Nosa Osaghae responds to critics

Nosa Osaghae

Nosa Osaghae

Over a year ago, we published a shocking testimony from a man called Nosa Osaghae who claimed to have been tortured at TB Joshua’s SCOAN church. We only published it after confirming the story was true via some people who were present at the time. After publishing it, it was revealing that supporters of TB Joshua focused on trying to justify the abhorrent experience Nosa was put through rather than questioning whether it was true (its truth seemed to be taken for granted). That’s until a few weeks ago when some SCOAN supporters have started “exposing” Nosa’s story as false because they can’t find a mention of it in a book he published about his experience at SCOAN. Nosa responds in full below, but to summarise: the incident is not written about in the book because the book was published in 2005 and the torture incident happened at the end of 2006.

Over to Nosa:
The book Synagogue of Satan was printed and published in 2005 long after I had left the synagogue church in late 2003 (where I stayed for just about 3 weeks) and never came back there until that eventful day in 2006…

The fact of my leaving the church was based on my initial observation of their unscriptural practices which I clearly documented in the book with no intention of even mentioning the names of these “two churches” in the book namely “Synagogue Church & Christ Embassy” as at then; as my primary focus was not to point accusing fingers at them directly but to warn other potentially deceived Christians like myself of being lured into such churches because of the attraction of such false miracles, lying signs & wonders which had captivated my imagination as a new born babe-in-Christ who had repented from his worldly ways only a few months earlier in that same year in March 2003.

Now there are no fabrications, complexities or disparities if all these events are placed in their proper chronological order i.e

  1. I went the first time uninvited to synagogue church in November 2003 or thereabouts as a “visitor” and intending member and was unexpectedly invited by the prophet to “stay or live” with him in his church as a trainee minister or “disciple” as they call it
  2. I remained in the synagogue church as a disciple for approximately 3 weeks before the end of the year 2003, long enough for me to decide it was not a place for me to grow in spirit and in truth of the Gospel of Christ…which today has now proven to be the right decision
  3. I finally published the book “Synagogue of Satan” two years later in 2005 in print format after much spiritual battles against the so many life threatening spiritual attacks I received from the demons in that synagogue church as soon as I left the church…which made me resolve to write down my experiences there as a book and then publish the book so as to to help save others like me who were facing such challenges of faith…I know many people who contacted me after reading this book and were delivered from such bondage of fellowshipping in both synagogue & christ-embassy churches just by the knowledge of the truth contained in that book
  4. I went a second time to that synagogue church in November 2006 to deliver that message to that woman (much against my will as I had previously vowed never ever to step my foot in that place for good) simply because I was overwhelmingly persuaded and convinced that the message was from the Lord and that He wanted that woman out of that church by “all means” whom He confirmed was a “special vessel” to both myself and Brother Stanley who accompanied me to that church on that fateful Friday…so I obediently went there “again” after all these years to pass that message to her…I know for a fact that this same woman has since left the church according to the perfect will of God and I have never seen her or had any contact with her since that day till date neither do I intend to as I have only done that which the Lord commanded me and that’s that.
  5. The only reason all these synagogue fanatics are still making such wimpy noises is simply because I am still trying my best to obey the Lord’s commandment not “sue” this prophet and his synagogue church for human right abuses and torture against me and Brother Stanley my companion in the “sufferings of faith” that we endured while doing the Lord’s business…like other messengers of God endured in the Bible
  6. If this synagogue people dare to provoke me further on this matter, I will instruct my lawyer to immediately file a suit of “torture & human rights abuse” against this prophet and his church in this very month of November 2014; eight long years after that heinous crime was committed against me…so they will know better than to call me a “liar and fabricator” when their lying & fabricating “prophet” comes face to face with me in a law court. Let’s see how he will deny in the court of law that they did not indeed torture and abuse me that day at his behest and instructions while they were busy filming the entire “gory” show with their ubiquitous “ETV” cameras…
  7. Maybe they think that because I AM TRYING MY BEST TO OBEY THE VOICE OF THE LORD it means that I am lying…but i just might decide to sue the skin of this man’s back as an act done out of provocation…you don’t torture a man in a church and turn around to call him a liar…that’s insult on injury.

