EXCLUSIVE: Civil proceedings initiated against SCOAN

A group of bereaved relatives have engaged the services of a lawyer in Nigeria who is about to initiate a civil case against SCOAN for the criminal negligence that led to the death of their loved ones.

Stay tuned for more information that will be released in the coming days, including some major news coverage.

If you too lost loved ones in the SCOAN building collapse, you can join this initiative. Please email tbjoshuawatch@hotmail.co.uk and we will pass on your details to the concerned person.

93 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Civil proceedings initiated against SCOAN

    • “Before you condemn someone else for a wrongful act, check your behavior and see if you too, have committed an act similar or even worse than the act that person has done. Then you won’t be in a position to judge.

      • @jezco2003 good advice, but personally I don’t have the blood of 116 people on my hands, not have I ever conned thousands of people with fake healings and edited prophecies. So I am in fact in a position to judge on these matters.

      • To tbjoshuawatch : This jounalist Nweke,your duty is not supposed to judge any man of God,but go and video and stop the daily killings of boko haram,help the displaced families and leave a servant of God alone,you are only wasting your time here because the bible says that “THERE IS NO CONDEMNATION FOR THOSE WHO ARE IN CHRIST JESUS” You continue to call his prophecies fake,please click on this link or on the other link above and watch one of the TB Joshua’s miracles on https://youtu.be/BBVcWx9v87o and also tell the world if this can be faked. tbjoshuawatch,go to youtube and search for cancer healed by TB Joshua and watch so many instant miracles,you hate this prophet just like JESUS CHRIST was hated and crucified, but remember that in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST,THE GOD OF TB JOSHUA who heals cancer and other sicknesses instantly,vengance will soon come upon you and you will soon be judged without mercy at the same measure you are judging this prophet of God,and remember that the bible says that “There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” Amen. Believe it or not,your end is very near and you cannot escape it unless you give your life to Christ in truth and confess openly on emmanuel tv and you will be forgiven,only on this ground in Jesus Name,Amen.

  1. @tbjoshuawatch,
    When will the government move on the Coroner’s report?

    Are they preferring charges against TB or is it just the engineers?

    Good job here with this civil case brethren

    • It’s criminal that they keep allowing public gatherings at SCOAN after finding all of the buildings are illegally constructed. They should have shut the whole operation down. If more deaths occur, the government would bear as much responsibility.



      • @tbjoshuawatch the devil himself you can not fight God no one and i repeat no one can stop Scoan from gathering just watch every live Sunday services on Emmanuel tv and see how many visitors from all over the world are attending the service.We will not pray for you that God can strike you with his anger but we will pray for you that God forgives you and changes you.Love is our motto.And God will set a table before us in the presence of our enemies.God bless you and your followers.

  2. I consider your judgement as giving a dog bad name just to hang him. I may agree you don’t have 116 peoples blood in your hands but remember no one is without sin, sin is sin no matter how little it is. TB Joshua cannot benefit anything or intentionally send his own visitors to early grave, so I advice we should allow God to judge.

    • @jezco you know TB Joshua would dispute that, he would claim he IS without sin. And it’s perfectly biblical to judge, as long as it’s not from a place of hypocrisy. In fact Jesus told us to remove the plank from our own eye so we are better able to take the speck out our brothers (judge and correct).

      • Brother, you’re sounding like a broken record. Is T.B. Joshua a Structural Engineer? Is SCOAN not registered with Corporate Affairs Commission as a legal entity? Is it possible to penalize the Prophet for the unfortunate incident? I’m sure you must have conspired with a Nigerian Lawyer to share commission from the money you make off these bereaved families. Go and find a rewarding job and stop this your character assassination.

    • It was TB joshua’s responsibility to ensure that the building was sound. If you let your children starve to death because you do not have a job or any money to take care of them who is to blame ? of course you are to blame . TB JOSHUA MUST DIE IN A FOREIGN LAND AND BY THE SWORD.

      • I’m sure the name Prophet TB Joshua burns your dark kingdom you are tormented shame on you our God is alive he will use you our enemies to drift us to the top.

    • ‘Close all jails and courts of law. Say nothing when one kills or steals because we are all sinners ….” I find this line of reasoning lacking logic. Just because the offender is a friend or relative or your “prophet” does not mean all rational reasoning should be discarded. The world does not operate like that. We live in a world where there are rules, laws and order. True there is less of it in some places but whatever little there is must be obeyed and respected.

