EXPOSED: What TB Joshua edited out of his Brussels video


The last 24 hours we’ve been grieving for the people who are injured or bereaved as a result of the horrific attacks in Brussels, we’ve also had a bad feeling at the pit of our stomach that TB Joshua’s media team were hurriedly searching the archives to piece together a video to claim he predicted it. Well we were right, but what they came out with was rather underwhelming, the gist of it was:

A French country should watch out, evil people are in town looking for an assembly to launch an attack, a lot of people will die.

First question that naturally comes to mind is “How is Brussels a French country?”. Sure, French is one of the official languages but Dutch is the most widely spoken. However, we’ll leave that detail on the side, because when you watch the original some much more serious issues come to light.

In the original, there were two major parts that were edited out of the version released for the Brussels attack. The first missing part is that 4 times in the original he specifically states that he is speaking about France, not just a French speaking country. Each of these moments is edited out. The second edit concerns when this will happen. He says “Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday in every week until February they should watch out”. Now the original prophecy was given on the 31st of January, so let’s assume he meant every week thoughout February – but when did it happen? On a Tuesday in March. He mentioned 5 out of the 7 possible days of the week, and still got it wrong.

This exploitation of a horrible crime makes us so angry, as we’re sure it does to you too. The last thing a “man of God” should be doing right now is claiming he predicted the attack, but the fact he has deliberately edited out parts so he can force irrelevant words to fit this event just makes him despicable. How can anyone with a conscience support this man? Please join us in doing everything in your power to expose him for the liar and deceiver he is. Use the links below to share this post as widely as you can.

56 thoughts on “EXPOSED: What TB Joshua edited out of his Brussels video

  1. But how come ,tell me Tb watch,how come it looks like Tb joshua is back to his church normal like he was not there,no explanation and he never went to court even one day for his case how come? And the law just looks at him.tell me what do u think its happening?

  2. Tb Joshua, A born liar, a psychopathic liar is at it again. He derives breakthrough at people’s breakdown. Your days are numbered

  3. Vooke,,,u are very,very right.heartless heartless.because if he really work ander gods intraction from from him,so why not, submit to the court,Tring all his best covering up the case,what abt the families of those who died? It not fear, god help us.

  4. TBJW,

    Ikabod – “The glory has departed”

    and – THEY WILL BECOME FOOLS – Jer 50:35

    Thanks for keeping us updated. I appreciate that, because I do not even get around to listening to news these days. Too busy.

    He is the worlds worst (world wide!

    He is making a total fool of himself.

  5. You know…not only is TB Joshua spitting in the faces of the victims & their families, but he is also trampling all over the intelligence of his Emmanuel TV partners.

    Emmanuel TV partners, who care about truth at all, keep paying monies for their intelligence to be insulted relentlessly with these diabolical videos they call “prophecy fulfillment“. They seriously need to look at the propaganda they are funding to be spread.

    • Don’t be foolish, For anyone who lives in France they would know he was speaking about the country. He said it is not over yet. Do you understand parables???? I don’t think you do.

      • Dear Winnie…

        Before you come here & call people foolish, try to at least understand the topic first. Reading the article is a good place to start.

        If he was speaking about France [which I believe is the case, by the way], then why does he lie to his Emmanuel TV audience to claim he was speaking about Brussels, which is a capital city of a country called Belgium??
        There is nothing parabolic here, stop embarrassing yourself.

        Do you understand the map of the Eurozone???? I don’t think you do.

  6. Let’s observe how FAST after the incidence they claimed ‘responsibility’

    -It’s now 1445H here. This is East African Time (EAT) which is GMT+3. I made the screenshot a few minutes ago.

    -TB Joshua uploaded the video 17 hours ago, or around 1800-1900H yesterday, or between 1500H and 1600H GMT

    The attacks happened between ~0740H for the airport and 0810H for the station/subway according to this link

    This tells us that SCOAN/TB Joshua scrambled his media team and cooked this ‘fulfillment’ clip and uploaded it in a maximum 8 hours.