Please post this response of mine with this final warning to these synagogue posters who were not abused & tortured by their church like I was; that if they dare speak “evil” of the pain, misery, agony, torment and abuse I “suffered” at the hands of their prophet and church I vow before heaven and earth that I will make their prophet and his church “suffer” for what they they did to me legally, media-wise and otherwise regardless of the consequences whether good or bad for both of us.

A Christian may look outwardly as peaceful as a pool teeming with “Piranhas” until you mistakenly tread into the peaceful pool to provoke them…then you will know that no danger in the water compares to the ferocious attack of piranhas not even the great white sharks…

Perhaps this particular “new” provocation of theirs is exactly what has just broken the camel’s back and tipped the legal scale for me to go and seek a judicial re-dress in this matter regardless…

We’ll soon see ourselves in court!!!

49 thoughts on “Nosa Osaghae responds to critics

  1. Listen, you son of death and chaff made ready for eternal burnings, to me soe who was formerly a disciple of TB Joshua like you, Before now i had borne with your story patiently, trying to help you understand for what reason you may have endured what you have to and some misunderstandings that must have induced them. But now how dare you threaten the people of God and more importantly the prophet TB Joshua?, maybe the entire TB Joshua vs. coroner situation is what is getting you pretty revved up to contribute your own quota to ensure TB Joshua’s misery. You have complained, you have written a book, you have joined TB Joshua watch’s campaign of calumny, all against TB Joshua, what else do you have up your sleeves?, I suggest you bring it on hurriedly and do not delay about it, so that you should not be heard to say you spared TB Joshua, your threats are empty. You should know that a man of Jesus like TB Joshua cannot be punished nor can any have power over them unless it is given to such from above. The more TB Joshua shall be well pleasing to Christ, the more he shall have to endure for the confession of his name among mankind. You who had lived such a wayward life in the past, instead of you to be in penitence for your wicked acts of robbery and thuggery which you yourself confessed in your book, you are here breathing threats of a law suit against TB Joshua. Who do you think is scared of you? What will you do to TB Joshua that people have not done worse before? What can you accuse TB Joshua of that others have not accused him of worse? Yours is even an insignificant portion in the scheme of things. Get a life and stop your obsession with TB Joshua, and perhaps mercy will be shown you and an escape from the coming judgment.

    • Soe don’t forget, Nosa claimed before in his first torture article, he didn’t know the person to whom the message was intended to before embarking to that long journey to Scoan ikotun egbe BUT only he got a vision from God what cloths the person would be wearing, whereas now Nosa after being caught lying through his teeth,he is now admitting he lived there at Scoan as a disciple and left after 😊.

      Oh wait Nosa,we are to hear what happened to your promise that you have proof of pictures of your scars and wounds on your body, where are there now to support your claim ????
      Why should Nosa have so much energy to keep writhing his torture story to the whole world BUT he is enable still now to give proof of his torture story 😊

      • Tbjoshuawatch,suprisingly ,you are now publishing my comments on this LIE torture after many comments I have written but refuse to publish them
        Now because I have made it public that you don’t publish comments that may expose your slander work, here you go trying with your lying tricks to hide behind Sue.
        Just stop your lame excuse and give prove of Nosa’s pictures of this torture marks on his body as he promise he can do much to prove it as truce 😊

      • aaahhh 😫 always lame excuses. To you who has a duty to prove what he/she wants the whole world to believe ? is it Soe who wrote this torture story or it you and Nosa?Just stop keeping lying. Your lies on this story are enough to expose you as Slanderers.

      • Tbjoshuawatch,suprisingly ,you are now publishing my comments on this LIE torture after many comments I have written but refuse to publish them
        Now because I have made it public that you don’t publish comments that may expose your slander work, here you go trying with your lying tricks to hide behind Soe.
        Just stop your lame excuse and give prove of Nosa’s pictures of this torture marks on his body as he promise he can do much to prove it as true 😊

      • Surprisingly, this is the first time Tbjoshuawatch admits what Soe knows is true just to avoid responsibility of giving proof of their torture story as they promise they can 😊
        Tbjoshuawatch , so you mean Soe is then a reliable source on this site? Shall we trust him/her of whatever he/she says about your articles ?

      • In this case it doesn’t matter what we think, but it does matter what you think, because you’re the one doubting the torture ever happened. So I put the question right back to you, is Soe a reliable source on what goes on at SCOAN?

      • This case was brought by Nosa/Tbjoshuawatch not Sue/Scoan.Who is to be put to questions and answer them in this torture case?Keep lying ,may be it has benefiting you alot.
        If you cant give prove of what you promise you can ,so I m done. See you.

