Bisola Johnson’s story part 2: life after SCOAN

Read part 1 of Bisola Johnson’s story here.

Starting life all over was a battle that only God could help anyone win after I have lost contacts of close friends, school mates, family, my father died while I was in the synagogue, my mother had aged, all I had left to survive in life was God. My resume and educational documents had staled (14years out of circulation). This is the point TB Joshua always stands on to wait for ex-disciples to come back to him asides enchantments. TB Joshua believes that when you become frustrated outside of SCOAN, you will return back to beg him to return. At this, he had warned all the members of his congregation that none of them should help any of his ex-disciple because he wants them to suffer. Six months after I left SCOAN, Annalise van Rensburg, the wife of Late Kobus; (this was before Prophet Kobus died, the first time they came to SCOAN, I coordinated them) sent me an invitation to come to South Africa, suddenly, she warned me not to come because TB Joshua had appeared to her and warned her in a dream not to have me with them.

Living became difficult, while struggling with daily challenges of how to overcome the hunger and getting a decent Job; TB Joshua positioned himself spiritually against me through enchantments. Anytime I sleep, I see him in my dreams giving me injections, something to drink, having sex with me (this is highly demonic) I started getting sick, bedwetting and seeing myself in the cemetery, also hearing his audible voice. What usually happen is that anyone TB Joshua decides to target for termination or tormenting, he will print the persons picture and bury them under the sand inside his mountain where they call old site for certain days, afterwards, he will bring the picture out for some spiritual rituals. It depends on what he intended for such person, it could be death, madness, confusion, hatred, poverty, etcetera. TB Joshua will hold a machete (cutlass) in his left hand and the target picture on his right hand and invoke curses and evil pronouncement on such as he cut the pictures in pieces. I started praying and claiming God’s promises.

What I saw in the synagogue is beyond what anyone can just say in a pass, I am talking about wickedness, organised crime, deceit of the highest level, manipulations, killings, taking over peoples properties under false pretence , voodoo , sexual recklessness, stage managed miracles, testimonies and prophesies based on first hand information by informant disciples etcetera. I can give glaring evidence everyone can relate to…. For such an organization to deceive the Whole World AGAIN that I came back to them is absurd and unfortunate. This bring to my mind what the whole city of Samaria suffered in the evil hand of Simon the sorcerer (Acts 8:9-12), I say it is so unfortunate because many will believe such lie. I still maintain my words and stand on what I said earlier and I am available to say more to expose the dark world of Joshua.

Note: I was not sent out of the synagogue, I was in charge of many departments, I started been the first visitors coordinator aside Media Head. Many visitors from SA, Asia, UK, USA will remember my face at the mentioned of Bisola. My deliverance started one day like I woke up from spiritual slumber, I realized where I was in the synagogue was satanic stronghold and I took conscious effort in planning my leaving synagogue which like Pharaoh would not let go easily. (That is another story)

Many sexually brutalized girls I know  are afraid to confront TB Joshua. There’s this three young underaged girls of the same parents, [names removed for privacy of the victims] that TB Joshua disvirgined; their brother took the case to court but nothing has been done to bring succour to this family (Note from editor: for those not believing this shocking story, you can read about the attempted court case here). This is one out of many. There are many disciples that are willing to leave synagogue, but the thought of how to adjust and starts a new life is still keeping many there. I agree with King David who said, I will rather be a doorkeeper in the house of God that to eat in the palace of wickedness.

After I exposed TB Joshua, I was hounded like an animal by his marksmen, I lived like a fugitive in the land of my Nativity, TB Joshua seems to be above the law as many journalist, government officials patronises him and are under his bewitchment. Some pressmen are on his payroll. But in the course of my unsettled mind and circumstances, I held unto He who Rules in the affairs of men. I discovered that ‘All Power is in the hand of God’.

Joshua has made move on my life both spiritually and physically but Mercy said No.
One time in my dream, I saw TB Joshua coming to strangulate me, while holding and twisting my neck, I saw a Cross as in the Biblical account, Jesus Christ was on the Cross and suddenly, His side opened, blood gushed out; as the blood landed, it separated TB Joshua’ head from his body. Since then, I don’t suffer his oppression anymore Rev.12:11

I later met many ex disciples on the street, all they could tell me was that God preserved my life because they said after I had left synagogue, TB Joshua told them in the disciples meeting that I was dead because he was sure of the evil he did.

