asked, because God already knew that the outcome was in His purpose and design. These matters are supernatural Souvereign moves of God. This does not condone anything that happens in SCOAN as a justification to fill this in as possible scenario for anyone of us to accept this as God doing something, because it happened there and then such and such Scripture. This is putting such matters on assumption and speculation to remark, well since it happened over there so we can accept this in the same league and/category.

        Jesus clearly say Ye shall know the Truth and the (absolute) Truth sall set us free, not in being a liar, or letting lying spirit/demon speak and accept it’s testimony as beneficial for Gospel as in

        King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
        All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.

        There lies the crux. And not in maybe or yeah I did read it there so it is Ok.

  11. @Terrific.
    “All we’re
    trying to do is to
    warn the Lord’s
    people about the
    false prophet, TBJ.
    He is a wolf in
    sheep’s clothing
    and must be
    exposed, but you
    have a choice,
    whether to believe
    him or not.

    If u say he is a false prophet is he the only false prophet in the world? Thats where you got it all wrong. by pointing accusing fingers at T.B. Joshua alone. instead, preach the gospel and let God do the judgement thats meant for Him. or you find yourselves making the greatest mistake of your life.


    • @Doi,
      I’m glad you know that T B Joshua is not the only false prophet in the world. There are millions of them, in Nigeria, Ghana, Africa, Europe, Asia and here in America, and they teach doctrines of demons, leading the Lord’s sheep astray and fleecing them of their money. We live in the end-time and one of the signs of the end-time is deception. Yes, massive deception where many false prophets shall deceive many, according to the prophecy spoken by my Lord Jesus Christ, the one and only Messiah and Saviour of the world.
      But the main reason we have dedicated this site to T B Joshua is that we have a first hand experience of his ministry and we know him very well. Some of our loved ones are still in bondage at SCOAN and they need to be set free from this Nigerian scammer, TBJ, who calls himself ” a man of God.” Worse of all, T B Joshua is not satisfied to remain an ordinary false prophet, but now claims to be messiah and interjects himself into the divine Trinity, deceiving and deluding the many ignorant believers who follow him like dogs.
      TBJoshua teaches many dangerous doctrines of demons, saying his anointing water leads to salvation of souls and he continues to dish out many false prophecies day after day. TBJ wahala dey too much and we need to concentrate on him until he confesses his atrocities and repents from them and seeks salvation from the Lord Jesus.
      Doi, I hope this would help you to understand why we concentrate on TBJ alone.

      • @Terrific.
        “But the main
        reason we have
        dedicated this site
        to T B Joshua is
        that we have a first
        hand experience of
        his ministry and we
        know him very

        will your condenming him and calling his ministry a cult save souls? is this the assignment given to you from God?
        this is just another trick the devil is using you to perpetuate. i mostimes don’t feel like replying your comments coz your contribution makes no sence. i’ll reserve my comments for now.

      • Doi,
        Yes, warning people of false prophets and wolves in sheeps clothing is an assignment given to all of us. Carefully studying the Word and warning of error is required of us. Testing every spirit is required of us.

        So yes. It does save souls and is an assignment from God.

        If it were not for this blog and the sound Scriptural warnings which any sane person should heed, I and my children might have been caught in TBJ’s net, through my husband. At first, I was amazed by the “miracles.” When I politely and sincerely asked questions about things that seemed not right, I was told I was an idiot, and had an evil spirit. I now recognize this as the fruit of TBJ’s “ministry” as this type of vicious personal attack is evident every time I see a follower of TBJ address objections. They cannot answer Scripturally things like why he allows people to kneel to him, why he allows people to testif that he is at the right hand of God, or God in the flesh. So they try to obscure the heresy by attacking the person who points it out. I found this blog, and was deeply relieved ot know that I was not the only person who had noticed problematic teachings from TBJ, and that my observation of cultic behavior was not mine alone.

        I PRAISE GOD that when my husband tried to force my children to watch these horrible things and wicked heresies, the computer malfunctioned. Multiple times. I did my part to submit and honor him, but I prayed in the name of JESUS that my children would not be corrupted and Almighty God heard my prayer. My husband is still caught in the trap but he has learned his lesson about trying to draw our children in. I believe that deep down he knows the truth. He was raised on the Word of God and he knows, but he is desperate for power and money and relief from daily troubles and TBJ feeds that desperation. I still believe that some day he will know the truth. His conscience cannot be squashed forever.