    • @ Soe,

      “You should know that a man of Jesus like TB Joshua cannot be punished nor can any have power over them unless it is given to such from above.Yours is even an insignificant portion in the scheme of things. Get a life and stop your obsession with TB Joshua, and perhaps mercy will be shown you and an escape from the coming judgment.”

      What a hilarious nonsense this all is. Again you compare your false private prophet to our JESUS Christ of Nazareth. And how hilarious it is to see that you are the “spokesman” of heaven yourself of How God must do against each one of us according to silly and rediculous threats and charismatic witchcraft curses you send out to NO AVAIL ! Your pompous character shows that you are a useless vessel for the Kingdom of God. Instead you preach JESUS Christ and Him crucified, died and risen out of the dead you defend your false lying private prophet to the hilt while wheels of judgment are already turning against him. Let me remind you, what Christian one is when you built and illegal building without building permit and as a result of the Judgment of God He allowed the collapse to let the arrogant self puffed up false private prophet you love so much, that God Himself does NOT share His Glory with any man, woman or child and certainly not all of you idiotic fanatic cult followers of SCOAN and the false private prophet you keep promoting even when the sword of Damocles is hanging over your future as a church.

      You all will fall in the order of Goliath ! In JESUS Name ! To Whom all glory belongs and His Name will be forever and forever. Further we cancel, revoke all your words as “coming judgment” and curses the like and fall to the ground and be nullified and destroyed in Jesus Mighty Name !

      And we cry Babylon has fallen, the harlot that is drunk with the wine over the souls of men shall now be destroyed, let the Name of Jesus be praised ! Selah !

  2. MR Nosa i got a feeling you are Nigeria, only Nigeria a keen at selling their country, how do u just stand in public and talk to the world rubbish concerning your country? You need to open yr eyes and stand for Africa as a whole, Nigerian wake up, people are taking advantage of your country because you spear heading the rubbish, scoan is in Nigeria ,u need to be supportive about the gift you have ,cant you see that outsiders love to hear you talking bad about scoan because they are not lucky to be having the gift u guys have, u got to be proud of your country plssssss

    • The only way for promotion and good speech about a country to be worthwhile is if it is true.

      The whole idea that faults and problems must be hidden and swept under the rug is a recipe for disaster. Addressing problems, and bringing wrongs to light is the only way to move forward

    • People like you Sir would be supporting the gift of fraudsters, simple because outsiders fell to their tricks.

      • @ Omega,

        Don’t forget how they love to sniff the smell of money to oromte their own personal agenda with pulling the wool over gullible people’s eyes and minds.

        Now they receive what they have sown in abundance. It’s called the Law of Reciprocals ! Let them look up what that actually means! May God break off the spirit snake of inculcation off all false private prophets and let them fall after the order of Saul and Goliath ! I am calling on all David’s to cut their spiritual false private prophet head off and show it to the world ! Let the world know that God is God and that he changes NOT !

    • Stop torturing holy men of God. Recall Gamaliel’s advice to the Jewish leaders concerning the disciples of Jesus. TB Joshua’s ministry continues to grow from strength to strength in spite of your devilish intentions. Hatred never triumphs over love!

      • Actually according to Gamaliel’s advice, let’s see what is happening concerning this ministry:
        Synagogue London branch CLOSED, Synagogue Athens branch CLOSED, Synagogue South Africa branch CLOSED, Synagogue guesthouse building COLLAPSED. Dozens of promising disciples, active pastors and pastors to be are simply NO MORE.
        Maybe it’s time you rethought this particular scripture at its first half: “Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone! Let them go! FOR IF THEIR PURPOSE OR AVTIVITY IS OF HUMAN ORIGIN, IT WILL FAIL.”
        Sounds more applicable now? 😊

  3. Nosa, i stand on your side. I know personaly about the torment and torture, TB Joshua is causing to the disciples of Christ, to ‘test’ their genuiness and loyalty. I am still in prayer, to find out what spirits are behind this sort of dis-humanizing treatments. And believe me, God showed me a lot of informations about what is going on in the back-ground of the un-mercyfull vision of TB Joshua. He is fallen that low, that he hardly discerns reality from fiction. And his specialism is to put the blame of his failors on others,on demons and if it suits him, on the wetter., He does not matter where to put his blames and excuses on, as long as the attention is on his wicked stragedies to get out of his endless troubles and not on him and his twisted mind-sets..He can play his games for weeks, months, years. His vision is poluted, corrupt, dangerous , destructive,religious, and an huge offend to the heart of the real followers of Christ. TB Joshua is a side-track from hell. It brings you out of your own anoiting, your destiny and your favours. TB can only be seen through , when God is on your side.