    I can imagine there is an entire team on look out for ‘prophecy-worthy’ events who liaise with his archivists to check if there is any remotely relevant past prophecy. Once they zoom in on a few, they narrow down to the ‘best’ fitting. After this, they notify TB Joshua of these who then works closely with the video guys in editing the discrepancies. After this, a voice-over is done and the final clip is ready for uploading.

    Why is he a psycopath? He went to work long before ISIS claimed responsibility. He is that fast in making a name for himself. All this without any regard to the victims, survivors or survivors’ families. And to make it worse, he ends the clip with a call to pray for them

    • Dear all,
      I made a mistake.
      17 hours from 1400H today is yesterday evening around 2100H EAT or 1800 GMT , and not 1800H EAT or 1500H GMT.

      Still, the point is TB Joshua made the claims so soon, the very day of the attacks

  7. I think TB Joshua’s followers have lost their minds. How could any right thinking mind still regard this man as God’s anointed, except the person is extremely deluded? But why is TB Joshua doing this? What is he looking for? Does he understand how dangerous it is to release a prophetic fraud on a national TV in the name of the lord? How could a God fearing Christian, not even a prophet, edit the original version of his/her prediction and release the edited video to the public with an intention to mislead and deceive? This is fraud. He predicts disasters that has absolutely nothing to do with repentance or salvation. He takes credit for predicting disasters happening all over the world. What is this man’s goal? Why are people just so dumb, dumb enough that they cannot simply see that this man is a con-artist? Why is it that God, Jehovah, the creator of heaven and the earth did not reveal to TB Joshua what was about to happen before the collapse of his building? Did God simply just sit idly by and allow 116 innocent souls to perish right in house his prophet? Absolutely not! The answer is that, TB Joshua is not a prophet of God, period!!!!!!!!!

  8. Its funny how you people are always ready to judge and quick to criticise!!!! God is not a man.He is not weak!! He can fight his own battles.So please stop BlASPHEMING thinking your worthy enough to fight his battles or judge on his behalf!!!!! If we viewed your personal LIFE closets and all your tiny locked up secrets, they wld be too digusting that hell itself would spit you out!!!! Some of us may not be the most perfect christians but atleast we know GOD is strong enough to fight his own battles!!! So please let us first know how and when God appointed any of you to fight his battles on his behalf before you lead more people into sin and blasphemy. REMEMBER TO ATTACH YOUR APPOINTMENT LETTERS FROM GOD ALLOWING YOU TO ACT AS HIS JUDGES SO THAT WE KNOW ON WHOSE AUTHORITY YOU SPEAK..

      It’s even more funny how you people are always ready to ignore the topic at hand and quick to defend your false prophet with nothing but fallacies.

    • @ Resty Imani,

      He is the key to setting to make every country a police state and ruled by military.

      That is the vision of George H. Bush. Which wanted by all means to stop to live by the “rule of the jungle”. Which means by police and the military. TB Joshua is that key to deceive the Christians to accept to take the number of the Beast on their right hand. He is constantly telling about predictions of terrorism and they all die even though he says pray.

      James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

      So clearly he is not righteous, (true because he resists arrest to testify about his own illegal hostel with no building permit as well the staff of SCOAN as well those he asked to build it, while God did not command him to do it) His disobedience is key here too.

      1 Samuel 15:22 And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.

      Because of the gifts of God are irrevocable he still stands. Because God’s gifts are not revoked. He does everything in his ability to stop matters with the arm of flesh. Tell me which Bible prophet used local lawyers to stop anyone ? Jesus ? Did He stop anyone to arrest Him ? Which God are you talking about ? Every time he speaks out, death follows. Which God is that ? Tell me which God do you serve ? The god of death ? Or the God of the living ? Jesus came to give us life.

      Someone needs to face you and correct you in your face and rebuke you. I call to all who read this, whoever knows this person address that person in Jesus Name and rebuke. You are a death messenger. You promote death. Victims grief. Their pain. You glory in it. That is the trait of a psychopath. No feelings for their loss and spiritualize it. Disgusting.

