What happened to Harry?

When the sexual abuse scandal at SCOAN Athens became too difficult to contain, TB Joshua sent his henchman “Wiseman” Harry to shut down the branch and claim (falsely) that it was never an official SCOAN branch and it was started without authority. TB Joshua Watch has managed to obtain an audio recording (Greek with English interpretation) and transcription (English) of his final speech, and the chaos that ensued resulting in the police being called to break up what had virtually become a riot. Below we present the audio recording of his speech, the transcription, and a video of the aftermath. After that we have some personal reflections on the transformation of Harry from “gentle, good natured boy, with genuine love for Christ” to deceitful henchman of a false prophet.

Emmanuel. You all know very well that I am Greek. I am from Macedonia and the purpose I came to Greece was to meet my mother who is sick. From the moment I came to Greece, I keep hearing things about brother Andreas. Andreas did this, Andreas did that, since Friday. So since I came to Greece, I decided to speak to you. I don’t want to leave Greece unless I settle this matter. First of all, I want you to know that I am not here to judge Andreas. Judgment belongs to God. If I start judging him now, then soon I will  be in the same problem, because the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 10:12 that he who thinks he stands well on his feet, it is better for him to watch out so he doesn’t fall down. So I am not here to judge him. I would like to tell you some things about my life. In 2010, when I received the anointing of God and became a wise man by God’s grace, I came to Greece for a revival. Many of you were present. After the revival, everyone expected me to come back to Greece to open a new church. My father in Christ Prophet TB Joshua provided the biggest and most beautiful place in Macedonia so I could start my ministry. For four years since that day, we have been paying the rent of that room without using it. Do you know why? Because I have not finished my training yet. I am not the only one who has received the anointing from the Prophet, we are 4 as those who watch Emmanuel TV know.

The reason I didn’t open the church in 2010 is because with the weaknesses I had then, I would not be able to stand against the temptations which were coming for me. So I decided to run back to my mentor Prophet Tb Joshua to receive more training. Let me tell you some things about Andreas. When Andreas left Nigeria in 2005 and came to Greece, he left that place with anger and disrespect for the Prophet, with rudeness because he didn’t want to finish his training under Prophet Tb Joshua. The same training we wise men received. We all thought that when he came to Greece he would find a job and continue his life as before. But when Andreas came to Greece, he started gathering people for home fellowship. Since then, that fellowship grew and became what it is today. Many of those that attended that fellowship didn’t go because of Andreas. They didn’t go to see him. They went there because they had love for Jesus Christ and love for the man of God Prophet TB Joshua. Many of you here today, before you became members of this fellowship, you had visited Lagos, Nigeria and seen the wonders and miracles that God is performing through his servant prophet tb Joshua. When you returned from Nigeria to Greece, because of your love for Christ and Prophet TB Joshua, you started gathering around Andreas. Let me tell you what happened in 2010. I remember it was Autumn, October. It happened straight after the revival here in Greece. In Lagos, Nigeria, Prophet TB Joshua had said on a live broadcast ‘Mr. Andreas needs to come back to Lagos for training’. Who remembers these words? I remember it very well because I was present when it happened. He said Mr. Andreas needs to come to Lagos for training. From that moment, Andreas had to leave here and go back to Nigeria for training. This was the will of God for his life. But Andreas chose to remain here and become a pastor. But a pastor without full training.

Why did you let him? – members shout.

Please let me finish. I believe you will receive your answer. The prophet had said Andreas must leave here, go back to Nigeria to receive training. Andreas chose on his own to disobey the prophet and be a pastor without necessary training.

This is hilarious- person in crowd shouts

Some people gathered that day and signed that they wanted to open a church but the prophet repeatedly said I have no branch anywhere all around the world. How many people have heard this? He has NO branch anywhere in all the world. Not in Greece, not in the UK , not in South Africa. What you call a church here is not a church , it is a fellowship. When people gathered and signed that they want to have a church, the prophet had NOTHING to do with this. The prophet didn’t sign and agree with this. If you look at the papers, you will never find the prophet’s name anywhere.

Who was sending the money?- person in crowd shouts.

I believe you are not ready to hear what I have to say. If you continue this way, I will stop my speech. Should I continue?


If you look on the papers, you will not see TB Joshua’s name anywhere. The Prophet is not managing the place, he is not a priest here, he is not the cashier here. You heard me well. The Prophet is not a cashier, not a priest neither the boss here. Neither the president that created this fellowship. If you look at the sign at the discreet title of the fellowship, you will find the name of the fellowship here. I do not call it church because it is not a church, it is a fellowship. If you look at the name it says “Church of All nations- Hearing Ministry”

Have you seen the word “Synagogue” on the sign? I am asking you. Have you seen the name “Synagogue” on the church here? What you see is Church of All Nations- Hearing Ministry. I told you, the Prophet has no branch anywhere in the world.