  4. Nosa, thank you for making your book available online. I look forward to reading it. I admire your courage and bravery for speaking out.

  5. And please…..referring to my previous comment, let me not hear what I once read by TBJ supporters. That the ministry isn’t interested in building churches but building character. Ha! What a laugh! Even of that we have seen the fruit! But moreover, this is NOT what Jesus instructed His disciples. His words are in Mathew 28:19,20 “Therefore GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” The great commission to His saints IS to build churches in His Name, it is actually an adamant commandment by the Lord Himself. Or shall we cancel now all missionary work, in the Name of Jesus, throughout the centuries, just to put our minds “at rest” concerning the closure and failing of the Synagogue branches I mentioned? And I won’t even go the baptism issue…..
    Really, what do you TBJ supporters have to say about the outright defiance SCOAN displays towards this commandment? For all these years I was there, all I heard was a load of incoherent blabbering, and that’s why when people would ask me I cleverly changed the subject not knowing even what I actually believed about the matter.
    The greatest problem is that most of us are completely uneducated on the Word and “feed” only on what those in “power” serve us. Yes, you need to spend time ALONE, studying that Word with the Holy Spirit that supposedly dwells within you and not in someone else. And learn that His Holy Word is meant for the simple, we don’t need intercessors, and we are not to go beyond what is written.
    1st Corinthians 4:6 “Now brothers, I have applied these things to myself and Apollos for your benefit, so that you may learn from us the meaning of the saying “DO NOT GO BEYOND WHAT IS WRITTEN.” THEN YOU WILL NOT TAKE PRIDE IN ONE MAN OVER AGAINST ANOTHER.”
    You should all be preaching the Cross but you aren’t……instead you preach man.




    • If you are healed, if you are protected, if you are saved at all, it is through Jesus Christ alone and not through any man, least of all TB Joshua.

      You are a fool if you believe everything ANYBODY says (me included). People are fallible, we make mistakes, we act in pride or self-centredness or sin. Even your ‘prophet’. You must NEVER automatically believe everything anyone, including he, says. You must go to your Bible, pray, ask the Lord yourself if what you have heard is true and accurate.

      Does it match with Scripture? Is it apparently a whole new understanding of something which Christians previously understood and interpreted differently?

      Are you a Christian or a ‘Joshuan’ – a little Jesus or a little TB Joshua?

      Think about what you have written.

    • Responses like this one are simply a sad reminder of what most Scoanite-Christians have become today….if you believe WHATEVER TBJ says and are healed/protected and for that matter saved through him, well….I pity you, sir…..

  7. @ All,

    Update, TB Joshua is dragging his feet as usual. The Jezebel spirit wants to be control even where they don’t have self imposed authority.

    Can’t even be in time for an appointment that is forced upon him, still wants to be in control by squirming, diverting, excusing and sensationalism creating. Who does he think he is ?

    For that alone they should arrest him and drag him in the witness seat. I really think that he thinks that he is JESUS himself and that everything has to line up to his will. That’s what you get when you allow spoilt brats instead of giving one finger they take the whole hand. Disgusting. While everybody is there in time he is displaying an attention seeking attitude again by dragging his heels in front of everybody. Saying, everybody is waiting for the great TB Joshua to appear. Mr. Komolafe, drag him at his ear to his seat where he has to testify NOW ! For the scam artist he is. What is he thinking ?


    • @Evan I don’t see any adverts on this page so how are they making money?

      Lies will be exposed, Evan, and one day you will wail and weep at the deception you have laboured under for so long. We (who read this blog and see the truth of the man you call ‘prophet’) pray for you and people like you. We do not curse you or wish you go to hell. On the contrary, we want to see you truly saved and in heaven with the rest of us. But while you curse and spit and snarl, your salvation is at question, do you not think? Does a real Christian respond like that?