      Why were YOU not the righteous person that their prayers availeth much ? And here you are bragging, bragging over the pain of others. Obviously nobody did die in your family in all the predictions TB Joshua did. When you experience that, we will see you here again and how you will feel. But it is likely that we will see religious drivel coming from your keyboard.

    • God bless you my dear friend. I’m sick of the misleading nonsense that these agents of evil spread across. The most aching part of it is that they are pagans trying to judge and analyse spiritual things. If not, how can someone dedicate his/her useful time impersonating so as to attract ignorant victims, compiling and spreading information they are least informed on. Is it by reason of joblessness or what?
      Will these people just repent and seek salvation???

  9. Isaiah 44:25-26a (KJV)
    That frustrateth the tokens of the liars,
    and maketh diviners mad;
    that turneth wise men backward,
    and maketh their knowledge foolish;
    26 That confirmeth the word of his servant,
    and performeth the counsel of his messengers;

    If TB Joshua was a servant of God, God would confirm his word without resorting to judicious video editing. His father is Satan the father of lies, he is just another liar and diviner

  10. Anyway – God’s prophets in the Bible were there to warn God’s people of their sins and its consequences.

    They were there to call God’s people away from their sins and to turn back to God.

    Not divining happenings with nothing to do about God?!?!.

    And TB Joshua cannot even divine correctly.

    • @Just Wonder,
      A slight correction, prophecy did more than warn people of their sins. In NT, we have two shining examples of this from one man identified as a prophet. The man is Agabus.

      He foretold of Paul’s persecution on his visit to Jerusalem as well as a famine in Judea. None of these prophecies can be said to warn God’s people of their sins and the consequences.

      Acts 11:28,21:10-11.

      The purpose of prophecy in NT is actually quite clear;

      1 Corinthians 14:3 (KJV)
      But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort.

      And it is quite clear prophecy is for believers;

      1 Corinthians 14:22 (KJV)
      …but to them that believe not: but prophesying serveth not for them that believe not, but for them which believe.

      Of course prophecy may come upon believers exhorting them to depart from sin if they are living in sin, but by limiting its application to believers essentially makes the ‘sin and its consequences’ a non-key purpose of the gift

    • his face truly looks like someone demonically influenced, and dreadfully living in deceit, wickedness and concealed evil intentions. Our LORD will judge him severely for this atrocious act of continuous blasphemy against GOD’S Majesty

  11. True Vooke, but how many on the receiving end of tbj’s prophecies are people like Paul?

    What purposes does his ‘prophecies’ serve?

    • @Just Wonder
      The prophecies of TB Joshua are not meaningless, they have a purpose, a consistent one. They serve TB Joshua and nobody else.

      They serve to magnify his name as somebody thereby drawing and retaining men to himself. He is not interested in nobody else but to make a name for himself

  12. I agree…

    TB Joshua’s ‘prophecies’ does not benefit God or His people at all.

    It benefits only tbj and his kingdom.

  13. Carry on wasting your time with your lies while the humble servant of the Most High God is going from strength to strength and glory to glory. God will continue to bless him. The man of God has taught us not to hold any offense. You are already forgiven. We pray for you so that the light of God could shine in your hearts.

    • Hey Dtshikele, <~~~ Click here.

      TB Joshua can only slap on you head, punch you in the chest, step on your toes and then a person goes haywire and tells a whole heap of nonsense.

      See how the Holy Spirit is like and how He ministers to multiple people at the same time without touching and how His glory descends upon them. That is what you see in the Bible, the Word is Preached, then the Holy Spirit comes and ministers and does not make everybody froth on the mouth and roll around as a dog in the grass.

    • Hey Dtshikele,

      Who is the Person of the Holy Spirit, DTshikele. Do you see that in TBJ ? Slap, bang, roll, froth, shake, tell rubbish stories.

      You need to learn a lot still before you can discern what is genuine.

