Confusion mounts as TB Joshua’s absence reaches 3 months

“For God is not a God of confusion but of peace” 1 Cor 14:33a

TB Joshua

TB Joshua, the runaway prophet

TB Joshua has not appeared at SCOAN Lagos since the 3rd May and no explanation has been given by SCOAN. Sunday services are visibly depleted with no overflow congregation and little to no use of the balconies. Various news sources have reported the devastating effect his absence has had on the economy of the area around SCOAN HQ. Even pro-TB Joshua sources are showing signs of confusion. TB Joshua Fans UK and TB Joshua sponsored “reporters” Ihechukwu Njoku and Nosa Osazuwa have all published articles on the matter, acknowledging the drop in numbers but not showing any signs that they know the whereabouts of the runaway prophet.

Over a month ago we exclusively revealed that TB Joshua had not left Mexico after his crusade, remaining in Latin America to wait out the results of the court case, out of the reach of Nigerian authorities. Since then we’ve not seen any evidence that he’s returned, although we have not been able to confirm one way or another.

You could be forgiven for wondering why TB Joshua is still in hiding when it seems likely that he will only get a slap on the wrist and a $1250 fine. The problem he faces is that as an infallible man of God, the messiah of our time, Jesus of our generation and the one sent by God as a sign of his love for humankind, he can’t be seen to be making mistakes, let alone mistakes that led to the deaths of 116 people, accusations of criminal negligence and worldwide news coverage. That’s why SCOAN are so determined not to accept the coroners conclusion even if it does only come with a $1250 fine, paying that fine would be an admission of fault. That’s why SCOAN supporters are desperately grasping at straws trying to find alternative explanations for the building collapse to the litany of structural failings revealed in the coroner’s report. That’s why TB Joshua is unlikely to come out of hiding to face the music anytime soon. Messiah’s don’t make mistakes.

In the meantime, we’ve not heard anything credible or conclusive since the Mexico revelation, but various rumours abound. A keen viewer of Emmanuel TV noticed that some of his close confidants who were also missing since Mexico have recently returned to Lagos, does that mean he has too? Others have heard rumours that he is covertly setting up a new ministry and that SCOAN would be abandoned. Then there was the (slightly dubious) news article that claimed he was moving SCOAN HQ to Ondo in his home state, possibly leaving Lagos as a branch, or closing it altogether.

To TB Joshua’s disciples:

You have spent many of your best years sincerely believing that you were serving God under the mentor-ship of a great man of God, you have made uncountable sacrifices for the sake of this ministry. You have no doubt become so conditioned to the frequent lies, deception and misdirection employed by SCOAN that you hardly notice it. Hopefully this current haze of confusion about the future of SCOAN will awaken you to the fact that TB Joshua is not a pious man of God being persecuted, but a criminal escaping justice and refusing to take responsibility for his actions. There is no doubt about it, TB Joshua is going down. Whether he ends up being incarcerated remains to be seen, but his name is forever tarnished with the blood of 116 people who made huge sacrifices to visit him hoping for a miracle, but instead returned in coffins. The time to get out is now, SCOAN is crumbling, the longer you stay the more painful the exit will be. There are friends and family that long to see you, you will be welcomed with open arms. If money for air tickets is a problem, get in contact, there are people who can provide. If access to your passport is a problem, you only need to get to your nearest embassy for help.

51 thoughts on “Confusion mounts as TB Joshua’s absence reaches 3 months

  1. I have always wanted to ask readers,affected families and legal authorities to examine the discrepancies in times between the two video recordings provided by SCOAN the one video shows the moment of the incident as Date: 12-09-2014 Time: 01:03:07 and the Second Video Shows the Moment of incident as Date: 12-09-2014 Time: 12:44:25 Can SCOAN explain the discrepancies?

    • @masanamaputo
      I’m not sure what you’re getting at. The simplest explanation is they are from two different CCTV systems which don’t have the time set in sync. Each one shows the building that collapsed and shows the collapse itself, so I’m not sure what could be significant about the times being different? An I missing something?

    • I will tell you people like this if any one I repeat any one talk evil about the man of God that person will surely face the rot of God be warned

  2. Thanks for the article, tbjoshuawatch 🙂

    I was wondering quite sometime where tbj is. Thanks for the info.

    Hes not a true man of God nor a prophet, just criminal runaway. I m surprised why scoanites still believe in this criminal.