      IF, and I hesitate even to say this, TB Joshua is of God, then God himself can defend him. You are like Muslims who get so angry when their prophet or holy book is seen to be disrespected, they smash and curse and destroy, all to ‘defend’ the honour of their religion. Christians are not called to behave in such a manner. We are to respond in love to anyone who we consider to be attacking us.

      Would you honestly say any of the things you write here are done so in love?

      • @D Haile, Evan is yet another sad example of the fruit SCOAN bears. And for that matter, where do they all see this growth they speak about? All I see is closed down branches, a collapsed building and disciples who were there for years disappear into thin air!
        Nevertheless, you are right on this. Our heart should be filled more and more with love and compassion for these deluded souls and prayer should be our “fiercest” answer to everything they say and do against those who stand for the Truth. The Jesus Christ Truth and not the TBJ one.
        May God lead all those who have been led astray, to repentance.
        As for His Justice? It shall be served….and NOBODY can do a thing to hinder what He has in mind.
        EMMANUEL! -indeed- 😇

      • @D Haile with stupid, brain, i said they made this page to spoil TBJs name and, to gain crowd and switch over to adverts to start making money, but sorry the site is not growing at all, but rather SCOAN IS GROWING, EMMANUELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

      • @Evan, what makes you think the site is not growing? I have read lots of comments by new commenters recently. And in any case, the purpose of a site like this one is not to ‘grow’ (whatever you mean by that) but to stand as a witness to the truth. In years to come, when you realise you have been deceived by a man who claimed to be from God, you will have no excuse, you will not be able to claim “I didn’t know, no-one knew he was lying to us and manipulating us for his own ends” as the proof is here for all with eyes and hearts to see. The truth is staring you in the face but you refuse to even consider for a second that the writers of the posts here might be right. Everyone is lying except for your ‘prophet’, right? No-one has ‘truth’ except for him? All believers, all Christians around the world are wrong if they don’t recognise TB Joshua as a man of God? If people hold a mirror to the man and describe what they see, what is wrong with that?

        You need to read your Bible more, brother.

      • @Jeremiah. Yes, fruit indeed. As was the point of a comment I made nearly 3 years ago which I found yesterday had been made into blog post here of its very own! The comments underneath criticising and cursing me were interesting and illustrated my point nicely. Apparently, my husband should be ashamed of me!!!

        Our greatest weapon against the tricks of the enemy being worked out through TB Joshua and SCOAN is prayer, prayer to our Lord Jesus that he will open the eyes of the blind, set the captives free and heal the broken hearted, as all who leave SCOAN no doubt are/will be.

        “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free” (John 8:31-32). We have to hold on to his teaching, be his disciples. And encourage others to do so too.

  9. There has never been any grow in Scoan. They are on the level of needy babies, sucking the tiet of religion. And TB will take good care of his babies, watching over them, with controle, merchandizings,manupilations, cheap sweety junk as stickers ec. , twisted doctrine to repeat the whole damned garbidge again and again,, TB posseses the people of God and defends by all means his terretorium. And his babies love it! They love to have an idol, who represents their lack of independance and understanding of The Truth of Christ Jezus. The Scoan-babies will never be able to grow-up, because that is not in the buzziness-formula of TB, who only and only works for money and fame, because he is trapped and ensared for years in the hands of the enemy. TB will do everything to trample people down who dare to grow. From bondage to bondage. A healthy ministery goes from Glory to Glory, and wants the real thing; matured spirit-filled people, who worshipp Jezus Christ and are guided by The Holy Spirit. Not the God of Tb Joshua, but the God of Abraham, Isaack and Jacob. For Eternity.

  10. @D Haile there is noting to regreat in years to come and there is nothing in ths world you can type and say that will change my mind or have a second thought, mind you, i have seen all truth in the spirit, and mind you, like about 4 t 6 days before the building collapse, in my vision, i saw the building collapse and it was an aircraft which cause it, just as exact as it happened, but i never know where or what buidling was that, that will be becuase that was Gods will. TBJ is a real Man of God and i have seen and confirmed that in the vision, i think you all are possseed r smething, or maybe becuase as ur guys are ex-discples of scoan, you left becuase you were not chooseen as a wise man,, forgeting tha its God who chooses and not man. Just like as God chose the wise men. my friends and brothers, change you ways and follow the right way and not having a wicked mind against someone. a word is enough for the wise.