      I can fore see TBJ extending his hiding wherever he is. The last thing he would want is to appear before the courts. After all he considers himself god. When Jesus was required to appear before the authorities, he did not run to hide. He bravely faced them.

  3. As we say, God is still saying something and God will surely say something soon. Brethren in the Lord! Take heart and let the True God we serve proof his love for his true children.

    • Even if you all have to make it up to fit it all. All of you are working overtime with your arm of flesh to get there. As if God is ya’ all Errandboy. Because He owes it to you all is it not ?

    • Amen.
      I just came from Scoan recently my Dad the Prophet is 1oo% available and he is still taking God’s children in bible classes im glad i was blessed and i can never pay attention to demon possessed people like these bloggers here.What a mighty God we serve,what a son we have to praise and what a future lies before us.

  4. Jezco2003 i believe ur relations are nt involved thats why u said ur trash or maybe ur part of their deaths

    • @Lotanma ,how many of your relatives are involved that you choose to cry more than them? Over 20 commercial aircraft crashed in 2014, are those planes not built by human beings or are the airliners no longer flying?

      • Oh so. So we must make buildings without building permit then ? And have a prophet not telling us for 11 years he knew it all but just kept quiet about it because ? Are planes made without construction permit ? Illegally ? Do they have prophets to keep quiet about it when they do ? I am tired of your false private prophet that he constantly is in the news of his philanthropist ways with other people’s money that is not his and keeps trying to make his name great for himself. If he wants to do charity then let him shut up and do it on secret as the Bible instructs but it has to be trumpeted around. What does the Bible say about it. Why preach from the Bible and one does their own thing ? Preacher preach to yourself and do what it says not your own agenda and program to boast and blow your own trumpet of how great you are.

  5. A mad man was derivered right in my compound after touching the annointing sticker on my car! I live in Malawi and have never been to SCOAN but am a strict follower for more than 10 years now, you can be bad mouthing him all you want but know that TBJ is God sent, him facing the recent predicament doesn’t mean he is unGodly, can you tell me who among the popular bible subjects did not face predicaments? What about Jesus, wasn’t he crucified? Be careful with Gods people cos tho the stupidity of ridiculing His anointed ones seem harmless, wrath is awaiting you!

    Thanks TBJ for the Job, you told me in my dreams some 4 years ago, now am working with Americans touching lives, I have been to USA, a thing I never dreamt, May the good Lord continue Blessing you TBJoshua! Wherever you are, am with you till the day I die!!

    • All true prophets of the Scriptures were Torah observant. All true prophets of the Tanakh (”old testament”) spoke for YHVH Elohim. Those who claim they KNOW Him & do not guard His commands are liars and the Truth is not in them. (1 John 2:4 ) True prophets will walk like Yahushua walked, observing Torah in Spirit & Truth (1 John 2:6) Do not be deceived! Yahushua was a Torah observant Jew who only came for the lost sheep of the house of Yisra’ĕl (Matthew 15:24)

      Read your Bibles IN CONTEXT & hold fast to the message that has been proclaimed from the BEGINNING. 1 John 2:24

      Proclaim the Word! Be urgent in season, out of season. Reprove, warn, appeal, with all patience and teaching. For there shall be a time when they shall not bear sound teaching, but according to their own desires, they shall heap up for themselves teachers tickling the ear, and they shall indeed turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to myths. II Timothy 4:2-4 ISR98


    • Tell them again, these people of TB Joshua Watch are wasting their time and must be devil worshipers because hatred is not from God. All these nonsense they are writing everyday will not change anything to the anointing of the man of God TB Joshua. Miracles are still happening at the SCOAN, the blind are still receiving sight, the lames are walking, deafs can hear and the poor are having the gospel preached to them. May God continue to bless TB Joshua and the SCOAN.

    • Please send here the address, telephone number of the madman over here. Because my stickers never did anything. One time a sick boy with asthma was in my house and I took the sticlet put it on his head and asked him to hold it since it was told that the sticker had supernatural powers. Lo and behold the asthma is still there up till today which is many years ago. Go on you staunch liar you all constantly make up. Lies day in day to vilify your false private prophet. When is that long week coming to an end since the disappearance of the MH370? Because you can’t tell me that a week is that long since 15th March 2014. And are the Chibok girls already found ? And Boko Haram is still around. Please wake me up when you have something to say. Otherwise just go back to sleep ok. The word is: You all are naked and in the house confused and desperate as it is shown to me. God sees right through you. You can run but you can’t hide.