I am Alive in Christ and No evil can befall me according to Col. 1:13,  I said all I said with consciousness that one day I will give account of my words before God, There’s nothing I will gain to lie on TB Joshua but we came out to save souls so that others may learn and not fall into the same pit and not be ensnared by Satan through TB Joshua.

TB Joshua is just but a man who unfortunately sold his soul to Satan, I wish and pray he would reconsider his stand and Repent and give his life to the Author of Life, Jesus Christ. 
Today, nothing I do gives me Joy but I find passion, Joy and Peace going around testifying to the goodness of God who in His infinite Mercy granted me a second chance to live the life He purposed for me, and warning people of the ‘Danger of endtimes’. Christians must ‘Beware’ TB Joshua is not the only one at this evil, they are many. Daniel said, they that know their God shall be strong; how many know their God today? When troubles of life rages, people run helter skelter rather than having Peace in God who is the only help Ps.121:2, Jer.33:3, Because I did not know Him before that was the reason I ran into ERROR. Many people I know in the SCOAN have died mysteriously but Mercy preserved me and others. I am not afraid of TB Joshua, I overcame him by the Blood of Jesus Christ and my testimony. 
God bless

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  1. Bisola,
    Wow, what a wonderful testimony of the saving grace and love of Jesus. Take courage that you are not alone in your experience with TB Joshua and scoan. Everyone I know, that woke up to his 419 Nigerian evil tricks, went through the same things. Thank God Jesus are NOT like this false ‘prophet’, but He came to save all the pen tbj threw into the dustbin of life, when he,TB Joshua, has no use for them anymore. Maybe people will start believing you and Agomah now that they see how many people tbj killed and see that tbj does NOT want to take responsibility for his actions. I just thank God, because tbj might fool the world, but he will not fool or trick the God of the universe.
    Let us keep on praying for more devotees to be kicked out of that horror nest called scoan!

      • Don’t be confused, my dear, this site exposes your “Daddy,” the false prophet, his atrocities, lies, deceit, manipulations, fake miracles, fake prophecies, and fake everything! The lady, Bisola, is a Nigerian, a Yoruba, of the same tribe as your false prophet. She was one of the early “disciples” of the false prophet, who slept with him and knows all his secrets and has now come out of the Synagogue of Satan, which is your “Daddy’s” church. If you want to know the full story, watch the Deception of the Age video. Your “Daddy,” T B Joshua, is a lair and a false prophet, one of the many false prophets who the Lord Jesus warned us about in Matthew 24:24.

      • No, this is a website created by Satan to deceive people and speak all bad things about our daddy Prophet.

  2. To everyone who has not seen this:

    Deception of the Age – Part 1 of 8

    Deception of the Age – Part 2 of 8

    • These people are both liars. Bisola was on witchcraft and she is not very good in the head. She is a pathetic liar and this man used tb joshua’s name to receive money from people after he left the Synagogue 😦

      • @gotesua
        How do you know Bisola was on witchcraft and is not very good in the head? I guess because SCOAN told you. SCOAN, who have a track record for continuously lying. Well done on revictimising the victim.

  3. Bisola says: “Annalise van Rensburg…sent me an invitation to come to South Africa, suddenly, she warned me not to come because TB Joshua had appeared to her and warned her in a dream not to have me with them.”

    This is the danger of this so-called “submitting to the anointing of so & so…” One opens themselves up for demonic spiritism activity of the that person. How did TBJ know that Annalise invited Bisola? He imparted whatever demonic junk on them when they visited him, call it “demonic spiritual tracker”, they think it’s anointing. That’s why he will suddenly appear in your dreams and and….This is why we keep saying that children of God, who sincerely love the Lord and His kingdom and cherish the true Gospel of Jesus should have nothing to do with this TBJ & SCOAN nonsense. Avoid, avoid, avoid this SCOAN garbage [that’s exactly what it is]!

    Thanks for sharing. Stay protected & blessed under God’s mighty hand.

  4. merely reading all this trash here you will know they are all BLUNT LIES, stop Lying against a MAN OF GOD. To aviod Gods Wrath upon yourselves.