        So yes, this blog has served a purpose and helped warn people away from this heretic TBJ.

        THANK YOU TB JOSHUA WATCH! From the bottom of my heart thank you for shouting out a warning and giving me the courage to step away from the pit of vipers that is SCOAN.

  12. @ All,

    I can truly say this, SCOAN is the only Church in the world, where me and my family came away completely empty handed, spiritually, mentally, physically, financially.

    And they still keep bragging on about it with their cult showroom.

    I have been to quite a few churches, good and bad, but all of them I have seen God work through them and received my blessings and spiritual growth.

    SCOAN has taken my money, my free time, my efforts, my energy, my night rest, my transport, my food, my home, my electricity, my beds, my good standing, my sincerity, my commitment and traveling to them.

    Not one blessing or testimony I can write here that came from out of there when I joined them and spend time with them. Then not even to mention the way they treat you with their secretness, funny stories and ostracising when it comes out for them. What does that say about them ?

    They are nothing than parasites, con-men, con-women, 419 scammers, cheaters, liars and scum. I hope you read that TB Joshua because that is the truth.

    • You’re right, Jesse, that is the plain truth ! But now we see the light, we know the truth and the truth has set us free from the lies, deceit, manipulation and egocentrism of the maniac, TBJoshua, who imagines himself to be messiah. He is deluded and so are all his deluded followers. May the Lord open their eyes and set them free.

    • So sad this was your supposed experience ; there are countless millions who cannot thank the God enough through the work of the Ministry !!

  13. Jesse,


    and broken up families where there were no problems and keep their relationships broken

    up at all costs, through TB Joshua’s scum teachings?????

  14. And Doi,
    Please tell me where did Jesus

    1. Had female disciples?
    2. And kept them in his harem?
    3. With a whole lot of them coming out and blaming him for sexual misconduct?
    4. Where did Jesus expect of his disciple to hardly ever sleep and be His little slaves?
    5. Where did Jesus used and abused His disciples? With no money and monitored their contact with their families?
    6. Where and when did Jesus expect of his disciple to choose him and his harem above their families?
    7. Where did Jesus control and manipulated his Spirit filled disciples like a control freak?
    8. Where did Jesus promised the “anointing”- I gather that tbj means, the infilling with the Holy Spirit – and kept his disciples waiting for 10 years and only 5 got it? The five that will be faithful to him forever? The rest are still waiting after 10 years?
    9. Where did Jesus delivered his disciples of demons, years after they have been doing God’s work?
    10. Where did Jesus had a Synagogue, with big iron gates and a whole army with machine guns protecting Him?
    11. Where did Jesus through His disciple away like used up pens, when he was finished with them?
    12. Where did Jesus dispose of His disciples and kicked them under their backsides, when they differed from Him?
    13. And then they sit without partners, money, education or family and afterward he cares ziltsj for them?
    …”taken my money, my free time, my efforts, my energy, my night rest, my transport, my food, my home, my electricity, my beds, my good standing, my sincerity, my commitment and traveling to them”….amen to Jesse.
    14. Where did our Lord taught all the scrap that tbj does? By the way – all the prophets of the Bible were Jews and not Nigerians!
    15. Jesus taught to go and do the following:
    … Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – Mathew 28:16-20
    16. Where did human error came into Jesus’ prophecies?
    17. Etc. etc. space does not allow me to write more.