      • stick to the Bible, it is not usually a good idea to use another video demonstrating how the Holy Spirit works to counter a false teacher. Even in many of this guys videos i checked, this guy does the same false teaching, unbiblical techniques, waving of hands and people falling, benny hinn and many other false teachers do that. A true Pastor, a True Minister of the gospel is known by his preaching, he preaches the word as clearly as written in scripture, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit; and people’s lives are affected. You don’t have to fall on the floor to prove that the Holy Spirit is working on you

      • Abraham,

        Can you address what false teaching he teaches. Andres Bisonni constantly uses repentance as teachings. And he always glorifies Jesus at the end of ministry.

        I agree you don’t have to fall. But it does happen. And I am in no favour of Benny Hinn myself. Benny started out right then he spoilt it of what he does now. Remember Gods gifts are irrevocable and they can still move into that gift even when God has rejected them.

        It is in our actions that we are judged. About Andres Bisonni there are no controversies till date. If you can find them please point out. Thanks.

    • @Dtishikele,
      Did you by any chance watch the ORIGINAL clip?

      Here it is;

      Note he was addressing France on the light of the latest attacks in November last year. He not so cleverly omitted this detail to fool unthinking and blind sheeple like yourself

      Contrary to your assertions that one is known by his preaching, a prophet is tested by BOTH doctrine and accuracy.

      If they are accurate and make great signs but their doctrine is whack, then that’s a false prophet
      If on the other hand their doctrine is sound but their prophecy fails, then that’s a false prophet.

      TB Joshua epic prophecy fails coupled with deception by way of editing videos means makes him false by any definition.

  14. To Dtshikele says:
    March 24, 2016 at 6:46 pm,

    So typical – e.g. TB Joshua steals your family and friends and then he forgives you for reacting, or he causes 116 of your family and friends to die as his guests and then forgives you.

    Are you delusional or what?

    This is just how he works. Like a snake, behind the scenes and like an ‘angel of light’ in front of the scenes, where the world can see him.

    He is a master hypocrite, I tell you -a master Python snake.

    He will squeeze all your life out of you, break up your family, steal your blessing and then forgives you.

    He can stuff his forgiveness and so can you -devotee of the snake!

  15. TBJ adherents have reached full vaccination status and immunity against truth, reason or anything rational to interpret in a Godly way the goings on at scoan.

    TBJ knows this. He knows he could even tell them to eat live snakes or grass and they would. TBJs impunity is too much and unbearable for any reasonable normal human. He continues to churn Idiocies, claim false prophecies and extort his followers

    Lets relentlessly continue to expose this charlatan who has blood of 116 poor souls in his hands

    • Perhaps they feel they cannot give up their him.

      It literally shouldn’t be literally possible for us to have a video of a prophecy that contains details that do not fit. I’m not talking about “legal”, because what we have is fair use. The problem is that they keep editing things out because they simply would not fit. Are SCOAN’s video editors better than TB Joshua?

      They don’t want to just show uncut prophecy clips. They want to play “hindsight prophet”, and hope all men will believe on TBJ. It’s not true, it’s horrible.

  16. It is really so funny at how this man of God prophesies everyday for people. He might even have prophesied for some of the people whom died in his building the day before it collapsed and yet he did not see something bad was going to happen. Let’s assume he prophesied for 20 of the victims about their future the day before, how could he not have seen at least 1 out of the 20 victims that tragedy awaits them.

  17. Heard during the crackdown there was a huge explosion in some France suburb yesterday. Obviously some terrorists were flushed out. And they were planning further attacks in France.Here is the problem for TB Joshua; double jeopardy. He can’t use the same prophecy twice!

    So even if France is hit, and this is getting more unlikely given they’ve stepped up security,he can’t go back to the same prophecy and claim to have prophecied about it. His best shot is to give an addendum (he gave several for #MH370) and then hope something happens in France

    • @vooke

      “Here is the problem for TB Joshua; double jeopardy. He can’t use the same prophecy twice!”

      Hasn’t stopped him before!
      but you’re right, if he’d waited a bit longer this would have been quite a nice “fulfillment” for him, a terror attack was thwarted because people prayed and France stepped up their security. Of course, this is nothing that couldn’t have been predicted from watching the news, but it would have been a much better fit than the Belgium attack. Just goes to show they scrabble around after any big news story to find something he said that is almost like what happened.