    • Pearl,

      You people must stop lying. Can you not see God’s judgment upon you people already. Wake up!

    • If there is anyone be lying it are the inhabitants and staff of SCOAN. I have witnessed myself while I interacted with them. And you keep lying to yourself. Stop this horrible lying as if it is your second nature. Repent, because it is written that liars will not inherit the Kingdom of God as well murderers. When you support liars, you are same way responsible of what they do. You must have sold your soul to the Devil in continuing to lie.

      We know what your future will be, it is written. Repent now for your vicious lies and holds them up at all cost. The Judgment of God is taking place. You must honour the Authorities that God has installed it is written. Showing that SCOAN rebels shows the nature of you all. The lawless man. And the Lawless men will be judged. Because the Law is for those a terror that trespass. It is proven you in SCOAN have trespassed and now you are judged for it. Honour the judge and the High Court and Chief Magistrate Komolafe. They are instituted by God. They are the authorities. Submit yourself. Obedience is better than sacrifice. It is written. Obey the commandments of God. You at SCOAN seem not willing to obey. God is Good, but you all, like we all need to repent. No one is good that they will not be judged of wrong doing. Admit you are wrong and stop the lying. Obey the Law of the Land. It’s God that is the Head of it.

  5. “My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge:because thou hast rejected knowledge,I will also reject thee,that thou shalt be be no priest to me::…”[hosea4:6 king James version] And after kobus visited this false messiah he came back to his native land south Africa and died.

  6. Thank you Bisola for sharing again! Yes, the false prophet, T B Joshua, has a very strong hold on anyone into whom he ever transferred his demonic spirits, but thank God, the blood of Jesus is power and He has delivered you from this maniac and psychopath and false prophet. Yes, T B Joshua does many evil things to those who oppose him but we are more than conquerors through the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ, the Alpha and Omega and we have overcome Temitope Balogun Joshua, the false prophet of the Synagogue of Satan, aka, SCOAN.
    I know he tried me but failed woefully and now he is afraid of me, because the Lord gave me a revelation about him and now I know the truth and the truth has not only set me free but has given me authority and power to trample on T B Joshua and all his cronies under my feet.

    Bisola, be strong in the Lord and know that we have overcome and will continue to overcome. Things may be tough for you but God will make a way. First of all, you may have to suffer for your part in this great deception of the Lord’s people, but if you are repentant, the Lord would surely make a way for you, like He did for me. The Lord is gracious and His love and mercy unfathomable! Blessed be the name of the Lord!!

  7. I sincerely hope that Annalise van Rensburg will take up the courage of her convictions and come out and testify why late Kobus van Rensburg said that TB Joshua is a false prophet?
    I am so surprised at how cowardly most christian are.

      • @Just Wonder & @tbjoshuawatch

        What @Just Wonder is saying I have also heard from my relative about a year ago. The claim was something along the line “TB Joshua has some powers, but it is not holy”. I always thought it to be just rumor, because I have heard Kobus thoroughly support TB Joshua.

      • But Kobus van Rensburg himself was a false prophet and a liar. He died while they all were brainwashed he would live forever.

  8. Now that we are discovering the true TBJ, one can CLEARLY SEE that the so called confessions of Bisola where she asked for forgiveness to him (TBJ) were staged for the purpose of deceiving the public.

    One cannot enter SCOAN that freely and get to a point where they can come in the space where Bisola is seen and have access to a microphone in order to ask for forgiveness and make “confessions of her evilness”.

    It is clear she had gotten to SCOAN, seen and discussed with TBJ, and then put on stage…

    What kind of man of God would take a person and put them on stage so that the world may witness the person asking for forgiveness? If a person wrongs me and returns to ask for forgiveness, do I in true Christ like behaviour bring them before all my freinds and ask them to apologise and ask for forgiveness in the presence of witnesses?

    It is clear the man is doing everything for his public image so he can continue to deceive the public.

    Thank you Bisola for your courage to expose yourself to make sure the truth comes out. You are saving lives and God would certainly reward you.

    • @Sheba

      You’re absolutely right. Even if Bisola was unstable, unreliable and untruthful (which is most definitely not the case), what kind of church puts out videos on their massive social media channels exposing the same woman at her most desperate and vulnerable. It’s absolutely sickening, and nothing could excuse it. A true church is a place of refuge for the vunerable, SCOAN are oppressors. I don’t know why it’s so hard for many people to see this.