    • @Just Wonder.
      May 17, 2013 7:20 am
      I will respond to some of your comments as they have being listed !
      1. The five wisemen are TB Joshua’s disciples , in the manner , as Jesus had 12 and there is no female among them ; (and even if there were , how is that unbiblical. )
      2. and 3. ,I have come across on this blog but ALL unsubstantiated . Not worthy of a response !
      4.In one church service in SCOAN I attended , TB Joshua himself(before the advent of the Wisemen) laid hands on ALL the church attendees (probably numbered anything between 30,000 to 50,000 ) and he personally saw several hundreds of us he had handpicked from the crowd same morning ! Now , would you expect such a hardworking man to tolerate INDOLENCE ???
      5,6,7 are all probably distorted and exxagerated issues related to the discipline and sacrifice that that MUST go into being part of the most gifted ministry on Earth ! in any case , anyone who is unable or unwilling to meet the rigours is free to leave. None of these , however , can be compared to the discipline and sacrifice of the 12 disciples who left EVERYTHING to be with Jesus !
      8 . this is hearsay .Not worthy of a response ! In any case, the anointing is not TB joshua’s to give but the Holy Spirit’s !
      9.I am unaware that any of TBJ’s disciples(the Wisemen) have been delivered; but even so, is it impossible for anyone including TBJ to fall short of Grace . It is becos of this TBJ humbly admonishes congregants and viewers to pray for him !!! of course, some of the Evangelists and other Church Workers have had to undergo deliverance ; absolutely nothing wrong with that !
      10. The Church had Synagogues in Jesus’s time and the Church is represented by ministeries(including SCOAN) today . There are some policemen at one of the entrances of the SCOAN but this is purely for crowd control . The man of God often moves unfettered within and outside the SCOAN ! In any case, there are biblical accounts of Jesus’s disciples acting as crowd control against surging crowds !
      11 to 13 are ALL UNSUBSTANTIATED hearsays !
      14.”Where did our Lord taught all the scrap that tbj does? By the way – all the prophets of the Bible were Jews and not Nigerians!” Scrap ?? pl. substantiate . Only Jews should be Prophets ? Spiritual ignorance of the highest order !!
      15. Jesus taught and we all(including TBJ) agree .
      16. TBJ is not Jesus and please see my earlier post @10.11pm . 2 false messages given by 2 true prophets of God . The former of a human nature ; the latter of divine nature !
      17. etc etc . Little wonder , you continue to wonder !!

      • @ Serendipity,

        For all the responds you did. It is easy by going online to go vehemently to deny all the facts. It’s very common in online blogs and chat rooms.

        Some as you have pointed out hearsay, are the facts and experiences that each if us had first hand when interacting with SCOAN and its inhabitants. These people are not here to be belligerent or frivolous.

    • @Jesse
      May 18, 2013 9:47 pm

      ”Some as you have pointed out hearsay, are the facts and experiences that each if us had first hand when interacting with SCOAN and its inhabitants. These people are not here to be belligerent or frivolous.”
      Certainly , you (Jesse) and others are not here to be belligerant or frivolous BUT substantiate your accusations OR they remain frivolous . If we can still get audio and videos of the fighting in the heat the present day Syrian Civil War ; How do u expect us to be fooled that u cannot get evidence in this day and age when the cheapest , crappiest cell phone can send “incriminating ” audio or video from Lagos to anyone in the World !!!Moreover , in a free for all entry SCOAN esp. it’s warm embrace of foreign pilgrims , it is very easy for u to plant spies !!! Until then , all claims are frivolous until proven otherwise !!

    Answer to the story of the older and younger prophet….1 Kings 13

    Ya, so what if you are the younger prophet SERENDIPITY and T B Joshua is older lying prophet.
    Are you still going to listen to him and sing his praises and defend him?

    That is what we are trying to warn you about.
    You need to focus on what Jesus says to you and what God’s says in the Bible and NOT on tbj and his false and deceptive prophecies and teachings.
    You need to test tbj and what he says.
    Maybe God is testing you?
    Hope you don’t go the same way as the younger prophet!

  16. The answer is simple and I want you to answer it yourself . If you were privileged to hear directly from God and thereafter heard something contrary from a Prophet of God ; which would you follow ?

    • @ Serendipity,

      We all hear from God, 1 John 2:27 and the entire Bible is His Last Authoritative Voice.

      Jeremiah 31:33-34
      But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel;
      After those days, saith the Lord, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people. 34 And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord:for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the Lord:for I will forgive their iniquity,and I will remember their sin no more.

      So we don’t need a prophet at all. No wonder most of them are selfimposed and go by what people say not what God actually wants.

      Lets be clear what it is said here,

      Isaiah 47:12-15
      Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries,
      wherein thou hast laboured from thy youth;
      if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail.
      13 Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels.
      Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators,
      stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee.
      14 Behold, they shall be as stubble; the fire shall burn them;
      they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame:
      there shall not be a coal to warm at, nor fire to sit before it.
      15 Thus shall they be unto thee with whom thou hast laboured, even thy merchants, from thy youth: they shall wander every one to his quarter; none shall save thee.

      • Your long narrative says nothing !! It is INCONTESTABLE that only a FEW, WORTHY , INDIVIDUALS hear from God NOT everyone as u claim without biblically substantiating !!