      • @tbjoshuawatch,
        You are so on point. France has had several attacks; Charlie Hebdo, several arrests, and now the biggest of them all in Nov last year.

        Let’s just say predicting a terrorist attack in France or a thwarted one is far much easier than predicting a mass-shooting in the US,or even an earthquake in Japan😉

        There is something that compels TB Joshua to move swiftly to claim ‘fulfillment’; there is the risk that another ‘prophet’ may beat him to it, and then something else may happen diverting attention from his ‘predicted’ even, and finally,Mir he lets an event pass,claiming he predicted it long after it happens makes him less impressive….

  18. The phenomenon whereby a “prophet” walks up to you and is able to narrate secret information about you, which you did not disclose to him; like past events in your life, your phone number, your former relationships, your current distress. This is not prophecy. This is a characteristic feature of divination. Biblical Prophecy has the following characteristics:

    It relates to a future event that God will bring to pass in judgment or in reward for a person’s or nations sins.

    It is uttered to convert the hearers, that perhaps the hearers may repent, which will make God relent of the disaster he intends to bring.

    The prophecy does not come by the will of man or at the prophets own discretion, but they speak as they are moved by the Holy Spirit. This makes it impossible for you to have “prophecy time” in a church, because the Holy Spirit is not predictable. And God is not obligated to give you prophetic message just because it is the “prophecy time” in your church. Unless he has a specific message for the people or for the nations.

    Biblical prophecy is not a gift to be used for the solution of people’s problems, like marriage problems, barrenness, financial difficulties, etc. The solution to your problem is strict obedience to the word of God. And if you are disobedient, no prophecy can help you. they can only deceive you. Jesus gave prophecies, Isaiah gave, Jeremiah gave etc. not to solve trivial problems of life which Jesus confirmed will remain with us by saying: “in this world you will have trouble”.

    They only prophesied to declare Gods’ stand on various issues at various times. It is meant only for the conversion of souls and entire nations.

    Biblical prophecy often stretches beyond time and space and touches even the very end of things, like how a person or nation would end, or even how the world would end and the things that would mark the end of the world as was told by the prophets in the old testament and even Jesus Christ himself.

    Biblical prophecy most often REBUKES INIQUITY of Nations and people, but we do not see that characteristic of these “prophets” today, they speak favorable words to the people, when the world is engaged in gay marriages, lesbian bishops appointments, bestiality being legalized and surprisingly the spirit of God in these prophets is silent towards all these abominations going on daily basis.

    • @Nowsane,
      I agree TB Joshua’s ‘prophecies’ are more frivolous, but the I think your understanding of the purpose of prophecy is not in line with what God reveals in his scriptures.

      Please study about Agabus, a prophet from Acts 11:28,21:10-11, and tell me if you can fit the purpose of his prophecies into what you have just posted.

      Thank you

      • @ Vooke,

        So now 2 scriptures must confirm the acceptation of constant familiar spirit readings upon people ? Because that is what it is. Familiar spirits as they do with psychics. Have you ever seen a biblical prophet dispense predictions and word of knowledge at will continually ? Only psychics do this on a continual basis.

        Mind you one thing about me, when I was there, he had nothing on me. Not even one slightest thing that is. Nothing. And about my wife he said a big fat lie of her being married again and again. Whether in his BS this was spiritually or physically, nothing was as such which made my wife very angry at that time and we were forced by the Emmanuel team to confirm on camera that it was true. Which we did not do because we felt being coerced in it.

        You will also see that the majority of prophecies are directed about future events that will change the course of something that makes people repent about their ways and come to God but many times also not. Only his followers are going haywire about them. Mostly when people die because of it.

        Talking about being blood thirsty, I could not say more that that is the case with them.

        What is noticeable in these TB Joshua prophecies as that there is never a solution handed than only prayer. Like the last video claim of the Egyptian Jet High Jacking. No matter how much you pray, a fake suicide belt will never be able to go off or do damage. So no matter what a so called “prophet” says regarding as such it will work out both ways. A win win situation. The characteristics of TB Joshua’s kind of prophecies by default.