    • Well there is one thing I can tell you with certainty: non of them killed 116 of their followers and then went to hide out in Mexico.

  6. Yes, God is still saying something. True, but when are you going to listen or hear what he has to say?

  7. Maybe it should be clear for once and for all, that The Spirit of God, acts as He will, and not as TB Joshua wills, or as a sticker wills, or as anoiting water wills. tB Joshua is not the healer, or the deliverer. tB joshua does not creates the miracles. God does it. Accoording to Faith. TB Joshua is a NT-profhet, and they have not the same status as the OT-profhets . < because all christians have the Holy Spirit in them, and dont need the guidiance of a profhet. A profhet may have the gift of knowledge , or profhesy, but people can ask the Holy Spirit in their own heart what is going on. There is no single garantee, that the anoited powers of TB Joshua, will Always heal the people. The Spirit of od acts as He wills. TB Joshua just advertzises that Jezus heals them all. People who have heared the Gospel, are baptized and saved, dont need others to pray for them, they act for their healing on their faith in the Word.

    • Do not be deceived. Whatever ”spirit” you claim is leading you SHOULD be leading you into Truth. That is what the Scriptures say. The Spirit of Truth will never ever lead away from the Word that has been giving FROM THE BEGINNING. Read your Bibles. Yahushua = Truth = Torah

      Yahushua was a Torah observant jew, kept the 7th day Sabbath, wore tzitzit and never ever took part in ANY pagan feasts like Christmas / Easter. He obeyed His heavenly Father as a true Son should.

      Those who claim they KNOW Him WILL WALK LIKE HE WALKED. 1 John 2:6

      We al have inherited lies & have been victims of the system. But Truth will prevail. We cannot point fingers, but we can come out from among paganism & Return to the True & Living Elohim & start walking in His ways .


      • What’s your point @Nadia?
        Are you perhaps suggesting that Christians should observe the Torah? Circumcision, animal sacrifices, Annual Feasts, New Moons & Sabbaths?

  8. Let it be clear then that the false prophet was wrong from the beginning.


    The anointing water and sticker did do nothing there clearly. I am sure they had some.


    It sure was not TB Joshua’s anointing water that did it. Was it now ?

    So why has TB Joshua not found the MH370 with his private jet, since he claims he has seen it all and know where it is ?


    So TB Joshua does not know anything then clearly ? After 17 months. In the OT the prophets would already have an answer and did not have a video editing team to support their prophesies, aka Papyri or Stone Tablets. Oh whatever.

    • People of high nuisance value like you can never understand that, You can spit on a rose, but it’s still a rose. What pleasure are you deriving from all these stupid post of yours against Prophet TB Joshua which I consider mark of perilous times 2 Timothy 3

      • Oh now we are comparing TB Joshua to a rose ? Well it is a stinking one that smells with a death trail. I was not spitting in it. I was actually digging it out of my garden and replace it it with Andres Bisonni a man with awesome teaching and great character unlike your rotten false private prophet that can only buy his name with money from others and your false mouth of praise and idolizing. People like Andres Bisonni are far superior and shows how God works through him with great power without damaging anyone physically. Let me remind you of the number of bodies 120. Do you have anything to say brainwashed corroded mislead believer.

      • Really…. “Jezco Joe” 2003 ????

        Your words are “TB Joshua’s mother appeared in my dream with a sword in her hand inside SCOAN auditorium”

        Are you aware that she was a Muslim ???!!!!! Sounds right, because people who come in the name of Allah will cut your head off if you don’t comply. I think we have seen enough evidence of that on the news in the last few years is it not ?

        One of the most frequently quoted Quranic verses is chapter 9 verse 5. This verse is known as “The Verse of the Sword.” Muslim terrorists cite it to justify their violent jihad. Correspondingly, the evidence of Islam shows that it commands Muslims to act with offensive aggression towards the non-Muslims of that period, and contributes to Islam’s final theological doctrine of aggression towards all non-Muslims of all times. Apologists for Islam claim that 9:5 is purely defensive which clearly is not. Which side is right?