  17. I am not the one who is confused here SERENDIPITY.
    You are the one to answer the question whether you are going to defend tbj or not?
    Is he the older “prophet” that you are going to follow blindly?
    Or listen to him or not?
    The Bible says; “My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me” – John 10:27
    Whose voice do you hear?
    Jesus’ or tbj?
    Who are you following?
    The Bible or tbj’s concocted visions and teachings?
    This is for you to answer.
    I have made my choice long ago.

    • @Just Wonder.
      May 18, 2013 12:40 pm
      Of course , I would follow what the older prophet said IF I did not hear from GOD directly(after all that is the purpose of the prophets ) !!! In the event, I did hear from GOD directly , of course , whatever ANYONE else says is irrelevant !!! If God had not spoken to the younger prophet and he heeded the word of the older , it would not have been held against him !!!
      the real question is ARE YOU HEARING FROM GOD ? pl note that this does not equate to “that itch in ur palm” OR “Dear God, if so and so happens in so and so manner , then so and so is your will for me ” OR “that hunch” OR that “Gut feeling” OR ur instinct !!!
      Since since some of us are humble enough to admit we may not be privileged to hear from God directly ; We look up to his prophets . This does not make us less Holy, as this pattern is replicated ever so often in the Bible !


    The 17 point document was addresses to Doi.

    You clearly has NO idea what is going on.

    • @Just Wonder.
      May 18, 2013 4:12 pm
      Addressed to Doi or not, I have expressed my opinion on the issues . If u wanted it for Doi’s consumption alone , u should have sent it to his e-mail box !!!

  19. @ Candleholder,
    These are no false allegations but the stinking truth which you people don’t want to hear. Nobody is a slanderer here and we know what we’re talking about. Our salvation is guaranteed, because we know the Lord Jesus and serve Him alone and contend for his truth. We don’t serve a lying and deceitful false prophet like T B Joshua.

  20. @ Doi,
    You ran away regarding TBJ’s claim that he is messiah. We asked for one Scripture to prove it but you could not, or do you think we have forgotten ? Do you now have the Scripture ? If not, would you tell your fake prophet, TBJ, to stop making false and blasphemous claims ? Why don’t you understand that TBJ is a common false prophet ?

  21. Oh… oh… aaah… how do you explain to a blind person, how something looks like?

  22. @Candleholder,
    Your false prophet, T B Joshua, came to my country Ghana and deceived 22 million Ghanaians with fake miracles involving 20 people who are now dead. He did it with the connivance of Michael Lathbridge, an unpatriotic Ghanaian and former devotee of TBJ’s who was used and dumped. Do you call this slander ? What do you know about TBJ at all ? I know what I’m talking about, but you don’t know anything and are thoroughly deceived by this petty Nigerian false prophet, T B Joshua.

    • @Mr. Terrific,
      Please there is no such story as TB Joshua deceiving Ghanaians involving 20 people with fake miracles and those people dieing. Leave the man of God alone, he is God sent. He has always indicated that it is God doing the healing through him and that the thanks should be to only God. You do not need to convince me to believing your envious lie. Stop envying that man. All people they have paid monies to in order to get them publish falsehood about TBJ have come confessing. He holds nothing against anyone who speaks against for it the devil’s handwork. His enemy is the devil and not any man. God can fight his own battle and so it is not for you to convince people.You do that at your own discretion. It is definitely not of God. Please stop.

  23. @ M,
    I’m so delighted to hear your testimony ! Is it not marvelous ! Yes, the tv malfunctioned because the Lord has His hands upon your children, and, indeed,upon your home. You’re a virtuous woman and I pray the Lord’s blessings upon your home, and that His light would shine upon your husband soon. Yes, many of us were taken in by the “miracles” at SCOAN, and were very deceived and deluded. If your husband wants power, tell him that power belongs to the Lord alone and it is He who gives genuine power, and so let him seek power from the Lord in humility and repentance.Tell your husband that if he receives genuine power from the Lord, he would be able to cast out demons from TBJ and he would know that TBJ is fake.
    Yes, in my ignorance and delusion, I wanted “power” from TBJ, until the Lord revealed things to me and it has been a long journey since then.
    Looking back, I thank the Lord for taking me to SCOAN to WAKE me up from my slumber and lethargy, from my delusion and ignorance, and to see the lies, the deceit, the manipulations and fabrications that go on at SCOAN. SCOAN nearly destroyed my life but God turned it round for His glory and now I’m more than a conqueror ! Romans 8:37

  24. Remember d world of God say thy shall not judge my me i can nt say any wrong thing against d man of God.i will only say thank u lord for d work u are using T.b joshua to do.