  9. Lies Upon Lies, Jobless And Frustrated People. The More You Talk Nonsense About A Real Man Of God In The Person Of Tb Joshua, The More Higher He Goes. I Pity For All Of You Negative Talkers, Your Time Will Soon Be Up.

    Also, If Not For The Love Tb Joshua Has For His Enemies, Just Only One Word /Command From His Mouth, Will Finish Up All Of You, But For The Love Of God And Grace And Love Of Everyone, He Ignores You All And Leave All To God. But Soon Gods Wrath Will Be On You All Negative And False People

    • you are a fool, you deserved to be deceived. Anyone who ignores the Word of GOD, deserves to be thoroughly deceived, that is the judgment of GOD on you

    • Huffing and puffing again. Pearl ?

      We will see when you arrive at the pearly gates for supporting a false private prophet and his sins and lies.

      Liars will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

      Answer the question: Did TB Joshua allow building illegal and without building permit without knowing from those he worked with ?

      ANSWER IT !

      Is TB Joshua the chief sinner here ?

      ANSWER IT !

      Did he know or did he not know ?

      ANSWER IT !

  10. Oe, hoe– are you trying tbj’s scare tactics here . . .

    TB Joshua can curse as much as he wants to, it will not happen, because the Bible says so;

    “Like a darting sparrow, like a flying swallow, so an undeserved curse never arrives” -PROVERBS 26:2

  11. @Pearl Oh you poor Pearl,listen here you talking nonsense,ok?say I didn’t understand sir and im sorry Mr Mayor.Lets Go!!

  12. @Pearl you see Pearl when you take Tanzania weed and mix it with Cameroon weed and then taking the English weed from England and then mix it together you enter a world of bizarre.and your sense of reasoning faints and you start seeing stars rolling..!rolling..!then when you talk,since you always see flies around your brain,you talk shit always..11.13.15.lets Go Pearl!

  13. @Pearl I think since Tb Joshua smoke one joint of weed in times of peace,2 Joints of weed in times of war,You should learn from him then repent when you finish smoking

  14. @Pearl I think since Tb Joshua smoke one joint of weed in times of peace,2 Joints of weed in times of war,You should learn from him then repent when you finish smoking.say I didn’t know that My Mayor.Lets Go!!

  15. @ All Against Senior Prophet Tb Joshua, you are all doomed. im not suprised at all, if people could killl Jesus, then it is not a new thing for your guys to attack a servant of God. LONG LIVE PROPHET TB JOSHUA

    • TB Joshua is not Jesus. So we are assured he is the false private prophet and that you are his chief liar in defending him. I pray that God is going to rebuke you and that you will repent of your vile word curses. So you will see.

  16. So Pearl is a regular visitor and contributor to this blog. What a Pearl that you are… don’t stop, your light bulb moment is near!

  17. I really believe there is SATAN still lives in those who embrace him. You was never called to visit SCOAN. We have brains to reason out ourselves. If you can recall how millions people healed from death threatening deceases that no ordinary man can heal, you will give yourself an answer that say they should have DIED. Think of widows and widowers, underprivileged children, old aged, physically challenged, WHO ARE UNDER THE CARE OF THE MAN OF GOD. TB JOSHUA, and tell us Who else in this whole world is doing that. Even the richest man in this whole world, nor the Government CAN AFFORD TO DO THAT. The devil, kills and destroy, God Heals and Saves Lives.

      • Indeed.

        It is written more than once in the bible. So it is not so that they can say it’s not there. But it also says.

        Proverbs 26:4 Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.

  18. @Anne with due respect,Define for me self righteousness,listen here Anne I give you 3 hours to submit this assignment.Use ink and clean slate!say oh-yah sir!

  19. But this lady later came back to Synagogue and pleaded for forgiveness? Even the pastor? What can you say about this because am confused. Was they brainwashed?

  20. Lier Blog/Website Demonic Negative People, Hell Is Waitin For You All, Unless You Repent. Please Good People, Never Beleive Anything You See On This Blog, It Is Demonic, Always Depend In The Spirit Of God To Know The True Fruits. By their Fruits you shall know them,. #TBJOSHUA IS A REAL AND PURE MAN OF GOD.#

    • @tbjoshuawatch

      Will there ever be time when trolling will no longer be tolerated on this site? Of course without being accused of silencing those who disagree with this site?