        What also was clear that no people were rescued by anyone than just people walking off a plane stairs. Some faster than others but there was generally no panic except someone that looked like to escape from a airplane window who knew exactly where and how to climb out and where to hold themselves from hanging out there.

        There was even a picture with the person with the “suicide belt” of a passenger that took the picture with a phone him smiling in the plane door. Who is doing that ? It all just looked like a silly joke in the way it was handled. It was the news that made a weird story from it in their excitement and consternation.


      • @ Vooke,

        I want to add this one too. Selfie pleazzzee !!!! Smirk !!!!

        This is just like when you would ask yourself if you can get one inside TB Joshua’s private jet, which you and I or a nobody will never travel into because of you can’t be inside his private circle and then finally figure out that he is just a default con man as you mentioned about Peter Popoff and the likes of them.

        This was another lame joke and whoever was and is in it, is making it to a spectacle for their own purpose and gain. As long the world gets it entertainment and they can extract money out of it to have such a show.

        Nothing to do with God and other things regarding Him. The more controversy, the more fame people have today in the media and TBJ is riding high upon that. As long as his name is being projected out there. If people would just ignore him and leave it, it will stop existing.

        Then again when you see the latest so called prediction videos, you will see that more and more people get there who say that a lot of those new videos are fake. And you don’t even need the Holy Spirit for that to see it anymore, it’s just there for everyone to see plain and clear.

        PS, you did not answer my question in my former post. You did again use the material to weave a story around it with those two words in it. But never mind. Maybe one day you can meet up and explain it in detail to me face to face without the protection of TB Joshua Watch in it you have here.

  19. To anonymous says:
    March 26, 2016 at 9:18 am

    Before TB Joshua allows you into his church for prayer, he needs a full profile of you.
    You need to submit medical test results via email, your marital problems etc. etc.
    Then, after allowing you entrance, he has his devotees screening you in his ‘church’ and telling you what to wear the day of prayer and where to sit.
    They even write all your problems on a placard and hold it above your head, while you are in the prayer line.
    The ones in his church, that he so called ‘prophecy’ to, are all screened by tbj’s devotees beforehand.
    While the screening is going on, TB Joshua sit in his office watching everything on his TV screen there.
    So come the day of appearing, TB Joshua knows exactly everything about you and then he goes ahead and divine over you.

    And by the way – then his divinations are not even good.
    If you do not spoon-feed him everything about you he is useless to know what to say.
    I have tried it, he is a bad diviner and NO prophet of God of the Bible at all
    He is just maneuvering behind the scenes as usual.
    His snake like moves…

    • @Just Wonder,
      These tactics were developed by Branham in the sixties, refined by Popoff (before James Randi called him out), and it’s surprising that they have yet to get more innovative.

      Th MO is simple; acquire somebody’s information from them before hand, and then pretend that you’ve received it divinely.

      I highly recommend James Randi’s Faith Healers. Grab a copy

  20. I have one question for SCOANITES
    If this is not a false prophecy, could you please give me an example of one, or at least define false prophecy

  21. WHO IS DECEIVING YOU Mr. tb… WHATEVER? Please get some important job for yourself and stop squashing your ignorance and stupidity unknowing to you. Repent and you shall be saved. How in the world will pagans become judge over spiritual matters?
    One more thing: Can you please disclose your personality? Or don’t you know the implications of impersonification?
    How important is the person you keep analysing? If you must recall to your right senses; you are a full flesh servant of the same person you think you are condemning. Don’t you believe? Recall how much time and means you invest for your shams. This is good time you could use to do some important things. You’re therefore just a cowardly ignorant slave of TB Joshua who has nothing but an assignment from the devil, looking for victims to mislead and devour.
    You definitely need deliverance and if you fail, I assure you, your end will come like a plane crash including all your sheep followers.
    May God almighty have mercy on you if you by any chance come to your right senses and ask for forgiveness.

  22. You take time to criticise GODs servant why,have come to be GODs spokesman??? Centrate on your business ,am a diehard ofProphet T. B. Joshua ,stop sending your idiots critics

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