  25. Can anyone with insight give me some idea what to expect? My husband has now written a letter to TBJ asking for a personal word. He is sending pictures of all of us. I cannot stop this but am horrified that this snake will have pictures of my children in his hands. 😦

    I’m sure there are thousands of letters every week. Will he even see this one? Are we likely to get a form reply? Thankfully my husband did not go into detail so manipulatable information is minimal. Would it be wise to delete my Facebook participation on TBJ Watch in case they decide to search our names? Do I need to hide our passports in case he’s told to bring us to nigeria?

    • @M,
      Don’t worry, there’s nothing TB Joshua can do to you or your family. And you don’t need to delete your FB participation on TBJ Watch. In the meantime, you should be wise to hide your passports, just in case, because TBJ really needs visitors to prop up his image. Pray Psalm 91 over your family.

    • Thanks all who replied. I’m feeling a little less terrified this morning. I think part of my fear stems from always wondering if I’m in the right. I have no self-confidence and of course have been told that I am stupid and faithless for even questioning the ‘man of God.’ This blog and those who comment have been a lifeline for me.

      I will put passports away for safekeeping. Fortunately for me, I have some legal advantage here, as he is not a citizen. And it is a bit of a drive to the airport. I do not think he could take the children, but if he tried he would fail very quickly.

    • @ M.
      May 20, 2013 2:18 am
      ”My husband has now written a letter to TBJ asking for a personal word.” U were not specific what this word was that necessitated your husband sending your childrens pics and it is therefore difficult to get a genuine response from anyone on this blog BUT of course , Mr Terrific , blinded by hatred , replied in like manner , willy nilly !!!

  26. M,
    “Do not be anxious or worry about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” -Phillippians 4:6.

    We will pray with you. Trust in the Lord Jesus, to help you. He will protect you and your family.

    Do not worry, but pray……..

    Jesus is still stronger than tbj.

  27. M,
    Also remember that God’s ways are not our ways.

    Remember also what Mr Terrific said; “Looking back, I thank the Lord for taking me to SCOAN to WAKE me up from my slumber and lethargy, from my delusion and ignorance, and to see the lies, the deceit, the manipulations and fabrications that go on at SCOAN.”

    Take heart, everything that happens to us, happens for our own good. Although he was inside, he still came out alright with God’s help. We do not always understand God’s ways? Just pray and trust that the Lord knows what He is busy with.

    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future – Jeremiah 29:11

    Take heart.

    • Hi Lovereel Gbenga

      I’m just curious here, did you even read the article before posting your comment?

      If not then that’s a relief, try & read the article first.

      If yes then you have a seriously huge problem with your language reading & comprehension skills. Since you are tapping in on these discussions you might want to fix this problem because that is crucial skill.

      2Timothy 2:15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

  28. U er vry big FOOL.noting frm d pit of hell like u guys can stop d profet of God.4d past 2oyears pple ve tried 2bring him down,bt yet God is stil moving him up..U ER JST AN IDIOT

  29. I went to see for myself. I was given a phrophesy that said “this is your year” that was early 2006 (we stayed over into the new year). That was was the worst year ever. You cannot get your recorded phropecy which you get on scoan’s secluded island unless it actually came true! I came a second time that year and my room was raided inside this tighly secured place and the only thing taken was my digital recording device. You will never be able to record your own phrophesy at scoan and be able to leave it! I have made many tour friends in lagos and most of them complained their phropecies was off.


  30. i still stand with faith faith en full force that tb.joshua nevr gues but he prophecy . may u live long tb joshua in jesus name. I thank god for yor life tb . Joshua may u live long . As long as u live i will obey any word from you man of god

  31. God bless the man TB Joshua. He is a real man of God. It is not about what people say, it is about what he really is. Believe his now!!!

  32. stupid man mr terrific. as stupid as u r, u do nt knw d difference between prayer and prophecy. tbj only prayed 4 nigeria situation he never prophesied 4 boko haram. d prayer was even wit condition so how do u Want God to answer wen nigeria is nt ready to recognize God. u 4got d one he prophesied against yobe state being bloody on 17th nd 18th feb. of dat same yr. and it came to pass. be warned u fool.

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