  3. How dare you suggest the ‘Man of God’ is anywhere other than SCOAN? My aunt’s cousin’s friend’s hairdresser’s husband said he thinks he saw him there last week – that’s a FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This blog is of the devil. I am sure you are those psychos who tried to take over the London branch of SCOAN. Everyone on Watch TB Joshua Blog says you are so it is definitely true. And you are also racists. I don’t actually know why but everyone says it so it must be true.

    You have no job, you just sit around criticising the ‘Man of God’ all day, and he just laughs at you. Or he doesn’t even care about you. I forget which I’m supposed to say. He certainly doesn’t care about you. But he loves everybody because he doesn’t sin like you pagans and because God so loved us that He sent senior prophet TB Joshua for us.

    Don’t you know he prophesied that that Malaysian plane that disappeared last year would be found soon? Well, I saw today they found the wing, right where the Prophet said it would be – IN THE SEA! So, you see, he is the prophet of our times and you are devils who are sent by your father the DEVIL to try to bring our Papa down, but you will not succeed because his god is with him. I mean God with a capital G. Excuse my, erm, typo. And don’t tell me that more than one year is not ‘soon’. You don’t know your Bible: A thousand years is as a day and a day as a thousand years, so time is immaterial to God, so there.

    You are devilish. That ultra-high tech lazer from the hovering plane took down the guesthouse or it was a controlled demolition (I forget which theory we believe this week) and you know it because it was probably you. Or the Nigerian government. Or Boko Haram. No, wait, the CIA. Someone, anyway, because TB Joshua is true and just and no way did he authorise a shoddy building to be built to house the martyrs in. That coroner and all those engineering experts know nothing, they are of the devil too, sent to try to destroy our beloved prophet, BUT YOU WILL NEVER SUCCEED, DEVILS.

    You are all blasphemers – you speak against our Papa as if her were a man who sins. Do you not know he is the Messiah of our time? If you speak against the prophet, you speak against God, you blasphemers.

    I should have used more exclamation marks and CAPS LOCK in this post, or you will not UNDERSTAND JUST HOW RIGHTEOUSLY ANGRY I REALLY AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I call down sickness and suffering and all types of pain on you devils, God hates you because you dare to question His prophet. It is my Christian duty to tell you this.

    You will come to SCOAN to beg forgiveness from our Master, I mean, senior prophet, one day: this is my prophecy to you.

    Now, my fellow disciples of TB Joshua… I mean, disciples of Jesus, yes I’m supposed to say Jesus….you don’t need to bother writing to these devils all that we know to be true as I have done it all for you.

    Oh, I nearly forgot:

    The Devil is a Liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Touch not the Lord’s anointed and do His prophet no harm.

    Did I forget anything?

      • No, because for all of us who are grieving our beloved family and friends who talk, (or for those that have passed away, talked), to us just like that, and will/would not listen to anyone who would try to warn them, it is not so much funny as it is a sad reminder of what we were aghast at what they were saying.

    • Lol in the begginning i actually thought u were reallly a hardcore scoanite haha until i saw the replies and noticed some witty things in your comment then i realised you were joking lol u made my day

      • I did my best. Think I did manage to fool some people (for which I am very sorry – I thought anyone would see it was a parody of the nonsense the SCOANites post on here every day!)

    • Oh, a Flaperon is a whole wing now ? Date Mark 15th March 2014. These were his word “they will find a wing, debris ANY MOMENT FROM NOW ! Yeah ? Is that 1.5 year down the road or a few days or weeks…..And the Flaperon can be from any Boeing 777 from any Aeroplane Cemetery and chucked into the sea a year ago. A Flaperon is easy to transport on a truck. But a whole wing not. So where are claims that the plane is intact as proof of evidence ? Oh wait they have a cure for Ebola. Said a few months ago online, they will have it under control by August 2015. We are approaching August 2015, with a blue moon. Yes, just so you know. Time for the false private prophet to be reinstated after a long Holiday between the Aztec demons. You are all a joke. You are Satan’s left hands yourself. Infested with imaginary Demons and Evil Spirits for over 12 years in a “deliverance” ministry. Has anyone noticed that the “anointed” water is not working for the local businesses in Lagos. Hihihihi. Anyone want more proofs of scam practices and 419 luring 100,000 idiots and foolish people to Lagos on a yearly basis on the 12th of June ? See what a Flaperon is. It certainly is not a wing. My bad.