        As the Islamic source materials are examined it will become evident that verse 9:5 is part of the theology of jihad and is meant to be both offensive and defensive. It is directed against Pagans living both near to and far away from Muhammad.

        9:1 A declaration of immunity from God and His apostle to the idolaters with whom you have made agreements:
        9:2 For four months you shall go unmolested in the land. But know that you shall not escape God’s judgement, and that God will humble the unbelievers.
        9:3 A proclamation to the people from God and His apostle on the day of the greater pilgrimage:
        God and His apostle are under no obligation to the idolaters. If you repent, it shall be well with you; but if you give no heed, know that you shall not be immune from God’s judgement.
        Proclaim a woeful punishment to the unbelievers,
        9:4 except to those idolaters who have honoured their treaties with you in every detail and aided none against you. With these keep faith, until their treaties have run their term. God loves the righteous.
        9:5 When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent and take to prayer and render the alms levy, allow them to go their way. God is forgiving and merciful.
        9:6 If an idolater seeks asylum with you, give him protection so that he may hear the Word of God, and then convey him to safety. For the idolaters are ignorant men.
        9:7 God and His apostle repose no trust in idolaters, save those with whom you have made treaties at the Sacred Mosque. So long as they keep faith with you, keep faith with them. God loves the righteous.
        9:8 How can you trust them? If they prevail against you they will respect neither agreements nor ties of kindred. They flatter you with their tongues, but their hearts reject you. Most of them are evil doers.

        For this they will decapitate your head if you don’t obey to their teaching. Islam is a violent religion when it is lived to the letter. The word Islam even means “to subdue”. What does that mean ? It means you will have to comply with their Muslim Theology or otherwise. Any other religion will be seen as idolatry in deep seated Islamaniacs. That is why you see them going so angrily in Palmyra, Syria and destroy all the pagan demon god temples. And if you are Christian they will come after you as well when they are ready to spread it their Islam ideology all over the world. They did that already before in the past and they will do it again. Make no mistake. They are getting ready for Al-Masih ad-Dajjal which is the false Messiah. Dajjal is an adjective of Syriac origin. It is also a common Arabic word whose root is dajl meaning “lie” or “deception”. Al-Masiḥ ad-Dajjal, with the definite article al- (“the”), refers to “the deceiving Messiah”, a specific end-of times deceiver. The Dajjal is an evil being who will seek to impersonate the true Messiah.

        The name Dajjal also is rooted in an Arabic word dajel, which means to gold plate or coat in gold.

        There is even a video of SCOAN where TB Joshua receives such sort of coat. One wonders why nobody cannot see this ?

        Islam’s final theological position regarding the use of violence to further its domain does not rest upon one verse or passage. Rather the entire Quran, other Islamic source materials, and Muhammad’s actions and lifestyle (Sunnah) must be examined and evaluated. We’ll do that with a view toward Sura 9:5.

        In case you did not know.

  9. Jezco, TB Joshua is no rose, he is more a Carnivorous plant. The way of TB Joshua, has nothing in common with the path of following Jezus Christ.

  10. To the Nigerian court;

    15 “Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment: thou shalt not respect the person of the poor nor honor the person of the mighty, but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbour” – Leviticus 19:15- (KJV)

    The Bible says;
    “When you build a new house, make a parapet around your roof so that you may not bring the guilt of bloodshed on your house if someone falls from the roof” -Deuteronomy 22:8 .

    According to the Bible -If you build a new house, you are responsible for the safety of the people, NOT the builders.

  11. To TB Joshua’s devotees;

    Stop being little talebearers and liers for tbj, because the Bible says so:

    16 “Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people, neither shalt thou stand against the blood of thy neighbour;

    I am the Lord”- Leviticus 19:16.