Since you are asking for us to come here to settle the matter, we are here with the decision that this fellowship must close. Immediately after today’s service, the moment I leave, this fellowship must close. (Wise man Harry gets angry with translator). You keep saying church, it is a fellowship. It is not a church. Prophet has said that we don’t have a single branch around the world, which is why this fellowship must shut down. For those of you that want to continue to be a member of SCOAN must go home and watch Emmanuel TV as the whole world does. You can’t get together and say “let us open a church in the name of the Prophet” This fellowship is closing. This is how things are in Macedonia, they just gather watch Emmanuel TV. Distance is not a barrier. Wherever you are, through Emmanuel TV by faith you can receive from God. So we have come to the end of this service. I would like the see the people who signed at the beginning of this fellowship because this fellowship must be erased from the papers because it has not happened with the approval of the prophet.

I will be praying for you and you be praying for me. I believe very soon, when by God’s grace we finish the training, the four wise men that the prophet is personally training, he will send us all around the world to open branches of the SCOAN. I believe as a Greek that I am, the Prophet will send me to Greece to open a branch of SCOAN.

(Members protest)

But if you continue to blaspheme the name of God and speak against Jesus Christ, this will not help the prophet to send anyone to Greece. He will send me to another country where people appreciate the wise men. Thank you. God with you.

Crowd member: Shame on you! You should be ashamed! This is a cheap political speech! You tramp!

At this point chaos broke out. This is what happened in SCOAN Athens on 1st June 2014 before the police showed up.

Personal Reflections from people familiar with the event

From “John Smith” ex SCOAN Athens member:

“When Harry came to Athens to close the branch after the scandal was revealed, among the many lies joshua had told him to tell us to protect his name, he also said that Andreas the former Athens pastor, was not sent by joshua to open a branch, that he did it on its own!!! That he was a disobedient disespectfull arrogant and that he never finished his training in scoan. Of course theres no need for me to point out that all these are funny lies. Funny enough to the extent that harry himself before he became a disciple of joshua was living at the same house for six months in the scoan athens building with that disobedient disrespectful and arrogant pastor , and where studying and meditating the Word together.!!!! Funny enough it was this disobedient disrespectful and arrogant pastor who mediated and called joshua to sent him Harry as a disciple!!!!! and funny enough joshua listened to him and accepted Harry as a disciple!!! YES joshua accepted Harry as a disciple out of the recommendations of a disobedient disrespectful and arrogant person who had never finished his training left on his own went to Athens and opened an illegal branch in his name!!!! Can you imagine the extent to which they want to undermine our intelligence. The truth is that joshua had the perfect relations with Andreas until the end when the scandal unfolded and joshua through him away as he does with anyone see Zavlaris… yes the great false prophet was completely ignorant of the fornication taking place in his own branch!!! of course scoanites will say ” you can not blame joshua, he sees only what God shows him”, Oh you foolish scoanites isn’t you mentor that teaches you that CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME. But what actually shocked me that day is what Harry said about himself as the opposite example of Andreas. He said ” In 2010 when i came and made the crusade in Athens, after that everybody expected me to come back to Macedonia and open the Branch, but I realized that with the weakness I had back then I would not succeed in my mission thus I decided to go back to my mentor joshua to complete my training” implying that this is what Andreas never did. I was shocked!!! Then I realised that no one can ever be free from that charlatan. Do you imagine my friends what this delusional criminal joshua is teaching his people. After receiving the ultimate promise of GOD HIS SPIRIT Harry was in need to return to joshua for training…..!!!!! BLASPHEMY BLASPHEMY BLASPHEMY meaning the Spirit of God was completely unable to help Harry let alone Harry help others, thus joshua was needed I wish anyone could realise my sorrow. I really love Harry, I pray that he wakes up now that he is in Greece, he is a good boy good heart and always dreamed to serve God. I dont know why God allowed him to be trapped mentally and emotionally in that dangerous sect, under that cunning and sick person joshua. Lets pray his eyes will open soon. God has a plan”

From “Jeremiah” ex-SCOAN Athens member:

“Harry arrived at SCOAN Athens approximately the time I did, in the beginning of 2006. It was the pastor that inspired him to go to Lagos and their relationship was like Paul and Timothy…..but of course SCOAN discourages any kind of intimate relationship due to the divide and conquer policy for authoritative purposes on Joshua’s behalf. Those who were once the closest of friends became enemies and envy had paved its path. And beyond their respective personalities, I am more than convinced, that this was the work of the well hidden yet undeniable heresy taught at SCOAN, first and foremost, concerning the Holy Spirit. But I won’t get into that now….I have spoken extensively in previous posts. Now, Harry was a gentle, good natured boy, with genuine love for Christ and a heart ready to serve God. He was simple, humble and accessible. What I witnessed however on the 1st of June 2014, was a completely different story: the same arrogance, the same authoritative mannerism, the same lying spirit was displayed as in the SCOAN Athens pastor. AS IN SCOAN, PERIOD.”