  21. @Pearl whatever you say displays how ignorant you are,you wrong Pearl,even a broken watch is far better than you cause is right at least 2 times a day.Pearl is always twisted 24/7!!

  22. You know Pearl, I always like it when TB Joshua’s followers, like you, commenting on this blog, because it shows your true un-godlike characters. TB Joshua’s followers, like you, are always cursing and shouting and and rambling on and on and on. Your comments just proof to everyone in what spirit you are performing and just underline testimonies like Bisola’s. We do not even have to say anything!
    Really, we are praying for you.

  23. @Pearl nigga u don even know me,and you mad?how it feel to be a hater?now I know exactly how it feel to be a laker@scoan

  24. Funny that Pearl believes this blog is demonic and urges her good people not to believe a thing here on, yet JUST CAN’T STAY AWAY from it.


    @ PEARL

    IS THAT IMPOSSIBLE JUST LIKE THE FAILURE TO PREDICT, STOP the Sep 12, 2014 tragedy or to RESURRECT THE DEAD as he (TBJ) had promised when the news of the negligent criminal Act broke out?

  25. I ain’t to withdraw the above comments and be civil all in the name of teaching Tb Joshua’s minions repentance.thank you tb Joshua watch!!

    • Money answers all things. You can always get to anything if you have money.

      How is that about what God is doing ?

      How about Facebook ? Lead by an Atheist and Bhuddist wife ?

      What ya wowowoowowing for ?

      How about Warren Buffett, totally atheist and one of the most influential people in the world.

      The promotion of men. Not of God. Men deceived as it is written in the Word of God.

      Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

      The Devil deceives the WHOLE WORLD ! With his lies.

      II Thessalonians 2

  26. I strongly believe in the views of Pearl that this website is a handy work of satan himself.
    Thank God Prophet TB Joshua do not reply to his critics but rather pray for them always.
    The Pharases did it to JESUS CHRIST so am not surprised what this tiny website is doing to the MAN OF GOD.

    • Well his prayers do Jack or nothing to be precise. We can see that in Paris of what happened few days ago and as usually they are at these stupid cut and paste prophecies again that was to applicable to the attacks in January as well November. And what were they were doing anyway, the French ? Without day, time and place these are the most useless prophecies ever. You might as well watch the weather predictions because they are mostly useless as well. When they say rain, it’s wind, when they say sun, there are clouds. I find cartoons more interesting to watch because at least you can laugh your head off by it.

  27. As far as the devil is concerned, TBJ is a troublemaker to the kingdom of darkness – the greatest ‘demon-killing machine’ at present. But the problem with prophet TBJ is this: the more problems the devil creates for him the more he prays and the stronger he becomes. For the past six months this website has been rejoicing at the imminent collapse of SCOAN and the prophet TBJ. So what are you going to do now tbjoshuawatch? Brethren pass the popcorn and lets watch tbjoshuawatch! Emmanuel!

    • Bwahahahaha. You mean: Demon killing machine funny show. And has Africa changed, it’s worse than it ever was.

  28. This website is really satan inspired and will never succeed to make the man of God TB Joshua fall. That Bisola is just used by the devil. Whatever you write you TB Joshua Watch will not change anything to the anointing God is filling his humble servant with. We love our dady. We did rejoice seeing him in Tanzania helping politicians to make peace after the elections, that is the work of God. May God continue to protect him from evil peoples like the ones entertaining this website.

    • We can see the work of God in the Paris attack “prophecy”. The more you at SCOAN copy and paste these prophecies the more it proves there is no work from God flowing from SCOAN at all because after all the fervent prayers of your imaginary “righteous” men. NOTHING changed the attacks from taking place. Please keep posting these useless prophecies that do not change anything at all. Than projecting red white and blue on public buildings. Just like “je suis Charlie”. It was all useless it did not change anything anywhere, they just did it again in your faces and in the face of your useless prophet that is incapable to stop xenophobia in South Africa, can pray for an already dying Mugabe what is normal for a over 90 year old and the attacks in Paris, find the MH370 with his prayer locator and private plane. Stop the downing of the MH17 as well the Egypt plane, not capable to eradicate Ebola, wipe out AIDS, not been able to release the Chibok girls while he claimed he would, to stop Boko Haram and stop them, to stop the Hostel collapsing in his own compound and stop a infrared supersonic laser gun on a C130 government plane.