  4. T B Joshua is the real fugitive and his days are numbered. He can run, but he cannot hide!!!

  5. Any way, Why should Senior Prophet, TB JOSHUA appear in court? Is He a Builder or building construction Engineer?
    lets get things straight, The building collapsed of Controlled demolishion. That,s the fact. Lagos Government failed to safeguard its implemented laws, or policies. The them appear in court FIRST.

  6. Maserole; Why was TB joshua , with his great anoiting, and anoited water, not able to help the victums of the collapsed building? One major profhet , 4 wisemen, all trained and equipped to do the great works of the apostles, but they could not heal on own properity, after the mess of the collapsed building? It shows how adequate they are in real life-situations,! Scoan has a lot of boastings and braggings, for the stupide level they are on. Imagine when there is war tomorrow, and tb Joshua has to be in the front-line as a leader of Gods people? This silly over-sexed man, with his ‘daughters” around him, is a bad second-hand movie.

  7. After reading D Haile’s mail, I first laughed and then felt so sorry for him/her. The burden of lost souls fell on me again. It reminded me of myself and how deceived I was. It also reminded me of scoan’s deceived devotees again. How thankful I am, for people who prayed for my eyes to open up and for the Lord Jesus to open my eyes to the truth and save me out of that cult. They really believe the way D Haile thinks to be true. Tbj has done a good job, being deceived himself, to twist everyone’s minds in favour of himself. How sad!! Let us pray for D Haile and the others. They are lost in their Nigerian unsaved way of thinking and so are our loved ones there. Let us keep on praying for their salvation and deliverance out of that hellhole.

    “Let them curse, but bless thou” – Psalm 109:28

    • @just wonder D Haile’s post was a parody, deliberately cramming every canned SCOAN response into one comment to show how ridiculous and incoherent they are. You’re right though, it is sad how deceived people are that they would actually argue like that.

    • Please don’t be worried for me, Just Wonder. I’m just as aghast at the behaviour of TB Joshua and SCOAN as you are. It was meant to be a parody of the nonsense TB-lovers and SCOANites post on here every day. An amalgam of the nonsensical, if you will. Feel free to pray for me – goodness knows, I’m as much in need of prayer as anyone else – but insofar as it comes to TB Joshua, you needn’t fear for my soul.

      That said, I love the fact that your response to what you thought was yet another SCOANite invasion on the page was full of love and grace, exhorting prayers, not firing back with thoughtless words or mean comments. That really made me sit up and pay attention. We must ALL (sorry for the caps lock!) respond like that to such deceived people, and I think sometimes on this page we are just as guilty of mean words and unfeeling comments (out of frustration, I guess) as those who we are trying to lead into the light.

      So well done, Just Wonder, you showed us yet again how we should respond when they come spouting such inanities. You’re a great example of Christian love to us all 🙂

  8. I thought that tbj would NOT be able to keep quiet about the MH370 plane! His devotee must be the first to remind us and comment. Shame, you know. What has his divination help anyone anyway. Watch how he will either appear now or place a copy and pasted ‘prophecy’ on Emman TV from his hiding place. He will NOT be able to stay out of the limelight. He must be very frustrated already.
    He makes me think of a little immature spoiled child. By staying away so long and not appearing in court or accepting the verdict, it is like throwing a temper tantrum. This is just a grownup temper tantrum, because he has been disciplined and things are not going his way. He has been crossed and no one dares do that to him! Remember how important he thinks he is. Through this behaviour, he will show the world, how important he really is. So when he reappears, everyone will throw out the red carpet for him, because then again their businesses will flourish, not to speak of the counties economy! Etc. etc…..

    • Hiya, so obviously I totally made up the original post, but the bit about the airplane wing, yes that I’m waiting for some hacked together ‘prophecy’ to be published as soon as it is confirmed that it is in fact a part of the missing aircraft. You’re totally right about that and everything you said about his character. Spoilt child, no-one has ever dared to say ‘no’ to him before. you got him exactly right. A huge temper tantrum!!

  9. TBJW,
    I agree. His comment is really a very good summary of how they think. It is really crammed into one post. I also think it will be a good example to put that up at a post in its own right, because then it gets a greater exposure as an example of what we are trying to expose. It is also interesting that they always curse and swear and never blesses anyone going against them. By the way – tbj operates and thinks just the opposite to what D Haile said. You can literally change every word that he placed, around.