From Just Wonder (who has family involved with SCOAN)

Look at how tbj changed Harry’s appearance alone. He looks like a proper cult leader. I know that Harry did not want to change his appearance, but tbj forced and threatened him, until he looks like this! Not to think how his spirit has changed and is caught in a trap! I will keep on praying for him and the rest of tbj’s boot licking devotees, to be saved, healed and delivered from that cult leader tbj. It is heart breaking to see in what they have changed into under that false prophet!

26 thoughts on “What happened to Harry?

  1. This is a very interesting story. What is more interesting is the way they twist words to suit their agendas. “This is not a Church but a fellowship”. How did SCOAN become a church in the first place? Didn’t Joshua just start his thing and called it a church? Where did Joshua go for training? He just learnt on the job and therefore he has no qualification to train others.

    You see when things are going well, Joshua wants to take the credits. As soon as bad things are brought out, he is no party to it. The “wise man” Harry ( I hope “wise” here is just a title and has no bearing to being wise) is opening a branch and he will be associated with Joshua for as long as thing go fine and keeps making money for his mentor. As soon as he becomes greedy and starts using most of it himself, his church will be another fellowship. Another “wise man” will be sent to close it down.

    • Exactly. It’s just a matter of time. TB Joshua will deny Harry and publicly announce that he never authorized him to open the SCOAN Thessalonica branch. What kind of a deceived person is Harry? May every Christian in Thessalonica resist his attempts to initiate and brainwash them with TB Joshua’s Nigerian magic.

  2. I remember Harry, way back when we were both young disciples. We’d exchange military stories (he’d had to do national service), and I remember he told me about praying for one of his colleagues of a headache and it got better, and began to listen to what he said about Jesus.
    Now he looks wierd, with that beard. It was the same in 2011, when my wife and I were watching SKY news, and lo and behold, SCOAN UK appeared in that undercover report. The camera was on Chris screaming into the microphone. He had a goatee and my wife mentioned how he looked creepy. Chris was also just a regular guy.

    • @ I remember Harry as a arrogant person who did not wanted to discuss some theology matters that I dished him. He became agitated and shuffling in his chair of being uncomfortable me asking about some Greek words if rim Revelation. Indeed how do they look like. Chris all of a sudden has demons. While he went all over the world with a bottle of “anointing water” WITHOUT MANIFESTING HIS own 12 year old uncovered demons while working for TB Joshua (a deliverance “ministry” by default) as well in prayer meetings where the “anointing water” was intensely sprayed.

      It makes me furious that they can keep up their lies so intensely and be so deceiving. I hope that some of them will cross my path the Lord willing and I will deliver them once and for all with their scam practices.

  3. Ok you all heard Harry mesmerized under the influence of the charlatan joshua saying one lie after the other, He started by saying I am not here to judge Andreas…. and immediately after that he crucifies him with terrible lies…. Then he continues in his deep hypnosis saying, t.b.joshua called Andreas to Lagos in 2010 and he never went, (lies) and that joshua called him Mr Andreas …Pay attention here, then he addresses to the crowd using the same psychological technique of manipulation saying ” how many of you did you here that” and the crowd shouts yes we heard it…. and he continues saying that he knows because he was there also.
    Now what if I release the original video where the whole church is shouting in live connection with emmanuel TV and the charlatan prophet addresses Andreas as OUR PASTOR IN ATHENS..and NOT AS MR ANDREAS… and as the crowd starts shouting he continues saying he must come back to join the wisemen…..of course only the reaction of the crowd shows how happy we were that our pastor is going to become a wiseman!!!
    No one knew back then in 2010 that fornication had already started, no one not even the charlatan prophet joshua
    Harry please my brother wake up

    • @”John,
      No point to call him brother, he has sold his soul to the devil and filthy lucre. God himself allows for him to believe the lie. II Thessalonians 2:9 onwards.