    • evan. You saw the collapse coming a vew days before it happened? And you did not warned scoan? You believe it is the will of God that this tragedy happened, not God who warned you? Man, what a confused mind you have! The Spirit showed me after the collapse, the root of the problem, weakness in the illegal foundation. And The Spirit told me more facts. Maybe we have different Gods, lets see what the out-come will be by court.

  11. Pastor TB Joshua keeps coroner inquest waiting

    Pastor T.B. Joshua is running late in appearing at the coroner inquest, set up to probe the 12 September collapse of the guesthouse at the Synagogue Church of All Nations, in Ikotun, a suburb of Lagos.

    The inquest headed by Oyetade Komolafe was expected to begin proceedings by 9 a.m in Ikeja, capital of Lagos State, with Joshua as the star witness. But as at 10.25 a.m, he was yet to appear.

    The entire high court venue of the inquest, was overfilled, said our reporters.

    Last week, the coroner threatened to arrest Joshua if he failed to testify on the collapsed building, caused the death of 116 people, most of them South Africans.

    “The counsel should advise The Prophet to come. The church is not on trial. It’s not a matter of ego. Nobody is above the law.

  12. Synagogue Building Collapse: TB Joshua Fails To Appear Before Coroner’s Inquest Despite Arrest Threat

    Posted by: niyi on November 5, 2014

    Despite the Coroner’s threat to order the arrest of Prophet T. B Joshua if he failed to show up before the Inquest to testify, the cleric has called his bluff, as he failed to appear on Wednesday to testify on the death of 116 people who were killed at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) following a building collapse on September 12.
    “The court has the power to summon whoever it deems necessary to assist it,” the Coroner, Oyetade Komolafe had told the hearing last week.
    If Joshua had appeared, he would have been questioned over his claim that the building collapsed after an aircraft hovered round the building. Experts have however said the building collapsed due to a stress on its foundations as stories unplanned for were added to the building without reinforcing the foundation.
    Responding to questions raised about his client’s whereabouts, Joshua’s lawyer, Olalekan Ojo stated that “The Man of God has not been personally served the witness summons.”
    “He was unavoidably absent when the sheriff went for the service. We don’t want the impression to be created that The Prophet is avoiding the court.”
    Ojo refused to accept the witness summons on behalf of Joshua, saying he was not authorised to do so, but promised to tell the court when his client would be available.
    He also added that the building contractors did not receive their summonses because they could not be identified or located.
    The Coroner, Komolafe however said: “We want Prophet Joshua to know that the court is not persecuting anybody but (trying) to find the truth. He should come.
    “As a prophet of God that he claims to be, he must not do anything that will make him to be at variance with the law.”

    • @Just Wonder

      “The Man of God has not been personally served the witness summons.”
      “Ojo refused to accept the witness summons on behalf of Joshua, saying he was not authorised to do so…”

      Then why were they arguing that TBJ must not appear in the first place?
      wow…unbelievable, this is just nonsensical! TBJ’s stunts are becoming more & more goofy.

      • @ Just Wonder,

        The answer is already served to TB Joshua.

        Read this:

        The coroner has however reiterated that Prophet TB Joshua must appear before the inquest. He said that the court would do the needful to ensure that the prophet was served. He also appealed to the counsel and the Chief Security officer of the Synagogue Church to assist the court in doing this, failing which the court may be forced to use the police and bring the full wrath of the law to bear.

        So there you go. TB Joshua wants a spectacle to manifest before anyone. It really looks like he thinks he is Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane and that a Judas is coming to kiss him and the Romans will have to carry them off before he cave in.

        He is clearly dragging his feet and must wait until the full wrath of the Law is coming forward concerning this because the heavier the force will take place. Not sure what they are waiting for. If I was the Coroner I would have send a battalion of Police with heavy weaponry descending upon where he is sitting or hanging out. They are clearly want to break the Law and they clearly think they are above the Law.

        When he had the chance to talk to the victim’s families, friends and others, he should have done that from 13 September 2014 onwards, but he was dragging his feet as a coward because he now has to say the same things in front of the world who will watch his lies right there and then.

        It is also an excuse to stretch out as long as possible and one begs to question in what he claimed he saw it all happening before but sat upon his hands, how can even one victim listen to this con man for one second ??????

      • @ Just Wonder,

        I am also now concerned that they will do a stand off when they finally come and get him, just like the David Koresh situation in 1993.