  12. hehehehe all of you negative devilish people talking wrong about Senior Prophet TB Joshua, now hope you can also see the oil price prophecy, hahaha shame on you all, TB JOSHUA IS A REAL MAN OF GOD. See oil prophecy below with dates;

    • Mr Senior clearly has people whom he can collaborate with of what is going on on the world markets. Are you not aware that markets are regulated by insiders and stick readers and who have a secret calender when and how they buy or sell. I worked for such company. They had a special spread sheet for that and in the end of the month all funds were commission taken from and the money was stashed in the Cayman Islands. Trillions of dollars are there and they are tax free. You cant fool me. I am years ahead of this baby crap you keep spouting on the world economy. I am.going g to say it one more time TB Joshua has inside information that is gathered by his minions.that have infiltrated in all levels of society and act as mouthpiece for that. I know how they managed to infiltrate the home office and made for certain people to get passport to just get their files and approved for their stay. Stop fooling people. This is true. And you lot are liars, yiu k ow it and you will be caught when the time is right. Watch, wait and see. You will be uncovered.

    • Watch the entire ‘prophecy’ and see how many fails you can identify
      1. Air travel costs/tickets to shoot over excess demand and low supply….
      2. Russia to have a war
      Watch the rest

      In short, it is a mishmash of guesswork and you are bound to get one or two right once in a while

  13. Pearl,

    The prophets of the Bible prophesied about the state of your soul, NOT about plane crashes, oil prices, shootings etc.

  14. @tbjoshuawatch,
    In the first 31 minutes. Will confirm the exact timing of each ‘prophecy’ much later. His thick accent is a real obstacle

  15. The only thing that happened in 2014, was TB Joshua going down. The rest of his divination is pure @#$%^.

  16. All those who are wishing our Prophet of this generation,Prophet T.B.Joshua a hard time u will face the wrath of the almight God.Remember the word of God is saying “Do not touch my anointed one.”

  17. Happy Sunday to you all, today being 30th of August 2015, i am inviting you all to worship with us at the SCOAN Headquesters today, come and worship in Truth and in Spirit wow, God is Awesome, i invite you all, if you cannot make it, then Join us on Emmanuel TV , distance is not a barrier, i invite everyone , including jesse and tb joshua watch and and co… distance is not a barrier.

    • @ Pearl,

      My interest into Emmanuel TV has faded to such point that I have totally forgotten about it because being occupied with many other things which are much more important of I be rely know what it even is. Emmanuel TV what is it ? Do they sell candy to please the observers ?

      What makes you think it would help me that since 2003 watching videos of SCOAN has not helped me whatsoever on a anything what they claim over there. Is there than a point to spend another half of a lifetime to waste my time on it. You yourself told go do something yourself and when I do you start moaning I need to come back and see the same thing over and over again Of which I believe are are not benificial nor edifying me than judging it against God’s Word as we are doing here already and the horrible cursing behaviour of John nd’gandwe who is a fanatic follower of TB Joshua. I am fed up about such word curses. No point of reading them at all. He wants evil to befall people who tell what TB Joshua followers do as a non Christian gesture and twist the word to others to cause harm. I call that charismatic witchcraft. But you tb joshua followers agree with it. Which I don’t.

      • OHH, the demons have taken possess of you guys, i want to help you people, come lets go to scoan for your deliverance please.

      • Pearl…..,

        I take it SCOAN is running out of imaginary demonized people so you call on us if we can make up a nice show for SCOAN to peddle themselves forward ? Why don’t you all write a official SCOAN letter of invitation to Miley Cyrus, Nicky Minaj, Madonna, Peter H. Gilmour, Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, Robert Mugabe, Josef Fritzl, Rupert Murdoch, Abubakar Shekau, ABU BAKR AL-BAGHDADI, Mahinda Rajapaksa, Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris. So whenever you have successfully completed invitations and let them come down and demonstrate their deliverances on national TV I will watch. But until then I am busy doing other things.

  18. OHH, Pearl, I thought distance is not a barrier? Let him deliver all here, without anyone going to scoan!

    • Ya, hahahahaha. It’s not happening is it now ? Lots of claims on Facebook, but for us it’s not happening is it ?

  19. oh yea distance is not a barrier, you guys can go to emmanuel.tv for your deliverance. wish you the best. Let LOVE LEAD.

      • You will be delivered through SCOAN/TB Joshua/Emmanuel TV with the Power of Jesus Christ Bestwoed upon the Prophet. HE IS THE NO 1 MAJOR PROHET IN THE WHOLE WORLD. INFACT let me make it clear to you that, of the Bible were to be re-writtien again for this generation, Propeht Tb Joshuas name will be included, just like the prophets of the old. EMMANUEL. please you guys should go for your deliverance.