  10. d Haile; ‘ Do you not know he (tb) is the Messiah of our time? How strange to believe such a nonsence, when we have Jezus Christ as our Lord. You have no idea who Jezus realy is, do you? Be aware of your own blasphemy against Gods will and plan. TB joshua is a servant of the Most High, and Jezus Christ as our Messiah is some-one else. And at this point it is not clear if TB is not serving the devils politicies. See? Thats the effect of marchandizing Gods word, it Always ends-up in wicked formulas, and wicked confussed leaders and followers.

  11. D Haille; let me say it in a simple way, for your understanding; “Jezus Christ would never mess-up His mission in that way, as TB Joshua does as a bad and sad reflection of the Good of God. In fact; Jezus Christ never messed-up any-thing, He was victorious over all life and dead. Jezus Christ is victorious over TB Joshua too. TB does not knows about this yet, but he will very soon. We are standing all in helplessness in the face of the Greatness of Jezus Christ. TB Joshua is a confussed man, with a confussed identity about who he is in Christ. You african project your own inner Jezus on this wicked man TB Joshua. Grow-up! Convert yourself. You dont need a profhet- daddy, to walk with Jezus Christ. Just dare to mature,.

    • Hi Jamie. My post was a parody, just bringing together many of the nonsense things that TB Joshua and SCOAN supporters have said over the years on this site and on others. To be clear, I do not believe any of what I wrote!

      I thought maybe, just maybe, seeing it all together in one place might make some SCOAN supporters sit up and pay attention to how ridiculous their arguments are when you look at them all together.

      Please don’t worry about me!

  12. All over the world, power-ministeries are in preparation for the great movement of God. At that time, the ministery of TB Joshua will be just a part of the whole. God-thank there are full-matured and grown-up prepared leaders who will reign with Jezus Christ. God-thank it will not be a destructive irresponsible man as TB Joshua. All over the world servants of God heal, deliver, profhesy and have the fire of God. And we read The book of Joel.

  13. It seems tbj is in hot waters. I usually like to read your posts to get the other side of the story. I believed tbj made a mistake, or been making mistakes as ahuman being. I do not believe he is the devil you potray him to be. God allows certain things to happen in our lives in order to humble and mature us. I believe this to be the case in tbj’s issue. Just wait and see how God delivers. I also believe you are a good christian trying to point out the faults in the whole scoan establishment. I was there for 15 days in 2006 and 2009. From what i saw it was clear tbj was a human being and not an angel. But yes, these are sometimes the people our God will use to confound the wise. Stay blessed and pray for him.

  14. TB is trying to restore his imago, with the air-plain-wing-issue. We are living in the fullness of the end-time-profhesies, only TB Joshua has his own sceem and timings. Lets look at what is happening world-wide in the Body of Christ, it is marvelous!

    • @ Jamie,

      It’s not a scheme. It are people who are making this happen by their own personal efforts to deceive and create fear all over the world by their lying evil plans to control you and other people.

      I don’t see anything happening anywhere in the world. I have just been back from travelling again. It’s the same. Same nonsense I have seen over the last 25 years. Church in, church out are doing the same, but if you ask for personal evidence they all run away when you ask or insist to show what is happening. The church has been destroyed with these lying miracles they keep doing. Go bring somebody with independent observers. You will see it does not happen. Everything is done in tight controlled environments. You don’t see anyone of those power ministries empty a whole street of wheelchair goers or walking stick walkers or those that are intensive care inside hospitals. Because they are just as incapable as anyone else is. Look around billions are still as sick and confused as anybody else is. Christians have become serial liars and scammers to run their big churches as a undercover lie to deceive. Why don’t you see people like them in parks and deliver them or heal them or multiply bread before thousands. I am sick and tired of controlled environments and their endless scam practices. See if they can fix a instant cure for those that are infiltrated by a little worm in their eyes and only lives there. See if they get cured immediately with their scam instant prayers.

  15. Oh, what a good laugh we all had. He is really the laughing stock around here. We can start ‘prophesying’ about him already. He is so predictable and prsistend. Lol.
    No signs of any repentance….