      Since there is high unemployment in Greece he will never relinquish his fake wiseman title and sit at the feet of TB Joshua thinking that he does not want to bite the hand that feeds his family. As they all are, Cowards are their titles. Ruled by fear of being on their own and their so called weaknesses. We all have wesknesses, THAT IS WHY WE NEED JESUS TO HELP IS AND KEEP DELIVERING US FROM THAT. all Gods children will have one or two weaknesses. Even Paul complains about it. That in his members of his body there is a war. Of which he cries out that only JESUS can help him with that. How foolish that you want to trust in a mortal sinner TB Joshua to overcome your wesknesses.

      • @ Jesse
        I call him brother because once I was also mesmerized deceived a scoanite faking and editing miracles and I remember that no matter how I suffered realizing all that was wrong and fake yet I had mental chains and terrible fear to admit my self the truth I was witnessing before my very Eyes. I was a zombie I kept rebuking myself when I had a bad thought about scoan.trying to persuade myself that I was wrong and scoan right. It was a nightmare I am grateful to God its over. And even when the evidence in front of my eyes the inconsistencies the lies where so obvious I only went through severe depression and nervous breakdown, and realized that what I was experiencing was not of God. It couldnt be. A few months after my actual departure from scoan and visiting only as friend and not a full time worker the scandal unfolded, then everything started making sense, it was the starting point for me to be free. Hopefully Ill share my story with TBJW which has no end Hell itself. I only thank God for being also alive. scoan is a pit of Hell. SCOAN IS DANGEROUS and after all that is said and done people have no longer excuses following t,b.joshua makes you a criminal or youre just extremely stupid or a mental case, psychologically messed up. I wish and Hope Harry will wake up.

  4. And for the record of another lie, will sent a receipt of scoan athens to tbjw which clearly shows that the name was Synagogue Church Of All Nations In Greek Συναγωγη Εκκλησια Όλων των Έθνων . The only reason the Name synagogue was not mentioned at the front of the church was because Greek people think of Judaism and Hebrews when they see the name Synagogue. joshua was also very aware of that. these where the cheap lies he told us in order to disassociate himself with what happened at the branch. THE COWARD joshua

  5. And I repeat THE COWARD JOSHUA who was unable to stand as a true man of God, simply because he is not, and as a father and say” Yes my son whom I sent to you has sinned, I take him back, I will sent you another leader, and let us stop everything weep repent and sick God’s mercy”
    That would have brought peace I guarantee you that. But instead he chose the way of shadows lies deceit because no light can come out of scoan. I PITY YOU t.b joshua

  6. So…..maybe my story is now valid? ☺
    Indeed, Mr Joshua a lie can be sustained for a while but in the end the TRUTH prevails.
    But I have a few questions for the SCOAN devotees:
    How do you close down a church that doesn’t belong to you? And which you have nothing to do with.
    Thinking about it, I really don’t care much for a certain church, do you think I can go and shut it down? 😁
    Oh….and NO BRANCHES in the world….EVER?
    TBJW, maybe we are halucinating! Maybe SCOAN and TBJ don’t exist at all!!!😮
    Well the cat is out of the bag….choose and decide: JESUS CHRIST the Truth or the Father of Lies?

  7. @ All,

    So please tell us what training did TB Joshua have ????? He had none, he started SCOAN and stsrted gathering people around him who were willing to fake deliverances, diseases and ther matter and bounce up and down when the so called false private prophet passed along. This is what is happening in SCOAn Hubert Angel and Makandiwa and another so called Muti practitioner who started recently a ministry there where people were trampled to death in a mass meeting. These others were also released by so called false prophet Boateng and his lying wonder ministry. Away with these false occult practitioners who stain our true Christianity with surrogate miracles and minions who work and lie for them. Away with the false prophets in Nigeria who are using tricks to deceive that God is always with them. Uproot them, a Jesus Name, place the axe at their roots and destroy these liars and scammers for filthy lucre. We will deliver them before the world to see of who they are and with who they work together. Glory to God who will make them fall after the order of Goliath. JESUS will come and defeat them with His Breath. Saints you will be vindicated stand firm and God will come through when it is His Time ! No false inside information prophet will stand before God who made their greed for filthy lucre known.

  8. Tell me t.b.joshua

    If the Greek Athens branch was not yours?
    Who sent you then 20.000 euros for your console when it caught fire? Was is not the Athens Branch? Why did you take it?
    Who sent you 10.000 and medication for the Haiti mission? Was is not the Athens Branch? Do you want Video proof for that?
    Who spent some thousands euros for wiseman Harry’s dvd ?
    Why did you sent Harry to make a crusade at the church of your disobedient disrespectful disciple who opened illegally a church in your name?
    From which country and whose account name did you withdraw from Athens 50.000 euros from Emmanuel tv partners?
    Do you know in Greece we have IRS????
    And why all these years we were visiting you at your birthday you never warned us that Andreas is a Fraud.?
    I wonder how you can even dare to think that we could accept such a foolish story?
    I advise you to be arranged at the prayerline holding a big placard writing MENTAL CASE

  9. For Emily.
    For Anna.
    For Alda.
    For Elda.
    For Anna Maria.
    For Jackie.
    For Zoe.
    For the youth that were deceived and abused under the name of SCOAN at large.
    For all those who sought Jesus Christ and were served with abomination and lies.
    For the TRUTH.