        David Koresh the American leader of the Branch Davidians religious sect, believing himself to be its final prophet. Howell legally changed his name to David Koresh on May 15, 1990 Koresh being the Persian name of Cyrus the Great.

  13. TB Joshua and following;

    Remember the warnibg in the Word of God to you long ago?

    It looks like it is true:

    Remember TB Joshua, the Word of God:

    Ikabod – “The glory has departed”

    This is what the LORD Almighty says:
    “The people of God are oppressed by TB Joshua and his wise men. All their captors (TB Joshua and his wise men) hold them (the disciples) fast, refusing to let them go. Jer 50:33
    Yet their Redeemer is strong, the Lord Almighty is His Name.
    He will vigorously defend their causes, so that He may bring rest to their land, but unrest to those who live in Babylon (scoan). Jer 50:34
    A sword against the Babylonians, TB Joshua and his wise men!
    Declares the Lord-and
    1. Against those who live in Babylon (scoan)and
    2. Against her officials and
    3. Against their wise men and
    4. A sword against her false prophet


  14. OK – A little Bible study for the ‘prophet’ like unto mohammed:
    This is what the anointed people of God in the Bible did when they had to stand trial – TB Joshua.
    The innocent Apostle Paul’s stand Trial before the Sanhedrin (Acts 22:30—23:35). He faced it.
    The innocent Lord Jesus Christ stand Trial before the Sanhedrin (Mathew 26). He too faced it.
    When the guilty coward TB Joshua is summoned to court,
    he is ducking and diving – running away.
    His reaction is totally opposite to the Bible.
    Again his unbiblical character is shining forth for the world to see?!?!

  15. FYI
    False prophets of Kenya of course playing in a far smaller league than the SCOAN’s Forbes 500 preacher: ‘Prayer predators’
    Unbelievably the above preacher’s mother served time in jail for her deception in a story previously featured story on the tbjw site: ‘Seeds of Sin’ .
    The son is on the run now:
    God help us all

  16. you so calll Nonso, mind ur speech or els u face the wrath of the Almighty God. If one of the best deciples of Christ denied and betrayd him, den what can nt happen in this we world. You are nothin but a fabricator.

  17. Idle man, telling idle people, idle stories. Send your award winning movie script to hollywood as it will be better appreciated there. Then wake up from your charade of incoherrent dreams and crazy immaginations, I believe you can channel your analytical mind and skills elsewhere.

    • @ Meg,

      Not sure you mean us, but if you do, why not look at 40 minutes of demon interrogation in SCOAN.

      Talking about scripts, those are. Like demons have a base on the planet Mercury is a excellent one to listen to. And how about the one where they claim that Satan lives in Hell. Did you see the one that had lost his fish ? Uuuum the ones from all the leaders of the branches ? Wow what a scripts were those.

  18. Christians don’t act out of provocation but out of love, vengeance remains God’s. If you are sure of the truth of your testimony, then leave the rest to God.

    • I Greet You,

      God is Love…yet He too as perfect as He is, sometimes acts out of provocation like when the Israelites repeatedly provoked His Spirit for the umpteenth time…in anger He changed His mind and swore that they will never enter into the promised land He was leading them to…so they all perished in the wilderness…in those days of provocation!

      Hebrews 3:7-11…Wherefore (as the Holy Ghost saith, To day if ye will hear his voice, Harden not your hearts, as in the “provocation”, in the day of temptation in the wilderness: When your fathers tempted me, proved me, and saw my works forty years. Wherefore I was grieved with that generation, and said, They do alway err in their heart; and they have not known my ways. So I sware in my wrath [anger], They shall not enter into my rest [promised land]…)

      Jesus Christ is the embodiment of Love…who said to turn the other cheek when smitten…yet when he was provoked” by the den of thieves in His Father’s Temple…what did He do? In anger, He acted out of provocation to “overthrow tables” and cast out those scammers or “agent provocateur” buying and selling in the church…

      (Matthew 21:12-13…And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers [scammers], and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves…)

      Copy That?

      That is why as a Christian there is time for everything under the sun:
      A time for peace and a time for war…similarly a time to “turn cheeks” and a time to “overthrow tables”…

      (Proverbs 3:1,8…To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:…a time of war, and a time of peace…)

      By their repeated provocative claims of fabrications and falsehood…what better place to prove your case than in the court of law???

      Maybe these are the days of provocation…time will soon tell!

      I Rest My Case!

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