For God so loved the world that he gave us TB Joshua

Previously we’ve learnt from Emmanuel TV that TB Joshua is:

Now John 3:16 has been extended to also cover TB Joshua:

“God loved the world that he gave his begotten son, but God loved the world further, that he gave us the life of a prophet [TB Joshua]”

As with the previous blasphemous statements, this was broadcast on TB Joshua’s Emmanuel TV station, without any correction or rebuke.

20 thoughts on “For God so loved the world that he gave us TB Joshua

    • Mist, at least you should have written g o d in a small g, if you say a true man of God and say our father who art in earth, it’s a sin, you mean God is our father who art in earth, please correct your grammar

    • Yes he is, these blasphemers know, they will get delivered one day, let’s pray for them Addele, I don’t have to hate them like they hate
      TBJ, we all know Jesus Christ was hated by people like them, God will forgive them

      • @ Kwape,

        You compare Jesus with TB Joshua ??????

        Oh my, my, my. What a terrible horrid comparison. I vote for Jesus anytime about anyone that tries to compare himself/herself/it with Jesus Christ.

        Go get your deliverance yourself.

      • It’s very alarming how some peoplhave taken time to tarnish the image if this wonderful man of God ….pleade concentrate on your relationship between u and God that is the most important

  1. It is sad to see all these brainwashed people worshiping this false prophet. May God deliver them before it is too late

  2. TB Joshua is the current most dangerous anti-Christ of our time. He has cannily manipulated his followers to believe that he is the anointed one, the Christ. He makes all his followers to recite the word “Emmanuel” which in effect refers to him as “God with them”. TB Joshua does not see himself as a disciple of Christ but rather he believes he is anointed just as Christ to perform signs and wonders. That is the reason he does not preach about repentance, salvation and baptism through Jesus Christ. For every 8 hours program he has in his Synagogue of Satan, he uses 7.45hours to show miracles, signs, wonders and testimonies. I have not seen or heard TB Joshua preached extensively about salvation and baptism of water and Holy Spirit. He does not baptize his members. TB Joshua does not make or has not made general alter-calls for members and visitors to respond to salvation since the inception of his ministry. He encourages people to trust and depend on his useless anointing water and faith bracelet. He opens the floor to members who without moderation attribute their miracles to the anointing water and faith bracelet. He only applies the name of Christ on 10 percent of his general practice.
    He must do that to show he is not running a voodoo shrine but a church. The other 90 percent is geared toward his mysterious powers and self-exaltation, self-aggrandizement for image projection, by flaunting every testimony that depict him as the JESUS OF OUR TIME. Although he has limited education, TB Joshua is extremely smart. He is able to understand the psychic of his followers and therefore would continue to subjugate them to revere him as Christ or even God. I have listen to TB Joshua told his followers that anytime they are caught up in a dangerous situation, they should not mention the name “JESUS!!” as many believers would always do, but that they should recite the following words “take more of me, give me more of you”. It does not take a high spiritual discerning to understand that TB Joshua is a FALSE PROPHET AND ANTI-CHRIST. However, it would be extremely difficult, no matter the amount of evidence one provides, to prove that TB Joshua is a false prophet to his gullible and ardent followers. It is unfortunate!!

    • Amen and amen Isaac!
      And what about him not calling in remembrance Jesus’ death through the communion services?

  3. Jezus Christ has Finished His works. It is all done. In spite of over-active profhets, hard-working servants and zealous preachers. It is all done. The believer in Jezus Christ, should understand this, and let it be so, and rest in it, and go home, We dont have to be worried about Tb Joshua and his activities and self-exhaltation, or about his fans and followers. Jezus laughs about it and is mercyfull. Tb Joshua did not said he is the Messiah, His fans do so. Some confused people just need a golden calf for a time, just because they are bored with the lack of results in thier own worshipp. Tb Joshua knows who he is , he is just not satisfied with his simple role yet. He will. Jezus is coming soon, and watch the difference between Jezus and TB Joshua. Even a fool will have the just discernement. Gods sun is shining for the good and the bad people.

  4. Now we are quietly waiting for another prophetic Youtube cut and paste video about the Charlston, SC church shooting from TB Joshua as mustard after the meal revelling about their false private prophet.

  5. LoL The charlatan tb joshua is close to put himself in the Trinity. We can only laugh and mourn at the same time.

  6. May God almighty have mercy on the soul of the publisher of this media which is against the man of God,honestly have you heard any where in the video where they are saying that the prophet is Jesus,he said and I quote For God loves the world further more that he gave us the life of the prophet which is just okey and true.Why do you fail to sleep when you think of Joshua soon and very soon we will watch you one by one when you come for confession mark my words very soon.God bless you and read 2 chronicles 20:20

    • @ Ause,

      And you TBJ followers have said this for at least nearly 5 years now. Only preprogrammed drawn in front of SCOAN people do this to fix the reputation of a serial liar. Repent yourself of your own deception.

  7. Anything shines in your heart, more than Jesus Christ called “idol” and you “idolater”

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