  10. God knows those who are His, if Andreas is not of God, then God should be the one to deal with him and not Joshua, joshua has the right to stop Andreas from using his name, but he has not right to short down the expectation of those that fellowship there for the love they had for Jesus, for most of them that their faith is not yet strong may go back to their vomit, how will Joshua be able to bring them back, God Almighty, Creator of the Universe who will judge all flesh, give us the grace not to fall into the trap of the devourer. amen

    • Agmo, I agree that God is the Ultimate Judge of all.
      However, this has not got to do with Andreas, for whom personally I pray unto repentance for salvation and not condemnation. By no means.
      But repentance bears fruit. Fruit according to God’s Word and not man’s.
      Nevertheless, you have stated it well concerning the souls thrown out. Not only that. Did you not hear of the firm declaration by Harry that SCOAN never had nor has any branches/churches worldwide? So what about London, Ghana-which remains on their official site-, Cape Town? Have you ever watched ETV? Numerous videos concerning healings, deliverances and activities stemming from these branches have been presented throughout the years labelled as such. Audibly and subtitled.
      Are we to prove the inevitable? Is this delusion people are under so strong that they don’t see nor hear anymore?
      And who is the father of lies? How can people go on excusing lies? Is God’s Word no longer the standard for Christianity?
      It is getting dark….and the Lord has MORE than spoken. But they choose not to….

  11. @ agmo
    It is another thing to stop someone from using your name and a totally different matter to deny your own branch just because you do want your name to be shamed. The charlatan joshua treated people like garbage and was worried only bout his fame and ministry. What a glorious example for a man of God. !!!! he says he prophecies about the world and he does not know what is going on in his own house!!!!!!
    How many times he said on emmanuel tv ” if I can prophecy about Indonesia, how much more about you here close to me” Well he cant, he is just a JOKER. Yes T.B. JOCKER

  12. The counter-fit-family-tb-Joshua, lives by the senses, and only on sunday by Spirit. Thats why they have so many troubles with temptations and weaknesses. They live in the strugle with the flesch, and this is a good sign for feeble characteristics. No convidence in the Word they preach. It is spiritual pauper; they live from one mess to the other and call it trials. It is death faith. The men of God who live by The Spirit are not influenzed by sense-troubles and feeble mind-sets. The wise-men have a self-deceiving mentor; TB Joshua, wo loves to roam about in sense-issues, it is in fact his expertise, to deliver the sins, that are already forgiven by Calvery. TB Joshua loves the senses, he believes it is spiritual, to love and film the choir-girls singing in a water-pool. He believes he is pleasing The Lord by it. The Gospel who-ever, is about the active, lifing working of Gods Word, by Gods choosen servants, who dont lament about their temptations and weaknesses. How can a man of God, who teaches the true Word of God, by The Spirit of God, be in temptation and consious of his weakness? Dobble-minded-men are un-stable in all their ways.

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  14. Look at this fake prophet and false messiah, T B Joshua, talking about training! When did he convert from Islam to become a Christian? Where did he get his own training? Who ordained him ? First of all, we should understand that TBJ himself is NOT SAVED, AND IS NOT A CHRISTIAN!
    Anyone who does not understand this assertion must read Acts 8, where a sorcerer and a magician, named Simon, who was not even saved and was not a Christian, was regarded by the ignorant fools in Samaria as, “The Great Power of God.” Acts 8:9-11. TBJ is just an ordinary false prophet who is deceiving people because of their biblical ignorance and illiteracy!

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  16. I see all scoanites have disappeared eh? please say something. I’m dying to hear what you have to say this time around. till then…we’ll be waiting!

    • Yes, ALUTA CONTINUA! We will continue to examine the fake prophet, T B Joshua, till he and his fake devotees confess their transgressions against the people and their families. We’re waiting for Doe, Soe, Visser, Vasilis and all his lawyers to come on board to defend this agent of Satan and we will put them to shame!!!!! Where are you, brainless and braindead followers of a fake prophet?

  17. Pray without ceasing and Give thanks to God in all things (1Thessalonian 5:17-18), God i thank you for True Prophets of my generation like TBJoshua

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