      • @pearl

        lol…that’s a myth my friend! You are a very creative fantasist! lol 😀
        Your thoughts can be summarised like this: Illusion, delusion, confusion!

  20. Pearl, yes, i agree with you, that TB Joshua will be named in the new youth-bible, as the greatest fool this history ever had to face, accoording to bibly standards. There will be a special chapter dedicated to TB Joshua, to warn the youth what can go wrong when they follow a insane cheat. Pearl, are you a young person, who needs a wonder-daddy? Go home my dear, and find a job.. make something of value of your life, and stay away from worlds master-deceivers. tB Joshua is destruction. Plain damage of the soul. Deliver yourself from him.

    • My friend, tb joshua is a real man of god, the bible says by thier fruit we shall know them and all the friuts are all over him, and i have seen it in the vision severally, there is noting that you will say in this world that will change it, i beleive in scoan till death. And live after death, emmanuel.

  21. @tbjoshuawatch,
    I hear you and I think that’s a plausible reason for their inaction, but I strongly feel it sends the wrong signal to the world about Nigeria’s commitment to the rule of Law. I think some politicians or civil rights activists should stir the nation’s memories. As it stands, the longer it takes to crucify this charlatan, the more he will look like one of the victims instead of the villain he really is

    • @Vooke
      I completely agree about the message it sends, they should have arrested him months ago after he failed to turn up at court. Their failure to do that has confirmed to him that he is the one controlling proceedings. I guess the other thing they have to balance it with is the fact that he has a lot of extremely zealous supporters, arresting him before having a completely watertight case could cause civil unrest.

      • @tbjoshuawatch,
        Did you just say civil unrest?😳😳😳😳

        I know you favor the fugitive-from-justice narrative but am beginning to think the absence may have something to do with an embarrassing injury/disease. Embarrassing in that you don’t want appear sick/sickly in front of a sick folk who think you are superman

        There is no warrants nor summons and zero or dwindling interest in the case, so why hide?

      • @Vooke
        Can’t rule that out, but one thing that has been noticed by a few people we discuss things with behind the scenes is that it’s not just TBJ who is missing. Several key disciples and wiseman Racine have not been seen since the Mexico crusade either. In other words, he’s got his entourage with him. If he was at SCOAN these people wouldn’t be missing. It’s also probably not a coincidence that the majority of those disciples are spanish speakers.

      • It would have caused civil unrest and likely bloodshed, elections were at stake and they were hoping that Goodluck Jonathan would be re-elected which did not pan out. When they saw it going wrong with their spies they just said to Jonathan, you know what, go slip away, take your presidential castle and enjoy your time, you after all have a hamburger chain to run even if you are not President which brings in plenty money. Bye, Bye, take care. As soon they figured out that Buhari would win, they buggered quickly off to the Mexico crusade which was for years postponed and when you asked them about it they would always have some lame stupid excuse. For the same way the authorities could have let him slip through the net for the fact that he was such a milk cow for the country. Money always talks. Bribes even more. I was myself considering a bribe from Pearl to go “get” deliverance from SCOAN in Lagos if the price would be right. Bwahahaha just kidding. I would never ever do such thing because there is no point to behave like that. It will come out one of these days. People cannot keep holding up appearances eventually. Some will slip up. Watch and see.

        In the meantime take care, God bless and stay strong the Lord,


  22. To General;

    “So if he is in Mexico, the crusade was just a well calculated maneuver”.

    100% correct.

    Crafty plans.

    Whether he still is in Mexico or not, that is how he operates.

    That is the only way TB Joshua knows how to do things.

    Everything he does has a hidden motive and it is usually NOT what you think.

    He is a master in calculated maneuvers, like most Nigerians.

    He is just another unsaved Nigerian, who profiteers on the Word of God and others, to build his own kingdom and name and bank account.

    Your observation of tbj is spot on and that is why he is fooling and deceiving so many people.

    Remember the Bible says that the snake in the garden of Eden, was more crafty than any other .

    So his people are the same.

    Tbj and his crafty plans fooling most.

  23. @Jesse, @tbjoshuawatch

    ” It would have caused civil unrest and likely bloodshed, elections were at stake and they were hoping
    that Goodluck Jonathan would be re-elected which did not pan out.”

    We give him too much credit! He’s not nearly as great as you guys think he is! other than feigned greatness, fake visitors, etc,he’s really nothing!!

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