    Nigerian pastor TB Joshua Once again claims he prophesied ‘MH370’ Plane Parts Location

    Nigerian ‘Prophet’ T.B. Joshua has sensationally claimed he predicted how the debris, said to belong to the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, would wash up on the shore of Reunion Island to the West of the Indian Ocean.

  16. he has churned out so much junk that were he to die today, his sheeple would still be giving us prophecy fulfilled videos 10 years from his demise

    • Walla, here we go again and again and again……… Ha, ha, hie hie………………..the ‘PROPHECY’!!!!!!!! It is not even confirmed.

  17. I believe TB Joshua again, when he allows the fysical challenged ones in wheel-chairs in his church, the blind, the deaf, the poor, the sick, at the front-line of his church and he heals them all! Not by invitation, not by controle at fore-hand, not by endless procedures of waiting. If God is truely in scoan, if their Faith is active, all people will be healed, because the Bible says so! Not on saturday once a month, not in a prayerline where only people are allowed who have doktor-reports and have a word from TB Joshua. God wants to heal them all! Always, every-where and at all times! If scoan has active faith, then they dont depend on a profhet, then they use their own hands and faith to heal the people, and to make prosperity possible by faith. Has Gods economy ever been a TB-Joshua-system? Still today, the lame are welcome through the roof of the church., because of their faith.

    • And Jesus said to them have u not read? And God says my people perish for lack of knowledge. will it b important for me to direct these gays to scriptures? I think no! because they have not read. And the bible says as they were about moving via Damascus, they lay hands on them that believed, and they received faith. Be careful! God’s wrath is been revealed against all wickedness- Romans:1:18. if I don’t give u gays this one scripture, u may perish which is not my wish but that we all repent of our wickedness against His anointed one.

  18. I readed a story of a church, who refused a wheel-chair-person at the front of the church; “because the wheelchair disturbed the design of the church-architect”. What is scoan? A happy gathering for the fortuned ones, in front of camaras all over the world? Of what value is the Gospel of Christ, when people can not act their faith, because a stupide profhet stands in their light with his idle, self-glorifiing idioty? To God be all the Glory! To God be all the Glory! For-ever-more! TB Joshua! How dare you take His Glory!

    • @ Jamie,

      This happened to me numerous times where the people inside the church refuse to let the homeless in and wheelchair bound and walking stick people in the front rows which I brought in. They only do it when they are in control of it and not an outsider. Church has become a membe ship club for those that attend the most and donate the most and are part of the team and can control you with their infested Jezebel demons of controlling you. Church is not Ekklesia anymore but a specialised business venture and a lying scam institution with lots of fake miracles at the front and not in the back. Been there, done that and I am fed up about those kind of churches.

  19. What has our Faith in Gods word and promises, to do anyhow with TB Joshua? We release our own faith, to approporiate what is ours,! Why for god-sake, should any-one needs a profhet, who hindres, blocks,delays, twists, and merchandizes Gods will for us, by his mans-made programs and system? Endless programs, saying nothing, except their blown-uo self-esteems as good-trained puppits. 1 profhet, 4 wise-,men, a team of prayer-warriors, 30.000 people with faith each sunday, and still they depend on a irresponsible and messing-around profhet, with a endless troubled vision? Still they wait for profhet TB Joshua, in steat of using their faith to accomplisch their life?

  20. All they are doing is replaying Mexico Crusade videos.
    Clearly they have run out of ideas.

    Let’s pray for the sheeple suffering from withdrawal symptoms. It’s not fun for people who invested so much time, resources and hopes in a Houdini charlatan

  21. if u guys hv something doing u will not be condemning man of God, a lot of plane crash, killing of boko haram, terrorist killing, accidental killing, u did not see anything to say about those once, all u want is Tb Joshua down fall, u pple are not God

  22. Edward; Is not your profhet a servant of God? So where is he, in all the calamities in Nigeria, and in his area, by now? TB Joshua should just stand in his leadership and authority and do what his commission asks from him. No-one wants his down-fall. We did not produced his mess. Why are you africans so childisch, only lamenting about who is to blame? Just expect your leader TB Joshua to do his works properly. Just grow-up. You are fighting with mind-mills for ages! If it is not the domen, then it is the governement, or boko-harem, just have vision and just live by Gods way, and shut-up with all your victum-mentality. Gods way is victorious, tell it your profhet!