      What are you ? Oh yeah a complete idiot.

    • And you are wrong about peace. There will be no peace. It’s actually getting worse all over the world anywhere. And he is not going to change it. He can go to Nigeria and check out the peace there if it is around. He said Boko Haram will of the past in the end of 2013. Please if you say something than say he is a false private prophet then we can agree.

  29. bisola

    i remember those days coming out of scoan and having to restart your life from scratch with no money! to those wanting to leave, the Lord will help. He really will.

    i also had dreams when there. in my first week i dreamt a dragon cut off someones head and filled the skull with blood and gave it to me to drink. i woke up and found i had actuallywet the bed. i was in my 20s!

  30. @ Giles Hurst
    did u say u saw a DRAGON in your dream??!really??! Even the oldest scientists of our have NEVER seen a dragon before let alone know how it looks like.Please spare us with your lies except u think u are acting in a Hollywood movie.

    I said it and will continue saying it that this tiny website is motivated by the satan himself just to spread and blaspheme MAN OF GOD TB JOSHUA…..but it is a work in futility and waste of resources.EMMANUEL!!!!

    • @Kafui YES, its a demoic website, very demonically inspired and hidden behind masks, this is the website of the devil, but they have already been conquered.

      • Conquered with what ? Your own confused mind here ? Please you all have been praying and no answer from God regarding this website whatsoever.

        Can you tell me what has changed with your no content prayers to God about it. Read my other post as see what your false private prophet has claimed and never worked out with his useless inside information prophecies. What is God saying ? Why listen to a God that tells us information and there is no day, date, time and location taking place and it is never prevented ever. It is just as much worth to just say nothing it will happen any ways with or without it.

        When Tanzania came together with other African countries they had one thing in mind to use the notoriety of TB Joshua to run their private campaign to suck up together and no change did take place or will take place than the ordinary inevitable of things that be that be. There will be still xenophobia in the future. Still thousands will die because of unease in the area. Still corruption will extend its tentacles even further. And voting system being rigged and muppet heads used for to be placed on banners to continue in their human endeavour to run the place and area. With football, rugby and common wealth games. SCOAN sucks because it rides on those things that just come around every so often years and TB Joshua is riding it all with his stupid bull demonic deliverance videos that are spiritist of letting demons speak that is forbidden in Deuteronomy 18.

  31. @ Pearl…EXACTLY!!!

    the people who are behind this satanic and tiny website should expose their ministries and let see whether God is using them to bring Salvation,Healing and Prosperity to the members since they claimed they are the true children of God.
    this Bitterness,Envy-ness and Jealousy must stop.

    • Try and get some time and cast out these demons, and tell us what you are doing trolling a ‘demonic site’

      You are so close to deliverance. Hang around and the scales will fall off your eyes

      • Yeah, I am waiting for all these demons to conjure up through these posts and start speaking that on Mercury they will have a devils basecamp and a skinny jeans are an invention of the devil.

        And that we know that David will defeat the Goliath that keeps roaring out of TB Joshua and that first it will be bigger and bigger and then all of a sudden God turns up with a small stone of our faith and will defeat the false prophet and God will throw him in the lake of fire. Sounds a good enough spectacle worthy for me to observe in the future.

  32. @tbjoshuawatch,
    So there was a Paris attack yesterday and in under 24 hours TB Joshua claimed responsibility

    Here is the ‘fulfillment’ video

    And here is the original video. Am trying to get the relevant section

  33. All the demon infected people, in the likes of tbjoshuawatch, jesse and co, hosting this website, you are all invtied to watch todays Live Service on Emmanuel Tv. Stay Tunned as you are blessed and delievred, INCASE YOU CANNOT RECEIVE EMMAUEL TV, PLEASE FIND UR NEAREST NIEGBOUR OR WAIT , EMMANUEL TV IS COMING ON DSTV AND GO TV SOONEST. EMMANUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Quite a few people had dreams now that my family will come out of that cult. All praise to Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!

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