  23. The stadium where the last conference was held seated 100,000 people and it was at least half full. I imagine the money he received there was substantially greater than a typical offering in lagos. Perhaps even enough to fund a ministry start up in Mexico city. Why go back to lagos for crowds of just 15,000 and the shame of his failure there when he can get 50,000 attendees in Mexico and much more money? If he received the equivalent of $250,000 US dollars (just $5 per attendee) from the last conference in Mexico city, he could easily fund his ministry by just holding events on a quarterly basis.

  24. I don’t believe TB Joshua is a perfect man but I do believe he’s a true man of God. To all of the TB Joshua haters, be honest, what are you doing to advance the kingdom of God? How many lives have you turned to the saving grace of Christ? My guess is probably none! Stop being the “accuser” of the brethren and pray for our Christian Leaders all around the world.

  25. I believe the ultimate virtues that should influence our conduct today speak from the future, one of such is “The final Judgement” if you believe in the Bible’s teaching. This judgement will be conducted by God himself and everyone will appear including Men of God to give account of their deeds. I believe everyone will answer on account of their deeds and not what someonelse did. It seems everyone wants to speak on behalf of God today at least TB Joshua came in the open to declare that he was sent by God and displayed his works before the world and that is why everyone is talking from dark corners. All those who hate TB Joshua and SCOAN with such passion do you speak for God? Who are you? Come out we see your works. Over the lives that were lost at SCOAN it is irrepairable damage whichever way you suggest SCOAN and TB Joshua could have handled the case, but the victims left families behind which anyone really concerned can do something about. What have you done? Insulted TB Joshua only. People have just used this to express the unbelief, hate and anger which was always there it just had to come out. Remember you and I will also be judged save your energy to workout your own salvation. No man can stop TB Joshua except God only if God is not with him. Just watch emmanuel TV if you don’t want it watch the man of God you think is TRUE.

  26. Am surprised @ d judgement of u people. The Bible said u should not judge,let’s leave all to God. With this bitterness in u all if death comes ur way no u can’t make heaven. In ur families a lot of evil r being done,why ve u not pasted it and caution them. Y soo happy prophesyn abt SCOANS downfall. Sit up and face ur life n pray 4 God is the all knowing God. You r too small to help God fight his battle.

  27. So since sept 12 2014 is only synagogue hotel building that collapsed also let d writer be specific is he talking about the hotel collapsed or the prophet absence from church God Bless us amen

  28. People should help to comfort TB Joshua now ,this is the time he need brotherly ,sisterly love,not to apportion blames on him, he is a human being like us ,how many of us ve cure common his /her headache talkless of other people sickness, but he ve done what the disciples of Jesus Christ ve done, is in the bible too that we can do greater things than He did if we believe and have faith like that of monster seed, among the commandments love is the greatest , and i think that is the source of his grace of healing and performing miracles , he loves everyone that is why God give him the grace ok , satan can still attack to see that he pulled the Gods work and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ down, and i think that we shouldnt help or to make satan achieve his plans the more than he ve done, had it been that many of us where praying for him or helping him in prayers may be what happen shouldnt ve happened or be lesser , instead his left to suffer the problems of pple all along , praying, healing even when many dont ve faith or believe , bcos some just come to see if it can workout for them not that they believe, and he is helping, advising, making peace only him, Pple that is blaming him even the anointing water he gave to u to ve faith and apply it on ur shop /business or urself , ve it worked bcos u dont ve the faith ,it can only work unless he minister it to u himself, come to think of it did he come to ur house to pull u out to come to church or prayer line? Jesus Christ Himself didnt find the world as a resting place either, u that is blaming ,dont u ve problem urself that u can need help so u ar a bad person to ve problem huh? u ar not a leader or a figure to know what it takes to lead pple of differents minds and thoughts ,so leave him alone, or better still blame God for been there such tragedy like this happen, when he ve the power to stop it, Better blame God bcos the pple that died are not his ?, or is it not the God that created the pple that died or all of us created TB Joshua, that is why many churches dont perform deliverance , they only give u prayer point / mass prayer then u pray urself, at times many pastors say pray urself out , bcos no one want to sacrifice his life for one another , Enough of all these blame on TB Joshua , His not God to stop everything by himself , his a human being like us,E,g do u have control over urself in the dream , Leave everything for God. and keep praying for TB Joshua & Scoan

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